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Full text of "History of Jefferson County, Illinois, 1810-1962"

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N J n D U C 7 N 

Ot hoA been a gneat pleaAu/ie, oa well oa aulte an extensive iaAkf 
io compile, and edit ihlA "Hi-Atony of. fleffenAon Qpunty, OillnolA" fon. you, 
/'lay we make a few nemankA befo/ie you Atant. neadlng, it? 

FlnAi, we Anould Aay that we feel thai. you may. want to "bnowAe 
ihnough" ihla volume naihen than ia /lead Atnalght ihnough It, Of you do 
bnowAe, you wLUL find a complete Index. In. ike bach of the book in which 
ihene ojie place name* and name* of penAonA who have been. mentioned, you 
may find one of youn anceAionA, a beloved fnlend, o/i even, younAelf in henel 

IV e did not compile ihiA book by ounAelveA-~it Ia an aniholoyy /tat/ie/i 
than the wo/ik of a finale penAon, One penAon could not do a book of ihiA 
natune in kL* lifetime* He muAi have help, and let ua day /tight now with 
gneat emphoAlA that we did have kelp. Many, many penAonA and onaanlgationA 
wene inAtnumenial in the wniiina of thlA book, ]fou will find theln name* 
with, tire anilcleA and sketched throughout the book-~excepi that Aome modeAt 
penAona who wnoie the hlAionleAJ of theln. on. o/igjanlgationA did not 
wIaK to take the cnedlt io ihemAelveA and would not Alan, theln nameA io 
theln contnibuiionA and would not ao much oa place theln. zieiunn addneAAeA 
on. tlxe envelope in which it woa mailed, 

!/ou may find that youn, chwich on. onaanl^ailon Ia not included, We 
advlAed everybody we Aaw and even advenJJLied In the M, Vennon HeglAien- 
NewA that hlAio/ileA of chuncheA and onganigaiionA would be included 
of change, We waited oa long, oa we could before pnlntlna, However, 
people were becoming, anxlouA to receive theln bookA, and we finally de~ 
cided io gjo ahead without them, 

you will realise, we one Aure, that in an effo/it of thlA A cope ihene 
Ia chance fan, typographical ennon, though we have canefully pnoofnead every 
pag,e, Ihene Ia oIao pOAAlbiliiy thai we on. one of our coninlDuiorA may 
have mlAApelied the name of Aome penAon on place w'hlch Ia veny Impontani 
io you. Of thlA hoA happened, pleaAe change it. io human ennon, oa thJbi 
certainly would never have occunned in any oihen way. 

And now, enjjoy youAAeiff 

/'"it, Vennon, OillnolA 





Sn ike yean, of 7878, JllinoiA, i/ie "Pnainie Siaic, " woa 
admiiied io i/ie fedenai. union. Following, ikiA in ike onyanigaiion of. 
poliiical yiubcU.vLdi.on6 came ike ongani^aiion of. counties, iownAnipA, 
cLtieA and viliayeA, 

J ke Qouniy of fleffenAon woa ongxmi^ed in 7o7% a few month* JllinoiA became a Alaie. Ike new county, wkick bo/ie ike name of 
ike auihoA, of ike Declanaiion of independence woa io contain Aixieen 

J he nexi majjon. Alep afie/i eAlabliAking, ike boundanieA of 
i/ie county, waA io decide wkene ike permanent Aeai of woa io be, 
ike decision ikai woa io be made woa io be pemnaneni, I ke founding, 
faikenA decided ikai ike capiial of ike newly onganiged county woa io 
be wkene ike ciiy of Fii, V ennon, JllinoiA, iA now locaied, I ke indi- 
caiionA one ikai ikoAe who we/te neAponAible fo/i ike eAiabliAnmeni Of. 
( JeffenAon Qouniy wene fan-Aigkied, quic/i io act, and wene "on ike ball, '■ 
ao io Apeak, 

Oi will be inieneAiing, io linow ikai r JeffenAon Qouniy woa 
ongani^ed muck Aoonen. ikon many of ike oiken counties in JLLbwiA, 
kanion Qouniy, wkick bondenA ( JeffenAon Qouniy on i/ie nonik, woa noi 
onyaniged until 782J, five yeanA aflen QongneAA kad admiiied ike new 
Aiaie, i kiA fad Ainongly indicaieA ikai ike pioneen. familieA of ikiA 
anea we/ie keenly inie/ieAled in i/ie fonmaiion of local government and 
auickly realised ike neceAAiiy of conveniing, a vi/igin communiiy ikai 
woa accuAiomed io noving, JndianA into a civilised AocLeiy ikai would, 
poo vide a kaven fon ike new w/iiie AetilenA, 

fflount 1/ ' ennon kaA kad two nameA, FoundenA of ike newly 
CAiakliAked kamlei wene deAi/iouA of giving, ikein new iown a name ikai 
in ikein opinion would Aound beautiful, and ikey fui.Ai named ii ' ('hunt 
fleoAani. " Ike cenien of ilie kamlei woa locaied on ike Aurrmii of a 
Alope, and ii La believed ikai ikiA iA wkene ikey conceived ike idea 
of uAing, ike wond "I'huni. " I ke Alope mentioned iA ike io cation of ike 
^effeAAon Qouniy Qouni HouAe, 

(ke name of Qeong,e .'JoAkingion kaA alwayA been populan. wii/i 
ike Amenican people, and kc iA ike idol of many. Following, ike '.'Jan. fon. 
{independence, ike "Faiken of HiA Qouniny" and IxiA kome ai i>'i, V ennon, 




ike Union occwuied Decemben. J, 7878; ike Qouniy of $effe/idon wad onaan- 
i%ed [<\ajich 26, 787*} \ a period of 77 J dayd Ixiien, The official, begjjxning. 
Of. fit, Vennon iook p.Lace ^unej, 787% dayd apten. ike 
o/igxuiizaiion; it wad only. 786 dayd apten. ike dtde had officially been 
admitted io ike Union until IM* Vennon wad officially bonn, 

Ike p/iocedu/ie took place, in ike following, manne/i: Aften. 
Jttinoid became ike tweniy-fuidi dtde of ike federal union and ike 
LeaLaJjjJjuute wad in legal functioning, onden, an Ad of ike Legidlaiiuie 
wad pat/ied hkuick 26, 787% wkick cheated fleffendon Qouniy, ike Act 
aldo pAjovided fo/i five Qommiddione/id io deled a penmaneni deat of 
JAJLdijLee and io dedignde it ad duck, Tkede Qommiddionend were appointed., 
by. ike LeglAlaiu/ie indiead of ike ciii^end of ike county, ike five 
who. ipenje auikoni^ed wen,e; Ambnode Moulding,, Lewid Basiken, Robed Ship- 
ley, ( ]amed liichanddon and Itijckand §naham, 

I he Ad wad rather, dpecific in Ltd providiond, Oi even pro- 
vided iliai ike commiddionerd were io med at ike home of William Qadey, 
a local ziedidenl of ike new community, Ike houde of Milliam Qadey, 
then, wad ike place where ike King, Qiiy had lid official birth, Q^^y 
had offe/ted io donate iwenty aaied of land io be uded fon. ike new deai 
of Jjzdii.ce, and ikid acreaae wad io be dolxi in laid fon. ike development 
of ike new community, 3n ike event ike owner, of ike land did noi make 
hid pnopoded donaiion, ike Qommiddionend we/ie io deek land eMaewhe/ie 
fon. ikia pu/ipode, bui ii wad io be in dome location ikai would be con- 
venient fon. ike inhabiianid, 7 hid new go Venning, body did noi have io 
deeli land eldewheae, ad Qadey gladly made ike donaiion of ike twenty-acre 

I he law dd fonik ikai ike Qommiddionend we/ie io med d 
Qadey 1 d home "on ike decond Monday of f'lay" io make ikeir imponiani 
decldion of fixing, ike penmaneni ded of JMdtlce, I hid hidioric meeting, 
wad held on ike designated date, which wad Day 72, 7o7% 

On a countny where a democracy Ld ike controlling, facion, 
ike people have a nJLahi io ihemdelved and kave ike rigki io wiik ik ein. fellow men, Tkene wad dome dldagjieement among, 
ikode who ediabtldhed ihe ded of yudtice in fleffendon Qouniy, Odaac 
Uic/w wanted ii clode io him and offered a dpoi known ad '"Podi Oak HLLL, " 
Another, location which aikerd thought suitable, wad between ike homed of 



• . . 


' ■ 



. - 

■ - ■ 

- : 

; .- . 


■ ■ . ■. ' ■ 




■ l ' . 






/>hs. Samuel Qasey cund a fifas. Dodd, Lewis Baiker, who was one of ike 
Qpmmissioners, was the fai/ier-in-law of William Qasey, and some .of ike 
loca.1 residents believed thai i£ was through kus influence ikat ike 
site waA selected according, io ike. wicked of ike donor, ikere is no 
verification of ihLi, and therefore ikere Ld io be no reflection on 
ifie characters of either Barker on Qasey, 


A& stated in another section of this volume, Andneuj /'bore 
ukls ike first w/iite pennon io settle in. this violin territory. Six. 
years latex, Qarter Uilkey, a native of §eorgta, came io ike J-LLinoLa 
country; and skorily after tkat 9 Daniel Qrenskaw and 'Robert. Qpok came 
io ike dame locality. Alt of these located in wkat Ls now I'hores 
frairLe township. 

Andrew lore's cabin kad been vacant fo/i a few years, and 
Qrenskaw occupied it* Uilkey was a /tingle man and boaaded witk ilie 
Qrenskaw family . Qrenskaw began, at once io repair ike /'bore cabin, 
and i'Jilkey planted and anew a small crop, Qpok settled a skort dis- 
tance from wkere Jefferson (aunty, 1 a first white bunJjal occurred two 
yean.4 later. 

According, to records, William Qrenskaw (this is believed 
actually io be Daniel Qrenskaw) acauLied an eiakty-acre tract of land 
from ike hedenxil government in Section 22 of ('bores frairie on Nov- 
ember 1§, 7876, i'Jilkey and Qpok kad come to (hoores frairie in 7o7§ 
as members of a surveying, party, but kad not estabtisked residence 
until ike following, year. 

Barton Atclxison came io Chores frairie in i/ie autumn of 
7o76 and purchased ike crop ikat i'J.ilkey ralAed tkat year, AtchLion 
settled close io wkere Qpok kad settled which Li about one and a 
kalf miles from Qrenskaw r s new home. 

On October 22 t 7876, several more people arrived in ike new 
settlement. Tkey consisted of Qarter H/ilkny f s moiker, Qarter' s olde". 
broiker, l>hx.ey Wiikey, and hLi wife and child. Qrenskaw Iwd several 
cabins, and ike newcomers spent ike winter in one of these cabins, 
/'Irs. Williey was an aunt of li\rs. Qrenskaw. 



' •■ - 

l'.ax.ey WiLkey and Barton AickiAon were vei.eA.arm of ike Wan. 
o r 7 87 2, Qarier Jilheu, wko woa younyer ikon l>.ax.ey, oIao Aer^ed in 
ike. -an. of 7872 for a Ahort period; but due io ike fad ikai hz waA too 
young, fan. wan. Aervice, kiA moiken. succeeded in yetting., turn JiL:: ckaryed 
■uwm ilxe , irrau, .."■■• 

I ' keo phiiuA Qpohf a native' of Souik (farolina, moved wJLik kiA 
paiaLLy io I enixcAAee after ike 'P evolutionary i'Jar and Lived in ikai Ataie 
until ike winter of 7 87 6 -7 87 J wken ke moved wiik hid family io hlooreA 
fnairLe, OULinoiA, Qooh woa married io (ligabetk Qaldwell vjko woa a of i/ewberry Qouniu, Souik Qarolina. fie derived iwo enliAimeniA 
during, ike I'Jan of 78/2, and ke iook pani in ike famous battle, of Nzw 
OrleanA on 'January 8, 787 S* 

(i'iaa. %hn Hickd came io filooreA Prairie ike Aame Jime ikai 
I keop/xiluA Qooh came, I'Ita. Hick** woa a AiAier of (farter Jilkey and 
kad been living, in (jeorgia. Hen, kuAband woa Atandiny beAide I keopkiluA 
Qooh wken ke received kiA deaik wound during, ike baiile of /Jew O/ileanA. 

Legend kaA ii ikai / keop/xiluA Qooh and kiA family. Aeiiled 
near ilxe former Bell 'Point School. Official recoraA a/iow ikai be ac- 
quired Acvcnal iraciA Oji. land in /looreA Prairie, bui ilxe fin^i land, 
of w/'xick ke became ike owner of /ieco/id woa in Seciion /wo, April 20, 
78JJ, tJiiA land containing, eigjiiy acreA. Qooh continued io live in 
i/iiA area fon ike remainder of kiA life and paAAed away June 7 St 7o§8. 
Si iA iniereAiiny io /wow ikai Qooh woa bo/m on Qeorye JaA/xingion 1 A 
bjjiikdau in ike yean. 7y88, 

Baniori AickiAon apparently did not accujuine any real. cAiaie 
■fon cboui thirteen yeariA after kiA removal to IboreA Prairie. PecoraA 
a/iow ikai ke punckaAed ike eaAi one half of ike AouikeoAt auarier of 
S cation 22 on January 26 , 782^. I kiA eAiaie borderA ike fanm on which 
Andrew ioore erected hit cabin. 

On ike Apriny of 7878 Aix. familieA made ike yourney from 
I cnncAAee. to h'ooreA 'Prairie, /key conAiAied of ike familieA of i'Jiliiam 
kaxey, JcuneA q, DaviA, JameA JohnAon, i/aikanial Parker, 'John UilkerAon 
and Henry Burckeii /laxey. / ke laAt named waA ike fai/ier of ike firAi 
wiiie clxiLd buried in JefferAon Qouniy and oIao buiJbt ilxe firAi dwelling. 
houAe in /ii. Vernon. / keAe people came oa a colony, wlxick yave ikem 
more protection ag.ainAi OndianA and otker danyerA. Tkey loaded ilxeir 

wagonA and puom William ff\ax.ey f A home, which woa about miled 
fnom §aliitin, I'enneAAee, on Apnil'20, 7878, and anAived in fiboneA 
fnaJjiie on flay. °, 1878, TJua oolong of. people had ike tad expedience 
of buAying, William fenAy f'hxey, ike ten monik old ton of. BuAcheite 
hax.ey, iwo dayA often, ikey anAived In ikein. new location, Ike bunijti 
of ikiA little cklid woa ike bunial of JeffeAAon Qouniy r A finAt white 

Maikaniel Tan/ten, did not like ike county and moved io Allen 
Qpunty, Kentucky; but at a laten. date he moved back io fleffenAon Qpunty 
wkefie he Apent ike /lemainden of kid life, 

Ike QaAcyA who came io JeffenAon Qpunty pnio/i io 7820 made, 
ikein new IxomeA not fan. fnom wketie ike. King. Qily iA located, Oaooc 
QaAey and iwo of kiA AonA, William and ThomoA, came in ike autumn of 
7876 and did Aome exploning. in ikiA vicinity, but they /leiiuined io 
Qave-in~Rock whene tkey Lived out ike winten, Oaoolc and Aome of kiA 
family came in ike Apning, of 787J io make ikiA anea ikein. penmanent 
home, Zadok QaAey and kiA family, oIao came in ike Apning, of 7877 ond 
nemained. in ike fit, Vennon anea until kiA death, Abnaham f, Qp^ey, a/l 
olden, bnatken of Zadok, came io JeffeaAon Qpunty in ike Apning, of 7878, 
HJLa Aon, QIoaA QaAey, came witk him and Aeitled weAt of f>)t, Vennon on 
what woa known oa "/liuloenny Hill, " 

LewiA foknAon, who iA mentioned in ike hiAtony of ike fohnAon 
family, came io and Aeitled. in JeffenAon Qpunty in. 787% 

I kesie wene otken. people who came io {Jeffe/iAon Qounty and 
tken moved on io otken. ajieoA and penkapA oikenA who Aiayed who have 
not yet been mentioned, and who will be mentioned laten. in ikiA book, 
but ike oneA mentioned above one ike familieA that one moAi often 
CAedited with being, ike familieA that Aeitled in the new county duning. 
Ha fonmaiive yeoAA and made ikiA ikein. penmanent home. 

M. VgWON 7862 «= m. V£MW 7<j62 

One centuAy ago, f'li, Vennon, OUJinoiA, along, wilk ike AeAi 
of ike nation, woa engaged in one of ike woAid f A gjiealeAi civil woaa. 
Local cuAiomA, . Aocial life and many otken. things wene conAidenably 
different tken, in companJLAon io what ikey one a centuAy laten, A 
lang,e numb en of young, men fAom (i\t, Vennon and %effeAAon Qounty wene 






weaning, miliiany unifonm* and wene away, fnom koine. *enving, in ike a/uned 
ponce*, A* -cd ike, ca*e in aJUL miliiany confJJuct*, dome, of iko*e men 
did noi neiunn io ikein home, community, 

'Time chanye* ikingA, " and inconceivable. chang,e* have, been 
made in ike Xing, Qiiy ani Jut* *UAnounding, anea in ike la*i one hundned 
yean*, Je *haJJL aiiempi io /show *ome of ike n.evoluiionany ckang,e* 
ikai have occunned in ikL* anea duning, ikai peniod of time, 

the yean of 7862 wa* ike second yean of ike Qivil Wan, and 
boilx ike tio/iik and ike Souik wene beginning, io *ee ikai ikL* wa* io be 
a Long, and biiien *inuagJLe, 

A ceniuny ago ike n men in blue" fnom fit, Vennon and $effen*on 
Qpuniy wene loading, musket* by. hand. Thai wad a *Low pnoce**, and a 
*oldi.en could only yet one on. iwo *kot* ai ike Qonfedenaie inoop*, 
depending, on wheiken he had a dingle on. a doubLe-bonneled nJifie, 
Qannon* ikai jjene u*ed by. ike aniilleny wene al*o Loaded and fined by. 
hand} ikua neauined *evenal mlnuie* time, 7 nan*ponjtaiian of ike*e 
heavy weapon* acno** ike field* had io be done wJbtk hon*e* and mule*, 
A* medical science had noi advanced, *aniiaiion and hyniene wene almo*i 
unlwown in ike anmed fon.ce*, 

Aviaiion woa of coun*e unknown, and winele** ielegnaphy had 
noi come inio yenenaJL u*e; nadio woa unknown and *o wa* ike telephone, 
Thenefone, conmuni.caii.on* wene inadeauaie between ike^divL*ionji of ike 
inoop*, Howeven, poi*onou* ga*e* and "blockbu*ien." bomb* had nai come 
inio existence, neiihen. had aenm wan fane nan. ion,pedoe* a* we now know 
ikem, Beyond any doubt, numb en* of Jeffen*on Qpuniy men who wene 
wounded on. iaken wiik di*ea*e died a* a ne*uli of ike lack of pnopen 
cane and medication* 

I he mu^^e-laading, nJifie and cannon have Long, *ince been 
neplaced wJUk faAi-UaadJbnjg, cantnidye* and *hell* ikai ane pn.epan.ed ai 
ike muniiion* plant and can be fined wiik gneaien effeciivene**, The 
gnand*on* and gneai gnand*on* of Qivil. i'Jan veienan* one eouLpped wiik 
J.ei plane*, auiomaiLc nLfle*, *ub --machine gun*, /legulan mac/iine gun*, 
hand gnenade*, auiomaiLc piAtal*, intercontinental guided mLd*ile*, 
*aielliie*, and oiken modenn weapon* ikai wene unknown a hundned yean* 

: . ' . : ' ■■■..•.' ..•"'.. 


. ■ .".■''■■ , ' . . . ■ 

• ■■••'. 

"■ . ..'.•.-■■ .-■'.'■ 

.-.■.' , '....■ 

• .'■ . - : . ■■':.;:>;.'■'■■'.■■ ' ' ■ 

■ . • ' ■. . '■■; . .. .'. ■ •' 

i . 

■ ■ 

•..-,■..' '. -V'' . s '- ■ - ' . ■•■ • '"• 

...■■■-: '.. . ■ ,• ■ .-, " . .' • . ■.:■ i ...•.:•• ' ' • 

' .' "■■' ■ . ■:..- , \' 


' : . - ■ ' . '- - ' ■'■■■■ - 

- ' .'.V- • ■'" ■ .- •■. . ■"-■■■■■ • -. I ' 

, ■ . .■■ : . . ■ . ■ . . . . . ■ • . 

' ■ "': ; ' • - ■ 

-■■■'■ . ' . ■ ' ' .... . 

. ' > ■''.' ' . ' '■ j s& - ■ 

■'.. , ".'•■■■■■■' 
• • ■ ■ ■ - 

. .• ••.'.■'■'■• 

•.'■•. : ■ . • ■ ' 


On mentally, twisting, back ike paged of time one centunu, we 
find ike fanmend of. ^effendon Qounty plowing, cultivating, and kanvediing 
fine cnopd wiik handed and muled. Of ike fanmen owned a kund/ied acned 
of land ke woa condidened a lange. fanmen and wad condid.en.ed io be a 
pnodpenoud man, 

Ike ajooxU ikai ike fanmen. had io inavel fnom kid kome io 
kid dhopping cenien wene made of dint, ofien ungnaded, Duning ike 
winien monikd ike noadd wene eiiken fnozen and nougk on. wene knee deep 
in mud* I ke dummen deadon daw ike audi pwm ike countny noadd and ike 
iown devenal incked deep, i'Jken ike family, dnove io ckunck 
on Sunday, ikey wene dune io be covered wiik dudi befone ikey a/uiLved 
at ike "meeiin 1 " houde, on. io become diuck in ike mud if ii kappened 
io nave nained~in ike ladi day on. two, fibdi of ike b nidged we/ie built 
of wood and could not canny muck weigki, and duning nainy deadond wken 
ikene would be a "gulley wadken", many bnidg,ed would be completely 
wadked away 

. On 7862 duck ckoned ad kudking conn, kanvediing, hay, digging, 
poiatoed, pnepaning. fine wood fan ike family keaiing diove and ike 
kiicken nange, kanvediing, and tknedking gnain, and many oiken jx>bd wene 
fon. ike modi pant done by hand, Many fanmend of fleffendon Qounty 
dnove hogd, cattle and g,eede on foot to Si. Louid io mankei ikem, Tkid 
wad a long and anduoud -Jjounney wkick neouined fnom a week io ten daud 
io make ike nound inip, 

A ceniwiy ago, gnandmoiken on ike "kined ginl" on boik of 
ikem did ike family wadhing on ike wadk boand; ikai wad a back bneaking 
Job, Of ike cidienn wad low and ike waien kad io be condenved fon 
dninking punpoded, many timed dke kad io canny waien fnom ike cneeh, 
I ke family inoning kad io be done wiik kand inond keaied on ike nange, 
/kid meant ikai veny few pendond of ikai day even dneamed of a complete 
cliange of do iking eveny day — and kow can we blame ikem? 

Ike canning and packing of fnuiid and vegeiakied fon ike 
family, fon iJie following yean wad done at ike home, and t/iid necuined 
keeping ike /tii.chen nange fined all day in ike koiiedi of weaiken, 
'Peeling, and dlicing. of fnuiid to be cooked and canned wad penfonmed 
wiik ike panLny knife, Apple buiten wad cooked in ike autumn deadon 
in a lang,e cadi inon on cop pen kettle in ike back yand t and ii kad io 





" ' ' r ' . ■ 


■ ' 

■ ■■-...■'■ , 

\ ■: ■ . 

i, ..■ ■ , 

■ •• - ■ ■ ■ ■ .. 



- .• . - ■ ■ . 


■■-■'' ':■■■" ' ■ - 

. ' 

' " IrJl 

■ . : • • 

. . 1 ■ •■ ■ ■ • ' - 

' - ; .' 

-. ' jj ■ ■■ ■ ■ 



be dtirred condtanily until finidked, a procedd which took all day 
and often went on. pan. into ike nigki* f'bdt koudewived demanded that a 
number of dilver dalland be pal into Ike kettle ad an. cud to preventing, 
the apple butter from ditching, to ike bottom of. ike kettle, $adi why 
no oiker coin, would do we cannot explain? except tkat ike doiland we/ie 
larg,er and more easily, found wken ike job woa finally, done, Ike 
handle* of ike paddle far diirring, ike apple butten. were dix to eight 
feet long, — otkerwide ike keat of ike fire would have cooked gnand- 
motken. and ike children ad well a* ike apple button* 

Ike dckool where ike younodierd got ihein f ' reading wniiln* 
and ' nitkmetic." woa almost alwayd a one-room building* Fon." a numb en. 
of yeard ike enitre dckool ienm condidied of a pentad of five monihd 
of learning* At an earlier pentad, ike dckool ienm wad poddXhiy 
on. four months of eack calendar yean* Tke childzen walked to dckool, 
and ike distance woa fnam a few kundned feet to on. faun, mile*, 
depending, on how fan. ike family lived from ike dckool* 

During, ike winter months, many timed tke pupild had to wade 
dnow knee deep during, tke dckool deadon* On ike dp/Una, fanm wonk 
began befo/ie ike dckool ienm ended, and boyd of many familied would 
be recuined to auU dckool and addidt in putting, out ike crop. On 
modi conimuniiied kigjk dckool wad unknown and colieaed were few and 
often fan. away, 

Sidney Hirond, former Qounty Superintendent of Sckoold and 
predent pnincipal of tke i'JaltonviUe ttiak School, dtated tkat duning, 
ike Qivil 'Jan. dti* Vennon'd only dckool cloded down and did not reopen 
until after tke wan wad oven* 

Social life in Jefferdon Qounty in ike eanly 7o60 f d among, 
ike nunal people wad devoted to visiting, playing, ckeckend, ""taffy 
puUinod, " conn kudking, beed, play partied at homed (wkere ikey played 
dnap" and dimilar gamed do that ike boyd not yet in military dervice 
could kUd tke p/ietiy maidendj, pie dupperd at la col dchooU, ditting. 
anound tke fireplace listening, to grandfather tell dome hunting, diory 
and in "comparing noted" ad to ike latedi wond fnam tke wan. 

Attending, wondkip denviced and dtrict adherence to ike 
religiaud faUk of ihein choice wad a modi with modi fanm familied. 
hhdt of the churched were of the protediant faith in %effendon (j>unty, 



and there was one. in walking. distance of nearly, every home* Annual 
revival meetings were a common pnacilce in this area, and. in some 
groups Ike. "protracted meeting." was held in a brush arbor it it was 
held, during, ike. summer deacon* 

As wild game was plentiful in that, day, muck of. thel/i sports 
life was devoted to hunting, and fish ing, right in Jefferson Qpunty, 
usually, within walking, distance of ike home place, Ot was considered 
great spont to /tee who could bag, ike most gjame in one day. and to tell 
the enti/ie community, about one.' a wonderful thill as a marksman, (Have 
we changed muck in a hund/ied years?) 

Sitting, QAOund countAy stones and dlACussing politico was 
very muck enjoyed by ike. Local political prophets* Some arguments 
concerning, politics climaxed In ill fe.<Uinas, in tome instances ending, 
in a "free for all" fight, f<hne than one. fight started oven, arguments 
as to how President Lincoln and hl4 generals ought to conduct the war, 
and we /vww of at least one killing, in ( Jefferson Qpunty between a 
(pnfederate sympathiser and a Union soldier on leave. 

Today, after anoiher century has gone, into hlsiofuy, ike farmers 
°f- far r enson C ounJ ty have discontinued ike use of honAe-d/umn vehicles 
and luive tunned io ike motor. The plowing, cultivating, and harvesting 
of. crops is done, witk modern inoxlo/iA. The average, farmer, feels ihat 
he. needs several hundred acreA of land to carry on profitable operations* 
I liere are. many farmA ihat do not have any honAeA or muleA at all, /'lost 
roads ihat ike. farmeAA of ioday iravel over are. "all weather, " The 
buggies and surreys are no longer used, and passenger coaa and trucks 
nave come, io replace ikem, Farm people ioday can iravel any place 
Ihey desire every day of ike year, Tke duAt from country roads during 
hummer haA been almost eliminated due io ike surfacing of rural roads, 

Ike. bridges that were so commonly built of wood during grand*- - 
father 1 s day have been largely replaced witk bridge* built of concrete 
and sieel, TkeAe siructures will carry a muck load and ike 
danger of ikeir breaking down haA been almost eliminated, j^s ikese 
bridges are to much sironger, ike possibility of ikeir being washed 
away during, /lainy seasons is also remote, 

narvesilng, legume crops in 7°62 is performed by fast-moving 
iractons ihat yumish pou&A. fan. Ixwye. mowing, machines, enabling ike 

, . .': ..■■"' 


'. v. . • 

. . 

. f 


. . '• . - . .'■■'' -' 


)S - • 

! ' .. . 6 ' 

* ! ■ ■ ■- 

■■ .... .... .... ..... 

' ' ' - - , ' ' ' ' ' 

■ . , : .. i 

'■ . . . 



■ . 


■'■'■' " ; ■ 9 ..... 

■' '■ ■ ' ■ . ' ' 

'. ■• : ''.'■•■■' 
, ' '■'.''.. 

.,-.'.'■■■■' '■ ■ 



' ■ ■'■■ ■ 

' . ■.' .,' 

, ■ ..' ...'•■ 



' '" ■ 


descendenis of tke fanmens of 7862 io hajivest a muck lano,en. auantLty 
in ike tame peniod of time, Picking, conn. is done by mechanical conn 
picliens that n,emove the bach bnealung, and time consuming, job of. picking, 
by, hand. Few fanmens of today, use wood fan. fuel* fib/it of them heat 
iheJLn. home* and cook ihein. meat* with coaly gas, oil on. electnicity. 

Livestock an.e now cannied io ike ceninal manket by moion. 
inuchs ikai make ike nound tnJLp in one day. The family washing, of 
ioday is pen.fonm.ed wiik elecinic washens ikai iake ike dnjudaeny out 
of pejifonming, ike family laund/iy, and in many home* ike inoning, is 
done wiik an elecinJLc inoneA, Dnawing, waien wiik buckets is a iking, 
of ike past and ike hand-openaied waien. pump hat almost vanished fnom 
ike scene, Ike fanm home of 7^62 id supplied wiik modenn waien. systems 
ikai pump ike waien. io ike haute, and JUL is usually keaied automatically 
wit/i elecinic heatens, A Lano,e poniion of home canning, of fnjuits and 
vegetables ha* been discontinued, a* many fanmens punchase fnom gnoce/iies 
ike pnoducts ikai have been packed in canning, factonies, 

Ike nunal schools and meikod of iAonsponJbaiion of /iiudenis 
have dnasiicaily chanaed tince 7862, The one^noom school is a iking. 
Of ike past, a* ike schools have consolidated, and each school building, 
has Aevenal departments, Tke cwinJicjuLum had been, enianaed, and ike 
school yean, had been extended, Tke students one tnansponted io and 
■fnom school by busies, f'bdenn high schools one within zieack of eveny 
f-amily, and oun. people one muck beiten. educated ikon they wene a 
ceniuAjy ago. 

Social life now in ike nunal aneas consists of watching, 
television, attending, movies, visiting, neigkbons (though, not as muck 
as in gjiandfaihen. 1 4 day), tailing, inips io distant, and in modi 
ways ike nunal citizen spends his ieisune time in exactly ike tame way 
as !iis "city cousin, " 

Attending, wonship Aenvices in oun. nunal chu/iches is still 
cannied on faitfifully, though many of ike olden, ckunck buildings have 
been replaced with new buildings ikai one eauipped with modenn funnitune 
and appliances. Annual nevival meetings one ttill keld in many nunal 

Jild game of ceniain kins is AiiJUL plentiful in nunal aneas 
°f fcff&LSon Qounty and hunting, is tiili a gsicai tponi; but the vaniety 
and quantity of gome is not as plentiful as a ceniuny ago; ikesiefone, 
ike men have changed. ihein. methods of hunting, considenohly. 








On 1862, fiht, Vennon wad diill a villayc* On anoiken decade, 
it would become a city* Ike Wan between ike dialed wad gaining, momentum, 
and a numb en. of. filt, Vennon 1 d young, men had alneady experienced Life on 
a battlefield. Ike people' back home wene wondeniny how doon ikJLa con- 
flict would come to an end, and "Johnny 11 would come home and tell of 
kid ex.peni.ence a* a "boa in blue* " 

On noliiny back tke payed of time, we find tkat life in 
many way* wad a "fan cny" in the King, Qify in companidon to what It 
Ld a centuny laten. On 7862 f>tt, Vennon wad muck dmallen in anea ad 
well ad Jin population, I'Jitk a modenn vekicle one could dnive anound 
tke village in a matten of minuted, pnoviotiny ke did not yet hi* buggy, 
dtuck in tke mud. 

One centuny aao tke dtneeiA wene made of dint. Ike. didewalh* 
wene made of wood, dome of ikid dawed and. dome kewn by, hand, Local 
indudtnied duck ad daw milld, flouniny milld and dmall facto.iA.ed wene 
powened by dieam, y ado line, deidel and electnic powen wene unknown* 
I ke community kad but few indudtnied, and eacli eni.enpnLie kad dmall 
pnoduction of juU manufactuned pnoducid. I'Jken each plant wad openatina 
at peak capacity it could ude but few emjzloyeed* 

Railway inandponiaiion and the ude of the "inon konde in 
!<&. Vennon wad unknown, UtJLa wad to come a decade laten. ike neanedt 
nailnoad wad tke Ollinoid Qentnal tkat nan tknougk Qentnalia, Adkley 
and DuCluoin. Qonnection to tke neanedt nailway dtation wad by tke 
diaye coack line tkat openated between fibt, Vennon and Adkley. I ke 
diaye coacked did a ikniviny budinedd duniny tkid peniod. 

I ke pnedeceddon of tke ganaye wad ike liveny dtable, I ke 
liveny dtabled nendened denviced to ike public in mone wayd than one, 
■Jken ike tnavelen wad dtoppiny at I'H. Vennon fon tke nigkt, ike liveny 
diable wad ike place tkat funnidked koudiny fon Ivui konde on team, 
kickeven ke wad dnivina* An ample dupply of feed wad always available 
fon tke fwnded tkat wene to be yuedtd of ike pnopnieton. On many 
occadiond wken inaveliny men came on ike dtaye coack fnom Adkley and 
needed to yo to viiiayed tkat wene a few miled didtani, tkey would 
kine a team and buyyy to take tkem to ikein dedttnaiiond and neiunn. 
I kid wad ike. d^envice of ike liveny diable. 






.- - 


. • ■■ 


On the menchojioLuting field, almost all itemd wene dold at ike 
genenal dione, Tke local me/ickani wad expect io dell evenyiking fnom 
"dafety pind io cadkeid* " Pnactically all ike foodd that ke dold 
wene packed in bullx, fi\any itemd duck ad dugan, floun, vimegan and 
dali ponh wene packed Jin wooden banneld, £ack Hem ikai wad dold by 
ike pound Ixad io be weighed wken ike punckade wad made. Ad ihetie wad 
no nefniaenation, penidhable menckandide could nol be blocked in ikeJji 
inventonied. Bookkeeping, had io be done by pen on. pencil, ad OBft 
macained wene dtill unknown. 

On 7862 flbti Vennon r d Fine Department condidted of, a gnoup 
of men ikai would get dome buclietd auickly and nun io ike fine and 
drum ike waten oui of. ike well ikai wad located clodedl io ike burning, 
building, 7 kid laiten gnoup woa domeiimed nefenned. to a* ike "bucket 
bnigode, " Annangemenid wene made with. dome local facto ni.ed ikai had 
dieam whidtled to blow ike whidile. a ceniaisi numb en. of timed when 
ihene wad a fine in ike vicinity. Some one had io nun io ike plant 
and tell t/ieni of ike fine, ad ihene wene no telephoned* .Vnen the 
whidile. would dound ike dignal £\ai wad known ad ike "fine dignal" it. 
would caude condidenabie excitement, People would dtant nunning to 
ike ±Jjie. fnom all dinectiond with two punpoded in mind: one wad io 
addict in exiingjuidhing tke fine, and ike oiken wad io datidfy ikein 
cuniodity, Oi wad an unw/Uiten law thai if a fine dianted in dome . 
dection of town at any houn of the day on any time aiming, ike night, 
ihjjt eveny one wad expected io get io ike dcene ad auickly ad poddible 
and addidt ike family ikai wad in didinedd, 

Banben dhopd and genenal dioned witk ike "cnacken bannel" 
wene placed whene many dLacuddiond took place, filany candidated who 
wene adpinanid {on local office wene eiiken elected on defeated if 
the cnacken bannel n philddophend could accunaiely pnedict the outcome 
0^. tke fonikcoming election. At any note, ikid pnovided muck enten- 
tainment fon ike political ddentidt. 

Ad ike yean of 7862 wad ike decond yean of ike wan between 
tke dtaied, tke conflict wad now being fought dedpenaiely by boilx 
Union and Qonfedenate fonced. Beyond any doubt iJie one iking that wad 
uppcnmodi in ilie mindd of />ht. Vennon f d nedidentd wad t/ie dtnuggle 
that wad going on between ike Month and the Souilu Ad a numb en of 


ike boyA fnam i!xe King, Qit'j- wen.e weaning, ike unifonm of blue, ike folkd 
back home watched ilte mail daily, io Aee if iken.e woa a letien. fnom 
husband on. Aon on. Awe.eike.ani who woa away, in ike a/unzd fo/iceA, Like 
aLL wanA, ikene woa natunally. a nenvouA tension among, ike home people, 
J hen one pennon received a ieiten, fnom a AoldieAy ikey. went oa Aoon oa 
poAAikle io Apn.ead ike newA io ike ne-'^ghbonA and otken. n-elaiis/eA* Of 
a Aoldien. on. Aailon. woa diAckano.ed and n.eiunned home p/iion. io ike end 
of i/ie wojl, he woa not only, welcomed ad a heio, bid. he woa a cenien. 
of. aiinaciion Jux ike commuruJjy* 

''Iken official nevjA .leached ike community, ikai Qenenal Lee 
had Auuin.cnden.ed ike Qonfedenaie fon.ceA, ike "folk* bach home" wen.e in 
ike mood of Aiaaing, a celeh nation, now ikai Johnny wouuld be matching, 
home Apon, i'lJJJxin a few day^i afien. iJie hiAionic Auuvienden, at Appa- 
maiiox., Aome mon.e bneaih~iaJiing, newA xeacked ike villaae of fiht, Vennon* 
IhiA iaicAi newA bnouafii anJLef instead of nejjoicing, Oi woa ike 
announcement ikai ?n.eA.ident kad been Alain ai ike kandA of 
an aAAaAAin, The name of John WillzeA Booth ojjuuckljy became an unpopular 
one wiih King. Qiiy /vetidentA, 

FIRST WHITE BURIAL— Pages 5, 6 and M-21 


IVAN H. COX, Right, Mayor of Mt. Vernon, and CARL S. DiENN AN 5 DIRECTOR 

arrival in Mt. Vernon. 


See Page C-18- 

FIRST HOUSE WAS LOG STRUCTURE. SEE PACES H-33, H-34, Ml, M-23, M-33, M- 34, P-10, 

S-5, W-3, W-ll, W-17, W-22. 





Mm U B&& * * f&OLLiQOONS OF THi iff. VffWV CM fDMFA(JimN9 

(qDOTOMAL H010 Mi* Bates worked In ike office of ike Qul Company 
fan fifty-five years. J 

Fo/i tknee auartens of a century o/i mo/ie, ike Qity °r ''^ 
Vernon, Oillnois, had been an Industrial community. During, that period 
ike lidu,iirles of ike locality have played a majan /tale In ike economic 
welfa/ie of ike community. Since 7875 many. millions of dollars kave 
been distill uted In ike city, and surra binding, ajiea ihraugk ike pay rolls 
of tkese Industries, 

Ike local manufacturing, plant known cud "(Dt. Vennon £a* /Manu- 
facturing Qompany" wklck openaied kere fo/i sixty- four yean* contributed 
matenlaUby In ike economic gnowik of ike King, (l^V* ^ : ^ ieJl Industries 

suck as railroads, manufacturers of textile*, footwear, clothing,, fur- 
naces, etc, pnovlded livelihood fo/i numerous families fan. many years, 
but ike "Qar. Shops, " as ikey were commonly known, pnovlded ike t 
pay nail of any Industrial concenn that ihld community has even had. 

This Industry had Ha beginning, ten yean* pnlon to ike iunn 
of ike century. Ike blntk of fftt* Vennon 1 * mammoik Indusiny came about 
In ilxls mannen: ike late David 0, Setilemlre, whose hame was In Litch- 
field, Illinois, was engaaed In freight can. building. In that city, and 
ke decided to move his plant to /'It, Vennon, 3t Is not neaUby known 
just why ke decided to make ikls move (alikougk some onal neponts have 
been given), but ke decided to close ike plant at Lichfield and build 
a new plant at /i'li, Vennon, The plant at filt, Vennon was to have simi- 
larity of the Litchfield faciony. The plant, Including, ike various 
shops, was to be eaulpped to build freight cans of all kinds fan the 

I he new place of business was ready fan operation In April, 
7o^0, (manufacturing, operations began on a small scale, employing, 
about faun hundred men when the new plant began operating. The late 
W, Q, Anthurs, who later became pnesldeni of the company, was a son-in- 
law of Seitiemlne and was living. In Litchfield at the time ike plant 
was moved to Mt, Vernon, i<)n, Artkurs was ike first secretary and 






.. . ' a ^ . 

■•--. .'■■-■■ : 2 

. . ... 

' . •• ''■,.' 

• : ' 




: . ' * 


i . . .. 

• . 


■ ' 


treasurer of ike firm, tfbu and /Iks. Arthurs moved io ike King, Qliy, 
but ike founder continued io Live, ai Llickfield until ike time of 
kid deatk, 

Ike Initial production of freight cans p/toduced in ike 
new plant was from eleven io iutelve cans dally. Aa modi of ike won!\ 
was done by kand, due io ike fad ikai automation was virtually un~ 
known) this wo* a fairly lanae day 1 a work for ike four kundred men 
wko were employed. Ike flnsi products io roll out ike doors of ikLd 
plant were bull! of wood eKcepi ike parts of ike cola, ikai required 
Aieel o/i cadi Iron, IkLd plant was Amaller ikon oike/i plants in 
ike country ikai built a competitive p/ioduci, and ikerefore could not 
p/ioduce ike Aame auantiiy In daily production) but ike aualijty of 
ikelr cars was considered io be of ike beat in ike nation, 

On laien years fili, Vernon' a majjon. Industry built cans for 
railroads from one coast tine io ike other, but in ike eanJjy day^d of 
it* existence It La believed ifiat mo At of ikelr products were fo/i ike 
Louisville and Maskvllle 'Railroad, TkLd woa p/iobably due io ike 
foci ikai ike L & N woa (and AilJUL Is) one of ike larger railroads 
of ike country and ikein. (yansvlllc-Si. LouIa line operated tk/iougk 
/'It, Vernon, Aa ike f')t, Vernon (an. Manufacturing, (ompany could build 
auallty freight cojia and ike L & N had conneciionA to ikein, plant) 11 
wza only natural ikai ikey would aei a Lanae amount of ike L & N 

Jn due time ike local enterprise became known io naltnoaas 
acnoAA ike country fan. erecting durable freight carS) and ikLd created 
a new demand for cojia fnom many railway AystemA. Aa ike buAineAA 
of ike local company began io grow, there woa ike need fon plant 
expansion. 7kU woa followed by ike erection of additional AkopA 
and installation, of new plant equipment. After, ike plant had been 
operating fon Aevenal yeariA and ike demand grew fon Aieel io be uAed 
to replace wood In freight car construction, ike manaaemeni aow ike 
necesAily for ike erection of a lanae Aieel plant. This building, woa 
to be UAed io procesA and oAAemble nearly all of ike Aieel that wad 
to go In a car. Tke building, ikai was io be known as ike "Steel fried 
Department" was built on ike Aoutk Aide of ike yards. Ot was bull! in 


either 7 Q 70 on 7°72. The first steel can was exerted in this building, 
in 7°72, 

The Steel Department was equipped with, two tracks that 
assembled the chassis and frame posit of the can, Aa the volume of 
business ynew, the Steel Department, along, with other department*, 
added mo/ie eo^uipment to keep pace with, production. Ot L6 /lepo/ited 
that maximum dotty, production never exceeded fifty, completed fneiahi 


During, i'Jonld VJan One this plant zieceived a lanye volume 
of orders fan "nailing, stock. " Ot is not known how many can* were 
built in thud plant during, that pentad, but peak pnoduction was 
neached in employment, The company employed 2, JOG men while this 
conflict was going, on "to end all wans* " Some of the cars that wene 
built in the //id. Vennon shops duning, ift.e wan. peniod wene shipped to 
foreign countnies. 

hneight can building, was the pntmany business of thud 
uulastnial entenpnise, but aften the company, had been operating, a 
numb en of yeanj, they wene called upon to enyaye in the manufactune 
of othen products. As automation woa finding, it* way into coal 
mine* a* well as othen fields, a numben of coal companies that wene 
operating, mine* in Southern OILinois began the use of coal loading, 
machine in thein mine*, The local plant wad called upon to build 
a considerable amount of iliete machine* to be used In pit. mine*. 
Ot is not known how many of these machines wene built in /Dt, Vennon 
non how many mines used them, 

I his plant was locally owned and operated fan mone than 
half a century, until it was sold to H. K. fonten and fa of fitts- 
burah, fennsylvanLa. The eastern firm operated this industry for a 
few years, then sold the plant to anothen firm; mone about ihid will 
be mentioned later. 

i\s pointed out above, this local enterprise played a very 
prominent role in the economic development and wet fane of i'bL Vernon 
for oven sixty years. Tnoof of this is found in the fact that the 
pay roll averayed a hundred thousand dollars every two weeks for 
a tony peniod of time. On later yean,* the employees were paid weeJUy. 
On the basis of the above figjune, $2,600^00 wene ,dtstril> uted in. the 


fibU Vennon anea in a calendan. yea*. Ton. many y€ax* the &*pl*y&e* 
wen.e paid wiik couth, and. thai, was ike way 11/. Q, A/iikwi* wanted it io 
be. On one. occasion Dee SeitlemiAe, who was one. of ike officials of 
ike company luanied io issue checks on payday instead of paying, wiik 
cath, Seiilemuie infonmed ike peAtonnel of ike office ikai ikey would 
pay by check and ke did noi cane what Anikun* ikouaki ahoui it. To 
ike sunpnise of ike piani personnel, ike wonhen* all /leceived checks 
instead of cash, F/iom this time on, ike. company paid tkein. employee* 
wiik checks t and tkus ended ike ditiAibution of cash on payday. Dee 
Seiilemin.e was a nephew of fib* Anihun* by manjuaye. 

Wken ike president of ike company, David 0. Seiilemuie, 
patted away at his home, in Litchfield, JUinoi*, a considerable number 
of people from UhL Vernon decided to attend the funeral. As paved 
/wad* and automobile* were unJvwwn, ike only meant of tony distance 
Aapid tnansponiaiion wot by nail; ike. Q & £ Railroad nan an ex.- 
cun^ion tnain from h\t, Vennon io Litchfield via Shelbyville, The 
twin, inaveled oven, ike New !/onk Central tracks from Shelbyville io 
it* destination. The Shelbyville anea had been flooded oa a result 
of recent /taint, and ike water wot almoti level wiik ike track Tke 
flooded area, which had the appeanance of a lake on both tidet of tke 
tnack, cauted to much fear amony ike passenyen* ikai ikey tony "Nearer 
% $od io Thee" while ike train wot pattiny ikrouyk tke flooded /leyion. 
I he. founder's death occurred neon, the twin of ike century, 

Like otker pnoyressive firms, tki* industry expanded itt 
business at napidly at possible, and in a few yean* wot doiny business 
wiik nailnoad* acnott tke nation. So well were ikein pnoducit received 
ikai ike local plant received ondent from outride ike continental 
UnJjted State*, Thi* company built can* for tke Canadian National 
Raiinoad, fon. ike (jnand Trunk Line, and ikey alto built tome can* 
fon. a naLLway company in Mexico, 

Qven wken tafety pnecauiion* one pnacticed to ike fullest 
extent, industnial finmt alwayt have catualiiet. Duriny ike sixty- 
four yean, pentad thai tkit plant openated ikere were many injuries, 
tome teniout, many of a minor nature, and a few of tke injuries ne- 
tulted in deatk. On one occasion men wene killed in one day, 
I hi* U taid to be tke lanyett number of deatk catualiiet in one day 
ikai ike plant even, experienced. 


The "(an Skop/i" wene e^iab linked and openaiionA 
a r ew yea/iA pnion io ike coming, of ike. Q & £ 'Railn.oad I'd., 
Ve/uion. ./'ken. ike finAi 1/iain /ian oven. ihiA new line, ii woa only 
naiunal ihai all o f ike local neAideniA wanied io />ee ikiA finAi 
;cnain on ikiA new nailnoad, T/ie engineen on. ikiA iniiial :tnain iold 
t'.ouno, via/urn LaieA io aei kirn dome waien and ke would oJ,ve ikiA no unci. 

o o O tf (TOO 

man c niece on ilxe fin.ii inain, 3aieA ooi ilxe waien fon i/ie engdneen 
and he Ia A;cill wailing, fan iliai /tide. ((j'JJTCfUJ. L NOT^: Si wild 
neven .mienialiy.e, we. aid know, ad ilxe. Q C q haA been, allowed io 
cliAcon'Linue paA/jenyen Aenvice, and oihen naLlnoad companies a/ie 
"dicJienino," io bum ike b urines* A. J 

Ike coming, o^. ilxe iweniieik ceniuny wad oIao ike coming of 
mo/ie nmJbma inanAponiaiion io J>ii. Vennon, Ike Q c2 J beyan openaiiny 
nea/i 7-73; aru ^ ^- e iJabadh) QxeAien and ieAienn Railway fill Q & I'JJ woa 
conAinucied aboui ike dame iime. Ike l/'J Q & iH woa a AhonJt line ihai 
wad bulli fnom QxeAien, OldinoiA, io hi. Vennon. Oi woa Aaid ihai li 
woa la/w.elu, financed wiih capilal fnom ike Qole /'lilling, Qpmpany ai 
QxeAien. I ke '.'J Q <£ \JJ 1a now owned by. ike hiiAAOuni Pacific Qpmpany, 

I ke corning, o r ike iwo ziail lineA meniioned above provided a 
new ouilook fon hli. Vennon' a lanyeAi manufaciunen. 3i gjave ikera a 
poieniial of iwo mo fie nailnoadA wiih which io do buAineAA and p/iovided 
raone /tail comxeciionA io Alxip ihein pnoduciA io ilxeLn, neApeciive 

Anoihe/i naidnoad woa bulli ihai opened up mo/ie poAAibidutieA 
r o/i ike ixing, Qiiy and ike Qan Qompanu, I IxiA waA /mown oa ike o ef r enAon 
and Soui/xea^iienn 'Railnoad Qompanu, TkiA new line woa build, fjioin beandU' 
iown } OldinoiA, io DnivenA, OldinoiA. DnivenA woa fomnenly a Amall 
diasLion on ike L <1 II Railnoad beiween kii. Vennon and AAlxiey, I'Jken ihe 
InainA lefx. B ea/wUiown ihey inaveled AouikeaAiwand ihnough Qeninalia, 
Boijd f Q/iavai, > : alnui Hill, D/iiven^, and on io I>)1, Vennon, hnora DnlvenA 
io i'ii, Vennon ike inainA openaied oven ike L (S /V inackd. Ike ^effenAon 
and SouikeoAienn Railnoad kaA noi openaied fon many, yeand, 

Aa ike nailway Ayjiemd meniioned all had conneciiond wiih 
ike King, Qiiy, ihbd id paobablij. one o^ ihe neatonA why ilxe can building, 
induAiny ■Jjounjuahed ao napidly in ihe. -ea/tiy yejcuiA-of Ha exi^ience in 
I'ii, Vennon* 

• ■ 



.. : • : 

■. "... ' ' ■" ' ..-....-.■ .... •-.:. '■ . : -. ■ 

• ' 





&! Li ■■•■■■ 

.'. .. .. . ' ' 'k 

.... ' . I'jiOJ • ■ 

. .. • \ .... ' ' 


■ . 


■ A tong,~io-b e-/i&nemkened incident happened aboard an occundian 
inain of ike $effen,ion and Souikeadtenn Hailnoad duning, ike excLtina 
pnedidential campaign of William McKinley and William. J* Bnyan in 
78^6, A political nally wad io be keld in belialf of /ihKinley ai . 
fac/idonville, JtlinoL*. ALL poAdeng^end yoiny fnom flit* VeAnon got 
/wund ifiip fane fan fifty centd each* A special cannon had been built 
ai i/ie (an S/iopd to be uAed in ike celeb nation. The paiienn of ikid 
cenemonial weapon wad buili by. ike. laie. Sylvedien Fodien, ike ladt 
(ivil 'Jan vetenan who lived in fiUt Venaon* Tkid wad a muted inain, 
hav.uia boik fneigki and paddenyen catd on ikLi ijiLp, Ike cannon wad 
mounted on a flxii can. wiik plenty, of powden, and wad io be uded io 
"Whoop it up" fan I'lcKintey. 

A numb en of ike employees of ike local can building, plant 
had fonmenly lived ai Lilckiield and wene well acquainted in thai anea* 
Ike mayon of Lilckfield, wken he keand of ike ex-cundion and ike cannon, 
iddued ondend fan "ikai cannon 1 ' not io be fined in ike city JMnLtd of 
tkai town, 'Joe Dalian, who woa aboand t/ie train, end a fonmen neAident 
of Lcickfield, knew wkene ike mayon Livedo Ike korr.e of ike "ckief 
cLLc^en wad a dkont distance fnom wkene ike inain padded* Ike bo yd 
on ike fiat can kad tlie cannon loaded wiik a lanye q 3 uan±iiy of powden, 
and ad ike inain went by ike mayon 1 d kome i/iey fined ike dpecial- 
mada gun. Tke noide ikai wad made' fnom fining, ikLd dhot dhook ike 
town, I he mayon made no effoni to captune ike oned wko didtunbed 
ike peace, ad ike inain did not diop ai LiickfieloL 

I nion io ike time ikai nadio came into pnaciical ude, band 
concents wene a populan meand of enieniainment in many communiJULed, 
ton a nu/nben of yeand ike i'\i. Vennon (an filanufaciuniny (o. dpondoned 
a band ikai pnedenied negjulan concenid in ike local community, TkLd 
band wad well neceived by ike local nedidenid and wad condidened one 
of ike bedt in ike couniny. Tke band aido kelped io maintain ike 
monaic of ike pendonnel of ike plant. Tke. band could be nelied upon 
fan panaded, concenid, naliied and fon many oiken occadiond. Ot wad 
called ike "(anco Band. " 

Ike manaaement of ike (an (ompany keld ike ilv?ony ikai. io 
keep good monale among, tkein empioyeed. -would, pay d'ibdic.\Ual dividand^ 


One way to do thiA vkla to pnovijde dome. a port that wouJ.d be popular 
with the. plant personnel a-6 well, oa the local citLzwuiy* I he company 
AponAored. a boAeball team for a numb en. of yeanA iluoJL woa called ike 
"(ar Builder*, " I hJ^6 teem played againAt many other team* In Southern 
OILinoiA and woa noted oa one of t/ie better teamA outAide of t!ie 
mayor leayueA, 'Ray Blades, who In late.i ucojia played with, ike St* 
Louisa (ardinalA when tlieu ujon ike wo r I A* a championAhip, played with 
the (ar Builde/iA prior to the time that "ha joined the St, LollLa team, 
3t iA probable that the playing, that B laded did with the (or BuilderA 
helped to o^ualify him for a place in the National Leayue* 

Aa mentioned elAcwherep thiA induAtry held the reputation 
fon, build.iny auality fzeiyht cota, Of a former employee went elAe~ 
where to Aee/z employ went at -dome freight can building, plant, hiA 
Atronyeii reconmendatton would be a letter fnom the fiht, Vennon (an. 
f>lonufactariny (ompany, 

f'hny people never knew that thus plant built a freight can. 
eaulpped with, no lien. bearinyA, Th Ia can. wad completed and ready to 
be released oa ''rolling, Atock, " but it woa decided, bu, company offlciald 
that it would not be a AacceAA, The reAult woa that JUL neven. left 
tlie yonoU, 

Aa the company had a fainly larye forye department, t/iey 
were called upon to funniAh foryinaA for a number of rail lineA in 
different part* of the country. At one time thiA company built the 
foryinaA for four hundred cota for the L & N Railway, The foryinyA 
were Ahipped to LouUville, Kentucky, and oAAembled in the L & N 
AhopA there. 

After the plant had been in operation for a number of yeanA, 
they realised the need for a larye foundry, A building, woa erected 
and equipment installed to produce caAtinyA in larye volume, On 
addition to makiny caAtinyA for their own plant, they did cuAtom work 
for other cuAtomenA, At one time this! plant made all caAtinyA for 
the Southern Railroad (ompany. The Southern haA thouAanoA of mileA 
of tnach. 

(aAt Iron wheels were at firAt uAed on "rolliny AtochJ' oa 
the uAe of Ateel wheeld woa for yeanA un/vwwn, /U variouA railuay 
officials learned that the flit, Vernon AhopA could and did build a 


product ikat was dependable, ike iH* Vernon plant was called upon la 
manufacture car wheel* for ike L & N, Q (S £ and fllLssounl Pacific 

As thus was* ike steam e\a and all trains w<zn.e pulled by 
steam locomotives, ike plant built a lanae q/xmiity of. cast Lion 
smoke stacks and brake shoes for ike Southern liaiisuay S'/^tem, t'hst 
of. tkese were assembled in ike Southern shops, When ike customer was 
in need of dome of ike products aaicJ%i.y, the ipat^ would, be 
taken to tie depot and put on a passenger train un. order to reach 
their destination more quickly, 

Ike fit, Vernon car shops were eojuippcd to build almost evejiy 
kind of fjieigki can, even. Ivwwn, As all long, distance skipping, kad to 
be done by nail, ike ''iron horse" wa,4 call.ed upon to trans p<ml live~ 
stack f/iom ike farms to ike terminal markets* This company cot its 
shone of ike manufacture of cans designed- for shipping, livestock* 

Jn those dates circuses l\ad io use railroaded to move their 
eauipmeni, /his facto ry built a numb en. of circus cans, some of these 
cans being, seventy, feet in lenyih, A special type, of pieight can, was 
designed fon. shipping, elephants, and ike ft\t, Vennon plant built a 
numb en, of cans fon this purp>4e, 

Jn the eanly 7°JO r s ike (an Qpmpany saw the necessity of 
expanding, ihein office space, and a new and beautiful office building, 
was enected neon ike plant on Shawnee Street, This building, was larye 
enougk to house all of the company's office eauipmeni* The office 
building, was laien sold to an association that convented it into 
Jefferson Memorial Hospital* 

I he ('It, Vennon Qar fihnufaciuring, Qompany, in addition io 
pnoviding, the community with an adeauate pay noil during, its career, 
pouned larg,e sums of nevenue into local taxing, bodies thai was of 
matenial assistance io frit, Vennon schools as well as oiJien sources, 

Duning. World ill an Two, fibt, Vennon 1 s ianyesi industrial plant 
was called upon to play hen nole in. ike prosecution of this conflict, 
on addition io building, "nailing, stock" fon ike American railway 
systems, they were gi.ven larye orders for bombs to be used in keeping, 
the Na%i legions on t/ie east side of ike Atlantic, Ji is not known 
how many bombs this plant built for ike federal government, but ike 
number is substantial. 

..- : 


■.-.■.-, , 

.'' ' ■ . * 

■ ... ' 

'■■'-■ •■..... ' ) 




. • 






' ■ ' ■■ 

. . 



' '• ■ ' ■ 


On 7<j28 ike fat. Vennon (an. ffkumfactunlng. (jmpamf, punckased 
ike $. f. Devlne Company, ikai was located in Buffalo, New i/onk, and. 
moved Li to /-It. Vennon. This plant could be used to build equipment 
ikai ike Qojl Company, needed fan iM operation* and also could provide 
additional employment fon many mone men. At one time this company 
neaoilaied wltk ike Pullman fa C om P an ¥> bu± (** * ome /iead0rl i ^ <LbL 
not yet any contract/), 

Tke tt % K. fonter Company operated ike (o/z. Shop* fon only a 
few yeans, iken sold ike pnoperty io fnessed Steely One /his firm 
openated ike plant until ike yean. of. I^S^t when it wad permanently 
closed, Tke gate* of fat. Vennon r s mammoik industry nave been closed 
io future yenerailons, but ike memo/iy of this enter pnlse ikai during, 
its pentad of existence poured many million* of dollars into ike 
community and thus assisted maieAlally in ike economic, social and 
cultwial gAowik of tke area will long, be nemembered, Ike/ie la not 
an adult, among, ike ent yenerailon who ynew up in t>)i. VeAnon but 
who can nelaie many outstanding, and interesting, episodes whlck 
occunred at this giant plant. 

loday ike can. shop buildlnas are being, io/m down fon 
salvag,e and we shall have io wait a while io know what will be done 
with ike many acnes of valuable land, Ot handly seems possible that 
any one indusiny will even, again have ike influence on tke impact on 
ike i'lt. Vennon anea ikai was enjayed by the flit, Vennon Can. //Janufac- 
luning, C°mpany. 


I he antlcles of association onganlging, tke Flnsi National 
Bank of Mount Vennon were adopted by ike siochkoldens on November 7 k, 
W33* The bank opened fon business on December 13, ?933t *-fi its 
present auarters at 707 Souik Tenik Street. 

Tke following, board of dinectons were named: %, £, Davidson, 
C* 2* BSlUt, Louis L. {mmenson, $, H, filbert, % 0, Kaufman, $ohn 
Tiackaway, £o/l/ S chwelnfuntk, Lester £, Starr, H, B, 9, Wand, Fned ?. 
Watson, ft, /(, Web en and §uy A, Wood, The bank became a member of ike 



: % " ' .-. ' - '., '-"'. : 

• '■' .•■-. ', • .■■-. I ... , 

- ' ' - ' ' ' ' P • ' ' - 

■' ■ ■■' ' '''■.''■ ' ' ' ■■ ; ' ■ • .''■■• ■ ■'; 

• ■ ^ '":- ::: • > . ' ' ■ ■ ■ ' '■ : ■ 

'• •■' . ' M .■• ' a • '■ ■ ' . ■ ' '■ . I ' : » 

, • - ■ ■ ■■ v :- ' . &fcOJ •- • ■■ - 

■ ' , '.'■-./. ...... ;...:■.•■.'..■■ .,.■ '■>.•' ; ' .. • 

a ■' • ■'■ ■••. ■• :. • ....■'..' ■■ .■ ..'.■.'.■.. ... . 

" -' ' '■■■.'..■.'.' ' ■_ ' _ ■ 

fe . r sM ,. i\\ r; ■..■■■ ■ . , • ■.-...• ; . ' , ..... ■• 

. . .. S , I b ! . ."'. S • .. ' ' ,•■. . . 

.... . . ' • ■ . ..■ 

""..:■.•-■,■ ., ■ , ,.'■-■,.,..-.., 

. . 'ml . ■ ■ ■•-■.>- .... ■ ■ ; '' • 

k ....'■ ft .... 

" ■ • '■ - ■ ' ' : ' ■ ■'■ ■ : " ' 

"' ' . • ' ■ ■ ' ._ . . • " • ' 

:■ ... .. ■. ■ ■ . ., ■ \ ■ ■" 

■" ' . ' ' '■' ■' .'■ 

.. ' ■ ' •">•'... '...'. 



American BankenA Atto elation at lit ttanl and Ia today, a memben. In 
good ttandlng* 

The fUtt of.fU.ceAA elected wenje % 0, Kaufman, pnetldent; 
fohn H, Hackaway, vi.ce p/ieAident; ftla/uLui filch, cathieA* and J, Q* 
'janjiell, attlAtant cathien^ The capital ttock wot $700,000 and wqa 
divided into thanet of $20* 00 each. Tke. total /ietouAcet on Decemben. J7, 

Ot Ia intenettlng to note that. LouIa U (mmenAon, named 
above oa one of tke o/Uglnal duiecto/iA, tenved tenmt pwm 7° 7 6 
to 7° 28 oa Secnetany of State of JlUnolt and then tenved oa (jovennon. 
of JlUnolt fnam 7°28 to 7°J2, fik* fymenAon woa a gneat attet to hit 
countnjy, ttate and city, and tenved faithfully aA a duiecton. of thiA 
bank until klA death on Feb/uiany. k, 7 0l f7* 

On Decemben. J7, 7^39, aften. tlx yeanA of pnognett, the total 
netouncet of tke bank wene In excett of two million dotlanA. Both 
checking, and tavlngA accounts had gnown contldenably, and the bank 
woa tewing, the community in a mone genenal way. oa Ha gAowth Indi- 

On the yeanA It. hoA tenved M* Vennon and the tunAOundlng 
anea the bank haA had foun pnetidentt: ft. 0* Kaufman, mentioned above, 
tenved until hU death on % 2, 7?4?. Qkanlet Qwup tenved until 
August, 7<J57. Letten Stann succeeded kirn and tenved until ApnJui, 7°^8* 
Cduxznd QuntlA woa elected on Apnll 7, 7<J58, and Ia now tewing oa tke 
bank* t president* 

QpAkieAA of the bank oven, the yeanA have been; /ilanlin %ick 
fnam Ua beginning to AuguAt, 7^J; H* Q liantbungh ia Januany, 7<j*i6; 
ChanleA Qwup to %, 7?4?; Lacey fayne to ^anuany, 7<j67; Q li/ayne 
h'-LghtmUh woa then appointed and Ia pnetenily tenvlng oa cathlen* 

DuAlng the geanA of Wonld Wan. Two, the bank coopenated fully. 
with the United StateA Qovennment and the Tneatuny Oepantment In ihein. 
effontA In the tale of wan. bonds of all klndt and oIao In the 
of tho/U tenm govennment tecunltlet* Founteen of the bank'* emptogeed 
taw tenvice ditnlng Wonld Wan. Two* 

At eanlg at 7 Q 5 l t, a building committee wat appointed to 
Investigate impnovlng the bank building and lobby* Aften many montht 
of planning^ it eventually njetulted In the punchatlng of land wett of 




> . . •. . 

•■ ■ : 

• ■ • *• ,; • 

,' ■ .- ■•■>- : .. '■_- '■ 


, • 


■ ■ ■ .-. ... : . 

■ i '.' ■' ■.■ . .." . .... S s 

■' ' '- ' ' - . ■'. v. .''... 5 . ''' • '.. • . 

' ' ! . ■ -■ -■:■■■■ 

■ ... . ■ ': ' 


> ■■. 


• . .. 

■ • 


. . - ....... ' 



. : - 








L . ■ 






ike bank building, and ike building of ik/iee beautiful, modem and con- 
ve/iLeni windows. Below ikeAe windoujA id a lounge ba.'>emeni 
an.ea having, ike pAeAeni bookkeeping, depajiimerji, pn.oof dzpa/ubneni and 
supply, /worn* Ike new lacLU.ii.e4 vene opened io ike pub Lie in. $une of. 
7^58, Ai ikai iime alao, pAaciically fu.LL-4calc automaton of eauip- 
meni woa pui inio opeAoilon wiik BuA/tougnA ^enAi-twnic book- 
keeping, machine* j BuaaouoJia pnoof machine and ike accouni nurhenJjig, 
AyAiem being, inAialled, The lobby. aJUo ai thai iime woa modenni^ed, 

3n /iky of 795°, boik Alaie and fedenal cuihoAiiieA gjumied 
full inuAi powenA io ike bonk, anoiken. impo/iiani Aiep in fulfilling. 
cuAiomenA ' needd. B01j.ce HuAon wo* appoinied 7/luaI OfficeA and No/unan 
/'kuip/iu. oa ~iU/ii.4iani 7 /mat OfficeA. Ike 7aua± Deponimeni fnom Ua 
incepiion kaA gsown and coniinued io gnow ai a napid pace and ha* 
pnoven io be a valuable aAAei io ike bank and lid cuAtomenA M 

Ike kLaionu. of ike bank id muck ike dame oa /leading ike 
fieceni kidioAy of f(\£ 9 Vennon and 'JeffenAon Qouniy, oa mosii of ike 
officenA and dinecio/iA nave been active community ieadenA who one 
gneaily inieneAied in ike g/wwik of ike communiiu., £ach yean. fon. 
Aevejwl yeanA paAi officeAA have been Aeni io Ackoold, including^ 
School of BanJUng ai f'kdiAon, U/idconAin; Motional 7/iuAi School of 
ih/iihweAienn UnlveAAiiy; School of BanJiing, of ike Souik, Louisiana 
Siaie UnivenAiiy; OlLurxoiA BankenJ * Sckool fo/i Developme/U of ^unio/t 
fy.ecuii.veA/ Souikenn Ollirwt* UnivenAiiy; F, c l\ ft, A School, No/iik- 
weAienn UnivenAiiy, oa well oa many couAAeA offered by ike Amenlcan 
JnAiiiuie of Banking. Ike advance inalning, of ikeAe officeAA puiA 
ike bank in a favonable position io Aenve ike public and tenve ii well 

I he pAeAeni dinecioAA of ike banli one: Q £, BAehm, £dwand 
6 (untU, r John A. DaviaUon, QwlaUa <}. DeWili, William A. CjairbeA, 
3ohn A. liink, $ack (iMtckeJUL, HoaoU A. MyenA, $. £dwin f.ackawa.y, (anl 
Schweinfunik, QiojiieA S. Viand, and Hanold £. UJaiAon. Two of ikeAe 
mentioned, (anl Sckweinfuni/i and (kanleA $. Dd'Jiii, one me/nbenA of 
ike onlglrLai boand of dlAecionA, 

ike pAeAeni officeAA one; [divand QuaHa, pneAidenl; Boyce 
MuAon, executive vice pneAideni and inuAi officeA; faUel ftigkinowoA, 
vice pneAideni and aAAitianl inuAi officeA; Lacey Payne, vice pAeAideni; 
LuikeA BeckeAen, oAAiAiani vice pAjPAideni; Q Wayn^HigJiAmiik, caAnieA 


and aAdLdtant ijutAt office*; Mabel &**$> <wd 'RobeAt lAelckeA, aAdLdtant 

9n 7933* eight employees! wene needed to tenve ike need* of 
ike bank and Ltd cu*iomeA*. Today, ike numben. ha* gjwwn io tkLuty- 
foun. Tke foiioujiny LlModiAaiion, jetting, fonik ike total a*4etA of 
ike bank fan. ike yean* indicated, Li p/ioof of ike growth of ike Fin*t 
tiaiLonal Bank oven, ike jean*: 7933, tf8% 5^6. 2k; 7938, J2, 227, 57**07; 

19*J, J5>29b,W.78; 79*8, $8,878, 57*. 02; 7953, i & h t&to 5- 70; 795$, 

$7*, k80,033.96; 7961, $76,277,880.^7. 

—HobeAjtA. MelckeA, 

AteLdia/vt (jjudhLeA. 

BWQ( SQHOOL t>1&tViy£S 

(Taken fnom an a/LtLcJLe w/iLtien in. ike /'It, Vennon lleaiAten.- 
iiewA by. AddJL*on Hapeman. Block SckooJL wa* deAijtoyed in ike ionnado 
of December, 7957.) 

Anoiken. of ike iking* ikai have vanished into ike Limbo of 
ike pa*t one ike "tiienajiie*" ikai wen.e keid one night pjzck week of 
school AeaAon ai ike old Black School. Tke*e wen.e not ''play pantie*; " 
ike*e meeting* wen.e " eddicational, " 

An avenaae of fifty, on. AJbdty people gathered at ike. Acho?i 
hou*e eack meeting, night, coming, in wagon* on. bugaie* on. on foot on. 
han*ebacK By. Aiantina time the yand wa* well filled wLtk a*AonJ:ed 
vehicles, wLtk tke team* unhitched and one hon*e tied to a wheel on 
eack Aide. 

Fin*t on ike evening, 1 4 pnognam we/ie Aong* by ike school 
ckildjien, /solo and in gnoupA. 'The*e wen.e the old familLan. school 
Aonp-book aJLn*, and what they lacked in hanmony they made up in vanla- 
iion. Aften. all the Ainyen* had been given a chance, ike /lecitationA 

TkeAe "piece*" vanied in lengik wLtk ike aye and aaning. of 
ike young, pen*on doing, ike /tecLting.. Some went in fon. tuck wonk* a* 
"Lincoln 1 a Qetty*buAjg, AddneAA, " on. Aome of ike cIoaaLca; oiken* Aiuck 
to Aomeiking, ikey could mon.e neanJjy handle. One man Atill Aememben* 
tke ven*e he Aeci te d . neanJLy eigkty yean* ago. Six. yean* old at ike 

■■'■•■ ■ ' ' . ■ ~' .■ • 

I ' ■ 

. . . 

. \\\ . .. , 

' '"'...■ .,••.■■.■■ - 

":' ' ' . 

\ . . ■■ ... 

. • 

..-.■■'■ . 


>.{•„.. .'■... 

i ■ 

. • . . . 




. . . ■ | . ». ■ • I ] 


time, he manched up ike ai^le, Aautuied away, befo/ie ike audience, and 

"Of. olden, boy* can make a speech, 

iJe liitle boy* can too, 
AlihounJi we may not tail *o muck, 
_ yet we've a wand fori uou, 
I hi* wo/dd Jut lanae and fjLbL of noom, 

I ken.e jU a place fon. ail, 
Ike /tick, ike poo/i, ilie wl*e, ike aood, 

/he ianne a* weLL a* *mali, " 

;i* *oon a* he had finl*hed tie /tan Sack down ike al*le and bunled kU 
■M.ce In ike lap of hi* moikeji, who paiied him on ike kead and aaged 
pnoudly abound in neceive ike plaudit* of ken. neigkbo/i*, 

npce/L ike lati fattening, neciiation wa* finl*ked ikene wad a 
*oni of mu*lcal Inienlude, penkap* io *ooike *haiiened nenve*. Usually. 
Hie o/iche*ixa con*i*ied of a violin, auiiaA, bani,o, iairlounini and 
nattle-boneA, "Ouick" ?lgg. wa* ike iambounine vlniuo*o, *kak.Lna ike 
in*inumeni in a knee io hip, abound ike *houlden and oven, ike Lead 
nouiirce iho.i would kave anou*ed ike envy o t tie mo*i expeni aypty. 
%£ wa* alto expent on ike "bone*, " being, "*o hoi he didn'i dajie play 
lono. ai a iime on, he'd *ei ike place on fine, " 

Tke*e naitle-bone* (aciuaily, Jun £xl* ea*e, faun *ho/ii 
lenaik* of ikin wood) funnUked a *hanp and *yncopated nJiyihm a* a 
background fon *uch tune* a* "Liitle Fl*hen fifoiden, " "lied .'Jinn,, " "'Pop 
$oe* ike )ea*el, " "Dixie" and oiken, Qivil Jcui *ong*, and any oihen* 
i/iai mo*i of ike playen* could fill In wlik matt of ike iune. 

Following, thi* musical penlod, ikeze woa dually a debate, 
ike leaden* "choo*lna up" *U on, *even men io a tide. The debaied 
tubiecU wene vanled and covered evenyiking, fnom 'What InfUuer.eed 
ike gnowik of ike nation mo*i: ike plow on, ike pnu.niing, pne**?" ihnu 
What hod ike mo*i nig,ht6: Ondian on, white man?" io a momeniou* dU- 
cu**lon a*io Vklek habii co*i fie mo*i; coffee on, iobacco?" 

I he coffee debaie co*i one man an all-time kick In fine* 
fon petting out of onden. The gnoup had a nigid *ei of null* Ion be- 
havloun dujilnn ihe*e *e**lon*, and any Infnaetion of ike nule* bnougki 
a ,Jne of ien cent*. Dunln., ike coffee-tobacco dl*eu**lon one man wa* 
laiken cannled away la pn^Ulng, ike *in,engik of hi* wife'* coffee, and 

became a little too a peel fie The audience. IwwLed with launjiteji, but 
the. .jjdxieA -Lined him fifteen centi, 

TheAe flne^o wejie tuied to buy, ke/WAene p>/i the. neflecton.- 
er.ui.pped wall IcmpA, and wen.e the only expense connected, with the 
meetings, Alnce the wood uAed to heat the building, woa cist in. tne eanly 
■foil, in a community, "wonJvjxg, " But when the coal-oil fund /ion tow 
"you didn't handly dayie open youi mouth, on. they'd Alap a t Jjie. on y.ou* 

Sometimes a mock tnlal woa held Instead of the debate* 
I hen.e we/ie uAually one on. two young, men who we/xe n.ea.iing law who ioen.e 
wUllrxo, to aln, theln. knowledge, ao t/ie affaln had dome n.eAemb Lance sco 
tlxe n.eal t'xing. Till* neAemb lance, howeve/i } wad only } l.eetln^, and. 
usually the pnoceedin^A would have made BlacliAtone a pin In hud cyiave, 


Accondlng, to a papen, on "(jxnl.y QxiuxcheA of ffeffenAon Qounty, 
wnltten In 7?4/ by Rev. Q. //. Todd, paAton. of the FJuiAt l>\ethodlAt 
(hunch at the time, the BaptUtA held the fln^t ctmmch o /inanimation 
In, the lenjxlto/xy that now compnlAeA the city limits o^ ht % \J 'ennon. 
(qJJ1J,<0uL r!u7 t j The I'lethodlAtA met eanllen, but ou-budz tire city 
lli.iitA, J A /'in., (juxpenten. held a meeting. In the old count houAe and 
onaojnls.ed a Society of Baptist* In 7o20, Serviced continued Jm ;b'.e 
count. houAe, nean. the cjxeeh, thiA being, nean.zn. the cet^zn. o r popu- 
lation at that time. Among, the name* oaao elated with thlA eanly 
fe>LloiuAtxlp wen.e Ronton, Hondo w and ffondan. 

Despite the pnoxlmlty of an abundance of waten., r /xe^uent 
■floods Aoon convinced thoAe ploneen. BaptiAtA tliat thLd wad not tlxe 
niOAt d.eAl/xable location fon. a place of won^ixlp, and the Society moved 
to tne neAldence of Ullllam Rlcka, whesxe AenvlceA wen.e held ^.on. five 
on. aIx. yeojxA, 

3n the meantime, Thomas 'Pace and othen. AettlenA had cleaned 
a tjw.ll down AoutheaAt thnauah what woa at one time the old pain. 
gjxoundA, to a deep hole In the cjieek whene then could waten. theln. 
IxonAcA even In dn.y weathen, /lean. thLd location, called "Uon^e lole, 
tlxe BaptiAtA e/iected a ApaclouA (fon. thoAe day*) place o r won^hlp. 
luncheon AeatA wen.e pnovlded and AenvlceA wen.e held unden. ;che tyxeeA 
whenever poAAible, Hen,e the fjjxAt Baptist AAAoclatlon In 'Je-^fenAon 


. .. 



' ■ 

. . . ■ ■ 


. ■ 






Qounty woa keld in ike fall of 782°, Rev, Qarpenter, who organised 
ike Society, continued a* potion* Rarely in ikoAe day* did ike Bap- 
ii*i* caJLL any, one from fan. away from ikeir location a* padtor, /he 
building, erected near "Mor*e Hole" wad u*ed at a won*kip center until 
about 7oJ5 on. 7Sj6. 

A second Baptidi ckwick wo* built "up ike creek, " about a 
half mile north of what i* now ike Road, in ike yean. 7oJJ, 
/kit worship ce>iter con*i*ied of four larae cabins about ten feet apart 
farming, a rectangle, ike cabin beina u*ed fan. wor*lxio and ike 
oi/ier* for sleeping, purpose* during, camp meeting. occa*ionA on. oiker 
aervLceA, ttem-bena and friend* from fiU, Venn/in found ikelA way down a 
iraiA. fon service* and fon. 4e4.d4.0n4 of foot waaluny, wkick wo* con- ob*enved t 

On ike eanJ.y 7o60 l * a 'tainted mviker in J*rae,L, " ike wife 
of jeweler £. 'J} 4 Mo/inan, began to invite dome children who did not 
attend Sunday School at any cluirck to meet in hen. dining, noom (ikey 
lived at on. neaz A'inik and Jordan Street*, probably about tie aite of 
ike old Flahaffey Route), and *kc alto invited oiken children who were 
reaular pupil* in oiken. Sunday SdwoJLd to heap tkem. company* I'k*, 
(>brnan ken* elf attended the Fleihccli*t and Presbyterian *ervice* 4 Some 
0'^ Hie ckurcke* held Sunday School in i/ie m<?,inina, oiJien* in ike after- 
noon, 40 a good many people attended more ikon one Action, pantly be- 
caaie ikene wasn't muck el*e to do, Ike gjioup anew too lanae fon. ike 
dining, noom and F)n* t ftoraan 1 f * broiker, flfa, S.turgi*, offered kit car- 
penter *kop a* a meeting, place, 

Ike eojily Bapii*t* } previously mentioned, wane evidently of 
the Hand. Shell" on. Primitive variety, and i/'ie gnoup in ike carpenter 
*hop were apparently ike fir*t oraani^ation of filLMioncny Bapii*i* in 
7'lt, Vernon* fhc*e /ili*aionary BaptLdi* orgxmi^ed a ckun.a'1 in 7 860 and 
*oon built a plain fn.ome hou*e on South Nintk Street at a coat of 
approximately ZhCOO, 7 hi* location wa* Aouilx of Jordan Street and 
JMAt *ouik of the old flhka h fey Hou*e lot* 

A *tory of ike organisation of ike Fin*t Baptist (Juirclx of 
Fit* Vernon. Illinois, i* elx>auenliy told in a few words, by ike Flinute* 
of ilxe Organisational Meetings, wkick have been, faitk fully copied into 
eack of ike (kurck /'linule. Booh*, a* follow*: 


"Hula 17, 1868 

('it, Vennon 

'JeffenAon Qounty OllinoiA 

'PunAuani to annanyemeniA, we, ike undersigned, met at ike Qampb ellile 
Quuick for ike purpose of onjgani^ing. ourselves into_a ckurck, Bnotken. 
u, 01, Bnookd of Ashley presided oven, ike meeting, Ike object of ike 
meeting, being announced, those desiring, membership in ikiA bnanck of 
Zion were requested to come fonward, Ike following, bn.eikn.en pn.e4eni.ed 
ikeui name*: ° 

Bno, %, A, (j/iani; Bno, Q, W 9 {ilonoan; 8 no, D, Sixuvgls; 8 no, 0, Iftubc/ieLLf 
Bno, Cj, J /iJaykew; SiAten. £, D, y/iani; Sister D, A, nhrgojy Sister A A, 
SturgiA; Sister SanoA Qrey; Sister filojiika D t Honey.; SiAter /liartka l>\ay- 
nor; Sister Many irtcKee; Sister Sarah fihlone; SJUten, /ijary /'HtchelL 
After eniing. their name*, we pnoceeded to businesA by electing, 
Bno, bnjooks, (ifodenaion. and Bno. u, Sturgls, Clerk. Brother Cjnan£ moved 
Ifei Bno, Snook* nead ike Qhwvck Covenant, ike motion was suAtained, 
Bno, Bnooks suggested tkai'a Qomnvyttee be appointed to invile on. 
more Riders to jit in council on Ihursday, p/ievious to ike second Sab" 
batkjLn August to notify, ike pnoceedings of ike meeting* Bnoiker y/umt 
moved ikat Bno, B/woks, Bro, fihnnjan, and Bno v (>\aykew be ike committee, 
Ike motion was sustained, No furiker basinets presenting. ilAeif, ike 
meeting, was doted wilk a very appnopniate pnouer and benediction, 

Bno, J. (J/, Brooks, /ihderaior 
Bro, D, SturgiA, Qlerk 

On August 6, 1 868, ike "membenA of ike /legular Baptist Quuick 
of ikiA place and vicinity." met ai ike Presbyterian Quuick and pnoceeded 
to onaanige what ikey decided to call ike First Baptist Quuick of /'li* 
Vernon, OllinoiA, Ike "Qampb eiiiie Qiuuick" mentioned in ike Ulinuies 
( officially iken as now ike Quuick of QhriAiJ was apparently alto known 
as HeiAenman's Hall and was on ike second floor above Heiserman f s 
Baheny on ike southeast corner of Ninik and fondan wkick wad later ike 
location of Henjiins 1 §nocery (ike Herrins were pnominent eanly members 
Of ike hirst BaptLdi Quuick), one of our earliest movie housed and 
Lipps ' grocery. Ike Presbyterian Quuick, where ike actual onganigaiion 
meeting, was field, was apparently on Fourieenik Street between ('lain 
and Bnoadway and jjust across ike street south from ike Appellate Qount, 
Bno, 0, i'J. Bnookd woa elected as ike first potion, of ike cluuick on 
September 21, 7868, wiik Bno. §nant and Bnjo, I'hyhew at ike fuitt dea- 
con* and Bno, 0, Siungit at clenh, I'ilnA, Amelia Poole woa £ie firti 
penAon baptised into ike fellowship of ike new, and fon. about 
seventy yeanA Ake. coritinuecL oa one. of ike. moAt faitkful membenA of 
ike ckwick. 

B -77 

Oirmediaiely afien. ike onajinigaiion, ike fuisi place of wo/iskip 
was an old cjaA.pord.eji shop (possibly ike. some one wkesie ike. Sunday. School 
was held). Two clodded consiiiuied ike. Sunday. School, and was 
considered io be a good attendance* wiik p/ieacking. once a month* Bui 
as dome one has said, "They gjicw and as ikey gjiew ikey built* " On 
1c71, Lois % 10 and 12 in Block J in Sionms Sum/ey wene purchased* 
These lois were in ike block souik of. Jordan Si/ieei wiik Lois ° and 12 
facini on Hinik Sineei and Loi 10 facing. Tenik Street, A chwick wo* 
buili on Loi 9 wiik ike parsonaae eitker. nexi doo/i on. a* a pa/ii of ike 
ckufick building* Bno, D, Siargis wo* Daniel Siurgts who died in ike 
fail of 1°12 (ike last of ike Qhanter Members), He kad lumber io build 
a kome on ike southwest corner, of Ninik and Jordan bui con&iibuied it 
fan. use in building, ike new chwick and waiied several years befo/ie ke 
was able io build his own kome* 

Ike congjieaaiion worshiped ai this locaiion uniil ike cyclone 
of 1888, which destroyed ike chwick and parsonaae. On fiknck 26, 1888, 
ike tnjusiees pu/ickased a tract on ike southwest co/men of Block 12 in 
Q/ieens ' Addition (8ik and Jordan) from D/u Iff, Duff Q/ieen and his wife 
Qorinnd, and on October 6 of ikai yean, ike inusiees deeded ike property 
io ike First BapiLdi (kwick; a new chwick wo* elected and dedicaied in 
ike fail of 1888 wiik Dr, John Broadus, P/iesident of ike Louisville 
I heological Seminary, pleaching, ike dedicaio/iy s en/no n, The "new" 
chunck in iime pnoved ioo small, and extensive /lemodeling. and enlarging, 
was done in I^OU, 1<}0<? and 1^1 6, 

/his chwick is now enaaaed in a new chwick building, program 
which calls fon. a new locaiion and a new chwick building, in ike neon, 
fuiwie* A beauiiful site has been purchased neon, ike no/iik edye of ike 
city, ike foundation has been laid, plans one. aimosi complete, and a 
considerable portion of ike money is aijieady available, 

Pastors of ike First BapiLdi Qhwick have b een: 1868, 'Rev, 
3, l ! J, Bnoohs, ike fijisi pastor; 186<}, no pasio/i ziepo/iied io ike Siaie 
Convention no/i io ike Salem Souik Association, The Qhwick Qlerk was 
D, Siunais; 1870~1871, D, Iff, flh/igan (we wonder, if ikis could have been 
ike Delilah Morgan who started ike Sunday School); 1872, J, F, 'James; 
1$73-1875, ifm Sanfond $ee/ I876, B. £, Qwwfond; I877-I878, Qalvin 
Allen; 1879, £ Davis; 1880, no pastor, /Leported^io ike Siaie Qonveniion 


on, io Salem Sowtk Ad^ocLaJJjon; 7387, IV. 8* Vomoa.; 7882, QjUmLMed 
pioin SiaJie Qonvervtion by nequeAt of. chmich; 1883-7836, $* $. fiUxlkififf 
7887-788% % D. 7/uwymo/Uon; 7890, H. I'J. Thlele; 78<j1-78<]2, g. D. 
Hookesi; 739 J, Qeo/iye f. HotteA; 78% <]. D. HookeA.; September 789 4- 
OciobzA. 7% 7896, $. Q HclaaL**; December 76, 7896^uly J, 7898, 0. /V. 
/ibnsioe; OUobeA. 72, 7898-Aw^t 2, 7899, A #• (p**** 1 ** Odboben. 7, 7899- 
A/ovemben 27, 7907, IV. Q fOcQoM.; (Dcvich. 5, 7902-DecembeA. 2, 7903, 9, 9. 
LanyJLey.; %aiwanjy 72, 790 t t-'Januan.y, 7, 7908, A. A, Todd; ApnU 75, 7908- 
Septembesi 27, 7977, W. L. Do/iyon; Hhnck 3, 7972^\ojick 75, 7979, fate. 
H. vJelU; OdbobeA 76, 7979-Ap/ul 7, 7925, H. £ 7/iuex; $une 28, 7926- 
ApnU 75, 7929, F. a C /Ujnln 9' Q/L >' SeptembeA 75, 7929 -OatobeA. 7, 7935, 
W 9 B, f'b/ULU; Febnuany 16, 7 9 36 -September 5, 79% KobejuL q. Lojuon; 
(fojich k, 79k5-Au$u*£ 77, 79U7, U. IV. Hcuivey; $un.e 7, 79^8-^uly 27, 
7955, Antbiw g. QanakeA,; September 77, 7955-gune 3, 7956* Daniel HeU.- 
rn.ey.eA. (OrubeAjUn faction,); guune 77, 7956-pn.eAeni, £uyene L, Ho Leon' 

— Pnepcuied by: 

Hanold C Howand 





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C&ffiML (H/MQ/ Cf QM0S7 

7ke flnAi connjvegailon of ike (Juiftck of (knlAi in M. Vennon 
woa onaani^ed on Ocioben J, 7853 wiik imenty^one membe/iA* ftlLniAieAA 
pn.eAent wane. 0. (. Ashley., 'John £. ft\cBn.yan, 'John A. lUlHiumd and 
Uona.ce. I'JatnonA. (anefully pn.eAen.ved to ihiA day, iA ike flnAi wnliien 
n.econd of ike Oceanian, all. inAcnibed In. ike hand of Hanvey I . face, 
ike flnAi clenh of ike congregation, 

Ike name* of ike ckanten, membenA follow: Alfned /ibnaan, 
khaeA Baugk, Solomon Fond, John Stewant, John Baugk, William Bough, 
John. Bauak, Jn. , Hanvey 7. face, Nancy. I'JelU, folly Bauak, fto^an 
Bauak, Qiigabeik Hani, SaAok Fond, fnUciUa Nelcken, Nancy face, 
Jane /loo/ie, /hny Stewani, John W. Lee, Lea N, Lee, SuAan Bnanckcomb, 
and Nancy Wallace* 

Ike wonk. of onaanlging, a local ckunck wad principally led 
by ft/i, and fbiA. Hanvey 7, face* Oi woa ikein deep conviction xkai ike 
(hunch muat flouniAk in unity "upon ike ttond of §od alone a* ike nule 
of faiik and " On addition to jenving, a* ike congneaaiion' a 
fifiAt clenh, flbu face punckaAed and maintained wiik hid pnlvaie meanA 
ike flnAi kouAe of wonAhlp. Fnam ike day of Ha onaanl^ailon, ike 
cononegatlon had been meeting, in ike JeffenAon (ouniy (aunt Houac. 
Ji woa ike county' a second Judicial cenien, having, been built in 
7ohO. I he tinuctune woa fonty feet /iauane, with a tauane noof. the 
count noom, uAed by ike (hunch of (hnJUi on Sunday, woa on ike flnAi 
fioon, wiik faun office* above* DoonA opened on ike touik, eaAt, and 
weAi, making, auite a formidable appearance. Rene ike congregation 
met fan. several month*. 

On November J, 7853, exactly one monik after ike ckwick'j 
organisation, /Ik. face negotiated for ike punchaAe of ike old frame 
building, belonging, to ike /'It. Vennon Society of ike MeikodiAi &iA- 
copal (hunch fon. ike turn of $Jfy$, 7he structure woa one of hiAionlccl 
significance. Ot woa ike finAi ckunch building, in /It. Vennon, being. 
eneded in ike yean 783*i. On 78^0 it woa n.emodeled wiik an additional 
iwelve feet added to Ua ovenall length. Li. gov. Zadok (aAcy pn.c» 
tented a bell whlck hung, in ike ckunck' * belfry fan. many yeanA. About 
tkU tune ike building, woa Hie tcene of a political dUcuA^lon between 
Abnaham Lincoln and John. A. Mc(lennand, ike meeting, being, held In ike 


ckunch due io ike count houAe't iemponoAu inadequate condiiion* By 
ike. Aummen. of 185*+, ^ho/illy following, /'k. Pace.' 4 punchoAe of ike 
pnopeniy, ike tinuciune woa taiLdfacionily neno voted fon. uac and ike 
(kunch of QuiiAi moved iiu Hene, in Ha fuiAi home, ike congnegaiion 
mei fon. twenty yeanA, gnawing, with pneAiiye in. ike community ai timeA, 
and weakening, ai oikent, 

i'Jiik a teniouA JLoaa of number tknougk deaik and nemovaiA, 
ike c0ngj1eg.aiU.on fell into difficaii timeA, and in 78"jk woa fo/iced io 
disband, wiik ike iaai seconded addJUionA made on AugjuAi ° of ikai 
yean. Following, ike deaik of f'lnA, Pace in 7875 ond Ha/wey T, Pace 
in 1876, ike pnopeniy feJUL inio ike hanxU of ikote who, on one occasion, 
made, ii available io ike iocai miliiany company, A (Hi* Vennon newt- 
papen nemanhed concenning, ike inanAaciion: 'Ike QiniAtian (kunch 
building, had been denied by ike ownen. of Qp, D ad an onmo/iy, Many 
deiigkifui memonieA cJbuAten anound ikiA oid land-mank, and ii. teemA 
Ainang,e io dee ike houAe, whote woJULa fon. to many yeanA neAounded io 
ike teaching, of ike Pnince of Peace, occupied by a niULUbariy company, 
and filled wiik ike accoutenmentA of wan* " Ton. ike nexi twelve yeanA, 
ike (hunch of (hniti wo* inactive, 

Oi iA difficult io eAiabliAh ike name* of miniAtenA and ike 
iime of ihein tenvice fon. ikiA eanlieAt peniod, I'Jiik ike meayen. infon.- 
maiion available, we can tunmiAe ikai ike pneackiny and guidance of 
John £, ftcBnyan led ike liiile congneyaiion daniny ike veny finti 
yeanA, Pecondt thaw ikai John /V, fuulhie woa leadiny when ike peniod 
doted in l8tfk n JuaI who ikote wene ikai miniAtened duniny ike hand 
yeanA of ike i'Jan. Beiween ike SiateA it noi known. 

Mo aiiempi of n.evivol wot achieved until in Febnuany, 7886, 
when J m VJ, PobbinA of OliiopoiiA, Jilinoit, woa able io ttin ike 
"QuiiaiianA Only" io a new life ihnougk ike ncAul±A of a five-week/) 1 
evanyeliAiic meeiing, UJiik ike finti teven convenlA and ike n.emaininy 
membent of i/ie congneaaiion onyani^ed in 7 8^ J, a new chanien. waA 
wniiien on ftanck 7k, 7886, At ike clote of ike campaign two weekd 
iaten, ike membenthip of ike chwich nwnbened ikiniy-teven, 

VJiik B, P, Cfiibent oa ike {JLnAt potion, of ike newly neAion.ed 
chan.chy ike finAi tenviceA wene keld in ike count houte, n.eminiAceni 
of eaniien dauA, meeiing, neaulanly each Lond't Day, On Novemben, ike 

• ■ 

■ - 



. I 


i • ! ■ 

-•■•.■.'■• • ' • 
. .. .... 






. ■ - • 




dame. yean, anoiken evanyeliAtic meeting, woa keld by £ ft Lampion, of. 
filiAAounU Duning, ike week* of. ikiA campaign, ike congregation 
woa Atnengtkened and enlanaed, A Bible SckooJL woa on.gani.%ed witk 
ikinty ckildnen ennolled, i'Jiik ikiA added conAtltuency, ike ckunck 
moved io ReiAenman f A Rail, wke/ie 4en.vic.e4 usefie keld until Febnuany 7°, 
1888, On ike afjjennoon of ikat day, a gneat io/inado Awepi i/utougk ike 
city, deAtnoying, ikiA building* fnampt aciion woa iaken io Aecwie 
anoiken. meeting, place. 

Linden, ike caneful dinection of D/u R» S 9 f Lumen, and f>kA, 
§* r t A Wand, Aenving, oa building, committee, a new Ainuctune woa 
begun in ike Aummen of 7888 on ike AoutktoeAi connen, of Souik Tenik 
and Jondan SineelA, Ike building, woa completed in ike following, yean., 
and on Planck 70, 788% witk ike notable $. R CfonniAon conducting, 
ike Aen.vic.eA, ike new Ainuctune woa dedicated* 

Ike ckunck on Souik Tenik Sineet woa ike Acene of a numb en. 
of fruitful evanyeliAtic campaJugnA led by, Aome of ike moAi celebnjated 
p/ieackenA and AinaenA of ikein day* Among. ikeAe wene HufuA A, Finneli, 
Fnanh Q RuAton, $okn T. Bnown, f'h, Daugkenty, l'J 4 R, Book and $ 9 V* 
(oombA, Tke congregation' a zieAident miniAienA iknougk ikeAe yeouiA, 
and until 7?75 included: 'B. ft. QiUbeni, S. A, Qooh, H. /L f^cQanty, 
Q fa SmlikAon, A, U I'JeAi, fi fil FnanciA, Fnanh Q, RuAton, J, R* 
Siambaugk, J* £ Pnitckeii, and Qml L $n,een» Duning, ike miniAiny of 
SmitkAon Aevenal additions wene made io ike building, faciliiieA. 

U/iik ike beginning, of ike miniAiny of D. D, Bunt in Play, 
7975, inteneAi woa anouAed in ike. dinection of a muck-needed building, 
pnognam, While, ike congnegation met in ike count kouAe and ope/ia 
kouAe inte/unittently, aften dcApoAing, of ike houAe of wonAkip at 
Tenik and flondan SineeiA, an edifice woa being, erected on ike fonmen. 
Aite of ike home of On. and /IUa. R. 5. Ptummen, Tenik and Nonik 
SineeiA* Bnoiken. Bunt, died in ike midAi of ike building pnognam, and 
Benjamin i'J* I ate came io canny on ike work* Reading, ike genenal 
AupenvtAion of ike conAtnaction woa ike building committee compoAed 
of Q. F. ti). i'Jand, A B. OmAley, R. V. Rill, Bent Maaaani and $. 
FnanciA Qpchnan* Tke coninact woa awanded fon. an amount Icaa than 







By ike dote, of B, IV, Tate.' * mlnldiny in gamwny, 7 9 78, 
ike congA-egjcution. had gnown mea*uneably, doing, well duning, iko*e eanly 
month* of. ike Fin*i Wonld Wan, Bnuce. Ken*hnen. *enved a *hont ad 
inienlm mlnl*iny be,fon,e ike coming, of Onvllle Hawhin* in ike *pnlny io 
lead in a *inongJjy evong^ll*tlc pnjognam thai coniinued ihnougk 7922, 
£, £ Pedlcond came fon. a *hont mlnldiny, and On dob en 7923 he 
wa* followed by fteyen A, Madden, The pulpit mlnldiny wad attended in 
ike yean* following, by Adam K, Adcock, fli, P. Plen*on, Honold 0. Lowe, 
g. iV. Kilbonn, fc FnankUn Baxien, On Febnuanjy, 7933, $eo/ig,e P. Put- 
ledae annlved io give ike declining, fourteen yean* of hi* Life, io ine 
(eninal (hunch of (hnl*i, Afien a coio/ifui caneen a* p/ieachen, edu- 
caio/iy lectunen, wnlten and edlion. of ike (hnl*ilan Siondand, /fa, 
Putledae gjave ike inea*une* of kLd bnoad expedience io gnowik and 
e*iabll*hment in falik fo/i ike local chinch* Ai hJui deaik in 79^7, 
%, Q, Pan*on*, iken a**oclate mlnl*ien, *iood ai ike kelm untU. ike 
annlval of £dwin V. Hoyden in May, 1?48, /fa. Uayden led ike congne* 
gatlon In a canefal teaching, minUiny. On ike foun yean* ikai followed, 
a pan*onaae. wa* puncha*edi 

Duning, ike mlnldiny of Le*ien £, Pi fen, which began in 
Septemben, 7952, ike beautiful audiionlum wa* bulit. The congneaailon 
puncka*ed ike Adah P. Fly home no/iik of ike old building, fon. a Bible, 
School Annex, The ?eten*on pnopenty adjacent io it wa* puncha*ed, 
ike hou*e wa* na%ed, and ike annex, building, wa* moved io ike 
pne*ent pan*onag,e on ike fonmen Peien*on lot Tki* cleaned ike gnound 
fon, ike enection of ike new auditonlum. The gnound-bneahing, cenemony 
following, mo/ining, won*hlp on Apntl 2k, 7955, kenalded ike beginning, of 
a $775, 000 building, fund campaign. Tke connen*ione wa* laid on 
Octoben 76 of ike *ame yean, wlik Dn. Manny Poll, iken mutUien of 
ike (hnUilan (hunch, Ondlanapoli*, Ondlana, a* principal *peahen. 
The building, wa* completed in 7958 and dedication *envlce* wene con~ 
dueled on ike aftennoon of ttanck 23, 795^» 

On addition io ike maienlal accomplishment* Indicated above, 
a livings-link ml**lonany pnognom wa* inauaunated, wlik ike 
a**umlna ike *uppo/it of ifa*. P. LaVenne ffon*e (nee Lol* (lilott) who 
wlik hen hu*6and I* a ml**Lonany in Ho nth Bunma, The chunch al*o 
expanded li* mlnl*iyiy^ by the *>*iabll*hlna of. an a**ociate minudiny. 





Tke following young, men have. served in ikis Rickard Williams, 
Dale. (Aichson, and Qerald Denny, ike present associate minister. 

filr, fifer closed. his ministry in ike fall of 1°59 °nd •* /l 
February, 1 Q 60 ike present minister, Herbert $, Wilson, was called. 
Under his ministry ike churck kas steadily zieduced ike new building 
and ike day draws nearer when ike final phase of ike building, pAogram 
can, be carrLed foAward, ike remodeling of ike old building, inio a 
suitable educational plant. The church is increasing its missionoAy 
conceAji and has made significant advances in (krJuitian education and 
siewajuiship. A new library has been inaugurated and specialised 
training, fan teachers and new members has been developed. 

Cfmsr gosf^L &&&> 

A group of people who lived in ike noAik end of M% Vernon 
met in di.ffeA.eni homes eack Tuesday nigki io have pnayeA meeting* 
They wene known as The Norik Side Prayer Band, Then a ient was raised 
on ike lawn of one of ike members of ike group, flfas, Lorene (QrandmaJ 
Seckresi, On ike monik of June, 1 Q kk 9 Rev. William Foui of Marion, 
Ohio, keld a revival and much ini.eA.est was shown. The first baptismal 
service, in {July, 7°W, was held at ike old pump house following ike 

On July 2, 1 Q ¥i, ike group met io make plans io buiM a 
church, Rev, William Foui was elected pastor and served fox about 
six. moniks, Rev, and Mrs, ^eorge H, Skelion leased, free of charge, 
ike lot and ike mateAial for building ike churck io ike group* The 
work was done by volunteers in ikeir spare time, The ladies supplied 
ike lunches, Tke location was at 1102 Warren Avenue, fibt, Vernon, 
jllinois, and ike churck became known as "(krlsi §ospel (kapeL. 

On November k, 1°^5§ Tkomas Foster passed away and his 
funeral was ike first io be keld in ike church whick was not yet 
finished, Tke men kurried io get enougk of ike wonk done io make 
it possible io have ike funeral in ike building, flh, Foster had 
helped wiik ike woaA on ike basement and ike foundation of ike 
building, Tke group had continued io meet eack Tuesday nigkt in 
ike homes. Now ikey keld ike first Sunday School, on ike Sunday 

, ' . • .... '. .. 

■ - 

.- ■■ v. . . ■" , 

i ' '"' ■ ' '- ' ' 

■ ■•■• '■" ' .' ' "' ■ 

- i 
■ . < 

. . ' i . ■ ''■...:■. ' - ■ ■ 

\ ' .; ' • . .-. . . .. ■ . - '. 

_.,.■;.... / ' , .-., ... .■ . i 

" . t 3 JO Jo . '.. : ; '-■'• I 




.■■■■..• .:-," ■ '■,. ■ . ... ; i .• • ■ "■ • 

• I I ' , ■ ■■•■'. 

' .. . . - ■ b i . : i . ; . , ■ ' > " 


. , 

. '...'■•... ' ' ■ 

• ! • • 

■ • ... • u . • I 

' . . ■ ' . , 

• ' ' ' 

following, {ik* Fatten' s fjunoAol. Rev. Fnanh Staley was elected Sunday. 
School SupeAintendeni, and fih, Qideon, Qovalt was elected asti^iant 

On Octoben 7j, 7° l l i6 f Re.v. (jeonye H. Skelton became ike 
paston of ike ckunclt.. 

Oven, tknee kundned and fifty people kave nought tpinitual 
kelp at the altan. of this chwick, and twenty-five kave been, licenced 
to p/ieack the $04 pel* 

On ^amiany 7, 1^7, Donald Depot* ten. was elected Sunday. 
School Supenintendent, and the Su-vday Sckool anew unden kis leadenskip. 
He keld this office until kis death, on Sepieriben 2?,- 7^60, (jideon 
Qovalt continued a* assistant tupenintendent until kid death on 
$anuany 12, TJtf. 

Ike ftAst wedding to take place in ike chunch was ike wedding, 
of William (AeQuine and flhxine. B. Payne, both of t>)t, V canon* The 
ceremony, was pen.fonm.ed by Rev, §eonge H, Skelton on December 25, 
79W, at 2; 00 p. m. 

Tke Month Side fnayen Band (hunch, which wad onaaniged by 
Rev, Qeonge H. Skelton on 'July 2, 7°¥i, is inco/ipo/uzted unden. ike 
name "JndepenxLent Quiist (jOApel (kapel. " Rev, Skcllan has been senving 
as potion, of the ckunch fon fifteen yean*, 

— Qeonge H. Skelton 

/c vffmfQH/msi of comsu * mgustw 

Ike /'It, Vennon Qiamben of QommeA.ce wo* founded in 7° 20 by 
a anoup of local businessmen and inconponated a* a non^pnofii con- 
po nation in 7° 27. 

Skontly aften inconpo nation the Qkamben entened into negoti- 
ations to bning tke filt. Vennon Stove Company to this city. Negotiations 
wene successfully concluded and this plant, due to astute management, 
kas enjoyed a continual gnowtk, has expanded facilities and has been 
<cn employment fan many yeans. I'Jken many foundnies oven tke nation 
wene going, out of business, tke /'It. Vennon Funnace and /ijanufaciuning 
(ompany, as it is known by today, was making, plans fon new pnoducts and 


new manketA. Two of ike "VennoiA" officiald one paAi pneAideniA of. 
ilie (kamben of (ommence: Qanl Schweinfunth and Dale Qanpenten, 

Ike finAi president of ihe. Quynben in 7 Q 27 woa Vol £ Itichand" 
Aon, who La a till an active buAineAAman in ihiA city. He wo* succeeded 
by Q, U Sination, H, B, Wand, Qanl SieinhauAen, then QanJL Schwein- 
funth fo/i iwo tenmA, On 7 Q 2J, LeAten Stow, woa elected pneAident* He 
woa followed by. Qeonye N* Webb, William H. Qoii, W. B. f'}yenA (iwo 
ienmAj, J* &uil Davidson, §uy A, ['hod (iwo tenmA) f Hanold Howand (iwo 
tenniAj, li. 0. Kaufman, 'Ray Bundy (iwo tenm*), David Q, AnihunA (iwo 
tenmAj, Iranian Heifnen, foul Filch, (jeonye Wand (iwo tenm*), Hajuiy 
Fond, Lawnence (piling, J t LeAien Bufond, QhanleA Q. Qnoup, BaAil (i)oaa, 
(hauler J, (ovington, QhanleA S. Wand, Q Dale Qanpenien, ft* LSen 
QanniAon, D. A. Laind, Sinn Koginna, Q £. Bnehm, Hay TibbA, Boyce 
HuAon, (dwand £ QuntiA, J, /Hanvin fowenA, and ihe pneAent chief officer, 
JameA £ Qanien, 

Jen executive AecneianieA on. manayenA have Aenved ike (kamben 
fan ike fonty-^one yean. period, MonniA (jnmenAon Aenved ike fuiAt revert 
yeonA, followed by Qeonye Reeden fan Aix. yeanA, Qeonae iA manayen at 
fibline, OllinoiA, at pneAent, T, N. Jondan followed feeder, Aenviny 
eleven yeanA, Then followed John £. flMllen, £d Dinkd, Walton ?. $ii- 
leApie, Hudson Bieny, William §neen, JameA (annon and Joe.Winfn.ey, 

£veny majon comm.en.cial on. induAinial development in ike 
community Iwa eitken been fattened through ike (kamben of Qommence 
on. been aided along, ike line in many wayA, fcdiabluked buAineAAeA 
and buAineAAmen have been pnovided with "LeaderA WonhAhopA 1 ', pnomo- 
tional ideaA and matenialA, econo/nic diAcuAAion courAeA, political 
action couAAeA, pnoduct a/wwa at fairA and on television. 

Fine prevention haA, each yean, been a wo/iihwhile pn.oj.eci 
in cooperation wiik local fine departments, Tke local (kamben woa 
awanded a Apecial citation by tke U. S, (kamben in 7° 5$ fon ihe local 
tine-Safety ? no gram. 

On 7° 5? ike Highway (prrmitlee of ike (kamben Aiarted planning, 
and wonking to yet U, S. Highway /M relocated on a noute ihnough i>)t> 
Vennon, and ikiA committee haA continued to compile AtatiAticA fon 
pneAeniaiion to ike Highway Department and Buneau of fubltc RoaaA, 
whick wilt aid them in making, a dLeciAion, 

' ..... .• ■ ' ■ 


■ . 


The Qhamben kaa been called upon Aevenal timeA io make 4un~ 
veyA of available Jjjbo/i in ike anea, 

HundneaU of Amall pno^ectd, that onduwnlly ga unnoticed by 
ike g,ene/tal public, have been Apomoncd and many. timed financed by 
ike (kamben. TnoApecilve buAlneAA&A have /remedied infonmail.on ihat 
/Lea 'lined tune and effont by membciA and ike Aiaff, (pnvenilcnA, k~tt 
p/ioananu) and p.ioj.eciA, and many of ike civic pnoj,?,ciA have o*.en Apon~ 
Aoned on aided io a AucceAsiful conclaMon, fiemhen~bLtAinc4Amrn have 
made kunc'nedA of inlpA at t/ieln own expense io Inienvlew pnoApectd fan 
new indusiny, Oike/iA kave attended waien canfenenceA, kealt ■. con-^en- 
enccj, and Aineet and /toad meeting* hx Spnlnn,fleJJ and (Ju.cago 4 fnany. 
onkenA kave gone io I'Ja^hlngton on maiienA of ieyldtatflon which would 
dlnecily affect ike community, 

Qity management government, good goring,, city b eawU-ficatu>n, 
and many oiken p/ioj,ect4 thai, affect ike economy and alinactlvtsieAA of 
ike community, onialnated in ike ffii, Vennon Q'tamben, 

msrmc sjt(s mo jr&s of wqal mgissr 

(fjwrn, a pepen. by DoaIa and Mangonel Ann QummingA de-livened 
befone ike Jeffe/iAon Qpuniy HlAionlcal Society keld in filL Vennon, 
OJUlnaU, guly 8, l^lfj. ) 

'PenhapA ike fJUiAt neconded white man io tnavenAe oun county 
woa Qeonne HoyenA (tank, who wHk kid AoldlenA in 7777 blamed kit way 
iowa/wLi VincenneA, 

Ike OndlanA /loomed ^effenAon Qounty fo/i hunting, and tnadlny, 
Tkey cannled ikein peltA to Shawneeiaun, KaAkaAkia and St, LouIa; and 
on ikein neiunn tkey baniened a vanlety of anilclcA among, ike white 
AeitlenA kene. 

On 787J-20 ike DelawaneA came ihnougk ike county on ikein 
way io ike weAienn neAenvaiijon, Fo/i Aome neaAon tkey nemalned kene fo/i 
a coriAidenabte iengtk of time, A lanye numb en wene encamped on a cneek 
wkene $ohn feancy lived. About ajLx. kundned wene encamped fo/i a time 
on Home (jieek about eight on ten mltcA fnom fili, Vennon, 

Oaooc QaAey r A daugktenA paid one gnoup of OndlanA a vIaH, 
I ke old chief, -who had Aevenal lovely Indian. daugktenA r ineaied ike 



while glnld noyally, Many, of ike whiteA viAiled ike OndianA who always 
iA.eai.ed i/iem well. Of ike AeiileAA nef uAed to cat wit/i ike OndianA, 
ikeiA koAiA would feel offended; howeven, when ike AeiileAA accepied 
ike OndianA ' invilaiionA, ike /led men wene higjxly pleaded and declined 
io eai uniLi ikeiA. paiefa.Ce yueAtsS kad been Aenved and kad finished 
ikcin meal* 

Ike only pnobable eanly munden ihougki io kave been done by. 
ike OndianA woa ikai of Andnew (bone, ike fuvii while Aeillen, who 
Aeitled in wkai iA now (boncA fnainJLe, Legend ieLLa ike Atony iliai 
one day Andnew and Aome fniencU piom. ike Saline Aetilement wene oul in 
i/ie wood* Apliliiny dome boand iimben. wken iwo nedLdkinA joined ikem. 
On onden. io yet ilxem io leave, /'bone, by AigjiA finally penAuaded ike 
OndianA io kelp kirn hold ike lay open. They pui ikeiA finyeAA inio 
ike wedae. ('bone Ainuck ilie wooden wedye causing, il io fly out, and 
ilxe loo, Ahut on ike OndianA r finyeAA. I'boAe and hiA fnienoU finally 
neieoAed ike OndianA who Aidlked away in ikeiA hunt dignity. Hevenye, 
acconding, io ike Atony, woa ike neaAon fo/i ike dealk of (bone, who 
woa among, AuppoAedly fniendly OndianA. A few yeanA laten ike Ahull of 
/'bone, woa found and eveniuaily woa bunted in whai La now a paAtuAc noi 
fan fnora Bell'/} Point Sclwot, 

hew tnaceA of ike eanly OndianA now nemain in ihiA county* 
A few Aione IiaickeiA, oAAOwkeadA, etc, have beeix found in ike vicinily 
of ike. old campA. Nothing, like ike auUjla of an Indian villaye on. a 
buAuJjrw, gnound iA known to exJUt; howeven, neon the old faingAoundA 
tkene one a few mound* on. killockd which one ikougki to be pnobabte 
AemainA of an Indian cemeieny, 

Jn 7o7o QajiieA I'JiUiey made ike finAi penmeneni Aeiilemeni in 
{JeffeAAon Qounty. AIao, about ikiA time Daniel QienAhaw and Tlobent (ook 
came to ike county. AH ikeAe Aeilled in (boneA Pnainic, QienAhaw 
moved into (\oone 1 a deAented cabin. Then, too, came fifoxey. i'/ilkey, who 
hod Aixieen children. He woa oIao one of ike paniy ikai opened ike 
old yoAhen tnail inio a wagon noad. 

Dancel QienAliaw' a home woa a Aiopping. place fon ilioAe pioneenA 
who wene puAliing. aoniivwand fnom Kentucliy and TenncAAec io i/ie "Sangamo 
couniny, " oa middle and nonikenn OllinoiA wene called. Ot woa no un- 
common Aigki io Aee. a hitnaned wagonA in a Aingle. company headed nonih. 

f'bu (anien t ! Jilkey long, pAja.ciX.cod. ike budinedA of gjoing, io 
QanmL wiik pack /wAded io bnina, back meal io /ieli io ikede movent 
ci iwo do Hand a budhci. Oi wad a g,ood budinedd to a. ikai day,, even if 
he could, back only, iwo on i^Ace dackd of, gnain. 

How iJdnly deiiied wad ihid deciion can. be Aeon. in. ike AepoAi by Robeni 3/ieeze. afie-*. he came io oun courtly aboui 7o26. Some iime 
befone ke came piom G./uinae Qpuniy, Indiana, io §Ajznd P Acinic lowndhip, 
iloocni. mode a i/u.p fnom Kadkadhia io Vincenned ovcji ike old Vincenned- 
hadkadkia I Ajace, whick weni ihnougk i/ie nonihenn pojii of. (jAarA Pnainie. 
He diaied i/iai ikeAe wad noi a haude no a, a cabin. aJjong, ike inace; ikud 
ke Iiad io dieep oui in ike open, 

I ke eojily pioneen kome wad auiie a diffeAeni anclvLieciunal 
and inienion decoAaiino, pAablem io ikai. of ike modeAJi home of ioday, 
Ine fanmd, ad in. modi fnoniien couninied, wene mene paicJied enclosed 
wtJJi axlLIa oa, onudn, i ke kouded wene Aound-pole cabind, domeiimed in 
AOJie cadet made of dmali lo%d, "dkelped down" oa. veny dllgkily kewn, 
domeiimed of dplii lag^ dmooiked a liiile on ike face. Some of ike 
cnachd wene chinked and daubed, while dome wene left open io admii 
liaki and denve ad windowd. Some of ike cabind had cnack* do ian^e a 
dag, could ,lump ihnougk. Of ike floon woa anyiking, elde bui bane gnound, 
ii wad made of punckeond oa, dlabd, fadiened down wiik wooden pind oa. 
noi fadienod ai all. 

Shelved nediing, on long, pind in ike walid dewed fan. cup~ 
60 and, peniny, bureau and wandnobe. Since ikeAe wene few beddieadd, 
bed dcaf-.olaU wene made on iwo axluU oa. pieced dniven into ike walld, 
one fon ike dlde and one foA ike end. The connen of ike cabin foAmed 
ike oihen iwo dided. On ikede, boojidd wene placed and on i/ie boandd 
ike bed wad laid. 

I ke following, diony indicaied ike anchiieciunal undoundnedd 
of ilxede eanly cabind. banian Aickidon, one of ike easily pioneen 
^ef^endoniied, iold ihid diony of an eKpenience of kLi duning, ike i'Jan 
Of- 7o72, ,'Jhiie huniing, Banian and kua doldien t M,endd wene fonced io 
deeli dkelien fnom ike dnow and cold in a dmali cabin. They dianied 
io Aoli up in ikein blankeio foA ike niahi, i/ien decided ikai oikend 
migjii aldo come fan dkelien; do, puiiing, boandd on poled in ike lofi, 
ikey finally Aaiied up j& dieep. A band of Ondiand came in, kindled a 

fine, /watted a little meat, and beg/an a night canousal, Atchison, 
shifting, himself on the boands in onden to tee. betten, lost his balance 
and. tumbled out of. ih.e loft onto the heads of the Ondians, Needless to 
day., the Ondians fled in ie/non, and confusion. 

On those eanly days cooking, utensi-Ls wene few in numben, 
Ike well-to-do had a pot and a skillet; not a few settlens b nailed 
thein meat on the coat* and cooked thein "johnny, cake" on a boajuL 

filany of the finsi settlens had to beat Jhein meal in a montan 
whicA was aenenallu a stump with a basin banned out. in the. tap of the 
stwnp, /ileal thus gnound was lifted iJmough a sieve which wad made by. 
punching, hole* in a piece of deenskin with a hot wheel-spindle and by 
sinetching, the deenskin oven a hoop. The coansen co/m was used fo/i 
hominy, the finen fori meal, 

Osaac and William Qasey constructed a little hand mill (the 
finsi In the township) that would gnlnd a bushel on. two a day. 

One of the puis! mills known in ^effenson [punty was that of 
old Billy Qoins (1817); however, since he kept a tavern, a gnoceny (Mow 
it would be called a saloon), and many oihen things including, bad com- 
pany, his mill was patnonl^ed by the "betten settlen" only in dine 
emeng,encies. On l8l8 Dempsey Hood built hud mill and used buhns fnom 
§oins , thiA mill was openated by honse powen. 

Of the many told about these eanly mills a few might 
be zieconded, One man said he always took the conn to the mill on the 
eon, fon. he could shell the conn fasten than the mill could gnind it, 
then, too, he had the cobs to thnow at the not* to keep them fnom eating, 
the conn as it came down the happen, Anothen stony about Hood's mill 
is that if the gnain of conn got in "cnossways" the mill had to be 
stopped until the obstacle was removed. 

Still anothen stony of the finst water mill enected JLs told, 
I he mitten put the gnist in the happen, and tunned on the waten. As 
tlie mill gat under way, ike millen heand the gobble of a iunkey in the 
neanby woods and sianted out to hunt it, A bluejjay Lighted on the 
hoop anound the buhns and ate eveny gnain of conn as it came dawn the 
happen, 'JJhen the millen returned, the jay. had eaten all the conn and 
the millstones wene wonn out. 


i'JlUiam ttaxey's mUJL built: in ike fall of 7820 coniniauted 
lanyely to ike supply, of bnead fan. ike. seitlen. (anten $*&*& P"* "P 
a stump mill On i/ie fall of 782J Thomas Tunnsiall pui up a tnead mill, 
ike finst of ike hind in ike county. AIL these easily. mills ~ whetken 
hand, stump, mind, tnead, on honse — had one feaiune in common — slow 

Accondlng, to ike eanly kistony of ike county, snaked wene a* 

plentiful kene a* In Jneland pnlon to Si* Painick's ena. /'In. Johnson 

tell* ikld stony; 

"Oi was in 7820 ikat ike finst little old log, sckoolkouse 
was built at Old Shiloh. Soon often, ike man, tyames Douglas, appealed 
in ike nelghbonhood and aot up a school A few week* latest to many 
snakes had appeaned that all concluded that ihene must be a den in ike 
vicinity, All ike settLens assembled anmed wlik hoe*, axe*, spades, 
club* and yuns, and still not pnepaned fan. ikat task confronting, them. 
cyen.Lt tult of gjiass concealed a snake; eveny nach covened one; ^eveny 
hale and cnevlce contained one; eveJiy nook was full oi. them* r neauenily, 
on tunning, a nock, eight to ten snakes would be found colled iog.eih.en 
unden it. 'Rattlesnakes, coppenkeads, vipens, addend, mocassins, all 
seemed to have made peace and taken up abode tayeihen, N eanly ihnee 
hundned natilens wene killed and five hundned snakes all iog.eiken. 

Shiloh wasn't ike only snake infested place; 

"Henny Tylen settled at what Is now known as the Bnown place 
in dlanch, 782J, some seven miles nonih oi. town. Aunt Katy found a 
naiiiesnake one manning, colled on one of ike bans wken she went to 
milk the cow. One day as (liku (ilaxeu was visiting, the I ulens, ike 
snakes began to spnead themselves. Une cnawled out of ike jam, anoinen 
out of a cnack In the heanih, anoiken on the doonsiep. Seven snakes 
wene killed that day In ike kouse, I ylen and lorn Qasey began to investi- 
gate and soon had killed and laid out one hundned and seventy. Next 
day with, kelp they killed 217 mone. Tylen decided ikat ike entlne hill 
had snakes in Ha boot,* ' so he moved away. " 

Some two on ihnee hundned snakes wene killed at yollff s 
suaan camp bnanch. Montkeast of Rome fDixJ ihene was a sineam named 
Snake Den Bnanch in memony of the venomous neptiles. 

Ike finst binik, manniaye and death one always maiiens Of. 

considerable intenesi in a new couniny and one usually necondexL I he 

finst binikfin 7 8 77 J in fleffenson (ouniy is believed to have been ike 

son of Osaac Hicks, son-in-law of Osaac (asey. Ike finst deaik (7o78J 

was ikat of Renlyan flaxey, ike one-yean old child of Bunckeiie and 

filangxmet f<)ax.ey. Accondlng, to ike klsiony of ike f>\ax.ey Family wnutten 

In 7925 by ii 'alien S. filaxey, ike following, is necondedt 

'7 key bunied ike little fellow (William Penlgan) on a hill 
some fifty yands west of ike nock bnanch, and ikld Id ike finst white 
penson bunied in ^effenson Qounty. 



■ ■ 



. . 

• ■ 

■, .. \ 




■ fc 


• " 



: ■ ■ 





- ' 

' • ■• : 

•; • - > ' 

■ ■ 











"Some, monikd laien. HodiiUlna, ike liiile dLaien of Bunckeii 
i'hx.ey, died and. wad bunted by ike Aide of. Rentgan (dke wad five oa dix. 
yeand o Id) \ , , Loving, kandd cannted many, nockd fnom ike bnanck neanby 
and made a bonden onound ikede gnaved ikai id well majihed and dtdiXkci 
io iktd day (7<}25). , ♦ . wkiJLe ike iimben. kad been deaned away, ikey (ike 
ownend of ike land) have iefi good dlzed young, ine,ed neon ike 
gnaved and have neven culttvaied ike land cuode io ike gnaved, • . • 

"Mean, ikede iwo liiile gnaved Id a dojuane outline of nocltd 
aboui feet douane ikai an old deiilen iold me wad, accondtna, io 
inadJttion, wkene iney bunted ike. dkull pound and duppoded io be ikai 
of. Andnew /'ho/ie, iktnk iktd kiakiy pnobable, ana wky ike k\ax.eyA 
delected iktd dpoi fan. ikein cktJulnen'd gnaved. On Augjudi, 7^7o, my 
bnotkend and enecied a dubdianlial manken io ikede gnaved, 

On 7820, ike findi aduU'd deaik wad ikai of Rkoda Allen 
(Augudi 2U), wko wad ike findi pendon bunted ai Old Union, Aunt f'lilly 
Tylen wad ike findi woman bunted ai Old Union, Hen gnave i^ clode io 
ikai of "loaning. BiLiy" iJoodd, and wad covened wiik a bntcli anck of 
pAeiiy neai wonkmandktp. Sudan Avani (ifodd, ike findl wife of Random 
(>bdd, wad i/ie findt woman io be bunted ai Shtlok Qemeieny, 

Upon ike deaik of Sudan ifodd, Old Sktlok Qemeieny wad laid 
oui by §ovenno/i Qadey, I'Jtlltam fikxey, and Lewid fokndon in ike yean 7820, 

Old Union Qemeieny had many ktdiontc memonled, Hene one can 
find ike gnaved of Zadok (a^ey ( encloded in inon fencing.), Rhode. Allen, 
Ada i'Jaidon, ike eanly fohndond, and Hanvey 7, Race, along, wiik many of 
ike oiken eanly deiilend of iktd pentad* 

On qua wandeningd ihnougk ike old cemeiented we found 
Rleadani §nove io be mo/ie inieneditng. io ud than Old Union; penkapd ike 
eade in locaUng ike gnaved wiikoui ftgkitng, toll gnadd, weedd, potdon 
Ivy, etc, ai Rleadani Qnove wad ike cktef neadon* Ai Rleadani §nove 
ikene id a tablet upon wktck ike following, id wnLiiem 

"On memonjy of an infant findi child of Thomad f'i and Hanntet 
Qadey wktck wad ditll bonn $uly °, 7820, The above wad ike findl 
Ajntenment made in iktd Ckunck VandL ike land being, donaied by tid 
panenid io ike (i)eikodidl £pidcopal (kunck fo/i buntal and oiken punpoded 
foAeven, " 

Aldo ai iktd cemeteny can be found ike gnaved of HJtlltam 

filaxeyf kid wife, and kid ien cktldnen wiik one exception, One of ikede 
ckildnen wad ike famoud Henny BuAckeite filax.ey, do named by faiken 
WjuLLtam fon. ike famoud mtnidien Henny Bunckeiie, Bunckeiie, ad ke Id 
mon.e commonly called, buili ike findi koude on ike pubJUtc dc^uane, wktck 
wad ionn down in onden to build ike Tkind Na&jonal Bank, Hene, too, can 

be pound ike gnave and maJike/L of fei&n Owen, a ^evolulioruuiu Ua/i soldien 
in. QoJU Mellon,'* V.uig.inia fteai/aent, 

A panonamic siony of eanly Jeffenson Qouniy >ieillens is 
seconded on ike iomb^iones In. ike vcaIous old cemcie/iie.4 in, ike county. 
A caneful, 4iudy of 9o.ce Qemeieay, Old Union, Shiloh, Pleasant Qnove, 
and oikens, will necouni ikoAe who ike. foundation fo/i ike develops 
meni of Jeffenson Qouniu* Unfoniunai^ly, ike gjiaves of many, of ike 
eanly teiilens ajie unmanked and uixknoun. 

I he finsi mwtAlaa& of n.econd in. ike county was ikajt of a 
dauahien of Joseph fondan io Qajiison (jneenwood, a ton of Fleming, Qn.een- 
wood Among, ike. eanly moAniaaes ikene, ajie a few of special noie, On 
ike fJLptk of Ocioben, 7879, Zadok Qasejy p^tf^med a . inLple, wedding, wiik 
HojinJLei /' Thomad //I (jitey, Vylinda /'laxey io Abraham 7«_ Qasey, 
and Benneii //, bhucey io Sally (kenkay, ado pied daugkien of £ie (aseiyt, 
being, ike. y oung, people coricennecL Oi was ike. lanaesi wedding, of ike. 
peniod in Aiyle, in numb en. of guests, and in ike numben of bnides and 
OAOoins. (yenjy family in. ike -county was inviied; all wko could aiiended, 
and ike. "yood cW was ike besi ike county afforded* 

A veny humonous account was iold concenning, ike finsi wedding, 
ceremony penfio tuned by i'Jilliam fikocey, one. of ike finsi yusiJLces of peace, 
wko was appointed in 7827. Being, naiuAolly thy and ne-4cnved F\n* I'kocey 
aneaded iliis finsi maAJiiaye cenemony, uniting, Random bbss and Anna 
Johnson, The. mojiniaye look place July 6, 7827, and William had cane~ 
fully pnjj.ciix.ed ike ten* ice* He ikougjxl he "/view his piece; "but 
when. ike. time came, he loti his cue and became confuted. Some. tay he 
commenced io /tecile ike Declaration, of independence and discovening, 
his misiake, he weni back; tianjUny oven, he dnipted into ike Qonsii- 
iuiion of ike UnJUted States. Finally wUk ike aid of a /ikihodisi booh 
of discipline and [lank r t, he concluded wiik ikis pnauen, 
io ike "Land have mency on ikein, tools. " 

On. ike fall of 7822 Jondan f t Pnauiie [Rome Township J was 
ouiie disiunbed when new* came ai SaBbaik tenvices being, conducied by 
Zadok (asey ikai liiile (nasmus Howell, aye tix. on. a even, ton of I homas 
Howell (who laien became ike second theniff of 'Jp.ffenson Qouniy J, was 
loti in ike woods. The tenvice uxxs dismissed while all joined in ike 
hunt fan. fyatmut^ Fnom Sunday io Wednesday ike seanck continued On 


I hwt^aay manning §n,een P. Qa>4ey, on ike Qentnalia Road, wa/> feeding,. /«.-«. 
ho/ujed wken fnom ike 4outkea*i ke. keand a waiU He began io * io 
-dee if Jjt wen,e a child on. a panihen. He pound. £/iaamiu} neanJLy Aianved 
in ike tall g/txh6*. (/we^ l°°k l^ e little boy. io hia kome, fed kirn 
b/iead and millx, iken iook /Urn io ike Howelld. 

Lei u* iuAJi io I'M, Vennon Township and ike Qity of fibt* Vennon, 
Tke fjjmi AeitleA* of ikLi township — 3*aac Qa*ey, William hid /ion, 
B/Luneiia hid daugkte/i, and J/iaac Hick*, hi* *on~in>~law mm came in ike 
Apning, of 7876 fnom ike Ohio Riven, neon. (javelin-Rock and made camp on 
ike nontkenn edge of ike pnainte jju*i ea*i of wketie ike. Appellate 
Qpunt building now Aland*. Afien. ike camp had been deAented and /loiied 
down, a locu*i Apnxmg up on ike old chimney. pile — ike *ame in,ee 
ikai Aiood /io long in. ike Aineei ea*i of ike AppelJbate (ount HouAe. 

On iki* day. of high pniced n.eal e*iate ike pnice* of ike fui*i 
tale Of. Jj)iA in fi\i. Vennon /ieem unbelievably low, 9 ' ei witk ike medium 
of exc/wnge being. genenally ike A/tin* of animaJU, penkapA ike*e pnice* 
wene noi ao lorn in iko/ie eanly day*. What i* now ike TinAi National 
Bank loi (Aouikwe*i connen. of Tenik and /'lainj fin*i Aold fan. J7j6. 9i 
wa* on iki* Aite ikai Bunckette t')ax.ey, gnandfaiken. of /Wd f>iaxey, built 
ike ftn*i hou*e in ike iown. Bond' a connen. /told fo/i £760. Oi wa* on 
iki* connen. in ike wood* ikai Zadok (a^ey u*ed io p/ieack. Wken. uvnd 
wa* Ap/iead ikai (a*ey wo* io p/ieack, /io populan, wad ke ikai all who 
could gaiken.ed io kean. him, 

Wken foel Pace, Senion, came io Jeffen*on Qpunty in 787% he 
had been appointed by ^udge B/iown of Shawneeiown, "^udge of ike Realm, " 
io ikjvee office* ~ (injcuit (lenh of $effeA*on Qounty, Reconden, and 
Hoiany Public, Afien. coming io ike county, he wa* oIao appointed 
county clenJ^ Hoi only did Pace find time io attend io ikc*e foun. 
office*, but al*o he iaugki Ackool at Skiloh, ike fui*i /ickool in ike 

One of ike naiken. interesting eanly anecdoie* about tit, Men.- 

non ha* io do witk a genenal fight (7820) in whick neanly ike whole 

population of ike county iook pant. tin. $ohn*on *ay*; 

, , r *& wa* Aaid ikai Aome of ike tiaxey* had Aaid ikai ike /'laxey* 
and ihe (jiAey* wene going io nule ike county. %hn Abboit detenmined 
io /lefute ike idea by whipping ike ftn^i one of ikem he miokt meet. 
ItiLA woa nox^ed abnoad, and it fell io {tiku /'iaxey io meaAune /iinengik 

■. . 



with Abbott. I key. met in town one. day when nearly everybody, else was 
there, and at it they, went like a couple of. modem pugjJjLxid, cyeAtf~ 
body got excited; even Uncle $immy Oohnson threw his old straw hat a* 

$im up and carried htm The fiaht lasted -about ftve minute** Ot 
was roughly estimated that every man In town had his hat, coat, or vest 
off, calliny fo/i someone to fiynt him* " 

As our county yrew, law enfo/icement became necessary, The 
circuit count October term in 7820 returned an indictment ayainsi 
Ferdinand Hejintn fo/i counterfeiting,, and fo/i the first time the county 
needed a jail, (Ot id interesting, to note that while the first count 
house cost J 760, the first jail — on the southwest corner of Harrison 
and Ninth — cost $320, The difference In the price was due to the 
number of log* used: JO to 60 fo/i the court house, over 200 for the 
jaJuL ) ({DJTOgJAL W7£: The old county jjail building, now stands in 
the ('it, Vernon Qity Park, J The prisoner was taken to the White Qounty 
lail, from which he escaped. Upon his recapture, he was taken to Old 
Covington in Washington Qounty until hid trial in $une Qpurt of 1o2U 
After he was found yuilty, the judye (judye Joseph Phillips) sentenced 
him to a $20 fine plus costs plus whipping, of thirty-nine stripes on 
his bare back at 6: JO that evening* He was to be failed until fine 
and costs were paid. The laryest gathering, of Jefferson Qounty-iies 
to that time witnessed the whipping* iJayes were so low and payment in 
jail so poor that Herrin was finally released with fine and costs 
still unpaid, 

/he court had nothing, of special interest to us until the 
April term, 7 8^7, when an indictment of murder was returned against 
Pollin Bradley charyiny him with the death of one £lUxih P, King* Both 
King, and Bradley lived in £lk Prairie, Bradley was an industrious 
man who kepi a barrel of whiskey and who gained property as was common 
in those days. He became a determined and danyerous man, Kiny, who 
came to Bradley *s for whiskey, auarrelled with Bradley,' and, iakiny 
a chair, knocked Bradley down and left him insensible. Upon reyaininy 
consciousness, Bradley swo/ie revenye and said he'd kill Kiny on sight, 
I he next day when Kiny came back to Bradley 1 s for more whiskey, Bradley 
shot and killed Kiny, Then Bradley fled, but later he was captured 
and tried for murder. The trial lasted from November JO to December 8, 




7o^7, with ike vendici yuilty being, yiven. I he sentence was hanging, 
on ^anuany J, 78^2, between ike houns of iweive and iwo, Bnadley 
seemed indif^eneni io ike p/io ceedings of ike inial, and at ike con- 
clusion he anose io yet a dnink of. waten as if nothing, had happened, 
ulu-^ond, a r niend, neiunned fnom S pniny-field wiik a panxion j~on 
Bnadley, ikus disappointing, a lang,e cnowd which had assembled pon ike 

On ike ligkten side, a kumo/ious stony is told of a count 
scene in ) ebb en. Townships Some yeans ago when S >.uine hlanlovj as justice 
of ike peace was taking, a case on a certain imp/iovemeni, a /tat nan 
acjioss ike count zioora floon and caught a chicken, Some one with gyieat 
gnavity made a motion tkai ike /tat be tnJLed ~f.on contempt of count, 

3n 7o^0, ike yean, begone the Bnadley inial, ike cincuit count 
was fenced io meet in ike unpunished hieikodisi Qoiscopal Qhunck f.jist 
a r ew ^eei nonik of the pnesent city, hall on Honik 7 7ik Sineei on ike. 
panhing. tot) because it was ike only, noom in town lanye enougk, Ihile 
ike. count was in session, ,'lbnakam Lincoln and 'John. A. hicQlennand, Jkig. 
ana Democratic candidates fon pnesideniial electons, came to addness 
the people. /icQlennand was gJLven ike eniine noon inienmission io speak; 
but wken Lincoln beyan, ike c Ludg,e called count, io onden and political 
talks wene banned, b\n, Kinby, ownen of ike Kinky Hotel, said ke was 

fan fain play even in a dog, fight; " so he invited Lincoln and ike 
cnowd io ike shade in fnoni of his hotel (pnesent Seems, Roebucli. Com- 
pany, ike Lincoln Building.). Lincoln mounted ike huye yoods box. Kinby 
*et [jjntk, and ike cnowd listened .to his political speech, laugjiing, 
and. sweaniny at him fon ana then houn on iwo. The DaugJitens of the 
: .menican 'involution have placed a bnonj ; e tablet on ike side of ike 
entrance into ike Lincoln. Building, f Scans, AoebuaJ, man/ling, ike spot 
whene Lincoln spoke. Two membens of the ffef t enson C°unty Histonical 
Society, Ve/uaadel Jood and Bonis Qummings, unveiled this tablet. 

One of the outstanding, histonical sites in hit, Vennon is 
ike Appellate (ouni Building,. lUn. Pennin in /Us "Hisiony op Jepfenson 
County" speaks of ike -yudiciany bnanch op ike yovennment as "3t is ike 
£ewel thai fnom ike clusten niven would leave all a dank and kopeless 
chaos. " Localising, we can say tkai hit, Vennon and jepfenson County 
may. well be tenmed ike "seat of justices and home of Ludyes, " 3n 7ok6 

fibt, Vennon, oa well oa Spningfield and Ottawa, woa made, ike AJLte. fan 
one of. ilxe Supneme. Qount AeaiA. Zadok Qatey an£ ^ ^ uc ^- c ScateA wene 
gneaily neAponAibie fan lit. V canon f A being, choAen oa one of ikeAe iknee. 
AeaiA. Fnom 78^8 until Novemben, 7853, Supreme Qount met Jin ike old 
Odd Fellow Hall on /'lain Stneet, pacing, en annual nent of S75* Fnom 
tlovemben, 7o53? until ike $76,000 Sup/ieme Qount Building woa completed, 
ike couni met in ike filaAonic Mall oven 'Joel face 1 a Atone. 

IkLd Sup/ieme Qount made /<lt+ Vennon ike ~ political keadauanienA 
of Souikenn OLLinoiA, fan ike gneat lawyenA would Apend day* and week* 
nene at ike pnoinacted AiiiingA of ike couni, TkeAe men would, of 
counAe, ialk law and politic* in ikein leLdune time, Abnakam Lincoln, 
Siepken DougloA, John A, Logan, John. A, (ilcQlennand, and oikenA would 
aLL in ike old fili. Vennon 3nn and ialk to a select cLncle of boandA, 
J) ken ikey netined to ikein noomA fan ike evening, John A, Wall would 
blacken ikein boot* fan ike next day.'* appeanance in count, ii/Ltk ike 
money ke ikuA eanned, tin, Wall tag* ke punckoAed kiA fJuiAt pain, of ned 
top boo id, I ke Supneme Qount Building. La now /mown oa ike Appellate 
(j>unt; fan, Aince ike Supneme Qouni meet* in S pning field, ike Appellate 
Qouni hoA been held kene, IkLd building kouAeA a law libnany wkick Li 
one of ike longest and mo At valuable in QJUUnoLa, and few finen can be 
■found in ike United SiaieA. 

On 18^5, Apnil JO, fikuiion Lodge 3. 0, 0. F. waA onganigecL 
Ike ckanten membenA wene John I'J. Qneeikam, JameA B. Jo lie, TkomaA I'leia- 
len, Uebent '.'JooaU, and William Ukiie, Dn, W, 0. (jneen became a memben 
next yean and napidly noAe to ike poAiiion of pneAiding officen of ike 
§nand Lodge of ike State, 

/'It, Vennon Lodge No, J7 A. F, and A, f»), ckanten woa dated 
Ocioben % 1CU5, to WilLiam I'J. Bennett, fi ; I'J. A, TkomaA, S, W. ; W. H. 
jhoni, , .), At fuiAt ikeg met, like evenybody etae in ikoAe dayA, 
wkene ikey could, Tkein finat kail entitled to that name woa in ike 
/toor.i oven ilxe. Atone of Joel face, and Son, connen of thin and Union 
( I enikj SineeiA. Afien ike Sinaiion and JohnAon building woa enecied 
at ike connen of I'JoA/iingion and Bunyan (NiniJx and Bnoadway), ike onden 
met on ike Aecond floon of ikat building, 

Ike II, I'J, Hubband Qkapten No, 160, ft. A. I<1 , daicA back to 
Ocioben 37, 787J, Tke principal of ficenA wene Q. H. faiion, U.f.; 
ft. A. 0. VJilbanka, K. ; S. S. fonten, S. 

Ike fihaonic HaJuL (Fnatennal Hall), whick b wined io ike gnound 
on November 77, 7944, wa* once ike old. Opena Hou*e* Ike i'li, Vennon 
Daily. liegJUiien fan Saiunday, June 2k, 78°3, dUcu**e* ike Opena Hou*e, 
llii* buildiny wa* one of. ike finest and be*i opena haute* In Souikenn 
O'UJLnoL*, ike Joint pnopeniy of. ike Knigkt* of Pytkiji* and ike. F/iee 
l>\a*on*, Ot wa* lighted by, elecinicity (l8 Q 3)> keaied by. a funnace, 
funni*ked wLtk opena chain*, eleaanl *ceneny and cuoiiain*, and it co*t 
oven '^7 0,000, Ike. opena hau*e wa* on ike fin*i flaon, wiik ike iwo 
lodye* named kaviny ike second floon, TkLd opena kou*e wa* Ixiien ne- 
modeled io a iknee-*iony *inuciune fo/i u*e of ike A, F, and A, M. and 
i/ie /(. f. 

On ike eanly day* fine sometime* devastated *mall communilie*, 
I'ii. Vennon wa* fantunaie in noi kaviny many *eniau* fine** On Febnuany, 
78^2, ike fin*t big, fine occunned, Ike lanye two-*iony buildiny occu- 
pied by i') m %. Kinky ikai *iaod wkene I'lennill'* JLiveny liable laien *iood 
on i/ie connen of /'lain and (a*ey f^leventkj wa* eniinely desinoyed by 

Ike. next fine of any consequence wa* in ike *pniny of 1 '86 3 
wken ike. iobacco wanekou*e of Vannell and Hotloman neon £a*t f'hin 
Sineei wa* desinoyed. On 785*1 duniny ike mayan*kip of B, Q Well* ike 
fin*i negulan fine, depanimeni wa* e*iab linked in Lieu of ike aid buchei 

Ike eniine black on ike no/tik of ike public *o.uane, wkick 
laien became ike Phoenix. Block, wa* *wepi by fine lHanck % 7 868, Tki* 
fine wa* c/ianyed io a tailon who wanked Jin a liiile *kop. He hod been 
anne*ted and fined fan b/iuial ineaimeni of hi* bound boy, TkLd man did- 
appeaned aboui ike time ike fine bnake out, Ot wa* *uppo*ed ke fined 
kui *kop io yei nevenye fan ike people 1 * kaviny kirn pna*ecuied. Since 
ike buildings wene wooden and mud wa* faun incke* deep in ike *ineei, 
ii wa* impo**ible io *ave ike buiddiny* and difficult io *ave ike con- 
tent* of i/ie buiddiny*. On ike fnengy of ike fine, ihau*and* of dal- 
lan* wo/ii/i of good* wene iknown inio ike *ineei and inampled in ike mud, 

$u*i iwelve monik* laien, on filanck 76, 786j, ike count kou*e 
bunned, Human said ikai i/ie fine oniginated in *ome late nevel* of 
™* & C°fifi e y> the *keniff. All ike book* and neanly all ike papen* be- 
lonying. io ike office* wene *aved. $, S, Boyan, who in an*wen io an 

• ' 




■ ■' . 



unusual call uxl* going, to ki* office in ike dead of night to i**ue 
papen*, diAcovened ike fine, 

On fihy. 2J, 7&Jk, when ike men kad ju*i gotten home fnom ike 
day.* a. wonk ai ike Si* Loui* and Souikea*ienn liailnoad Qompany machine 
*hop*, pno.lonyed *ounding, of ike wkiAile woa keand, and fibt, Vennonite* 
aatkened io *ee i/ie flame* /weep oven, ike combuAiihte noofing, of ike 
Akop*. Little of ike mackineny wa* *aved 9 and ike building, wad a 
total lo**, Duning. ike dame yean, ike woolen factony and mLLLd of $, B, 
lolle banned, ihu* causing, Am. loULe io be /mined fJjiancLalLy, 

/ime* have ceniaLnly ckanged ike idea* and cu*iom* of a town, 

Today, ike fine depaniment pnide* it* elf on it* Apeed in neacking. fine*, 

Oi iA inteneAtina io noie public opinion in 78°7 in negand io ike. 

'Speeding, fine depaniment. " Ike following. appealed in ike Mt> 

Vennon Daily New* fan. Satunday, May 8, 78°7: 

"Stop Oi. 
"Oi 1 * iime io coJUL a kali in ike fa*t and nechle** mannen in 
wkick ike fine wagon i* dniven tknougk ike *ineei* of /'It, Vennon, I-cla! 
niaki on a call £o pnaciice ike wagon da*ked down £a*i /ihin Sineet wiik 
ike kon*e* on full nun, cau*iny a *cunnyLny io coven, of pede*inian*, 
bicyclLaiA, and buaaie* wko*e occupani* wene out fon a nide, Ai ikLd 
houn it i* u*uai fon. ckildnen io tknona ike AtneetA, and a team da*hing 
down on ikem ai *uck a tennific noie of Apeed oa thai ai wkick ike wagon 
La uAualiy dniven, La Liable io confuAe ike little one* and cau*e ikem 
io nun into, LnAiead of away fnom ike danyen, JkL* tkina ha* got io 
be *iopped on it will be only a oue*tion of a veny *koni time till we 
will be called upon io necond a htagedy fon. wkick tkene can be no 
po**Lble excuAe, The dniven. of ike wagon layA kim*elf open io pno*e- 
cuiion evenu time he dnive* at a too napid on neckle** gait, and it La 
ike duty ofoun offLcen* io Aee ikat ike law i* enfonced. 

"Sec 7, Ondinance No, 75% pnovideA unden a penalty of not 
le*A ikon five dollanA, 'That no pen*on Ahall Aide on anive any konAe, 
mule on oiken animal, in on iknough any Aineet, on avenue, on alley of 
ike city of l>)t, Vennon at a violent note of Apeed, on at a gjieaten 
Apeed tkan at ike note of aLk. mile* an houn, ' 

"And Sec, 5/ Ondinance No. 7j8, pnovide* unden a penalty of 
not ie** ikon iknee non mone ikon fifty dollan* that 'in no ca*e *hali 
ike £iAe wagon, on ko*e and ladden waaon, be dniven io a fine on alanm 
of fine in a mannen calculated io enaanyen ike *afeiy. of pen*on* on 
pnopenty in ike *tneet* on avenue* of *aid city. ' fnom iki* it can be 
*een that eveny time ike fine wagon i* dniven a note to exceed *Lx. 
mile* pen houn, on La dniven in a mannen calculated io endanyen ike 
Aafety of any penaon in ike *tneet, ike pen*on on pen*on* *o offending. 
one *ubj.ect io a heavy tine, li/ene tkene any valid exxu*e fon ikiA wJud 
dniving. ike fault could, be condoned, but wken no plea of ^u*iification 

can be /tei up in extenuation of ike iking, funiken. ikon a de^in,e io 
/thaw off, me demand thai a tiop be put £> ike pnacii.ce and a unanimous 
pubiJLc back* ikLi demand, " 

I ke/ie a/ie two anecdote* of ike peniod pn,cviouA io ih.e (ivil 
[Jan. wklck might be included in oun, item* of inie/ie^i* 

I noma* f'lcQnxuiy, Field Township, kepi a tiaiion on ike unde/i~ 
ynound nailnoad. One day. Andrew and William, hit iwo torui, bJjacIied 
i/ieiA. face* and hanxU at ikein. faike/i't ckojicoal pit, iken went oven, 
into Home I own/tkip io ike kome of one'Han/non who boasted how ke would 
ineai ike "niggeAA, " Aa <*oon a* ike Hanmon women aow ike "nlgjyeAA, " 
ikey left ikein, walking, at ike tpniny end /ion fan. ike kou^e, Ike boy* 
diaappeajied in ike wood*, cleaned ikemteive* at ike bnanck, ih.en kwuiLed 
baclx io ike Hanmon't io Join in tea/icking, fo/i ike NegnoeA, I ke yoke 
woa too good io keep, to ike boy* iold it, Ike nexl election day, a 
pLe.e-fon.-ail fight occunjied between ike Uanjmon and. f'lcQ/iany factions 
(Abolition vt Slavery), 

fik, (John A, Wall, one of ike hJUioniant of £effesi4on (ouniy, 
ioid ikon wken ke ma* Juti a boy ke accompanied A, f>), Qnant, ike Jailon., 
io feed ike. inmate* of oua. loo, Jail, He alto n.eniemben*d of ca/ielettly 
( penkapt intentionally) letting, a kind-keafiied oid tiave wlw kad been 
capiiuied and ported a* a tinay on, nunaway yet away io picedom, Ike 
Jxiilon. lxod put ike oid tiave out in ike tnuck patck fQiiy Hall now) io 
hoe conn. On ike conventaiion wiik fohn Wall ike old tiave Aaid ke r d 
lil\e to ao io (anoxia io be, Wail taid fon. him io yo if ke wanted 
io, yod blett you, youny matta, " taid ike tiave, and up ike bnanck 
In ike direction of Uncle Tom (atey't ke went* Ai tuppeniime Walt n,e- 
po/uted ike absence of ike oid tiave,' 

On Sepiemben,, 18^8, a venjy exciting, event occunjied neon, Dix, 
Oun. ynandfaiken, uted io tell ike tiony, at did moti of ikote wko knew 
Of ike kappening, Ike tiaie fain, wat being, keid in (entnalia ai ikat 
time, I nofetton, Wilton eack evening, went up in kua baloon io ike 
gapping, inieneti of ike tpeciaiont. Sailing, a tho/ii distance, ke would 
descend, zieiunn to (entnalia, and be /teady fan ike next day' yd penfonmance, 
Un ike iatt evening, ke mailed iowand ^effenton (ouniy, (otning, down on 
ike fanni of fi'm, Hanvey in Home (now Dix) neigkbonkood, ke bannaincd 
wiik fin, Hanvey to haul ike balloon and JUL* ownen, bac/t io (eniAolia; 
meanwhile ke kad fattened ike anabhook of ike balloon io a nail in an 


old wonn fence, Ike Hanvey 's two childnen, four and six yeans of aye, 
wanting, to see inside ike. balloon, were, placed In. ike basket by. ?no- 
fesson I'Jilson, A sudden audi of mind swayed ike balloon.; ike nail 
gave way, and up ike balloon went, catling, awojy io ike southwest, 
leaving, behind ike frantic parents and ike pnofesson, (yen. i/iougk it 
was almost dank when, ike balloon escaped JUL* mooning, people immediately 
seanchedihe ojiea fo/i ike childnen* Just ai daybneak Squire Atchison, 
living, in. ike southern pant of (Doones Pnairie, went io ike bann io 
feed ike hansel, and /teeing, something, in a nearby, naiszd an alanm, 
there ike childnen were found still asleep lying- in- ike basket of ike 
balloon* After being, iho/w ugjily warmed and fed, ike childnen wene 
btwugjkt to /<]£ Vernon and iken to their panents. 

On 7860 an Agricuitunal Association wad onaani^ed kene in 
'Jefferson Qounty fan ike purpose of dbiplaying, unusual pnoducts in ike 
fawn wo/iid, i'Jitk some, this eanJLy association became our foist* 
Ike officens of this first association wejie: $ 9 ft* Allen, pnesident; 
Jeremiah Taylo/i, secretary; Dn, £, £, VJeUbomx, corresponding, secnetany; 
and Joel face, treasurer, Fnom A, (K Qnant a fo/iiy-acne plot of land 
was bought fan. ike fain, grounds fori ike sum of $800 with 7C% intenesi 
until paid, TkLd plot wiik plenty of shade, wood, and waien from (asey 
Qneek was in ike soutkeastenn pant of /<&, Vernon, Ike first fain., held 
on ike 2Jnd, 2kih and 25ik of Ocioben, i860, was well attended and 
pnaved quite successful. Because of Qivil IJor excitement, no fain, was 
held in 7 862, The associatian functioned, met and elected officers at. 
neaulan intervals until May 70, 78y^ f when agreement was "signed, sealed 
and delivered" to ike Jefferson (ounty Fair lUsociation (a joint-stock 
company), Ike fairs continued to be a grand social zieunion wiik people 
of />ii, Vernon and sunrounding. counties* On ike early 7^00 f s a new fair 
association was fonmed by some of ike young, business men, ~Since iken, 
ike fairs have been held at ike extreme souilxern end of ike conponation 
east of Tenth Street, 

fenkaps the greatest dLdasien, to come io h\t, Vernon was ike 
tonnado which siruck on Feb/iuory 7% 7888, on a Sunday afternoon about 
cask, a sho/it time after the dismissal of afternoon ckunch services, 
Ike tonnado swept oven, ike heaviest populated pant — from ike Beat 
homestead between what is now SouiJx. Fifteenth and South Seventeenth 




aeon. Logan Sineet io east of ike Fnanhlin School — naming, the count 
house and most of ike business section, neAuliing in thinly being. killed, 
72§0 made homeless, 3^1 nesldences elihen blown away on. banned, and 578 
buildingA being, damayeoi. 

Since ike Appellate (punt Building, was noi in ike paik of 
ike. sionm, ii was convenied inio a hospital and mongue* Ike PneAby- 
ienian Q/iunch facnoss ike. sineet io ike south of ike Appellate Qounjt 
House) was mode a depot of supplies, Dn, VJ alien i'Jatson was in chanye 
of ike hospital, wkick was maintained and openated fon sixty days, 
Qlana Banian. pensonaliy took chanye of ike lied Qnoss nelief, wkick 
amounted io about #750, 000 wontk of supplies, 

Nashville was ike finsi town io nespond io ike call fan. help, 
Oi /lent men and fine fighting, equipment wkick bnaugki ike 
flames unden contnol, £yansville, Indiana, /lent a special tnain witk 
twenty-nine physicians who wonked witk oun docions in netting, up ike 
Appellate [punt Hospital* Qentnalia also nesponded witk fine fiahlina, 
equipment manned by ikinty~nine men and witk faun, docions assisting ike 
doctonA alneady kene, 

Fnank Bogan in ike Febnuany 7°, 7°25, issue of ike 'Reglsten- 
Hews gave ikeAe fiaunes in negand io buildingA in ike immediate path 
of ike stonm; Jj8 one-stony fname buildingA occupied by o§0 pensons; 
88 iwosiony fname buildingA occupied by 350 penAonA; 47 two-stony 
bnJLclx buildings occupied by fa pensons; 5 one-stony bnlck nesldences 
occupied by 7° pensons, Ike total numb en of buildingA damayed on. 
deAinoyed woa 5^/ tke total numb en of occupantA waA 72k2; 32° buildingA 
wene in nuins, 

Ike nebuilding, of ike devastated anea began oa soon aA 
possible. Food, clothing, money and evenyikiny thai was lacking, wene 
soon fo/iikcoming, and ike pnessing, needs wene neiieved, 

Oun finsi hospital was ike emenyency one in ike Appellate 
(punt Building io cane fon those kunt in ike 7888 ionnado. On 7 8° 5, 
On, Fnank and Mill filcQLane enected a handsome iknee-siony fname building 
at ike connen of Iwenileik and (o liege, (x.celsion Sanatorium, as it 
was called, was ike finsi attempt at a hospital, and yet JUL was opened 
only to ike patients of ike On, f'lcQlanes, I his foniy-noom kospltal 
specialised in all hinds of baths — "tunklsk, Russian, electnic, 

Ahower, needle and plunge. " The Aetup woa rather elaborate far that 
time. The adv ertiAement stated that Dr. fi)cQLane rt lia6 even, had before 
htm. the idea of. hygiene and hygienic AUJUwunduigA. He built, the aIjuic- 
ture where Aunlight may. reign Aupreme. " On Apile of Ha elaborate 
Aetup, the hoApital failed financially* 

The development of hospital* down to the preAent Qood Samari- 
tan, which iA partially, housed in. the more than a hundred-year-old 
general Q I'J. favey home on Month Twelfth Street, might be uAed a* a 
^future topic fan. diACuAAion. ThiA old home is on the old Lincoln 
Tnail and JU the former residence of $oel face, $ union? whoAe father 
woa a Revolutionary I'Jar Aoldier, ThiA houAe iA Aaid by Aome to be the 
fJuut brick building, in $effeAAon County. (flffJCSOAL HOT^j ThiA 
building, haA Aince been raged, and the preAent Qood Samanitan Ho a pilot 
waA dedicated in 7<?52, J 

Aa one Aiandi on the no/ith of Jordan Street loo/ling, towand 
the f:\aAien. Baking. Qpmpany building? Swift 1 a building, and the high 
Achool football field? little doeA he realise that once theAe place* 
made up a famouA eight to ten-acre panJ< known to JefferAon (punty aA 
the §reenlawn SpringA. The AtrongeAt mineral waterA of the county were 
theAe Apring a of Dr. i'Jilliam Duff §reen. They iAAued from i/ie Aide of 
a a/wHow ravine, at the Aame level, a few feet -from each other. All 
contained a conAidenable quantity of iron combined with other aoILa; 
yet no two were quite the Aame, tlie difference being in the quantity 
of the AaltA, /ill the ApringA except one weie cool oa a deep cellar; 
thiA one becauAe of Ha warmer temperature woa called the "Tepid Spring, 
by Dr. Cjreen. I hie Apring, becauAe of Ha Aaline character did not 
■freeze in winter. Dr. Qreen felt that at leaAt t/tree of theAe ApringA 
had a medicinal effect. DiAeoAeA that theAe waterA Aeemed to help were 
liver and liidney diAeoAeA, dyApepAia, rheumatism, and gout. One Apring, 
Aeemed to be very effective in preventing. thoAe diAeoAeA which children 
are prone to have during their firAi and Aecond AummerA. 

On January 7, 7°0J, the loAt of the original JefferAon Qounty 
AettlerA — Robert Harlow — died. He woa brought into the county in 
7o7^, an infant of two year*. He Apent hiA entire life in QOAt Salem 
within a radiuA of two mileA of where he died, never appearing, in 
public except to attend the local BaptiAi church or to vote the 

Democratic ticket. He was a good, auiei mart, but took Little part in 
county matters, fik. Harlow is buried at cast Salem Qemetery* 

The fallowing, are brief sketches of. infonmation interesting, 
at Least to us: 

The famous governor Siinson Anderson's farm east of /'it. Vernon 
really began east of our present (igjxth Street/ and In later yeans 
became Dr, § Keen.' 4 fanm, 

Ike QiarJLie 'Poole home on. ike Conner of (ity^ 1 on ^ J 0/uum 
was built by. 7 harms ^umxlngkam in ike 78*0 r s, (QXJTORJ.L NOT& TkU 
building, on ike southwest corner of ike street has since been na^ed, J 

The lag, cabin buitt by. Uncle 'Jimmy i'kocey fo/t his wife was 
moved fnom ikeir fanm to ike lot southwest of ike home built by Molten. 
f<iax.ey on ike Conner of Ninth and Taylor, Laten. ike big. home was Aold 
to ike £liois, and now it is owned by l>ks. §nace HojuL I he cabin, 
camouflaged by green and an addition on ike west, diilL viands 
on ilie southwest connen. of ike Lot, 

The old building occupied by ike I'll, Vennon /lilting Qpmpany 
beginning in ike 7880's is tiill standing, on South Tentk Sireet between 
ike filLd<douni Pacific and ike freight tnacks of ike L & It During, ike 
logo's ike mill's capacity was 7 SO barrels, wiik ike elevator having a 
capacity of 25, 000 bushels, 

John Riley fibss, who was bonn /Hay 7 J, 78JO, was ike first one 
to introduce (ptswold sheep, Jersey cattle and ike Berkshire breed of 
hogs into Jefferson (ounty. During, ike Qivit i'Jar, Qapiain fibs* r s duty 
as Provost b\arshaJUL of ike 77ik Disirict was io take a fart on Skillet 
FonJi '/liver held by a number of disloyal men and to capiure all such 
who were in hiding or in other ways seeking, io evade military service. 
liis name became a terror io the disloyal element in his dtstrict, for 
he was very proficient in carrying out his duty. 

Amos B. Barrett, who used to live on a big, farm near Belle 
Rive, was one of six. men who onganiged ike 'Republican party in litis 
county in 7 856, His father, Thomas Barrett, died in /'It, Vernon in 7o50 
at ike age of 9^. Thomas Barrett went ikrougk ike 'Revolutionary i'Jar 
as one op, (jeonge Washington 1 's bodyguards, 

Acconding io ike reconds of ike D. A. R, , which we feel are 
not complete, ike following Revolutionary i'Jar soldiers are buried here 



■ . . 


■■ . ■ 

. ■ . ' - 

■ ■. . . : 







■ ■ 

. ' . 

. . 


. ' . 




in $effen*on Qounty. At ?lea*ant $nove Qemeteny one B, /V, fihxey, 
l Jo* /'Meen, Pete*. Owen, Nathaniel fanken, Loyd Wand, Thoma* Badgett, 
A*a Bateman; at face. La $oel face; at Old Union may. be found U/illiam 

Ike deadline** of cholena can be teen In the. now of. gnave* in 
the JilUam Fnt^eli family lot at Old Union, pox in 7 8^7 the entUe 
family — FnJL$$eUL, hi* wife, and thein two childnen--died piom cholena. 

On 78°8 filt, VeAnon had it* fin*t woman lawyen, f'k*. £mma 
Blood, a memben of the finm of Blood and Blood. 

Da* 'John UojUon came to $effen*on Qounty in 7o27. He wad the 
only physician, but the people wene *o healthy he had time to a**e** 
the county, too, neceiving $77 fon *-!• ThLi wa* about enough, money to 
buy an ounce of quinine. 

Accondiny to Bninkenhoff* huatony of /'hnion Qpunty, pant of 
that county wo* fo/wied in 782J fnom the nonthenn pant of 'Jeffen*on 
Qpunty, Zadok Qa*ey gave the name /'Ionian in hono/i of the clo*e fniena. 
of hLd fathen and genenal in the Revolulionany I'Ja/i — Qenenal filanion. 

One of the eanly necond* of the Qincuit Qlenk at the count 
hou*e i* the necond of iJilliam /i)ax.ey '* emancipation of hut negno *tave 
ginl, cM-W 1 * w ^° came with he* family fnom Tenne**ee. /hi* necond i* 
dated Febnuany 8, 78JO, Accondiny to i'Jalten /\ax.ey'* hUtony, thi* wa* 
penlw.p* the fin*t legal emancipation of a *lave in' the *tate of OHinoiA, 

I ime g,o e* on: and necond*, *ite*, event* and name* of by- 
gone day* one fa*t fading into the nealm* of the pa*t. Je hope that 
the*e fact* jju*t neconded will help in *ome *mall way to penpetuate 
the *tony of $effen*on Qounty. 

™£ QASQ/ wm 

Ihene i* no doubt but that the Qa*ey people who wene pioneen 
citizen* of the community played one op the mo*t impontant note* in 
the founding and developing of /'It, Vennon. The Qa*ey* w!w came to 
and *ettled in thtd anea wene fnom a *toch of *lundy people who wene 
not ajfjiaid to explone the vingin countny and open up new anea* of 
civilisation. Sevenal of the ance*ton* of the Qa*ey family that mi- 
gnated to the. OILinoi* countny panticipated in the \JJan fon independence 







. ' 






■ - . ' 

. l > 


■ • " -.. ■ 



. i 

.. . . . J ~ ■ ,' 

' •• • 










and demonstrated aallantny in action. Tkese people, wene the descendant* 
of. /IBNffR (ASQI who was bonn in (aunty Tynone, Oneland, and mafuiied a 
Aelak Lady, 

iieaji the mi.ddle &fi the 73th centuny Abnen (dsey and kit wif.e 
decided to come to the "A'eio Jonld" thai was tallied 40 raua'i about in 
Qjuwpe. Upon tkein annival on the wesierm phones, they, settled in 
VinoMUa on the Roanoke Riven nean. the famous faimMy of (dniund Randolph. 
Abnen. anct his wife we/ie the parents of foun. ckild/ien, three Aons and 
one dauoJiien* I he Aons wene named hto^es, Randal on and Levi } but trie 
dauohien'j name is unknown. Arwt'ien bounce states that t'tene was also 


a /ion named Benjamin. The finst of Ahnen Qasey'd sons 4enved in 
the Revolution, /'loses was a captain, Randolph served' ad a seng^eant, 
and Levi was ftn/ii a colonel and later promoted to bnig,adten n,enenal» 
Oi has not been found what nanl\ Benjamin held on what r.iilttany onaan- 
ization. he Aenved in, 

Randolph (asey, the father of Zadok fwkode biogyiapky will 
be found, later in. detail), was deriving, under general F rancid /i)anu.on , 
"i'ze Swamp Fox. of the Santee" at the time that bkuu.on was holding a 
i/iuce treaty with Bniiish officers and invited them to eat with them, 
Ike menu cons.Lsied of roadied dweet potatoes wit/i noiliiny else, tin 
making, a written report to their commanding of-tcens, the 8/iitishens 
stated., "SoJjdicAS content to live on duck fane can never be defeated. 

Abnen Qasey and family moved to South Qarolina about 7J63 
and. settled nean. S partanb una; this is the reason fon Iiis sons fiavina 
dervice wJuttx South Qaroltna troopd instead of Virginia troopd. Ji t& 
believed ihct Abner passed away between 779@ °nd 7oOO. After t/ie j-alt 
of (harlesiown, the Bnitisk aut/w/iities cons.iden.ed South (farolina as 
beinn, unden Bnitisk control; but there were diill manu nebellious ones 
who diouily dtood out fori the Amenican cause. Ot is neponted i/iat 
some o r ike welt knovjn "neb els, " including Cjenenal \')itLiamson and 
[o toned hlayson, came to the Bnitisk cantp and dougjii projection. Levi 
Qadey, oJLono, witk oihens, daid t'ley would kave no pant o r it, as tJiey 
we/ie dta.unclx painiots of the Amenican cause and would iake trie risk. 

\ 'ken (apiain Alexander Boyce died, hod bro>then okn Boyce 
joined a. mLliJJua company thai was conmand.ed by Levi Qadey and /nomas 
Duosm* After the famous battle of. Kind's i^oitnin.iji in which. Levi 


QaAey participated, 'John Boy.ce left fon home, whJLch woa not {.an. fnom 
ike bat-tie Acene and had. only, been home long, enough to g/ieet hud family 
when io hubs Aiuip/iLie foun. men appealed at hue doon, I 'hey. we/ie headed 
by ] illiam Qunningham and ike deApiAed and dneaded I ony } liobenl I .acomb, 
ffolxn Boyce lepi cuichly on fool, with Qunninghara apten IzL.i, Aa Qun- 
ninghard woa mounted, he. quickly caught up with Boyce befo/ie he could, 
yet Into a ikicket ihat woa denAe enough to p/ievent tlie ho/uie f/iotn 
tnaveling, any faniJien, and Ainuc/* a blow i/iai a evened of. Boyce A 
fJjw,enA, Boyce yot away, had hud would dneAAed oa Aoon aA poAAibie, 
then mounted a Iw/Lde and Aia/ited on to ziepo/ii the Incident to hiA 
commanden, Lieutenant Levi QaAey, ThiA incident Atisuied the tempen 
Of (jLAey 1 A men to ike "boiling, point, " A Amall numb en, of "neb el 
inoopA Alojited a-ften, ike foun, Bniti^h cnJUtlnaJU arid overtook them at 
ike ( Riven,, 'ken QaAey' a men came in contact jjitk the Aavaye 
B/iitiAheAA, ikey paid pon. .tkein, act with ike Aupneme Aacnifice, I he 
neAult vjoa that ihey becane occupants of. a ynave in moiJien, eanilx, 

yenenal Levi QaAey became inteneAied in political activity 
Aho/iily afien. i/ie. wan, with B/iitain had ended. He continued to live 
in South Qanolina, and duning, ike remaining, yeanA of /iiA li r e ke keld 
a nut,iben of elective officer. On 77<jJ ke woa Aelected to Aenve on a 
comiittee to divide Aevenal diAtnictd into couiziieA, u'lich inducted 
iJie county of hiA neAidence, ThiA county woa caLLed /Jineiy-Aix; a t Jte/i 
ike dJLvidJLng, of ihcAe diAiniciA, QaAey' a home waA in ileiubenjiy Qounty, 
SoluLi (anjolina, /in ad woa paAAed in TJol (ike yean. ;tkai ike wan. fOA 
independence cloAedJ w/iick p/iovided fon, ike appointment of a even -JMA- 
ticeA' io kold count in Hewbennu, and Levi CaAeu, woa choAen oa one o^, 
ike t ljiAt J,uAliceA unden. ihLd law. On 1712, he waA given t'ze appoint- 
ment of one o r ike county ludyeA fon. ihat an.ea, Cjenenal QaAey 
oIao oAAiAiec. in maliiny Aeleciion of ike location fon. i/ie count houAe, 
I he pnopenty of r Jol\n Qoate woa decided io be the Aite o r :tke Aeat of 

I he populanity o^l Levi QaAey woa gjiowing, napidly by ihcA On V/13 he vjoa elected Siaie Senaion. t ln,om Hewbenny Qounty, and 
nine yeanA laten. he won a Aeat in ike HouAe of '/iepneAeniativeA in 
Qonp.neAA, He continued io Aenve in i/iiA capacity piom h.anclx H-, 7oOJ, 
until ike iime of hiA death on Feb/iuany 7, 7oOy. Oi iA inicncAtin\ to 

.. . _ 



. ' 








As stated above, Randolph and !>)aAy had one. daughter tien. 
name was (kanlty Casey, She was bo/in in So oik (a/wLina and wad manjiced 
In 7enn&64e.e afiten. ike family. migrated to that state fjiom jeo/vgla. 

Samuel Qasey woa ike seventk of Randolph (jasey's chilxUen, 
lie ziemaijied In ike south fo/i several yeanA aften. othen. mejnbenA o r ike 
family, had mlgsiated io Illinois, Samuel came io jeffenAon Qpunty in 
7oJ2, tlie ec.n. ^llinois woa involved in ike Black Hawk Jan., Aa we 
meniioned befo/ie, several of Samuel* 4 b/ioikenA settled in and abound 
ike kamlei o^ l<\£. V n; bui he jellied at ike edg,e of y/iand P/iaAle, 
He made ikai locality hiA home fo/i ike Aemaining, eighteen yeajiA of 
IxiA life until hiA death in 7o§0, 

Zadoh QiAeu, whom hisio/iy /iecog,niges oa one o r ike "founding, 
fatkejis" of ike King, Qity, woa ike young,esi memben. of ike family of 
Randolph and 1'lan.y 'jane (fasey. He woa bonm l>\ 7, 779& in y/ieen 
(punty, §eo/igia, and woa mannJied p/iio/i io hid coming, io ike l J n.aisu.e 
State, A mo/ie detailed biogjiaphical sketch of hiA life will be found 

The following, list bnlnaA ioyeiken, ike nameA of ike clhuLaUen 
of Randolph and Mcuiy jane {Pennington) (asey and. the nai.ies of ilxeln. 
spouses: Levi, bo/in about 7768, majuiied hlollie Shenjiel; Randolph, ' /i, , 
bo/in 776% ma/uiied Sallie Pen./?lns; Jsaac, bo/in 7770, fiJist rnoji/iied 
(lir.abeik i<\c!(ay and laien. Jennie Bullock; /ibnaham, bo/m 777^) manjiied 
liancy Baken.; Qha/uty, date of bisitk unt'inown, maruiied William OePnlest; 
illnam, bo/m 7790, ma/i/iied Qatkenine DeP/iiesi (3t Is not now known 
wheike/u 0/1 not Jilliam DeP/iiesi and Qatkenine DePnlest wen.e n.elatives); 
Samuel, bo/m 7 79 J, maJinled Ruth (jilbenJ.; and Zadok, bo/m 779&) rnanjiied 
Racket Kino,. 

JJilllam (asey woa ike eldest son of Jsaac QaAey and a nephew 
of Zadok Qasey, He came to jeffenson Qounty in 7o77, ike same yean, 
that hiA uncle Zadok established residence in. ike an.ea, .Jilliam lived 
in. jeffejison Qpunty fo/i about twenty yeans, i/ien decided io move io 
the nonthesm pan.t of ike state, Qlxlcago was a small village when. 
)illiam made hiA j.ounjxey nonthwand, Aften. living, in ike nonth pant 
of ike new state fan, a yean. on. iwo, he decided ikai he would pn.e^en. to 
come back and spend ike /lemainden, of Ills life In the community that he 
assisted In developing. He. decided io waic/i t/ie little hamlet gjtow 



and pnaApen, /lealLpjng, that ke played a p/iominenl pcuit in giving, bijutk 
to a new locality. Aa staled eJUewkeJie, J ilU am (dAey gAonted twenty 
acneA of land io ike new county {an ike puApoAe of eAiablUhlng, ike 
penmanent a eat o t .J,uAiLce. TkU iwerdty-axjie tnact Included what iA 
now ike county, couaJL yand In lilt. V ennan and ike downtown buAineAA 
dlAtnlci. iJiLUam La zieponted to have accumulated a conAidenahle 
amount of wealtk dunlng hlA Lifetime, 

Abnakam 7. [aAeUj a bnoiken. of William, waA a mlnlAlen. but 
It La not known wkat neliglouA faLtk ke nep/ieAented. He uxla mojuu.ed 
to VylLnda l>iax.ey ike yean, that ike county wad onganlged. Abnakam and 
hlA wLfe kad tkeln. kome on wkat woa late/i called Salem 'Road. He at many place* Ln all dlnecilonA {nam (fit* V ' ennon, He paAAed 
away Ln 7oJ^ 

TkomaA t>), (a±e£ "fu^i aow ike light of ike wonld" Ln 7o07 Ln 
ike bonden Atate of Kentucliy. He ann.ived Ln JeffenAon Qpunty, JUlnoiA, 
wLtk kU pan.eniA Ln 7o7J t Two yeanA laten. ke woa mcuinled to Hanjicet 
1'tax.ey Ln Octoben., 7c7^, Ike /'laxey family oIao played a ve/iy active 
pant. Ln ike development o^ ike new communLty o^ /'It. Vennon. TkomaA 
(juey woa a munLAien. of ike i'leikodlAt £pLAcopal (Tuuick. 

Abnakam f, [aAe£, Aon of 'Rondo Ipk, Sn tJ woa bonn Ln South 
Qanotlna and came to {JeffenAon Qpunty Ln 7o78, He Lived Ln ike hit, 
Vennon an.ea only a few yeasiA, iken moved to ike communLty i/iai woa 
known oa y/iand Pn.aLn.Le, wkene ke built ike fuiAi dwelling, kouAe Ln 
i/iai an.ea. He laten. decided to netunn to ike /'It. Vennon conmuniiy. 
Ot La zieponted that ke did not like to live Ln one locality veny long, 
and that ke moved Aevenal iLmeA. Laten. Ln life ke moved to /'ILaaouax. 
and. nemalned iliene until JxLa deatk Ln ike eanly 7gU0'a, HLa wl r e 
Lived uniLl a few moniJiA a {lien, ike cloAe of ike QivLl Jan.. /ib/icuiam 
K (jLAey woa ike fatken of five AonA and two daugJxteAA; #okn Q. , 
§neen ? J . , Fnanklin S, , jAaac, QLanlAAa and Qtizab eik, 

Fnanklin S. QaAey mannled Tlkoda Taylon. He woa a veny ag,- 
gjieAALve man and waA LnteneAted Ln buALneAA and poliiLcA. He woa a 
paniicLpani Ln ike Black Hawk .Ian. in. wkick ke waA commiAALoned fJjMZ 
Lieutenant Ln Qaptaln Bowman' a company. I kiA woa ike only wan. that 
Abnakam Lincoln kad miliian.y Aenvice in, and it AeemA poAAible that 
LLeutenant (jiAey and Lincoln, /tneiu eacJi oiken. FnanJdln Acnved a numben. 


of iermA oa county, ymdye. He oIao had tke korw/i of. being, a membe/i of. 
ike QonAtltuiional Qonve/ltion of l8k8. I hiA latter oAAiynment may 
nave been ike greatest achievement of hiA life. He died In 7877 . 

Zadok (jMe-y 
A name tlxat had been written immortally on ike packed o^. kit, 
Vernon history 1a that of Zadok QaAey. HjU activity in. public ll t e, 
boiJi oa a clergyman and oa a AtateAman, woa a p/iiceteAA contribution 
to ike welfare of. thiA community. He Ia credited ujitk kelpiny to 
rmae kt, Vernon one of tke leading, cltieA of "Little cgypt. " Reverend 
QaAey wcia not contented with tke life of a private citizen, Ot ujoa 
hiA aira and ar.bition to engage in tke kind of Life thai would Aiiape 
and mold a better civilisation Ion. pOAieritu, HiA Aterlinq, cJualiileA 

U It CI o 

were no doubt at leaAt pa/itly attributable to hU upbringing and hiA 

Aa Atated bepo/ie, ke descended from a family of Aturdy 
pioneerA of /iU>k-+ } cIaIx immiyrantA. He woa tke Aon of Randolph QaAey, 
a vetenan op tke Uojl fan. independence. He luoa a nephew of general 
Levi QaAey who played a p/iominent part in. driving the "tied cooIa" prom 
naerlcan AOil. Zadok woa the younyeAt child of Randolph and h\ary 'Jane 
( Pennington J QaAey. All of the clilldren except Zadok were born in 
South Qarolina. The family moved to Qeoryia about 77^5, and Zadok 
woa born on /'larch 7, 17%, tri Cjreen Qounty, ^eoryia. 

3n 7oOJ, Randolph QaAey moved hiA fanily from their Cfeorgia 
home to Smitli Qounty, 1 enneAAee, where he died in 7o7j. Zadok waA 
Aeventeen yearA of aye at tlie time of hiA fatker' a death and woa 
already thinking of following Aome of hiA older brotherA who had 
come to t/ie J.LllnoiA Territoru b-.r thai time. He woa a Irm believer 

Cf O 4 

in ckrUtlanity and woa a follower of t/ie /'lethodLdi faith, early in 
life he woa auilxoniged by the iletkodJLAt Qhurch to Aerve that faith oa 
a cleryuMan, and beo,an hi* miniAierial work while reAidina in TenneAAee, 

Shortly a^fter hiA twentieth birihdau.. Zadok married Rachel 
<\ung in lenneAAee. Zadok and Rachel Atarted their Jjoumeiy to JUlnoiA 
In 7o77, when he woa twenty-one yearA of aye. The trip woa aJLow and 
liagiraouA, aA the country woa full of JndianA and wild anuaaU. Jt 
1a reported thai t/iey brought all of their physical yoocU on a ho/iAe; 
theAe conAiAled of a Akittet, rifle, a few coo/Uny utenAiU and their 





clo;tkina. II Ia wile rode ike korAe and Zadok walked and let ike korAe,, ike rifle, 

(JO I 

Tkelr place of. arrival woa noi pan. from ike original Slxilon 
I'let'wdlAt QkurcJi, wkick woa locaied a few mllcA norikweAt of wkere j'ht* 
Vernon woa io be bulli. After arnl.vlna, /lately, ai ikeJji deAilnatcon 
t'tey. camped for ike nlgki, and while f i\ackel woa preparing, ike evening, 
meal, Zadok, wko woa a firm believer in prayer and divine zulaance, 
knelt betide a ijiee and offered pn.atj.en. and ikanJxAglvino. { jor ike Aa^e 
fourney ikai ikeu had experienced from ike Aouik land. 

J ken Zadok QaAey came io ike mldweAt, ke came io Aiay. 
He woa of ike type of. penAonality ikai woa aygsieAAlve and made : r aAi 
ad.vancemeni. rto Aooner had ke anjiLved ai IiIa destination ikon, ke 
beg,an ike conAirucilon of a dwelling, fan. kiA family. I kid woa, o^. 
courAe, constructed of logs, as ikere was no Aawed lumber io be had* 

A& ke wad an authorised mlnlAter prior io hid leaving, 
J enneAAee, Jut was hid define io conilnue ike practice o r kid pno>~eAAA.on 
In ike new io colli:', Ikene were no onxianlzed ckurckes In ike vlcuuly 
wken ke came kere, bui ikis did noi p/ieveni him from proclaiming, ike 
§OApel io ike people ai every oppo/iiuniiy. He delivered AeniiionA io 
gjioupA ai rellolous AervlceA fan. mile* anound wken ike wonslxip AervlceA 
were keld In named. After bieikodlii ckurckes were buili In ikis area, 
ke was called upon io preack io local ynoup/i In all directions, Rev, 
Qpsey ujas one of ike best known men In ike lui. Vernon area during, ike 
penlod of lis d.ev elo pmeni. 

On addition io being, a cleromnan. ke took an active interest 
In po liilcal life. Ike legislature had been moved from Ha original 
location ai liaAaat'ila io Vandalle, Ton. a numb en. o^ yeans fie merrbens 
of ilxe jeneral ,'sAembiy were elected io represent ike county Of, ikelr 
residence. Jlikln yeajiA afien. moving, io JilinolA, Zadok QaAey 
decided io enter, ike race fan a a eat In ike leglAlaiure. /ltd opponent 
vjoa a On. IncLean from "Jhlie Qouniy, and Qasey woa defeated In ililA cam- 
paign. I kougk ke waA young, and many young, men would have been ao 
alAcounag,ed fjiom ike defeat ikai iliey would have given up a political 
careen, Qasey woa determined to ho id up his courag,e and iry It ayaln. 
I wo yeanA later (7o22/ ke woa a candldaie for ike Aame office ag,alnst 
i/ie Aame canclldate, and by iltis tune Ixis popuJanliy arid influence had. 




ln.cjiQ.aAod mai.eAi.aliu, wlik ike voiens, do that ke was elected, At ike 
end o r ;tke two-yean ienm he doughi ike office as an incumbent and. won, 
tie. denveo, ii\ ike lowen house of. ike leaistatu/ie fan two consecutive 
ixATiiAm He tewed ^effenson Qounty {.on faun full yean* in ike House 
of 'Kepnesentatived, 

On 7o26 f'k, Qasey enie/ied ihe nace fo/i ike State Senate and 
won. He denved in this capacity unit! 7 3 JO, iken decided to file his 
name in ike /iace fo/i Lieutenant (jovennon, which ke won, ^ohn "Reynolds 
wa^ ike ao vennon duning, this pentad, Zadok (asey did not finisk his 
ienm ad lieutenant yovennon, ad ke entened ike conanesdional nace in 
ike fall of 7SJ2, 

I ke Stack Hawk Jan. kad its beginning, in ike dpning, of 7oJ7, 
ond It wad thought ikat ikid conflict would be -finidked Jin a few monikd, 
Ike Indian chief , Black Hawk, decided to tny to chive tlxe white deitlens 
out of thein tennitony ike following, yean, and kodtilitied wene nesumed, 
(jovennon idd called fo/i tnoopd fnom ikid diaie to dupp/iedd ike 
Jnaland and wad given a r.uick ziedponde, Qpmpanies of tnoopd we/ie 
0ng.ani7.ed fnom diffenent pantd o r i/ie diaie, including, feffenson Qounty, 
Seconds p/iepa/ied by devenal dounce.4 indicate that Zadok Qasey die>cid&L 
to j.oin a company of doldkens that wene ono.aniy.ed in /<& Vennon in the 
dp/iing, of 7oJ2, Oi id not dhown whethen on. not he nesi^ned ad lieu- 
tenant g.ovennon pnion to joining, tlie miliia/iy company. The conflict 
woa o r dhont dun.ati.on, ad ihe Ondiand duyin.enden.ed on August 2, 7o'J2, 

Ad diated above, Qasey wad a candidate fan. Qonq/iesd in 7oJ2 
and wad elected. On 7oJJ he wad dwonn in, and ke denved continuously 
f&/i ike next ten yeans ad a memben of Qongnedd ^inom ilxid anea, Qasey 
was defeated in 7oU2 in ike conynesdionai nace and netunned to p/iivate 
iij-e in ike fret, Vennon anea fon ihe next five yeand. 

On To^y, Zadok Qasey wad elected to ihe Qonsiiiuional Qonven- 
iion, Oi id neponied iJiai ke wielded a lanye influence in causing, ike 
Supneme (punt to be located in ike King, Qiiy, 

On 7o52 he entened ike political anena ayain, ad ke was 
elected to ike Ollinois Cenenal Addemblu. He was a diaie denaion at 
Hie iirae of Iiis death, 

Zadok Qadey is cnedited with being, one of ike pnincipal 
j.oundend of hit, Vennon, Ike public denvice iJmi he nendened to ike 
county and io iJie. diate. beans iliis out, I'lany luave daid t'ict ke wad a 




,' ! 

i . 







"bo/m leaden." among, men, Jkile ke waA Ae/iving, In ike Leg/^la^.iuie tkejie 

we/ie tLaeA when. diAcuAAionA an.0Ae tkat caused conAid-Uwhle diACuAAion ao 

tkat ike. Apeaken of ike kou/.e wouuld auite often day, 'i'Je will leave this 

oueAtion to ike yentleman piom Jef r enAon Qpunty fon. an opinion* ' riiA 

opinions on ieaiAiative matters we/ie n.eApecied by a aneat mane/, of kiA 

cotleaaueA. I'lembenA of. (fonaAZAA piom. ike vanlouA AtateA Aoon ieajuied. 

ikat Qovennon. QaAey fnom OllinoiA, oa ke waA called, poAAeAAed Aound 

^udymeni in ike enactment of fedenxl legislation, 

.Jkile Zadok QaAey aApJuied to opfice and poAAeAAed 

the ability fon. thai vocation, ke neventkeieAA continued ike 

of ike pnofeAAion to wkick ke kad been Aummoned in easily li r e. niA 

belief in Q/uiiAiianiiy ujoa ao Atnona thai ke continued kiA wo/ik aA a 

niiniAien until Hie time o r kiA deatk. Jeyond any. doubt tiie li^e tkat 

Zadok QaAey 'Lived and ike coninJluiionA i/iat ke made helped, to moid 

hit* Vennon in beina. one oi. ike moAt civilized and pn,oo,n,eAAive com- 
er i O I o 

munilieA in Soutkenn OilinoiA, Ot can njLohl fully be Aaid ihxut Zadok 
QaAey lived a full and diAiinauiAhed life, 

HjLa coionful cafieen. came to a cloAe duoing, tiie Qivii ^Jan., 
aA he paAAed away on September, k, 7862, He died at. QaAeyville, jIIl- 
noiA, and ike /lemainA wen.e b/iouakt to h\i, \! emwn and buried in Old 
Union Qemeien,y. iliA wife diced Janua/iy 26, 7o6o, and Ake waA bunded 
cloAe by ken. kuAband 1 'a a/uzve. 

Zadok and Rachel QaAey wene ike panentA of eiakt children: 
I'laJzala, Ina/iy 'Jane, Samuel K, , HViam R, , Alice, Newton R, , TkomaA 5, 
and John R, QaAey, Newton and John we/ie p/iaciicina pkyAicianA ana 
IkoroaA Aenved aA a fudtye on ike iudicial ci/tcuil in ikiA an.ea, 

I ke QaAey family have played a ven.y impo/iiant zioie in t/ie 
founding, and. developing, of hi, Vennon, and we n.eo./iet tkat Apace aoeA 
not pensiiLt nxentLoninn, all o f ike people wko descend piom ikiA pioneering, 


I o 


Ike fteaUby fi/iAt Aeitlen. in QaAnen. I ownAiiip waA my ryicnd- 
fjzthe/l, jeo/v%e QaAnen., He woa bonn in 7/^6 and paAAed away in kiA 


eiokiy--ikind yean, in lS7°. Mz mm ma/inted timet. Of kU finsl 
wi r e, J have no kisio/iy oiken, ikon ike location of ken. yiave. TkLs i* 
also inue of. hts second. wLfe. His ikind wife was my ynandmoiken., 
bo/m Qatkentne Lewis Qilhneik, fnorn Jales. To ikis ikind mcvuUape 
wen,e bo/m iwo daugjiiensi, ike younnen of wham was my moiken. 

Tkene wene ckildnen of ike finsi manntaye and ien of 
ike second manntaye. All of ikese ckildnen kave padded away, but 
ikene an.e faun g/ianddaugkiens and one gyiancUon Living, at pnesent, ana, 
many descendants. 

lie had foun. sons in ike Qivil Jan.: John, Andy on. Andnew, 
jieve and jeonae. Two sons went out to ike aold nusk in ikose dayA 
but nciunned.. 

yeonae Qasnen, and sons built ike finsi log, scJxool house on 
his land; ikis building, bunned, Tken ike school was built about a 
mile nontk of ike home place; fnom ikene ike location was moved to 
ike present old school, Qasnen, Sckool. 

He was a fanmen. and couipenten. He made coffins up .to ike 
tirae o^ kis deaik. 

Anoiken. iking, my moiken. iold me, ke gave money as well as 
land fon. ike L & N liatlnoad. uefone ikai, about twice a yean, ke made 
tie inip io Si. Louts wiik ox.en fon. supplies on, necessities* 

He was bonn in Vinainia, passed away on ike kome site. He 
and his wives ane bunted on a little knoll JMAi beside ike L & /V 
'/iailnoad. He was said, io kave been kalf Ondtan. 

iny faiken, John H. 'Randolph, bought out ike keins of ike 
Qasnen, esiate. J was bonn in ike finsi piame house built in Qasnen, 
Township, ilie kouse Qeong.e Qasnen. built. 

On 7<J02 my faiken sold ike homesiead io Fnank Rensky. Fnank 
tlensUy's son Louid now owns ike j-anm. The house ke built stands wke/ie 
tie old bann was, a beautiful pond lies neon, wkene ike old Iwuse was, 

/his is ike hisiony moiken. and ken. one sisien. kanded down io 

— By £. Qatkentne Randolpk fnuno 
U/oodlawn, OllinoLs 


L A. QQ®3NQ(R QW%/Birr£S: 

"^effer*on (ounty In ike N.ineteenik (eniury. " 

JJken we read about ike pa*i it i* hand, io tho*e 
per*onalitie* aboui wkom we read a* being, real pea pie, *uck a* iko*e 
we meet every day, iile are quite *ure, for instance, iked, we never 
knew an. Aunt Becky. Depri.e*i, wko weigked *ome JU§ pound* and. wko always 
wo/ie a n *iovepipe" kat, NeLtker have we known a Je**e §/ieeny from 
Long, Prairie, wko wad called Je**e Button to disiing,uL*k kirn from kU 
*on wko wa* called $e**e Purpo*e, and wko would amu*e foiled on public 
day* by dancing, on ike gjia** in hid moccasin* wlik "to muck agility, " 
Peculiar people.? But of. cour*e, SkaLL we not deem peculiar io iko*e 
reader* of. ou/i history a centu/iy kence? 'People a/ie products of tkeir 
time*. By our deed* and action* we identify ike period am. wkLck we 
live, (onsecuiently, fjwm ike*e tale* and leyendd about ike Aunt Becky 
Deprie*t* t ike Je**e Button*, and ike oiker* whom we *kall meet, we 
should better understand wkai it was to live in 'Jefferson (ounty during, 
ike Hineieenik (entury. This, tken, is ike purpo*e of oun. contribution 
to ikis volume. 

Some of ikese *keicke* kave been pa**ed along, by friend* 
wko knew of oun. interest in *uck ikinys. And many kave. been adapted 
piom '"Recollections of Jefferson County and Jis People, " a *eries of 
article* by Adam (lank Johnson, wkick appeared in ike old ftbt, Vernon 
Free Pre** around 7882. 

* * * * * 

According, to Johnson, ikere never wo* a frontier jju*t like 
Souiliem Ollinol*. Tkere were few Indian*, and ikese were peaceful, 
Ike wild beasts were not very wild or numerous. On iJhi* pocket between 
ike yreat river* wa* a fresk, fertile and *afe domain of about twelve 
thousand *auare mile*, barely acce**ible to ike out*ide world Des- 
tined io an eKceedingly *low development, it wa* muck lonaen in be- 
coming, materially better, 

(loike* wonn into Jefferson (ounty *oon wore out, Ot wa* 
iken nece**ary io re*ont io bucksluns, wkick were too long, wken wet 
and too *kont wken dry, or to homespun. Dye* from homespun were made. 


■ ' ' ' ' ' ' " 

.... .,.-,■' 

• .. ' ' . , ■ ■ . . • I ■-.- ■ 

• ' ■. ' . • • ' ' , ..' ' .'•■■- ■ '•' ' ■ "■ - 

' I . • . - • • ! ,'; : 



" ■ ' ' ' ' ' • • 

... ■■■ • '•-' 


• ■■ • • 

' ' .■•-.-... 

•',.-"■• ■ 

'■•■'•. . 

..' : ■ 


fnom coppenaA, a mineral taken fnom the bluffy) not fan fnom ike Ai±e 

of tfeffenAon Qity, whi/ck woa on ike %Lckview Road, nonik of Woodiawn. 

A /ted /uock ~ evidenially a Aofi, /ted Atone, uAed by OndianA — woa 

utilised oa a Alone dye. Tken, too, people, naiAed indigo, Ike liquid 

uAed to n Aet" ike blue dye woa to LnaectA, Ot woa modi 

pnovoking, ao we one told, to be decked out in one.' a Sunday bett and 

be Aunnounded wheneven one went by a Awa/un of. buffalo gnat** 

\!)hen fuzsU wo/ie out, winien cap* of Akin migkt be. uAed, which 

often wene of t/ie moAt fantastic Ahape. Summon kaiA wene of Atnaw, 

home-made, ike being, bleached wiik Aulpkun Amoke* CfOvernon 

Zadok QaAey, aften he had been to QonyneAA, wane on SundayA a Atnaw 

hat made by {>Ua+ Anna IAoaa, 

* * * * * 

The fJuud. white man to Aeitle in tyeffenAon Qouniy, Andnew 
/'ho/ie, yave J\La name to ike anea wkene he Aeitled — ■ fibo/ie a I nainLe, 
One day (>\oon.e and hiA youny Aon /tode down to fondan r A filiLL, in F/ianklui 
Qounty, aften meal and neven netunned. Some. Aix. yecuiA laten a human 
Ahull woa found Aiuck upon a Anag, of an elm tnee wiihin two milzA of 
ike fibo/ie place, 'Recoyriginy ike evidence of a mLdAiny tooth, flint* 
(i)oon,e identified ike AkuUL oa that of hen miAAiny husband. She took 
ike gkoAily /lelic home, kept it in ken inunk and had it placed in hen 
coffin when Ahe died, Ot woa p/ieAumed that OndianA had committed ike 
munden of ike faiken and had taken the child with them, 

Ot woa Aaid that Billy QaAey and Oaaoc Hichd wene ike only 
pioneenA wko b/iouakt any AunpluA money wiik them, Much of ike land 
entened by ike eanly AettlenA woa entened wiik money bo/mowed fnom 
one of ikeAe two, Ot woa believed thai Billy QaAey had a conAidenable 
Aum bunied away at ike time of hiA deaik, "which would, neven be found 
unleAA by accident, " Apparently ikene iA AiiUi an accident anound, 
waiting, to happen. 

Anoiken pioneen woa Roaning, Billy UJootU, who got kbd name 
fnom ike peculian way of hallo Lny when intoxicated, Alfned, a bnoiken 
of loaning, Billy, waA killed in 7828 by a falling, bee He woa 
bnougkt to Old Union fan. bunial, but ike cneeli (QaAey FonJi?) woa ao 
higk that it woa neceAAany to build a naft ao ike little pnoceAAion 
could cnoAA, 


Ot Aeon* thai yetting, married was an exciting, event In the. 
Uoods family. Ilk*. Alfred Mood* bittzrly opposed the marnlaye of ken. 
daughter Money, to Bill Dodds. Learnlny that the tux> had yone over, to 
'John Dodds to be married, the seized a Iwiye butcher knife and set 
ou£ on foot at full speed to have hen. way., on. to have blood, preferably 
that of Bill DodcU. She /leached the Dodds hone, but too late, fatly, 
overpowered, ske soon accepted the inevitab le t 

Andeison Woods and Maltha Morton aJUo had parental opposition 
from Jacob, Martha's father However, Jacob's opposition was vetoed 
by unantmoLUi decision of the young, couple. One day Martha was at the 
gap, milking; Anderson /wde up, ftkuitha jumped up behind him and away 
they went, with /leconctltatton following, in due time, 

I'Je have mentioned Aunt Becky Depnlest. One of hen. sons, 
(jneen, had a cunlous countshtp. Slanting, to Walnut Hill for a tittle, he stopped on the way at the house of a widow Allen to make 
some inouirles. The daughter joined in the conversation, and (//teen 
fancied hen. appearance. He told hen. who he was and also told hen. that 
he would ilfie to majuiy hen, if ayreeable, I') ell, she said, she did 
not care, So §reen Depnlest took a wife, bnlnglna ken. home the next 
day, to the astonishment of his fnlends and neighbors. The choice, 
accondlng, to Johnson, proved an excellent one for (jneen Depnlest, 

* * * * * 

£lsewkene it will be recorded that in 78jO*J7 the first 
school in Jefferson Qounty seems to kave been held in Shiloh I ownship, 
the building, being, of toys. On 78j8-j<? school was held in tit, Vernon 
in the (Methodist parsonaye, which then was In the edye of a woods. 
Occasionally snakes would invade the schoolroom, thus creating, con- 
siderable excitement among, the pupils and teachers, 

Ike /'It, Nebo School was located where Plckview Road crosses 
Betty Dugan Qreek. Mary A. Qasey was the teacher, beglnniny ker 
career at the aye of fourteen and teaching, for fifty-seven years. 
Sometime prior to 78^5 Ike decapitated body of an unlmown traveller 
was found in the area. One day a resident, John Payne, met the ghost 
of tills unfortunate stranyer; and for years followlny 'Payne's experience 
I'liss Qasey would dismiss school early on the short winter days, so 

ike ckiidnen could yet home *afely befo/ie du*h* when ike gko*i took 

hi* walk* 


With meat pnice* ike. way ikey one, Li might be. intefi&*tiny 
io ifieniijon an eanJjy *eitlen. by ike name of Bob Holt who wa* *evenal 
iimc* indlcied fon. *iealing. hoy* and who shocked ihe monal *en^ibiUxtx&* 
of. ike public by confe**iny ikai he had *iolsn hoy*, bui not ike one* 
changed, and ikai he would *teal hoy* whenever he wanted io* Thi*, 
flohn*on teJJU u*, did not iken look a* bad a* it would now, because 
hoy* wene of no gneat value and nan half wild and chiefly took cane of 



The Mc/Cinley-Snyan campaign, of 78^6 wa* a hoi i**ue in 
fleffen*on (ounty* Aiihouyh women iken wene denied ike vote, neven~ 
tkele** ikey fonmed and *iaunckiy *iood fo/i ikein own political 

Attending a B/iyan /tally in flit* Vennon we/ie a Hon*e Q/ieek 
family* flame* and ffkzllie til 'amen and ikein. two boy*, (lyde, who wa* on. foun, and Hill, unden two* Politically, the family wo* 
divided, flame* being, a Democnat and ffallie a Republican, a venjy *inony 
Repubtican, a* we *haJLi *ee* 

A* *oon a* the U/annen* annived in town fatken. flame* bought 
a B/iyan cap fon *on (Jjyde* fib iken. Mallie immediately bought a Repub- 
lican cap fon. baby Hill* The nxiily wa* long, ike day wa* wanm, and 
ike baby yot tined and had io be cannJLedi Howeven, papa il/annea would 
not canny ike baby a* long, a* he wane ike Republican cap, and moiken. 
fihllie would not nemove ike headyean a* iony a* *on Qlyde wane ike 
Democnatic cap* Meiiken would give in, *o f'k** I'Jannen cannied ike 
baby ike eniine day, ike baby yeitiny heavien by ike ho an* fne*umably, 
ike expedience did not *often moiken. fihllie'* f'eeliny* iowand ike 

Democnatic Ranty* 


No anikoloyy *uch a* iki* would be complete without a bit of 
eanly *upen*iition — on. Jus "folk lone" a betien, ienm? Thi* ha* io do 
with a Hoop Snake which, a* eveny one know*, JU* able io g/ia*p it* 
tail in it* mouth and noli mennily fnom hitken io yon* The bite of 


ike Hoop Snake. Ld venomous* Tkene Ld a vervofmud diing&i at ike. tip 
of. Lid tail* Funtkenmone, Li dee/Ad ikai Hoop Snake bodied exkude a 
venomoud dubdiance* Of counde, ddence doedn f i duppont duck neponid, 
bui who in. ike wonld would, even, ikink of accepting, ddence. a* againdi 
ike voices of expedience? On duck dionied, howtven, ike o/ideat 
always wad ex.penJuen.ced by. anoiken* pnefenably a nelaiive* 

Thid tale woa /legated by, D/u ft. B* §uiknJLe, Padton ftnenitud 
of ike Findt fnedbytenian Qwnck of (t\t* Vennon, who got ike diony fnom 
a dick patient* fnedumabty ike event happened In Jeffendon (punty. 

Acco/iding, to ike dick patientf an aunt — a young, ginl in 
hen. eanly ieend — wad picking, blac/ibennLed along, a padiune lane, 
wliick had a condidenable gAade* Heanina a noide ike aunt looked up, 
and one can imagine hen ho/uw/i at deeing, a giaanitc Hoop Snake /wiling, 
down ike paik at a iennific dpeed dinecily towandd hen* The aunt 
doag,ed behind a inee, and jjudt banely in time* So clode wad ike 
nepiillian hoi-nod ikai Li dcnaped dome bank fnom ike inee. ad it 
flodked by and tone an expoded con/ten. fnom hen. dkini* 

Now, in ikode dayd ieen~ag,e daughiend did ikein own mending* 
nepiile. on, no nepiile, do ike auntie pnoceeded to nepaLn ike damage 
cauded by ike Hoop Snake, Aften dewing on ike patch ike aunt dLdCOvened 
that dhe had no dciddond wiik hen, do dhe bit the iknead in two, i'Jitkin 
ten minuted dhe wad dead, ike poidon wad do potent* And becaude ike 
dnake had dcnaped against ike inee inunk, neiiken did ike edcape 
ike effect* of ike poison — it failed to leaf out ike following 

dpning, and by middummen wad auite dead, 


Hoi only wene ike wayd of ikede pioneen deitlcsid not oun 
wayd, bui ike dedcnipiive ienmd ikey uded one aldo dtnangc* On 
$ohndon f d "RecolleciLond" we find duck ienmd ad "dkelped down, " 
"buiiin-poled, " "weight poled, " "kneed, " "donched meal, " "fJLnmUy, " 
and meiheglin, " which ladi deemed to be a home-made dnink made wiik 
honeycomb, Of duck ienmd one unfamilian to ud, it can be expected 
that i/wde pioneend might have inouble wiik "video, " "nock and noil" 
and oiken duck expneddiond, could ikey be duddenly introduced to oun, 
timed, Howeven, many ienmd would be mutually undendiood — when ikode 



men, for instance^ s poke. of a "w^ll-^uilt filly" we know that they 
weren't always talking, about a horse. 


A majority of. ike people kepi Sunday as a day of. worship 
and of sacred rest. Ton. ward, of a church ike men would at 
private homes. However, in a new settlement, churches were among, ike 
first pub Lie buildinys io be built. At ike time of this waiting, {7 $62 J 
ike {tit, Olive (kurck, built of toys in 78UO and located southeast of 
olu^ond, is the oldest church structure in Jefferson (ounty, 

foknson's description of a typical "going, io ckunck" Ld 
repeated verbatim: 

See them come in, Hene comes a family in a home-made canty 
with wheels sawed out of a big, too, and drawn by a uoke of cattle* 
ne/ie comes a younaen man on horseback, with his wife behind him. 
Here comes anoiker. walking, wiik ike tanner children, while hLa wife 
/tides wiik a child bekind hen, and one in ken lap. But most of them 
come on foot, "in twos and threes and fours, " chatting, along, ike path 
noaetker, Ikeir clothes one clean, white, yellow, /ted, blue, brown, 
on. cheeky all clean; ikein. shoes, if tkey kave any, cleaned up and 
greased; the women in ikein sunbonneis and ike men in ikein newest 
*tnaw hats; all in gjood shape, Ike preacher stands, .,,, preaches Long, 
and loud, and the brethren era "amen. " ike women shout, and all go 
home happy. " v * ' * 

— L, A, Dearinaer 

mgngs of ihi Ai^p(m rqioujjoon 

On $uly 2$, 7978, a group of ladies met at ike home of /firs, 
william I , face io onaani^e a chapter of ike Daughters of Hie American 
Revolution, i'lrs. face had been appointed Onyani^ing, Reyent by the 
f resident general of ike National Society, Daughters of the American 
Revolution, whose headquarters are at {Washington, Q, Q, 

I hen, as today, only direct descendants of Revolutionary 
solxbcers or those whose ancestors gave material aid io ike colonies 
were eligible for membership in ike D. A, R, To perpetuate ike 
memory and the spirit of ike men and women who achieved American 
independence, thirty- five women signed for membership; thirteen were 
resident members; twenty-two were non-resident members, //lis group of 
thirty-five women represented ike branches of eigjii Revolutionary 


• . 


■ . . 


. . 



At ike org.anl^atiofial meeting, officers were selected and 
committees appointed. Of the ihtriy^pu^e chanter member, ikree still 
kold membership In 'Joel face (hapten MU* Isabel favey, wkose moiker, 
Isabella face favey, wo* a gyiand^daugkieA of Joel face; fa* Alice K. 
Qummlngs, ike. first treasurer of ike chapter; and MU* Nell Jane Kelt, 
who was registrar of ike chapter fo/i many years. 

Tke chapter organised in. 7978 was named Joel face (hapten fan. 
Joel face, S/u, head of one of Jefferson (puniy's best known families* 
He enlisted In ike. Qontinenial A/my in Henry (punty, Virginia, in 
/>kuick 7779, and tewed eigkieen moniks. HlA ancestors were Insiru- 
menial in. saving. Jamestown and many, of ike colonists pwm ike massacre 
of 7622. Joel'* grandfather, flckard face, kad befriended an Indian 
who, in turn, Informed hts pale- face friend af ike Indians ' impending, 
aiiack and enabled scores of colonists io flee to ike blockade befo/ie 
ike /ledmen came on ike pitiful band of settlers* 

Joel face, S/u, came io Jefferson Qpunty io jjoin ike family, 
of hts ton, Joel face, Jr. Ike senior face died in 78J7 and U bunted 
In face Qemetery neon, fili, Vennon, JUlnols, 

i ! Je know of two oiken f evolutionary soldiers who are bunted 
in Jefferson Qpunty: IJllliam Tony, bunted at Old Union Qemetery; and 
feier Owen, bunted at fleasani (j/iove Qemetery. Joel face Qkapier kad 
kad ike graves of ikese soldiers manhed and kept in good condition. 

Among, ike many oiken. activities of Joel face Qkapier wad 
ike dedication of a bronze tablet to ike memony of Abnakam Lincoln 
on November 22, 7923, Appropriate ceremonies preceded ike placing 
of ikls permanent historical marker on a building, on A'orik I enik 
Street In /'It, Vernon. This bronze plate marks ike spot wkere an 
address was gM/en by Abraham Lincoln. 

Ike work of ike Daughters of ike American Revolution Includes 
that of pairioitc education, historical researck, ike preventing, of 
desecration of ike flag, ike creation of an Interest for and a respect 
of ike flag, conservation of good roads and old trails, Americani- 
zation, and Iniennatlonal relations. 

--Nell J. Kell 



fifocallen Dinmiddle wad bonn in dlaveny on Decemben 4, 7oh6, 
in iMddouni. HJL6 fatken had come, piom Afnica and wad in dlaveny all 
of kid life, in AmenJLca and poddihiy befo/ie Ae wad b nought to Amenica* 
young, /'hcallen Dinwiddle dpent ike foidt yeani of hid life in M^ouftl, 
whene ke wad owned by a family, named Qanten who lived in Ononion, 

Veny toon aflei ike Qivil Wan. wad oven, /ihcollen Dinwiddle 
and kid bnotkend wene taken to a place in Texad to be h.eld a* dlaved* 
Tkein fatken wo* left in Ononion* filUdouni, and the. Dinwiddle bnoikem 
did not yet know that the wan wad oven wken tkey wene ;tahcn to I exad, 
Ot id not now known wketken on. not f<k. Qanten. had planned to dell on. 
inade t/ie bnoikend, on. wketken ke intended to keep ikem fon kimdelf. 

The bnoikend wene contacted by a fniend of ikelnd in a dho/ii 
time afien iliein annlval In Texad and wene infonmed fon. the findt time 
that the wan had ended and thai they wene* No one now can inula 
neall^e what a ihnill it wad fon. the Dinwiddle baud to leann that fon. 
ike findt time in t/iein eniine live* tkey had ike fneedom wkick whiie 
people had always taken fon. ananted, Oun couniny id diill dinugylung, 
to penfect iliid fneedom fon all men, witk all ilxe nlghid, pnlvileyed 
and nedpondibiliiled wkick go wLtk it, and we have need of muck fuoiiken 
pnognedd; but what a comfo/it it modi have been to ikede young, men to 
know i/iat tkey wene no ionyen ike p/iopenty of anotken and that kence- 
fonih tkey would be ziedpondiole only to ikemdelved and to Qod, I hey 
joyfully neiunned to tkein home in Ononlon, IMddouni. 

ftacallen Dinwiddle wad not yet nineteen yean* of aye wken'' 
wan. Between ike Staled came to an end* He n.emained in (>iiddounl fon 
dome tlrae, wad mannied ikene and kad one child pnlon. to coming, to 
OUinold, He wad mannied to £tlen Tiuddeli in Ononion, filiddOLUii, about 
ike uean 7875* 

/>ln. t Dinwiddle dpent kid eniine life ad a fanmen. He came 
to Jeffendon Qounty, Jllinoid pnlon. to 7^00, but ike exact yean id 
unknown. He findi deiiled on a fanm doutk of .Joodlawn whene he dpent 
a few yeand. Then ke punckaded a fanm in Section I wo of Skiloh 
Towndkip whene ke nemained until hid aeaih. Hid daugkien, h\nd, 
Hanny young, and ken kudband now live on tkid dame fanm. 











■ " i 






/'hcallen Dinwiddle inuly aomj Alaveny in Ha fulleAi, bui kid 
life woa an ouiAiandlna dernonAiruanUjon ikai he woa woniky of ike fneedom 
ke had necelved. He departed ikiA Life, on AuyuAi 1, 7%% and kiA 
body. JLleA bunled in ike 9» 0. 0, F, Qemeieny, IJoodlawn, OllinolA, 

(Onfonmaiion on ike Life of fik, Dinwiddi e woa funnldked by, 
hid daugkien, /'InA, Ha/uiy i/ouna, Woodlawn, QJJjLnoiA 9 J 

Ccutrry ?gsoNAUJTj& 

(l aken fjiom anilcleA wniiien in ike ftU, Vennon ReyiAienJ^ewA 
by L, A Oeaninyen) 

Up in Rome TownAklp, aboui iwo mile* beyond Qnage Point, wad 
Budiown, Ai one iime ikiA eanly inadiny cenien could boaAi of a Alone, 
a ynLdi mill, and a b lackdmiik Ahop. The AmHky woa an accompllAlxed 
wonken in Inon; one, ii Aeemed, who could nepain o/i maize JmaI aboui 
eveny iooi on Implement uAed on a foam, 

/'lany men of ioday have hobbleA — flAnlny, playing, golf* 
phoiognaphy, wnlilny, HobbleA one noi new, one noi neceAAonily ike 
neAuli of IncneaAed lelAune, Oun Amiiky ai Budiown had a hobby. On 
kiA Apane iime he liked io make died, on. moidd, which when filled wiik 
mo lien Lead pnoduced half~aollanA having, a nemankable neAemb lance io 
ike legjal coin* uAed ai ike iime, TheAe ApunlouA coin* wene paAAed 
io painonA in ike counAe of making, chanye, Pooling, i/ieAe coin* quickly 
bnougki ike black.Amiik an inviiaiion io an exiended Aojounn in ike 
Fedenal HcaI Home ai Leavenwonik, KanAaA, While a yucAi of ike govenn- 
meni oun Amiik mei oiken unlucky counienfeiienA, fnom whom he leanned 
dome of ike finen poiniA of die makiny. Upon kit neleoAe fnom pnlAon 
oun blackdmiik Aoon dlAcovened ikai ke AillL had much io ieann aboui 
mailing, dleA, ao back ayain io Leavenwonik, Afien kid second incancen- 
aiion noihiny mone Ia keand aboui ^effenAon Qpuniy' A counienfeHen, 
Which, penkapA, iA j.uAi oa well, Tke public hoA Utile inieneAi in 
ike unAucceAAful, especially unAucceAAful counienfeiienA, 

-0- -0- -0- -0- 

One of ike vLciimA of ike Budiown counienfaiien woa one 
Hewi Bnown, gAxindfaiken of /Vewl Baowo, (\t* Vennon dnuyyldi. Newt Bnown, 


tlie asiandfathen,, not the djiwgalAi, was one of a family, of Steven boy* 
and fowl glnls. Q/iandfathen. Brown became, a. farmer, and. a p/ieacher. Ot 
had been claimed that f/ieachen, B/iown wo* well able, to cope wHk sin and 
sinne/is, anywhe/ie ke found either, 

One day. f arson B/iown bought a mule, a very stubborn, canton- 
kerous mule, the handling of which chalienaed to the utmost the parson's 
ability to cope. 'Preachers, a* everyone knows, are even-tempered, mild 
of speech, and kind to men and beast*. And the mule never wo* bo/uz 
which wouldn r i take advantage of such a situation. One day i± happened 
Tilled with the impatience of Job — Job, i± must be known, was the 
most impatient of men -~ with his bare fist Preacher Brown smote the 
mule mlahtlly upon Jut* note, Oi has been /lelated that the parson 
suffer*! no injury piom such a blow, but the mule carried throughout 
Itsd mulelsh career a /sizeable tump as a memento of the occasion. rU 
Preacher Brown's remark* were not /lepo/iied, about the only observation 
left Id thai mules appa/tently a/ie no respecters of parsons. 

Accordlna to Newt Brown, t/ie auryylst, not the grandfather, 
Newt Brown, the grandfather., not the druaglsi, stood six. feet ilviee and 
was well-built. !/et, he was the /wot among, the brothers, .llxat a bas- 
ketball team those seven B/iown brothers would have been! Unfortunately, 
basketball had not ilien been Invented* 

* •* * * 

..ft A An A fir. 

Jesse A. Dees when a boy originated the old Nashville road. 
He and some friends were camped out on the I'Jesi Fo/ik (of t/ie Muddy. J 
when a man came along, and asked one of them to pilot him across the 
country. In the direction of tlie Beaucoup settlement. Jesse undertook 
the job, and the inail w/ilch they made was followed by others and soon 
became a path. i'Jhen the /toad was Located It followed thi* path ^rom 
the cneek to the county tine. Then the other county took it. up and 
followed It on to Beaucoup. The pnesent hand /wad to Nashville follows 
ini* old /load In many places. 


fill. Vernon Township High School Is the successor, of tlie old 
I'hU Vennon Qiiy High School, which graduated Juts fljist class in lo8k. 
On 7 88 J the fatponent, a /i]t. Vejmon neu)6pape.n > /taponied that the city 


had nine. ieackend, eight of whom wene. teaching, ike lowen. gnaded and 
one ike high dckool, 

An alumni. second of. 7^06 lldtd fa L Fnokock ad dupenlnten- 
dent and ike fallowing, ad membend of ike (ladd of 788U: Qnace ?lummen, 
hany §owenlock, ftblile Hawkins, Kaie Hodi, Lillian flohndon, Mamie Hayed, 
(lanence Lyon, Nellie Kllnken, £tia (nowden, Amy. Downen, £mma Hoffman, 
Viola Stungldd, Minnie Kellen, and fihny Pannldk. Oiken. dupenintendentd 
duning, ike yeand 788j io 7 Q 05 wene Iff. Q Bannhant, S. ft ftcRea, fohn 8. 
HlckoU, A. 0, fteubeli, fa 7. £1LU, H. fa AbsL*, and £ £. Van (lev e. 

Ike city high school wad locaied ai Sixik and Hannidon Stn.eeid, 
in ike Fnanhlin School building, u/klck had been condinucied In 786J, 
Sclwold wene dldnupted by ike cyclone of 7888 wklck dedtnoyed ike 
F/ianklin School, and Odcan 0, Silick wad ike lone member of ike (ladd 
of 7888. Fkene wene no gnaduaied In 788% Afien ike cyclone ike 
FnankUn School wad rebuilt and ike high school wad conducied tkene 
until [June, 7<?05. 

Ike cunnlculum of ike old fibL V ennon High School dinedded 
ike academic dubj,ecid and gave pAomlnence io Latin, penman and ike 
claddlcd. (pimxencementd wene elabonate wlik each membe/i of ike cladd 
being, zieaulfied io give an o/iailon. Ike laiten custom wad modified in 
7<]00 wken only ike valedlcio/ilan, ike dalutaionUan, and foun oihend 
gave onatlond. Beginning, in 788*} dtudentd of i/ie school published a 
monthly mayaglne called The Rodina wklck contained dtonled, eddayd, 
poemd, and school newd, Spontd wene not dinedded, but tkene wad dome 
competition wlik oiken dckooLi In loach and badeball and dunlny ike 
laten yean* In football. On 7°00 fthU V ennon jalned ike Souikenn 
OlLinold Onaio/ilcal and Athletic Addo elation, Ike oiken. dchoold in 
the addo elation wene DuQuoin, Benton, McLeandbona, Fain field and 
Flo/ia. On 7^00 content* wene keld In [t\t. V ennon wlik filt. V ennon taking, 
findi In intellectual event* but founih in aihletlcd. 

On /ijay, 7^0§, ike filt. V ennon (liy High School came io an 
end, being, replaced by ike newly-onaanlged /'It, V ennon Fowndhip High 
School. On ike pentad 788k io 7<J05 ike old school had gnadjuated 788 
dtudentd. Among, ltd gnaduaied wene numenoud budlneddmen, ieackend, 
colleae pnofeddo/id, minldtend, lawyend, and oiken. pn.o feddlonal men and 



On September, 7°0S, ike />)i+ Vernon Town*klp Higk School 
replaced ike old city klgk *ckooJL Ike ierAitoAy included not only, 
ilxe city of. fibt, Vernon but ike entuic />H, Vernon 7own*kip» Ot ka* a 
*epanaJbe boand of education and I* not a part of ike /'bt* Vernon city, 
school *y*tem* 

On 7° 03 ike people of ike iown*kip kad voted to e*iablUk a 
iown*klp kink school and elected a boand of edu.caii.on, but because of 
*ome tecknlcality ike pnoceexLiny* were declared illegal, and a new 
*iart wa* made in 7°0k, On ike boand elected in 7°0k wen.e Frank 
Snyder, president, <J. H. ttiickeU, $. 0. Harlow, /*. % (pcfvixm, and 
W, I'J. Psu.ce. 

Tkl* boand purcka*ed a *Lte at Seventk Street and (a*ey 
Avenue, Jke fui*t building,, now known a* Building, B, wa* begun, in 
September, 7° Ok, completed in July, 7°0S, and dedicated on August 15, 
7°0S. Oi* coat wa* about $*tO, JOO, 

The school opened September 7, 7° OS, wiik Jame* f<i Dlck*on 
a* principal and a *iaff of *ix teacker*. The flr*i teacker* were 
Rengo (Cuckelnjoy, /ill** Lillian Barton, ML&4 Oda Bond, Silo* £ckold, 
f' ] l** Lily §ubelman and (Als* ftkuiy Maxwell, Tke enrollment for ike first 
yean, wa* 760 — JO boy* and °0 ginl*. 

On ike beginning, ike cumlculum included academic and science, 
course*, ike only exception* being, *tenogna.pky, iypewnJuiing, manual 
training, and drawing, Tke (la** of 7°06, ike first da** to graduate, 
from ike new school, kad only iklnteen member*, graduate* of iki* 
cla** were Alice Blackburn, Qeono,e Qolllns, Doris Damon, (anl Hayse, 
£llen Hinckley, QeorgLa Howand, Ray Livingston, Qana 'Price, Ilex. Hob or, 
Qclltk Taylo/i, Alabama Junnley, Ben Wand, and Qecil t'Jillls, 

Upon tke retirement of f'fo, Dickson in 7° 7 5, Silo* (ckols 
became, ike *econd p/unclpal. He kad been a teacker. in tke *ckool 
*lnce it* beginning, in 7° OS. On 7°7S ike enrollment kad gjiown to 260, 
and ikere were j6 gnaduate* in ike Qlas* of 7° 76, 

Enrollment declined *ligktly in 7° 77 and 7°7o during, I'Jo/dd 
wan. One, In wklck 770 gnaduate* on. former *tudenis senved in ike anmed 

Oncreased enrollment often, ike wan. led to ike addition of a 
*econd building, to ike *ckool plant, Ike first building, wklck *ome 









people, had said was muck too larae and would never, be. filled, had be- 
come, inadequate* The second building, located at the soutkeasi corner, 
of. Sixth.! and Qasey Avenue was completed in 7° 27 and is now known 
as Building. Q. The f.ooiba,il field known as V ennois Field was built 
and dedicated in 7° 33* 

By 7° 35 ike enrollment had grown to 503, and iJxree new 
buildings — an auditorium, a aymnoMam, and an additional class/worn 
building, — were begun* Tkese wene built as aUJ* P, A* pnoj.ect and 
wene put into use in 7yj6 and 7° 37* 

When ike United States entered Wo/dd Wan Two, ike high school 
did muck to furtkeA. ike wan. effort* Ot participated in. many. patAiotic and sold tkousands of dollaAS wo/iik of bonds and stamps* 
School shops were expanded and eauipped witk machines and equipment 
fjiom ike old f&A buildings, and adult, courses were organised to train 
machinists, welders, and blue p/tint readers, who were muck in demand* 
To supplement ike food supply ike school openated a summer cannery at 
ike ft!/A camp. The output of this was more than. 75j 000 cans per yean* 

Ike honor roll of formen students who se/ived in. World War I wo 
contains mo/ie than $00 names. Of these, 65 wene killed o/i died in ser- 

3n 7°ttf fiht £chols retired* Me had served ten years as a 
teacher in ike schools and ikisiiy-iwo yeans as its principal* During, 
these fonty-two yeans he had seen ike school gnaw in enrollment from 
760 to 7300, The faculty had inaieased fnom six. to forty-eigkt* Tke 
school plant had grown fnom one building, to five witk a /leplacement 
value of ^00,000, Bonds to ike amount of J250,000 had been voted and 
plans made fo/i a new vocational building, but because of ike wan. this 
was not begun until 7^^°, 

I he curriculum had been broadened to include many vocational 
and cultural counses, such as industrial ants, agriculture, homemaking, 
business education, ant and music* On vocational training, four three- 
hour vocational counses in drafting, machine shop, electricity, and 
auto shop had been added. 

Robert L, filcQpnnell succeeded (i)n* £ckols as principal* Before 
coming to /<li* Vernon ke had served as principal at Anna-Jonesbono and 


Duning, his administration a new ikAee^kowi cowise in building, 
iAodes was added, and ike students began ike pAoj,ect of building a 
modenn home each. yean on. each two yeans* Additional fund* wene voted 
foA ike new vocational building whick b/iouakt ike toiaJL up io $550, 000, 
Ike building was en.eci.ed In 7<}tf and 7$5& New ieAAiioAy was taken 
into ike disiAict and Ltd a/iea eventually gAew fnom ikiniy^six. scMane 
miles io 2/2 sauoAe miles, so ikai it became necessary io use sevenal 
buses io iAonspont ike students, 

Wiik ike Aesignaiion of. /'K fik(pnnell In 'June, 7950, AAikwi 
i'libyand become ike. fiounik principal or. supeAiniendeni, a* ike chief 
odminiAiAoio/i is now called. He kad foAmeAly senved nine, yeans a* 
ieacken and dean of. boy* in ike school and came back io ML VeAnon puvn 
(kebanse, Ollinois, uAene ke kad been supeAiniendeni, 

I hnee onrdJi&mjob tnaining pAogAoms wene added io ike. cua* 
ULCuJjm — e f puce. occupaiions, disJAibuiive education, and diveASified 
occupation** On office occupations students acquire skill* and qao~ In monnina clashes at school and spend the afternoon wonhing 
in uptown offices undeA ike supervision of ikein employer and ike kigk 
school coordinator* On ike oiker couAses ike same pAocedure is followed 
except ikai ike students wonk in sio/ies oa in facioAies and shop*. 

Ike new vocational building, was put into use in September, 
1950, and wiik ike added facilities fiH* VeAnon Township Hiok Sckooi 
became, one of ike outstanding, kigk schools in ike state foA vocational 

On OctobeA 21-22, 7955, ike. school celebAoted its fifiietk 
onruM^ASQAu wiik a series of class reunions and oikeA events which 
ended wiik a banauet attended by. mone ikan t+50 graduates and friends 
of ike school. At this banquet //it. (chols was especially. honored and 
contAibutuins made io a scholarship fund to be called ike Silas £chols 
S&toloAskip Fund, 

On OctobeA 2°, 7955, ike voieAS of ike disiAict autkoAigcd 
ite. establishment of a jjunioA college. The school name now became 
fllit VeAnon Township High Sckooi and Qommuniiy Qplleg.e, 

College wonk began in 79 5& wiik 776 enrolled in dag classes 
0ru *- 79 in night classes. Some college, classes meet in ike kigk school 
buildings and some, in a remodeled apariment building acAoss ike street 




. ■ .. . 




■ ' 




•• . ' 

. . 

' . ■ '..■.'.- 

' . ■ ■ . ■ 


' ■ ■ 














fnom ike hJugh Ackool campus. 3n 7967 an additional dwelling, woa ac- 
auined fon, a temponxmy college office* 

Ike. college kaA maintained ike AtandandA and cnlienla of ike 
SliinoJU Siaie Department of (ducation and of ike University of. 31U- 
noiA and receives full recognition from eacA, before ike colleg,e 
opened about 22 pen cent of ike local kiak Ackool graduates went on 
io college; now about SO pen. cent enroll 

Dr. /'lilward, who kad attained kiA doctor 1 a in 7 L ]oO f 
resigned in 'June, 7967, having, Aerved a* Auperiniendent fan. eleven 
yeajiA. He woa succeeded by. (JUUU rlenAon, wko kad prev.iously been 
Auperiniendent of HarriAburg, Township High. School Linden, ike adrnin- 
Ldiyiaiion of I'lr. flenson ike school iA continuing, Ha growi/i and pro- 



On September, 7967, a school of practical nursing, for adults 
was add-ed io ike Vocational Department of ike colleye, 3i offend a 
one-year course and enable* adults io meet i/ie reauirei.ients fon. li- 
cenAes as practical nurAeA, 3i Id houAed in a remodeled, residence at 
Jixi/i Street and (asey Avenue, 

3n 7962 ike people of ike district voted bonds io ike amount 
°f <>993> 000 io build a new classroom building, io remodel Building, 8, 
io p/iovide a new keating. plant, and to modernise oiker buildings. Ike 
new building, it io be completed in 1 '96 J. 

I ke school is well represented in oryani/aiions end acii-vitt-es, 
Representing, ike views of ike students iA ike Student (ouncil, org,an- 
iy.ed in 797% 3t Ia now made up of a boy. and a girl elected by, eack and a boy and a ginl t uiom ike senior cIoaa elected t Jiom tlxe 
Aclxool at larg,e. TkiA council iA ike yuiding, oraanizaiion of all 
Aiudent oraanizationA. 

I ke Hi-7/ii League, a character training, onaanization fon. 
gJjoiA originated in I'li, Vennon Township High Scliool in 792$, 3t woa 
on.ganig.ed by ft lis A (onnelia Pien.ce, ike finAi dean of girls, 3i i^ a 
cit.anten.ed oroanizaiion and kaA become state-wide, 

3i iA one of ike two schools in ike Aiaie to win four Aiaie 
cJwsapionAhipA in basketball, (kampionsliips were won in 7920, 79^9) 
7950 and 795 l[ » 3n ike earlier dayA of ike AcJwol wken debating, woa in 
vogue, iJie. debating, trains vx>n many victories including. sout/iern 



Olllnols champlon4hlp4. On later years 4chool musicians have won many, 
honors, these Include. State ttuslc Sweep4takes (hamplon4Jii,p4 in 79^9$ 
l%h 1956, 1157, 7967, and 7962. 

The Vernols, 4chool yearbook, and ike Vernols Hew4, ike 
4tudent new4paper, nave maintained high 4iandaras, Ike V ernois llew4 
won HSfA /ill-American ratings for 4 even yean*, 7 9^7-1 9 S 1 *! ^^ again In 
7956. 3t wa4 aUo QSPA inedalist In 79^8 and 79^9. 

During ike pLpt.ij.-4 even years of lis history, l<ii. Vernon 
Township High School and Qommunlty College' 4 enrollment ha* grown from 
7oO to 7635 **■ ike high school and piom 795 in ike college to j4o. 
Ike high school graduates numb en o,OJj, and ike numb en of. teachers and 
ad,ilnl4irator4 has Increased jjiom 4ix. to eighty.* The campus had grown 
In 4lze from one-half block to mo/ie than two blocks, and the numb en of 
buildings from one to 4even* Onsiead of four years' wo/ik It now offers 
***■ — four In high school and two In college. 

The 4ckooV 4 4ervlce to ike public ha4 also been greatly 
Increased, Ot4 original curriculum wa4 chiefly college preparatory, 
liOw In addition to college preparation, It offers vocational training 
j.o/1 tho4e who do not plan to go to college and a comprehensive program 
In homemaklng, fori girls who will become housewives. Ant, mu4lc, liter- 
ature, 4oclal activities , club 4, and 4 ports p/wmoie the app/ieclatlon of 
ilxe fine arts and the enjoyment of leisure time. 

To further Increase Lis 4envlce ike 4clwol ha4 added a pro- 
grara of adult education. From a 4mall beginning during World I'Jar Two 
the proojwm has grown to Include as diany as twenty-one courses, enrolling 
6 00 or more In a 4lngle year. For the adults there are high 4chool and 
co tie ye courses In typing, dres4ma/ilng, carpeni/ii c, welding,, auto 
meclianlcs, agriculture, fjrglish, matkemailc4, and a ho4i o^ other 4ub- 

The 4chool has long been recognized for li4 high 4iandards of 
4ckolarsklp and wlik Its expanded program of 4ervlce to all people <?/- 
ike community has become one o^. the mo4t progres4lve 4chools In t/ie 
4tate, C veJl y- g&iA- numerous vlsltor4 come, even 4ome from foreign 
countries, to 4tudy Its program and methods. On the past ike 4chool 
has been an Important factor In ike moral, Intellectual, cultural and 
economic development of filt, Vernon, and will continue 40 In ike future, 

— htepared by LLQJD #. D^JOTT 




. . , 




■ • 


• ■ 

■ ■ • 

..■...■■■ '..;., 

.'.■■' ' ■ 

■ ■ " ■ 








THq m />1ffH0fflST (Hffl(H 

The /'leihodiAi £piACOpal (kuAck South of Dix woa organised 
in 7 063, Among, the fiAAt memberA were I<h. and (<\aa. cj^p^ 1 JiMb&tly 
and S. '■). (arpenter and family. At ike time the early kUio/w. of 
JefferAon (ounty woa wAitten, there we^e about ninety memberA. rev- 
erend Qlaybourne JhitAon waA the miniAier and ( J, (<\. I'lcQormich woa 
Sunday School S uperintendent, 

The chuAch, a brick AtAuctare, woa built about 7 06 5 and waA 
about jfy by SO feet in. Aige. Ji woa deACAibed aA an "excellent brick 
AiructuAe. " The rock for the foundation woa hauled from the 1 raiAte 
farm. eaAi of Dix, now known aA the TiuAAel Stroup farm, by 'Jap and Liae 
Haw'iinA, then about fifteen yearA olxL The brickd were made in a 
b /lick kiln on the no/ith Aide of the farja now owned by black HayeA, I hey 
were made by Uncle Sammy Qarpenter. 

A ('\eihodiAt (j)iAcopal (huAch woa built in Home about 7o6y. 
Ji waA a frame building,; in fad, it iA Aiill /lefefiJied to oa 'like 
old -frame church. " ThiA building, woa appro xinaiely 3& by ^0 feet 
and coAt the Icuige Aum of J'JOOO. On the eighties ihiA church woa 
liAied oa having, about fifty memberA, with Rev, Bowyer aA miniAier and 
Jilliam AyeAA oa Sunday School Superintendent. I'lany yearA Inter ihiA 
church cloAed and mo At Of. the membejiA tn.anAfenA.ed to the b/iick church. 
I he j[Jiame chuAch woa Aemodeled and foA many yeaAA woa uAed by the 
Dhc jAade School and the Dix High School. 

I he bnJLck chuAch, now iynown oa the Dix hleihodiAt Qhuro'i, haA 
been Aemodeled. A baAeraent and a modem oil furnace and claAAAOom 
ojie ho uAed in it, A lobby and two more cloAAAOomA weAe ad>.ed in 7 $6 2. 
The baAement, AtoAted in 7^S^j ^cla made poAAible by a becuett fAom 
I'Iaa, Oacoa FieldA, who before her maAAiage woa Lena Haw/zinA. A beauedt 
by fiAA. Salter ( l\iley, whoAe husband woa formerly the mayoA of Dix, alto 
helped. Several other donations were received, and much o^ the work 
woa done by the memberA. 

I he church haA been redecorated, an organ inA tailed, and 
undeji the paAiorate of 'Rev. HoAemary HarriA iA malting great progjieAA. 
' im Tom Jarren iA the present church Achool Auperiniendent. An active 
churcli Achool, (i).y.F., pAayesi meeting and 'J oman 1 a Society of QuiiAiian 
service, oa well oa a Vacation Bible School under, the direction o r 

btAA, y/tace Doui/uJi, are maintaJjted, 

— By '/lev. HoAeinary 'larrLd 



(Qccenpts {.nam a papen pnepaned by Denven /'iaJonald and n.e- 
pnod.uced in quantity by tke i<\i. Vennon (Jxamben. of QommenceJ 

On November, 1 86 J, Pnesident rib/iaham Lincoln, spoke his 
memo /table. wonds at Cfettysbuna, while Ike outcome of tlxe titanic 
stnuyale of tke Qivil Jan. was veny muck in doubt* Ike following, 
month a son was bo/m to 'Jesse and Fannie Saundet (jnmenAon, I ke boa 
was named Louis Lincoln (mmenson, /to named because his g/iandfatken 
allan rrrmenson' s two lenms in tke State Leyislatu/xe with nbnakard Lin- 
coln liad. caused tke r amily to kave undying, nespect fo/i i/'ie man wko 
now ao cousic.aeouslu tnied to /lemold tke countnn into one cjieal united 
gjioup o^ stated, 

I ke name Qivnenson is an old and kono/iable one and kas been 
traced, baok to Qialand pnJuon to tke yean, lUOO. On 7ojo pioneens of 
tlxe Amenican b/ianck of tke family came to Opswick, !<)ojdSachusetls, with 
tke Punitojxs. Fnom thence, ancestons of Louis L, Qimenson went to V in- 
gJLnia, laten to Kentucky, to Indiana; and in ToTJ Louis' gjiand^athen. 
Allan moved to Ollinois. 

L, L, Qnmenson's mothen. was a native of Swit^.enland. iiiA 
'jjatken. was a man of s tenting, integ/iity, a man wko fneauently senved 
kid community as a public official in office* of high tnusl. On tke 
stinning, dat.cs Jjust befo/ie tke Qivil .'Jan. ke was elected the skeniff of 
(jha/icU Qpunty, Ollinois, and won distinction by tke efficiency of kis 
ad.iiais;tn.ajtion at a time wken being, skeniff was veny ka^andous. 

Ike finst decade of young. Louis' li r e was a time of stinjxing, 
event* in tke nation. Skenraan ma/icked to tke sea and captained Savannak. 
Lincoln was ne-elected. Lee sunji.enden.ed at Appomattox, I ke /itlanjtcc 
Qabte was laid. I ice iilu Klux. Klan was ong.anig.ed and coixtnolled ttxe 
Soutlx tlxnouoh Lean, and violence. Hebnaska was adj.iitteci to tke Union. 
Alaska, was punckased. Pnesident Jolinson was impeached.. Tke finst 
nailnoad to the Pacific was completed. Joss I weed lost contnol o r l*ew 
yonJi, and tlxe Panic of 7oyj was just beginning, to become a gnim neality* 
Diuiing, tlxis tnoubted peniod of oun national life, veny little can be 
leanned about Louis, who had now ynown to the aye of ten. Ot i^ as- 
sumed., koweven, that ke was gswwing, up along, tke tnaditional lines; 
and. thai tke influences of tlxe home, tlxe ckun.clx arxd tlxe school wene 


I ■ 




beginning, to shape up and set the pattern for the sterling, character 

Ae WOS to pOSSeSS, 

Ike. second decade of. his life was also one. in. wkick our 
nation was expanding, in spite of. internal strife, Quster made his 
last stand, Ike telephone wast invented Qplorado was admitted to 
ike Union, f resident Hayes withdrew ike troops from ike South, fdlson 
Invented ike Incandescent electric tight* President Qarfield was 
add assinaied. 

During, this period Louis had advanced from gyiade school to 
higji school, He was very industrious and had - r ew idle moments, How- 
ever, he apparently lived a normal Ollinols small-town boyhood with 
penJiaps a bit mo/ie than ike no/unat amount of worlx in. Li, He. was a 
student of music and earned for ko.iself a place in. t/ie Albion High 
Sdwol band Ot was while playing, in the band that hlA romance started 
with hiiss Anne I'laitkews. who seven uears later was to become his wl^e, 
lo the welt-hnown prestiae of ike Qrmerson family was now added that 
of ike well and favorably /mown i'laitkews family, 

lnorriA ^mmerson, older brother of Lou, had left the family 
home at Albion and had decided to seek his future in kit, Vernon some 
: fifty miles away. He soon established himself in the newspaper busi- 
ness and was very successful. So thoroughly was ke sold on ike r uture 
of hit, Vernon that ke wrote his brother Lou, as/ling, that he consider 
bruwjjrg, his bride and making, hid home here, They came, Ot was 7do/, 

Lou was twenty-one and full of ambition, Qapitallzina on his 
experience as a store clerli at Albion, he now decided to yo Into busi- 
ness for himself, He opened a department store and built a successful 
business based on ike principle of honest dealing, with ilxe people he 
served.. His popularity Increased, His friendship and advice were soon 
sought by men of all classes. Soon his name was being, mentioned In 
political circles. He ran for alderman in 7oJJ and was elected, Ot 
Is interesting, to note (as might be expected of sucJx a man) thai he 
ran for office on a public improvement progyiam. On 7o^J he was also 
ilxe people's choice for president of the school board, Larg,ely through 
his dynamic leadership a building, program was started w/tic/i greatly 
enlaryed the educational facilities of the hit, Vernon schools. 

Success seemed to be his. Ot was his belief thai a man 
should liave more than one business connection. Thus it was no surprise 







.. . 







to Ixis -Oiiends when he founded ike Boston Store In 70oJ. This Atone 
soon became tlxe outstanding store In hit. Vernon, Ots phenomenal suc- 
cess can be traced to the policies o r fain, and honest dealing which ok* 
Qiimerson belteved Jin so thoroughly. 

At the time he was establishing, himself as a business man. he 
was also becoming, a political fig,ure. He went piom alderman to p/iecinct 
committeeman, Later he was elected 'Republican (ounty (Ixaininan of Jef- 
ferson (ounty/ and he processed from this to mo/ie important poliM-cat 
positions , sewing, on the (ongressional (ommittee and -finally as a 
member of the State (entral Qommittee. He was a member o r the J tale 
Board of (auatigation during, pa/it of the term I^Ok-I^Oo. Duning, the 
adninistAation of governor Jeneen he was appointed a memben. of the 
Soutlxern O.Uinois Prison (ommission. His tho /toughness, his organx.^Lng, 
ability, his sincerity, and his ability, to make and hold friendships, 
as evidenced in these minor political j,obs, made him a man.ked man for 
■future and greater political service. 

hir. (jnmesison's business life was as extensive as /lis other 
activities. He was engayed in the mercantile business until 7^07, when 
he helped organise the Third Motional Jank and accepted the position of 
cashier. He/ie he made fjiiends by, the score, ilis co onto us treatment 
of customers and tlxe efficient manner, in whic/i he did his work was 
soon brought to the attention of his superiors. hlany promotions were 
to be Ixis, both, politically and in business. He advanced to the presi- 
dency of the bank, which position he filled in a most capable manner. 

/>ir t (mmerson was very active in civic and ■JxaterncJ. oryani- 
gajcions, He was a Roiarian and a staunch supporter of tlxe hit. Vernon 
club. He belonged to the Odd Fello.js, Knights of Pythias, 'Red l^en, 
Loyal Order of hioose, £JJis, hlodenn Joodmen, and the hlasonic Order. 

His J'iasonic history is one of g/ieai activity, covering mojxy 
years of faith-ful service. He bears the unusual distinction of having 
been jrand High 'Priest of the jrand Royal ,\rch (hapten, and. (;rand (om- 
mander o r the. ground (ommandery of Illinois, in addition to t/'ie title of 
^rand lno^te/i. On 78^7 he was made a i>iaster hlason in i<)t. Vernon Lodye, 
2nd became its h'lasier in 7^7 J, He was exalted in H. 0. Hubbard (hapten, 
R.A.h)., in Int. Vernon, and served as its High Priest for seven years up 
to 7^05, when he was elected to office in the §rand (hapten line, be- 
coming, ynand High Priest in October, 7J7J. He received the (ouncil 

'..■'■ ; ' . : . .- 


' . ,'. ' 


c -4 


degrees in Janville Qouncil, a-fJtenwand tailing, pant in ike on^anigation 
o r ike i<i, Vennon Qouncil in 7^72. He was made a Knight Templan. in 
Qyn.ene Qommanden,y, Qentyialia, LateJi taking a pnominent pcuut in ike 
o /inanimation of faiion Qommandejiy cut /<lt. VeAnon and sesiving, as its 
Qonimanden. duning. its fJuist yeans. On 7°72 ke was elected y/iand 
wanden. of ike j/umd (ommandenjy, being, negulanly advanced until 7<?7% 
when ke was elected Cj/iand (ommanden. He zieceived ike degnees of ike 
jcoitisk 'kite in O/iienial Qonsisiony of (kicayo and iaten. became a 
memo en. of ike Qast Saint Louis Qonsisiony. On 7 9 7 7 ke was cnowned a 
ikinfy.-ikind. I'lason at Sanatoya, New !/onA 

He also kad a unique political /ttsiony in ikat ke attended 
his finst "Republican Rational Qpnveniion in 7o^6, a* a speciaion, and 
i-jwra ikat time attended eveny Cj. 0, P, convention until ike tine of 
his deatk — and wo* a delegate io ail but one. 

/'In, (jnmenson wad witlwut cuesiion a man of ojieat influence, 
in ike Siaie of Oilinois and elsdewhene; but ike townspeople of. l-'ii, 
Vennon nememben. kim a* ike fntendly menchani, banken, counselon. and 
odvison. , , . a man who wanked ceaselessly fon a beiten. hi, Vennon, Ike 
fXLci ikat ike (an. Shops located hene and ikat we nave ike finest pank 
in jouikenn Oilinois is due. penkaps mone to his iineless e^fonts ikan 
ikose of any. oiken. man, 

hniends p/iev ailed upon him io seek nomination and election 
as Seaieiany of Siaie of OlUnois, On doing, so he pnomised io pnove 
by Lis aamuusination ikat business efficiency, can be applied in public 
senvice. He kept ikat pnomise. He was elected Secnetany of Siaie in 
7976 wiik a plurality of 67,000 voies, was n.e-elected in° 7J20 witk a 
piunalUu of neanly fyOO, 000, and in 7?24 he was gJLven ike gjieatesi 
plunality even, neceived yet by. any. candidate in Oilinois. 

Unden. Lis direction ike of-iice of Secneiany of Siaie became 
one of ike most Lnponiant in ike siaie ojovennmeni, and Us efficiency 
U attested by ail who had dealings with ikat depantaeni, Onstead of 
spending, % ^ peyi cer u of ike amount collected fon adiiinisination, as 
was done pnton. io 7? 77, Lin. Qmmenson's adminisinaiton spent bui 3.25 
pen. cent. Ho similan, depantmeni in ike United Siates even, equalled 
that showing, ;/ e accomplished ikis economy auietly, as was Lis cusiom, 
by applying tunpU ^ /6Qum l b^j^^ pninciples suck as he had foi- 
lowed in pnJLvate business. 




,' .. . ' 

. . 

■ ■" 




' ' 


■ ■ 




LindeA QovennoA Lowden' A administration t>\n, QimeAAon wcut one 
of ilxe AiAone,eAt AupponteAA of ike effontA fan. g.ood govennineni. lie 
woa one of ihoAe who adviAed witk QovennoA Lowden in ike wonking, out 
o r ike hand zioacU AyAiem and in advocating, ike fiAAt ^60 } 300, 000 bond 
iAAue io be paid off witk automobile feed. AlwayA an advocate of g.ood 
no add, he /taw in thiA plan an opportunity io pull JllinoiA oui o>. ike 
mud and helped veAy matenJLally In kiA official capacity io make ike 
plan a aucccaa. yovennoA Lowden snowed kiA eAlimcie of 1>a. (jmieAAon a 
ability and wonik wken ke made kin manacieA of i/ie Lowden campaign, foA 
ike Republican nominaiion fo/i pAeAident in 1^20. 

ThuAAaay, /JovembeA 70, 7<}27 f wad "(jiimeAAon Day." in l')i. VeAnon, 
A ojieai CAOuid of tome five ikouAand fjiiencU and political leadenA in 
QeiucAal and SouifieAn OllinoiA, AepAeAentino, at ieoAt fiiftg. counties, 
o,cikeAed in front of SecAeiary of State (jrmenAon* a home io keaji kim 
maJie a Aiaiement concerning, hiA candidacy. foA ike g,overnorAhip <?••_ 
OllinaJUit Ike gA-eat CAOwd and ike tAemendouA ovation it g.ave I<\a* 
fjrmerAon waA pAOof enough thai thiA one time Amall town banlieA and 
budineAA man wad now ike people* 4 choice fa a gov a of t/ie g/ieat 
State of Jllinois. governor Small had Aerved two tenuis and wad a 
candidate ag,c>.in. Opposing. Small in ike primary election ike Republican 
farty had Il'jo otkeA men, Oacoa £ QaALstAom, wko wad Aerving, oa atloAney 
aeneAal, and Secretary of State L. L. (jivneAAon. />k. QarldtAom finally 
wit/xa/xew aA candidate for q.overnoA and decided io Aeek Ae-eleciion ad 
a;cloAney g,eixeral. ThiA left a AiAaigkt-out battle between governor 
Small and I>1a, (jmenAon foA ike nominaiion, 

(i]/U (jrunerAon wad ike peopV a c/ioice. i key lilted the pAog/iam 
wlxich tkud cuietf unaAAu/ning man advocated. Furtkermore, ikey had 
fjaiilx ikat ke could and would fulfill kiA promiAeA. /it ike polla he 
woa gXven Auch an enonmouA moronity of voteA ikat ke cajuiied kiA entuie 
ticJiet io vicioAy witk him. IhuA, at ike age of Aixiy-fouA, an ag.e 
when many ajie considering. reiiAing, fjiom ike AiAain of oua pAeAent 
Aociety, LouiA L. QnmerAon woa beginning. kiA gjieateAt wo nil — Aerving. 
ike people of ike gyxeai State of JllinoiA oa ilxeir twenty- A evenik 

iliA adtiiiniAiAaiion Aianted undeA moAi favorable auApiceA, but 
before a yean Ixad paAAed ilxe great depreAAion AtrucJi ilxe couniAy and 

. A. 

» ■ . 











ike nation tiacw,en.ed widen, ike blow, No tiaie wat kii kanden. i/ian ike 
gyieat induttaZaZ ttate of JZLinoLd, wke/ie hundnedt of ikoutandt wen.e 
iknawn oui of empZoyment almost ovennioki by ike doting, of JuuvOiecU of 
rmnufactunJuno. planto. 

At ike panic continued monik often, monik, ike tituaiion g/iew 
even, nio/ie tenZout, and. no public man in ike counijiy n.ecog/ii7.ed ike 
tenioutnett of ike cnitet mo/ie auichly ikon, ike yove/mon. of OZlinoLd, 
fie wat among, ike fZnti yovenno/it io caJUL upon kLd ZegJudZatwie fo/i 
iiwiedZate and. adeauate relief io ca/ie fon. ike ikoutandt who 
had been made detiiiuie by, ike unexpected butinett dep/iettion, 

Jiik food /licit ikfieaiened in (kicayo wiik lit gjieat numb en. 
of fo/ieigji bonn, and wiik condiiZont aZmoti a* teniaut in oihen. ietten. 
induttnJjiZ cenieAt, ike/ie wat no iime fo/i delay, lhen.e wad noi iime 
io tet up any tuck eZabo/iaie tytiem of zieZief machinenu at hat tince 
been pui in operation, Oi wad a iime fan. ajuick aciZon and fon. dnatiic 
meatunet, and unden. ike ZeadeJithZp of ^ove/inon. Qmiejiton JZZinoLd acied 
p/iorapiZy and efficiently, 

AZwayt a humane and kindZy man, ike aovennon. wad deepZy 
iouched by ike tad plight of many of ike peopie of ike tiaie; and he 
wonJxed nisJxt and day on io heZp ikem and io avent tenZout 
inouble, Jn hit effontt io do ihit he fo/iaoi panty poZitict and 
wo/u\ed wiik ZocaZ officiaZd aZL oven, ike ttate, tianding, tlioulden. io 
thouZden, wiik ike Democnxiiic mayon. of (kicagjo when.e ike tituaiion wat 
moti tenZout, Jin even.y effo/ii io relieve a tituaiion ikai wad mon.e 
ienjuhZe and menacing, ihan many peopZe of ike nxuiaZ tectiont of. ike 
t;taie even, ziealiged, pAeaueniZy he wad uAyed io HiobiZige ike National 
Cjuand and tend JUL io (kicag,o io aveni ike even, p/ieteni ih/ieai of bloody 
food nioit, but ikLd he tieadiZy /lefuted io do, declaring, ikai tome way 
muti be found io tave ike tiiuaiion without n,etont io tuck, 

OZlinoit fought ltd way iknougk ike danJiett dayt of i/Ut 
ncutionaZ cnitLd, but ikey iooh a ioZZ on ike keaiih of itd gx>venno/i 
fjionx wliich he neven, fuiZu /lecovened, ,iZwayt a f.ian of i/iej.ienaout 
enejig,y and vitality, he Zeft ike govennon.' 't office witlx kLd health 
bnohen but wiik ike figjit won. The peopZe of OZiinoLt owe him a gsieai 
debi of gAotitucLe fon. kLd counjag,eowd and tuveiett ef^jontt in ikote 
clayt of iniaZ, 


■ i . 















Loui* L. ^mmerAon'* life a* a banker, a bu*ine** man, hi* 
time a* S ecretary of State and finally ad aovernor La well, known to 
thousand*, inany phase* of. hi* life were le** colorful In the eye* of 
the pub tic — yet the*e *howed the true yreatne** wktck wa* his. 

/ihg £rrmer*on wa* deeply, religtou*. He *erved a* a deacon 
and trustee of the First fresb ytenJLan Qhurch and taught a Sunday. 
School das* t/iejie fo/i many years, Ot wa* called the "TOO Qlass" by 
the hundred men that composed it* He wad a cienuine student of tlxe 
Bible jjust a* he wad a student of human natu/ie, Jhile serving, as 
governor he made a special trip jjiom Spring, field to be present at the 
twentieth zieunion of t/ie men' * bible clas* of which he wa* a charter 
meiwe/i and also fo/une/i teacher, fibi, Qmmenson was the speaker of tlxe 


I'/e have already mentioned his active interest in civtc and 
■fraternal organt Ration*. 

Another phase of l>\r, Qnmerson's life wad Ln tlie afield o r 
* ports and athletic*. He wad an evident sport r an and seldom missed 
an oppo/itunity to attend all po**ibte baseball and basketball g,arde*. 
He tuas also very fond of golf, V, !/. Oallman, writing, fo/i the Illinois 
State 'Aegtster wrote, "0 was wondering, how the governor retain* fits 
girlish fig.ure and keep* *o young, when, to my surprise, was advised 
that he rises every moaning, at 5 o'clock, play* a ziound of yolf before 
breakfast and after a cold plunye iA all zieady for a hand day' 4 wo/ik at 
hid desk by 8 o'clock. Here'* another *ecret: The aovernor con ( Jjled 
to me that he is a 'poor golf en' but that he *hot a <}6 fo/i To hole* 
tJxis week, " 

ferhap* his best loved *po/it wa* in the field o r fishing,. 
His *!^ill with the /tod won him considerable fame. I he magazine, hteld 
and Stream, " ha* told of *ome of hi* exploit* — how he caugjit the 
largest fiing^Ush even, taken in the water* off tlxe Honduras (oast. I he 
margarine al*o carried hiA *to/iy of a kk-pound muskelonye catch w/iich 
wa* penliap* the highltght of hi* fishing, career. 

I'ln, (jivne/i*on wa* a writer of considerable *kill. His mag,a- 
£ine articles were enjoyed by hundreds of fishermen. He traveled widely 
and at every opportunity. One of the mo*t interesting, article* have 
even. read dealing, with South America wa* his paper written upon Ixis 
return from a visit to every Soutli American country. Hi* paper deal* 







with "Cultivating, Fnienddkipd, " Ot id boded on ike addumpiion that 
South ^menica id a land of oppontunity fan ud on. fon Qunope — fon ud 
if we make only a neadonably effective effont io meet ihem half way in 
inade nelationd. 

/'in. (jnmendon wad hononed in many, wayd. Jhile dewing, ad 
jecn.eian.y of State, ike finest hotel in Souihenn Ollinoid wad built. 
and. named in hid honon. lo have duck a dinuciune bean. one r d name id 
unriiidiahable pnoof of one'd eminence. 

He Loved /'it, Vennon. Hene kid two daughtend, Find, Aline 
i'JaAjd and In/id, Hanold Jatdon, wene bonn } dpent ikeJui childhood and laten 
edtablidked homed of ikein own. Hene hid gnandckilxlnen wene bonn. Hene 
he wad "Lou" to hid couniledd fnJLendd and neigkbond. He wad neven do 
happy ad when at home, dunnounded by kid family ci/icle whene ke cadi ike caned of budinedd and political life, Ot wad to tkid town 
and family that ke neiunned at ike clode of kid tenni ad govennon. 
Ot wad hene eight yeand laten. thai he padded cuieily away. 

(jdwin Rackaway, ediion of the Regidten-Newd, dunmed up /'In. 

(jmendon' d padding, do well when on Febnuany f>, Tl^h he wnoie: 

Qignt yeand have elapded dince (jovennon £mmendon left the 
executive mandion io netunn to hid home town, to take up the thneadd 
of iLfe whene he had dnopped ihem yeand befone to devote kimdelf io a 
public caneen, Jko can day that zhede eight yeand, dedpite hid illnedd, 
wene not among, ike kappLedi of hid life, ° ' Ot mudi kave been a welcome 
°ui&k often trie dtonm, and ke dpent kid ladt yeand dunnounded by tkode 
he loved bedt. the devoted wife of mone than naif a centuny, hid child- 
nen and ojiandcJiildnen, 


. I aid beautiful f amity cincle, bnoken now afien j'^ifty yeand, 

dup^e/id modi in hid peaceful padding,, afien a gneat and hononable 
caneen, but thene one many oikend who one deeply gnieved, 

Qiti^end ike diatune of Louid L, £mmendon, men of hid ability, 
and integ/uJjy ane nane, unfontunately. They cannot be eadily dpaned. 

I ke govennon id gone and kid kome town had lodt domething. of 
gneat value in hid padding. Ot will pnobably be a long time befone we 
dee hid like again. 


The (jidt Salem. /'liddionany uaptidt (hunch wad ong.anized in 
.Jecejiiben, 7o'5_?, in. i/ie Duncan SrJtool Jloude, and the findt negulan chunch 


' . 



■ ■ '■ ' 

• - 









dew ice wad keld on 'Januany 7% 7o^, Senviced wene keld in ike Duncan, 
School butlding, until ike fuidt ckunck wad ejected in 7o60 on land 
donated by Blufond ila/ihow. I kid lang,e log, building, id diiLL dianding,, 
Ike land kad neven, been out of. ike HanJLou) family dince ii wad deeded 
to Aanon Hantow by ike g,ovennmeni in 7SJ5* Ot t* now owned by bin* 
and I l/ui. QLaude Q, rlantow. 

Ike pnedeni ckuAck building, wad ejected in 7dS2 on land 
donated by Hinam Juncan £.0/1 ike ckunck and cemeie/ty, 

Ike fuidt pendon bunted in ike cemete/iy wad HiAam Duncan 4. 
don, /Jaikaniel Duncan, 

3n l<\ay, 73^6, ike building, wad almost dedinoyed bj, a 
io/mado end iuad nebuilt in ike fall of 78^6. 

/idditional cladd noomd and a badement kave been added io ike 
ckunck in tie ladi few yeand, 

— />kd, QLaude (\ Hanlcw 

'..■•■•■'•■■■.• '. ■■ ; ■ • 

■ ■■ .. '■ ■: ■.-.-■ . ;• ■- . 

I " , ••■ ... '..■'•:::■' I 

■ i ■■ '.. . . '■''■■■..../ 

■ - ' ■ « ~ ' 

' . . ■ ■ ( S ....... / 

; • . ■ ■■ •' ■ 

' I 


¥%(£ flffHQOOST QimQi 

Tke MeikodlAt (kuAck woa onjyanl^ed by a convention of 
lay membenA and minlAte/iA wklck met at fekln, NlayaAa (aunty, New 
\JonJ< on ike 2Jnd of AuyuAi, i860, Ike. flnAi ^enenal (on.fen.en.ce of 
ike newly, fo/imed ckuAck met on. ike. second UedneAday of October, 7862, 
cut Si^ (kanleA, JllinolA. TkiA meeting, onyanlged ike. wonk of ike filetkodiAi (kunck in ike Atate of OltlnoiA* Because of tnxmA~ 
poniation dtfflcultieA In tkoAe no /we and buyyy day* Jit became 
neceAAa/iy to divide ike weAtenn y/wup into Amalten. ajieoA, and in 
l88§ ike (entnal JltinolA ( of ike filetkodiAi (kiuick 
woa onyanlgecL TkLd new anea included flit, Vennon, tycffenAon (ounty, 
JlLinoiA, and it became a pajit of ike ckiuzch known oa ike (owden DlA- 

Ike fi'bt Vennon MeikodiAt (kuAck woa onyanl^ed at ike 
twin of ike centwiy and woa known oa ike fftL Vennon4'Jayne (incuH* 
Linden, ike leadenAnlp of 'Rev. i'J. D. (ocknan, DiAtnlct ?n.eAldent, ike 
chwick anew and pno opened in. Ha location on £aAt Main Street between. 
Sevenik and [iykik StneeiA, Ha flnAi paAion being, Rev. Q 9. £wlny, 

Tke cong/ieyailon met to decide on a relocation proved, and 
ike committee found a diie in. ike Old On.ckand Division located at 
A'ineteenik and Loyan StneeiA in tke AouihweAi pant of ike city of 
/'!& Vennon. On 7^12 conaiAuction beyan and woa completed on ike 
AtnuctuAe wkick AilJJL AtanoA, and ike present conyA.eyaii.on wonAklpA 
in a fine and adeauate buildlny and facilitieA. 

Tke pnoynam on. onyanl^ailon of ike flleikodLai (kunck 
extenxU to ike fan. connenA of ike eanik iknouyk Ha extensive miAAionajiy 
endeavon, aAAlAted by tke local membenA of ike I'J omen' a fillAAlonaAy 
Society under ike leaderAklp of Ha preAident, M/ia. Olive Duncan 
Lawrence. OiA mlAAion field, home and abroad, extendi to twenty- 
two monld areoA. 

I ke mlAAlonary pnoynam iA extended to ike entire liAteniny 
wonld iknouyk ike medium of nadio. Tke "Ligki and Life Hour, " now 
in Ha elykteenik yean, AendA Ha meAAoye oven, many continental and 
fonelgn AtationA in Aeven lanyuayeA, Includlny RuAAlan and Latvian. 
Dn. (nynon F. Boyd, ike director, and kiA Aiaff are now wonklny on a 
pnoynam to ike (klneAe in ikeir native lanyuaye. 






The "Light and Life (Hen* A Fellowship" is a world wide organ- 
isation of ihe men of ihe church, They, have adopted as ihein motto, 
"Men Jin Men, " 

An active, agressLve and inspirational program is in operation 
fo/i the youth group known as ike "F.fti,!/, " fF/iee fiteikodList i/ouih, Thld 
include* a monthly, contact list of all military personnel of 
the chu/ich and any others desiring, this The aim of this 
organisation is to chnJi^tianL^e the youth for better world social 
influence and to prepare them effectively to Aerve ihein fellow man. 

The program fon ike inteAmediate youth and Jjuniors is 
coAAted on through a well organised educational prognam known as the. 
C*y*Cr (Qvu-Aiian youth (juisaders) , This program La set up to teaclx 
them better citizenship and to instruct them in the basic principles 
and fundamental* of the church. An award and merit system La set up 
in assisting, the boy* and yirls in developing, character, 

The Qhurch Study Hour (Sunday School), under i/ie. capable 
leadership of ihe superintendent, Opal Wemeiie, is set up with a 
definite evangelistic outlook. 

Since ihe days of Ltd beginning, the Methodist (hunch 
has hod outstanding, men who have faithfully pasiored ihe, 'Rev, 
$. laul Taylor began his pub tic ministry in ihtd church, and today he 
is a bishop of ihe denomination, 'Rev, V, L, Parsons, still veny active 
in ihe ministry, began his ministry here. Others we call to memory 
have eniened their blessed nest, among, them Rev, Thomas Dulaney and 
" cv * G & J^na; Rev* £lmen McKay, who became ihe church* 4 outstanding, 
eva/ig.elisi, faithfully senved Qod and ihe community. The wonk and 
labons of those who have gone on is carried on by ihe present pastor, 
Rev, T, %. ,'Jemette, and ike faiikful membens who stand by ike principles 
of this fine church. 


The First Will Baptist (hunch of fi\i, Vernon, Illinois, 
would be considered as a rather young chunch as fan as yeans go, being, 
established thinty-iwo yeans ago on ike present site on ike connen 
of 11th and Jordan sineeis. 


AfteA a *weepin^ Aevival beginning, on FebnuaAy 2 J, 7 9 JO, and 
continuing, foA revert full week*, conducted by ike Rev. &* R. Bunion 
and $. N. Alien, ike ckwio'i wa* o Agonised wiik fifty- ckoAieA memben*. 

Rev. IV. R. Bunion, of. iJkittinaion, JlLnol*, U con*ideAed 
by many, to be ike. dean of ike Will Bapti*i (kuAcke* iknougkoui 
Souilienn. OliinaLt, and me one veny pleated io *ay ikai ke i* *till on 
ike *emi>-active lent at a mini*ieA in oua onjgxmlgaijuon, 

Onmediately afien ike fin*t nevival teJivLce* teAminated, ike 
ckwick wa* onaanlged and ike. fin*t elected iAu*iee* weAe Ant/urn Owen*, 
AaMwa. Raney, i ! J. Q. tttlUfond and Rev. fii L BakeA. Tke fiA*i deacon* 
weAe (jeonae fifago, Tom Flanniaan, HenbeAt Rea and Rev. l>\. L BakeA, 

On lyjk a A.e.vlva.1 conducted by Rev. Raul SulceA and Rev. Onan 
Ken*k continued fo/i foniu-iwo niakt* wiik ike. netult of 
oven, a kunajied deci*i.on* fori (kntti. Ike baptismal foA iki* 
revival weAe keld in ike Ftn*i Baptiti Qkwick of ftli. Vennon. 

Wiik an eveA-injCAea*ing, membeAtkip, officeA* of ike ckwick 
nealcged ike need fan. an ex.pan*ion pAoanam. fon added fajcilitLe* fon. ike. 
Sunday Sckool wkLck wa* in dJjie need of moAe *pacc On July 20, 7^JJ, 
i/ie ckwick puAcka*ed a modenn. iwo-*iony bnJLck buildina *iiuated immedi- 
ately in. back of ike. ckwick, wkick had been ike kome of ike Hanna 
/AJjitina (p. Tki* building, wa* completely /lemodeled inside foA da**- 
noom*, wiik *ix. cla**naom* on ike. *econd floon and a miniAieA 1 * tiudy. 
I ke main floon, wa* remodeled fon. a dining, ojiea and AecAeatlondl pun," 

Tke Educational Buildina wa* dedicated In 7<}56 by ike. Rev. 
U. R. Bunion, ike oniainal founden. of ike ckwick. 

Tke pAe*ent potion, of ike ckwick I* ike Rev. Raul SulceA. 
Deacon* one Ralpk Deiknow, Fnanh QardteA, FelU DAennan, Molten. Skelton, 
and Ben Thompson. Tnu*iee* cuie Antkun. Raney, £d Fioia, Cjale Floia, 
Otto BayeA, Hall Qienjiy and Cjeonae Kink 

Fm\ BUREAU OF gffF&SQN (aim 

Ike need fon. beiten fanming. wa* evident to a few of u* who 
knew of tome oihen co untie* klnJjxa fanm advl*on* who weAe agAtcuituAal 
gAoduate*, and we decided we needed kelp in. impnovina oua fanm* and at 




ike. same tune. raising, our standard of living, 7e started a memb enship 
drive to secure three Ixundred mem/yens (ihai amount was necessary fio/i ike. 
extension service to o, k, an advJson), After we seamed ike Aer.uLn.ed 
nurrher, we oraani^ed by electing, vJ, J. Wooden president, 3 was a 
director, and 3 believe Xavien Kiefe/i was one other, bat do not remember 
ike. reit of ike boand, Je hincd Bentnrm /ibneu as our ^linst advtdor, 
and 3, I'la/ite , : Jeo,and as otlice secp.eia/Liu 

)e sic. "lied calling, meciijnys on dif.<.erent subiecis, and having, 
speakers from ike University of 311inois to speak on vanJjou* subjects 
related io farm activity., \ : )e could alrnosi always have at least ike 
boojid memb ens present, and sometimes six. io twelve farmers present, 
km, /ibney worlied ka/id io g,et interest stimulated in all lines of ^arm 
impno vemeni, 

.Je went along, some, time as a county unit } but laien aff-Lu~aied. 
wiik ike. 311inois Agricultural Association and American Farm Bureau 
h edenaiion, 

3nterest was picking, up wken fifa, Abney left us and went wiik 
ike TonA. koior Qompany T/iacto/i Division, 3 think then we hined L, a, 
[aldujeil as farm advisor. He was wiik us some, time, then he went io 
/askingjjon (ounty, 3 believe we iken hired a th. Scott, who was ihene 
only a sho/it time, Our next advison, believe, was hlr, Sidwell, then 
(jjuiies Iwig^g, then oun. present Don Lee, 

Fly memo/iy is so poo/i 3 cannot give all ike information on 
oun Fajim Bureau, but Fanm Bureau has done a fine wo/ik in aiding, the 
farraens of 'Jefferson [ounty io help ihems elves and will continue, 3 
believe io be. oun best asset. 3 haven't said anuihino, about it* 
aur^iiiary services and orgxini^aiions, but ihey one veny important in 
the lives of oun farmers, 

— Aaron j\ Dnennan 


Cmcu or goo, sqiinth sm&r m cons& &&%, 

The Quuick of (jod with international keadauantens in Qleve- 
land, Tennessee, had its humble. beyinniny in ike mountain* of A'onih 
Qanolina, when a ynoup of people, became dissatisfied with ike ckunckes 
witk which tkey wene affiliated. They, felt they wene becoming, too 
modem and fonmaL Out of this dissatis faction ynew one of the 
longest Pentecostal chunches in the wonld. The yean. 7^67 manhed its 
Diamond jubilee yean, (7886-7^67 ) 

3n the yean of 7^78 only six. ckunckes wene onyaniged in the 
state of Illinois and all of tkem wene in the southenn section of the 
state. Ot was in this yean that 11, A, Fielden, a tnaveHiny evanye- 
lisi, came to /'bL Vennon and set up a tent on the £dison School yand 
and stanted a nevivai. The nevivai met wLth such success that the 
congregation decided to build a chunck building* They built, on the 
co /men of Fifth Stneet and Sell, Hene tkey enjoyed some yneat 
nevivals of the sensational onden. The buildiny was often so well 
attended that the people stood in the yand and stneet to see what 
was goiny on. 

At some laten time the congregation decided to move to a 
I enik Stneet Location, I he chunch was maintained kene until tke 
yean 7^k8, when unden tke leadenship of £stel /-bone the congregation 
moved to the pnesent location of Seventh and Qonyen. Hot too muck 
La on necond of the activities of tke chunch up until this time, 

I'Jith the new buildiny enected, it became necessany in foun 
on five yeans to punchase a house fo/i the fusion. The buildiny was 
bouykt at 7077 Soutk Sixth Stneet. Ot was ike pansonaye until 7<}67, 
when tke pnesent pasion /lelocaied tke /'linisien f s Home to 6 Ok Soutk 
7^tk Stneet, Heal estate holdings of the chunck include the chunch 
site at Seventh and Qonyen, the pan/liny lot immediately in fnont of 
the. chunch buildiny, and tke pansonaye at 60k Soutk 7<}ik Stneet, The 
total value of ike pnopenty would be placed at penhaps $ty? 9 000, 

The (hunch of §od has had many set-backs due to the type 
of people tke chunch neackes, I he chunck /lenJUi^ed a welt-nounded 
ynowih in every department until ike yean when the /<)i* Vennon Qar 
/'lanufactuniny Qompany closed. Since the moronity of its membens wene 
wonkiny people, the chunch suffened seniously financially, Pony of 




ike people, moved into oiken aneaa {on. employment. Fnom ike. yean. 795^ 
until 7°57 ike. ckunck felt ike diing. of neceAdion penkapd ad keenly 
ad any. ckunck in town, Duning. ikid time, weekly attendance often 
wad veny low, Ike. faiikfuJ few kept holding, on and believing, in ike 
futune of ikein ckunck and ikein city* On September of 7957$ l^-e 
pnedent potion, moved into ike pandonaae, Ike ckunck began to take 
on new life a little at a time, Tke Sunday Sckool began to climb 
dlowly, and befone long, ike attendance kad doubled, 

Tke menhendkip of ike. ckunck had inipled dince 7957$ and 
financially ike ckunck iA ad dound ad it kad even been, acconding, to 
ike old iimend of ike ckunck. 

Tke ckunck dianted it* "Voice of Faiik" nadio pnognam in 
Sepiemben of 7959* Tkid wad a veny wiAe move fan ike ckunck, Ot 
had been stated ikat ike "Voice of Faitk" kad one of ike lanaedt 
listening. audlenced of any pnognam on ike local station. 

On Augudt of 7° 59 ike pad ton, along, witk ike men of ike 
ckunck, daw ike need of a neligioud book Atone, A building, woa 
nented and ike opening, day woa August J7, 7959* ?*& ckunck diill 
mainiainA ike dtone, wkick dupplied all kindd of neligjjoud dupplied 
fon any ckunck need — except Sunday Sckool litenatune, Tke Pathway 
Bible Book Stone iA ike finAi aA4ociate-iype book dtone openation in 
ike Qkunck of Qod. 

TkiA ckunck mainiainA a Sunday Sckool and Qkunck buA wkick 
iA intended to funniAk inanApontation to people who oikenwiAe would 
not be able to attend ike ckunck. 

One of ike noted ikingA about ike Qkunck of §od iA itd muAJLc 
and Ltd dinging* ftJany people nemank of ike enikuAiaAtic ringing, done 
by ike people of ikiA ckunck. Few have any muAical inaining, wkateven, 
Tke dinging. neceived a veny lanae pant of ike wondkip time of ike 
negalan denviced, Sevenal muAical inAinumeniA one oIao a pant of ike 
muAical oApect of ike ckunck, 

Tke Qkunck of Qod hoA a ckunck designed witk youngAtenA 
nanaing, fnom ike ag,ed of five to fifteen in mind, £yeny Sunday manning, 
at 77;00 ikiA denvice iA unden ike dineciion of dome one appointed 
fon ike wonk. Tkid iA in addition to ike negulan Sunday Sckool. 



V ... ";. ■ ■ 

I "• . ' 




■ . 

. , ■ . ' ( 


I . I ■' • .. ■ , 

' ■'> ■'■ ' ' '•' ' . 

• 9 ■■ ■• • 




• ;.''.':'.' ; '■ ' .'' k O 


■ ■ 

,'•-■■■ . i /■ "■■■ ■ ■> 


... ■ ■ 

• . ■ ... ' : ... ■ 

■ ■ 

... i 3 A3 . • .'•.' - 

i i 


Tke youths of ihe ckwick also have a duntna ihe week 
unden ihe name, of young. People' 4 faideavon* 7ke senvice La fon. ihe 
iAoining. of. ihe young, people, 

Ike (kunck of Qod in OlltnoLd has an annuam camp meeting, on 
Lis camp gnound in Benton, Illinois, 9i ha* as Ltd main gavenning 
body, of assembly ike ^enenal Assembly keld biennially. Since 7 Q 52 
until 7J62 ike meetings kave been keld in Memphis, Tennessee, Ike 
official weekly, ongan of ihe. chuAch is called ike "(hunch of §od 
{yanaeL " Tke officio/, youih magazine is a monikly penLodical called 
"LiaJuted 'Pathway, " 

Tti£ 5JO& OF TH£ gff/tfW. 

(ike Qenenal was in /lit, Vennon fnom $une 78 io ike monning. 
of <]une 20, 7^62, $une 78, 7^62, was exacily one kundned yeans fnam 
ike day ikai seven of ike men who pantidpaied in ike chase descniked 
kene wene hanaed as spies in public execution ai /Mania, (jeonaLa, J 

$eff (din, engineen on ike i'Jesienn & Atlantic Railnoad, lei 
his locomotive, ike Qenenal, /toll io a stop ai Big, Skaniy, (jeongXa, 
aboui six o ' clock ike monning. of Apnil 72, 7862, He and kit fineman 
and ike condi'.ctojL Ataated iowand ike neanby koiel fon. bneakfast 
.hoand ike inain a iall man with a black beand stood as ike doo/i closed 
behind (din and casually sianted iowand ike doon, and one. man followed 
kirn, Boik made an inspection outside, a signal was given, and eighteen 
oihen men in ike coack nose and weni outside also, J key climbed down 
on ike side opposite io ike koiel, iken moved silentiy along, tnackside 
iowand ike locomotive, Tke beanded man was flames fl, Andnews, a Union 
secnei senvi.ce agent, and of ike nineteen men wiik kirn, all except one 
wene Union soldiens dnessed in civilian cloihes, Afien ihe coupling, 
pin was pulled behind ike lasi fneigki can, sixteen of ihe men scnambled 
into one of ihe empiy fneigki caAS~Andn.ews and ik/iee oikens climbed 
into ike cab of ihe (jenenai, 

Onside ike koiel, Qonducion Fullen. glanced out ihe window 
and sinned — ihe ^enenal's wkeels spun bniefly, iken ihe locomoiive 
lunched fonwand wiik ihnee boxcans inailing, behind it Fullen skouied, 
ke and ihe engineen and foneman bunsi outside jusi in time io see ihe 




- . • 





■• • 


. ■ 



1 | • - 

• • ■ ■ 



loAi can of ike inain diAappean anound a cunve, 

Ike Qonfedenaie fnoni /tan. fnom blempkiA, I enneAAee, io Alex.- 
andnJua, Vinyinia, J fie, punpoAe of ike naLd woa io cui ikiA fnoni in 
iwo by cnippliny ike vJUboJL nail Aupply iink beiween Ailania and (kai- 
ianooya, I ke plan, woa io commandee/i a locomoiive and. en nouie no/iik 
io Aei fine io oa manny oa poAAibie of. ike Aevenal bniolyeA on ike 
W, & A, 'Railnoad, ikuA puiiiny ike nailnoad oui of commiAAion, 

Aa ike nailnoad employee* Aaw ihein inain diAappean, 
in a Aeeminyly fuiile yeAiune ikey Aianied io nun along, ike inack in 
punAuii, Ai hloon'A Siaiion, iwo mileA down ike -Line, ikey bonnowed a 
puAk can and Aei off down ike long, downkill ynade. Two mileA fnom 
{jtowak ike puAkcan woa denailed by a yap in ike inack wlxene ike fugi- 
iiveA appanenily kad ziemoved iwo iengikA of /tail, Fallen, and kiA 
men auickiy pui ike can baclx on ike inack beyond ike gap and pnoceeded 
io (jtowak t Tkene ike old i/onak, wiik a full kead of Aieam, woa Aiandiny 
on ike A pun. Fallen, and kiA ynoup boanded ike Honak and wiikin 
minuieA ikey and Aome Aix. on eJuyki Qonfedenaie AoldienA wene goominy 
down ike inack in a mLAi of nain, Tke founieen mileA io iCingAion 
wene cove/ied in fifieen minuieA, indeed a necond fon ike ikinieen-yean- 
old engine, Ai KinyAion, koweven, Fullen. mei wiik mone fnuAinaiion, 
Ike ayeni kad been fooled inio penmiiiiny AndnewA and kiA boxcanA fall 
of Fedenal AoldienA io paAA iknoagji. Afien keaniny ike ayeni' a Aiony, 
Fallen., fi'lunpky and ike oikenA abandoned ike !/onak and uncoupled ike 
locomoiive Smiik piom Ha paAAenyen coack and ayain ike ckaAe woa on, 

Tke yoiny woa aIow, koweven. Ai inienvalA, ike engineen kad 
io Aiop ao ikai cnoAAiieA could be nemoved fnom ike inack, and afien 
faun mileA ike inain kad io yive up ike ckaAe. Fullen. and hlunpky 
climbed down and Aianied ayain on fooi, I ke iwo men kad covened, pen- 
hapA iknee mileA in ike dineciion of AdainAviLLe wken ikey keand a 
Aouikbound inain, 3i Aiopped fon ikem and hlunpky explained wkai kad 
kappened, Tke enginneen /levenAed ike inain on hlunpky 'a ondenA and 
coniinued down ike main line in nevenAe — ike name of kiA locomoiive 
woa ike Tex.aA, Tke nexi nine mileA wene covened in iwelve minuieA, 

Aboui iwo mileA nonik of (alkoun, Fullen. and hlunpky Aigkied 
ike (jenenai Aiopped and a ynoup aiiempiiny io pny up a naii, A <uiick 
iooi of ike wkiAile ^Jiom ike TexaA Aeni ikem Acunnyiny back aboand ike 
Aiolen inaiju \Jiikin AecondA ii kad diAappeaned anound a cunve. 

. . 





'.■ ■■ ■■ 





1 ) 



' . . . ■ ...-.■' 

. . •■ 


.':'■.'■- ■■. '■ . 

■ ■/:■.' '0-'- 



■ ' ' 

. ■ 
■.■'■•■' ' 



1 . 




! . 



I I 



■ • ' • 


J ken, ike Texad /lounded ike cwive, in JULd paik wad a boxcan. 
nailing, slowly iowanxL ii, £nginee/i B/iachen dlowed, coupled onio ike 
boxcaji, and proceeded wiik ike cha/te, Ike 7 exad noa/ied a/iound a dhoni 
cxj/ive onio a fill leading io ike. higk wooden iyiedile app/ioack io ike 
bnidae aciodd ike OO/iianaula Riven, and ikene diandino, on. ike ijiedile 
wad anoiken. boxcan, Ikey coupled onio ii and wesie on, ike move ag,ain, 
/ii Tiedaca, £udi beyond ike Oodianaula, ike iwo boxcand wen.e quic/ily 
dkunied io ike tiding,, and ike ckade n,edumed. Ike yenesial wad keaded 
fonwand, ike I exad wad nunning. in n,eveAde f and eack kuniled down, ike 
inac/i ai mon.e ikan a mile a minuie along, a diyieick of nailAoad wken.e 
ike dafe dpeed wad llusied ai beiween dixieen and eigkieen railed pen. 
Iwua, Aboand ike Qenenal node iweniy anmed men; aboand ike I exad 
we/ie five men. and iwo boyd, unanmed excepi fion. Anikony klun.pku' 'd nudiy 
diwiaun, Me daid laien. ikai ke didn'i even, know wkeiken. on. noi ii wad 

hon, Ana/iewd and kid nineieen naideAd, iime wad /uinning, oui — 
40 wene wood and waie/i, Sieam pn,eddun.e io dnop ai an. alanming, 
naie and ike dpeed of ike yeneAol flowed accondingly, Ike beanded man. 
cdv-Laed kbd men io leave ike engine in dmall gAoupd and iny. io malie 
ilxeUi way. badi io ike Fedenjal Lined in 1 enneddee. On, ike iop o r ike 
gAade iwo rnJuLed no/iik o r Ring,gold ike yeneAol gave one final aadp and 
Aolied io a dead diop. On decondd ike Qenenal wad abandoned, 

Ike aayiing, "Andn.ewd 'Raid" a feai ikai migki have bAougki a 
ruick end io ike Qivil dan,, had failed. 



■ - ■ 

.' I 






• ■ 


■ ■ ■ 



"Some History of BusinesA in fili, Vernon and Jefferson (ounty " 

"B /light with the res pendency, of culture, throbbing, with ike 
life blood of industry and commence wkick Aeeks only io find a more 
liberal and mo/ie widely, exiended expresAion is l>\i t Vernon, ike com- 
mended, cenien of a gneat commonwealth, wkick numbers among, Ha 
people ike best and mo At progneAAive: a city, of beauiy embalmed in 
ike keani of love of eveny flit. V ennonian. Did /tome band wisk io pro- 
nounce an apoAtropke io ike King, Qity of Southern Jliinois, kene would 
ke find kiA text. 3t iA naturally one of ike attractive citieA of 
Jllinois and upon it iA stamped ike Aianet of enter priAe and public 

"Tke Aum of fibt. Vernon' a proAperity iA but in its ascendency 
and Atill fan fnom ike genUJu (Enterprise iA planning, new forms of 
lab on. and new institutions of learning, and charity. " 

All this is taken fnom a publication of 7 Q 76 modestly en- 
titled: "greater i'kt. Vernon. Opportunity's gateway — Ike King, Qity, 

v)e also kave ike statement of 'Joe V. Baugk that, "Ikene one 
few mo fie inviting, Apots on §od f A foot-Aiool tkan b\t. Vernon during, ike 
keated term. " 

i'Jken 9 was asked to do this paper on Pioneer Business Firms 
and industrial Development of /<ht. Vernon, expected to kave to depend 
larg,ely on recollections of my own life time, wkat had keard from 
some of the older residents and wkat could be remembered by some of 
thoAe older citizens wko are AtiUL with us. However, have been 
greatly surprised at the amount of information that is Atill available 
in printed form and ike difficulty was in organising,, boiling, down 
and eliminating. 

hor our facts and near fads we are indebted to ike book 
"Jllinois in 78j/" by S. Auyusius hlUchell, 'Ike History of Jefferson 
(ounty" by i'Jittiam Henry Terrin, Vail' a History of 'Jefferson (ounty" 
written by John A. Wall in 7<jO<}, "Tke Headlight, " a Aouvenin booklet 
isAued by the L & N. 'Railroad in 78<j8, "A (jJy Directory" of 7907-02, 
a Apecial Auppiement io the /'It. Vernon NewA iAAued in 7°0^, and tke 
greater /'It. Vernon Opportunity' a gateway, " previously mentioned wkick 
was issued in 7*? 76, 



■ ' . 

: ■ 

' 1 





1 - 

. .■ ■ ■ 


1 • ■ ' - 

••- .- 




•■ ■ . 



• i . ■■■ 



•■ ' ■ 


' ■ 






//k, Wall CAedJUU muck of kid information to On t Adam Qlanh 
'Johndon, a clode relative of my mo then, who wnoie the famous johndon 
Family Hidtony, 

^effeAdon Qounty wad OAyaniged $une J, l8l°, fnom (dwandd 
and Jhite (ountied, and ike (jLtjy of /lit. VeAnon wad laid out by William 
Ho ditch, in #une on. 'Juhy, 787°, and compniAed twenty, acjied which wad 
donated, fo/i that puApode by. iJilliam (adey, Accondina to my info/tmation 
/'to* (oAey en.eci.ed a houde about wke/ie the fodt Office now dtandd 
at Eleventh and /'lain, dayi/ig,, "Boyd, kene JLa the fjjidi haute in. town; 
but wken ike town wad Laid out, kid houde wad j,udt a few yandd wedi 
of the city limits which nan along, Qadey Sineet (now Eleventh StAeetJ, 

Budinedd in thode eaniy day* wad extAemely dimple but by no 
meant eady, 

fik, fenjxin dayd that pnion. to 7okO petiyiy wad the chief 
staple of the county. Sometime* it deemed to be the only tkina anybody 
had to dell on. buy goodd with, /ileAchanid dent deen. hided to Si, Louid 
by the kundjiedd, dome dhaved and dome with the kain, on, Ike dkavina 
wad done fadt and cheap, A man hung, a hide up by ike neck, took a 
knife, dcnaped upwandd and literally made the fun. fly, Scraping, a 
deer'd hide wad considered to be wonth from 3# to $&• 

Modi of the eanly deitlend wore home made deen. dkin panta- 
loond, hunting, dhirtd, and hold on. capd, after they had worn out the 
onigUnal clothing, they b nought in with them, 1 hid wad panily becaude 
they could g,et nothing, elde and panily becaude beyond the deiilemenid 
the dhjwbd and vined doon tone cloth into dhredd. However, modi of 
ihede deitlend were not g,ood iannend, do their deen. d/iin clothing, 
wad not veny good looking,, Ike breeched doon got ijiemendoud kneed 
that were a penmanent pant of the codtume, 'J ken ike b/ieecked IcgA 
got wet, they would dangJLe down ojiound ihein. feet a foot too long; and 
wken ilxey dried, they wene a foot too dkoni, 

Aften. ike fuidi yean, on. two, people had time to raide 
cotton, and buchdl\in yave way to cotton which wad dyed with copperad, 
I he people made ihein. own indigo, and ike pnocedd of deiting, ike dye 
wad duck ad to dnaw buffalo gnaid anound one'd Sunday clothed in a 
modi provoking, mannen, Ike book, "JllinaiA in 78J7, " dayd thai the 
wild animald were deer, waived, racoond, and opoddum, but that buffalo 


v ! ■ 



■ ! 









r . 

■ ■ 


■ . 




■•■-.,.■ ■ b 

■ ■ • ■ • , • i ■ ' ■ 

. . . .•■ - • 

■■..:' - 

• > 

■■.••■■...'': ' ' - -. 

■ ■ ■ 

. | 


which wene fonmenly numerous had entirely left ike. limits of ike 

Dear were then more abundant than, in the, first settlement 
of the country., as they appeared to increase with the population, 
apparently, because, they, found pAote.oU.on in the neighborhood of man, 
from the beasts of pney that assail tkem In ike. wilderness and jjwm 
whose attacks their young. paAiiculanly can with difficulty escape, 
Orrmense numbers of deer were killed every yean by huntens who took 
tkem port. ike. hams and skjuns, throwijna away ike Aest of ike coacoss. 
Venison hams and hides were important articles of expo/it. hresh 
hams usually sold at from 750 to J 7. 50 a pain, and when properly cured 
were a delicious article of food, TaAtAidyes were taken witk nets 
in ike. winter by hundreds in a day and furnished no irifliny item in 
ike, luxjunieA of ike. city markets, 

BeeA were plentiful, and many frontier people made tkem a 
profiiabie business, Afier the. frost had killed the. vegetation, ike 
people, would hunt ike. bees fo/i honey and wax, boik of which found a 
neady market. Bees wene. kept by farmers to a considerable extent* 
I'lany ^farmers had larye droves of cows, and the auihon says they could 
be multiplied to an almost indefinite extent, 

Butler woa 720 to 200 a pound, and home made. cheese brought 
80 to 700, Other products wene. yrapes, plums, cnab apples, appieA, 
peacheA, conn, wheat, oaiA, baniey, buckwheat, OnJUsh and sweet potato es, 
turnips, nye fon horse feed and diAtilleAieA, tobacco, cotton, hemp, 
flax., caAioA beanA, and beet sugar, 

TheAe people oIao raised beef, honAeA and swine which 
bnougjii foun. to five dollanA delivered, 

Befone this time, howeven, /<k. Wall says, 'Thus fan ikere 
had been bat little incentive to grow crops, fon ikene woa no manhet, 
Qveny settler naiAed hiA own conn, potato eA, and 'garden sass but 
no mo ne than enough fon home consumption. Hand times wene ike Aule 
especially by the time spring put in its appearance. About all the 
setilen had to inade wene hen's eggs, pelts, hides, etc., except 
occasionally the men and children would go into the woods and aia 
'yinseny' which would briny about Jj p&i pound and that would make 
the whole family feel aristocratic, I he cattle and hoys wintered 




'. • 



" - 






■ ■ 









themselves. As to fresh meat, there was no trouble. The head of the 
fariilly would ialie down. his gun and go a little way, into the wooded and 
bning in game of dlff.en.eni kinds fo/i bneakfast, dinner on happen when 
even, needed. And everybody had a little conn patch fon 6 /lead, but 
there wene no means to neduce the conn to meal except with those who 
wene lucky, enouji to have moniars and pasties on those who woidd 
hollow out the top sun face of a big, stump and beat the essence out of 
it with a hammen on stone. Thene wene no mills fon a long, while. 

I he first business establishment in Jefferson Qounty of which 
was able to find a necond was that h\n. Perrin nelates that in. 7o76 
an old man named Hynes settled a Little west of Kelly out on the 
Qoshen 'Road whene fon some yeans he kept a public house, 

On 78 77 up the Qoshen Road, Jitliam §oins settled. He was 
considered a bad man. He made millstones, and it woa believed he 
also made countenfeit money. He had a tavern, a gnoceny, and a great 
many othen i/iingA including, bad company. After tlxe settlement had 
increased a little mone, he woa invited to leave and obeyed with 

On about 7878 LewiA Uatkins settled about a mile south oi 

the Atchison place whene he sold goods fon a while, Osaac and I'Jilliam 
Q^e-y constructed a little hand mill that would grind a bushel on two 
a day, and they did night well; but many of the first setilens had 
to beat thein meal in a montan, 

QliAha flummen, the finst blacksmith, came to h)i, Vennon in 
7o20 and slanted a blacksmith shop in the I'Jilliam (dsey house and also 
slanted two cabins on what is now South 7 7th Stneet. I<k, i'Jall sayA 
he was also a cabinet maken, his wife a sisten to c JarviA fierce, 
(olonel fteandon, the pneachen, was his son. (0 can 1 ! auite figune 
that one out. J 

wall oIao says that Thomas Tunstall bought the Kinby Tavenn 
and kept it and sold groceries, (But it doesn't say when. J He bought 
and sent south a gneat deal of stock. He gave' a set of plates on a 
*et of knives and fonks fon a yeanling. He enected a treadmill that 
stood near the Asa 8. U/aiAon place and bnought $ohn Summers from 
jhawneetown to nun it. Summers afterward married and a long, line o^ 
SurimerseA followed. 






Downing. Pace came, and masjuLed ftlilly Pace, went to Vandal* a, 
to (jollinsville, finally, n.elocated In i')t* VeAnon, wke/ie ke told goods 
and was $uAiice of. ike Peace, He built a two-Aionjy kouAe on ike 
nonJJi Aide of ike Ac^uane and put in anotken. gAOceny Aton.e. 

$0Aepk [Jilbanks came in. and iaok ckanae of ike iavenn. 

Ike finst yunsmiik was a man named Lee wko was kene a* easily, 
as 7822, 

Pkoda Allen* a AonA wen.e ike finsi cabinet wakens. 

Aa /fhs PennJLn Aays, "TkuA ike tnadeA became ziep/ieAented on 
ike Qounty oa buAineAA and population demanded. " fik, Wall lists 
among, ikoAe wko did buAineAA on ike Aouane and wko bougki in and Aold 
out wene William Hamblin, $ames Slack, £. H. Pidgway, i'J. 19. Pace, 
Siinson Andenson and Aco/ieA of oike/iA wkoAe nameA we kave not been 
able to Aecune; but buAineAA went on and ike town gjiew oa ike new 
AeiileAA came in, moAtly fnom wke/ie ike onJLglnaJL Aetilens came fnom, 
/<h, ['Jail tell* kow in 78JO Dn.. AdamA built a kouAe wkene ^nant' a 
Sio/ie laten was. He Aold it to H. T. Pace fo/i J20, and ke to Bunckeii. 
klaxey fo/i $25, and ke to Oliven fib /mis fox. $35 1 

Acconding. to ike State QensuA of 7835) ( Jeffenson (ouniy had 
a population of J, JfJO. F/iankiin (j>unty (onyani^ed in 7878 J had 
5} 551* ^aAkinaion Qounty ( onaani^ed ike Aame yean) had J, 2^2. Hamil- 
ton Qouniy fbonn in 7 827 J boosted 2, 877 inhabitants, and Manion (oun±y 
(fonmed in 7823 fnom Jeffenson and Fayei±e QountiesJ had 2, 88k. 

/'It. Vennon — ike Aeai of justice — woa neon, ike centen. of 
ike county on a b/ianck of ike Big, Muddy Riven, Ot woa pleasantly 
Aiiuated on ike no/iik Aide of Qaney f A P/iaJuiie and AuAAOunded witk a 
considerable Aeitlemeni. Population in 7835 woa about 750, witk Aix. 
Ato/ieA, anocenies, one iavenn, two pkyAicianA, two ministens, a 
counikouse, a joist, a I'letkodiAt episcopal and a Baptist Society, besides 
vajiiouA mechanical eAiablishments. 

jeffenson Qounty even iken fonmed a Aauane of twenty- foun. 
miles wUk an acneaye of 57& Aauane miles. Ike Aunface of ike county 
was about one-ikind pnaJUiie, ike n.emainden iimben.. The Aoil was 
'tolerable Aecond note. " 

I he/ie we/ie Aeve/ial compact Aeiilemenis in ike county, among, 
wkick were; Moo/ies PnaJLnJLe, Aix to twelve miles Aouikeast of /'It, Vennon 





. - 

J • 

.■ , ■ . ■ 



with about Aeventy-fiive families; fnatnie was etght miles long, two to 
thnee miles wide.; §un fnainie — aLk miles Aouth, two railed long,, one 
mile wide, land g,ood, twenty. fi.amtli.eA; Long, 'P/iaJjiie — five miles) west 
between ike middle and west fionhs of. Big, t'luddy, tolenably fenttle, fioun 
miles long,, one and a half miles wide, fionty families; 'Jondans fnatnle 
— Aix. miles no/itA, five mile* long,, one and a half. mileA wide, fifty, 
■families; othen old towns in the county., now extinct, included t'Jinfield, 
htt^aenald, and Lynchbung,, Spning. §anden was also at one time one of 
the leading, cities of the county, 

Othen town* in. this section of the state in thoAe day/) we/ie: 
Salem — a pleasant villaye of about one hundned Alxty; (no mention of. 
Qentnalia iA made in this book); /\/aAhvitle — on the main wo ad to 
Jiwwneetown, Aevenal Ato/ieA and mechanicA, a Ateam mill, population 
one hurd/iccl to one hundned twenty; Fain field — several AtoieA, hand- 
Aoi\ie cou,xthouAe, about one hundred Atxty; QanmL — about two hundned 

Chicago at that time had a population of about 8, 000, and 
was j.ust Atanting, to gnow, /'It, (asjnel, Shawn.cetown, (dwandAville, wene 
all conAldenabty ,lang,en than h)t, V e/inon; and Alton woa neally booming, 
with wayes of 42.50 to £3. 00 fon bnicklayens pen day, & 00 to J2.50 
f-on Atone maAono, and ^7.50 lesA $00 pen day bound fon labonenA. 
LabonenA in the [aAt wene yetting, UO? pen day, Bound at thein hotel* 
was Jj t OO to ^,00 a week without lodging* Lodyino, woa J.7.00 to ^7,50 
a week additional, Bounding, houses yot #2. 50 to fj, 00 pen weeli l^dgXng, 

Jllinois Qplleye had 42 AtudentA in colleye claSAeA and 22 
in the I nepanatony Depantraent, (allege claAAes wene not yet ong.ani.zed 
at Shuntleff and IncKendnecan (olleges, but iliey had 60 and 50 students 
in the '/■ 'nepanatony Department, 

Steamboat fiojie fnom Louisville including, meals was ^72, 00 
and deck pasAaye was /4, 00, 

/'it, Vennon woa badly handicapped in the veny eanlu days by 
transportation probiems. The townA t/ien expected to prospen wene 
along, navigable rivers on main Ataye noutes, Anound 7ojJ was the 
peniod of development of the intennal noad and canal Aysiem, the canal 
pant of which flopped in. the panic of 78J7, fnactlcally all of the 


.■' . 



nxzllnoad expansion of Illinois was still on papen. In 7oJJ, ojnd nowhene 
Is ikene any. mention of. ike nallnoads which nave. flauned In ike gAowik 
of Qeninalla, (anhondale and //'Id. Vennon* Hon. had ike , l ) llllamson-F nanh- 
lin Qounty coal field neatly been uncovered ai ikai time, apparently* 
The national Road had been mapped a* fan. wesi as Vandalia but not 
completed aJUL ike way. io ikcuc city, and JUlnols was putting, on ike 
pressure io have It cross ike I'lisslsslppl at Alton rather ikon at Si* 

I he next modi Important siaye no ate was Vlncennes io Si* 
Lout*, which passed ikrougk Salem and (arlyle, and ike routes from ike 
Ohio, panticulanly from Skawneeiown, tied into ihaA noad at (jirlyle 
but apparently missed /'It, Vernon* 

Until development of ihe railroads which now pass ihrough 
it* Vernon, we we/ie more on. less Isolated fnom any particular reasons 
fon, aitnaction on. expansion, Ihe railroads deem to have brought ike 
irons poriailon needed fon. starting. Industries. Under ike conditions, 
it Is remarkable ihai fiU, Vennon made as much progress as she did 
during, ihe first 2$ on. JO yeans, 

i'Je seem io have had oulte a sionmy time in aeiiina our fi/isi 
railroads, replete with vanlous schemes, Including, much politics, city 
slichens, high hopes, bitten disappointments, and all ihe intmmlnys* 
Finally ike Si* LooLa and South Qasiern 'Railroad (now ihe L & N) was 
extended fnom Ashley io (>)i* Vennon In 7869-70 using, ike orlalnal noad 
bed made In l8$8 by Van Du^er, Smith and Qompany* I his was accom- 
plished larg,ely iknough ihe effonis of Samuel K, Qasey, On, i'J. Duff 
§reen, James /<). face, Stephen 1 . Sinaitan, Jueye Thomas S< Qcisey, 
§eorg,e i'J* (vans, Qharles H, faiton, 'James £, Feryerson, (jeonae //. 
Vannell, Qyrus L, Hayes and oihens, 

I he Air Line (now ike Souikenn Hallway) neached lit, Vennon 
In 7ooJ* The (kesier and Tamanoa Road (later known as i/ie .'J Q & 19 ond 
fon. a time owned by On. Letcher Onons and now a bnanck of ike (iiissounu, 
faclflc) was built In ike oO's. 3 1 was destined io be continued io 
I enjie Haute, Ondlana, and io become pant of anoiker irunh line sy^iem* 
Ihe 'Jaclisonvllle and Souihenn also came Into Dnlvens and on Into l<t, 
Vennon oven, ihe L & N inacks and laten. ihe Q <£ £ came In and played 
a lanae pant In shaping, ihe destiny of dome of ihe smaller towns In 
ihe county* 





The supplement to the hit. Vernon. News issued in June, 790k, 
announced t/iat a second, /load to traverse the coal sections between 
nere and ike Mississippi was about to be constructed and t/iat in 
cx.JuM.on the Southern Ulna is Qlectric 'Railroad tympany, would that 
summer complete its line between /<& Vernon and St. Louis and t/iat 
the work of construction was then yoing, on. Ike story fjirvtixen. said 
that uianij. wealthy, people of St. Louis had purchased property for sum- 
mer residences in or near /-it. Vernon, and their number niiojut be 
expected to be largely increased after the completion of the electzic 

I he telegraph came with the railroad, flentlon Is made of 
one Tl.iothy Qondlt who in 78ko used to talie and read tlxe onby daily 
paper :'hat came to /-'it. Vernon. One of the. newspapers in 7866 said it 
was reported, that eiyht or ten wells would be suru'< for oil in. (lark 
County.; but it was nearly forty years before tlie work was done. 

Jncidentally, t>\r. I'Jall calls hit. Vernon a newspaper, yrave 
yard because of t/ie many papers that have been born and died kere in 
t/ie past. 

On 7869 the First Bank of Qarlin Qioss and (pmpcuvy was or- 
piniy.ed and a little later taken over by local capitalists °as the 
It. Vernon Rational Bank with Noah Johnston, President and. Q D. Ham, 
Qashier. On 7880 it became known as the hit, Vernon BanJx of Q 0. Ham 
and (pmpany, which name continued until 7 897 when it became the flora 
/fe&onal Bank. The Tfilrd National 3ank was organized with a capital 
Jtoch of J50, 000 and beyan business February 4, 7902, The Jefferson 
Slate Bank was organised November 20, 7905, also with a capital stock 
of .,50, 000. The hit. Vernon State and Bank consolidated with 
the I hind I National in 7905. 

/'it. Vernon was incorporated as a village in 78 JJ and char- 
tered as a. city in 7872 with James (,). face as the first mayor. Alder- 
men were I hurras H. Hobbs, Alexander Smart, John J. Bomb rook, and 
lhamas Handsale*. John //. face was city clenJ,, John N. Sattcrfield 
police marinate, and £dwaid J. Jaters was city marshal!. 

A rather complete roster of our business men ol past ueaAS 
woulJ. probably be of considerable interest to some, and hene ale some 
of such names as have been able to dly up. 



flame* l>\, face, in ike *upplement dated 7<jOU, alluded io 
pneviou*ly, li*i* *ome of ike eanly bu*ineA4 men ad foe Pace, Hanvey /. 

face, flohn*on, Downing, Baugk, {dwand H» liidgway, and £, u. 

Anden*on, On I^Ok only, of. ike oniginal ne*idenl4 (all bonn 
wiikin ike pn.e*eni ciiy limiidj wene known io be *unviving» They 
wene floel F, .'JojUon, flame* f>l Pace, and /'In*, fl, fl* Fly* 

The Unioni*i, one of ike now deceased new*papen*, in an 
i**ue of Novemben 7 '86 J li^i* bu*ine** e*iablLihmeniA of i/iai iime: 
fl, 'Pace and Son, /'lain and Union Sineei*; H, J, Pace, *ouikwe*i connen. 
i'lain and Union; ft. i-J, Lyon, nonikea*i connen Bunyan and Union; I . n. 
ilobb* (2 (p. , *ouikea*i connen Bunyan and Union; Sinaiian (2 Fengen*on, 
no/iikea*i connen Bunyan and Ja*hingion; fl, F, 'JcuUon, I'lain below 
.Ja*l\inojton and Union; D, Baligel & Son, /'lain connen (a*ey; flohn*on & 
Ham, *ouikvje*i connen. /'lain and Qa*ey; anocenie* wene: vh 0, waidon, • 
Union nonik of /•'lain; £, fl, Jinion, (>\ain below Union <2 Ja*kingion; flohn 
ideine, iuain Sineei, cloikina : l<l, (hnman, hhJun Sineei; U, A Seiiuen, 
SackLleny & Uanne**, fl, £, Daw*on, D. Q Jannen, 1, B. Ikonn; Booi* a 
Shoe* — flohn Uampel, JWJxun Faucken, fl-, ft. Palmen; iJa pon* & Qanniaae* 
~ Ona C. [anpenien, ft. Q, flannell; Blac/wmiiking ,, J, fl, Uendman, Handin 
Davi**on; Tinnen — (d Noble; Dnun* — Da, £. £ Jelhonn, 

On iko*e day* ike pne*eni Fifik Sineei wa* named Pank, Sixik 
Sineei, wkick led io ike famou* Qneen Lawn Spning* whene iJie High School 
yym now *ianda, wa* naiunally, Spning, Sevenik Sineei wa* Bneckennidge, 
/linih Sineei wa* )a*hingion. Tenth Sineei wa* Union, (levenik Sineei 
wa* (a*ey Sineei, giving u* boik (a*ey Sineei and Qa*ey Avenue, 
Twelfik Sineei wa* Fin*i, Thinieenih Slneei wa* £lm, Broadway wa* 
Bunyan and nan ea*i only io £igkik, wkick wa* ike edge of ike Cjneen 
name place wkick expended fnom 'JonxLan io ('lain beiween ike pne*eni 
Sevenik and Qiykik Sineei*. Ike §neen* al*o owned, among, oiken. 
pnopeniie*, ike §neen Lawn Spninp* loi wkick contained atwnn oiken. 
iJiinoyi Aevenal famou* *pnJuna* and a kuge no Hen. *kaiing nink, 

Oe have been unable io find -JAUii when ike *ineei>$ wene n.e- 
named, bui ii wa* when fludge A. D. 'ebb, faiken. of Pog.en, Qeonae, Andy, 
and /'In*, Qlanence Sielle, wa* ciiy aiionney. 

On 7878, bu*ine** men included Banaen Bnoiken*, Sinaiian, 
Pace and )e*ibnook, 0, B, $oodnich, fil, /'l Qoodale, S, S 9 Ponien, £. I'i 


■■■■■. ' 


■ ■ 


■ ' 





. . 









- ... 


. , . . • . 

1 . 











• • 






Ske.ppcuid k L, H,, QhasU&d Zienjjaclis, .\n/,isbuny Qprnpany., HobbA, 
1 'abb and Hayne.6, Vannell and Company,, uittnof^ and Ryan, < K Q JadiAon, 
J, q, Fenaenson and Company, i>k, and l>ms, James rliichcock, v), S» HaLio- 
well, favey and alien, Tneston and Libby, Dn, Blum* 

7ooO ~ The JeffeASon County centum was 20, 636, iluyent and 
.^nothen had moved to St, Louis, Local busineAA men inclined A. Q, 
Ryan, 'R. F, face, 1 licks and Company, B, F, Honmon, JiAe and Company, 
liudsp&Oi and Poole, §, F, /</, Hand, Uowand Bnothens, 'JieniclUen and 
.lailavi, Simmons and iiinman, Q, ,7„ !/oAt and Company, .J ebb Bnothens 
(A, D, and A, C» /> Law, 

b\y own outfit! Aeenxt to nave been hene at least by 7o'oJ In the 
ynoceny busineAA (my ynandfatken Soloman, my fat/ien, and UncJ.e Joe, J 
They wene In busineAA In a half, do gen dlfpenent location* on the 
Asuzcne, Aold out and went to Atlanta fon a few yeans, and came bacli 
and Junta yjiocenies ayain. On 7o?7 Uncle Joe and Sam C^ty slanted a 
wholesale ynoceny on Jest unoadiuay as J, T, Howard and Company, one 
of the fljist wholesale ynocenies in Southern O-Llinois, On October, 
7o L ]% My fathen Aold his zietail Atone and joined the jlinm which was 
inco/ipo noted on hlay 7, 7 Q 02, and continued fori many yeans. Few local 
■flnms have had as tony a continuous his tony, but Aevenal have been in. 
busineAA a ciood long, time and have had extnernelu intenestino,, 

One of the moAt vivid necoll.ectlons of my own boy/iood cays 
is of the Fain. Stone, C* & C°°^ paopnieton, on the no nth. Aide of the 
Acuane, second, doon east of the Ham National Bank. , , a mo At unusual 
business establishment which handled a little of al.iOAl evenytJiiny in 
a mo At fascinating, Atate of disonden and a mone unusual pnopnieton 
who was in. even mone of a Atate of diAonden, J/eonye Jebb told me a 
Atony a few yeanA aao about how t/iene was a ledye built into the fnont 
Of his Atone, and the villaye loosens insisted on Aittiny on Aaid 
ledjye fon nouns at a time, I his innitated /<k, C 00 ^ no end, ao he 
took Aamples of paint out of his Atock and palmled the ledye eveny 
day to keep the viAitons away, lloweven, Aome one Awone out a wannant 
pon the old boy; and Judye 'ebb, who was city ajbionney at tliat tune, 
tnled and fJuxed hln, J hen /'In, C 001 '* died, he had no known hein.6 on 
nelatives, but constdenable moneii. waA found hidden anound the Atone 
in ;.ans and othen neceptacles, and ladies of doubtful neputation Ahowed 
up fjiom all oven the countny to claim a Anane of the estate. 


mm $w*i samigw twssooim amosr cmy 

/lam's (j/iove Souikenn /<iisstonany Baptist (kunck met fan ike 
fLinsi tune, in 'Nanck of 7862 in ike ftamsgnove School building. 

On (ixuick J, 7o67, ikey wene onganiged into ike Hamsgnove 
Untied Baptist (kunck by {lien, (jalvin Allen and Deacon /indention Smiik, 
T/ie ckanten membens wene as follows: William llickandson, /'langanei 
'kiclxandson, llesten A, Rickandson, 'Jokn L, fackandson, (dwand A, llickand- 
son, loses Scnivnen, $oel Scnivnen, Samanika { J, Scnivnen, SenJ.amin 
JiliU, h'ei'jion £. Fugei, (aikenine Hale, yane Boyles and fokn A, Smiik, 
Jilliam r /<ic/ia/idson was chosen a* clenli p/10 iem and Bno, (alvin Allen 
a* mode/iaio/i and paction. 

On 'July of. 7867, ike Hamsgnove United oaptUi (kunck joined 
ike Fainfield /issociaiion, 

y'anuany J7, 7868, Bnoikens Willis Kellen, Jilliam Allen and 
Oujen J, Leach, wene ckosen a* ike building, committee to locate a place 
to build ike cliunck and to choose ike mateAtal wiik wliick to build it, 
Ike ckunc/z was to be located in a gnove owned by v'J tilts Kellen, Tktd 
coiiimittee wad laten dismissed and anoiken was not appointed fon sevenal 

On September of. 7878, $. Aicktsson, J, H, Allen, A, £ JiliU, 
S./'l Fanlow, L, D, Smiik and Qeonye bucket wene appointed as a committee 
to delect a place and solicit fund* fo/i ike building, of a, On 
/lovemben, 7 878, ikey punckased one acne of Land wkene ike pnesent stands piom Ognaitus and Liggie Aicktsson, On Sunday, Novemben 
76 , 7879/ ike chinch, building. was dedicated by Bno, Q Allen, 

Ike finst inustees of ike ckunck, Silas Fanlow, Tkomas Ai- 
cktsson, and H, S, Smith, wene elected Novemben 75, 7879 » Tkese inus- 
tees wene to take ckanae of ike ckunck pnopenty and see ikat ike noies 
due wene paid. On Apnil, 7 88 J, ike inustees punclxased an additional 
13} acne* of land iknougk ike insinuation of ilie ckunck fnom Ognatius 
and Lizzie ; licktsson. On 7J8^, ten acnes of ikts land was sold and 
ike money neceived was applied to ilxe noie on ike ckunck, 'Januany 6, 
7^86, ike inustees neponted ikat ilxe note against ike ckunc/i had been 
paid in full. 

On Apnil, 7900, mone land was punckased by tie ckunck and a 
pant of it was to be used by and added to ike cejneteny. 



■ ■ 




• ■ . . . .-■.-.. 

:■ .„■. i ;. 

i . 

- ! 

< ! 

.. ■. ■■■■' 


..,'.. ■' • 

■''■.'''•' ■■•■ 


. . . 

■ i 



; ■ . 




'July,, 7°07, ike ckwick changed ikein. membe/idklp piom ike 
r aJuifleld A/idoclaiion £0 ike Salem Souik /Udoclaiion, 

July., 7° 77, ike ckwick wad Inco/ipo/iaied a* ike uam'd j/iove 
Untied Bapildi (kusick. 

Sepiemben. 28, 7°7o, fi, Q Lovin wad o/idalned fo/i -lull wonJ\ 
ad a r.iuiLdiesi In ike wo/ik of ike Lo/id, 

July. 20, 7° 2k, faul Rick wad o/idalned Inio ike Lo/id'd hulnid- 
in.". t 


On Augudi, 7^2k, T. J. Aickldton, L. J t Loving., rleruiy ?uckei, 
Nona Roane, Rota Aickidton, ii/o/iik iJayland, and Hell fuckeii we/ie ap- 
pointed ad ike building, and finance commliiee io /lemodel ike ckunck 
building., I kid /lemodellng. wad compleied by December, 7^2k t Ai ikai 
ilme anoiken. commliiee wad appolnied io /lemodel ike deaid. Ikld com- 
mliiee Included Hexuiy Pucheii, 1. J. Aickldton, L. J. Logan, and Hell 

On December, 7°2k, ike Boogie*. Qladd donaied a piano io ike 

On Feb/um/iy, 7 J 26, ike c/iusick auiko/iiz.ed ike iyiudieed io 
tell fofiiy-fx>uji feei of. ckwick ground fori cemeiesiy ude+ 

June 6, 7 Q ko, ike ckwick auiko/ii^ed ike isiudieed io /}ei a 
p/ilce jj}/i ifce cemeiejiy ad/ioclailon on anoiken. A&iip of land fonly-fouA, 
■ r eei wide io be iaken fjiom ilxe ckujick ya/id io be uded foA cemeie/iy 

On Inay 6, 7%7, Ja/ivld I'laAdkall wad o/idalned Inio ike hiinldijiy 
o r ike Lo/id, 

Ike ckujick decided io enlajig.e and nefinldk ilxeln. p/iedeni 
bademeni and make li lajigen.. Ikld wo/ih wad compleied laie In 7 J 56. 

Jn llovembeA, 7°59, Lo/ian Bumpud wad ondalned Inio. ike mlnldijiy 
of ike Lo/id. 

Ike Ham' a (j/iove I'lid/ilonoJiy Bapildi Qkiuick puyicliaded a new 
ualshjjln piano In tiajick of 7<}62. Ikld wad dedlcaied io ike Lo/id'd wo/ik 
ai ilieui komecomlng. on June 7/ ', 7^62. 

On June J, 7^62, Jlnmy F lifrfesuielld wad o/idalned ad a nilnldien. 
40 ke could aci ad a full ilme padio/i of ike Bell P/iauile Bapildi (kwick. 

named of padio/id of flam* a Jjnove (kunck /ilnce lid o/iganl^aiion 
In 7o6'/ ajie: (alvln Allen (7o67-7o70j, q i'J. Ovendinui (7o77-7o76), 








' ■ ■ ■ 



William H. Hau (1876-1878), H, P. (juiveru (7878-7880), $. D. HookeA 

(1881-1885), h. ?. Qmvu (7885-7886), g. J). LufuLa (7886-7887), Q y. 

Alien (7887-7888), William PiclwAxLdon (7889-7892), \ ! Jilliara q PicJiOAa 
(l892-l8<ff), Lewi* Keele (7893-7896), J. J. Alien (7896-7897), fltibuan 
StandJifeA ( 7 897 -7903), Tkorna* Hunt (790*-7906), Avdthun. Bell (7906-790?), 
(hanle* Hunt (1907-1908), 'J. ,7, Alien (7908-7973), J. Q LockoJixL (7973- 
1V5)> o-okn I'lauUina (7975-7976), Q $. Hamilton (7977-7979), F/iank 
Hooken. (7979-7920), Q 'J. hhulUna (7920-7922), Oven hiilieA (7922- 
19*3), Q >K f'laulding. (7923-792**), qM Qnaven* (7925-7927), Bent Denbo 
(7926-7927), Seba b\aA*hall (7927-7928), B. £ Paae (7928-7932), Bind 
Qneen (7932-7933), Otti* AtchU*on (7933-7936), %** PajdMAae (7936- 
7 9J/), cyesiett Apa-an (7937-79*0), Paul 'Jolley. (79*0-79*3), % Seal 
(79^3-19^7), (IhanAcuff (79*7-79*8), O/ival OveniuA.f ( 79*8-79 50), H.Q 
Lovin (7950-7952), Byfiond iiina (7952-7953), Oougla* Q>x. (7953-195%), 
BUUe S&iono, (795o-7959)j % Beal (7959- ). 

hollowing, ane named of pennon* who Lave Aenved ad cKuacK 
clenk: Thoma* ;tichU*on (7867-7868), I'Jilliam rl. Alien (7069-7882), 
J. /</. FcjiIow (7882-7900), jeonye 8. Jnantkal (7900-7907), %. A. Snii£x 
(7907-7973), S. In, FoaIow (7973-797*), Henny Pucliett (797*-797d), 
Hell PucJieU (7978-7927), Paul Pick (7927-7923), Pic/urnd L >Uc/vU*on 
(7923-7925), Bona Janalen (7925-7928), Hell PucJieU (7928-7936), Ona 
Bw.ipu* (7936-79*0), Salvia Hookey. (79*0-7956), (ye Balt^ell (7956- 
7957), Velaa Stony (7957), Betty Bumpu* (7957-7958), Alice ^jnothoff 
(1958- ). 

I He following, have been o/vdained a* deacon* by thi* 
AndetiAon Smith (1867), Owen S. Leech (7868), L. 0. SrnJUth (7878), Silo* 
FaAlow (7878), Tkoma* Atcki**on (788*), A. P. Bumpu* (788*), J*aac 
Book (788*), Lewi* Leach (7897), Pien.ce Phillip* (7973), JuM SmJuth 
(7973), Ball Bumpu* (7913), LoAen Pick (7979), QiaAle* PickaAcU (7923), 
>ontk JatUand (7923), Fnank 'Janalen (7937), r jeonae Bumpu* (79*3), Polpk 
Lynn (79*9), Q J. Buck (79*9), Paamond Fi£frj.eAAelU (7955), Samuel 
Stony (7955), Poy Ham (7955), CAa/iZce IVhUenhunt (7955), ^nd C,ene 
Qnothoff (7955). 

Pnepaned by Hi*tonical (\ J. 
Buck, Poy Ham, Poy Beal 

Typi*t: Sue Buck 






woNffi t&NCMd w SffF&soN own 

3y Andy, Haii, fit D, , hi, VeArwn, OiiinoU (DeJjLvened befone 
ike $effen*on (aunty di*ionical Society keld in hi, Vesnon, JUinoi*, 
hanck 76, 7 Ql !o) 

Ike Omponiance of. Medicine, in ike UJeifane of. a Haiion 

Ike ma*i impa/itant function of eveny comriiunity, county, *iate 
and nation i* to pnoiect ike keaiik and lived of it* people, A*ide 
fjwi.i ike. *tabilitu of ike ^.ovennmeni. ike kone*iu o f it* ad/ini*ination, 

i a I u t (ft 

and ike intelligence of ike pea pie, ike wet fane of a nation depend* 
mone upon ike quality of medical *envice it neceive* ikon any. allien 
one :kina, 

Since ike advent of man ke ka* keld iknee diffenent attitude* 
iowand* di*ea*e, Ike fin*t peniod wa* ike peniod of ne*ignation, Di- 
*ea*e wa* *omei/iing, ikat wa* inflicted upon man by an ail wi/>e 9/iovi- 
dence, and. to do anything to p/ievent on to cune it would be bla*pkemy, 
Ikenefjone, wken illne** came, i/iene wa* noiiiing, to do but accept it 
and pnay fan nelief, A nepne*eniaiive of iki* peniod wa* $ob. Having, 
acouined a cnop of boil* ikene wa* noiking ke could do but pnay hi* 
way back into ike good gnace* of hi* Deity, 

Ike *econd peniod wa* ike ena of ne*i*ience. Some enligkien- 
ment came to man a* a ne*ult of ike kenoic effont* of *cience. rind it 
gradually became accepted ikat ike cau*e of di*ea*e wa* not a *upen- 
natunal visitation, but ikat it wa* due to centain de- Unite cau*e*. 
Having, found, iki* to be inue, it wa* logical ikat man beg,an io ne*i*i 
di*ea*e in*iead of accepting it in a ne*igjned *pinit a* ke kad fonmenly 
done, Tki* cJiange OjL attitude fnom ike *upennaiunal io ike *cientific 
g/ive ;(kc wo/ild *uck men a* Lond Listen and Loui* Pa*ieun who fougkt 
ai*ea*e and conouened it, 

I ke ikind epock, and ike one in whick we now live, i* ikat 
of. anticipation and pneveniion, TknougJi ike untining effont* of ike 
medical and ike allied pno r e**ion* of denii*iny, pkanmacy, *anitany 
eivjineen* and oiken ne*eanc/i wonken*, we kave di*covened ike cau*e* Of. 
many di*ea*e* i/iat fonnenly iook ikein toll by ike ikou*and*, ike 
wait* o r inan*miA*ion } way* io p/ieveni and ike way* io cune, Ike 
application of ike*e *cientific di*covenie* to oun evenyday life ka* 


! ■■ 





• . 






-'■■■■.■ . . ..> . ■ •. ..- .•.'■' 



. ■ 



pnolong.ed a yenenation o^ ikiA couniny io 6j yeanA Instead, of JO one 
hundned yeanA aao. Ho people, in ike kiAiony of- ike won,ld have even 
received on. cute nous neceiviny betten medical cane ikon, one ine people 
of t/ie LlnJLted jiateA, 

'feffenAon Qounty koA been mo At fontvnaie In alwayA having, oa 
well cuaJLified phyAicianA oa wene available anywhene in. tlie Atate* lit 
iA not poAAible fan me to give a detailed bioynaphy of all the phyAicianA 
who nave Lived and p/iacticed hene fnom time to time, ao on ikiA occasion 
J vjLLL limit my. diAcounAe io tkoAe eanly phyAicianA who wene hene pnion 
to 7c90. tlie r .ean located hene, 

hiany of ike easily, phyAicianA of r Jef r enAon Qounty wene not 
gjiaduateA o^ any medical Achool* 3n fact, mamy of them /tad not /leen a 
medical school, eiihen inside on out, a* i/iene wene none at that time 
in ;the United State* except in ike eaAienn AiaieA, Ike ■•juoii medical 
Actio o I in SJdJunoiA woa Aianted in Rock Aland in loko, 

The eanly phyAicianA of 'JeffenAon Qounty wene >.ien who had 
Aiuclled unclen a p/iecepton fo/i a nurrben of yeanA and neceived Aucn in- 
AtnucLLonA and Junfonmation aA thein pneceptonA could I niA 
e:uip,:ed them '.uAi about aA well oa it ilieu liad attended a ..iedical 
Achool in thoAe ea/ily dayA, becauAe pnaciically aLL tj'ie Lifo nidation 
tiiet', could neceive at ike acjxooIa woa t/inourji lectune coiuiAeA, I neAe 
ac/wo,La had no labonaionieA, autopAieA jjene not penmiited io diACOven 
ike cauAeA of deatli, and Aubyeetd fan diAection could only be Aecuned 
by nobbing, t/ie newly made ynaveA, 

7 hene woa no law in t/llinoiA pnion io 7677 i° pnevent any one 
fnom pnacticing, medicine who ao deAined, oa no licenAe woa ne-iuined, 
Jn 7677, a low woa paAAed in tkiA Atate pneventJuny anyone fnom pnac- 
ticing. mediciize until they had Aecuned a licenAe fnom tlie State Bo and 
o r ilealih. I he ne uiAJLte fon i/iiA licenAe woa t/iat ti'iey A/iould be a of an. appnoved medical Achool, on Aiiould have been actively 
enyayed in the pnactice of medicine pan ten yeanA pnion to i/ie paAAaye 

Of JJliA lew, 

J hen ikiA law woa paAAed in 7o77> fifty-nine yeanA allien ;cke 
ad/iiiAAion of ike Atate into ike Union, iJiene wene 7, kOQ p/ucAicianA in 
active pnactice Jin ike Atate, Of ikiA numb en, J, 600 had neven graduated 
fnom a medical Achool, and tyO wene pnacticiny uruden fnaduleni cneclen- 
iiaLd and oAAumed nameA, 








Q/i, 'John i'J, iJatdon 

Dn. John I'J. i'Jatdon wad a native of Jifonuland, bonn In T/Jl . 
He wad removed by ki^6 pajientd to VisigUnla wken a dmail boy and wad 
ilien.e nean.ed. He dtudled medicine and wad a gjuaduai& of Jeff&idon 
hiedsLcal (olieo,e. He mannled In Vlnalnla In loll , moved to Bounlon 
(ounty, Kentucky, and toon afien. to Pendleton (ounty o^ the darae dtate. 
/.■■•Jlen. oh out ten yeand, he tunned kid face wediwand and annlved in I 'It, 
Vennon in Tj21 \ Hid .pjunney. wad ovenland wltli a two-konde wayon with 
Iild ■lamlly and ail kl^ eantkly poddeddlond. He dettled on a fanm 
known ad faulbe/uiy. Hill and a pent Iild fundi wlnten. in a connaiib, Ike 
fallowing, tieaA, 1222, ke bouakt land one-half nude no/itk of. /'it. Vennon 
wnene ke n.e,,alned and managed kid fan/a In connection with kid dotted 
o-. Iild pnof.eddlon until ke died, wklck occunned June J, lokS» 

He wad ike fJuidt pkydlclan In Je t fe/idon (jaunty., and kid 
pnzictlce expended oven, a ojieat po/itlon of tkld pant of ike dtate. He 
ofslen made inlpd of t J~fty to one kundned railed long, on kondeback. On 
lo2d ke wad called on a pno^eddlonal vldlt to JlUlanidon (ounty, and 
•yiom tlie long, nlde kid konde becarae exkaudied and died on kid annlval 
at t/ie end of kid .jxtunney, and ke wad obliged to bonnou a konde to 
g,et baclx ;to kid kome. 

It Id dald thai aulnlne uded In t/ieatlno. malanla at tkat 
tlae codi kirn 210. §0 an ounce, 

ad iild pno r eddlonal dutled did not all of kid time, 
ke wad called upon to addedd ike eniine countu, jon. wklck ke necelved 

•!.:v. oo. 

He wad ike faiken of Joel F. 'atdon, tlie gnandfcJlien. o r 
udae Atbent, Dn. lalien, and Howand Jaidon. and ojieat-njiancl{jaitien. of 
(oJjonel { oei j aidon of tkld city. 

Dn. (anten. I JiMiey 
on, (anten Jllkey, anotken. one o^i ike eanly pkydlciand, came 
to ' c e t J r endon (ounty In l2l6 wltk a few e/tiiryiantd and dettled at i>ioon.e'd 
l J nalnle in ike dedented cabin of Andnew l!oon.e on ike old yodken 'Road 
J/i. ll'xey wad a native of QeonaJua but removed fnom tkat dtate to 
Tenneddee, wkene ke enlldted In ike Jan. of lo12. Delna unden aye, kid 
mo;nen. ducceed.ed In petting, klm out o^ tlie anmy allien, a few moniJid. 
He and Robent (pok, wko kad come to OlLunoJus wltk klm, wene connected 



wiik a tunv eying, paniy, enaayed in tunv eying ike landt in ikit pani 
of ike tiaie. Qanien K/ilkey wat ike "committaiy" — ike kunitman who 
funnitked ike yame fon ike ute of ike tunveyiny paniy, 

Ai ikit iime many, emignaniA wene pa/Ming, oven ike C/otken 
Road, keaded fon ike "Sajrg.amo couniny" and would tiop ai ike telile*- 
me/ii wkene ike U/ilkeyt wene Living* Qanien Uilkey enyaged in ike 
butinett of going, io Qanmi, a ditiance of foniy on fifiy milet, wiik 
iwo on iknee pack kontet, and bninyiny back meal io dell io ilxete 
"movent", wkick ke told ai J2.00 a butkeJL Oi wot a buti- 
nett fon ikai eanly dag. 

He and Ben U/ood ieanned ike canpenien r t inade, and ikey ai 
once began io wonh ai ikai butinett in paninentkLp, I key. buili. many 
of ike flnti koutet Jin ike couniy* 7 key buili ike final koute on 
^ondan't Pnainie; ikey alto buili ike Qlenk 1 t office in f'lcLeantbono, 
i/ie. finti ho ute enecied in ikai iown; ikey Buili on kelped io build 
ike -finti bnidye oven Qatey' t Tonk of Muddy Qneek, 

Wilkey afienwandt weni io 8unlingion f 3owa, wonhed in a 
dnuy tione, and tiudied medicine unden On, Hatbnook of ikai ciiy, 
Qomina back io ^effenton Qpuniy, ke locaied in ike touikeati pani of 
ike couniy on ike old §otken 'Road nean wkai it now ike Sugan (jump 
Bapiiti Qkunck koute, wkene ke pnaciiced medicine fon many yean*. 

He alto uted io inade in hontet and caiile and look many 
kundnedt of ikem io touikenn mankeit, 

He lived io a nipe old aye, Afien kid deaik kit ton, D/i. 
Henny CJilkey, who had been pnaciiciny in Macedonia in Hamilion Qouniy, 
moved io ike old K/ilkey hometiead. 

On. ll/illiam M. A. ftaxeu. 
On, ti/illiam fll, A. f<h.x.ey, ike ton of VJilliam T, filaxey, wat 
bonn in / ennettee and wat tix yeant of aye wken ike family moved io 
JULinoit in l8l8. He wat neaned amid ike tiinniny teenet of ike 
pioneen peniod, and wken a young, man bougki iimben fnom wkic/i ke tplii 
nailt ai fifiy cenit pen kundned io pay fon kit iuiiion fon a few 
moni/it ai a tubtcnipiion tckool, in wkick ike iknee fundojnenialt of 
"neadin 1 , wniiin r and r niikmeiic" contiiiuied ike count e of tiudy, 
Detpiie'ikit limiied inielleciual discipline, howeven, ke tubteauenily 
became noi only one of ike betl infonmed men of ike community bui in 


I I . ' 



: ■ : • ■ 





due time. /Lead medicine and fan. mo/ie than fo/Uy yean* wa* one of. ike 
mo*i *ucce**ful phy*lclan* in £effen*on (aunty. Medical men being, few 
In ilw*e day* caused a wide demand fan hi* *envlce*, and It i* *aid 
that hi* patient* wene 4catt.en.ed oven, thiee. counties. On waiting, on 
t/iem he /iode many, hundned mile* and wa* not lnfn.eauently ab*ent fnom 
name week* while mailing, hU p/w {.clonal call*. He al*o devoted 
con*ldenable attention to agAlculiune, and hi* fanm wo* one of the 
be*t Improved and mo*t of tkl* couniu. Ton. manu aeon* 
(ap.LCun J. /. tiaKey, hi* ton, had In l\l* po**e**lon the old pain, of 
toddle bag* In which hi* fatken canjiled medicine* to tneat all dl*ea*e* 
cormon to humanity in ike eanly time*, the leathen. being, *illl *inong, 
and the content* of. ike. baa* the *ame a* xuhen he dU continued hi* 
ptiactlce, often hi* long, and anduou* *envlce. 

Da, kaxey wa* not only a physician, but wa* a local minbiien. 
He dt,ed In Oowa In 7o]0, at the ag.e of. 78. 

On. Ullllam fi). A. f<fox.ey wa* the gnandfaiken of Olen f'iaxey 
and (tiftA, F/ied Upcnaft of thi* city. 

On. I'Jlllouahby. Adam* 

On. Jillougkby Adam* ha* al*o been mentioned a* one of the 
ean^Ly excellent physician* to locate In $effe,i*on (ounty. He came 
hene In ike eanly Twentle* and located fin*t in ike *mall villaae ol 
l»t. Vennon when* he followed hi* pnofe**lon. 

Laten he located In Dodd* 7owrx*hlp on the old g *hen "Road, 
*outkea*t of int. Vennon tome faun on five mile*. HJU *envlcc* wene 
valuable, a* ike. aaue wa* a fneauent vl*lton in eveny hou*efiold. He 
wa* al*o reputed to be a yood *unyeon fon ikote day*. On one occasion, 
tome men who had vi*lted a gnoceny at Ham'* Qwve, whene they *old 
Intoxicating. Iuluo/u, became embnoiled In a cenenal fight. One man 
who had an old hawk-billed knife naked kU dniayoni*t acao** the abdo- 
nxejz cutting, t'moug/i hU ovencoai, all hi* cloilxlng, and thnough ike 
aodomUxal walU until ike lnte*ilne* wene pnotnudlng. He wa* cannled 
up to Dn. Adam*' home whene iJxe docton dne**ed him, *ewed up ike wound 
o.nci ike paileni necovened. 

Hi* populanlty nyiew In ike e*tlmailon of iJie people, and a* 
eanly a* 7^7 he wa* chosen a* one of ike county comml**lo nesi*, In 
which capacity he *enved with honon. and wa* ^e^ently neelecied. On 


- ■ 







. ■ 


. . ■ 



7oty he wad chosen. Addociaie Judtice o^. ike Qounty QouAi, Tkid podiiion 
he filled fa a many. yeaAd, He wad ike fiAdt pAaciicing, phydician in 
Doddd I owndhip and wad aldo ike fiAdt county. dUAveyoA, i!e ejected, a 
Ixof.xe on ike old. Qodken r lload neaji wkai id now /{nnoid QemeteAy, Ike 
clximney wad built of dtoned, and one laAae dtone kad engAaved on it. 
7oJJ 1 ' wkLclx wad pAobabia ike {lean. Li wad ejiected. 

Uncle 'John iMULd, who died Jin Doddd Towndkip a pew yeaAd aao 
at ike ao.e of 70J, manAJLed a daugkteA of. Da, Adamd, 

At kid own Aer.uedt, ke wad bunJLed a dko/ii didiance piom kid 
AedicLence, whene rno/ie of hid family a/ie dleeping, ike dleep ikai Ivwwd 
no in ike A/moid QemeteAy, 

Da, Lemuel B. ^AeaoAy 

Da, Lemuel. Q, §AeaoAy, bo An in 7 026, wad anoikeA one of ike 
pioneeA phydiciand in Jeffendon Qounty, On Jm, HenAy PeAAin'd HidioAy, 
WAtiien in 7ioJ, he AefeAd to Da, jAeyoAy ad ike Todimadien yenenal of 
Loaanville, wkick wad a little podi office diiuaied noAikeadi of. FaA- 
Ainaion dome two oa iJuiee miled, T/iAougJi ike influence of Da, CjAeyoAy 
end. John A, Loaan, he decuAed ikid podt of t JLce and named Jit in. ho no a 
of SenatoA Loaan, 

Plot only wad Da, CjAeaoAy an active and ducceddful phydtcian 
in ikai community, but ke wad an extendive fanitieA and diook AaideA, 
T/iAour>A hid eneAay and economy he acc 6 uiAed fnom 7kOO to 7f>00 acned Of. 
aood land in FaAAinaion Towndkip, He beaan Life witkout a dime, and 
what ke aco.uiAed ke wad indebted to no one but kL.idelfl* He carae to 
JeffeAdon Qounty wken but a meAe Lad and kLd budy Life wad extended 
sJwjoucjk all the. hand timed, iJie tniald and haAddkipd to which ike eajily 
detileAd weAe dubj*ecied, J kite cotlectoA foA kid towndkip, he told, 
wtt/i deliy/ii ikai ke collected neaAly ike eniine Aevenue of ike county 
in coon dhind and deeA dkind whtch wene a ieaal iendeA at thai time. 

Da, (j/ieyoAy attended the fiAdt dchooi iauaht in FaAAinaion 
Towndhip, The ieachen wad a i>k, Jodeph 9/u.ce, The houdc wad a pole 
cabin about dixieen f.eet do.uane, with dlab deaJU and wiilwui any flooA 
except ike cold gyiound, Tke fisie wad built in ike middle of ike /loom, 
end. aAound iltid "council fjUe" ike pioneen boyd and oJLaJU attained ike 
widdom and LndpiAaJJjon to fit ikem foA often Life, Da, §/ieaoAy woac 
buclidkin bneeched and buchdhin hunitna-dhini, and on kid wan, to dekool 

• ' 


through the morning, rain and snow and dew, his breeches, which were not 
very well tanned, would yet wet and stretch out uuvUl they would be 
down under his feet, Bui, tilting, aAound the log^heap fJLre in thai old 
school house, they, would }ei day and draw up nearly to hit knees, thus 
displaying. his "shapely shins, " which had stood exposure to the. ele- 
ments until they were about like, young, scaley-b arked hic/iories, 

Farrinyton Township at that time was a great democratic 
stronghold but Dr. Gregory was a Republican, and he said that he hoped 
to make it a Republican township if he lived lona enough. Dr, Gregory 
was auite active in public affairs, He served as supervisor from his 
township five terms and served as collector one team, 

fa? Z G $*2% 

fa' c* G 9 /taL J- practiced in i>\t. Vernon during, the Thirties. 
/'IAS. Johnson mention* him in her hisio/iy as having, treated one of, her. 
children who died. also find an account of Dr. Q/uuj. being, called 
to Marion to treat Rev. Onyersoll, the father of Bob °OnyersoU, in his 
last illness. 

Among, the other early physicians in Jefferson Q^^nty there 
were Dr. JUliam H. S/iort, Dr. Qreihem and Dr. Thomas Johnson, but as 
they left but few footprints on the tanas of time, am unable to give 
any detailed history of their activities. 

On the early day* of Jefferson Qounty the physicians knew of 
no way to immunise ayainst any disease except smallpox., and all were 
not vaccinated; hence, that disease prevailed from time to time, /'lo 
houses were screened agjainst flies and mos^uitos; hence, typhoid, 
malaria and disenteries were prevalent diseases, Diptheria was also a 
frecaient and fatal disease during, those days, Hence, the early phy- 
sicians were very, very busy at times. 

On 7o4o there was on outbreak of cholrea in the county, and 
JUliam Trivet, his wife and two children died from that disease. They, 
lived where the old Spring, garden Road left the Qoshen Road, southeast 
of hit, Vernon some three miles. There were several other cases of 
cholrea in fit. Vernon and surrounding, parts of the county at the time, 
most of which were, fatal. 



' . • . 



. . ■ •.. . .' ■ 


,36 OJ 

• ,■ i ■ 

■ . . ■ ■ • ■ • ■ 


:■. . , 



■ ■ . • 




\ ■ • 

. , j , ■ ' 

: - 

J - '■■ ■ 

' . . ( ,' 

■ ..■■'"..••• ■•■■ ' 

• ■ 

. . 


■ . ■ 






• ■ ■ • :'■•..•■' 



■ •. 






also note. In /leading, ike accounts of these eanly physicians 
thai. pnactically all of them had to supplement theln meayJie eanninys 

by fanmlny, stock. nals.ina and oihen Lines of. business. These, physicians 
also took an active Interest la ike. civic affains of ike aunty and 
siate } opt times senvlng. In official posiiJ-ons In. ike county. 

1 hene wene penhaps oihen physicians ke/ie fnom iiiiie to time 
of which no zieco/id is found. J ken. came, to 'Jeffenson Qounty In 7J90, 
thene wene thinty-two active physicians in tkis county. Of t/iat numb en, 
aLL one dead accept two: Jn. Tried Potion and myself. (qLIuRjAL IaJIQ 
Please, neriiemben that ike. onlalnal papen was w/iitien by Jn, nail In. 
7?4oV. 3/i t Potion was one. of ike best qualified and most active 
pkyslcizns met when. came to Int, Vennon. He was fnlendly, had a 
ojood pensonuLxy and was one of the finest men even. met. He has 
been, netlned fjon ike post twelve on. fXfteen yeans, and now lives on 
Oakland Avenue of tkis city. He Is mo/ie ikon ninety-two yeojis of uye, 
and. his mind is as clean, as a bell, 

had an oppontunlty to meet pnacticolly all of the physicians 
who wene in active pnaciice hene in l3°0, and all who have come and 
aone since. At some futune penlod, might decide to ^Xve a sketch 
and nay estimate of theln valuable senvlces to the community. 

— Andy /-/all, hi D. 

/j. vgrni bUMis on. mu hall 

(q810F<3AL NOJqi The following. Is taken ah.iost venbatim 
fiWhi Lie files of the l>\i. Vennon iicyisien-h 'ews of Hovembzn 2J, 7?<57/ 

I't. Vennon' s beloved On. Andu Hall Is dead. 

Jn. Andy died at o:J0 on Satunday night, Hovemben 25, 7*-]67, 
at §ood Samanitan Hospital, a week often he suffened a stnoke. /'it. 
Vennon' s famous physician was <}6 yeans, ten mont/is and 7/ days of aye. 

Although On. Andy's death was ex.pected, XJl left the people 
o r Lie do don's home town with a feeling, of deep loss. Jn. Andy liad 
become as mudi a pant of l<\t. Vennon as the public s: uane and the count 
house. He was wli/wui doubt the best-known and most-Loved man in the 
conmunlty he senved as a docton and boosten fon seventy-one yeans. Jn. 

Andy was many Liinys to many people In his home town and county 

docton, fnlend, philosophen, stony iellen and most enthusiastic boosten. 




■• ' 

. . 



. ; ■ . ; 





Da, Hall dtaried hid didtinguidhed career in medicine ad a 
"fxo/ide end buomt" doctor in tit, VeAnon dhortlu, alter his oyiaduation 

aero o ' o 

fjiom /lorthwediern University /'ledical School in 7jQ0, He hung, out hid 
dkingle flrom a two-room opfU.ce. with a coal dtove. /he young, doctor, 
who dtaried broke, paid five dollard a month for hid but 
economized by, dleeping, there, too, ad he couldn't afford to live in a 
boarding, koude. 

F/iom this dmall begjjxning, the dedicated young, docto/i who 
waA bo /m in a log, cabin in Hamilton Qounty ea/med home town, dtate and 
national hono/id which come to few men. He was mayo a. o r hid home town 
. . . derved hid country in wand. . . dewed hid dtate ad director of. 
its public health department. .. wad honored ad hit. Vernon' d "/'Ian of the 
yean" in 7946... and ad America' d "Doctor of the yean" in' 7^. 

On. Andy wad bonn on a farm in Hamilton Qpunty in 7oS5> ^ ie - 
don o r Hiram lesley and fjulia (l>lcLean) Hall. Hid father wad a veteran 
of t/ie t'lextcan 'an and a colonel in the Qlvil '.Jan. 

He g,ot hid early education in a log, dchool where he dat on 
dplit log, deatd. He. attended IncLeandboro High School and llorthem 
Jllinoid liormal Qplleye before enrolling, in the Northwestern Medical 

After he earned hid lA D. degree in 78^0 he hung, out hid 
dhingle in hit. Vernon, then a town of kOOO people; i*\t. Vernon and 
ff effeMpn {ounty had tlxirty-two docto/id, and it wad tougji yoing, for a 
young, doctor who wad practically broke. But young. Dr. Andy had the 
dane vigor, enthudiadm and dende of humor then that he maintained 
through hid lifetirae of dervice. He told the older, ediablidhed doc- 
to/id to "dend me your dcalawags and deadbeatd. " And the older doctord 
did. "0 did about ,,20 worth of businedd my yirdt month, " Dr. Hall 
daid. "3 don't thin/i collected half that. Some of tlxe patiejtts 
g,ot weren't In tlxe habit of paying, a doctor anyt'xing. " Dr. Hall didn't 
bot/ier with denoting out reaular dtatei.ienis then. He usually billed 
hid patientd once a year. 'J ken a patient died, he J,udt wrote acrodd 
tlxe record, "Settled by §od. " 

Dr. Andy never turned down a call from patientd, even when 
he Ixad no meand of transportation, Jlien a call came in fLro„i tlxe coun- 
try he would hop the pjidt ^eight train in that direction, hop off when 




. .. ! 






'"■ : 


. . 




■ ■ 



- , '• 


it got to ike point nearest kis destination, and walk ike /test of ike 
way. He became, friendly, as Da, Andy, alwa^ did, witk ike fjieiakt 
strain crews and befoAe ionn, ke was allowed io Aide in i!x.e caboose, in 
style, Some, weeks ke walked as many, a* 9<9 miles, hlosi of kis patients 
couldn't pay. in cask, but many brought kirn pood and meat wlxLck kelped 
ixeep tie young, do do a. going* 

On iwo yeans ike. young, do do a had built up a yood pAacii.ce 
and -was well known and liJxed i/xAOughout ilxe county. By ikai time ke 
was p/iospening to ike extent ikat ke could /tide on horsebccli oa in a 
rented niq, inora ike liven. 1 ', liable io calls out in ike county. On bad 
weatken. ke coniijuied io kitck Aides on ike fn.ei.gkt trains. 

On his second yean, in J' It. Vernon ke met and fell in love 
wJb'dx i Inna ^ia^ebnaok, a teacher in ike high school. On Hew \J ear s 
Jay, 7o°2, i/iey were manjiied. 

On those days Da, Andy served as a do do a, surg,eon and den- 
tist, besides kis medicine bottles, ke caAnted a suriical kit wkick 
included forceps for extracting, teeth. He perpOAmed many opeAations 
on ilxe hitcken table in %e£fenson Qounty komes, using kerosene lamp* 
■?X) a ligkt and pAessing membens of. ike family into servi.ce as nunses 
and assistants. 

Da, Andy never stopped ieanning, Qven ikougJi his pAacii.ce 
kepi kirn busy uiany kouns a day ke found tune io read and study medical 
fx>urnals io keep Junfjonriied of ike latest ieckniaues in surg^ery, obsird- 
Ai.cs and medicine, 

On ilxe spntng, of lo^J a gnoup of Da, Andy's ■ : !riends per- 
suaded Ixira to Aun foA mav.OA — and ke was eleded, "Taose scalawags 
end deadheats must kave voted fa a me, "Da, Hall said, Ot was kis way 
of expressing, kis appAeciatian io kis many eantu-day patients wko kad 
come io love and Aesped kirn foA ike caAe ke gave their cixildren 
whellxen ;tkey could oa could not pay. 

Da, Andy was destined io serve kis country in wans — 
and ike -first one cut kis ienm as mayon skoAi, He was ilxe mayoA of 
ilxe town wken ike news was Aeceived of ike sin/iing, of ike battles/xip 
haiixe. He pAompily volunteered and senved in ilxe S panish-, merican Jan. 
as a Aegimeixtai suraeon wit/'i ike °-ik Oitinois Volunteers witix ike nank 
of hia<jx>n, J/xen ikai wan ended, Da, Andy returned io I't, Vennon and io 
kis pnactice* 




He wa* home only five week* when ilie. Qqjl Department a*ked 
him to ox> to ihe ?hlilppine* a* a regJunenial *uraeon, Aaaln Da, Andy, 
Ae*ponled and *erved. a* *aAaeon In. a field ho*piiai at 5an J*ldro, He 
wa* Latest tAasu4f.eAA.ed to a po*t undeA 3rlg.adleA general f-Aed ^rant, *on 
of U, S, Qrani, Foa five month* he pAactlced jjungXc medicine on. ine 
wild ea*i coa*t of Lugon, then, he went on to ihe Lingjayan yuif. He 
returned to the United State* In 7 Q 07, 

He resumed hi* practice here and, a yean Later, bought, an. 
automobile — the fir*t "hor*ele** carriage" In. k Jeffer*on Qounty, "Jt 
wa* almost moAe iroubie ilw.n It. wad worth, " Da, Andy *aid, "3 had to out to fix. something, on. an average of eveny ten mide*, Ot woula 
frighten hor*e*, too, and hod to Atop and klii the engine to let them 


Dr, Andy always floured hJut community service did not end 
with hi* medical practice. He served for eight year* a* president of 
t/ie high *chooi board, wa* active In the affair* of the /\merlcan Legion, 
served a* departmental *urg,eon of the United S pani*h-Amerlcan Jan 
Veteran*, and *erved a* president of the Southern OLLlnoJu* l>\edlcal 
So cletu, 

J hen the United State* entered Jo rid Jar One, Dr. Andy wa* 
■flfjty-iwo year* old, but he wa* aiong, the flr*t to volunteer and wa* 
In charg,e of Aungjical *envlce* at (amp Upton, Hew !/oaA, He wa* mu*~ 
tered out In 7^7% after the Arml*tlce wa* *lgned. 

He wa* *eventy-flve year* old when Jo rid Jar Two broke out, 
loo old -for active military *ervlce, he did hi* *hare on the home 
front, working, hard at hi* profe**lon In the ab*ence of younaer doctor* 
away at war and *ervlna a* chairman of the medical appeal* board o^. 
Selective Service, 

Da, Andy wa* the fln*t down*tate JiilnoLaan to *erve a* 
*tate health chief. The *tate had It* iowe*t death rate during, hlA 
7^2^-7^33 icAm a* DlrectoA of the Pubilc Health Department, On four 
hand-wo riling, year* Da, Andy 1 * deparJbnent virtually wiped out typhoid 
and. dysentery in ihe *tate and helped greatly to reduce death* from 
*malipox. and diphtheria. Through the efforts of l<li, Vernon f * doctor, 
t/xe *iate legsL*iatuAe created a Sanitary I'Jater Board with power* to 
*;iop pollution in Jlilnol* *ineam*. 




■ . 









Dn, Andy, took g/ieat pnlde in his effonts during, those foun. 
yeans :to Atop blindness In babies, He wnole a law neoulnlng, physicians 
to cUop sllven, nltnate In babies ' eyes at blnth. The leglslatune padded 
it but the. atto/uxey yenenal held that the law wad unconstitutional and 
the. govennon. vetoed It, Upset oven, the action, Dn. Andy declaned, 
"St 1 4 not unco ixs titutlonal to 4ave eyesight, " He took his case dl- 
nectly to the people, ma/iing. §00 talks thnougjiout the state to eKplaln 
t/ie benefit of the low and pleading, fon the suppont of the people. The 
people didn't know much about the constitutional issue, out they, loved 
and /lespected Dn, Andy, and populaji suppo/it fon the measune became oven,- 
whelmino,, with the nesult that the leglslatune aaain adopted the law. 
This time :the gjovennon. 4i.0n.ed It, and it. Ju6 stlLL a lew in. Illinois, 

On 79 JS Dn. Andy founded the "Fifty Veen. Qlub" of the OUlnols 
/'iedlcal Society, composed of physicians who have senved flfly yeans on. 
none, rle dewed as chalni.ian of this dlstlnyuished ynoup fo/i yeans and 
ojt the ;lime of his death was sewing, as chalnman, having, been neap- 
polnted In August, 

Honons piled up on top of hono/is fon Dn, Andy in the twilight 
of his life. On 7j£/6 his /wme town g,ave him Its highest Iwno/i, naming, 
him /ilt, Vennon's "/nan of the i/ean. " On Decemben 6, 7$fy, he was named 
i.r,ie/ilca f s outstanding, yenenal pnxLctltlonen. by the Amenlcan (t)edlcal 
Society, He was feted In Jashungton, D. Q , and was given a heno 's wel- 
come on his netunn to />)t. Vennon, 

On 'Janua/iy o, 7%5 — his <}Oth blnthday — Dn. Andy was 
hono/ied at the biggest blnthday pa/ity even, held In /'it. Vennon. The 
panty was held at the city hall, and the entlne community took pant, 
/-ui he stood beside a huae blnthday cake and gneeled his huncUeds of 
^Intends he was lauded as /'It, Vennon's "Best /mown, best loved and most 
/lespected citizen, " His well-wishens on that dau announced plans fon 
a pantiy which will neven be held — on Dn. Andy's 700th blnthday, 

Un his °6th blnthday On, Andy was "gMven" a school, fjjuyene 
Field School was nenamed Dn, Andy Hall School, Ot was the 'Juist time 
a school lias even, been named fon. a /'It. Vennon citizen, 

Foun yeans ago Dn.. Andy netlned fnom active p/iactlce, but he 
netalned his gest fon. Life and spent much time in his hobbles of -Jok- 
ing,, hunting, and watching, the /)t. Vennon Rams play basketball* He had 
long, been known as (>\t. Vennon's Ho, 7 basketball fan. 


On ike iwiliakt of kis lij.e, atikougk kis kealik :vas failing 
Da, Andy, Aeiained kis skanp wit and kis tense of kumOA, On 'January, a, 
7^67, on kis y6ik biAikday, ke ziepo/uted ke was "feeling, fine and 
planning, a -limning, tnJip. " 

$ust seven moniks befoAe kis death, on ApAil 5, 7<?67, Da. 
Andy made a one-kouA speech fnom memo Ay as ke Aelated to ike couniy s 
kisioAical society little known fads about tkis county'* pant in ike 
Qivil Jan., 

On. Andy was a genial ko^i, enteAiaining, fjiiends at kis big, 
fAame Lome at 7o02 dAoadwcui, wke/ie ke kad Aesided foA yeaAS. 

Me is suAvived by docioA tons: Da, /•loAskall Hail of 
/'it. Vennon; Da. Andy Mall, £a., of St. Louis; and Da. JilfoAdF. Mall 
of uAidyepOAt, Qonn. , a AetiAed majoA yenenal of ike U. S. AiA FoAce; 
six. gjujndckiidAen and six. g/ieat g/uindckildjien. Da. Hall was iJie Last 
of a family of ten ckildnen. 

a LAimma goN£ 

(By Tke yjJboA of ike /'it. VeAnon "RegJLSteA-ii ews undeA date 

o r llovembeA 27, 7<]67 ) 

Da. Andy kad become moAe in /'It. VeAnon ikon a meAe individual. 
Because of kis gneat oae and kis notable cojieeA ke kad become almost 
an institution, a sonJt of londmanli, a leaend duAina kit lifetime. 

DoctoA Andu woa not an especially b/ulliant man. But ke kad 
something that was faA, foA moAe impOAtant than mene He 
kad integAity and ckanaden. He faced ail life'* pAoblems boidly and 
Absolutely in tke good old AmeAican tradition. -I hot is wky we ail 
loved kim, 

I keAe is little, cause foA gnJief at ike end of a life that kas 
been as lone and as filled wiik konoAS, Aespect and happiness as tkat 
ol Do do a Aidy. /JeveAikeless ike eniiAe community jjoins wiik kis 
devoted -family in mouAning, kis passing. 

Ot seems as ikougk a landmark of oua time and day kas been 

Tke eldest of oua tAibe is gjone, Oua gnand old man is dead. 


By Sidney Hinons ( Delivered befoAe ike Souikenn Oliinois 
tiisioAical Society keld in /<li. VeAnon, Illinois, InaAck 77, 7^7 J 

pAobably ike finst educational law affecting tke Ackools of 
' c 'effeASon Qpunty was an act enabling. Illinois to set apoAt Section 


. :... ■ . : , • 

' - ■ ■ - ' .. .. ,■■ | '. 

. : . . . • : . ( ... . . .■■■ ' ■ 

■ ■ ■ 
■■■■ ■ . • .- . ?.. ' 


• ... '.' ... •' ■ . • 


■ . ■ . , . : . ,'';.'■,.' . . .: 
." • ■'■ .. .. ' ' , . ■ . • - 
, . . . -■ -• .:• i ■ ." ■:• ."■ . ■ . JUV . . 

'■■■,.• . . ... .-. . - i ■■• 


-...-..• ru ' ' . ■.'■ ,' . : - .■•■■."- . (an 

''■•:■>■.■■■ . '..-.... 

• • . • "• : . ■ 

•' . • • : . ' ' . 

- ■ . . • ••-.■'- : - ' ■. - 

., -• • ■ .''''..■, . 

'.:■■.' '. . ,,.''..- 

■ ' '■.■.•■ ' 


IsjJ ■ 

■ ■ ' ! I 

' • 


Sixteen of each iownskip fon ike use of ike inkabitanis fo/i ike supponi 
of schools, Ike. sixteenik /tectum so donated amounted io about a million 
acnes fo/i Otlinois and oven, ien ikousand acted f.on 'Je r ? r enson (ounty, 
Ikai was neatly a aneat donation fon education in ikai day* Bui ike 
souaitens iook possession of ike sckool lands and wasied ike timben, 
Ike cause of edu.caii.on lanauisked, ike settlements wene spanse, money, 
was seance, and ikene wene no pnofessional ieackens, Things went on in 
ikis mannen until, in 7o25 ike Duncan sckool Law, a aood one but fan in. 
advance of ike population, wad passed, Oi decianed ikai i/ie aovennrnent 
musi extend and encounaye ike impnovemeni and cultivation of ike, 
Ike people wene noi steady, fon a fnee sckool sysiem, Ike law wkick was 
ike initiation of a fnee system was nepealed aften iwo yeans, and fon 
yean* ikeie was veny tittle done aboui fonmal education, Sdwoi housed, 
school booths, ieackens and mannen of insinuation wene of ike most 
tive ckanacien, Ike houses wene of ike loo. cabin vanie.iy, ike books 
wene as nude as ike cabins, and ike ieacken was sometimes ike mo si pnim^.- 
tive of all, 

Ike ftnsi school even laugkt in ^effenson Qounty was in 7o20, 
by 'Joel face, wko was iken ike county clenk, Oi was iaugjit in a floon- 
iess cabin, wiikoui ceiling, on window, Ike next sckool was tauakt by 
$ames Douglas at Old Skilok, He boanded at Zadok Casey.' s, arid, it was 
iken ikai ike ^ovennon aoi kis education fnom Douglas, "/hat school 
house bunned down, and anoiken one was built, Qnony, Jnoone taught ike 
next sckool at Old Union, Oiken eaniy teackejis in. ike county, included: 
W. L, Howell, (dwand l'i\ax,ey, £ Knapp and Anderson Booth, Oi seems ikai 
Cdwand Maxey kad ckanae of ike schools in ike vicinity of f'li. V canon 
fnom 7o2§ io 78JJ. An oid coninact neconded. in one of ike kiAionies 
.of ike county neads: "0, (dwand h)ax.ey, io ieack a sckool of 
spelling,, wniting, and anithmetic, fon. five days each week and make up 
any losi time, acconding io my besl skill and ike sckolans' sevenal 
capacities, fon foun dollans fon eack sckotan — iwo of w/itck io be paJj. 
in money and ike nesi In ponk on young, cattle at ike exoination of ike 
ienm, " And below wene tisied ike names of ikepanents styling, fon one 
on mone sckolans, some one-half time sckolans, some one and one-holy 
some iwo on ilxnee. 

On 7o4£ ike fnamens of ike Constitution of Otiinois said ike 
(jenenal nssembtj. migki pnovide a sysiem of fnee sckools, but it was 


Aevenal yeasiA latesi bepone ike convention woa hold. wklck Aald Ike 
C-enesial AAAembly Akall pnavlde a tkonougk and epiXclent AyAiem op fsiee 
AckooLi, wkesieby all cklldsien op ike Stale may. Aecelve a yood common 
school education" and compelling, all pasieniA io A end ikelsi childjien 
io public ac/woIa. 

The easily, cousiac op Aiudy conAlAted op Ike I eAtaneni, ike 
spelling, book, ike anltkmeilc and a little w/uilna book, Ike acKooIa 
wene vesiy loud, fo/i evesiy one "Aiudled out loud" at ike Aarae time. 

Sliilok TownAklp 

Ike people kene took a deep IntesieAt in educational matlesiA, 
and ac/woIa wene onyanlzed ve/iy eanly, Among, ike easily leackenA wene 
%oel Pace, wko taugjit ike pisiAt Ackool in ike county in To 20, {jJwand 
I'taxey, a man named { JameA Douglas op Old Skilok, q, Knapp, i'inde/Ldon 
Booik, <jno/iy hloo/ie at Old Union, and oiliesiA, Ike old '^e^e/iion 
■Academy." woa one op ike plsiAi Ackool kouAeA In ike iown-tkip, Skilok 
koA neven let Ha InteneAi lay In ike cauAe op education, 

Pendleton I ownAki^ and fiboneA P nclnl e 

Ike eanly cki.:nc/ieA and acjxooJLa op ikeAe iownA/'ilpA wene on a 
pan wlik otkesi pontlonA of ike county, Ike Aclxool kouAeA wene oj~ ike 
p/Umlilve log- cabin Aiyle, opsten deAcsiibed In iklA wonk, and ike pJJiAi 
neliglouA meeting wene keld In ike cablnA o^ ike people on In Aurmen 
beneaik ih.e Apneadlng, ineeo, Ike fJuiAt Ackool kouAe op wkick we can 
leann anything, woa a log, cabin on Section "J op 'Pendleton Towndilp, and 
ike fJjiAt teacken woa a man named (jlbbA. 

Home I ownA.hlp 

Ike educational klAionu, ot Home Ia Air.vilan io thai oC oi/ien 
ponilonA o r ilie county. So muck kaA alieady been Aald upon ike Aublect 
ilxai .Little can be. added kene. Ike pisiAt Ackool kouAe In i/'ie iownAlxlp 
woa a log, cabin, elgjiteen by elgjiieen Peel, on ike land o r 1>L D. onuce, 
and La Atlll Aiandlny. Ike pinAi Ackool In It woa taugjit by ItiaJiulda 
/uasitln, wko came kene with ken panentA pnom Kentucky. Otkesi easily 
ieackesiA wene './illlam Dill, S. AndnewA (laiesi. a mesickani In Qentsialia) , 
and Q, AndnewA. 

Spnlng , Qosiden. I ownAhlo 

iJko taugjit ike pisiAi Ackool In wkat Ia now Spnlng, (janden 
I ownAhlp we cannot Aay, non can we give ike exact location of ike fLiAt 



school house in the township. The eanly schools and school houses hene 
wene of the usual pnimitive kind, 

[J ebb en. Township 

School* wene taught in, the township as soon as thene we/ie 
childnen to suppont them, and money, to pay. ieachens. One o r the t Jjist 
scliool liouses was a tog, cabin ejected on Section 2o, on Black Oak 
kidae. Among, the eanly "wielded of. the binch" within this p/iimitive 
temple of teanning. wene Jehu, Joel Hawlxins, John Mick, Bnown 
and David, Anothen school house wa/> built in the no/ith pant of. the 
township which was linown a* the young, School House, Befone this 
house was built a school wad taught in the old Qouncil Bluff. [hunch. 
The Barmen School House was penhaps the next one built, Oi /leceived 
the name on account of the barmen countny anound it. About the yean 
7o50 the pnecinct was divided into foun school disinicts. The finsi 
school tnusiees Jin the township fpnion to township onaanigaiionj wene 
0, B, Davis and Q, /'), Qasey, 

qIA fnainie I ownship 

I he eanly educational histony of qIA fnainie Township ia 
involved in considenabte obscunity, and it is not definitely known now 
when on by whom the -finst school was taught, non whene the find! pioneen 
school house was enected, 

Fanninaton Township 

On, (jneyony day* the finst teachen he went to scliool to was 
a !<ui, Joseph ?nice, and he t/iinks it was the finst school in the town- 
ship. The do don's descniption of that school and school house and 
his attendance at it is c^uite humonous. The house, he saiM, was a 
pole cabin about sixteen feet sauane, slab seats and without any floon 
except the ynound. The fine was built in the middle of the noom, and 
anound this "council fine" the pioneen boys and yinls attained the wis- 
dom and inspination to fit them fon aften life. On, (jneaony says he 
wone buc/iskin bneeches and buckskin huniiny-shint, and on his way to 
school of a monniny thnough the nain and snow his bneeches, which wene 
not veny well tanned, would yet wet and stnetch out until they would 
be down unden his feet. But, sitting, anound thai ioy-heaped *Jjie in 
that old sclxool house, they would yet dny and would dnaw up until they 
wene neanly to his knees, thus dJuipla'jXng, his "shapely shins, " which 

I \ .. 



'' ' ■. 


kad Aiood expoAun.e to ike element* until they wene about like young, 
Acaley-banhed hlckonleA, 

Ike next, Ackool teacke/i aften. Pnlce woa pnobabiy .bAalom 
§,on.y, an ancle of t/ie On., (jnegjony alluded to above, He woa fol- 
lowed by jld&i 'A. J. (amp, a Baptist pn.eacken wko, notwltkAtanding, klA 
koly calliny, woa oa lHHen.aie and unleanned oa any of the flstkenmen 
of (jatilee. /Jllilam 'Johnson woa alto an easily ieacJien. Anothen. of the 
ea/ily Ackool kouAeA waA built on ilonAe (jieek. 3t woa oIao a /tude easily 
log, cabin, Ike next school kouAe La ibid po/ition of the iownAnlp wo* 
built at Fan/ilnaton, 

Qnand 'P/ial/ile IownAnlp 

Ike fuiAt Ackool, on. one of ike {LuiAt, In ihlA tojjnAklp woa 
tauyht by a man owning, ike uncommon name of Smith, rie boanded wltn a. 
bn.eej.em but nan aiuay befon.e klA Ackool woa flnlAked without even n,e- 
munenatlng, /'In., fon. kid boand. Ike puiAi Ackool kouAe bjjjjt wad 
on ike Potion fanm, and woa a log, cabin sixteen feet A uan.e, wU:k Alab 
AeaiA, a puncheon fJLoon. and a a tick c/ilmney, 

/'IcQletlan / ownAklp 

Ike people of llcQiellan IownAnlp took an easily Lnien,eAt In 
editcatlny theJui chilobien. Jken ike AettlementA wene AtUil veny ApcuiAe, 
acIwoIa wesie eAtab linked. TkeAe wen.e n.ude wken compared to oun. pn.eAent 
AyAtem, but iiiey we/ie beiten. than no acIxooIa at all. 7 lie fJUiAi ieacken., 
on. one of the fuiAt, In ihlA section woa 'Judye BaugJx, tie taught In a 
Aiw.ll log, cabin on f[, ''» Lee' a fanm, Ot waA of Ama-LL nound log^6, 
about eighteen by twenty feet In dlmenAlonA, and had been built by 
ike QknlAilan (ku/ick fon. a teraple of wonAnlp In 18JJ, A Aecond Ackool 
kouAe woa built on SllaA RoaesiA ' place vesiy eanlu. 

Field I ownAklp 

I ke fJuiAt Ackool kouAe In Field I ownAiilp woa built on Big, 
hluddy on ike I'icQnojiy flanm, 3t woa a log, cabin about Alxjteen feet 
Acuajie, and of ilie uAual ploneen, patienn with Ha Alcb AeatA, punclxeon 
■floon. and old-time flsieplace, 

QaAnen, I ownAklp 

Ike old log, Aclwol kouAe may Ailll be Aeen ke/ie } aA well aA 
Aevenal neat fjiame Ackool bulldlnaA, Je know almoAi nothing, of ike 
■•LuiAi AckoolA In thlA iownAnlp, 

' ■ . ■ ' 




Dodds Township 

The pioneers, as soon as they had each prepared a habitation 
and enclosed a "patch" of land on which to raise the necessities o t 
Life, turned their attention, to the ejection of a school ho ate., Jn 
7oJo the pioneers of. 'Jachsons Precinct, now JodcU Township, erected a 
log. cabin on o^overn/.ient land wlxlch in 1^k~J Is the properly o r /, /. 
Sanders, Some one took the Initiatory step by notifying the settlers 
within a radius of. on four miles that on a certain tune at a 
designated place they would meet p?r the purpose of. erecting a school 
house, Punctual at the time and place, anmed with tlielr "wo /iking, 
toots" theu assembled and in a short time, considering, the disadvantages 
under whlclx they, labored, their wo/ik was consummated, I ne structure 
would not compa/ie with the excellent temples of learning, of the p/iesent, 
but It affo/ided them an accommodation fo/i their early school, I his 
building, was about fourteen feet sauare. The walls were made of 
rough round logs from the forests; the chimney, was of earth and sticks 
and the roof of clapboards. Slab a split from trees, the rough edjyes 
smoothed with an ax., constituted the floor. The windows were made by 
cutting, out a log, and pasting, a g/ieased paper over the aperture, which 
admitted all the light that was afforded the pupils. The furniture 
consisted of benches made from larye puncheons; desks or writing, tables 
were •forraed by placing, against the wall, at an angle boards or puncheons. 
After the cabin was finished and furnished, a school was the next tiling, 
in oroier. Some one of the settlers canvassed the neighborhood and 
deter/iiined how many pupils would attend the school at a stated sum per 

Jt Is thought that .), T, Sanders taught the first school in 
this cabin, and JUL is not remembe-zed t/iat he went through any examina- 
tion, I he auallflcatlons reoulred in those days were that the teacher 
possess the physLcal ability to aovem the sclxool and be suf>-lclenlly 
a scholar to teach reading, writing,, and ciphering, especially the 
loiter as far as t/ie "double rule of three, " l>\r. Sanders was very 
successful. From the beginning of this sc/wol, a new impetus was given 
to education, and each succeeding, year the advantages have improved in 
this direction. About the year 7o^0 A Q, Johnson taught a school at 
a private residence in the township, and not far from the same time a 

lao, cabin. tirnllan in continuation to ike one. mentioned above, wat 
built on ike. Line, between Section 70 and 77, 3n ihit tckool haute 
hlotet Smit/'x and A, Q, fjoknton taught. A* we. have. alneady stated, ike 
inienett In education began to gAow. 3t it tnue that thefie wene tome 
who thought educati.on wa4 not essential to fanm li-^e, but they, wesie 
few, and the moronity wene wanmly in favon of tckoolt, 

Blittville Township 

l J lip hj ■ ■ .. / i n 

Blittville I owntklo wat not bachwand in educational matter, 
and tdxoolt wene easily, ettablitked and tc/iool koutet built. One of 
ike fl/ut tckool haute* In the township wat built neon, wkene (li yil- 
bent settled, 3t tiood on ike fanm now owned by QyJiut §ilbent and wad 
of Loqa tixleen by eighteen feet, ike cnacht daubed with mud, I Vie 
fintt ieacken wo* of ike name of Bellit. Anoiken pioneen tckool haute, 
wat on ike land now oened by *R. (jilbent, and A, i'Jelck wat one of ike 
eanly ieackent kene, A tckool haute wat built on ike land of y, '» 
hoyt, In ^nand fnainie, and anoiken. on ilxe land owned by the heuit of 
Jleuben j/ueen, fa. 

Bald fllil Towntkip 

Ike eanly hittony of education kene jla but a taniple o r what 
It wot eltewkene in ilxe eanly day*. 3i cannot now be told wko iaugnt 
ike fJuiAt school kene, on. wkene ike flnti tckool haute wat built, 
I kene Id but one ckusick building, in ike iowntkip, and ihat it Bald HILL 
I'leikodlat Qpitcopal (kunck neon, ike nontk line of ike iowntkip. 3t Id 
a fname building,, and it l\at a veny yood membentklp fan. a countnu ckwick, 

/'bt, Vennon Iowntkip 

Ike people of hit, Vennon patnanl7,ed ' t-ckoolt in Skilok Iown- 
tkip fan. tevenal yeant, 3n 7oJO-j7 a lag, tckool Ixoute wat enecied in 
ike nonihwettenn pant of the city, about wke/xe. C^eon.g,eHowand [ } t iiome id 
on ilontk 7kih Sineet. 5 coolant came fnom at fan. weti at Bullack't 
fnalnle to ihit tckool, 3t wat built out of tight of town to ihdt the 
ckildjten might ttudy with lett dldtujxhance and ihat neighbont nontk and 
wett might be accommodated, l-W, J alley wat ilxe flnti ieac/xesr., i/xen 
iokn Bough in 7oJJ-j4, 3n 7ojU-J5 Abnen. l>\elcJxen and Ixit dauojiten. fnlt- 
cilla taught ilxe tckool, 'John Downen taught, in 7oj6"jy, ihit 
yean, ike Ixoute fell into dldute, 

I'ltt Hand taught a tckool on ike wett tide of. ike., tcuane oven. 
On, flank 1 1 dwelling.. To ikit tckool tckolant came fnom tic on. eight 












. ■ - 

. . • 










mileA, The next Achool woa taught in ike /'leikodiAi panAonaye by '^oAnua 
C/nani, Uene /<'llaa Qligabeik Bullock oIao had a Aummen Achool, Ji woa 
in the edye of ike woodo, and ike Achool woa opten ihnown into mack 
ex.ciiem.eni by ike appeanance op AnaheA in ike noom, 

Ot woa penally deie/unined io have an academy, and Qovennon 
AndenAon gave ike Aite off. hi* fanm, locating, ike new Achool houAe on 
Qiykik Sineet, -jjuAt Aouik of. Jondan, On 7Sj<} ike legislative incon- 
poncited a boa/id of inuAieeA composed of Zadoh QaAey, SiinAon H, Ainden- 
Aon, 'Joel Pace, .'), S, Van (leve, £, #» Pidgway, Downing, Baugh, J» >/■ 
Qneeikam and AnguA A Qnant, A building, committee wad Appointed* 7 key 
let ike coninaci fan. ike buildiny, funniAniny mateniaLi, etc*, io 'John 
and A\Aa i'JaiAon and John Leonand fo/i £350* Thene wefie two lanye school 
noomA, one below and ike oiken above, a hall and Aiainway on ike no/iik 
witk a auvoJJL /loom fon appanatuA, wkick woa funnLiked by Qo vennon QaAey 
at a coAi o t . about $700. Ike fuiAt Achool tenm woa yaugki by Lewisk 
Dwighi, a yankee Ackool teacken-pneachen, oAAiAted by /<Haa Q/anA, 
i'Jhile teaching., Bwigkt mannied §o vennon [aAey ! A daughien, Joel F, 
,'JaiAon waA oAAiAiani ike next tenm, Owiqjxt taught two tenmA, People 
wene p/ietty well pleaAed witk him oa principal except Sheriff. Bowman, 
faihen of two extna bad boyA, Fnank and Jim, one of whom Dwigjit ventuned 
io connect. Bowman inied io naiae an altencation witk Dwigkt on ike 
Aineet and ihnew a b/iick at him, inflicting, a Aevene head wound* Bow- 
man woa fined #7, 00, Dwighi died Aoon aften ikiA, ali/wugk 9 could 
find no evidence ikai it woa fnom ike effect* of ike bnick bat, and 
Joel F, JatAon taught the next tenm, Oiken laten teachenA at ike 
academy wene JohnAon PienAon, Dn, Beach and hiA wife, /'in, Jalbnidye 
and hiA AiAien, /•Ha a Bulloch, J* J, Bennett, F, B, Tannen,,i H, 
Jjneen, Sn,, John H, Pace, and ike nononiouA Bob OngenAoll of infJjdel 
'fame, TheAe wene all pnominent people, and the neputaiion of t/ie old 
/•it, Vennon ,.cademy woa /mown fan and wide. Some of ike penAonA who 
attended the academy wene JameA F, Pace (ike finAt mayon o r /'It, Vennon 
and oIao an eanly 5 upeniniendeni of Schools), QkanleA F, Pace ( a 
leading. buAineAA man J, On, U, Q Pace and N. Q, Pace (banhenA of AAhley, 
//. Q, Pace woa mayon of fibL Vennon fon Aevenal tenmA ), §o vennon QaAey' a 
AonA, Baa, Newton QaAey and John QaAey and Judye ThomaA S, QaAey, Pobent 
F, Jingate (Aiionney Qenenal fan I'lusAouni), LewiA F, QaAey, 0, //. Haynie 
(Adjutant C/enenal and colonel), John H, Pace (who Aenved many yeajiA in 




■ . . . ' ■ 

• ! . . 

. ■■ . 

' ' ■ ■ «: 



i . 

• • ■ 

■ ' • ■ ■■ . 

■ ■■"'' 


In various officer here) and foel F, i'Jatson (who served sixteen years 
as Qpunty QLerk, ) 

The academy. buildlny was never owt of debt. Ot was attacked 
and sold in 78§U to 'Richard and Bargilla Rayon, and after their death. 
Jut felt into ike hand* of [>"\ns. Rohrer, The tot was finally. sold to Q,R* 
Poole and the building, woa taken down in 7882, 

After the fall of the old academy, school woa held almost 
anywhere, On 7851-7 , H. T. face built a school house on North 70th. 
Street and employed f<\iAs I'Jlllard to teach. A /'1m, Qhamberlain, ('Via* 
Hoaue and f'ionton C/neen taught there afterwards* 

i "hen the f'leihodist (hunch woa built, the th/iee rooms below 
were for school purposes, Professor J, Leaion, the first stationed 
preacher, opened school there in 78$^, The next yean, a chanter was 
gjuinted by the LeaUlaiure to Zadok Qas^t 3> Leo.ion, %ohn //, Johnson, 
( ohn H, JJatson, %oel F, i'Jatson and i'J alter B, Scoter, who with thjiee 
oihc/iA to be selected by the Sout/iern OJUUbwJU conference were to be 
trustees of the new /'it. Vernon Academy, Professor Leaton woa principal 
fan. years. Then followed Professor A. Q, JliUman, ( John //, face, 
(hazles q, Robinson and others. There woa a steady decline of enthusi- 
asm. The wan came, and the school quit. 

After the Qivil I'Jar intone*! revived. On 7o6S the Boand of 
trustees woa reonaanl^ed. The services of Rev. Thomas H , landman of 
yreanfield. Ohio, were secured at principal with h\rs, (arnle Smith of 
I'lattoon as assistant. The school numbered from sixty to seventy-five 
pupils. (i\Us Sadie K. Setlans replaced h\rs. Smith at the end of the 
^Irst year. She remained two yean* and woa succeeded by filiss Anna 
i'Jaayoner, who became ftlns. Cjus Strattan. 

On 7 066 the subject of building, a school house was wanmly 
discussed; indeed, it was hot. Several sites were proposed, but JUL 
reclined an effort of the board to yet the people to say they wanted 
any. The effort cost Boyan Satterfield and others their position. 
But a site was chosen where Fran/din ScJwot now stands, and. a deed was 
obtained /lovember 6, 7866. After so tony a time, a tarye two-stony 
brick builxibxa was erected, costiny about ^72, 000 and fiavlna two larye 
rooms above and two below. A (i\r, Barbour was employed to, but he 
yot cut in an altercation by Duff (jneen, one of his pupils, and ^.ult 
before hU time was out. £ V , Satterfield finished his term. Then 

followed Cj, IJ. Johnson in 786% then Ryden, Fonbes, ,'Jilson, i'Jooawand, 
Qouniney, Fnohock, NLckoJU, BaAnhant, /'IcQied, Alvis, Reubeli, Van (leve 
and fiiinon. 

The classes held in the Methodist £pLd copal (hunch moved 
Into ike new pub Lie school, but those In ike ?n,esb yienian (hunch n.e- 
maJLned ikene until 78j8, Ike coninaci was mode Auausi J, 785% wUh 
ike fnesb yienian (hunch by. tfte dJuicctons (.on. use of. ike /worn {.on. QC j 
yeans fan. female* only, Ike duiecions wene to finish ike house and 
keep Lt continually in yood n.epain, and to keep account of all expended, 
and i/ie chunchi could annul ike coninaci by nefunding. ike sum expended 
3n 7u7o ike chunch asked fan a settlement. Ike dinectons eniaied 
a of about $555, 00, Ike inuslees of ike ckuJick thought this too 
muck, as noik ing, kad been done but laiJiina and plastening, ike noon*, 
nunning, a pantiiition and putting, up two ch.eap pnivies and fencing, ike 
lots, Tkey especially kicked at $5® aru ^ S^O fon. ike pnivies. Jkey 
also claimed to kave kepi up ike nepains, 1 key wanted something, fon. 
ike seats tlxat kad been in ike n.oom at finst but wene now gone, A hot 
wan. was bnewing, but was finally compnomised by ike inusiees allowing, 
i/ie dinectons to use ike nooms fon. one mone ienm and paying, ^50* I ken 
ilie school was consolidated, On 7887 an addition 80 feet tony was 
enected in onden to accommodate ike six£y on. seventy pupils, 

Jlxis finst building, wo^ desinoyed by ike cyclone that sinuck 
/!& Vennon in 7888, but it was speedily /lebuilt lanaen. and beiten. As 
i/ie town gnew anoihen. scliool kouse was built on ike west side of town, 
whenc Andy Hall Sclxool now stands, and one on ike soutk now called ike 
£dison. On ilxe summen. of 7^7^, ike Lincoln and (>'\ann Schools wene built, 
Ike Jas/iington School was finst beaun in ike yean, 78^ in ike Q^C* 
Qiunch on §n.and Avenue, Two yeans laten. it was moved to a building, on 
IwelfJk and Vaugkt Sineei whene it ncnained fon. two yeans. On 7^00 
i/ie school was moved to its present location, ((j)OT0flOAL NOT£: The 
')asluMqJx>n School is not now used as a school building, J The (ascy 
union. f-Iiok School was completed in Novemben of 7^37* 

Located in /')i, Vennon we also kave ike hit, Vennon I ownskip 
High jckool, wlxick senves cliildnen fnom all oven, ike county. The I'li, 
Vennon lligk School is i/ie successor of ike /'It, Vennon Qity fiigh ScJwot 
which was held at ike Fnan/ilin School fnom 788k to 7^05, The finst 



Board of Education for ike Township fllgk School was elected in 7°03» 
3i consisted of. Dr, (and Qreen, Tiufus ^rant, Q, {'), Howard, Dr, $• V) 9 
Hamilton, and L, L, fcnmenson, Qlasswork did not begin in ike new kigk 
school building, until September, 7°05, The school plant consisted of 
what L* now /mown as Building, B, That first year ike faculty. consisted 
of ike principal and six. teachers. The total en/vollment was 762, I he 
principal of ike kiok school until 7° 7 5 was flames (A, Dickson, His 
faculty in 7° 05 consisted of Lillian Banion (§erman and matkematlcs 
teacher J, 3 da Bond (fciallsh), Silo* £ckols (history), Lillian §ubelman 
(Latin/, /'lory (ihxwell fmai/iemailcsj, and 'Rengo /liuckelnoy (science, ), 
A)r, £c/wls was ike p/iincipal beginning, in 7*175* The total numb en. of 
graduates fnom ike old Qitu High School oven ike period from 7 80k to 
7<}05 totaled 788, Tke smallest class to graduate fnom ike /'It. Vernon 
Township High School was ike first in 7*106, when ikere were only. 7J, 

BulLdlng, B was built, in 7°05. Building. Q was completed in 
7927, Buildings A, D and £ were added in 7<?j6-7<?37. 

Piker flefferson (puniu ttipji Schools 

The oiker kiok schools that have been established in flefferson 
Qountu one Bonnie, Blufo/id, Belle Tilve, Opdyke, Dix, .'Joodlawn, JJalton- 
ville, Mason, 3na and Shields, The Dix. school was closed in ike spring, 
of 7° If J at ike close of that yean. 1 s term, Tke Skidds school has been 
closed, previously, but had been operating, a two-yean kigk school ike 
last few yeans until ike fall of 7<}46. Mason was first a two-yean 
kigk school, and then it chanaed to a iknee-yean school, 3i has been 
closed since 793^-35, 

I he Joodlawn Higk School began as a two-yean kiok school in 
7^7^, 3t was laien chanaed to a iknee-yean h Igkt school, and operated 
as such until 7^0 when Li became a foun yean community kigk school* 

The fUisi kigk school wo/ik was introduced in Bluford in 
7920. (lasses met in ike upstairs room in a building, that stood nean 
ilce present Oaikout f s Store, Later Jut was held in an upstairs room 
of tke QUqn Qornwell Store and still later at tke Jollity residence, 
After that, classes met in the old gnade school building, wkick is now 
[79 L i7) used for ike school lunck room for boLi gnade and kigk sclwol. 
During, most of ikis tune only two years of worli was offered. After 
repeated attempts to organise a four-year kigk sclwol district at 



Blufond, filially in 7JU0 an election uxla keld auikonL^iny ike punchoAc 
of a kigk school Aiie, ike ejection of. a new mode/m building, and ike 
o/iyafiLgaiion of. a foun.~yean. kigk Ackooi, Uonk woa began unden ike plan 
Of. ike V), 9, A, Ton. mo/ie ikan a yean, noiking. woa done on ike. building. 
Finally, ike Ackooi boanxL woa able io yei a local man, fl'l/u Kelik Lowny, 
io iahe oven, ike wonk oa continuation foneman, and ike building, wad com" 
pleied in 7 Q k§-A6, Due io Akoniaye of eojuipmeni and ieaekenA ike Achooi 
woa noi ai fuiAl eauipped fan kome economic*, 

Ike L'Jaliofwille Qommuniiy Higk School woa onaaniged in 7^2J, 
Ike Ackooi woa ananied full n.ecogniiion accmediled by ike UnivenAily 
of OllinoiA in 7°J7, fnion io ikai iime ikey kad received only pnoba- 
iionany necoyniiion. Among, ike ynaduaieA to fan. ikene kave been kj 
oualified a* Ackooi ieaekenA fwkick include* me), iwo /leaiAiened nunAeA, 
iwo dieiicianA and one do don, filembenA of ike fuiAt Boand of £ducaiion 
elected wene $ohn A, DycuA, Fnank Bean, i'Jm, 5. /(inkpainicA, Oaoxlc U 
Quinn and fohn ft, Skunig, wko iA my gnandfaiken, (NOT& filn* HinonA 
iA now Aenving. a* pnincipal of ikJus fine kLgk AckooJU J 

Ike Belle 'Hive h'igk School beyan a* a iwo -yean, kigk Ackooi, 
alieAnaiing. ike °ik and 7 Oik aAade*. Tke Ackooi Aianled wken Belle 
Rive waa fuLat a village. By ike way, am iold ikai "Belle Reeve" jU 
n.eally ike. conjieci pnonunciaiion and Apelliny of ike lown, wkick woa 
ike. name of ike iwo foundenA — one woa named Belle and i/xe oiken. 'Reeve, 

Tke IhnUiLgk School DiAinici of fleffenAon Qouniy woa puiAi 
voied upon ilxe Apning, of 7<}78 ai ike end of ike ienm of QxanleA Lee, 
Qouniy Supeniivtendeni of SchooU fnom 7<j7k io 7°78, f'bAi of ike out- 
lying, kigk AchooU began aflen. ikai dale, Tke tlon-h'Lgk DiAinici of 
ike county compniAe* all tennJutonjy wkick iA noi included in a foun-yean 
kigk Ackooi diAinici, SiudeniA living, in Auck tennJLtonJieA can ailend 
any kigk Ackooi in ike Siaie of OllinoiA, and kiA iuction will be 
paid by ike Ifon-Higk School DiAinicL 

Tkene one n.econaU back io 7<}72 Ahowing. ikai OpdyJie offened 
kigk, Ackooi wonk in connection wiik ike gnade Ackooi, On ilxe foil of 
7J72, ikene wene foun. pupil* in ike °ik ynode, On ike Achool yean 7^7J- 
7b, ike 70ik yean, woa offened, Tke <]ik and 70ik yexuiA wene al±ennaied 
until 7°27, wken ike pneAeni foun-yean. Ackooi woa voied in, h'igk 
Ackooi woa keld fon a liiile mone ikan a yean in ike old Opdyke mill 





.. . . : 


: ■ ■■ 

■ ■ 


while ike building, was being, enacted, f'liss Leita Bnlsiol was pnlncipal 
{.on. those two yeans, SckooJL was begun in ike p/iesent building, in ike 
eanly pant of 7 92 J, Opdyhe was ike finsl foun-yean school in geffenson 
(puniy outside ike city of tit, Vennon, On 2JU eanly kliiony i± anew 
pupils fnom ike high schools of. Dahlanen, Belle Rive, Blu- 
fon/L, Bonnie and even UoodJbawn, Ike enrollment up uniil 7 9 40 was fjwm 
50 io 700, Oi was finst necogniged as a foun-yean school by. ike Unl- 
venslty of Illinois in 1 °2 % 

J would like io mention an inieneaiiny. Hem have come acnoss, 
On ike yean, of 7906 (An* Anikun Summons, Qpunty Superintendent, made a 
sunvey of ike. textbooks in use in ike county and found tkene wene 
iweh/e different texts in ynximman. in use, seven hldionles, six. /leadens, 
eiyki yeoanaphles, six. anlikmeiics, five civic*, and ien di.ffen.eni 
speliens, wiik all ikein various editions and revisions, many of ikem 
dating, back oven, fifiy yean*. Under tin. Summers' supervision a county 
uniformity of textbook* was esiablisked in 7970, " Hi* list was com- 
posed of ike Baldwin Headend, Unite'* Arithmetic, Hunt'* Speller*, 
/'bntyomery's Hl&tory, 'Reed'* Lanauaye, Spencer's Uniting, Overton's 
ihysioloyy, and Sc/winn and Stevenson* a Qivlcs,' f'h, Summers also 'began 
ike plan of alternating, ike four upper grades' work eack yean. One 
yean, ike fiftk and seventh yeans' wonk was iauyjht and ike next yean, ike 
sixtk and eigktk, [<ln, Summers also began a plan in which ike ieachens 
were given an outline of wonk io supplement the State (purse of Study, 

Downing. Baugk was ike first School Qommissionen of whom we 
have any account. The following. lUt is ike order of ike tenuis which 
ike vanlous men served, (3 could find no record when ike office was 
■first filled by election, J Downing, Baugk {appointed 78j6), $. R. 
Satterfleld {appointed 7845), g, H, face (appointed 7847), 'J. H. Lynch 
(1Z50), g. U. face (7857), $ohn ft. f. Hicks (7859), ?. A 'Pace (7867 — 
changed from ike title of school commUsloner to Qpuniy Supeniniendeni 
of Schools), g, L'J. {Johnson (7869), $, D. Williams (7873), i'Jm, 7. Sumner 
(7886), Oscar 0. Siitck (l8?U) t games Hill (7898), Anikun. £ Sunmcns 
(7906), (hordes Lee (797b), William /'linen. (7978), (hanles fihssbenaen. 
(7922), Sidney Parker (7922), Raymond Lovin (7926), Hose ganssen (7926), 
Raymond Lovin (79J0), Sidney S, Hinons (7942), 





■ ! 








' ' 




on m, vgmti 

(Taken piom an article in ihe l>ii, VeAnon ?\egidien.-liewd /. 
wnitten by Addidon Hapeman) 

fibt, VeAnon kad now kad oiken ionnadoed and. ike bin blow of 
rebnuany 7°, 7 080, id no lonacn. ike epitome of catadiAOpke, Bui io 
ihode wko Lived ihnouojx ikai twidien of do many, yean* aao, ike bladi 
of wind ikai /lipped iknough ike iown on a Sunday evening, wad always 
lH£ ionnado, 

Ikai panticulaA FebnuaAy day kad been wanm and mug,g,y, /iitd 
a weatken bneeden, " ike oldtimend daid, n Off en it wadn'i diiLL wiixien. 
it r d be cyclone weatken. Hit 1 JUL Likely b/iing, a blLggand afo/ie it d 
ilxnough, " Laien event* p/ioved ikem connect on boik counts. 

On ikai Sunday aftennoon Jim. JhitdelL and one 0^ kid •fniendd, 
a ileano boy named Alec Lane, wene fitting, in ike koude of l>\att Rough, 
with I'lait and kLd wife, Boik boy* wene about eLeven yeand old, and 
ikey wene dckool mated ai ike big, Fnanklin SckooL. 'Jim kad a dpelLing, 
book and wad gtving, out .jondd fo/i ike oiken boy io dpeJM J key kad 
been aiaading, iheradelved with a two-boy dpelLing, bee ^on dome tune, 

Tkid koude of /'lait'd diood on one of ilxe fJUidi IiiLLd on ike 
eadi dide of (jxdey Qieek, nohtheadi of town. To ilxe nonilx of ike koude 
wad an old onchand, domewkai g/iown up io pendirnmon dpnouid, Sowux Of 
ike koude wene dome oiken buildings, and a dmaLL "cave' 1 on ceLLa/t, 
Uded fo/i dio siing, appled and potato ed, 

Oi had /mined enough ike day befo/ie ikai (jadey Q/ieek wad in 
fdood, ike waien neaclxing. fnom kilt io kilt, Tkid flood wad ike zieadon 
fo/i Jim and Alec being, on ihein own dide of ike cneeJi, Had it noi been 
••-0/1 ike high waien, ikey would kave dpent ike day wiili ike JJiLLiamd 
boyd and ihein. oiken cnonied in iown; ad it wad, ikey kad dpent pant 
of ike manning, ex.ckanging, dkouied commentd acnodd ike flooded cneeh 

On ike middle of ike dpelLing, match ihe people diiting, in 
ike koude became awane of an odd dound, Oi wad domething, Lil\e ihe 
dound. of a kioh wind blowim ilinouah ilxe bio, woodd, but it wad muclx 
louden and. wad fiinhen piicked, SiantLed, ikey Looked out, and at ihe 
bade of a nailing, blmck cljoud, ikey daw "ilie wkole. iown coming, night 
ai ikem, " 


■ . 

• ■ ■ ■ - ■ ■ ' 

• ■■.-.•• ..-■'■-...■ 





"Qyclone!" yelled /'latt 'Vou. boys yet out and ynab a Apnoui* 
Qome on,, old woman* " "ffavtihew, " c/iJLed his wife in a shocked voice, 
"1'iojUhwj) you yoiny to nun off and leave me?" Out of. ike yard came, 
ike Akouxed anAuen: "Of you. don't hwiny, Aune as hell am, 

tins. Rough nan out to ike zioot ceilan and. aIajL JuiAide, 
kiatt, wko was a biy man, Atanted. down kead pjist, font way. down, kis 
AkouldenA wedyed In ike nannow opening., and thene ke stuck* /ikamv/iile, 
'Jim. kad tucked hi*, book one aim, and ke and AX.eC had 
docked out tknouyh tke Aioppy mud of th.e onckand, wkene tkey d napped 
■flat on ike ynound and each ynabbed a /ipnoui in boik hands. 

Almost instantly ike ionnado Atnuck them, 7 'key wene flapped 
up and down JUu\e a woman AnapA a disk towel, I'lud and asAont°.d debnis 
doyged tkein nvAes and peppened tkein faces, Jaten Ainuch tiiem with 
ike -fa nee of a flew kouAe, and ail ike time they wene being, whipped 
up and down ayainsi ike Aoyyy eanth, 

By the time the boyA neali^ed what waA happening,, Hie 

twisten kad moved on, leaving, only ike tonnentA of nain, This con- 
tinued fan Aome time, and then it, too, abated, Ike boyA wene able 
to Atnunyle to thein feet, $im Aiiil kad the ApelLiny booh clamped 
unden his anm, 

I knougk ike diminishing, nain ke looked to wand iJie town, Jt 
pnesented a Atnanye aspect. His Achool, on the extneme edg,e of town, 
lied alwaus been mo At noticeable, ilow it was nowkene to be Aeen; the 
counikouse was yone, and ke apparently could Aee night t/inougk the 

(jLoAen at hand was anoihen Atnanye AigJii, I ke rmddy fdood 
wate/is of ike. cneek now cannied aimoAt evenytkiny one could imagine 
in ike way of kuman poAAesAions: funnitune, matinesAes, -leaiheA. beds, 
cloihing,, books, buyyies, wayonA and dead ani/nalA, h ence. naiis and 
tnee topA helped to coven the Aunface of. the waten, 

Tkey ail got to the Ainicken town as Aoon as they could yet 
a way acnoAA ike flooded bottom, . ken tkey annived in town, Acenes 
of konnon unf aided be f one. iliem, Teopie.. wene wand.ening, dazedly in the 









Aineetd, calling, fon. ike fieAt of ikeui family, Ikein. cnieA minaled 
witk ike AcneamA of ike wounded in. ike wn.ecl\ag,e, 

FineA we/ie bneakina oui aJUL oven. town fnom ike ovenJr.uAn.ed 
AioveA in ike wrecked kouACA, and ike finemen could do little about 
Li, Ike wcULa and ciAiennA wene toon, pumped dn.y, and iken ike flamed 
had ikein. own. way, 

QiewA Sio/ie ( pneAent /'lammoik AiteJ waA one of ike building 
io caick fine, T napped in ike, wlik a ianae beam acnoAA kiA 
uppen. ieg^, woa a man. named lilunnay, J ken. ke wad diAcovened, ike heat 
waA alneady ao inienAe ikai neACuejiA could not neack kirn, and ke begged 
piteouAiy -Con. /some one io Anooi kirn and ao Aave kirn piom iJie fisie, 
I kiA no one would do, and ke bu/ined io deaik, 

I ke next few aa;yA wene buAy one*, even fon. ike. boy** C ve/L ct 
one ux>nJied. at cleaning, up ike nubble, dayA aften. ike Atonra 
Aome one woa dig.gtng, in. ike pLie of debniA ikc:i manJied ine Aite <?/- 
i/'ie 1-nanliLin Sckoot and diACOvened a body, i/iene, Ji woa i/iai of Cjeonae 
PenAon, a I'legjio p/ieacken. who Aenved cud janiion, 

fj-im JkitAeil woa kined a* a g,uand fon. ike JLae. Qio iking, 
Sione 1 a Aiock, wkick wad expoAed to iootenA, ThiA paid kirn fifty centA 
a day., but ike jjob didn't iaAt long.. On about a week school wcu) opened 


lleighbonlineAA neacked into eveny pant o r t ln.oniien. life, A 
houAe on. bann naiAinn, beaturui off an Ondian attach, a kuAhtng, bee, 
a log. noLLing,; it woa all ike Aame, Ike neigkbonA came in and i/ie 
.lob woa done. 

And ao it woa wken ike ionnadoeA kit l>t. Vennon in ike AeaAon 
wken one could. rnone neoAonabty expect Anow and neindeen., I o ike ■■jmmenA 
wko loaded up ckainAawA and axeA and Aianted out befone dawn on ikein. 
long. dnJive, /<li, Vennon woa jjuAi a name on ike noad map, Io ike 'Plain 
People, ike I'lennoniteA and ike AmiAk, it woa a call to obey ike p/iecepi 
"Love iky neigkbon, " To boik of ikem it woa ike inAiinciive neply of 
any fanmen. io ike call — "\Joun. neigkbon. needA kelp, " 

/kite ikeAe men wene cleaning, up ike iangXe of hi, Vennon, 
t'ie people of nunal a ' effe/iAon Qounty wene tailing, cane of i/iein. own, 
Sevenal mileA out of town, one of ike iwiAtenA ilxat Aeemed io in r eAi 
ikot dan. had Alarrmed acnoAA ilie Picks Lew Poad, Aa it liovened oven, ike 

. \ 



'. . ' . 


fanmsiead of Alfred Koy t Jut picked ike ba/m off ike cows and left ikem 
In ike zialn. Oi skn.edded ike oiken. outbuildings, laid ike house open 
Like a cut watermelon, and twisted JUL off ike foundation* Tken It 
/mocked down a few of ike ya/vd t/iee* and went cku/inlng, on, 

Jltkln minute* ike neJughbo/is we/ie ikene. Tke pajit <?;- ike 
/wof ikat ziemalned was picked like a poonJLy scalded chicken, but ike 
funnituAe was moved Into tke cUlesi looking, pant, and ike family, wad 
sheltered elsewhere fo/i ike nlgjit. 

Tke next day. ike ucuid was full of helpers. All of ike house- 
kold good* was moved to a vacant house wklck kad been ligjiily ioucked 
by. tke wind, Ike floo/i coverings were put down, ike furniture and 
stoves moved In, and ike zioof patched. Tke wo/ik wad -finished In ike 
/ialn } ike first of four Inches ikat fell In ike nod few day*. 

Mine day* later ike neighbors moved In ag,aln. I !u*s time It 
was a clean-up j,ob, tke first step In rebuilding* Some fo/iiy to fifiy 
men spent ike day picking, up rubbish, dismantling, section* of bulldlnas 
ikat were strewn about, and salvanlna *uck pa/it* of ike kou*e a* were 
/leasable. Fou/i chain *aw* conve/iied tke fallen *hade* Into 

After dinner, *ome of tke men went to ike fanm woodlot to 
cut logs to be hauled to a local *awmlll. Thene i/iey would be *awed 
Into material for a new kou*e. And It I* Ironic: iJie *io/un which 
destroyed tlxe old house helped these nelgkbor* by blowing, down some 
of tke tree* which went Into ike new. 

Tke sio/iy of Al Koy Is only one of many acnoss ilie county 
and. ike state. Oi Is a perfect example of ike heritage left us by 
ike pioneer*. And It Is very comforting, to know thai even now wken 
dlsasie/i st/ilkes, a nelgkbor will soon be ikere. 


(Taken fnam an ajiilcle written In ike i<)t. Vernon /Register- 
lleuj* by Addison Hapeman, J 

Until a few yexuis ago Jefferson Qouniy kad hundred* Oj~ acre* 
of land wJuik no visible owner. I ke tax.e* were paid on Jit eve/iy yea/i, 
and one Iiea/id of /iumo/is of some people In. P/tiladelp/tla who owned It, 

.. ■ 











. I ■ 


' a . 

.■"■■ 1 








but fon. all pnactical punpOAea Jut was pub Lie domain — « and the pub Lie 
used Jut a* if. Jut wad, 

. Of you wanted a few 4aw logs on. a load. of mine. pnops on. nail- 
noad ties, on. a place to set up a still on. to dig, a few doLLans wontk 
of. noots, you went to this Land, \Jou and youn. fniends fnom town hunted 
and tnapped on it; and if youn land adjoined Jut and you needed mo/ie 
pastune, you fenced in a few acnes of Jut, On. you built a log, house on 
it and cleaned a Little patch, This Land fed and clothed countless 
families, and with ixs padding went a way of Life in this county, Ot 
wa4 the /ih.caLestez and filanhoe, on. (ad it woa mone commonly known) the 
Ho lb nook land. 

Back Jin I856 a man named Bissell filed entny on 480 acne* of 
the land stull open to homestead in Qnond fnainie Township, Something 
went wnong, and the Land nevented to the fedenal government. On ToS7 (J\aealesten and James f'lankoe bought J20 acne* of the BisselL Land 
duiectly fnom the Land Office, neceivirug deedd signed by the fnedident, 
James Buchanan, No mention is made of the pnice paid fan. this Land, 

I hat /tame yean, a gnoup of men and thein wives*, fonty-foun, 
pensons all told, fonmed a company in Philadelphia, Ot wad the Ollinois 
Land Qompany, and the stockholdend subscribed a total of ^80,^00 to 
be used by UJiLLiam H, Bissell fon the punchase of lands in the State of 
OLLinois, " (nacalesten and /ihnkoe wene the inustees and Alexanden Bacon 
wad the bnoken fon. the LittLe company — again ihene is no men" 
tioned on. amount of Land bought, 

[<\acalesien died in 78JJ and f'lankoe in l8j6. Two othen 
inustees wene elected to senve in thein place*, and they in tunn wene 
/leplaced in 78°0, when Albert ( l\ Qenhand and Sidney Keith wene elected, 
I'Jhethen. these two wene betten businessmen than thein pnedecessons on. 
whethen the need fon. land wad becoming gneaten, we do not know; but 
between 78JO and 7°20 the company sold enough "Land and pnopenty to 
enable them to make §6 divisions of dividend* totalling 262?o on the 
investment, " 

I hat must have ended the land boom fon. the company^ The 
land they now had left wad hilly and no ugh, and the timben on it had 
been cut oven again and again, Tenhaps they got paid fon the best of 
the vingin timben, but most of the tneed went to make a living fon 


■ 1 

'■• c 


. .. • 







ike tle-Jmchend and pnop cwitend who dauaited do thickly on ike land 
thai ii. id hand ia find fanty acned of It that had not had at ieadt one 
lay cabin on JUL, Ad late a* 7°j6 ikene wad aulte a deiilemeni on ikld 
land in (jAand fnalnle. 

On 7 Q 26 ike dhaneholdend wene caLUd upon ia contribute #20. 00 
a d/iane ia enable ike tnudieed ia pay, ike taxed on ike land ikey dildl 
owned in ^effendon, Fnanklin and Penny Qo untied, On Apnid of 7J2o a 
contribution of $7$, 00 wad called fan, and In f'hy of ike dame yean 
anoiken bite of $UO t 00 a dhane wad put on ike dtockhaldend, May, TJJ7, 
b nought a cold fan anoiken. $20, 00, The dioch at thai time wad wonik 
£500, 00 a dhane. 

By 7938 Ike company diiil owned, in fee dimple, 7J02 acned In 
Qzdnen Towndkip, U20 acned in Qnand fnalnle, and 7^5 acned in Bald HlLL 
They aldo owned ike minenal night unden §80 acned in Qadnen, 60 acned 
in Qnand fnalnLe, and 600 acned in Bald Hill, On $anuany 2k } 7°38, 
eiahty-one yeand aften it wad founded, the OUlnold Land Qpmpany dold 
all iid ^effendon Qounty holdings to B, K, Leach of St, Louid, The land, 
owned "in fee, " dold fan ten dalland an acne, and ike minenal nlgktd 
fan five doiland. The total amount of the dale amounted to ^2J,2y0,J0, 

On all the yeand pnion to ihid ike people had udcd ikid land 
ad ikein own, and had gone ihein untnoubled wayd. Of counde, ikene wad 
an ovendeen modi of ike time who came anound once in a long, while to 
dee i/iat no one actually nan off with ike land, I hene wad a cudioaian 
named Shinley and anoiken named Holbnook, He wad ike ladi and wad ike 
neadon thai the tnaci eventually became dpohen of ad "Holbnook' d land, 

Now the halycon dayd wene ended, and ikene wene vague numond 
Oj. a chanye of ownendhip; then a man came anound talking, about waive/id 
and ouitclaim deedd and adked, "How long, have you lived hene, and did 
you even pay taxed on ikld land?" The dawuitcnd beyan to look anound 
fan dome place to go, and ikene wad a gneat moving, and dhlfilny about. 

On ^anuany 70, 7 J°, all. of the land and minenal nlyhid in. 
^e^fendon Qpunty which Leach had bougjxt fnom ike Ollinoid Land Qpmpany 
wad dold to the Qadnen Oil and (jad Qpmpany, They wanted only ike 
minenal nigkid, and do ikey had ihein local nepnedentailve, lieinkand 
yenmann, dell ike dunface fan five doiland an acne. Some of ike 
dauaiiend had to be evicted do ad to gain clean title to the land, 


1 ' 


and one nan- fatal Anooilng, nsAulied fnom tne new ownend* attempt to 
gain po/M&44JLon of kia punchoude. 

On a thani time all of. ike land waa Aold, mo*i of it galng, 
io ike fanmend whote Land, joined LL Some of ikem today, one Atiil 
wondenlng, why they bought it. The valuation on ike tax book* ha* nUen 
oven tfOCf/o, wl±k no Impnovement of ike bnuak. covened kilU and kollow/j; 
and, coninany io official belief, within ike loot yean iwo Aepanaie 
tnaciA of tkia land have chanyed kandU ai ike dame old pnlce: five 
doULojiA an acne. 

ggrgsoN (oum fligv Fougrr av both sod^s on th£ qnsl im 

(7kU id pant of ike. text of an addne^d given to ike fleffendon 
(punty flidionlcal Society and (i\t, Vennon teacken* ike aftennoon of 
Apnll S, 1967, and pninied In ike fili. Vennon RegiAien-New* ike next day, 
Ike papen woa delivened at ike klgk school libnany aften a /iiudent 
chain Jang, Aong* of a kundned yean* ago; "Dixie, " 'Tenting, Tonight, 
and "Battle Hymn of ike Republic. ") 

Tke monnlng, of ike Sabbath, Apnll lU, 7861, b nought to ike 
principal cities of ike Union the announcement that the flag, had been 
/itnuck, and thai, ovenbonne by Aupenion dinenaik, fllajan Andendon had 
Aunnendened Font Sumten, ..... 

On /'bnday, Apnll 7§ik, fne^ident Lincoln, indued kid flntt 
pnoclamatlon, calling, fonik ike militia of tke Union AiateA to tke 
numb en of 75,000, and appealing, io all loyal people io aid In ike 
effoni io maintain tke existence of ike national union. Ike nontkenn 
AiateA net ponded io eveny call made fo/i inoop/i dunlng, ike wan, £yen 
ike bonden /ilave stated of Mid/jouni, Kentucliy and Manyland funnJLsked 
mone inoopd fan ike Union than fan ike Qpnfedenate Anmy, ,,, 

ike /iouikenn panta of tke stated of OHlnolsi, Jndlana and 
Ohio had been populated lanyely by people fnom ike Souihenn stated, 
i'Jhile Aome had come fnom iko/ie stated io escape ike Influence of 
/ilaveny, many living, kene had /lelailveA and fnlendd diilL living, in 
ike South and wene Aympaikeilc with ike AeceAAianlAta, 

Howeven, 40 fan ad can leann, only, iwo companies wene 
actually onganlged In Souihenn JLLinoid which jained the Qpnfedenate 

'..."' . 

■ ■ 


..■'•-'■ ■ ' 


' . ... 


i / bmy. One of ikese was onojanl^ed in $effcnson Qounty in 1861 by $ohn 
Bagwell, ex-skeniff of ike. county. He. look about fo/Uy men and joined 
ike. (onfedenales. tie was killed In ike Bailie, of Shiloh, a* wene a 
mad) en of his men* ftobent (anpenten, one of hU company, was seveneLy 
wounded ~ shot thnougk ike. Liven — and capiuned by ike Union Anmy 
at Shiloh, He was tent io $effenson Bannachs, whene ke necovened and 
was panoled and tent back io his home, at Home. (Dix), He. kad a belly 
full of wan. and did not want io be exchanged* ■ * • * # * 

Ihene was considerable sentiment in favon. of Southenn Jllbwis 
sejcediny, and iki* was expressed openly aften Font Sumten fell, wi 
Ap/ul IS, 7867, a meeting, was held in f'hnlon at which a set of reso- 
lutions was pn.epan.ed and patted. Ikese ted ike sympathy of ikU 
section of Illinois with ike Interests of ike Southern states, demanded 
that all Fedenal inoops in Southenn fo/its be withdrawn and ike inde- 
pendence of ike Southenn Qpnfedenacy be acknowledged. Ot wot further 
nesolved that in ike inteneAt of ike citizens of Southern Jltinols a 
division of the state be accomplished 40 that this pant could attach 
Itself to ike Southenn Qpnfedenacy. ..... 

Some of the local Confederate sympathisers became members of 
an orgjounl^ailon known as the "KnlghiA of the Qoiden (ircle, " yenerally 
/lefenned to in the HonJh as "(oppenheads, " Some of LtA objectives 
wene to dJiscouraye enlistment* in the Union Anmy, to intenfene with 
ike funnishlny of supplies, and io pnoiect des enters, 

f'ly faihen, who was a memben of ike kOik OUlnols Regiment, 
hod left my mothen at home with six children, ike oldest not yet. 
twelve yeans old. Fnom time to time an old man who was supposed to 
be one of ike ningleadens of ike KnlghiA of ike §olden (ircle would 
drive by ike fanm and stop and hoJLLen, "Hello! ['Jell, J undenstand ike 
kOik has been In a big. battle. A lot of them wene killed and some 
wene captuned and sent jo pnlAonf* h 

Of counse, that would alanm my mothen, and she would send 
one of the clxildnen oven to yet ih.e facts fnom a nelgJ^n. who had two 
sons In the anmy and usually knew what was going, on. She would usually 
leann that t/iene had neatly been no word of a battle,, . ,. 

Pnnctlcally all of the counties of Southenn OHlnoiA fur- 
nished (to the Union Anmy) mo/ie men than their quotas called fon., 


' fleffenAon (ounty, With a auota of 7 JO/, and °3$ volxmteenA, it 
woa defX.tU.ent by J7U, making. It neceAAany to dnaft tome* Of qua. neiyh- 
boniny counties, /ikmion to oun rw/itfi had Jj6 men In exceAA of Ltd auota; 
Fnonldin to the Aouth had a AunpluA of ZJO; Hamilton, 260; Wayne, Uffj 
fenny, J44; and White, 769. 

Ike avenaye one of ihoAe who Aenved in ike Qivil Jan wad 
nineteen yean* and Aix month*, 800, 000 wene seventeen yean* old* On 
contnadt, the avenaye aye of AoldieAA In the Fin/it WonJd Wan. wad 
twenty** five* 

l>\y neon. neighbon. when came, to /'It. V ennon wad £d Watson, He 
woa only about thinteen yean* old when the wan. beyan, but he wad lanye 
fon. hiA aye and hi* odAOciateA wen.e much, olden, than kirn and they volun- 
ieened. By l86k he wad old enough to enliAi and he Atanted to Spniny- 
field with Aome othen men who wene also goiny to volunieen. At night 
they camped by the Sanyamon liiven. this Aide of S pninyfield. That 
evening, a load of men who had been dnafted fnom $effenson (ounty camped 
at the Aame place* On that numb en woa a man named Suck Johnson who wad 
anxJbouA to /line a AubAtitute to replace him in the anmy. Someone told 
him that £d Jatson woa yoiny to volunteen the next manning,, ao Buck 
contacted Ixim and paid him thinteen hundned dollonA to go ad hi* aud- 

Next monniny they went on to S p/uny field, and £d wad Awonn 
in ad Buck f A AubAtitute* He woa put on the inain and Aent to Nashville, 
TenneAAee, "annivJbny thene the next manning. Thene he wad given a uni- 
j-onrii, yun and othen equipment and aAAigned to one of the n,eyimenis in 
Qenenal ThomaA r fnont line! The next monniny Thomas' anmy attacked 
yenenal Hood t a anmy, and fcd 1 a n.eyiment wad in the aAAaultiny column and 
in t/ie thick' of the battle fon. days. Hood' a anmy wad deAtnoyed 
and it wad not tony until the wan. woa oven, fd n.etunned home without 
haviny received a Acnatch, but he had had a n.emankabie expenience, 

BecauAe Secneiany Floyd, duniny Buchanan' a administration, 
had Aent ao much of the wan matenial to the South) it woa Aome time 
befo/ie the Nonth could put a lanye fightiny fon.ce into the field* How- 
even, aften foun yeans of bloody conflict the Soui/ienn anmicA wene ex- 
hausted, both in AupplieA and men. Towand the laAt the South conAcnipted 
men fnom the aye* of founteen to Aixty, I'Jith the Navy btockadiny thein 

! ' 




' . 



• ' ' ' • 



l . 





ponts and the Union pnepondenance of soJdlenA, equipment and food 
supplies, QenenaL Lee had .little choice but to sunnenden, whJLch he aid 
at Appomattox, Vinglnla, Mis anmy had been zieduced fnom 700,000 to 
2o, 000 men. and they, had been th/ina fon. days on panched conn, A few 
days taten, (jenenal 'Joe Johnston* 4 anmy sunnendened to She/iman neon. 
Raleigh, Month Qanolina, which pnxLCilcally ended the wan, 

The antipathy, between the Month and the South continued fo/i 
many yeans, 

3 n.ememben goiny as a small boy with, my panents to Benton in 
ike fall of 7868 to attend a Republican naULy, (jenenal- Quant was nunniny 
fan. his finst tenm as pn.eji.dent, Thene was a ton.chtlght panade at night, 
and as the ton.chbean.ejoi wene coming, up the stneet, two men in a bugjyy, 
smantalecks who wene eithen d/umk on. cnagy, attempted to dnlve theln 
honses thnough the manchlny +lne, yelllny, "Hannah fan. Jeff Davis!" A 
yun was fined and one of the men felt out of the buyyy dead, and t/ie 
ot/ien w/ilpped the honses and yot away, No one was even, convicted of 
that cnlme, if it was r cnlme! 

Thinly yeans taten, in 78<}6, attended a potitlcat in 
hain field dunlny the f'k/dnley campaign. Two Union vetenans, C/enenal 
Sickles and yen, 0, 0, Howand, both of whom had been wounded at Qeilys- 
bung, spoke fnom a flat can. at the back of a tnaln, I'Jhen they had 
finished some cheens fan. Jeff David wene heand in the cnowd. They 
pnobably came fnom tome of the Knights of the Qolden, 

think the Spanish Amenlcan Man. did mon.e to eradicate this 
antipathy than any one oihen thiny, Ot wad fought by the sons of the 
men who had wonn the blue and the sons of the men who had wonn the gAay, 
ln.esident McKinley ex.en.d6ed yood judgment in appointing, a numb en. of 
men who had been conspicuously yood officens in the (onfedenate Amny 
as officens in the Spanish Amenlcan I'Jan, One of these, Fiighugh Lee, 
was the commanden of the Seventh, of which sevenal Illinois n.egl- 
ments wene a pant, Anothen, Henny fll Douglas, who had been an englneen 
on. Qenenal Lee's staff, was oun. bnlyade commanden. I he Founth and Hinth 
jllinois n.eglments wene in the same bnlyade with the Second, South Qano- 
lina, Jhile senviny in the Philippine islands dunlny the Onsunnectlon, 
j met C/enenal Joe i'Jheeten who had been an active cavatny offlcen in the 
(onfedenate Anmy, 

:, fcj . • " 

. i 


... r 

• - 


| ! • 













! : 





Had n.eb ellion and ijieaAon succeeded in planting, two nation* 
upon qua toil — • one with it* capital at Washinaion and the otken, at 
Richmond ~~ one and the oihen, *JLave — ike inevitable hLiio/iy. of. 
oun, country, would have been thai of. perpetual conflict and dJuionderu 
Domestic difficulties and fo/ieian ininiaue, fattening, upon the inflam- 
mable tubbed of human Alavenju, would have made of U4 ike b/ieedina 
ojwund of /iijiife and conflict instead of a monumental powen. fo/i wo/ild 
peace and iAJ2nqjiililu* 






On FebAuiany, 7 $37, a yioup of ten women who thaned a bond of. 
litenany intene*i* onnani^ed ike Onponmal Study. QLub, Iki* ka* Seen 
an active culiunal and social OA^ani^oLtion In k\Jt+ Vennon <dince it* 
b eainnino., Oi meet* twice a month, at w/iich. time. ike. memben* — now 
twenty-one in numb en «•- review and dJL*cu*4 g,ood book** 

Ike. o/iigXnal membeA*kip include* ike. following, name*: /'U*» 

fatten Suckkam, l<k*. LoweJUL DeaAing,en, />k*. Henman DebJiii, l<\n*» Lo/ien$a 

<jJdy, f>UUi 'John Fiedlen, fi\/U t (duand Hilt, hln*, /'J, l>), Lunibatii*, />k*» 

A t Q, Pachwood, /tin*, /ikzda,e Sckneiden, l>\n* t *Ray 5 ckweinfunik; and ike 

p/ie*ent memben*kip con*i*t* of. />k*. Joe F/iank JlLlen, /'in*, Rau Blade*, 

J'lA*, Q. Dale, Qanpenten, f>la*» U, #, (awood, fifo*, J, Q, Qovinaion, />h*, 

ylenn Dane, /<k*, John D, Davi*, l<Vi*» L, A Deanin^en, /'In*, Lloyd Ddi/iit, 

/<ia*» Hanny ^eankant, i>fo*. Qlyde Maw/tin*, t>fa*, Qawand Hill, /'Ia*, H, y-* 

ilwici'xin*, bifi* t fiobent /<| K/ieb*, />k*» Donald Lee, h\n* t /'I /</♦ Lumkatil*, 

/■si*, y, q 1'ioon.e, i'lnA. Hay 5 ckweinfunih, f>k*, Paul .Jhitney, S/t*, and 

/>a*m D, Qt JLUon, 

By km*. Qdwand Hill 

912 Taulo/i 

fitt. Vennon, 3 JUL. 


,-. ...!-•- . •.. ' :. i RS ' • . i : I •. . .. . . ... I • 

'■'■:■ ....... , ■ ■.."' • I .'■'., . I . ' • ,'■ 

..'-V'. — ....... : , 9 , . ... , . ...., .., ,. , . 

il '■'■•■. ■ v., ,..,,;, ..'.■•/ ■ ■ ',. ''•,-.. . .-.:... 

'■ •' . . 

1 ■ ■ ■ -\ 

' ■ 

' „'. •• 


I- 1 


Aa La AJwwn elAewkene in ikiA volume, iliene wene Aevenal 
familieA ikai mignaied io ike fibL Vennon anea and wene ike inue pione.enA 
of ike liing, Qily anea* Owe of ikoAe pioneening, familieA woa ike 
JohnAon family. They, wene among, ike fJuiAi io Nettie in what woa, 
Anonily afie/i ikein coming, kene, io be JeffenAon Qouniy* 

Thnee. bAoikenA came fnxm Vinginia by way. of TenneAAee io 
Aeiile bene. Of ike ihnee, JameA JoknAon woa ike fJuui io annive in 
ikiA county. Aa mentioned in ike Ahoni hLdlany of ike (>hxey family, 
JameA Johnaon came in ike Apniny of 7878. HLd bnoike/L LewiA came ike 
following, yean, and ikein. bnaiken 'John came in 78j^, JameA woa ike 
Aon~in-JLm) of William t>hx.ey and came wiik ike colony ikai annived in 
hooneA fnaJuUje a few monifiA befo/ie JlUnoLi woa admiiied aa. a Aiaie» 

LewLd JohnAon woa mannied io a widow, a ifotA. vJinn, fonmenly 
a /'Haa Sione, and ikey had nine ckildnen, LewiA Johnson woa licenced 
io pneack in TenneAAee. ike yean. ikai. ike l'Ja/L of 7872 began* He wad 
ondained a deacon, in TenneAAee by a Bishop RobeniA in 7876, and wad 
made an elden by ike Aame bishop in OLLinoiA in. 7827* He wad a piouA 
pennon, and JUL La neponied ikai ke keld family pnayenA ihnee iimeA 
eack day fan. mo/ie ikon half a ceniwiy. AAide fnom kiA wonk in ike 
miniAiny, ii iA pneAumed ke woa a fanmen. He died In Januany, 7o$J ai 
ike aye of elgkiy yeanA, and kLd wife died in Decemben of ikai yean ai 
ike aye of yeanA, Qkildnen of LewLd JohnAon: fi'lilly, 
Anna, Lucy, JameA £,, John T,, HickoloA 5,, £li$abeik, Honey and SuAan, 

JameA JohnAon woa bonn in LouiAa Qouniy, Vinginia, in 7J^o, 
ike ikind yean of ike lievolulionany i'Jan. He woa mannied io QlaniAAa 
(i)ax.ey in / enneAAee, and JameA and QlanLdAa wene membe/iA of ike panly 
ikai came io JUinoLd and fjjuii Aeiiled in ike AouikeaAi pani of 
whai woa. laien JeffenAon Qouniy, Ikey wene ike paneniA of Aixieen 
ckildnen, five of whom wene bonn in TenneAAee, HiA wife died in 78hJ, 
iwenia-nine yeanA afien ikey Aeiiled in JeffenAon Qouniy. JameA laien 
mannied a (>\aa. LivinyAion. He Apeni ike Aemainden of kiA Life in ike 
vicinLty of fi\t, Vennon and paAAed away in 7860 ai ike aye of eigkiy>~ 
iwo. I ke daie of ike deaik of kiA Aecond wife iA noi known. Ike 
ckildnen of JameA JohnAon included: John N. (mannied Sanak HobbAj; 
LewiA ( mannied fatdy Hobb/i); Billy Fleicken ( mannied Qieiia HobbA/; 









I homcbd (mannied Sanah Fno^tJ, §eoAye; Abe (moAAied F/iancLa (jUUswelL); 
Herbert (died eight yeaAd of aye); Henry {drowned at two on 
yean* of aye); fcnily (majuiJLed Anthony. I'JhiteJ, Betsey. ( moAAied John 11, 
SaiicAfield); f'hllnda (mannied Omen [land); Jane (maAnJLed Robert An/noun); 
Katie (moAJLied John i'Jalte); Sallte (majuULed JameA Bunoe), QianJUsAa 
and ('ladonna. 

Da, John N, Johnson was well known in fiht, Vernon, On addLtion 
to hLs medical, he wad well known ad a buAined/i 
man* Da, Johnson en.eei.ed several butlding*s including, ike Qity Hotel, 
i/wi. wad commonly, known ad ihe Johnson Houde, 

John Johnson wad ihe younyer bnoihen. of Jamed and Lewies 
Johnson, He dJud not come to OlAtnoLd fon, a numb en. of yean* after hud 
olden, bnoiherd came and settled. He anjiived in JeffeAdon Qounty in 
TojU, and ad fan. ad Ls known maintained hid Aedidence in the /'It. V ennon 
QJiea until hLd death in 78^8, John and LewLs Johnson wen.e minLdterd 
of the Klethodidt faiiJu John ijuxveled and p/ieac/ied fon, a auaaten. of 
a centuny in OllinoLs, Kentucky, Ohio and 7 enneddee; he wan noted ad 
a ^OAceful a peahen, and poddedded an excellent vocabulary. He demon~ 
<dinated gsieat ability in debate, and held the /lepuiaiion of being, one 
of ;the modi capable minLdterd in the f'leihodLdi (onfenence. He died 
in /-It, V ennon at ihe aye of deveniy-fLive yean*, Qhildnen of John 
Johnson included: Da, 7, B, Johnson, thud* Slack fond, Qadey, J, Fleichea, 
iJadhington S,, i'Jediey, and Adam Q One don and a daughteA died in 
childhood ( namea unknown/. 


(l aken fnom an anJLicle in ihe ftht. Vernon HegJLsieA-N ewd 
wnttten by L, A, DearinyeA) 

On Apnil 8, 7872, a pAeliminaAy meeiiny wad called in /'It, 
V ennon to consideA the organisation of a pionee/i addocuatton, "Da, I'J, D* 
§Aeen in the chaiA, A, Qlarke Johnson, decretory, " On I 'lay 8 and June 4 
ot/ieA meetings were held, and on June 7, 7872, wad held ihe fiAdt annual 
meeting, of the JeffeAdon Qounty, Ollinoid, Pioneer AddocLation, at 
which time a penmanent diaff of officerd wad elected ad follows: ?ACdi.- 
dent, John §, D, Maxey; \l ' Lce-?Aedident, John J, Johnson; SecAetany, 

footed fll Pace? Assistant Secretary, (Linton fii QaAeyi Treasurer, Harvey 
T, Pace, 

ttetrbeAship in ike association woa limited io those citizens 
who hod Lived in ike. Jefferson (ounty area fifty years or more. Later 
ike. restriction was changed to twenty years* Fiftp~seven became members 
at ike first meeting 

For ike first meeting. several committees were formed, one. 
being, of ladies who were io provide flowers and decorations* A general 
invitation wqa extended ~ "ALL persons, irrespective of date of citizen- 
ship, are invited io come pn.epaA.ed wiik provisions fan. an. old style 
picnic dinner, fan, themselves, and suck other persons oa they mag. desire 
io invite io participate wiik them, * 

The. picnic woa held at ike old Fain. grounds southeast of Mi* 
Vernon* Service* began, at twelve noon, {June. 7, 7872* 7 fie program 
opened with a Heading, of Psalm LXV and pant of pAalm UNO, FoUowing 
ike reading of ike Psalms, ike assembly sang ike hymn, "From all who 
dwelt below the shies* " ( Later, another hymn, became the traditional 
opening hymn. — "And we are. yet alive, ") Prayer woa offered by John T* 

Governor Dougherty missed the firAt meeting, although he 
did Apeak at the third annual meeting, June 6, l8jU, Substituting for 
the absent speaker in. 18J2, Or, A, Qlarke Johnson gave ike principal 
address. 7he Rev. Josea Foster and Dr. Wm* (>\, A* fiiaxey also spoke. 

At this first meeting the oldest citizen-member of the 
Association was Da* (arter I'Jilkey, who immigrated to Illinois in. l8lU. 
The oldest native of Jefferson (ounty present was Thomas Hicks, bom. 
April 2°, 1ST}, Thomas Hicks was ike second white child io be born in. 
thiA area, 7he first white child bam in the Jefferson Qpunty area 
died in> infancy* 'The name, if any, woa unknown, " The father was 
"Qlark QpAey, a noted backwoodsman, and famed as a hunter of deer, 
panthers, and bears, " who later moved to southwest (ALasouaI* 

Upon adjournment, ike proper committee was ordered io have 
the proceedings published in the "Hews, " "Statesman, " and 'Tree Press* " 

The most ambitious project undertaken by the Pioneer Associ- 
ation was "The. Cfrand Qentennial Qelebnation, " which woa held in fit, 
Vernon on July 4, I876. On. spite of ike handicap of an early and 

■:' ; ' y . , \ ■■■ bJBQ A JV • •■ , | - v - "■ •'• I ■ ' ■■ ' ' '' : 

. ■■•■ ■ ■ ■••"..' ... . : - ■ 

ssaa '■ m , . . ■ v .■•,,'. •, :,■ - ■ . •:■..'>..„ j ■ ■■■•... i £ ■' ■ .,, • ■ ■ " 

: ,', , :■'.;. ■.•-„•'<■.'■.. ' • ■ '■•-'' 

'.. , ... '..•.".''■■'.. "., - ■ ■■ ■' • • 

! ■ Q ..' ,'.... ... .;' {VOt .■•■ , " -■ ' ' 

.•.•■.;.-.'', ' ... . . ..'■ -'■■'. ' 


: -..,.-'• . ,. •••■., . . ' .. b> /■■ < •' ■•■ i • ' ■ ' '' 

* . 

. . ' i :•■■'■■■■ ..'■ '"-„.'.'.' . .' ... . ■■■-"■■ . 


r ' 5 \ .' '.:'■-■ ■■: . ■' ■-•■■ ■ 

, ' nt ( •■ .; .. . ■ ■ , : ' ■ 

'/ ■ . ' .-.■. i ': a '^ . • • •■ 

..... ; ; • .. v,-;.- - l . . ■. ' , . ! ■ ' - • - 
• ■■■•■■ ■•■ , ■' " '-■■ ' • 


.-■...' ( - ... . . . , ■: «' '.-■ ! •■ " i I ' 

. v I ' ■■ - - - '• ■ ■ ■ ' 

•■'. • /'• | J . .''..'•' ■ • \ ' 

■ : . j . . > 

■ - ! • '..'■ . I I ... 

: - ■ ■ ■ ■''•' ' V' " ' 

■ ' | . • ' '■ ■ »0J i^ ' 

. v. ;■ . ... ... ' .... '• • 

-.' ' - ' ■. '■ : 

) ■ ' .... 
. ••• 


devene electnical dionm, ike Qentennial wad duclx a kuae 4ucced4 that 
ike affoJui calU fo/i a muck mo/ie extensive. nepont ikon ike. mesie mention 
ikai we aJie able io give it ke/ie. 

On ike yeand following, ike Qentennial, ike fioneen meetings 
continued io be an annual event In Jeffendon Qpunty, fihdt of ike 
meetings wene keld ai ike old T aJuianoundd, One yean, because of natty 
ike. wene keld in ike count houde, Ai leadi once, In lofo, 
ike meeting, wad keid ai. (adey f 4 Qnove, "doutk of, and adjacent io, ike 
Qity of fit, Vennon, " 

Ike pnogAomd toon fell inio a paitenn, Findt would be a 
/leading, pwm ike 4CAi.piun.ejd, Tkene would be gnoup dinging, of a hymn, 
whick ad noted above came io be —• "And we one yet alive, " Thene would 
be a Apealien., who udually wad followed by, mone gnoup dinging, on. by 
dpecial.mudic. Special awancU migki be made* Ai one time a cake wad 
pn.e4ent.ed io ike oldest ciiigen-membend, and bouquet* io ike mo4i aaed 
pnedent, "male, and female, " Ike U4e and did play, of nelicd uded, and 
4omeiime4 made, by ike pioneend wene a common feature* And always thene 
wa4 ike reading, of ike name4 of tko4e who had died 4ince ike pneviouA 

Tke 4peakeA4 liked io dnaw companLdond between ike p/ie4eni 

(iken) and ike pioneen way of living* One favoniie topic wa4 ike fact 

of gjiowing, old, A typical example of tkia 4ubj,ect L* -found in ike 

following, fnom an addne44 gtven by ike "Rev, Q q, (line at ike 

4evenik annual meeting, keld at (adey'd (jnove, F/iiday, 'June 7, l8j8: 

"you play upon ike 4ame kill4ide4 that you plaued on fijfty 
yeaA4 ago; you attend ike 4ame old- fashioned dinging, dcnoold and apple" 
cuttings of youn youikful duudj you hean ike 4ame powerful 4enmon4 
pneacked by Tkoma4 §iled ana John Van fleve, when you we/ie ckildnen, 
and many of youn keantd linaen about the old home altan, whene you 40 
often heand ike voice4 ot youn 4ainted taiken and mo iken., long, 4ince 
kudhed in death, commend you io (jod ana Hi* gnace, When you wene young, 
you lived in hope and anticipation; now you one old you live in ike 
memonie4 of ike padi, Muck of youn. youAful entku4ia4m ha4 been con.- 
nected by expenience, fon youth iknow4 too danauine hope4 on ike futune. 

Ike la4t minuted of a Pioneen meeting, one dated 'June 7> T8 QC j, 

At tkid time only five of ike fifty-deven chanten membend of ike 

Addociaiion wene yet alive: (jelia f, Hickd, ag,e 80 yeand; £ligabcik 

f, Sattenfield, aae 8 J yeand; Joel F, UJatdon, ag,e 78 yeand; Qlinion fil 

Qadey, aye 77 yeand; and Robent Hanlow, aae 82 yeand. 


K3NQ gny F&gw. savors and loam association 

On ike eanly pani of ike yean 7? 74, a gnoup of buAineAA men 
ajAociaied wiik ike. Ham Naiional Bank mei in ikai building, io OAaani^e 
an oAAociaiion io make loan* fon new komeA In ikiA communiiy. Oi woa 
decided io call ii ike King, Qiiy Building, and Loan AAAodaiion, Ike 
officer Aelecied wene Q. F. A H/and, pAeAideni; D/i. J. 7 t H/kUlocM, 
vice pneAideni, J. W. (jibAon, AecAeiany and W. S. Fly, ineaAUAen, Ike 
dUecioAA wene £anl B. Hinman, Q, F, Hoii, LeAien Q Maxey, Da. H. ('I 
Swept, OAaac Venmilion, Q. F. M. Wand, F/ied P. VJojUon, Joel 1/JaiAon, 
and Qa. J. 7. WkUlocA. 

Ike Aiaie iAAued a cka/iieA. on hloAck 20, 7°7b, wiik a capiial 
Aiodi of '450, 000 and ^78, 000 AubAcnibed. ( No. 7 wad iAAued 
io Judae AlbeAi iJcUaon, Qihen. inveAioAA, besides! ike officer and 
dinecioAA, wene John i'J. (anlUle and :J. S. Summer. 

IkoAe who kave Aenved cla pAeAideni ajie §. F, fi'l, J and, F/ied P. 
JciAon, (anl Sckweinfunik and Quy A. Jood. 

Senving, oa AecneianieA kave been JameA iJ. §iJ?Aon, £len /(ink, 
Quy A. .'Jood and Quy. Jood, J a. 

7n.eoAUA.eAA kave been J. S. Fly, J. JJ. QibAon, (kanleA P. 
Kelien., H. $, Coding,, ttanJUun Q 'kick and hlanyoAei Benion. 

AiionneyA kave been 'Joel F. JaiAon, AlbeAi Watdon and 
i'launice Ddi/iii, 

hollowing, iA a liAi of dinecioAA wko kave Aenved: (jml B, 
Hinr,ian, Q. F. rloii, LeAien Q hfoxey, Da. H. hi Swifi, Oaoxlc VeAmilion, 
Albeni JasUon, F/ied P. JaiAon, Joel F. JaiAon, Q. F. hi. J and, J. 7. 
i'Jkiilock, gauloAd B. Buck, tt. S. SummeAA, John J. (anliAle, J alien N. 
Aikinaon, h'anlin Q. Pick, Da. 7. A. Qlank, QjjJL S ckweinfunik, Naa. 
OUie L. Seven, $uy A. Jood, Da. 7 odd P. i'Jand, '). Banney, {AyenA, Pay J. 
Bundy, HoAjuy L. Fond, hiaanice DeJiii, Paul Fitck, QeoAie F. l>\. [ j Jand, 
D. Qlanence JiLdon, JameA L. Joodnuff and §uy Jood, Ja, 

On 7°JJ ike oAAOciaiion woa ckang.ed fnom Aiaie dxanien io 
fedenal and ike name ckanaed io King, Qity Fedenal Savings and Loan 
AAAociaiion. Ai ikU iime ike aAAociaiion moved fnom ike Ham National 
Banli Building, io ike Siumpp Building,, 7005 Bnoadway, wkick wad occupied 
uniil ike eneciion of ilie aAAociaiion'A own new and modenn building, ai 
777 NoAik 7 Oik SiAeei. in 7<?55. 


I he King, Qity T'ederal has been pnogresAlve and lis dlrectons 
and personnel always have, been active. Ln any, clvLc underialiing,, Jt 
has helped thousand* of people to own their own home/*, making, millions 
of. dollars worth of. loand, Ot now had Lnvesions from thirty Aiates, 

Quy A. Wood, ike pn.eALd.ent, was elected Aecretary In 7^2J 
and lias Aerved the aAAociation ever Alnce. The aAAociation haA Ahown 
a continuous growth, with oAAeiA now oven. thirteen million doilans, 

Around-the- clock Aervlce Is available, fo/i cusiomens of the 
King, Qity Federal Savings and Loan AAAociation. Qustomers who find It 
Inconvenient to ao to the offices during, regular hours one able to dnop 
their paAA book and payment Into a convenient AtalnleAA Aieel letter- 
Atot type, opening* No key La reaulred no/i Is any change, made fo/i the 
night depOAliony AervLce, 

King. Qity Federal' a new office building, woa thfiown open 
to Inspection by the g,eneral public on Sunday, /'lay 75) 7155) afler 
mo/ie than a yean, of planning, and construction wo/ik. The ihree-Atory 
Atructure La built of Atone, bnLck, aluminum, concrete and AiecL 9 is 
handsome polished granite front faces one of Aouihern Illinois' busLest 
hlahwayA and Is a Ahowplace and landmark for the King, Qlty, which 
the finm which owns Li took Lis name, 

I he building, occupLes a a tie linked to eanly history of. 
f>ii. Vennon, and It has a ianae lot expending, through fnom I enih Street 
to Qleventh Street* Ton. more than a hundred yeans the homestead of 
the Herdman family was here. 3t was In thlA Aame block that Abraham 
Lincoln made a political Apeech Ln 78^0. The modernistic building, 
occupLes the east end of the lot and the west end has been paved fon, 
parking, K\Lng, Qity was the first f'li. Vernon office building, to pro- 
vide off-Atreet panJilng, facilities fon. tenants of the building* 

Cjuy A, IJood noAe from a farm boy at Blufond to the presL- 
dency of the King. Qity Federal Savings and Loan AAAociation, 

ftk, \Jood was bonn and reared on a farm near Blufond and 
came to /'It, Vernon Ln 7^7^ after Aervlng, Ln the i'oton. Transport QorpA 
of the U. S t Anmy during, I'Jonld Uar One. He Aerved four yeans as 
deputy county treasurer during, the tenia of JameA KeUL. 

He joined the King. Qity Federal Savings and Loan AAAociation 
In 7^22, On 7^2} he was elected Aecretary, and on 'January 22, T^kS 



. • \ ' j 

. '. : ■- ■ • ) 



■ . . . 

.' M 

. .. , . 

. ■ 




.' ■ • 


. U fJ ■ . 

. '• " '. . . 

■ ■ - ■ 

. ' '■■ ■ ... 

. ... ' . . : ' ■ . ' 

■■ . ' . . 

> ■ ■■' 




. . 


■ ■■• ■ ....... 

■ . 







woa elected p/ieAideni and kaA Aenved ike oaao elation continuouAly to 
ike prieAent time. 

f>k, Wood kaA alwayA taken an active inte/ieAi in ike develop- 
ment of /'it, Vennon and kaA been a wo/dxen. in civic p/io.leciA iknougK 
ike yeanA, 9n 1152 — in recognition of. a yob well done in ike 
inteneAtA of k iA community, — ke wad named /'It, Vennon' a luan of ike 
!/ean. /'h. Wood kaA Aenved a* dinecton of ike (kamben of (orrmence and 
•fon iwo yeanA woa Ha pneAident. He kaA been active on ike Aiate 
(kamben of ( Aviation (ommittee and woa active in eAiab linking, 
funoU fan. /'It, Vennon' a municipal ainpont, He woa a maijon in ike 
JilinoiA C I'lilitia Ain QonpA duning, Wonid Wan. Iwo and wonked 
on wan. loan dniveA. He kaA been an active wonken in ike Boy. ScouIa 
and i/iAouoA ike yeanA kaA Aenved on vaniouA dniveA keld. fo/i ike belien- 
ment of. ike community. 

He iA a memben of ike £lkA Lodce, a ckanten memben of ike 
Amenican LegXon and ike LionA Qlub and kaA Aenved all of ike onyan- 
i^ationA in offJucial cc.paciti.eA. hln, Wood kelped io ongani^.e ike 
hinAt Haiional Sank and kaA been a dinecton Aince Ha organisation, 
He iA p/iominent in AavinyA and loan wo/ik on ike Ataie level and kaA 
been on commitieeA of ike U. S. SavinaA and Loan League fon yeanA, 

DeApite ktA buAtf caneen, ke kaA found time fori kobbieA o^. 
golfing,, kuntina and aviation. Fori five yeanA ke owned kiA own plane, 
and duning. vJonJUL Jan. Two ke managed ih.e k\i* V ennnn Ainpo/ii fori a yean. 


( Iahen fnom an ardULcle unden date of Octoben 2, l c j62, written 
by OnJLan i>letcalf and pubiiAked in ike M. Vennon llegiAien-NewA. JkiA 
iA one of many, deligktful anticleA w/iitten by h\n, (Aetcalf unden ikiA 
title. ) 

A nepont about ike King. Qlty io Ha old fniennU living, elde- 

We kad neAont weatke/i mo At of the Aumme/i and ike pji-ii fall 
dauA one ptcaAant,, Aineady people (young, people, thai iA) ane kuniing. 
Iiickony nutA and keeping, an eye out fan. penAimmonA. hit, \! en.ri.on iA 
beojuti fully cloi/ied in foiiaae tinted by idee hint of fnoAt. 


Standing, on t/xe conneji of Ninth and /'lain you can Look Aoulh 
anci Aee one of the laAt two remaining, AtructureA Of the old. can. *hopA, 
Ot Ia the ba/ie framework and roof of. the former Ateel plant at the 
Aouth Aide of the can. Ahop property at Lamar Avenue. fJUL the other 
can. *hop buildings have been wrecked, 

Aoloaa tlxe Atreet Aouth from the skeleton a public houAing. 
pro feet Ia g.olng. up fa*t. 3t will p/iovlde living. cgucuui&U pn/i about a 
kundjied families In one and two-Atory *tructure*. Score* of old homed 
were bulldozed and b united to make wau Ion. the new reAldence, 

/hey. tell me houAe* once Atood on the non±h Aide of Laman. and 

were replaced by the Ateel plant now being, tonn down, 

* * # 

Jhat u*ed to be Dr. Cjee' a cow pa*iure on South 7Jt'x Street 
Ia now the Khoiuiy League baseball park, operated by. the iilwanlA Qlub 
on property owned by hiode. O'Oay dre*A factory. 

S/iawnee Street ha* been reopened. Added are a couple of 
curve*. /'il**ing. an.e tlxe old bnlck sidewalk and tlxe many bumpy railroad 
Awltch tracts which jolted the boltA out of automobile*. 


I'lt, Vennon high school ha* let a contract for a bloc/t-long, 
cloA*room buLLLiny, extending, from Seventh to eighth on Jordan. The 
■fine rambling, home* which once graced 1/xIa biocl\ one gone — razed in. the 
name of progyxeA*. The new building will adioln tlxe Alte o r the ploneer- 
dayA h't, Vennon Academy In which the Robert Q. OnyerAoll once 

h\t, Vennon high Achool' * enrollment Ia oven. 7600. /'lore than 
300 an.e ajbiendlng. .pinion, colteye on tlie dame campu,d, a larger student 
body, tlxan t/xe high school had SO year* ago. 

* * # 

New home* keep golny up, cyery time take a drive tee 
an attractive dwelling. hadn't noticed befo/xe. Largest extension of 
the town Ia to the we*t. The'cltu limits extend beuond 3Uth Street 
now, Out only the po*tman, police and fireman know where many of the 
neu) AtreetA are located. I'Jhen people a*k me how to o,et .Jedrieuood or 
Lutternut, or AtreetA whoAc name* *ound like tJict, J can't tell t/'iem. 

Je're yetting, u*ed to the neuj Atopilgjut* and It ha* been 
oiLuie. a while aIxicp. anyone told. t/>.e Atony about, tlxe man in tlxe phone 





booth on the pub Lie *".uane who called {.on. a jJiiend to come and yet 

him at tlxe connen of. UJalk and Don 't I'Jalk, 

* • * * 

The oJuipo/it JL* a popular l>\t, Vennon attnactlon and lot* op 
people dnop by to watch the plane* and to take*. i'lldned. and J 
made oust -lln*t tnlp on Ogank Aln Line* la*t week. Je had difficulty 
g.ettlng, two tickets and corning, home thnough cloud* *o heavy that we 
couldn't land In Bloomljnglon and I'lattoon, 3 almo*t wl*hed qojlI Gotland 
and Ozank fnlend* had not none to *o much tnouble to make *une we xot 


* # * 

The new po*t office I* neady. Jt 1 * a functional building, at 
7Jt/x and Snoadway, not a* distinctive In appeanance a* the *iundy old 
lir,ie*ione at 7 7th and /lain. Jt* operation po*e* a neal tnafflc p/ioblem 
becau*e the one-way *tneet nun* Into two-way, tnavel at the connen o r 

trie po*t offJ.ce panklna anea. 

* * * 

The city finally bought the waten company. How If we don t 
pay oun *ewen bill they can *hut oun waten off. And If ray Octoben 
waten bill I* a* high a* the Septemben one the .'all Stneet people *ent 
me a* a final bill will complain to the cltiy councJui. Oh, tho*e poon 

had the delude toun of the new OlljlnolA Bell building, the 
o;then day and they *howed me a lot mone about telephone* than needed 
to know, took It all In while they wene explaining, t/xe openatlon to 
my *on-ln-law who ha* a ma*ten f * degnee In phy*lcs and knew what they 
wene tal/'ilng. about, Je tnaced a call fnom the point whene the line* 
come in deep unden (Wain Stneet, tluioagh endle** electnonlc device* 
eru'Jjrvj. wltlx tlxe my*tenlou* tlcJzei In bnaille when a *ub*cnlben dial* 
low. distance dlnect fnom hi* home phone. (Did you know the ielep/xone 
cable* ane kept filled with ga* which I* Injected at the point whene 
ilxey, come Into the centnal office? They *ay It keep* i,ol*tune out o^ 

the line* and leakage Indlcato/i* help to locate bneak* In t/'xe cable*. J 

* * -j:- 

i&l. Vennon club* have beejx hand hit by the *tate'* cnackdown 
on po**e**on* of gambling. *tamp*. The fngle*, /une/u can. Lpglon, Amvet* 



v I 








and. qIAs kave io close iheisi bans fon JO days and ike Vetenans of 
Foneign [Jans kave alneady senved ikein suspension, Tkein slot machines 
at ilxe same time, no Ao finest iinj^Ae, 

hon. many. yeans ij'ie club -owned "one-asuned bandits" kave been 
paying, :tke 'fneLyht fo/i tkese fsiaiennal and veienan onyanizations, 
ouilding. tKeJLn fine cuasiie,is and even ^unnishing, muck o t - ike money, 
i/'ietc donated io civic causes and cha/ujjy, Jkai effect ike shutdown. 
will kave on t/iein United Fund and Qinisitnas gx>od fellow p/w^ects ne- 
mains io be seen., 

! he Ragles nan an adventiser.ient whJLck bnougkt back memonies 
of pnohibition day*. They scheduled a dance and invited "come and 
bning, noun own bottle, " 

* * -x- 

Ike couniny club has its own 4 pedal financial woe/). 3i has 
been assessed to pay fon ike ftnsi time and may be niclied a con- 
sidenabAe amount if ike assessment stands, .Jken Tom fuckett finAshes 
his new g,oAf counse on ike 'Rickview lioad next yean h\t, Vesmon will 
kave ilxnee AinJv): fuckett's lo-hoAen, H entensiein' s <}-hoAe layout at 

/iomesiead, and Cjneen Hills' beautiful a -hoAe counse. 

* * x 

St 1 a election time and as usual telephone and Aigkt poAes 
tlviouojwui tlxe county one nailed full of candidate pAacands, Two 
candidates, fo/unen shenJLyf lloy Taylon and Alva f'lelloii, solved ike 
pnobiem of steel posts by using, muciAaae and have tkein stid^ens on 
omoniown iigkt poles. 



Tke kUio/iy of ike Logan Stneet /'lU^lonany BaptUi (hunck 
began on Ocioben 2], 7°7J, when a gywup of *even pea pie met iogeiken 
In fibt, Ve/mon In an old. *io/ie building, on ike connen of Souik Wih 
Sineet and. Laman. Avenue fo/i ike punpo*e of constituting a BaptUt 
ckwick, fiVu and /'bit, fd Lowny, f'k. and fibi*, 'Joseph Boyle, /'In, and 
fin*, A*buny Runnel* and Sadie Runnel* held memben*hlp in /ilU*lonany 
BaptUi chwiche* bui defined io begin anoike/i *uck congAiegaiJLon* I key. 
Invited ike o/tdalned leaden*klp of ike Salem Souik Association Id 
meei with ikem and assist ikem in o/iganlgailon* Ai ikU meeting ikey 
ado pied ike A/itlcles of Faith laid down in Pendleton's fihnual and ike 
Qwjick Qovenant used by Baptist ckwickes. An oppo/itunlty wad given 
fan. membensklp, and nineieen oikens wko keld membership in oihen 
BaptUt ckwickes ikein define io unite wiik ikls new gnoup. 
Ike ckwick was ikenefo/ie o/iganlged wiik twenty-six cka/iien membe/is* 
ike name fan ikls new ckwick was '7ke Fourth BaptUi Qhunch. " Soon 
(Jden. J % I'J. Allen was called ad pasto/i fo/i p/ieacking once a monik 
wiik ike ckwick meeting on ike oiken Sunday* fo/L Sunday School, 

/hU new ckwick continued io gnow in numbe/i, and on ike day 
ikat ike ckusick was two month* old a committee wo* elected io look 
about fo/i a dutiable location on which an adeojuate meeting place 
could be erected, A lot wad found on the co/inen of Logan and 27 st 
Sineetd which was purchased fo/i $7kO. The ckwick then voted to 
change It* name to 'Ike Logan Sineei filUslonary BaptUi Qiurck" and 
to have ike deed fo/i ike new property recorded In that name, Ike 
church then applied fo/i affiliation with the Salem Souik !A**o elation 
of BaptUi* and ike OLUnol* BaptUi State Association, The annual 
meeting of the State Association accepted messengers fnom Logan Street 
Qiurck at ltd meeting that yean In fibnlon, OUlnols, 

The ckwick began In ike spring of l^lk ike task of building 
^U first kouse of wor*klp. The men of ike ckwick did most of ike 
wonJi in constructing ike first building, which wa* thirty by *lxty 
feet In dimension* and of frame construction. £ven while meeting In 
the rented *tore building, ike ckusick voted io hear tome returned 
missionaries fnom Brazil and io gtve an offering io DlUslons, The 
new ckwick was completed and occupied, and on August JO, 7976, £diior 









1 ' • 


'. ' 




. ■ 








W, f, Thnogmonion of ike Ollinoit Baptist Newtpapen wat invtied io 
p/ieacA ike dedicaiony tenmon. 

Two yeant laien. ike ckujick voied ix> go io kalf-iime pleaching, 
unden. ike ieadentkLp of Bnoi/ien J, \JH* /'honey^ wlw had been called at 
potion, on Sepiemben 25, 1V5* On 7978 a Baptiti young. People'* 
Union wot onaaniged poo, ike young, people, B/ioike/i /'boaey pnoved io 
be a fine leaden, and wat called timet. On Auauti 12, 7976, kit 
tolany wat J 7 0.00 pen pn.eackina engayemeni, By. ike tu/rmen of 7920 
ike ckunck needed Apace fan. ike gnawing, Sunday School, and ikey voied 
io place a batemeni unden. ike fname building. 

On 797% Bnoiken. 0, J. Bell wat called cud potion? cut a tolany 
of % TJ, §0 pen pneacking, engagement He wot necalled in 7920, 

On ike tpnlng, of 7927 ike ckunck nailed 2872. 00 in plcdyet 
in anticipation of having, fjulL-ilme pneacking. J kit wat accomplitked 
in Auauti of ikai yean wken B/ioi/ien F. L, Kann wot called at ike full 
iime potion, Ike annual leiien io ike at to elation tkowt ilrni in 7923, 
wken ike ckunck wot ien yeant old, ike membentkip had neacked 76 § 
pentont. Bnoiken F, L t Kann wot yLven an indefiniie call and tenved 
at potion, until 'July, 7° 2$, wken ke netianed becaute of ike faial 
illnett of kit wLfe. 

Bnoiken i'J, J, Andenton wat iken called at potion, on Auauti 5t 
7925, and tenved yeant, A Woman' t ftlittionany Society wat 
onaaniged duning, kit minitiny on Sepiemben 79, 7927* 

Bnoiken J. To lh. liLckandton wat called at potion on Sepiemben 
26, 7928, and tenved until July 2*t, 7929, 

Bnoiken John Ihuxldiny wat called on Auauti 27, 7929, ond 
tenved fan. foun yeant, Duning. kit minitiny a nevival wat keld in 
whLck teveniu-iwo pentont pnofetted faiik in (kniti, and all wene 
baptised in ike Qiiy Tank Lake, Bnoiken Moulding, alto led ike ckunck 
in tponto/ung, a nadio minitiny oven. Siaiion W£BQ in Honnitbuna, 
Ollinoit. Tke potion, and ckoin jounneyed io Hannitbuny on ike 2$nd 
day of eock monik and bnoadcati fnom 7 io 8 a.m, 

Bnoiken. J, R, McDuffy tenved fan iwo yeant at potion, being, 
called on Auauti JO, 7933 and leaving, ike ckunck In July, 7935, 

Bnoiken i'J, ft). Qmlion of f'hnion wat iJien called and tenved 
at potion, until Auauti, 7936, On 7936 ike fname building, became 


inadequate fon ike gAoming. chunch, and it wot decided to tell ike 
building, and move Jut ike lot, making, /worn fan. ike continuction of 
a bnick veneen building, tixty by. tixty feet with full botemeni, 

Bnoiken Adolph QiniAiman wad called ad potion Sepiemben 7o, 
79J6, and led in ike continuation of, ike new buildina. The building, 
wat completed and ike chunch invited Bnoi/ien J. i'J. MaddoK of /lieinopolit 
io pneach ike dedicatony tenmon on Januany 2, 793&* 

Bnoiken J. L, Fond wat called. at potion on Sepiemben 6, 
7931> and unden kit leadentkip a miction wat tianted in a vacant 
chunch building, in /'IcQlellan Townthip wiik Sunday. School and wonthip 
tenvicet held tkene each Sunday afternoon, 

3 no then John Daugkeniy of Vandalia wad called ad potion 
July 22, 7^2, and tenved until blanch, 79*6. 

I he chunch voted to buy pnopeniy fan a pantonaae and ike 
houAe adjacent to ike chunch on the Aouik wot punchated and nemodeled 
fon Bnoiken §eong,e i'Jnigkt who came at potion June 7% 79^6. He 
challenged ike chunch io ttant a miction in the anea adjoining, the 
Qity fank, and a committee wat appointed to make a tunvey, A ho ate 
woa nented, and Aenvicet began unden the leadentkip of Bnoiken h , L+ 
Kann who tenved at miction potion fon two yeont. On Ocioben 5> 79^9, 
tweniy-foLUi membent of Logon Stneet (hunch wene leitened out io fonm 
ike nucleus of the Ueti Side BaptLtt (hunch. 

On 79V with Paction Kyle Wyoj'.t leading, ike chunch voted 
to begin continuation of a iwo-ttony educational building, acnott ike 
wett end of ike tanctuany, at a coti of p5, 000; and on June 2k, 7?4?, 
tpace fon foniy-jix clottnoomt mat dedicated On, Jamet Balduin of 
Salem ujat invited io pneach ike dedicciony tenmon. On Aujgutt of that 
yean the chunch beaan b/wadcatiina the manning, wonthip tenvicet eveny 
Sunday, oven Station WMOX. 

On Augjutt 9, 7950, On. W. A ^nay of ^ffingjiom wot called 
at potion, and he tenved until Apnil, 7952. 

On Novemben, 7952, Bnoiken S. Oiho UilLiamt of Canhondale 
oegan a tvc-yean minitiny at potion, netijgning in Febnuany, 7959, to 
become S upenintendent of ike Bapiitt QuMLnen 1 1 Home in Qxnmi, OllinoLd. 
Duning, htt minLttny a full time office tecnetdny wat employed and ike 
houte touih of ike pantonaae wot punchated fon Sunday ScJiool tpace and 




named "The Annex, " Ike. paASonaa-e was /told and removed, and a new 
pansonaae was enected at #70 Hidlcnest at a cost of $78 } 000* 

On July 2k, 7 Q $k a new mldslon was slanted In a stone-piont 
building, at T/Ol South Tenth Stneet, Self. supporting, fnom the finst, 
JUL has now become the South Side Baptist (hunch, moving, into i&$ own 
bnJLck sanctuany on Fi^hens Lane and 75th Stneets In November of. 7%6» 

A mission was also slanted at i l Jaltonvidde, Olllnols, and 
was constituted a chunch on fasten Sunday, in 7^57} with foniy-elaht 
chanten. membens. 

On f'kznch, 7f5?, B no then 'Ralph Qidd was codded by. the chunch 
to senve as minis ten of music and education and a home fon him was 
punchased at 60° South 27 st Stneet, 

flans wene made In June, 7°S7, fon an addition to the edu- 
cational plant, and on Sunday September 2$, 7° $8, a $72$, 000 two- 
stony, aln-condltloned building, was dedicated, On* Noel ftl I aylon, 
fccecutlve Secnetany of OUlnold Baptists, was invited to pneach the 
dedlcato/iy senmon. The house known as "The Annex." was sold and moved 
and the lot gnav elded fon panklng, space. 

On ft\au 6, 7°S% the chunch codded Bnot/ien 'James Fnanks of 
Qalatla as pasion, and on June 70 added Bnoihen LouL* §ablen to the 
staff. He Is presently serving, as mlnlsten of music and education. 
Firs, hlar^jonle £ldlnaswonkh was employed as office secretary, and Is 
presently serving,. On the autumn of 7^60 the chunch voted to adopt 
'The Forward Trognam of (hurch Finance" and appnoved an annual budget 
of $80,000. 

On f'lay of 7°67 a house and two lots at 2076 Loyan Stneet 
was punchased fon. off-street parking,. The house was removed and both 
lotA wene graded and nock-chipped, providing, space fon sixty cans. 

Ten men have been ondalned, and twelve othens have been 
licensed to preach the yospel during, the life-time of the chunch; and 
one young, woman, Betty Davis bhntJun, has gone out fnom the chunch to 
senve on the foreign mission field, 

The chunch Ld approaching, Its (jolden Jubilee yean of 7°oJ, 
hoping, to launch a building, pnognam which wild climax, fifty yeans of 
pnogness with a $200,000 stone and bnlck audltonlum to be dedicated 
on Octoben 2J, 7 ^6 J, theln fiftieth annlvensany. 

' '' 












m. vgwN pubuq tu&m/ 

On August 9, 7893, seventeen citizens met at the Lome. of 
C°l» Qeorge i'J* (vans for ike purpose of organising, ike S/iakespeare 
QLub, and thus began ike first library movement in /'hL V eAnon. 

Ike object of ike Shakespeare QLub una* "mutual improvement 
of members, and estab linking, a public circulating library" according, 
to ikcU by-laws, constitution and minute book, now on file in ike 
/>it. Vernon Public Library. /Iks. Qeorge W. (van* was elected president, 
%ulia Bunion vice president, (<)rs. £ug,ene Pavey secretary, Bemadine 
Ham treasurer, and Neone Qhance librarian. 

Jomen paid an initiation fee of 250 and a due at each meeting, 
of. 50. Men were honorary member* for $U 50 annually. These funds 
established and maintained ikeir library. were 700 per 
week, and ike library was open from 2:00 to J: 00 p. m. on Wednesdays 
and Saturdays, (tub rooms were over ike ftlammoik Stare. 

Six. years later, in l8 QQ , ikeir Interests became more, social 
ikon literary. Tkey appointed delegates to attend ike State Meeting, 
of Olluwis Federation of Somen's QLub* in Jacksonville, paid state, and revised their consijub'iiZon. Tkey offered to donate ikeir 
650 boohs to ike cUy, providing ike council would pass an ordinance 
creating a free public library and set an appropriation for its con- 
tinued support. Ike first public library wa s downtown over ike 
Mammoth. I his indicated tkat ike Shak^pear QLub split, thus becoming 
ike moiker of ike Women's QLub as well as ike />ht Vernon Public Ubrany. 
Mayor W, J. fries and Qouncilmen Spiese, Bogan, Broom, Hopper, 
Lynch, Louth and Smith accepted ike yenerous offer and passed an 
ordijiance on March 78, 7899. A board of nine directors was named in- 
eluding. Albert Watson, I. £ Matkews, A. A. Spiese, fllUi 3ne^ green, 
Dr. Florence Manion, fiks. Jeannette Noycs (vans, (Wrs. Pinnie Pace 
Waters, />lrs. QLara Qreen Webb, and Mrs. Octavia T. Qasey. 

f'ks. H. (j. Jones was selected as librarian, and her salary 
was fixed at twenty-two cents per hour. The first appropriation was 
for £700 and was allowed on August J, 7899. Ike first annua/, report 
was made by 7. <]. Mathews, as secretary of the board. He reported 
875 booiis, a circulation of 5,232, and registered memberships 
totaled 95. 


• ■ 



Qanneale Donation 

f'ku $• Q» AntkuAd iooh an active. intenedt in ike libnany 
movement, and ike. off en of a %7§,000 Qannegle Donation nedulted fnom 
hid Influence and conned pondence* A special, council meeting, wad called 
on Apnil 8, 7°0J, by fikzyon /t #. Heidlen and Fnanh Suddoik, city. clenh, 
to accept tke donation* tOayon Heidlen appointed W. Q, Anikund, Sam 
Qadey, L L frmendon, T. $. fihtkewd, lil 4 H, §neen, B. A /'hndkall* A.Q. 
fohndon, Q, F. />l Wand and fihyon Heidlen to derive ad a special Libnany 

Ike committee obtained ike dlte piom ike Qneen family* 
Ikeln estate wad wkene ike A/tmo/iy now diandd. Bondd wene Iddued to 
coven ike codt, wklck wad $7000* 

Tke Qannegle Libnany Qommlttee neponted ike building, /teady 
fo/L occupancy and adked to be neleaded fnom funiken denvlced, wken 
ikey made ikeln final nepont to ike council on Augjidi J, 7?05, approxi- 
mately two yeand laten. Tke total codt of ike libnany wad $15* 562*77 • 

Ike contnact fo/i ike building, wad given to tke Lake View 
Building, Qompany of QJilcago fori $12, 000, Meat wad coninacted ihiougk 
ike (intend §ad £iecinlc and Heating, Qompany fan $7J7 pen. deadon, and 
did not p/wvlde fo/i tke badement non ike ikind floon, Llgktd wene 
$97$* dkeet metal and tile noof Sffif, keaiing, unit and wining. $ Q 80, 
anchiteci'd feed (5%,J $762, plumbing, $27°, and deconatlon $275. 

Dedication denvlced of ike new libnany wene keld In ike 
audltonlum. Tke llbnanlan neponted a book collection of 2,620 ? and 
7, 7 §6 negiAtened painond who had bonjwwed appnoxlmaiely 72 bookd pen 
painon dunlng, ike yean, 

filLdd £mma fohndon wad elected liknanlan on $uly 2°, 7 Q 0k, and 
dke nemalned until Qentnude Molten, became llbnanian on Sepiemben 5t 


On 7^7 J ike libnany boand decided to have ike libnany 
claddlfled, catalogued, baded on. ike Dewey Decimal Sydtem, and put 
In findt clodd condition in oiken nedpectd, do that a klgken diandand 
of efficiency could be maintained. I'lidd Kaikenlne Doyle wad klned 
fan a penlod not to exceed one yean, and wad paid $$00 fan ikLa pun- 
pode. Ske nemalned until Decemben of 7<}7U. filidd Qentnude fibllen 





became, ken. undenAtudy dunina thiA pentad and oAAtuned the duties of 
Libnantan on September 5, 7^7 k. She remained until Octoben, 7^Z7, 
neAianing, to accept a pOAttion in the State Libnany, 

On June, 7J77, flk. lllalten. Nehnlina, landAcape gandenen. of 
Qjudtenn OllinoiA State Nonmal, came fjwm (hanleAion, OllinoiA, to 
Aupenintend a contnact to landscape the lawn of the libnany fo/i 4>250< 
/hong, the tneeA and AknubA whJich wene planted a/ie Aome which one AOAe 
in. thiA county, Auck oa noway, maple*, qaK, magnolia, ginkgo biloba on. 
maidenj-hain of Qhina and honAe chestnut. On 7^60 a mimosa and a 
golden, wene planted. Student field tntpA fnom science 
cloAAeA fnom city ac/iooIa to view theAe tneeA and AknubA one fneauent, 

$M* /'lildn.ed filetcalf, who had been aAAiAtant libnasiian Aince 
July 5t 7^2^, became Itbnanian in October, 7°Z7, and remained until 
S eptemb en, 7 ^2% 

fiiiAA liuth Iiletcalf, ftnAi aAAiAtant Itbnanian, woa appointed 
libnantan in Octoben., 7 ( }2 C }, and Aenved until Decemben, 7, 7^2^, when Ane 
manjiied and moved to Qiicago, 

AILaa (>\ fitiman OAAumed the neAponAibilily of the 
Itb/iany in Feb/wanjy, 7J30. 

fibiA, /'lLldn.ed filetcalf, who had Aetunned to the Ataff oa 
oAAiAtant libnantan in Octoben, 793°-, woa appointed tibnanian on the 
/letUement of thnA. f<) (fittman) Baind, effective 'July 7, 1^2. 
l')nA, I'letcalf iA the pneAent libnantan oa ihiA iA wnitten, 

Wan. ActivitieA 

Duntng, VJonld Wan. Two, the fibt, Vennan Lihnany conducted a 
V tetany Book Dnive in 7^Uj, duning, which 7, $60 acceptable bookd wene 
collected, tke lib nana Aenved oa one of twenty centenA in OllinoiA, 
Bookd wene neceived kene f/xom Fiona, FainfJLeld, Olney, Salem, f'lt* 
Qanmel, Benton, Qentnalta and filcLeanAbono and wene Ahipped to deA- 
tinationA on inAtnuctionA fnom S pning, field, 

BooliA wene funniAked to eAiabliAk and maintain libnanteA in 
each of the foun day noomA at Qamp (ht, Vennon, which woa weAt of tke 
city on Route 7$, 

^nowth and Development 

On 7^52, duning. the city-wide Achool building, pnognam, the 
libnany pnovided five emenjgency cloAAnoomA fan manning, uAe, I 





wene held Jin ike old auditonium and two in ike basement. These clasA- 
nooms senved £dison School final and laien F/Lanklin, 

Libnany openaiion mutt confonm io city ondinances and io 
abate. diaiuteSt Ike. libnany is neauined io make, an annual neponi and 
io pno^ect a budaei, fnoj.ect6 and majon ex.pendJUbun.esi musi be budgeted 
in advance, and sometimes oven sevenal yeans* 

A neceni fi.fite.en~y.ean. tunvey shows ikai $$0, 000 had been 
spent fon motion nepains and improvements on ike. libnany, duck as 
a sioken, heating, plant*, iuckpoiniina, insulation, cement and asphalt 
tile basement flooring, nubben tile flooring and fluorescent Ligkiing. 
in boik aduli and junior departments, maple. tables and chain*, counter 
heiyhi book uniis), reading, nooks wiik readJjmy lamps, all~meial pwni 
doo/i and eninance, drive-up book return, unii telzphone sysizm, and a 
unit system of. air conditioning* 

I he new junior Department, wkick was converted from ike old 
auditorium on ike ikind floor, was opened Jin November, of. 1°55» 7 hi* 
reauired insulation, extension telephone, waien fountain, adequate 
funniiwie, rest rooms, and a fine escape wkick Jla necyuined by law, 

ftfodennigaiijon had provided us a departmentalized libnany, 
/<&. Vernon f s Ubnary has been written up in the 0LL3N00S UBKATdcS, ike. 
magazine of the Siaie Library, ThU has brought guest* io ike library 
io see what can be done with an o.ld Qarneaie buildiny. The main floor 
now serves only adult*, with a fiction winy, a non-fiction winy, 
reading, and reference /worn wiik bound magazines, encyclopedia corner, 
eminent newspapers, magazines, and bestsellers, 

fihti Vennon is an educational center, wiik exiension counses 
fnom Souikenn Jllinois University, ike Univensity of Illinois, and 
/'IcKendnee (ollege. Vocational and aduli nigjii classes have a hiyh 
ennoilmeni in ike hiyh sclwoi and junJjor colieye. To meei if case 
needs, a colieye shelf has been cneaied in flit* Vennon Public Libnany 
unden ike guidance of ieachens, thus providiny ike p/iopen neseanch and 
nesounce materials, 

I he library's new Qunrent £yenls Room now makes available 
io the public, fon. the first time in ike hisiony of ike library, 
bacli files of newspapzrs, pampkleis, and now a five-yean file of 
magazines* I his is a veny welcome of nefenence fon. school 


ne*eanch^ Oi Lt ike lanyeAi file, in Souikenn OllinoiA ouiAide of ike 
SoiLthejtri OlLinoi^ (JruM^AALtij. libnany in Canbondale* IkL* /worn. alio 
housed ih.e audio vjuuxlL enui .omeni uJiick incljjde* the. f'licno ReadzA and 
i'iicno Film, of. ike /%£, Vennon < R^L*ien^l€w*; 76 mm pnojjenxon and filmy 
and ike HO FO wiik necondlnoA of mu&Lc, *ocial A-!jjdi.ed, speech and 
fonelgn lanqjjo.g.e.4 and play/)* 

Ike JUJd.wjiu pnovide* cla**noom lihnanle* io cliy *ckool* 
and io nunzl *ckool* bit coninaci* lour a one conducied and clatee* on 
lib/iany cnleniaiion one iaugki io AcouiA and *iudenld by appoinimeni, 

Ike libnany iu2A Apon*oned a Fin*i Aid lied (jio*a QluA* a* an 
aduli feaiwie and *envice io ike communiiy in pne*enilng. a coo/tdinaied 
pnognam unden i/ie lied Qno** and (ivilian Defence io aleni ike pub Lie in 
neaand io emenaencie* and io pnovijde a neiwoik of fln*i aid ixained 
pen,ionncl i/mougkoui civic ongjanigaiionA, buAijie**, ckuncke* and ciiy 
employees, I keAe we/te keld in Hovemben and Decemben, 7J67, 

Ike libnany wa* onigJLnally buiii fpn a cajacoiu pf cbpii 
8, 000 volume*. On 1°62 ike libnany ka* appnoxlmaiely 20, 000 volume*; 
ii ka* 7> TOO painon*, 0/1 aboui. U$o of ike communiiy, and fhnck cincu- 
laHon ioialed mo/ie ikon 70, 000, TkiA iA mo/ie ikon foun bookd pen 
capiia, on aboui eiaki book* pen painon. An avenaae of mo ne ikon 
7, 700 nefenence aueAiion* wene an*wened monilily duning. 7^67 1 

Ike fiht, Vennon 'Public Libnany wo* nominaied fon ike 7°62 
Donoiky [anfield Fl*ken Annual AwaruL Tki* i* a $5> ^00 gnani io ike 
winning, libnany, lanye on *mall, fon oujtdianding, *envlce*. Oi iA a 
coveied konon, because eack of ike fifiy *iaie* iA penmiiied only 
iwo nominaiion* io be made by ike Siaie Libnany on ii* agency. Ike 
Souikenn OilinoiA Tieyional Libnany in Qanbondale nominaied ike. fill. 
Vennon Public Libnany fon ikiA 7^62 awand, 

Tke 7^62 *iaff of ike libnany include: filildned £ Neicalf, 
libnanian; Leone 8. Tknelheld, aA*iAiani; Helen Tunnen, a**iAiani; 
Jewel Fullen, a**L*iani; Leo SckuliA, cuAiodian; Donl* Uanvey, pani- 
iime; and £uaenia Welle*, pani-iime. 

Libnanian*, iLdied cknonoiogj,caliy, kave been: Neone 
Qwnce (78 Q 3), ti)n*. H. l\ fane* (78<tf), frnma $okn*on (t^jOU), C,eninude 
/'bllen (7°7*l), filildned (TknelJteld) Meicalf (7°27), liuik (t'leicalf) 


Keaion f?929 J, l>)anaanei (PUiman) BaJjid (79JOJ, and filtitUed (ihudkeld) 
/ikicalf (79^2). 

Following, La ike lifting, ( alphabeiica-LLy) of ike fibL Vennon 
Public Libnojiy duieciony of Aiaff penAonnel: filanoxutei (Piiiman) 
BaLnd (7930, and pani-iime Ln 79U9 ), MaAJonLe Bnydon (792k), Neone 
Quince (7893), DaUy DovIa (7903), (iL^abeik Doiy fifty), Panto. 
ffikQutckm) Dulaney (79I+9 ), $. £ (<Uon (7977), Qeneva (Jeanne) &ieA 
(7927), fihbelFLeUd (79*15), g&velFuUeA. fifty), DonJiA Hanvey (7962), 
Many. Lynn. (PobUon) Hayed (7960), Donald HeffLnyion (7957), Cjeneva 
Henbeni (lf20), LlLUan Hoffman (7932), Manyanei Hoa/ujia (7922), Ray. 
fac/von (7960), £mma JoknAon (790k), (anoJUune fane* fifty), fib*. ft A 
JoneA (7899), $oAephine Keelon. (7953), Ruby Kinckeloe (7975), Sana 
f/'leicalf) OUck (7953), Loin. Knigki (7938), Fn.edenLca Loan. (79*7), 
Pena fikKubbUcA (7937), Hanley tikuuhaJUL (797k), Many ffaikewA (7903), 
$ane MayntM. (795k), Manika Bell Menken. (7927), MiMUed (Tknelkeld) 
Meicalf (aAALtiani 792k; lihnojiLan 7927; aAALdiani 7939; libnanion 
79^2), Puik f'leicalf (7925), §eAinude fibilesi (797k), David Panke/i (795$), 
{John foul (7953), f'bilie (Fallen.) Payne (7957), ^elen Pauley (7979), 
Do/Ua Rankin (79k7), Neile Scoii (lfk6), Leo Sckulik (lf6o), Pay 
ScsiLvneA (7953), //fed, ft B. Sei$honn (7977), Many Seifonn (7927), 
John. Skekonn fifty), LewLA Skekonn (79k3), WtiJLb* SmLik fifty)* Leone 
TknelkelxL (l^kl), Helen Tunnen. flf60), Donoiky Upion (7938), Pauline 
i'Janfel flf60), Beninika I'JaienA (7929), Felia ttannen (7939), i^enha 
I'JelleA (7962), Dono.ce i'JeAi (7953), Cfnadon l(/iliiamA flfkO), Hanjiy 
yecuwood (7927), Helen f/ouny (7923), 

Hen.e La a iiAi of ike din.ecionA of ike Libnany, iLAied 
alpkabeiLcaily (daieA an.e f&iAi ienm ex.pinaii.onA. Oi La aAAumed 
ikai eack woa appoLnied yeanA pnLon.): Aibeni Alien (7929), 
/Iw. Joe. Fnxznk Allen (7939), $ fc Alien (7899), ft ?. rilvU (7907), 
/fed. 3' 9* Baken. (797k) \ MnA. Bedand (7939), /<lnA, §novesi Q 
Bond (7932), Howand BoAley (7933), M*** §eonye Bovand (7933), 'JameA P. 
Bunke (7967), (anl (cuinoil flfUl), /Jfed. Sam (oAey (7899), /fed. ft A. 
Qawood (7937), //fed, $ohn Qonlew (7953), £. £. Qpiion (1930), Kenneik 
Qwaa (7952), Lowell A. DeanLnyen. (7959), /fed. Annoid Dd'Jiii (7962), 
f'lnA. %ameA f'l DLckAon (7979), /'hnLon DykeA flfkS), John. falxA (7939), 


SiloA £ckold (797 3), Ibu. SllaA ^ckoJU (l c J3S) i /Dm. ttonnU [mmeAAon 
0899), (fa** Qeo*$aW. {yon* (1899), fa* Ted QIoaa (7962), ('\aa, ^eonae. 
Qneen (l933), WtiJUxm R. Q/ieen (790k), Qanl Raimond (19W), Albent R. 
HqaJLow (1932), (lanence. Iff, RgjuUa (7902) \ flk+ $. 7. Rantnaael (7907 ), 
W I'J. Ranvey (79^8), flba, frklvin RaAAebnock (79$6) } Demetnl Ra^AoluA 
(7967), B/wwnlow Rawkln* (793k), gienn RawkinA (7963J, Leo A Refflna- 
ton (7936), /tbbb Ohniln ReAA (79fJO), Renny Rinchley (7908), Ranold 
Rowand (7976), foe. RowanxL (7900), MnA. Qany RutckUon (7956), Leland 
tiuJLaon (7967), Maa. A. Q $oknAon (7902), QlnA, $ame* L fohruon. (7931 )> 
DonaM 0, Lee (79W, Ruben* Leonard (793^), (but, folux Mcuu&i (l9^h 
B. A. fihAAhcuLL (790*+), JkomaA g, FfadtkewA (7899), tin* ffoAA dhxey (7925), 
Z, Meffenl (7933), Hkd, William fllino/i (7973), William R. f'luien (7926), 
Mn*, £ R. /'liicketl (7902), (f\fuu Wannen fiho/ie (7922), /Daa, Honman Moat 
(7900), filn*., William 7. Pace (7926 J \ Albent Panken (79^9), LouIa §, 
Pavey (7908), Lacey Payne (7958), fi\nA* Leonand P/wdeA (lW) 9 (^^Un 
Pick (79*13), £leanon PlckandAon (7955), %&*■ Robon (79*7), Annold 
Pom (7960), fin** PLchajixL Poik (79*i9), $Vl4. V&trum. Scnlvnen (7960), 
t'h** (i jf. Seed (7974), D. P. Seitlemlne (7937), /bu, Poy Simpson 
(7956), A. SpleAe (7899), (hu. Q A. Stelle fato), ^ (kauncey 
Sinaiion (7923), fiVua. Rajuiy L. 7Uelkeld (7929), 7uxnen (7907), BeainJjce. 
7 utile (79^2), £ £ Van (leve (7903), /HUdned Wanjien (7937), *%* 0. fii 
WatcnA (789?), Albent WcuUon (7899), Fenn WaiAon (l<j*H), fil** F**d ?* 
WaiAon (792U), 4k* A. D. Webb (7899), AWa. Wilton Webb (796b), flhi, 
(kanleA Wetzel (7938), $. 7. WhltlocA (7973), Mm. A. L, WiUiamA 
(7963), Wtndeil WilllamA (l9*tO), AIm. W. P. Wood (7926), and Leona 
Zlmmenman (79ty). 


fnLd congsieojaiijon woa o/iaosilged December, 2J, 7838, oa ike 
y/iand 1/iauiLe Qongyiegjation. Fo/i neaton* unknown now, In ike yean, of 
78¥i ike name woa ckanaed to Luttle (jnove (kunck of. QuilAt ( (knUtixin) . 
InuAteeA wene $okn A. WlLLiamA, Andnew (ppple. and WUMjam (apple* 

I'lembeAA of ike ordjylnal cong/icaailon included Plckand B/ieege, 
j. A, WlUJjxim, Andnew Qopple, ftlLleA SandenA, David Qopple, NelAon 
AndnewA, £Iloa CjaAkuiA, William Snow, fann (ppple, William (opple, 



■ . 


. . ' . . . ". 






■ - 


• , ". .-, - . 


. - ■ 




'arnes Snow, (athenlne Bane, Qllgabeth (amenon, (halstophen (opple, 
'Jane. H, Bneege, Many Fine, Scuta/i Qannen, i>iany lnc(ullough, Inany Qasklns, 
Inojw. Scindens, and. hlantha uundu. 

On Decemben 70, 7o§7, the cong/ieyatlon met to tnansact 
business netatlve to chu/ich membenshlp, 7 key, met two daw each month 
to ;tny mernbens accused of. /iuch cnJumes analnst the chunch as betting,, 
lying,, dnlnlilny, using, pnofane lannuaye, dancing,, playing, cands, etc 
Of found yullty, unless they came befone the chunch, confessed and 
asked fonjylveness, they wene excluded fnom the chu/icn. 

On 7o54 on. laten, a nesolutlon yave the tnlal of o^fendens 
against the (hunch of (hnlst Into the hand* of the eldens, and It, 
seems that wad about the last of. that business, 

James Snow and Jacob (opple acted a* eldens of the congre- 
gation fo/i a numb en of yeans. On Apnll, 7d60, 'Jacob (opple neslaned 
and Fnanklln (nugen was appointed to fill the vacancy, iienny hlaltA.- 
mone, . Jacob (opple, i'Jllllam Snow, i'lanli Qam.en.on, John Sandens, Qeonye 
Bundy, J. A, (opple, \), Fasten and Alex. Dundy wene othens who senved 
as eldens In t/ie easily day* of the chunch, 

//overmen. 76, 7867, the following, was neconded: 'The congjie- 
gatlon lias always tnled to have pneachlng, at least two day^ each month, 
but at timet It has failed, Fon seven yeans we liave met on the Jlnst 
d.ay of the week fon. the punpose of attending, to the Institutions of 
the Lond's House, " 

I he flnst zieco/id of a nevlval meeting, was In 7o67; It was 
held by 3 no, Andnew Seand, 

Hene Is a necond of some deaths; t'lany Fine died December 7o, 
7c60, ag,ed 700 yeans, (Jwood Sandens enlisted September J, 7 06 2, In 
(ompany U, 00th Regiment, OUlnols Volunteens and died at (jallltan, 
I ennessee, nospltal ,/4, Febnuany 7, 706 J, James (amenon enlisted 
(ompany (, 77 th OUlnols Volunteens, Auyust, 7062, died at home Auyust 
7, 1 'ao 5 — he was second senyeant, 

On the eanly times jlunenals wene held dlf r enently fnom now, 
<\t ;clmes a ■■lunenal senmon was p/ieached fnom one to ten yeans a t -ten 
bunlat, Seconds show a lanye attendance of the funenal of Inany 
Shipley, pneac/ied by Ono, S. .)» Leonand on l>.au, 0, 7o6^, On Aug,usl St 
7 066, Jcunes Snow p/ieached tlxe funenat of Sno, Tatbott, two sons and 





. . 



one dauakieA* On September % 7866, Earned Snow p/ieacked ike funeral 
of Bnoiken. and Sidten. Phelpd and foun. children. 

Some easily. minidteAd of ikid chusich Include: dnjo:lkej\d 3ogg^, 
t'keA*, J. 7. Jiiliamd, N. /'I. Shipley, (tank B/iaden, fame* Snow, Bno. 
lualtu-.ione, j/io. Van Deaden, B/io. Bnown^ Them* Cjoodman, and ' a ohn A t 
I' Tke^ie p/ieached 7o6^-786j, Then ike congjiegation kuied 
'amed Snow fan, one Lean., but awing, ikid yean. B nod* Jilltamd, o/iown, 
yoodman and $ m D. hloruyaxi p/ieacked at timed. Ike next,uloJi p/ieacken. 
kuied wad Bnx>. (jniffitk. 

7 kid ckuAck ha* alwayd been libenal in itd duppont of 
p/ieac/iing, ike gjodpel. Fo/i yeajxd Li had coninibuted liberally 
io iae Iranian Qpuniy />iiddio nany Society. 

On 1o6S, oven. »50 wad paid ike hiiddionan.y Boand. ihveirben. 
2k } 186b, ike collection token fan doldteAd ' wived wad J2. kO. Regalan. 
collection* fan. ckiuich punpoded wene: 'Januany 7, 7 £6 5, ^2.6 5; ffanuanjy 
15> ■>.'7,o5; Febnaany $, 7865, JO cenid; 7 8, ^J.20. Fo/i a 
nevival meeting, held in fjanaajiy, 7 86 5, J 20. 00 wcui paid. 7hede wene 
libenxil dw,id fon. ikai en.a. 

On Ocioben, 7866, 3/iod. ^okn A. Jilltamd and T/wnuU §ood)ian 
held a nevival meeting., " nedio/iing, b/ioihenty love and fella wdkip, lack 
Of watch liad dedinoyed tome of ilxe unity, of ike congJieg.aiian. 

/kid chunch ha* kept a necond of ma/uiiayed pen,fonr,ied ke/ie. 

I he onigtnal. building, wad of log. condi/iuciion, Juntng, ike 
fall of 78yO a n'.w building, wad p/iopoded. A committee composed o^. 
ol\n Sanderu> } Riley Qoppie, Fnam'ilin (jiugen and Qeong.e Bundy wad 
appointed io do licit fundd io eneci it. Ike committee enployed 
~>eorug,e io complete a building,, seating,, pulpit, painting,, etc, 
:;-on. a ioial codi of J78<?5. 00. 7 kid building, (ike p/icdeni one) wad 
completed ike ladt of 'fanuany, 7 87 7. On F/iiday nigj'it befo/ie ike (Jjidt 
Lond'd Day in Febnunjiy, 7877 , a nevivat meeting, wad beaun by 'Jodiak 
)>eap. Ike buildJung, wad dedicated ike fJuidt Sunday in Febnuajiy, 7677. 

Ike -fuidt buaiai in ike cemeteny (at p/iedeni about deven 
acred in a/ieaj wad a child. Some inavelleAd wene caidped in a anave 
of ijieed neon, ike c/iusich, and a child of ikein. oywup died. I hey bunted 
it on a /vwll nonth of ike church. 7he gnave id not manhed, and hence 
il\e exact place id unknown. 






■ ■ 

. • - • 

.:■ '.- 





Tkene one iknee vetenans of ike Jan of 7o72 bunled In this 
cejme;cen.y, two vet.enans of. ike (lexicon Jan., and sixty QlvLL .Jan. vetenans 
bunled. kene. Qo/uieAiiM Q Bneege was a Lieutenant In ike, 60ik JLLinols 
Jn,antnii and Lie /'lexicon Jan.: Hemes Cneed was a captain o-> r ike 7 7 si 
l.LLinois Jnfantny and ike /'lexicon \)an. 

~ fries o Oldfleld 


Ike /•£. Vemwn Lion* (flub was onganl?.ed In 7^2k, wltk h. J, 
(uoc) FauJJvien, as Its flnsi pnesident, 

Among, ike. many. activities of. ike club have, been: financing, 
acta nunseny, oruyanl?lng, and sponsonlng. baseball team*, disinu.b utlng. 
QxtiLsiiiias baskets, ejecting. sa r ety signs, cooperating, wLik scnools, 
eruiejilc.lnlng, blind people; sponsonlng, and secunlng, subscnlp-iions fO/i 
ike. Boy Scout dub kouse (7°2o); cooperating, in siagXng, (asteA £§# 
Hunt fan. clLL cJU.ldn.en o±. ike county.; cooperated wltk tJie Qujwen. o r 
QoiMien.ce. and o;tken s ongjanl^ailons of ike city in pui;tina oven. 
a combln:>.iion Founik of July and Jas/iingion Bicentennial celebnailon 
in 7$J2; conducting, of manble tournaments fon grade sckool boys beginning, 
in 1133; donated an electric basketball scoreboard to ike Hlgk ScJiool 
and assisted in ike. dedication of ike. new klgk sckool g,ymnaslum In 7 Q 3o; 
in 7^37 aided ike Red (noss Jin nelief of ike great flood; during, Jonld 
.'an Two sponsored ike enecilon o t a Lighted Qouniy /'iilltany Honon Roll, 
adopted Company J of ike U. 5. Anmy /<iiLUany Police (amp, Qfurip ''^ ^ e/L " 
non and. furnlsked iJxelr Lounye noom; and at ike end of tJie wan, dunlng, 
wklck ikey kad expended so muck time and money in trying, to ^uniker 
i/'te wan epfoni, ;tkey enected ike /'iemonlal Honor 'Roll at ike count kouse. 

I key kave purckased eye testing, equipment fon oun sckools; 
p/.ve a Lion to ike city Tpo in 7 Q §0 and next yean a tanned lion slzin 
was gxven to ;tke Boy Scout (jump; kelped foy-spnay ike city; donated 
iowend. i/ie of signal ligkts at sckool crossings; panilclpated 
in tie punckase of ike "little Iwuse" fon civic use; contnlbuted to 
tlie punclxase of a TV set ( jon ike State TB Hospital; assisted wltk cam- 
paigns to secure new indusinies fon ike community; pnoi.ioiea ong,anc/ailon 
o r an airport auikonliy; pantlclpated In bicycle nldens safety pnogjiar,is; 

















! • 




pne*ented a motion pictune pno^ecton to ike i>\eikodi*t QhiMUen r * Home; 
puncka*ed a complete tent unit fon ike Boy. Scout*; *pon*oned Rubinoff 
and ki* violin. 

Oven, ike yean*, ike Liana Qlub ha* been noted fo/i it* eye 
cane pnocyiam, wkeneby ikey p/iovide eye exjaminatian*, put pen*on* witk 
eij.e oMi**e* and pnovide eye treatment if needed* 1 key puncka*e nain- 
coat* and hot* fon *chool boy painol*, *pon*on football team* and ba*e- 
baLL ieartw, and donate to all wo/itky development and ckaniiy pnocyiam*, 
(jic/i yean, ikey kold a chicken banbecue on ike ea*i *ide of ike hit* 
Vennon *auane, u*ing, ike pnaceed* fon woniky cau*e* t 

?ne*ideni* of ike />bt. Vennon Lion* Qlub include: H. $* (Doc) 
FaulAnen (792U-25), Rev. /.Jeyen /<tad*en (7925-26), liev. Owen \j). 9nai± 
(7926-27-28), Dn. Handy Swift (7928-2^), guy A. Jood, Sn. (l°2°-30), 
i'lanion F. Heifncn (7930-37-32), I'J. Banney /'iyen* (7932-33), &• & 9° U 
( 7 933~3^), Ralph a Kaufman (793^-35-36), Dn. Tommy B. l'Jiliiam*on 
0?36-37), C QaJ-z CanpenteA. (7937-3$), John Powell (793o-39), 0. A. 
Wkiilach (iW-bO), John J. tikmion ( 1 9kO-k7 J, Qeonye J. Howand (7^7- 
), Otto Funbning,en (7^2-7^3), Jame* L. JJoodnuyf (7^3'^J K ^ aul ^ 
Fitch (7<]M-lf5), A. Paul Fetliny,en (79^5-^6), $lee I'Jood MM-*?), 
2* f'lanvin fowen* (79ty-48), Qhanle* J. (pvinyton (79^8-^9), Hev. <R. 8. 
Quiknie (7^9-50), Albent Scknoeden (7950-57), Qilhent /I Jood (iffl- 
52), Henbent £. Downey (7952-53), LouU Q. Tavlede* (l953'5^)> ^ /tan ^ //jL 
Qa*e (795^-55), Antkun hlilwand (7955-56), geonye Heidenneick (7956-57), 
Rob cnt land (7957-58), OgMe £llL* (7958-59), Hanny tiaulduuy (7959^0), 
hiolcolm Hinon* (796O-67), and Demetni. Ha**a/U* (196I-62), 

' ■ " - . ..... .... 



'. . . 


i ": ; 

•. . ■ ■ 

.'■■'■ . . ' . 

'■ . '- . . . " ■ ..'. ' . . . 

■ ■ • 



Aften, John VJesley had dpent consideAable time, in AmeAtca 
and had /letuAned to ^ngland he. wnjoie to ceAtaln folLowens of. hLd 
faltk hene in America and Ae^uested ikem to IwJLd a confeAence, perfect 
a permanent o/igonlgaiion and select a name fan li» 7 his 
was held in. BaltimoAe, /ilaAyland in 7~j8k and a permanent o /inanimation 
waa fonmed and named "The fileihodldi £pldcopal (hunch, " lhen.eafteA 
iruxougkoui ike voaIous stated and ieAAiio/iied dmall gAOupd of people 
of ike fileikodldt faith met in school houses and in. ike homed of members 
fa a wonshlp. These gnoupd wen.e designated as "Societies of ike (<leiko- 
disi episcopal QhuAck. " 

Suck a gAoup as above descAibed was o Agonised in ike new 
tog, cabin home of £dwaAd fifaxey, about fouA miles no/iihwest of f'lt, 
Vennon on oa neon ike lilchvlew 'Road, Tkld was on NovembeA 7, 7878, 
being, about one monik befo/ie ike TeAAitoAu of Illinois was admitted 
as a diate and deven months befone Jeffenson Qouniy was OAganlged* 
The town of Mt, Vennon was named and made ike county, deat on June % 

I he fiAsi denmon was p/ieacked io ikis gnoup by a local 
p/ieackeA of ike tdeikodlsi faitk named Zadoc (asey, wko afteAwandd 
became Lieutenant Qovennon. of ike State of Illinois and in whode honoA 
ike Zadok (asey Junio/i Rjuyk School is named. This deAvi.ce was held 
in ike one Aoom log, cabin home of a fiVi, flicks who lived dome faun 
miles wesi of fiXt, Vennon, 

I he Society delected as lid /legulaA meeting, place a Log, 
cabin dchool house which was about a mile nontkwesi of fili. Vennon and 
neon, wkat Is now known as Old Union School* This continued to 
be used as ike place of wonshlp until ike yean. 78J5* The people 
assembled ikeAe fo/i clasd meetings, p/iaycA meetings, pAeachlng, deA~ 
vices, coming, fnom ike gAOwing, town of fili, Vennon, fjiom neanby nelgk- 
oonkooas and fAom miles disiant, fan. ikis was ike only house of woAdhlp 
in ike county, at ikat time, 

Hision.y tells us ikat ike ecuily deiilens of ikis anea wen.e 
neanly all filethodlsis coming, fnom Kentucky, Tenneddee and ViAgUnia, 
I he ontginal Society and canty congAegatlond wen.e laAg,ely made up of 
families becuilng, duck names as Allen, Baugk, Qasey, {dwands, 'Johnson, 








/'kxey, fihss and (l/aison, and many, of ikein. descendants an.e active 
members of ike Fisist Methodist Qumck 

hnom yean, to yean, ike mcmbe/mkip of ike Society gAew, and 
-in 1o35 the Society, pumckased a lot on. what is now known as Nonlk 
(levenik Street, In. ike Town of /l£, Vennon, this lot being, acnoss 
ilie alley immediately no/iik of ike ent city hall; ikey ejected 
ikeneon a substantial fname chwLck building, ike fuisi in ike iown 
fo/i divine worship. On this building,, before it was entinely com* 
pleted, a political debate was held in, wkick Ab/iokam Lincoln pa/utico- 
paiea\ At this time ike name of ike Society was changed to ike 
"fit, Vennon Society of ike Methodist fyiscopal QhuAck, " This piame 
sinuciuA,e was used fo/i a place of wonship until 78^ when 11 was told 
and a new two sio/iy b/iick building was ejected on Main. Street on. 
lot* owned by ike Society immediately west of ike present fihougk 
not fo/i muck lonaen.) post office building* On ikis new buildina, ike. 
chwtck audiionJjuun was located on ike second floon. of ike building, 
while the gnound floon. was used fan. many yean* as a pAivate school 
conducted by fnofesson, Thomas H, t/endman. Pnof, Hendman aflenwands 
became p/iesideni of Qpllege, On ike steeple of ikis new 
building, ike gift of Li, gov. Casey, wad installed ike same belt 
that La now in ike belfny of ike pnesent chwick building* 

On ike aftennoon of Tebnjuany 7<?, 7888, ikis fine, building, 
was destnoyed by a ionnado. At ikat time ike Sunday School wo* held 
in ike aftennoon and many who lived in fiht Vennon at ikat time fell 
ikat it was a minacle ikat Sunday School hod been dismUsed in time 
fan. ike ckildnen to neack home befo/ie ike ionnado sinuck, 

Of couAse ike destruction of this building, necessitated 
ike buildina, of a new chinch edifice, and this was done on ike lots 
immediately west of ike destnoyed building,, which, had been p/ieviously 
punckased by ike cfuoxck. The building, ikat was enecied at ikat time 
is still in use, having, been /lemodeled fnom time to time, 

Oi appeals ikat ike services of ike Society wene conducted 
by local pneackens of the ftletkodLat faiik until 7822, when ike Society 
became connected witk a n.egulan cuicuit, and pwm 7822 to 78 fl ike 
Society /lemained a cuicuit ckunck; but as soon as ike new building 
was enecied on Plain Stneei it became a station ckojuye witk a full time 

. . . j . .' . 

■ . . . . ' 

. .: ■ ■ '. . . .. . • 

■ ■ ' ' '.'-■ • 

. \ . . .•■..' ' . ■ "• 


' ■'''.' ' , . ■ 
. I . ■ -, -. ■ • ' 

; :•.: .... : , . ' I •' " ' -' " '• 

■- ' y. ■.■• .' - ' 

' -.. \ . ■ . ■ 

.... .'.• • •■ 

• '■■■■•■ ■ . ' : ; ■■ 

■'"•■■ i ■ ' , '.. ■ '■ •'" 

•. . . ' ', ' ' 

• . ■ i ; ■ 

. ...•■■■■ 



Until 7 8° 3 thld chwich wad known ad the (U» Vennon Society 
of the ftlethodldt £pldCopal (hunch, but at about thla time, anothen 
ttethodidt chwich wad fonmed and a chwich building, on South 
Union Stneet (now South Tenth Stneet) and thld chwich wad named Union 
Stneet fi)ethodldt £pldcopal (hunch. Ike. chwich building, wad In laieji 
yeand moved to a new location on South Twelfth Stneet and now Id known 
a* the. Medley Methodldt (hunch. With the. coming, of another. Methodldt 
£pldcopal (hunch In the. city, the fit, Vennon Society, of the fOeihodldi 
(jpiAcopal (hunch wad renamed the Flndt ftlethodldt £pldcopal (hunch of 
filt. Vennon, JUlnoid; and It netained thli name until 7939 when, at 
the Uniting, (pnfeA.en.ce of the ftethodUt £pldcopal (hunch, the flelhodidt 
{j)l&copal (hunch, the flethodldt £pUcopaL (hunch South and the fnoted- 
tant ftlethodldt (hunch, the onganlyjtllond menaed widen the name 
of '7 he f'lethodldt (hunch, " the wond "£pldcopal" being, eliminated, 
With this change In the official name of the panent chwich, local 
chunched tlkewlde dropped the wond "£pldcopal n and thud thld chwich 
became the Findt MethodUt (hunch of filt. Vennon, Jlllnoid, 

Duning. the mlnldtny of D/U </. £ McQammon an -nlanyement and 
modennl^atlon pnognam wad begjun at which time the eadt and wedt wlnad 
of the building, wene enlanaed and exlended and balconied wene built 
in each wing, including, the no nth wing, the basement wad enlanyed and 
the chwich intenlon nedeconated. 7 hid wo/ik dtanted in 7° 73 and wad 
completed in r 974 unden the mlnldtny of Dn. (. G Hall, 

We believe that It dkould be seconded in thld Aldto/ilcal 
dketch that It wad thnough the Influence and hand wo/ik of t/ie padto/id 
of thid chwich and centaiji of ltd, devoted membend that the Union 
Stneet filethodidt (pldco.pal (hunch (now Wedley f'lethodldt (hunch) and 
the £pwonih flethodUt (hunch wene ong,anl$ed. Rev. W, F, Daniel, a 
devoted memben of ihld chwich and a local pneachen, wad lanaelu 
n.edpondible fon onganl^ation of what id now known ad the Medley 
Methodldl; he denved ad LU mlnUten until ltd membendhlp became 
lanae enough to duppont an adtlgned padion. f'luch cnedlt fon the 
ongunl^atlon. of ihe (jwonth fUethodUt (hunch mudt be given to (honied 
yewtwood, Hanny fohndon and ihe member of the ii/edtcott family, all 
of whom wene member of the. Flntt MeJJwdi^t Quench. 


■ i 







On 7 Q ¥j under ike minlAiry of Rev. Bayne. D. Wilton ike baAe- 
meni of ike ckurck woa completely remodeled by ike installation of a 
new and mode/in hitcken, ilte floo/iA, new ligkting, system and class 
rooms, dining, /worn and Fellowskip (enter, aUL finisked wiik knotty 
pine woUa; and in 7°50 ike ckurck cujditorium was Likewise modernised 
wit/i new individual upkolsiered seatd, oAAonned wiik a wide center, 
isle, a divided ckancel, new carpeting, and a complete redecorating, 

Realising, ike necessity of taking, better care of ih*. young, 
people of ike cliu/ick boik a* to religious training, and social activities, 
under ike leaded/Up of Rev. Bayne D. Wilson, ike officials and members 
of ike cluirck atdko/ii^ed ike conAtructian of a modern (jhtcatuynal 
Unit. IkU was during, ike. conference yean of 7°5>^5^ A fix* care- 
fed pianning. by an appointed. Finance and Building, Qomraiitee, ike new 
building, wqa constructed on ike vacani lots immediately eaAi of ike 
ckurck building, wiik a well appointed lobby connecting, ike two 
buildings Boik buildJnas one faced wiJk Bedfond Stone and one 
efficiently arnang,ed to ike requirements of ike various o/ig,osu,~ 
gatuons of ike ckurck. 

Ike new building, program waso completed during, ike ministry 
Of. On, Dale Harmon, and ike new fcuicaiianal Unit wqa dedicated on 
Sunday morning,, AugjuAi 25, 7957* Due to ike liberal contributions 
by members and friends of ike ckurck and to ike fund* beaueatked to 
ike ckurck in ike will of a deceased member, Hay 'Jacobson, ike entire 
program woa completed free of any indebtedness. 

Following. is a iLdt, in chronological order, of ministers 
wko kave served ikiA ckurck from 7878 to ike pnesent: John Harris, 
(karies Slocomb, J. Stewart, Robert Delap, Josiak Patterson, William 
Smith, William Itfoore, QnAeneik Fisker, Tkomas Files, Jokn Fox., John //, 
Benson, James WaUier, Simeon Walker, IkomaA Q (oilins, W m L. Jen/tins, 
W % I'J, fUtckeil, David Qouldon, James fil fflassey, John Skepkerd, James H. 
Diclman, William T. TiUard, James (K ftassey, ft. H. Moffit, J. J. 
Richardson, David BlacJiwell, Artkur B/radskaw, John / katcker, J* Q 
/Umber, James A. Rob into n, John H„ Hill, J:. W. Jones, James Leatan, 
Norman Align, fjpkraim Joy, / komaA A. £aton, R, H, ftlanien, fiilrai^ak 
House, Qeorg,e W. Hugkey, John H. Hill, B, R. Pierce, John Leeper, 


Joseph HanjiiA, D. W, Phillips, Nelson Hawiey, Q, £. Qltne, (alloway 
Nash, 'John 11 Lock, 0. H. QIoaA, W. F. Davis, }. B. Thompson, $. W* 
VanQleve, %, F, Hanmon, $. At Tayion, Q D, ShiimanxL $, {j ftcQammon, 
Q Q Hall, W. T. (line, J. g. Tucken, I'l Q Foltg, & *~ ^etenson, 
0. L ManJwojy §. R. Qoodman, 0. B. Allen, H. Q B/iown, (K A. Souens, 
Q, H* Todd, Cj. £ Whitten, Bayne D. Wilson, Dale. Hanmon, 

(fXTTOMAL W7£: To Vol £. UduiAason Ahould go ike CA.edU 
fon. mo At of. ike. info A/nation negjinding. Finsi Methodist Qiwick. J 

NfltSfAfQi Hosrm of ggig&ON (wm 

By. Onion % Meloalf, Moim (dUoA, (U, VeAnon %ocJLsleA*ttewA 
(h/iont an. addneAA deJj,veA.ed befon.e ike. tfeffenson Qpunty Histonical 
Society in fiU, Vennon, OlUnois, Decemben, % 7 Ql tf, at ike (asey $u n ±° /L 
Higk School) 

3n delving, iknougk ike. Wail and fenAin hisionies 9 made an 
■tnteneAting, discoven.y. Following, ike lineaae of. ike oniginal pninting, 
pneaA and ike one* which came aften. it, and ilte pninting. ecyji-pment, 5 
find ikai ike Pegisien^ewA can be Aaid io inace its anceAiny io ihe 
fiAsi newApHpen. even. Aianted in ikiA county, Thnougk AucceAAivc ownens, 
ike pneAA and type poAAed io ike AH, VeAnon. £x.poneni and iken ike NewA* 
The New* iA ike olden, half of ike combination RegiAien-MewA* 

f'bu Pennin, oa moAi of you kave Aead, Aaid ikai $effenson 
Qounty by l88j woa a gneat newApapen. gAaveyand, So ii was and ao it 
continued until 7 92?. Since ikai date, The liegisten-NewA haA p/ioApened 
and expanded and today has a laAjyen. ciAculation and mone. adventising, 
ikon any newApapen. in ike Little £aypl pojii of ike Aiate, 

I he fiAAi newApapen. woa Aixmted kene by John S* Bognn, "Uncle 
Johnny, " oa he woa fondly called by two yenenattons, fiU. Bognn waA a 
native of ViAainia, whene he woa bonn ftkuich 6, 7820, at Wooasiock, 
Skenandoak (puntu, ohoui ike time ike town of (At, Vennon woa yetting. 
Aianted HiA fathen, a captain in ike Wan. of 7872, woa a pninien. and 
a publUhen. of papenA in Wooasiock, ViAainia, and in ffcti Vennon, Ohio. 
Laten. ike fathen. had clenkohip appointments in Washington which he 
loAt when C t nani t a administAation moved in. Then.? wene iwelve childnen 
in ike Bogan family and one of ikem, SuAon, became ihe wife of Qeonac H. 





Varnell who made, a fortune. In Washington, D, Q , and came, to /'It, Vernon 
where he was a tycoon of the post-Qlvli Jan. days. . . 

John S. uog,an wad apprenticed as a printer when, he, was four- 
teen years of aae. On 78^J, at ike, aae of 23, ke ike printahop 
and went to ike fa/wu because of. ill health, He farmed neon. iJashington 
until 78^6, wken ke came to Jefferson (ounty and to Live in. jrand Prai- 
rie Township. He stayed on ike farm in ike northwest pant of ike county, 
until 1o51, wken ke moved to fiht Vernon and started ike first newspaper 
kere, JHc 'JcfFJtiOM/i/l 

On ike fall of I85U ke sold his newspaper. At various tune* 
ke keld ike office* of school duiecto/i, constable and deputy sheriff, 
From 7 85k until 7888 ke wo* circuit clenk of J&ffejLdO/i Qouniy, 

He was married in 78^2 to I'liss Louisa I'laryaret ournette, a 
native of Virginia, and they kad five children — Sarah q wko became 
ike wife of Marcus (joodole and ike moiker of l>\lss Lois yoodale; h)ary Q , 
wko majuiied Jiliiam T. (joodnlck; Hannak } wko mojuiled Hewion Q, Pace; 
and two 40 ns, IJililam and 'John Frank, 

John Fnank Dogan will be /iemembe/ied as ike city edito/i of 
Ike HeglAier from 7^7y until 7 Q 20 and of ike ReaU ten-flew* from 7° 20 
until kis deaik on December 8, 7^3?. During, ike last five year* of hi* 
life ke kad ike general supervision of ike news department Of ike news- 
paper, to wklck position was appointed a ^.ew week* after kid death. 

How, let us get back to our first editor, 7, B. Tanner 
keard that ike ground fralrle farmer, hlr, Boaan, was a printer. He 
rode out to see kirn, Ike conversation was long, and tkorougk, /'la* fanner 
staying, a couple of days at ike Bogan home — for in. those days one 
couldn't wkl% back to town on ike 'Rlckvlew Road in a matter of minutes, 
/ilr. Tanner, a Democrat — as most of ike early settlers of this county 
seem to have been — wanted a Democratic newspaper, a party organ. 
The upshot of ike long, taU\ was that Boyan moved to town and pounded 
his newspaper. 

He started out signing, up subscribers and took up 4.'>75° l* 1 
subscriptions which were at ike rate of ^7.^0 per year. On oilier 
words, he kad 70k paid up subscribers. "A pause ensued, " in ike words 
Of A. Qlar/i 'Johnson. Tken things got to rolling, again wken H. I , 'J ace 
Inaulred how muc/i money was needed to start publication and offered to 
loan ike amount — ^2-OQ — taking, notes due in one and a half years. 

■. . 

.' ■ 


■ • ■ • 
• - ■ ■' • ... • 



. • . 

■ ■• 





-' ' • ■ 

> ■ ..'....■ •■ 

:. ) ■■ ' 


i . .': 

■''.'... W , ... [ ■ ■ ' 

■ ■ . ■' 

'...■- ' .. ' . 


■ - ' : 

■ ! 

'. • 

. ■ ■ . . - 






. ■ 

' '' 







. . 



Bogan bought an old Rammage press in Belleville, and it i^ 
from this press that 3 find The Register-Hews plant is a direct des- 

The historian Adam (lank Johnson describes the ^Jjist ffeyfen- 
sonian issue of. August, 7oJ7 : a modest sheet, six.-column si%e, and 
said that it enjoyed a circulation of 600 copies. Bid. remember — only. 
70k o^ then were cash subscribers, 

have Jin. my possession a copy of volume two, nurrber JO, 
doled h\ay 6, 1853. 3t U tilled 'The. I<\t. Vernon fefifieASonlan" and in 
its masthead cannier tlxe slogan "The Union Forever, " Ots office is 
given ad oven 5. Q, Hick* Store. Advertising, was &7 for 72 lines, 2%' 
-for successive indentions. The advertisements of seven lawyers, ihnee 
doctors, tlxe sheriff and county jjudge appear, on page one, 

1 he page one news includes a contributed poem entitled 
"Awake Sweet fluse, " "Be Thou the B/Uaht inorning Stan; " a sto/iy, appar- 
ently fiction, 'The Life of a Qo quelle; " a piece telling, fanmens they 
ouojit to beautilu even a loo, cabin with shrubs and raise grapes; and 

a column-length article about the absolute power of the Russian (_%oa., 
I lot very hot news, even in 78JJ. At that time Robert Sngersoll, the 
g/ieat agnostic, at the age of seventeen was heed of the Academy, a 
seat Of. learning, here. 

On another page f-ound an advertise/dent of J, J, 7-ly f-or 
coffins and a picture of his product. 'John M, Johnson quoted prices 
•u?/i produce including, up to 20 ft per bushel for corn, ham 60 per pound, 
bacon 60 per pound, butter 700, beef J2. $0 per hundred. Chickens were 
■l> 7 and ^2 per do^en, eggs 80; whiskey was a real bargain — 2J0 per 
gallon. One medicine company advertised that its compound would cure 
rheumatism, Jilliam B. Thome was advertising, his hotel on the south- 


west corner of the souare under the name Virginia /louse, 

Bogan wrote that by Jivine permission the Rev, J, ^awards 
would preaclx at the hlethodlsi church Sunday and i/iat the pupils o. the 
Female Seminary, who were taught by lng,ersoll's stepmotJier, had a de- 
ligjiiful celebration hhnday last. Real estate wasn't moving, very fast, 
for q, hWiiee put an ad in on February 1~/ ', and it was still running in 
l>'au. tr'Una, to sell "A desirable residence — J rooms. /lichen, stable, 
bug/gy house, com crib, cistern of excellent water, double front, choice 





. . 






,^ : 

: . • ■ • 

> ! 




fjuujt tneeA and Ahnubbeny, " (And of couaac InAteod of a bath i± had a 
path. J The county, 'a population then woa 8, 70], 

So much fon what Boyan' a papen. looked lilie. On ilvicc yeajiA 
hid AubAcnlbenA and hid buAlneAA ujc/ic hopelcAAly in. OAJicaJU, lace 
Aued on hlA note*, and Boaan went unden, /<k, Tannen. /iep/ioached hlm- 
Ael r oa ;the cauAe of' 'a mudfo/utune and he made a deal uuJJi tne 
Jjudn.e, Downing, Bough — they, didn't ixave AupenvlAO/iA in thoAe dayA — 
wheneby Tannen. /xcAlgned hid Jab a* circuit clenk and Boyan wad appointed 
to the vacancy, Boyan took office In September, 7o^k, 

On AuyuAt &f that yean, he Aold hid ftanmaae p/ieAA—oun. anceAtan. 
—to Bowman and Hob Into n fan. Jj2§ In 0,0 Id, the fonmen. a Aon of wealthy 
St, LouIa pojientd and the latten. pieth fnam Qalifonnla, c AoblnAon Aoon 
quit, and Bowman — the nlch man 1 a ton— pen* evened fo/i aIx. months when 
he Aold to OoddU, ^ohnAon and Qompany, 

DodxU, 'JohnAon and [ompany woa fonmed fon. the Aole punpoAe 
of /tunning, the ^effenAonlan In a publicity campaign ayainot the Aale 
of 7% 000 acncA of Awamp land the county owned. They wanted to hold 
the land fon, laten. uac In tnylny to bnlng a nallnaad to t/ie county, 
i'tn, Tannen, who Atauxted Bogan, became the edlton. He didn i lltie the 
old '/icumiarie p/ieAA ao he bought anathen. one pxom F/iank i>.anley, a floniaen. 
pnlnten. of Boaan' A, at Cjnayvllle, OlllnolA, ThU pn.eAA now entenA the 
pnlntenA' Ink blood line. The AubAcnlptlon ,Lbdt woa /iun up to 7,200 — 
that' a ec.Au, to do on cnedlt. :>au /now. ii/hen the county voted not to 
Aell the Awamp landA they wene thnougjx with publishing,, Howeven, they 
wen.e veny g,enenouA with theln. eaulpment and fell Into the counAe o t 
giving, the uAe o> r the pneAA to anybody who would take It. and publish 
a papen, 

ilexl, Jilllam AndenAon, Tom QaAey and Tannen decided to tny 
tlxeln. handA at public/Una. They took oven, the ( Jef r enAonlan equipment 
and clxanyed the name of the papen. to Trl^ Sq//TOJqL, In 7o^6, 3t woa a 
typographical headache — full of mlAtakeA, Tannen couldn't wnlle and, 
when the papen carae out, couldn't n.ecognl7.e tlxe flnlAhed pnoduct oa 
hlA own cneatlon. One of the famouA typogjxap/xlcal bonenA of t/xlA A/xeet 
woa the announcement that "all club meriibenA who can Aln one Invited to 
'loin tlxe chanuA, " 

On 7o§7 'John A. Jail and Jilllam HolJLinyAwonih bought the 
pn.eAA and echulpmenJt and. on. cnedlt rxe-chniAtened tlxe. papen. t/ie 

- I 

■ . 

I ' 




• ■ 

•"• ' ■ ■ ■ • 








. ■ 

. ... 



The gyffMl TJjlQ-lLjgftT, They wejxt bnoke and then, (d SaZt&ifiLeM 

ittued the papen. fan. a f,ew we&iA, 

Laien, In 7857 S. Tunnen. D/iown bought t'xe papen, again on 
cnedlt, tie named it the tiJ/CQJ^. fie lotted a -tew month*, and once 
mo/ie t'xe o/xlglnal ownent let ?d Satten.jU.eld caruiy on until publi.catL.on 
of tlxe dellnauent tax. llttt of. 7 858, 

On 7858 $, & Saiienfteld bought the. neu>tpapen. office fnom 
Joddt, 'Johnson and (0. fon. #250, He told It to a couple of abolltionitit 
fjiom l>tchln.afi who changed the name, to 7#£ A/7". VJW/V STAR and lotted one 
yean, when Satten.-jU.eld fonecloted. Then the Saitenfleld bo tit, (d and 
'Jolxn, took oven, and nan It until the dote of. the Qivll Jan., 'Ralph 
'Pavitt, who hat a hobby, of collecting, newtpapent of all kindt and. ayet, 
hoj> a copy of. the Stan,, 

Relieve me, /'In. Lincoln, and the thnihenn yov ennment wene 
ven.ii. toienont on. they wouldn't have allowed the Stan, to appean fo/i a 
day. On the matthead the papen, It vowed to be "Devoted to the Ontenettt 
of ^effenton County and the Qctinction of the. /bolitlon Republican Pan,- 
iy. " I he newt papen. wat published in. an uptialnt office in the count 
houte. On it, on ontLcle tlyned "Qpppenhead" at tailed a l>\e^thodlti 
pneaclxen -fan. abolitionltm, Lincoln wat cattlgaied at one whote tole 
aim teemed to be fneeing of ttejynoet and placing, tlxen on an equality 
with white men. " The definition of a tlandenout appella-J-on, In ute 
even today, wat given at one "hot tile to democracy and tlxe Inttututtan 
of tloveny, " The Stan, neconded thai beef wat on tale Tuetday, ThuAtday 
and Satunday at the old pott office and thai §enenal l>bng,an (the noton- 
lout naldenj wat in Ondlana "necnultlng, fan. [on federate tenvlce, 

Stanting, In i860 /-it. Vennon had two newtpapent, THq 'jUnRDOrfl 
appeaned, Oi lotted until 7 86 J. Oi wat the county 't ftnti Republican 
neiut papen. Jlih it a thlnd prxett appeaned on the tcene, but we ne not 
nelajied to it, 

On 7 86 J 'John A. 'Jail came home ffiom tlxe rinmy often campalgnt 
in which he wat wounded and captuned by the nebelt, lie bougjit -tlxe 
juandlan and gave hit papen i/xe name UH(pi!JOTOGil t U/'IOC/'JOST, tie had 
7,500 tubtcnibent, mainly toldlent. 'all wat futi at pno llonth at the 
Stan, wat anti-Lincoln, Once he wat waiUald and beaten, an act w/xlch 
he blamed tdxe (oppenheadt fan. Jail lotted yeant and then pulled 

■ . ■ 


■ ■.' •' •■' 








Tke new ownesiA called ikein. papen THq ttilOQtiJST , which folded 
in Ike. Aummen of 7867* 3 have two copies of ikiA papen in fain con- 
diilon. A uecemben 5, 7866, edition koloLi Ike infonmation ikai ike. 
hack line fane lo AAnley connecting, with ike. 0, Q. Railnoad woa J7*50» 
Ike editon appeal* {.on. kiA AubAOiibenA io pay, up and {.on "kandened 
L'emocnat* io atone {on. ikein AinA and Aave ikein aouIa by fining. Ike 
Republican paniy. " Oi telU o{ bnigandag,e in Tunkey, inade nefonrn diA- 
ondenA Jun (jngland, and Fenian nebellion Jun JnelanxL 

Ike Sl,J(jS/iiiTlJ wad ike AucceAAon io ike Unionist. Uenny 
nitckcock, {nam Indiana, bougjii ike iype and -UxtuneA in 7867, and ke 
nan ike. papen until 7873 wken ke kad inouble wiik kU wife and Aold out. 

How, aoing, bach to ike onigtnal pninienA ' ink blood line: 
(lank (johnAon neconaU ikai Q L HayeA bought ike STffl and on Jecemben 
6, 7 86 S f iAAued kiA puiAt papen. unden ike name THq Fft(j£ ^SSj wkick 
ke moved out o{ ike count kouAe and to a naom oven Tom (joodntck 1 a 
Atone, wkene Lt woa b united in ike gneat Pkoenix. Block fine o{ blanch 76, 
786% DeAinoyed woa ike second pneAA b nought io ike county — ike auc- 
ceAAon io Sogan r A old Rarnmaae — but fnienoU (and JemocnatdJ nallied to 
liiA aid and in a monik a{ien ike {ine ke kad a new pneAA and neAumed 
publication, lie pub linked in kiA coiumnA ike fuiAt kLdiony of ^effen- 
Aon (ouniy and a pent ^700 In kelping, QLanJi foknAon g.atken up Aounce 
matenial {oa ike AkeickeA wkick appeaned fnom week to week in kid 

ikeAe AkeickeA, it AeemA io me, wene ike {namewonk on wkick 
odd. local neconded kiAiony kaA been built, and am of ike opinion 
ikai (dank 'JoknAon iA ike neat kiAionian of oun county naiken. ikon 
fennin and I'JaLU HayeA aoJUL out in 7872 and ike papen. kad vaniouA 
ownenA until. 7880 wken it woa consolidated wiik ike M&)S t TkuA it iA 
{nam ike Fnee fneAA and Lt* pnedeceAAonA ikai Ike lleaiAien-NewA can be 
Aaid io date back io 78^7 and The /-it. Vennon ^effenAonian. 

On 7879 THt fcFFJ60/\/ QJUm gtaffi-'Qi woa onaanized wiik 
+ '2, 000 capitalisation. Ot JboAted until 7888, wken it too woa taken 
oven bit ike i [ lewA, 

And now we come io 7"//J MqJS — iwehfJkh papen Aiojiied in 
leffenAon (ouniy, Sepiemben. 2, 7877 woa ike date of ike {JUiAt iAAue of 
a pnaaneAAive neuj pub tidied by Lamnence F, Tnamley oa a 'Republican 

. . ; .• ■ ■ • 

. ■ ■ '. ■ ' 

■■ . 

■ • 

■ : . ■• 

' . '. ■ 





' ■ 













M-7 7 

papen. f/ieviouA newApapenA kad been foun, pag-CA, Tnomley b/iougkt out 
an eight- pag,e papen. Ike Inside pageA came, to kirn fnom Belleville, 
alneady pntnted up, wiik patent medlcir.e ad* and ike kind of AtonleA 
we now caLL fille/iA. 

Tnomley and kiA bnoiken, Tkeodo/ie, Aold out in 7 876 and it 
had two different ownenA until it* pu/i.ckaAe Novemben. 28, 7677> by- H» H, 
SutimonA. /i'l/i t Simmon* made it a Democratic papen, and wa/> ike finAl 
publidken. kene to combine bu^ineAA ability. w.itk edito/iiat A/Ult. r\ 
widely inavelled £aAienn man, he waA able to collect fnom ItIa auo- 
AcnlbenA and. AeLL enougk adventlAing to pnoApen. He took oven, the 
j/ieenback and ike PneAA and {.on. a time catted hlA papen. lH(^ fVQ'O 
yJ!J FTicl M C SS. 

Tkene wene oiken. papenA: TH£ SUQ<qI STM^ loAted fan. a 
little oven, a yean. in. To? 3-1 87k, Ot woa ike AucceAAO/i to The StateA- 
man. TH? ^Tfl&OH QXINT!/ DftQQMT woa bnouglit out in 1&JH by «. Tnxmk 
Bog/m. Ot woa combined witk The HewA aften. a a/io/U life, THq I'll * VqA- 
tW TOIiIqS came out about 7<]00. OU equipment woa Aold to OaklgAen. 
THr ffi0g%£SS3Vc FMl£/l, eanly 7900' a, °woa published by ike SielleA. 
(jjiculation. woa in ike ikouAancid, 

How we come to anoiken. b/ianck of. The RegiAteA-HewA family ~ 77/(5 W ( W cXftWc/VT*. Ot woa founded in QiAey, OllinoiA, by 
Cdujand llitckcock in 7 876. Tke Republican* of 'JeffenAon Qounty aAked 
('in, rliickcock to locate in f'li. VeAnon "and to bnlng, kiiken. kU p/iinting, 
p/ieAA and maieniat. " He did ao, and ike fin*! numb en. of Volume Tlviee 
of ike Qcponent woa iAAued in /'It, Vennon on Dece>iben. 5, 7o79> HiA 
office woa upAtainA in Tke QiewA Building, — now ike biammoik location. 
kave two copieA of Tke opponent pwm whick kave gleaned 
tke infx>nmailon tlw.i in 1 '88 J fibt. Vennon kad a total of nine teackeAA— 
a even in ilte gjiade Ackool, one fo/i "infantA 1 ' on. iiindenganten, and one 
fon. kigk Ackool. D. H. liAe woa adventuring clothing, whick ke Aold am. 
ike (jiewA Building, (jeonxge I'Jand woa adventlAing, klA clotking, Aton,e 
wJuUx a bean yueAAing, game, offering, J770 in pnigeA. Tke Iwme exa'iang-e 
of ike ielepkone company kad eighteen AubAcnlbenA. (oL l>.a,Lone gave a 
wotenmelon to tke edito/i, Tke mayon. ondened a cleanup of ike oily. 
Tke int. Vennon B/voaa Band gjave a concent in front of ^oknAon' 'a unug, 
Stone and ike muAic woa telephoned at ike Aame time to listening, fniemU 
in AA/ileu and (jmtjwJLin., a ma/i.vpl. of ike. ag,e. 




Ralph Ravlti has a September o, looO copy of The jtponent 
wJilch descnlbes In yneat derail "/-'lob-OcAacy at Spni.nn garden" whene 
"DemoauvtLc Bulldoze.™" iknen b nicks ond coal at Republicans In an 
effont to pnevent Thome s Q, Jillln/M f.iom making, a speech. AcconcLisig. 
to /-./I. Hitchcock the. ch.unch meeting, place was flU.ed with "lrtet>Unent 
people" and a "dnunken beastly mob" ovxAide was canting, and mating, 
beastly nemanks. He descnibed In detail the gauntlet of Reeling, men 
which the Republican* nan in makjj^g, tkeln way, piom fit, Vennon to Spnlng. 

Oihen Item* of. Intenest to me included an advertisement of 
Jland, Solomon and Company, established the yean, befone, now The hlammoth. 
'7 he Opdyke Lands" wene offened Ion. sale by. ^eonae Opdyke and Company 
of Mew yonk. Then thene was an Item that the whiskey bonnet nan low 
at a Democnailc meeting, at Shawneetown, The edlton, who was a Republi- 
can and. cojinled a tempenance column, neconded tlw.t a panty Of lades 
fnom nit. Vennon made the tnlp by tnaln to the Shawneetown meeting, and 
had to stand fan six. houns because the men on tlie excursion wouldn t 
give them seaU. The Qonnet Band offened to funnlsh music fon enten- 
talnments at neasonable nates--? etnillo hadn't been heand of. The (fon- 
tinental Hotel offened a omnibus to all'tnalns. The weathen on 
p/untlna day was 63, "delight flatly bnacy. " The pnesldentlal ticket 
was fjanfteJd and Anthun, and "C/Lonlous Hews fnom Venmont" was to the 
effect that Republicans would win by 25, 000 to JO, 000 nwJ,onltsy. 

3n 7o8b H Itchcock sold out to t'hnnU emmenson, who chanyed 
ike name of the papen to /'IT. 1/^/iOV RQJSTQl Ot became a dally In 
Jecemben, 7o^2, {jrmenson neojulned cash In advance on sub sumptions 
and. made a financial success of the news papen, He was secnetany Of 
ike (itl^ens [ommlttee changed with nesponslblllty fon handing, out 
nellef ■jjnds aften the gneat tonnado of Febnuany 7% 7ooo, and the 
enilne necelpta and dl^bun^ements wene published In one l^sue In I ne 

discovered In neadlng. that Ltsue that pnactlcally eveny 
state and iennltony In ike land, cities and villages, hing.e and small, 
sent money to help stnlcken fibt, Vennon get on 11^ feet, fjimenson 
wnoie that il\e committee slanted out by nebulldlng the wnecl\ed homes 
of eveny poon family In town. Then they nepalned tlie homes of poon 
jjanvllles, In both coaoa n.e^ijynJ_nn. ti\.<>M accondlng. to the clncumsiances 


- ■ ■ 


'-• . 

■ . 

! ■ ' 





in wkick ike family. Lived before ike storm. On oiken. words, wken ikey 
built a new kome ikey. didn'i give ike man a mo/ie pretentious one iJian 
ke owned before, 7 ken ikey. repaired and rebuilt ike houses and busi- 
ness building of everyone else, regardless of circumstance, I key 
still kad money left oven., and ikey divided, ikai pro-rata according, io 
damage. sustained among, all of. ike business men of ike ioujn wko kad 
losses in ike cyclone, 

Qmmerson sold io /'ku/iice $» Seed, Qimerson later publlsked 
dailies ai Lincoln, Ollinois, and in (plorado, He. came bach io 1'ii, 
Vernon after giving, up publishing, and became ike secretary of ike 
Qws,iber of Qpmm.en.ce* His daughters still reside kere and ke kas a 
gjiancUon, h\aurlce Lee Cjreen, wko Is a newspaperman on ike Qkicaao 
I nib one* 

Seed made ike RegU^ien, kum. He installed linotypes, went 
oui apten. news, advertising, and subscriptions, and wken ke sold oui in 
7^20 meani io retuie in Florida, He did. gjo io Florida, bui losi a 
lot of money in ike land boom, and went back into news pap en, work, ne 
was cin.culaii.on manager of ike Dayiona Beach hhrnJjrg, lleius wken ke di~ed 
in 79V. Seed sold kis interests io Norman 'J, Sug.g, who combined ike 
newspaper wiik ike Neius io form 7H£ ^c5^S7qR-Nq)S, a finm in wkick ke 
and 'J, (dwin Tiackaway were ike stockholders, 

§oing, back io ike News; I>h, Simmons sold oui and ended kis 
days in hit, Vernon as a "iypo" on ike same paper, 'John. ^rear, wko 
laien. bought ike. Herrin. 'Journal, and <1, ( l. Baker were ike next pub- 
linkers, 7 ken J?, F, face bought oui ynean. and sold io William 7, 
Sumner, Occasionally we stilt nead about l>\r, Swnner's bean, kunis down 
in (iutsissippi in ike "As you iJere" column of 7ke fteglUien.-/\ ! ews. 

Other b\t, Vennon capitalists were interested, in ike ownens/iip, 
including, ike late %udge iJm, H. (jneen. £dwin Itacliaway ^ioined ike Hews, 
in 7773 aften, iraduailnq, Irom ike Jenver, Colorado .iounnalistlc school 
of Iiand /yiocks wkene ke leanned i/ie anodes of ike news papen. yame pwm 
police reporter io special writer on presidential politics. 

On 7^20 ike pnJLntens of 7ke Register and 7ke News went out on 
strike. At ilwut time /'In, RacJxaway bought control of ike News wkick ke 
entered in ike consolidation witli Sugjy's 'lleglsien, 7 key made ike con- 
solidated newspaper non-partisan. 



I has, ike fteaister-New* is a combination of; Free Pre** 
1865, 5^een6ack 767?, New* 7877, exponent 1878, lieyisien. 1883, and 
Democrat 76'^ ~ *U newspapers. 

Tkere were oiker neujspapers: TH£ D^jUJ c JOUMhL was publUked 
by Pavey and^ Phillip* .in ike early 7900'*. TH£ NJllJ, an excellent 
newspaper, Democratic in politics, appeared in 7920 and ran until 7929. 
triC &'3iy XJtUL2Qi/il had it* fuut edition ApnjJL 23, 7<-]00. don'i 
know wkat happened io ii. 77/<f Ml CBSjWff U ike only, new* pap en' now 
publi*ked in ike county, outride of /-It. VeAnon. There wo* once a 
weekly, at I'Jaltonville, 7#£ SqV&LsW, publUked. by L S. 3naden - 
Ikere were twenty-four recorded newspapens. Penkap* ikere were oiker*. 
'■ j cdl wasn't *pecific about hi* fact* on wkai happened after ike 7 8X3 
milepo*i left by Perrin. 

Ike New* has maintained it* name lonyer ikon any oiker />bt. 
Vernon newspaper. Started a* a Republican papeA, it cAanaed io Demo- 
cratic and prospered. Oi tanned io rwn- partisanship in 7920. Ike 
PeaUier wo* steadfastly Republican until ike consolidation. 

Unrecorded by Jail on. Perrin was ike ojieat chanae in new*- 
papers fjiam party oryans io successful busines* estabUuhraents. you 
will remember nr. Joyan started out in ike business with J'7& in sub- 
JCAipiian* and a ^200 loan. Thai was in ike day* when they used io 
*ay all an edito/i needed was a broken down* and a *hini-iail pull 
of type, ^ uy 7 079 ike business was mo fie expensive. 9t look J2000 Ic 
finance Ike l ]eff&uon (j>unty greenback. Today a second hand linoiiy 
would co*t oven, twice a* mack. 

Tken came ike dailies. Boik The New* and ike Peyisier 
ouoMt linotypes. Tkere was a time wken manpower tunned ike*. 
Charlie Thompson has told me that one oi ki* earlu iobs on ike New* 
was to act as ike motor, iunnJuruy a crank. Tken ikey put moions on 
Irie presses. 

On 7^77 boik ike New* and The Peyister bouyht flat bed §0** 
■ebb presses, which pninied from lony rolU of paper instead of ike 
flat sheets in use previously. Tkese presses had 3, 000 pen iioun *peed 
8n 7925, a yean after, ke had taJien oven, Suay's interest in ike papen, 
/<<*. Pac/iaway bouakt a tubular, pre**. Thi* press tunned out newspapers 
fJiom revolving tubular plates at ike rate of 78,000 an hour. Since 7929 
I he Peaisten-/Uj* haA been ike only, daily publisked in rii. V ennon. 






(ifa. conn.ecJU.on. witk ike newA papen. beyan in 7^77 when 
Ai.ajii.ed. cannying, papenA fon, Ike 'jlegisien. h\y old n.ouie kadi 75 papens 
at -Inst, lodau ikene one Aevenal thousand lieglsten-liewA AubAcnibens 
In ike tame iennito/iy in ike Aouihivest pant of town, Oi was my p/iivi- 
leye to Ivww Billie Qoodnich, l<\wjJiLce J. Seed, llonman J. Sugg, and 'J, 
F/ianh Boyan, who have paSAed jJiom ike newA papen. Acene ke/ie. 

n.ememben. Aeeiny John A, i'Jall come to ike 'RegiAien. office. 
to deliven. ike note* fon. ike column Aigned "UllQlliO" wliick Ike Reglsien. 
nxm on ike fnont paae. l>h t JaJUL was a gjiand old fiyune in ^oujinaLutm 
kene, lie wnote in kid kiAtonjy ihat ke wad ilie pninten 1 a devil wko 
inked i/ie fonmA at ike pulling, of ike fuiAt pape/i :fnom~ idiot old Ramaye 
pn.eSA, Laien. ke was an edito/i kimAelf in Int. V ennon, Salerd and else- 

On 7J28 Ike ReglAten-tlewA obtained daily AAAodaied ?n,esA 
teletype Aenvi.ce. Until then ike newA papen., and ike llewA and RegiAien. 
be-lo/ie it, yoi daily. ziepo/iiA on what waA called pony newA, 
This consisted of five, ten and fifteen minute telephone coILa at 
a toted nouns of il\e day fjwm ike St. Louis office of the A a ao dated 
1'n.eAA end. ike International llewA Senvice, 

1 ke liewA had the advantage of Aaao dated Rn,esA meirtb enskip 
whic/z it took into ike consolidation. Ike Register had the advantage 
of a coninact fo/i newAp/Uni with the Oniennaiional 'Papen. Qpmpawy. I ae 
latten. kaA p/ioved to be one o^. ike gyieaiesi oAAeis of the buAineAA. 
Ilinouykout Jonld Jan. Two, papen woa stationed, finst by the yovenruneni 
and laien. by ilte papen. companies. Because of. its coninact, dating, 
back to 7^7 J, Ike ReyiAten-NewA was yua/ianteed a /xtpen Aupply, although 
it was fo/iced to ao into ike open mankei to Aineick ike Aupply, 

h\i, V ennon had a population of 7, 76~J wken I ke llewA was 
Aianted, Oi was incon.pon.aied as a diy the following, yean, 

On ziecent yeans Ike Reaisten-H ewA lias n.econ.ded: ike He/win 
InaSAacne o r 7<j22, ike Jest Fnanhfont cyclone of 7^25, ike lligki- 
Sweeiin mund.en caAe of 7 c j2 l i, ike Binyen-Skelton yang, wans, ilie great 
depnesAion, and Jonld Jan. Two to wliick oun. county Aent k, 7 77 men and 
women, fan. mo/ie ikan ten pen, cent of Ha JJ, 000 population. Ike neiuA- 
papen, lies seconded — on. kas inJied to second — every birili and. every death 
in lit. V ennon and Ceffenson Qounty. llewA of cliunclies, Aaloons, politics, 
Ackools, counts, and n,ovp/inmeni one given cove/iao,e. 




. . 






TupooAaphiccU vw.o/14 a/ie an even-fecAed bugaboo. Sack befone 
tke consolidation, one of ike ministens tunned In his ckuJick notes to 
7/ie '/leyisten and also to Trie. News, He coulcLx 1 1 wrdte veny well and 
the pnintens on both papensi mad.e tlce some mi.Atake. /he subject of 
Lis senmon was to be "Absalom on. a b\u.Le* " Ot cane out In Ike News 
and tke Tieojisten., "A blossom on. a ftule, " 

—0/iian J, /'letcalf 

Ike hit. Qatkenine Qhnistian (hunch, located about foun miles 
nontkwesi of Joodlawn in Qasnen Township, was among, tke finst o^. the 
churches to be estab lisked In, this vicinity. Tke exact date i± was 
o/iojmi.7.ed is not known, 

Tke pufist additions wkick wene seconded, in tke old ckunck 
book wene November 75, 7 857. Thene wene foun added at that time: 
Owen Bane (bonn December k, 7782, died "June 75, 1865), (aihenine Banc, 
wife of Owen (bonn August 77, 77^0, died Octoben JO, 786'i), {lias 
Cjaskjuns (bonn 7797, died Apnil 20, 7887 J, and hiany A. gasiiins (bonn 
December 70, 7872, died hlay 77, 78%). Two mo/ie wene added in 7 852: 
Anis and Qligabeik T/iouii. On 7853 two mone came: 'John T/ioutt and 
I'lantka i'Jilltams. Jn 7862 tkene wene fifteen additions, in 786j tkene 
wene twenty; and in 7865 tkene wene thinly mone additions, and the 
ckunck nneuj u.ean bu uean. 

Tkese wene pioneen families of this anea and because of txern 
love fon tke Load and tlxein desine to kave a c/iunck in tke community. 
In wkick tkey lived, hit. (atkenine (hnistian (hunch kad been established 

Tke finst senvices keld wene in tke home of Owen and (atlienine 
Bane. People would come fnom miles a/iound on foot, on honsebac*. on any. 
othen mode ol tnavel ot that dau. Theu would siau oven tke weekend, 

i loo u 

and Qaihenine would pnepane meals fon tkem. Though she haa only a 
hea/ith on w/iick to cook, she would pnepane food fon as many, as thinty- 
\ people on some occasions. 

Laten senvices ujene keld fon, a while in a little log. schooi 
house which stood in the soutlxwest connen of what is now the old ceme- 
teny. The benches in thi^a scliool wene mode, of split toys mounted on 



peaA on. leaA, uut qa ike cluuick a/ieut ikejie woa a need fon. a ch.itn.cJx 
buildin,],, ao a Amall kouAe woa built nean. ike pn.eAent Aiie, /kid 
buildina woa made oui of kewn boanxU, 

Aboui ike yean, 1886 ike fjioni pcuii of ike pn.eAent building, 
woa en.ecied on ike Ixill nondk of ike p/ieae/ut location, wken.e ike new 
cemeieny iA now, I ken oa ike congyieaation cyiew ikesie woa a need io 
enlojiye thta building,; ao it woa moved io ike pn.eAeni Aiie ana. an 
annex added. On T%1 ikiA building, wcla agxiin enlan.g,ed and a baAej.ieni 
pui unde/L Li. 

Ike ckuxck woa noi alwa'yA active, fon. ikene La a necond op 
ike cku/ick being, neon.g,anized in 7cJo6 - ike Aame yean, in wkich, ike 
building, woa enccted nonik o-l ike pn.e4eni location, 

I ke ckiuicli woa named (on. (at/ienin.e San.e, Ske o,lao kaA 
deAcendaniA named fon. ken. in eack o,enen.aiion, even io ike pn.eAC.nt time. 
I'lana of ike membenA ot ike ioda". an.e deAcendantA op tkeAe two 
pioneen. coupleA (ike tianeA and txe (jadkinA' J wkoAe nameA kead ike long, 
liAi o r membeaA op ike /'It. Qaikenine QkniAlian (kmclx, Owen and Qat'xe- 
nine Bajie, qLLoa and kleuiy, (Joa/iuxa one bunted in tKe adloining, cemeten.y, 
Iviown qa "ike old cem.eien.Lj! 1 ^uaI a littie Aoutlx of ike c/iiuick kouAe e 
i'ianu Ziave been laid to zieAi in i/iiA beloved A;x>i. I ke ckusick Aiznc'-A 
today, a place of wonAkip, a beloved and ckeniAked place in ilxe keanlA 
of many, people, 

— h)nA, Fenn 1'loon.e 

W£ FWST imjTi FMVLy 

Ike pLAAt wkite family., ikat Aeitled in wkat waA io become 
^effeKAon Qounty, OilinoiA, woa i'xe family of Andrew 1'bon.e. I kiA 
■jgjTuMl came to and Aeitled in wkat 1a now 'mown oa hiooneA '?n.aijiie 1 own- 

1 o 

Aklp t 7 kiA political AubdiviAivn iA located in ike Aoui/xec.At pant of 
ike county in a, anj. ii received Ha name j-nom tie hioon.e 
family, IkiA family wen.e nativeA of a Aouikenn Aiate, but tkey kaa. a 
deAi/ie io come to ike nontJxenn countny and Aejbtle in vui^Jji tenjiitonjy 
in ;tke kope tkai ikeu, would find financial Aecu/iity. 

Some eanlien. ziepontA Aiate iliai ilxe family fJjiAt Aetited in 
F/ianJilin Qpunty a few mileA Aouik of ikein. location on ilxe "fnainie. 


/.ncUew and family, made ikein dettlement in £ef--e/Uion (ouniy in 1613, 
Ikey moved io ihi.4 a/iea fnom ike jodken dettlement in ike adjoining, 
CQurubu Jt <Ld believed ikat ike Qodken Road g,oi itd name ( Jwm t'ltd 


ilidiontc info nma tic n conce/ming, ilie pJba.ce wlxene AncUew hloo/ie 
ejiected kid cabin, and ike location of ike yodken 'Road id conflicting. 
Some n.epontd an.e io ike effect ikai kid new kome wad built on ike 
Qodken Road, w/iite oikend coniend ikai ii wad located a -lew mited 
no/iik of ikid ea/Uy LiaiL Tke latten, Ld foun. miled douik and one 
mile, eodt of ike villane of Belle Rive. A dkont didiance fnom ilxtd 
place id wke/ie. ike fuidt white pendon wad bunted in ^effendon county. 
A mo/ie detailed account of ikid buntat id found eldewkesie in ihid 
volume, Ike. Old (jodken Road padded by. ike. kidiontc Suaan. Qamp Sapiidi 
(jiu/tck in ilie doutkeadi posit of ike county, 

Alikouak we. ojie unable, to leann ike exact location wkeJie ike. 
boo ne. -ja/iiity built i/iein. new kome, we iwow ikat , ndnew and /lid f amity 
■^und ike couniA.ydide veA.ii lonely, ad ihein. clodedi wkiie neigkbo/ui 
we/ie fifteen on. twenty, mited away., Thesie we/ie Jndtand padding, tlviouak 
ilie a/iea wkene ike hloo/ie family, began koudekeeping, in i/iein pnante 
kome, but ikede people did not pnovide ike kind of company ikai ikey 

Undjiew /'loo/ie enecied a double cabin ikat wad made of kicko/iy 
poled with, ike fJuieplace in tke centen. o^ ike building,, wit/i ike cJxim- 
ney nunning, dinaight up. 7 hid type o r dwelling, wad ad comfontable ad 
one could expect fo/i ikai place and period. Tke hbo/ie ■famLby, Like 
oiken. pionee/id, deitled and Lived in visigtn iennito/iy, and experienced 
alt ilie kanddkipd ikai go witk it. Ikey wene in condtant dange/i o-p 
/loving, Ondiand, though hloo/ie kimdelf did not deem io be peanfut of ikem, 
and wene always on tke atent fo/i wild beadtd ikat would devoun. t/ieisi 
livedioch at eve/iy oppontunity, 

Ike Life of ^effe/idon Qpunty'd fi/idt famLly wad dpent modily 
by iliemdelved; although an ad.veniun.oud inavelen. would occasionally 
padd ilvwunh ;!he couni/iu and diop at iliein. cabin fon. a vidi;i, duck 
vidJutd wene few and fan. between. I kein. dtay on ike Pnainte wad tn.uly 
ike pioneen. type of Life. Andnew dpent hid iirae in hunting, ftd/'xiny, 
and cuttino, iimben. Ion. lin.ewood ■Jon. ilie --.anvil.', juieplace. tie cleaned 

o I I I Col" 

a dmaLL acn.eag,e o^ land and gnew dome gnain and veg,eiabled :to provide 


food fon, the family. The clodedt dchool and. ckuAck wene many miled 
f/iom t!ie I'ioo/te. home, and do dual Life, wad unknown, to the family. How- 
even, . nd/iew NooAe wad ike. type. of pe/Ldon who pnefenjied to have a 
fjieedom aLl hLt own. He pn.ef.eAA.exL to Live in ike vinxyjx countny, 
among, the wild beadtd and. hostile Ondiand, and. apparently daw no feaA. 
in eit/ien. He pnefenned thid to making, hid home in a detiled communily 
that had developed the dont of civilisation that wad in existence in 
tlxat eanly day, Andneu) did not bunn any bnidyed behind hid, ad thene 
wene no bnidyed to bunn. 

I he I'loo/ie family, continued to live in tliein, pnaJjiie home 
■ioA done time; dome authoAitied day they wene t/iene until 7o72, while 
o;'J\eAd dan. 7o7k a a 7o75, The wan. ol 7o72 benan two n,eand a-fteA the 
jMmily dettled in what wad to become ffeffendon Qounty, I hcn.e Lt no 
AeconxL that he deAved in that conflict, and it id doubtful that he 
deAved in any pAevioud wqa unledd it miaht have been dome d/iinjuLdhed 
wjuUx Ondiand, 

The findt white family of ffeffendon (ounty met with tnayedy, 
rifie/L tJie I'looAe family had lived in ihJid anea a few yeaAd, /inaAew and 
a don, who wad eight oa ten yeaAd of aye, dtanted one day on ho Ad aback 
to 'JondxLn'd 1>\UJL, which wad located a few miled eadt o-f. "Old F Aanl^fonl, 
to o,et dome co/tn meal foA the family. TheiA, pland wejie to AetuAn that 
evening,, but when the appointed time had anjiived fx>A tlieiA Aetunn they 
wene not to be deen, I'lnd, /-boAe wad ^eonful that domelhino, of. a tragic 
nature had happened, and apten awaiting, about two daj.d foA theiA Aetunn 
dhe took the other children and dtarted out in dearth of her hudband 
and. don. 

They ^followed the. path that wad uded to travel to 'Jordan d 
I' ill; and afJLeA Aeachino. t/ie place they learned to theiA cyiief tliat 
/inrUew and the don had been to the mill, had o,otten theiA. meal end 
dtanted home the dame dau theu came. She wad now convinced that :'a\ey 
had met with foul play. Ot wad only natural t/iat hen. fiAdl thouyhtd 
were that hen hudband and don had been kidnapped by Jndiand in the 
vicinity, oa t/iat the Aed men had killed both o r them and delved tlie 
meat and hoAded. 

I he anyuidh and heartac/ied that l>\nd. i<\ooAe du-~feAed ad the 
redult of thid traalc event cannot be ad.<iriuaJtelii expredded. She 


beag,ed fio/L kelp to make, a Aearch ikaauah ike wooded area along, ike 
trail, and oa many, of ike men In ike vicinity oa dared to leave ike 
Aetileraent formed a poAAe to conduct a Aearch. Ike Aearch continued 
for dmiA t and ike woooIa were Acoured carefully, but no tna.ce. of ;cne 
miAAim oneA could be £ouncL Alien, ikeii had traveled and Aearcned 
£ie area -lor mile* tkey abandoned ike Aearch, but did. ao uith conAider- 
able reluctance. 

/kd. inoore {.ell that the could not live in "ike ?raLrie" witk 
no oilxer white. AettlerA in ike immediate vicinity. She ikerefore 
padied hen, r ew poAAeAAionA, and the and ike children went to Quality, 
J.UinoiA, nean. ike Saline Qommuniiu where Ahe had fanmenty lived. / kiA 
woa in ike vicinity of ike Saline Salt iJonJiA. 

liikin a yean. on. two after Andrew i'hon.e and ike Aon had cLla- 
appeared, Aome hunteJiA found a aMu/1 hanging, on ike Jbunb of an elm 
and reported iiiLa to ike arief-Airioken fil/iA, I'loore. She Aaid ikat i r 
it woa her huAband 1 a Ahull ikere would be a certain, iooi/i niLddino, jjiom 
ilxe upper faw. Upon examination, it woa found t/iat ike tooth ikat 
woa miAAinn from ike Ahull woa in ike Aame location of ike miAAing, 
too tli of her huAband. The Ahull woa found wiiJxin a mile or ao from 
I'loore' A home, and waA to ilxe Aouik of ikeir cabin near a creels. the 
heojitbrohen hsiA. /bore took ilxe Ahull home wLtk her and. preAervea. It 
Aacnedlu. for ilxe rer.ainder of her life. 

Of if 

Ji waA an accepted belief of ike early AcLtlerA of thai 
area that toore and hJus Aon were aitaclied bu, a band o-^ OndianA I'lw 
were f,ealauA o r ike white race, /tilled Andrew and cut IiiA head o r - r , 
i/ien placed the Ahull on ike tree and took the boy, ike ho/iAeA and. 
meal wiik tkem. 3t woa believed ikat I'oore' a body woa devoured by, 
wild beaAiA t/'xat roamed, ike area. 

One report La carried io ike effect ikat afjter h'/iA. /'toore 
had Lived in the Saline vicinit/i a .Lew uearA her broiker, a hir. ooIca, 
hiA Aon-in-law, a hlr. Fannin, and a l>\n. FippA who woa married to I'ita. 
Inoore 1 a daughter, moved up to "ike Prairie" and I'lTA, t-aore returned 
with tkem, 3i iA not /viown Ixow lorn /<)nA. hoore lived in iixiA area 

a t iter Ahe move*,, ike Aecond time. 




Trie FO?ST Mffl£ dtiWAL 

The flirdi known. bunJLaJL of. a white perdon in Jefferdon Qounty 
wad ;chat of dLliiam Vcnny i'\ax.ey, infant dun of Henry B, (o/i Buroiette/ 
and l>,ar^aret (naxey. One hidtorian /stated that I'iaryaret' d name, wad 
PeaoM and anot/ier tliat the baba'd name, wad dm, 'Periaan and that he 

o o v cr a 

wad caviled /eriaan, J hid deatlx and burial o cammed in what id now 
/mown ad /uoo/ied Prairie Towndhip on b\ay 11, 7o7o, The child wad ten. 
monthd of aae a;i the time of death., and according, to legend tne -Undt 
death and. burial In 'Jef r erdon Qounty wad in the natune of an emergency, 

Burdxette and hlang/zret /ilaxey misstated fjiom a douthenn dtate 
( predur,Tabiy Tenneddee) to a location four miled douth and one mile eadt 
o- r t/ie p/iedent vitlacie oj. Belle ?\ive. Leaend had it that tlxein baby 
died on the above date, while theu were moving from one location to 

• (J V I 

ano-.jien., and. tlxat tlxey f Juidt bunted the in-fant unde/i dome leaved fo/l 
■lean dome Jndiand that roamed the anea would dee thera dinning, a g^iave 
and would later rei.xove the bodn and canra it awai',. I he body wad le-ft 
um'.er the. leaved until dosuk, when they dun a ynave and. bunted the ^Jjidt 
ivhuie pendon in what wad to become ffeffendon Qounty the r oJJ.owino. yean, 
Tlxid deojeh and burial occunned dix monthd and twenty-two dayd before 
OLLinoid became a dtate. 

Approximately a centuny a-'lter the deai/i of the (>)ax.ey infant, 
a anoup of men w/w canjiied the dame dunname decided to enect a duitabie 
manlier at the head of. Jilllam'd anave fan the benefit of podienity and 
hidtory.. The people who anranyed for the enection of hi/> man/ten wene: 
■'J, S. lno.-x.ey, l J< //, 1-iax.ey, A. F, I'laxey, 0, S, /'Ia>cey and On. l<iodd l<)ax.ey. 

() alter S, hlaxey, wlxile living, in Lod .'naeled, Qalifornia, 
in 7^5 cortipiled a Iiidtony of the I'laxey family entitled "Some of the 
Dedcendentd of J alter Jiaxeu, ol doled, " 7 hid information id taken fnom 
hid booh, J 

On the later yeand of the deventeenth centuny, I'JcUter baxey, 
a native of Joded, emianaied fnom hid native land to France, majuu-ed 
a Frendx yinl and reared a family while redidinn in France, about 
7/?5 the tliree dond of ) alter hlaxey, John, (dwand and Horatio, det 
dail -for America and dettled in (ilamyland near ulxere t/ie city of Ba.Ldir.Tore 













id now located, flon/i I<laxey laten moved to Maine, and hi* bnotken 
Honatio moved to ike Honthwedi Ten/uionu and settled what wad laten 
the dtate of Ohio. 

Adwand ner<vained at hid J'lanyland home and /Leaned hit jMmiljfr 
wliick condidied of two on none dond and devenal daugktend, (dwand 
wad mannied apten hi* annivat in the colonied. lie wad mannied to a 
Fnench woman in !<)anyland, but doon apten hid mojuiiag,e moved to new 
?liven, VingMiia, and nermined tkene until allien the clode o r the 
Revotuiionanu Jan* 

^eddie Ataxey, ton of Qawand, enlidied in the Anenican Anmy 
Septemben 22, T/82, and denved untU Octoben 21, 77o2. He wad aligned 
to Lincoln I'lLlLLLa unden Qaptain Samuel Kinkkam g,uandina Salt J on/id, 
^■eade wad bo fin in Nanyland about 7y§0, He wad ike f otken of foun 
dond and one aaugkten: Jilliam, Adwand, JaLten, ffokn and £li7abeij\. 
i 'Jilliam 1'XLx.eii, eldest child of $edde htaxey, wad bo/in Sepiemben 72, VflO. 
Aasled of bint/i of ike otken clxiUnen of fjedde /iaxeu one un/inown. 

A few yeand apten ike clode of ike wan witk Qneat onitain, 
( Jedde /liasce/i and family, along, witk devenal otken families, moved i Jiom 
l^anyland to (ounty, Tenneddee. Apten tlxein annival in ihid 
azcjie, ?tkey built a Ion, font fon pnoieciion agjaindt tlie Jndiand, but 
on one occasion 'Jedde l<\ax.ea wandencd too -Can awaii and wad attaoied by 
dome Ondiand and wad scalped. He wad left fon dead, but he dunvived 
and. lived about anotken twenty, yean*. Thid tnayedy wad in Tjoc. o edde 
died about 7oOo and wad bunied at DougjLad (jemetemy about thnee mile* 
nontk of Ca,Uatin, Tenneddee. Ike childnen of Jedde I'laxey continued 
to live in tkat vicinity fon anotken ten yeand. 

William liaKeju, ike oldest oA- aid. l-lax.ei'.'d who even lived in 
( 'ef r endon [ounty, Jiiinoid, wad mojinied in Tenneddee. He wad mannied 
to I'iany fjnily Allen, daugkten of lihoaa Allien, Feb/umny 7 k, 7y°J. 
Jilliam and l>:any f'laxey had eleven cfiildsien: Qlanidda, Henny 3unckett, 
Bennett //. , Qliku, Hojiniei, Vylinda . 1. , (kanled H. , 'Joshua Q, , Hodiil- 
lina, Jilliam /</, ,'\. , and Jehu. 

3n ike dpning, of 7o78 Jilliam (>\ax.ey and t jamiLy decided, to 
leave iJxein 1 enneddee home and Jouymey to ike Jllinoid countny. 
QLa/iidda wad mannied to tj amed 'Johnson and Bundieii wad mannied to 
iuanoxmet laylo/i. The entire family of i Jilliam blarney, including,, ike 


don~JLn~ljaw and daugkteA^in*law and a Negno ginl, ^ll^a, Left QalLitan, 
Tenneddee, on Apnll 20, 7878, on ikein, long, and danaenoud Jjounney to 
fJllinoZd, Tken.e wen.e iweniy~one pen^ond in ike. panty, William fihx.ey 
wad 4o yeojid of aye and dewed ad leaden, of. ike panty* Tkey an/ih/ed 
in 1'bon.ed fnaJjiLe, Oliinold, on /ifoy °, 7878, having, been a total of. 
nineteen day* on ikein. jounney* 

JJilliam fenny filaxey (dome day. i/ie middle name wad fenJugan), 
dmaii don of Bunckette and fihAganei fi'iaxey, died on f>)ay 7 7, 7878, two 
dayd afien. ike an/iiva! of ike iweniy~one people in f'bo/ieA PnaiAte, 
Legend kad Jit ikai ike baby, kad been ill dunlng ike. long jaunney* 

Ike twenty-one wko annlved in t>\oon.ed fnalnle in /'lay, 7o7o, 
dpeni i/ie nenuzlnde/i of ike dummen. in ike eadt centnal pant of wkai id 
now ('honed f/wuLnJLe Towndkip of fleffendon Qouniy, Ad tkey wene fcuune/id 
fnora childhood, it wad only natunal ikai ikein. faidt punduit would be 
io engage in agnt.cultun.e, Tkey planied and cultivated a dmali acreage 
of gnxjin and. encloded it wiik a bnudk fence. i'Jild game wad plentiful 
in all diA.ecii.ond, and venldon could alwayd be kad in abundance* ikene 
uxid plenty of wild koney io be found clode io ikein. new home, 

Zadok Qadey vidiied wiik ike i'Jiltiam /'laxey family ikai 
dummen. and told ikem ikai tkey kad diopped too doon, ikai panadide 
wad about fifteen nulled no/iikwedi of ikesie, Tkey /lemained in iheJUi 
new home until, ike autumn deadon of 7878, iken moved io a fanm a few 
wiled nonlhwedi of Vennon, ''Jiliiam filaxey located on a fojim ad- 
joining iliat of Zadok QaAey r d and /lemained tkene until ike deatk of 
kid fuidi wLfe in 78 JJ, Hid don Buncketi and family and flamed flokndon, 
hid don~Jjn~law and family located on fanmd neanby. flokndon lived ike 
nemainden. of kid life on ikid edtate, 

/id dialed eidewkene, ike community of (tit* 1/ ennon kad ild 
beginning in 787% twenty acned of land wad donated fo/i ike deal of 
judtLce, and ike Act of ike §enenal Addembly p/iovided ikai ike 
land t/iat wad not uded fo/i ike count ya/id wad to be dold ad town laid 
fjo/i /Lcdidenid io build on, ike fundd to be depodited in ike Tneadunu* 
ike dale of lota in ike new deitlement began a dlwnt time aftenutandd, 
Jome of ikede lot* wene dold in. September, 787% and Bunc/iette {>]axey 
puAchaded one of ikede. Bunckeite kad ike hono/i of ejecting ike -Undi 
dwe-LLing koude in /'It. V ennon, Bunckeite and /ikuiganet i'laxey wene ike 

■■■' - 

pcuieruti of ten children, and qa fan ad Ld known all of t'zem Lived to 
ncach adulthood except iJilliam feniaan, who lied buAJLed In fiho/ieA 

(dwajuL fihxey, a yaunaen bnathen of William Raxey, did not 
come io JeffenAon Qounty with ike f'hxey colony, bat came to thtA ojiea 
in the autumn of 7878. He woa mannied to {lipbeth 'Pitncn. In TenneAAce* 
Qdwand and hiA wLfe had no chUdnen, but they adapted Aevenal cliildnen 
and n,ean,ed them. Two of iheAe children wevze 'JameA VJ* filusuiy and John & 
S attest field, who played a pnaminent note in public life in JeffeAAon 
Qounty. Ike hiAto/iy of ike FinAt filethodiAt Q/uutch of /<b£. Vennon AiateA 
that thiA chinch wad onganiged in the home of £awand (<)axey. ^awand 
ujcla JuAtice of the Peace fan. twenty yeajiA, Aenved a* Qounty QommiAAionen. 
and taught school. He woa a cleng,yman of the MethodiAi faith He 
paAAed away about the middle of the nineteenth centwiy, and hud wife 
died Aoon afiesu 

John filaxey, younyeAt Aon of JeAAe I'hxey, did not come to 
JLLinoiA until 7823. i'Jiiliam and Johnathan J)ellA accompanied him on 
the i/iip. He lived in JeffenAon Qounty fo/i a few yeanA, then moved to 
Jayne Qounty, OilinoiA and died ihene. 'John f>h.xey had faun, children: 
Stephen, TheodoAia (mannied Rev. Joseph Helium*), {ligabeih (majuiied 
^/leenbuny .'JelldJ and Katie (majutjied JeAAe B/ieege of i'Jalnut Hill, OilinoiA/ 

Much could be w/Utten about the deAcendentd of i'Jiiliam f<)axey 
and the pant they played in developing, JeffenAon Qounty, but Apace doe* 
not pe/unit. I hey have done much in developing, the county. 

lH£tW. VfJWN n&3ST£R-N{il!S 

(By O/Uan I'letcalf, New* £dito/i) 
I he oneateAi Aenvice the ReaiAien-^JewA can /iende/i the citi^enA 
of l>\t. Vennon iA to yive them the tnuih. The tnuth id often an elusive 
tJxina, hand to come by, but we punAue JUL diiiyently. " ThiA id the 
cneed of J. £awin Rackaway, editon, of the fitt. Vennon RegiAten-AlewA. 

Volume 7, Numb en, 7 of the RegiAien.-A 'cwa wad iAAued Septcmben. 
2o, 7°20, f'h, Rackaway wad editon, then and continue* ad editon. and 
pubiiAhen, of thiA daily newApapen. today. The newApapen. id a consoli- 
dation of the HewA, eAtabtiAhed in 78/7, and the RegiAten, which stanted 





Jun 7oo2, R/iedecesdo/id of ike tlewd date, back to 7857 wken ike. fisist 
/'it, V eAiwn news papesi, Ike. r Jeffesidonian, was founded. 

The. dto/iy of ike. Reaidiesi-News is lately, ike. dtonsy of (jdiion, 
Racliaway, , , . his brilliant businesd leade/iship, kid kand-kitting. edi- 
io/iials, his tense and lucid new*, and his feasilesd let-tke- 
ckipd-fall-wkesie-ikey-may policy. 

/-k, Rackaway was bo/m in /'It, Vesmon in 7o#9« His finsi news- 
paper ex.pesiien.ce. was in Qplonado, He. left college. (Univensity of Qki- 
caaoj to become a police neponten. and late/i a political wnitesi f.0/1 
ike Jenven. Republican and iken ike Denvesi limed. He co vested ike 
national convention of ike Rnogsieddive (BuLL l<bose) pasuiy, tukick nomi- 
nated Tkeodo/ie Roodeveli fo/i p/iesideni in 7<?72 and iken /lelusined to 
his konie town tkai yean, to wonk on ike fits Vesinon Newd^ finst ad budL- 
nedd manaaen, and tlien ad ediion, 

km, Rackaway ac:uisied ownesiskip o^. ike Hewd fnom -a gswup of- 
diockkotdesid and — on September 2d, 7^20 — combined his papesi wii/i ike 
i'li* Vennon Reaistesi, owned by. /Jo/iman fj, Suga. 1'^ Rackaway became ike. 
edito/i and l> ] si, Suyg. ike business manaaen. of ike consolidated papen. 

ft'ln, Sugg, kad bougjkt ike Reaistesi fswm Inausiice $, Seed, wko- 
kad opesiated JUL din.ce 7J02, Seed kad acauUied ike Register. -fjiom •(•ionsiis 
QTimesidon, wko kad owned it din.ce 7o<54, 

Ike I'iewd wad allied wiik ike Democnatic pasuiy -and ike Reaistesi. 
wad ike local onaan fan. ike Republican, pasiiy, Tke consolidated newd~ 
papesi pno claimed a policy Of. non^pantisanism, wiik special favo/id fan. 
none, I lie consolidation gave j<lt. Vennon one disiong. independent news- 
papesi w/iic/i kad always been fsiee fswm ike domination of any political 

On 7^?M l'\n, Sugg, dold kid interests in Jke papesi, and jjliton. 
Radiaway kad continued even, dince ad pubiiskesi. (kasiled 'J, I kompdon 
ducceeded l>\n, Sugg, desu/ing, until kid deatk in 7 J 59* 

I kesie kave been oikesi newdpapesid on ike iiing, C^¥ ^ cen - e ' 
Histonians jokn A, Uall and Jilliam Hensiy Rensiin in ikeisi 7^0^ and 
7^JJ volumed second tke padding, of 24 dailies and weeklies between 
7CS7 and 7°0% 

Anotkesi daily newspaper called ike Henald was diasited in 
I't. Vennon about a yeasi after ike consolidation, A Jemocsiatic pasiiy 
nioutkpie.ce, it g/xve ike Renister-News fien.ce competition in its dpan 


■ -••'■■■■'• ...,'■• 


of ii r e fnom 1^21 to 7929. On continual financial difficulty, it had 
a succession of. editors, business managers and. disappointed stock" 
kolders before it finally drowned in bankruptcy. Jell equipped, it 
had a staff, of g,ood people, some, of whom am still p/iominent in the 
newspaper wo nld elsewkene, Ot was yust a case, o^ no /loom in a small 
town pun. two news pa pens, 

ike. Register-Mews was a pioneen in nadio operation. Ots 
station, JJ/lBh, was on the air in the summe/i of 1^2 J. 

The. Hews was publisked at 1117 Broadway and tke Reglslen at 
1120 /'kin, in bulldlnas still standing, today. Fon the. -fJjist five yeans 
tke loint news pa pen was printed at tke /lain Stneet office, and in 19^5 
tke business moved to tke present location at 11 Month ^tk Stneet. 
Ike ytk Stneet building was designed especially as a publishing, plant. 
J'iodenn printing, machlneny, including a notany pness, was installed. 

On 1^28 tke Reglsien-Mews slanted daily Associated Pness 
teletype service to neplace tke former system of telepkone and tele- 
gnapk news connections, Tke newspapen has kept a step ahead of most 
small city dailies thnough modernisation moves which kave included 
installation of automatic equipment, automation in typesetting, fnom 
punched tape, and electronic engnaving, Tke. 'Regis ten-Mews increased 
Its pane size in 1^57 £° nine columns, and now publlskes tke laryest 
volurae of both news and advertising, matter in southern Olllnois. 

this newspaper has alwaus recorded the births and deaths of 
Jefferson Qounty people and now extends this service Into adjoining, 
aneas. Tke. Reglsten-Mews is the kome paper 0^ Jefferson, Jayne and 
Hamilton counties, Ot covens tke news of churches and saloons, poli- 
tics and schools } courts, city councils, state and national governments, 

On its 1+2 years the Register-Mews kas reported t/ie keartaches 
of two wans ... and kas joined with its subscribers, the kome folks, in 
mounnina those keroes who did not return. 

On its microfilmed files one told the tnaaedles of the looo 
and 1157 tornadoes. Printed for the record are reports o r murden 
trials, fines, floods, divorces, arrests, taxes and jligjits, along, with 
kapplen news about state championship basketball games, sporting, events, 
graduations, anniversaries and weddings. 

Ike Reglsten-Mews kas kad only one editor, hn. Rackaway. Ot 
has had thnee business manag,ens: I'lr. Sug,g., the. late Qiarles v. 


- . ■ 





■ • ' ■ 




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Thompson and Jm, Q Rackaway, son of the publisher. John Rackaway, 
elder son of ike editor, is sports editor and president o r ike company. 

The newspaper has had only, two duty editors. J. Frani\ ooyan 
was city edlio/i of ike Register and held that position with, ike con- 
solidated newspaper until his death In 7°j8 at the ag,e of fS* O/iian 
I'leicalf, who joined the Register-News as circulation manayei In 7^22, 
succeeded /')/u Boyan In cha/iye of the news department with the title of 
Heius (jLito/i, and continues as the managing, edlio/i. J/uy Henry, who has 
been wL'di ike Register-News since 7°J2, Is the second city edlio/i. 

Robert J. Thompson, son o^. the late (karles J. Thompson, Is 
advertising, .,\anag,er and 'John I'lcQiure is circulation manayer. Aubrey 
Qrowder, who has been with the newspaper and Its predecessors since 
7^7 J t Is :-loremctn of the composing, room, having, succeeded Q t Leslie j/ie- 
horn wlw had keid the position from 7^ 2k until his death in 7^60. 

/'lost of the '/leglsier^ews employees in 7°62 have been on the 
staff for many years. Among, them are Jailer Huffstuiler and Harold 
Lemons, stereotypers and pressmen.; Lloyd Owens, and Jerry hiusgrave, 
mailers; Jacli Henry, Qkarles Allen, (dyar Dobbs, {-\rtkur FulLerton, 
Orville Honey, /'Irs, Homer Aired, Homer Tucker, I'Jilllam Shroyer, Robert 
Deli?, 'Richard Delt7. and (hanles Deiig, printers; Rilchard Harrlss, 
machinist; Jerry Roney and §ordon Ramsey, printer apprentices; D alter 
DavJu6 t maintenance; Robert (jiider, press feeder. 

On ike business office are; l'\rs. Aubrey Qrowder, bookkeeper; 
kins. Qkarles J, Thompson, national advertisings /'Irs. (Jharles /{eaton, 
circulation; Annabelle Davenport, classified advertising,; I'irs. Homer 
Tucker and /'orcelLa lAarlow, proofreaders; and James Jlnyfleld, adver- 


I'irs. §lenn Purcell Is society editor, and /'Irs. Drayton Aillison 
Is assistant society editor. 


I he oldest I'lodern ..'oodmen camp in Jefferson Qounjcy Is (Jcimp 
llo. 7^7°], hit. Vernon, which was oryanl^ed on February 2~/ ', 7o9J> I kid 
was but ten years after ilxe parent society was organised. From ike 
twenty- ■Jour charter meiihers wfiich comprised ilte jUrst camp in Jefferson 






(ounty, tlie memb endkip had continually, g/iown until today, thene ojie kok 
adult memb end and 207 lunio/i memb end. 

(nedit fon muck of. the. g/iown and duccedd of hlodenn Joodmen 
in Jeffe/idan (ounty can be gjb/en to Tunnen /'iaynon, a netined Jidtnict 
/■anao,en fon the dociety in ihid anea. Since kit netinej^eivi, kiA 
dmiojute/if 'Jane l< n, had capably continued hi* eneng,etic effo/ltd to 
build I'odenn Joodmen in the county, /'in. Kenneth J, bevid denved aA 
decnetany and local ag,ent of the /'It, Vennon camp, 

Ike nemaining. camp* in ike county one iLated below: 

(amp No. 62^6, Belle Rive, wad ong,ani^ed on I'lanck 22, 7o^% 
with eighteen ckanten memb end. Ike. memb endkip today included 57 adult 
memb end and k8 jjunion memb end. ike pnedent camp decnetany and local 
aaent id hind. Jo/iotky L. Pildon. 

I hinieen ckanten memb end banded tog,ethen on Octoben 2k, 7o^9f 
to fo/im (amp /Jo. 7133) 3na, Ikejie one pnedently 707 adult member and 
h7 .lunion memb end. Tkede a/ie denved by Secnetany Odcan Lee* 

(amp /'Jo, 802J , /ijanlow, wad ong,ani%ed Apnil 2$, 7^00, with 
ten ckanten memb en*. Tkene a/ie cu/uiently 60 adult and 23 -J. union memb end 
being, denved by Secnetany (honied ft. Skelton. 

(amp Ho, 8299, Btufond, wad onganiged on June 27, 7900, with 
TJ clianten memb end, Ihene one. now 23 adult and 70 bunion, centificated 
in ike camp, being, denved by Ik. (j. £, liichanddon, decnetany. 

Febnuany J, 7903, wad the. onganization date, fo/i (amp Ho. 3@ % 
Ji:c, jliinoid. Fnom a modedi beginning, of 27 ckanten memb end, it had 
gjiown to a camp of 83 adults* and 702 j,wnion memb end, Ike. pnedent dec- 
netany id hind, /'label A. Riley, 

On 'Januany 70, 7^06, (amp No. 77^0, Uaitonvitle, wad ong,aniged 
with eleven ckanten met,!) end. Ike camp kad ynown until tkene one now 
69 adult and 33 j,union certificated being, denved by /'In, Hlanion Newell* 

The modt necently ongani^ed camp in Jeffendon (ounty id 
(amp Ho, 7752k, Joodlawn. I ke ckanten wad digjned fon thid camp on 
I /overmen 27, 7952, with eighteen ckanten mer<ibend, Ike pnedent meirben- 
dhip included J7 adult and 58 J,union centificaie koldend, Secnetany 
id hind, Judith D. Jildon, 

/'bdenn hodaen maintaind deven Junto n (iubd wit/iin Jef r endon 
(ounty in which the childnen penfonm denviced fon the needy ad well ad 










having, ncaieaiian unden ike guidance of juall^Jied leader, I he*e club a 
pnovide *otid foundation* fon futu/ie citizenship, 

hlodenn Joodmen wa* pounded on Janua/iy §, 7ucJJ, in Lyons, 
Qlinton Qounty, Iowa, when twenty-one men banded ioyeiken unde/i ike 
lecdensliip of Joseph (jjJULen 'Root, pounden. and finsi executive head, 
and fom.ied Rioneen (amp iio, 7, /'k, Root had conceived ilxe idea op a 
new *ocietu whJLch would embnace mo/ie ienyiitonu ikon, ike one with which 
he wa* connected at ike time* , . , he little dneamed that tlie new one 
would gyiow t Jiom its humble beginning, to be the modi irapontant op it* 
Iiind, with camp* covening, the United State* and ike Qanadian pnovince** 

litk ike thouakt op a new *ociety uppenmo*t in hi* mind, /'In, 
Root hod attended, a* wa* hi* custom, i'xe neyulan. chusich *e/ivice* in 
nis home town of Lyon* on a Sunday, mo/cning, in 'July, 7oo2, On ike *en- 
mon, delivened by, Rev, Sydney (now fond, nefe/tence wa* made to woodmen 
cleaning, away a fa nest and of ike manu, use* man made op tlie felled 
:tu>iben*, Zy ilxe time the *en.vice wa* oven, iJie name "ttodenn Joodmen. 
of Amenica" had family fixed it* elf in the pounden.** mind. 

/-/torn ike natken inau*piciou* *tant wken pnognes* wa* *low, 
the l'iodenn JJooamen *ociety ha* gyiown until now it i* one of the out- 
bonding, lipe insunance onyanijpJJion* in the United State*, Ot i* now 
ojiwng, the top ten pen cent of Amenica 1 * mo/ie than 7200 life insunance 

On fjanuany 7, 7^60, Tunnen. H, h\aynan of hit. Vennon neiined 
allien. ;l>nly yean* op outstanding, yean* a* di*tnict manao,en pon Inodenn 

oodmen of Amenica, Reluctant to completely seven, hi* connection witk 
l<.odenn Joodnen 1 * field ponce, ke now hold* a *pecial aaent contnact, 
i'ianiiing, consistently among, the top pnoducen*, the hlaynon name i* a 
■-oiiuliaA. one to hlodenn .Joodnen memben* and ao,ent*, a* I unnen i* ike 
oldest in yean* of *envice, though not in aye, wit/i the *ociety. 


"eons ago, when ike countny anound kene wa* mo*tly covened 
with wood*, two men named §eong,e (asnen. (in 7o§2) and ,'ohn Hawiiins, 
£n. (in 7o^J decided to *eitle in thi* ienniiony. /'in. (a*nen cleaned 
*ome land, built *ome fence*, and entened the land in ike necond* at 



Skawneeiown in hid own name. Tke Tredident of ike United Stated dicjxed 
the. patent giving, Qeo/tne (adner ike title to ike land, I'lr, (adner and 
kid wife kad a ton named 'Aamdey and after hlr, Qadner wad killed in an 
accident, ikid young, man 40 Id ike farm to a trader on hiay 7, l8$8 t yudt 
dix. ueard and a montk after kid fatker kad purckaded Jut, Six. monikd 
.taster ike trader, 'Joel Scrivener, do Id JUL to JXJUUuafii Palraer, wko kepi 
it deveral yeard, and tken it padded from kand to kand until on Feb- 
ruary 70, 7o6§, John gentle purckaded It and planned to make kid kome 

Oikerd dettled in ike community aldo, and ike need for a 
cemetery and ckwick a/iode, Ike firdt burial occurred about i860 wken 
Jiiliam fa.Lmer owned ike land, Ike ckwick wad dtaried in 7 066 or 7 067 
(ike recordd are incomplete), Tke land wad deeded from, John penile 
and kid wife, Franced, to tke 7/iudieed of tke J'ietkodidi Qoidcopal 
(kurck, wkick kad been organised in ike community, Ike land wkick wad 
deeded wad not ike land wkere ike ckwick wad built, due to an error 
in ike land dedCJii.piJ.on, and on November 70, 78yj, ike midiake wad 
rectified by, properly describing, ikid two-acre trad on wkick ike ceme- 
ieny and i/ie Little log. ckwick one located. 

Several of tke men of tke community volunteered ilxeir 
io build tke liiile log, ckurck, Tke treed wen.e cut on ike place, vjene 
Jjiug, io tke dLte of ike cliwick by a team, tken adged, d wired of J. and 
placed in podiiion by aan power, .uite different t Jiom ike building, of 

• J rior io ike twin of tke century, many of tke older deiilerd 
kad padded away and were buried in tke cemetery. Some of ikeir graved 
were marked wiik dand rock wkick doon became illegible, lAany Of. ike 
u.oung,er oeople kad left kome io work eldewkere, and at ladi ikere 
were only three memberd o^. tke ckurck left, I key digned over ike 
ckurck and cemetery property to ike community io take care o^. and pre- 
darve, Afier ikid ikere wad no Sunday School or ckurck keld reg,ularly, 
ikougk prayer meeiinyd were keld on Tkurdday nigjki, wiik dome r ike 
young, people driving, many miled to attend, I kere were double doond wiik 
a double button io fadten ikem, and more ikan once ike young, people 
would come io attend prayer meeting, only io have to return Iwme becaude 
no one knew how to open tke double button. 




• . 

. L - ' 



■..'■.- • , 







'■ '• 





• ' 











About ike iujux of ike ceniuA.ii, a S/ioiken, h\itckell of ike 
Salvation /\nmy waA ken.e. He conducted ike AQJiviceA and kLd dauvvteA. 
placed ike iar<h eJiineA . J kite ke iuua ke/ie he AtaAjted Sunday Sckooi 
and woa AupeAiniendent duyiLna kit Aiau. 

I (TO 

A few yeajxA paaded, and in 1 c jQk Aome nepajui wo/ik woa done, 
Cne Loo,, ilxe second fjiom ike boiiom on ike no/iik Aide, woa pPMctLcaity 
deAtxoyed and fiad io be ziepZaced. Je tell of. ikiA occasion in ine 
wondA o^ Q. Q fjenJvjnA: "J woa J,uAi tujelve yeojiA old and kad come wiik 
fa to get Aome logA f/iom /ifo, hlaieen. io kelp build Long, ?n.aJjiie (kuJick. 
l'!/i, lateen, woa cleaning, oust Aome woocLa and we came oven, io haul i/ie 
logA, Jown ike /load waA ikiA log, ckunck and Aome men outride. I key. 
ioid fa aboui ikein, txouble — ikey kad come io rxepiace a bio, log, out 
ike man wko woa io kaul it couldn'i come — ao ?a Aatd we'd iake iime 
in kelp 'era Qui, and djiove ike ieam ikai djiug ilxe log, oven, io ike. 
diujickf kade me feel pn.eiiy gjiown up and gjood io yet io kelp. J H 
neven jo/io.ei it!" IJxJLa waA wkai woa ioid at one of tti. Olive' a kome- 
coi\iino/5 bit, (ua. 'enJzinA. 

Afte/i ike ckunck woa n.epain.ed, ikene we/ie o t -ten revival 
meetings field kene. Once a bnuAk aAbo/i woa built -pon. a a pedal meeting* 
Qal flidxa/icUon, one of ike beAi /mown counijiy p/ieadxeAA o f ^e r - r eAAon 
Qounty, and i31yike fleece, wko kad a peg. Leg, wen.e kolding ±nL& meeting, 
in vejxy waAm weaikesx. JJeA Bundy, wko lived a uanien. of a mile away, 
aiwatiA coA/xied waien. to ike meetuxq, in a ceadn bucket, A o,ouA.d waA 
uAed io dnJung, fjiom, but on ikiA pa/iticulaA. occaAion ke foAg.ot to bnlno, 
i/ie g,ound, fleece, oa ikey coiled kirn, wanted a djxink and cAked wken.e 
ilxe ground waA. Ike Aepiy woa ikai it kad been ^jo/igoiien and. ke would 
kave io dbxinJ<. out o ^ ike bucket. Ike bail ikai kad been on ike bucnet 
kad been ioAt and ziepiaced wiik a wi/ie bail. Jken i'h. 'Recce tipped up 
ike budget io dkink ike wijie bail fell oven, ike back o^ kLo kead and 
a p/iactLcally full bucket of wateji waA emptied in kiA ^ace. Q/en.ybody 
kad a g,ood taugk, including, "fleece", wko kad io kave kelp getting, ike 
budiei off IiiA kead. 

/'.any yea/iA eiapAed duning, wlxick revival me&UsijsJ we/xe neld 
at ike ckufxdx but no Aegulan. AeJiviceA. 3y 7^J2 ilxe dxiuxdi woa Acal^y 
in a bad condition. I ke dooAA we/ie gone, ike ftoof kad f.aiien in, 
ilxe floon. kad riotted ikjiougjx and two of ike aLLLa needed /iep 'lacing. Ike 

nelohbond w/w met to nepaln the chunch wene: lm yneen, Q'zanley lioone, 
d, Jav.Ld, Cjconxe Baldnidae, Rodlei ynefn, 'JeJUiy, Jlldiamd, 'Roy yneen, 
rlojuiu Quip, Qal Cjendled, Odcxjui Cen^Jed, Ben lloodwondh and Jll&y. yneen, 
7/ieu aLio put in a new celling fidded. In between the. lo^6 widn 
cliinklno,, put In new wlndo\>)d, whitewashed the woddd and ne.piac.ed the 
dLdd und.en the {.Loon., The. nelghbon women b nought dlnnen, ana. eveny 
bodu had a o.ood time, Inn. B, Javis made a aood talk at. noon* Aa the. 
oaoud wad tcddiina, one of the men, fco.ii.en. ^neen, dald "J wcnden 
o.<- ud hene iodaii wLil be the tin/,i one planted hene, " Hot too many. 


yeand .Laden he mad mundened by. a bungdcn and became, the plndi of that 
oA-oup to bunted in the cemet.enu. 


Afden the wonk on the clwneh In 1^32, th.e community wad 
dnaujn cdoden too.ethen, fi'iana had. attended a nevlvcd at Salem Chunch, 

CO ^ 

aboud two and a half redded nandheaAi op id. Olive, and unyed that a 
meeidna, be held at Id. Olive, to cannu on the o,ood wonk. One wad, 

o Off 

and -.only pennon/) wene b nought to Qhnldt, ^yaln neyudan denvlced wene 
held fan tujo on tlxnee aeant beZone iheu wen,e discontinued, 

About 7°j/ on 7'/j8, two ladies op the community, feeding, 
thai the a'liddnen of. the neldnJ?onhood should have a place to yo to 
Sunday School, decuned help and ne.palA.ed t/ie chunch and dtanied a 
Sunday School which wa^ held in the a'^iennoon. Snoi/ien I'llchael, now 
deceaded, a Union Sunday ScJioot mlddlonany, helped onaanlze a Union School, which Incneaded in dlze oa the u.eand went bu* 

On Auaiuit 7$, 79^2, 'Roy Q, Qneen, (ad penile and [puntney 
jneen, who wene elected inudieed o r Hie cemeteny, leaded the nead ediaie 
to //, u. ) addend unden the name and diode ot I nudteed o.- the hit, Olive 

cf I I 

In&dxodldt (pldcopal (Jiunch, which ieade wad addlyned to tlxe Kewanee 
oil Compani :-oldowtno, wlilch a coiniaunLtizaiJ~on aojieement wad entened 
Into and aid wed-U wene dnidded on the oO-acne inacd o r w/ilch the chunch 
yand and ce.ieieny one a pant. AlthouoA the CiethodLdi (Jzunch wad not 
■.-uncilonlno, ana mone, the moneu. wad paid to the inudieed, wno udea- id 

I a O * at ' 

on the cemetenu, I hede inudieed liave dince padded away on moved away 
and, the oil weld wad abandoned.; howeven, a don of one of the fon>aen 
Inhabiianscd ot the conmunltu. llomen 'ohndon, hid don Venne and hid 
nephew Cjene, ane diiid In c/ianae o^ the cemeteny and the chunc/i nelpd 
keep It In aood condition. 

On l°ko at the /'Jew lean' a Jatch Sesivi.ce. a AiartecL 
I Ixene were JJ conventions and Aeveral young, mannied coupler Atanted 
asttenoUjxg. the Sunday. Sclxool. Qxurck AcnviceA were held pent time, 
and Jut was tlxeir desire to have, a church home* On tailing a vote, it 
wcla found ilxc.i the. majority o r tkoAe voting. pne.feAA.ed to -foist the. 
general Baptist denomination and ao tt was done, on /'lay 7 J, 7^J, ana - 
the. cixurck wcla ongani^ed undesi the name, of "/>it, Olive yenenal baptist 
(Jiurdx, " 

Although there La a new Aanctuary neon comptetton op w/xick 
£xe i.ieijib ens cine, pnoud, Atill the. little tog, chunc/i iA very aeon to 
the. keartA op aLL in the. communitu. They intend to keep it in good 
repair and to use Jit aA a clxapel of pnayen and fon meetings of the 
chunch. i'Je. intend to neptace the logs aA nece^Aary and to take cane of 
ana. keep ilxe tittte tog. aA long, oa circumstances will permit, 
I kiA is the only tog. ckurclx building, a tilt Aianding, in Jefferson Qpunty, 


I ke Virginia State Library, Richmond Virginia, AtateA that 
the. Revoiutionara Reconds Akow thene wene ikiriu-Aeven ...en named 1<\oaa 
on tke rolls of the. AnchiveA of the Virginia State Lihnany wko Aenved 
in the. Revolutionary , Ian, At Alexandria, V irgXnia, at the Old QxniAt 
Qxunclx wkere Cjeong,e \)askington uAed to wonAlxip iA a tablet "On memony 
o r Lieutenants Jiiliam I>\oaa (and three othenAj wko wene ike mLiitory 
eAcont at ike funeral of general Qeorye JaAlxingJ:on. " 

Ransom I<\oaa woa bonn in Louisa (aunty, Virginia, in 7J^o t 
rle hioved to fjallatin, I ennesAee, with IxiA two brothers, Qato and jesAom 
I'.oaa, and one Aisier, a t>\ns. Amvent, I ke broiherA and ilxe Aisier 
Aiayed in I eixneAAee. Jkile there, Ransom manried hiisA Susan (hanioite 

Ransom I<\oaa and his young, wife, wkom ke called (JxaAx?icjLte, 
were among, ilxe first to Aettle in fj efferson Qounty, OLLinois, I key 
built, ilxein ikree-fourtkA of a mile due eciAl of wi'iat is now 
Ola. j/iilok (ejaetes.y in ike Apning, of 7u7o in what was tlxen an unknown 
fOnesi. I ke only other people fon miles were Zadok QaAey and wipe, 
wlxo kad Aettled a mile Aout/wjesi of them, in i/'xe pall of lo'IJ, Zadok' a 


bnoiken Oaaglc and ton William had Aeiiled in whai iA now /'H* Vennon on 
ike Apning, of 7877, 

lux> c/uldnen wene bo/m in JeffenAon Qouniy io lianAom and 
Qkanoleiie lib/iA, LuciLLiuA Q, and Sudan I'b/iA, QkoAoleiie died in ike 
cabin in Apnily 7820, and woa laid io neAi on Apnil 7 k, 7820, in Old 
Skilok Qemeieny, being, ike fijiAi pennon bu/iied in ikai cemeieny; in 
faci, henA woa ike finti (kniAiian bunJual in JeffenAon Qouniy, Hen. 
deaik woa ike occasion fon. ike locaiion and laying, oui of ikai bunial 
place^ lianAom iook ike iwo childnen back io 7 enneAAee afien ike funenal 
on konAeback io hiA nelaiLveA io keep, ikey being, veny young, and ne- 
ojjijLing, aiieniion ka could noi beAiow, 

lianAom [th*4, now a widowen, cou/iied and laien mannied Anna 
JohnAon, a daugkien of LewiA JohnAon, pioneenA in Skiloh I ownAhip who 
moved ikene in 787$. Ike cenemony wad penfonmed bg Uncle Billy, /'kvcey, 
a JMAii.ce. of ike peace, on July 6, 7827, 7 keg one Aaid io have been 
ike fuiAi couple mannied in JeffenAon Qouniy, Anna JohnAon ft\oAA had 
been bo/m in ike Aiaie of Vinginia on May 6, 7"] Q 8, ao *ke waA one day 
olden ihan hen husband, 

HanAom and Anna Aeiiled in kLd old log, cabin fon. one yean. 

and iken ke bougki eigkiy acneA one-half mile Aouik of Zadok QaAey and 

buili hiA second log cabin, Hene ke naiAed hiA family and lived uniil 

on AuguAi 7, 78^5 ke paAAed away and waA bunied ai Old Skilok Qemeieny 

betide hiA finAi wife. He woa only ikiniy-Aeven at ike iime of hiA 

I o lianAom and bbAA wene bonn Aeven c/uldnen: IkomaA L, (who 
mannied Sanak BnocK J key wene ike paneniA of W, D, />bAA and gnand- 

paneniA of £d B, i'bAA. ); JameA F, (who mannied a Bnock and moved io 
JenAey Qouniy); William Hanvey (who died In ike /'lexicon Jan); Qapiain 
'John Hiley I'Ioaa (who mannied Tanmelia Q, Allen and who woa ike fai/ien 
of Nonman IiIoaa, aiionney); £ligabeih (who mannied Hanmon Hinman fuiAi 
and whoAe Aon woa Bob Hinman; the laien mannied 'Rev, 'John £1MaJ; 

Amanda (who mannied John B, Piency and who woa ike moiken of Nonman 

Piency, aiionney); and Nancy, (who mannied JameA Q, lnax.ey and who 

woa ike moiken of On, fijaxey), 

§nandmoihen Anna />bAA lived io be °2 yeanA of age, died 

in. Ociohen, 78<jO, and woa bunied ai Oahvood Qemeieny, /Hi. Vennon. 

— By (d B. fib** 


7H£ QiUk(H OF 7Hi NAZAR£N£ 

On Novemben, 1^21, a Home, ftlLd*ion £yang,ell*tlc fanty came to 
I'bL Vernon, OUlnolt, fnom ike (kicago Qeninal DiAtnlci and held a 
meeting. In ike 'Jeffenton Qounty count koute, Ike gnoup contltted of 
Rev. (kanlet 8/iown, DiAtnlci Superintendent, 'Rev. (dna MeLU Hoke, 
evanyetitt, accompanied by $, 0. Hoke and ike Aeolin Qua/dtei, On 
'Januany 8, 1^22, a numb en. of. people onaanlged ike Qhunck of ike 
Naganene, wltk Rev, (kanlet Bnown pnetidlny, 

Ike. elakieen ckanten member* we/ie a* follow*: I , L, Bo*well, 
Lot* Bo*weJUL, A, N, iHcKnew, AJlhe/ii iDilllam*, Ova William*, Leia William*, 
Ha^el William*, Nancy. Adam*, Liggle Solomon, (jfP-^ Solomon, Opal Sola- 
man, (lanence HeAten, OULie HeAten, Q. A. Deulaney, £tkel Deulaney, 
Ray Sinkt, %okn Qiocken., Lola golden, Ike meeting, continued in ike 
count koute and tevenal Sunday tenvlce* wene conducted* Befone ike 
memben*Iilp ckanten wat doted Q/a Adam* and Leona William* jjolned, 
making, a total memben*hlp of twenty. 

Ike fln*i ckunck bound wat alto elected on ^anuany 8, 1^22, 
wiik Rev, Bnown pnetldJiny, Thote elected to tenve wene: Secfieiojiy, 
Alb eat William*; ln.ejatun.en, Nancy Adam*, Sunday School Superintendent, 
Albert WlLLlamt; A**l*iani Sunday Sukool Superintendent, Q A. Deulaney; 
Inutteet: A. //. lAcKnew, T, L, Bo*well, Q. A. Deulaney, (lanence 
HeAten, Alhent William*; Stewand*: Nancy Adam*, Lizzie Solomon, Ollie 
HeAten.; Ii\embentklp (jommliiee: Ollie Hetten, Lizzie Solomon, fokn 

Soon a ckunck building, wot nenied fnom ike UnlverAaliti 
people, at 11 ik and Jordan Since!*, and Sunday School and wonthlp 
tenvlce* began. Rev, Alhent foknton wa* called io be. ike finti potion, 

Afien about tix. monikt i/ie Unlven*ali*i* atked fan ikein 
building, and ikut ike. Nazanene* wene without a place io wonthlp, 
Meeting* u>ene iken keld in vanlout home* fon a time. Rev. £♦ O t 
(kalfani, DiAtnlci Superintendent, attended tevenal tenvlcet in the 
hornet and neali^ed ike unaeni need of a permanent ckundi building, 
fon ike congneyailon; ik.ene.fone, It a/at decided io build a iah ennacle, 

A ten-yean leate wat obtained on a lot located at IC-tk and 
renkint fnom £lmen Hale, and a tab ennacle wat enecied, f'lany friend* 
and nelailvet of ike chunck menbent donated labon } and by winter, the 


building, woa nead.y fan. uAe. On Januany 22, 7°2J f a note, woa /tinned 
at ike. JeffenAon State Bank fan, 2476,58 to meet ike. lamb en biih By 
fi'lay, 7J24, the note woa paid In full, A dedication. Aenvlce woa field 
Aoon afte/uuand with Rev. (hoJLfant JLn c/ianae, 

A/iound the yean i c j26 a Lot woa punckaAed at 11 ih and RenhlnA 
fo/i ^'750,00 caAh, Ike iabennacle wo* moved to thlo location and /ie- 
malned until 1935 when It woa to/in down and the p/ieAent chunck built, 
unden the paAtonate of. Rev, £. Q HeAte-i, Ike new ckiuick at thJUd 
loccJJUon woa mode poAAlble thnough mack Aacnlflce of the membenA and 

A kome located at 1105 RenhlnA became the flnAt panAonaye, 
but Lt laten woa Aold and the pn.eAent panAonaae woa punckaAed at 817 
South l8tk Stneet, 

I ke flnAt /'llAAlonany Society woa onganlr.ed In Octoben, 1928, 
and Julia Stanley woa appointed RneAldent by 'Rev, (halfant, 

I ke following, mlnlAtenA kave dewed oa paAtond, supply 
paAtonA and local p/ieackenA of tklA Alhent JoknAon, Ralph 
Rice, Alhent I'JltUamA, H. Leslie FneelA, Delia f>\ Smith, Johnnie 
Dance, £lmen Nelson, Qlanence HeAten, ThomaA S.nlden, Q, £» Rendny, 
David flilby, l }. ?. FoAten, Raul U, Lee, i'J. £ AlLUon. 

I ke following, kave gone out to p/ieack the go a pel fnom the 
chunck: JameA Qampbell, (ante R, Qampbell, Albent iJllllamA, Lenten 
Oatkout, (ant V, MllltamA, Roy Sklfley, li/alten feudley, f'Jelvln % DavJU, 
Q, H, Skelton, Ralpk Taylo/i, John Dowdell, yentnude §ultl, I'JllllamA 
Qampbell, Qlanence H eaten., Fnank Roney, Raymond Hogue, Lennle Staley, 

Dunlng. the yeanA many ImpnovementA kave been made on the 
chunck pno pentleA, On 7°67 an annex, building, and lot woa punckaAed 
at 77th and llenbent fan. a /lecneatlonal centen and panhlng, Apace, 

Ike appnoxJumate p/ieAent membenAnlp of ihlA chunck Ju& 770, 


Ike exact date thld chunck woa onganl^ed 1^6 not Ivwwn, Ot 
Ia on necond of being, koAt to the annual Baptist AAAOclatlon In the 
yean 7858, Ot l^ p/ieAumed the chunch exlAted fan. c^ulte Aome time pn.e- 
vIoua to tluui date. 


The finti minuiet on ziecond one of 7862, Hew Hope had no 
potion, at ikat time* f']etteng,ent to ike. Atto elation wene John W alien 
and i'Jilltam Spencen. The chunch memb enthip at ikJUi time, wot tixty-one, 
(he. attociational necondt Ixad banned. pn.eviout to ikiA date. 

The chunch f t ftnit building, wat of. log, tinuctune located In 
tlie nonikeatt connen, detcnibed at ikat time oa the Qwttnoaolt, now 
t/ie intent ectijon of. ike Boyd and Tiichview lloadt, tix. miles) nonthwett of 
I 'it. Vennon, On 7872, ikit land wat deeded to the chunch, to nemain 
at tuck uniett it ceased to be a place of wonthip: then taid land 
to nevent to the fonmen ownent, IMrru Q, Webb and lit* wife, f'-any 1% 
J ebb. 7 he tnutteet of ike chunch wene 3 Mac Hill, Urn. ?, Fit en, and 
'John i'J, fJathint. 

On 7o7<? the chiuich voted to build a new chunch houtc They, 
voted to build a fname building, of wood, neon to ike log. chunch. The 
committee appointed contitied of Joteph I . Payne, J. & Oniven, H, j* 
ttolUclaw, John i ! J. l'Jat/tiru>, and iiJilliamton Q. Webb. The canpenten 
wat 'John Jillid, and hid wonk waA to aood ikat ike building, iA ttL~l 
in fine condition, 

A vote wat taken to move ike chunch one aid. a half, milet 
nonikeatt, neaji ike twitch at Webb Station. (At ikU time Webb wot a 
ikniving, villaye, with butinett placet, a nailnoad and tiation, I he. 
Jacksonville Railnoad nan fnom ike Louitville and Nashville r Aailnoad 
at Dnivent, no/iik and wettenly iknougk 'J ebb and Boyd to ^aclitonville. 
The "Jack" njaitnoad wot io/m up, tianiing, eanly on a Sunday manning, in. 
7^02. J On 788% Williamton Q. I'Jebb (hU wife, ina/iu/n., wot deceased) 
deeded land in ike town of Webb to be ike pnopenty of ike chunch foneven. 
I he builoLuw. wat moved at ikat time io Ltd p/tetent location, 

Qhanten membent of ike chunck one nx>t known, but eanly namet 
include: JilliamA, //ill, Fnoti, Aeynoldt, Henton, Spencen, /<odgMn, 
Hobentt, Jjondnen, Dniven, Bnyant, Fullen, J ebb, I'.anthall, yneen, 
MlilMjon, Waikint, Fit en, lionet, (hamp ) (Jatey, Qiamnett, Payne, 
IncQuine, HodneA, Black, Stanley, I'Jeathenfond, Holitlcw, Pipe/t, fjnaland, 
Feno,uton, (Jhlet, I'lelloit, [baton, Talboit, Stoven, King, Jannen, Bough, 
Riley, Inoone, and PnociAe. 

Potions fnom 7866 include: Thomat J. Bunion ( 7 866 -7 S] 2), 
B, Dc Qtmon (7o72~7877J, Joteph 7", Payne (ike finti mini a ten on necond 


■ ■' 


. ' ■ 





to /lave been ondained in ike cliunck in lS]o, He was called as pasion. 
ike same yean. at. a salany of #60 a yean, laicn. noised to # 700 pen. yean. 
He senved. a* potion. also in 7887, 7onJ-7o8^ and 7<jO£f-7<}08. ), y. H. 
hiunnay (1882), 0. i'J. Hay, (7885), Col Plckandson (7886 and l^l-lStf), 
(nock Beat (79OO), (Iden. Pnlnts [7907 J, SinuA Butlen. (7<j02-7<}03), Am- 
brose flanskbung.en. ( '7909-1 "?70j, (Men. Hall (7977 ), hnank L Kann (7972, 
7975-7976 and 7938-79^0), %. B. Halt (7973), Panl6 0. Tittle (W7)> 
(f. L. 'Jondan (7978), Q H. (alvin (7979), 0. L /honey (7920-7927), 
Raymond i'Jalhen. (7922), .7. %, Andenson (7923-792k), P. H. %e (79?5), 
%. D. Bunion (7927-7928), Bind Qn.een (7930-7937), (JLan.en.ce §n.een. (7933~ 
7 93?), 6 $• (novens ( 7 9^ 7 ~ °^^ while pasion), Poyrnond Pien.ce (79^2), 
(jyn.uA .K Moulding, (79^3), David goddand (79M), L A. Adam* (79^5' 7 9^9, 
795^), Paul (alllas (7950), I'lelvin (kambJUcss (7937), Byfond King. (795?), 
gene Auxlen. (7953), Kelvin N. London (7955-7956), VLnglil Bonn. (7957), 
( Joe Sledye (7958), Douylas (ox. (7959-7960), Sam /'IcQoy (supplied often, 
nesignatlon of. DougUas (ox.), Bale Bnookman (7967-7962), 

(lecinlcity came to ike wiik ike coming, of Pusial 
(lectnlflcatlon in 7938* A new noof was placed on ike and ike 
building, painted in 79^2. A kandwood floon. was Loud in 79^3* rilso in 
t/ie W4 an all-punpose noad was built to i/ie ckunck. On 7950 concnete 
steps, walks, insulation and a new ceiling, wene added. 

On 795^ unden. ike leadenskip of ike potion, L. A., ike 
c/iLUick voted to build an educational buildino, ol eiojit At this 
tiixe an oil funnace was installed, neplacing, ike old coal stove wliick 
sat in ike middle of ike noom. This pnoyect was completed ike same 
yean, debt 

On 7959 new pews and pulpit funnltune neplaced t/ie onlglnal 
funnltune. On 7967 unden. ike leadenshlp of ike pasion, Dole Bnoo.vaan, 
ike voted to build a new entnance to tlxe cJxunch. A vestibule, 
nunsenu and classnoom wene added, heated ba elecinlcitiu 

Ike ckunck has a nesident me/tibenshlp of. 705, ^ a memben. of 
ike Salem Souik Baptist Association; it sponsons Sunday ScJiool, I nainina 
Onion, Bnoikenkood, U omen's i'lissionany Society, Vacation Bible ScJiool, 
and is enied at ike Baptist Assembly at Pidy.ecn.est, Honik (ano- 
lina. Oi also contyiibutes to coopenaiivp missions and idle Baptist 
(hlld/ien' s Home at (amnl, Oilinold. 


Tkit ckijuick firtt kad. preac/Una only, one Sunday. eack month. 
I ke potior would come on ike train and tpend Ike weekend, Later, when. 
;cke railroad lept J ebb, ke would be met at Driver*, at ike L & ll Sta- 
tion. On the late 7^0' t, one-kalf preac/iing, time wot voted in. On 
1953} a full-time potion wot called, and ike ckujick continue* ikit 

£a/ily member* of. iki.* diurck kelped oryonize ike Uoodtawn 
Bapiitt (kurck in 7oJ1 ', and later DriveJit Baptist (kurcJx in 7o9J. 
blany member moved ikei/i membe/itliip to tiiete ckurcke* nearer their 

New Hope id p/ioud to kave among, iit active membertkip many, 
of ike detcendanit of ike early ckujick. 

On 7<?j6, old tckoolmaie* of ike firtt iJebb School, whtck 
tiood in ike wood* no/itk of ike ckurck on ike Rome-SLilok lowntkip 
Road, onaajniy.ed a komecoming, at iki* church, to be keld ike. fir^i 
Sunday in September, Ike firtt committee in charye wo* F/iank i^J oilier, 
^Idridae 11 ebb and fatten, ^reer. Tke Twenty-tixtk Annual /lomecoming., 
under ike tpontortkip of ike ckurclx, wot on tke firtt Sunday in Septem- 
ber, 7<?62. 

(7 alien from 'Ike (an. Skop i) kittle" 'January 8, 7 J 59, $*• Vernon 
RegXtier-Hewt article bated on a ialli by Onion fletcalf before ike 
Rotary and Lion* clubt ikat week. ) 

Ike potting, of tke tieam wkitile from ike Fit. Vernon tcene 
mai\et a yieat difference in ike noite of any day — especially Hew 
yeoji't Q/e. Forty yeart ayo, New !/ear r t £ye wat bedloun. farentt 
uted ;to wake up ike ckildren to they could keor ike old. year out and 
ike new year in, 

I ke cor tkop w/'iitile would blow — it kad a wildcat tiren 
and alto a deep bat*, Tke finiiting. factory and tlie t/we factory 
wl Utile* would add tkeir tkrillt. Jkere were firecracliert, tkotyunt, 
cowbcllt and ckurck bell*, i'ext to ike cor tkop wkitile, i/ie loudeti 
tounat were made by wkitile* of ike locomotive*. On ilw*e dayt ike 
L & N kepi two twitck enyinet in f)i. Vernon, and ike Q & £ and tke 




I ■ 

• ■■ ■ 

'.-'■■• . S ' .. . .■• . : - ' ■ ■ 

, i . ': - ' ■ ■■ ■ • ' 

. . . . '■■■•■. ' ■ 

• ■ 


. l> 




. ^ 



Southenn had dwitch ennined. The I'J Q & I'J paddenyend and fneiakt enained 
wene both hene ovennight. The, can dhopd had two switch enyined and a 
dteam tnaveling, cnane. The L & N and Southenn each had paddenaen and 
fneiojht accommodation tnaind te/vninaJJUng, hene* /hat'd eleven big, dteam 
whittled to add to New !/ean r d din, 

Nowadays the dteam engine it in the museum, I he died eld pull 
duc/i big. fneught dtningt thai, they, alto have time to do all the twitch- 

. On 7J7o the dmokettackt fnom the many, locomotive* and the 
can. dhopt, twitting, factony and dhoe factony belc/ied black dmoke day, 
and night, Qutlgent §ad and (lecinlc (ompany banned coal to pnodi/.ce 
electnJLcily with Ltd dynamos, and fan. the iown'd yat maint, Ot had 
boilend which dent hot waten thnouyh pulped in iunneld thnouyh the 
budinett dittnlct to heat dionet and netidencet of many on ^ondan, 
Tenth and No nth Stneett, and downtown chunched* i hey told, 'Don t 
complain about the dmoke, , , it meanto pnodpenity, " 

On W8 /'bt, Vennon had only %800 population, jjudt about half 
of thode who live hene today. 

The can. dhop whittle wad uded ad a fine alanm, I he wildcat would dhxlek devcnal timed and then give a denied of dhont blot it 
to tell what pant of town the fine wad in. Two bljodtd meant the fine 
wad in wand two, deven meant wand deven, and do on. At vanlout placed 
in town thene wene fine alanm On cade of fine one opened the 
do on and pulled dawn a lev en, That dtanted an electnical cincuit that 
nana a bell in the old fine bann on 77th Stneet, acnodd fnam the Olli- 
noit Hotel, The fine dniven — who wad the only full-time fine depart- 
ment employee — would phone the can dhopd, on hid wife would*,^ to tell 
them the wand to blow. Then he would back the big, team of fine handed 
unden tlie nack of liannedd hanyiny down fnam the celling* On about two 
minuted he would have them hitched and would dnive out with bell 
clanging,. By that time the can dhop whittle would be blowing, calling, 
the volunteen finemen (paid by the fine), I hey would come nunnlng, fnam 
dioncd and banben dhopd to the nonthwedt connen of the dauane, whene 
the fine wayon would be d topped with bell clanying, and handed pnanciny, 
i'Jhen two on thnee had jumped on, the wayon would dtant out at what 
deemed then to be bneahneck dpeed, Meanwhile, the pendon who pulled 




■ • 




s . 


the fJuie a-lanm box lev en. woa AuppoAed to wait ihe/ie. and tell ike. ■^Jjie- 
men wken.e the biage woa. Of couaac by. 7° 78 mo4t fuieA wen,e xe.pont.ed. 
by, telephone, . . ..but ike can. Anop wkLiile blew i'le. wjacU ;,ua£ ike dame. 

I ke/ie wen.e time* when Aome of ike. voliuiteo/i fuiemen aot 
into t!ie poken, o.ame with iJx e fJuie chief Jin. ike. basement of ju.a bono en. 
Akop on. ike nonJk of. ike Acuane and ike fuie. wayon would be aIow 
in Atanttno^ 3i woa /leally. Aomeikiny to tee tkoAe fellowA come n,unniny, 
Tkey would Awiny onto ike mmniny boand. of ike fl/i.e wojyon and put on 
tketn. bunken. auOa oa they, kuny on witk one kand. Of ike ^Jjie waox>n 
tunned no/iik on, Aoutk ikey kad a Iwnd time kanglny on oa iliey pounded 
oven, ike ziouyk cobble AioneA witk wkick Jth, 70th and 72th AiyieelA 
we/ie paved. 

Once at ike fin,e, ikey fought it muck oa today, except ik.ey 
kad no pump* and uAed only ike pn,eAAun.e of ike waten, main* I key got 
wet and cold and fnogen, j,uAt tike ike boy* do today, 3 kave been 
to.ld of one whoAe clothing, pioge oa he fought ike fisie wlitch deAtywyed 
ike cupola on ike old kigk AckooJL H e aot pneumonia and died, 

7ken,e wen,e bell* in all ike AckoolA and. ch.un.ckeA, Je knew 
iliera by Aound, HowadayA ikeJie an.e no /school bellA — only. yonyA, 
lken,e an,e Atill belLd, including one wlitck Zadoh. QaAey gave 
tlxe Fi/iAi I'leihodjudi (kunck oven, a kunxbied yeanA aao. 

Ike Jabayjk, QieAien. and ^eAienn whittle* kad ikeisi own 
ckaruacten, I kcAe enyineA mutt kave come fnom ike Qivil Ja/i* Ikey 
kad bellmouik AmokeAiackA and kigk dnive wkeeld, I ke I'J Q & 11/ woa 
AuppoAed to nxm fnom the .^abaik Riven, at Tenjie Haute to QieAien. and 
on to the JeAi, hence Ha name, 3t woa always in financial AinatiA. 
3i woa ioken oven, by ike i'liAAounl. 'Pacific, and Joined ike Q & £ 3 and 
Souihenn in converting to dieAelA. Aften. ike L & N tunned to oil, 
ikene IvoAn't been a Aieam locomotive wkiAtle tknougk ke/ie, 

3i woa befo/ie 3 wad bonn. that iken.e woa a whittle at ike ax 
handle faciony. 3i employed men, but didn't do too well 
fjjrwunciolly. 7 key tell me that AometimeA ikey kad to pay off in ax 
kandleA, Ton. one ax handle you could Awap fon. two pounds of cofaiee. 
On, talie one pound of coffee and yet a katcket kandle on. two tack 
kandleA in. chaaye, 

l'\y father, John \). Meicalf, who L* 85 and can kandly walk be- 
cause of a bnahexL /u.p, iA rompiaJ n Inn bemuse somebody koA bonjiowed IiiA 

■ ■. . ■ , . 



.■ . 

"■ - ■ i 





: ' 




g,enulne ax.-kancU.e-' facto ry-ax and failed to return lt» He told me that 
he went to the. ax. handle factory to select the ax handle and then took 
Jit downtown to the Herdman Blacksmith Shop — where FlAst National Sank 
now has Its drive-in building, — and had Herdman put on the ax blade 
and wedae it. Dad used ihi>a ax ton. almost sixty. years, 

fie said they, must .have given him a left-handed Iiandle, be- 
cause he could hardlu even hit. within six. incites of whe/ie he was alr,iina; 
but it was practically an antloue, and he liked it. He say^i he Li 
willing, to accept the ax back from who even, borrowed it — with no 
ues;tlons axed. 

N& U&t (t-O'cW) (HUliQi 

The first general BaptLat gsioup to be onaanlged into a church 

in 'Jefferson (ounty, Olllnols, was onaanl^ed by Qlder Q Sprouse, 

assisted by deacons ( J, U, />)cQonnauahay and Qua! i'<icQonnaugJiay at Lowery 

School House in Farrlngton Township on the 28th day of February, loo5» 

hoLLowino, Is from the minutes of. the organisational service: 

State of Illinois 
{Jefferson (ounty 

I he following, named persons met tog,etJier. and after examina- 
tion of the Q'tristians present as to character ana splrLtual experience, 
all being, -jound worthy was organized into a church of general Baptists*, 
having, adopted the articles of facth and rules of decorum of the general 
ostptlsts of the Union Cjrove Association of Southern Illinois to be 
known a& New Home (hunch. 

Organisation was under the direction of (Ider q Sprouse and 
deacons £, J, hicQpnnaugJxay and (furl /ilcQonnaugJiay, who accepted the 
■lollowlng, as charter members: J, {'). /ilcQonnaughay, Nancy hlc(onnaughay, 
Ifames Lowery, Inary Lowery, John Qnove, Lydia £, ynove, Featherson Doty, 
^ohn I'icQonnaugJiay, Nancy A, h)c(j>nnaughay, Qeorg,e /ilcQonnaughay, Qurl 
/'.cQonnaughay, Joualas i'lcQpnnaughay, /'lory Qornsiuoble, f'lary £, Donoho, 
hiartha Scott, Susan Smith, 'Patsy Jood, Florence Joty, and Love Boudl- 
not, Qio'.er ^. Sprouse was chosen for first pastor, 

I he onl^Junal gAoup first worsliipped in the Loiuery School 
house, ujvtil a new churc/i building, was constructed on a plot of ground 
sLLuaied In Section 12, Farrington Township, Jefferson (ounty, JUlnols, 
~>ome of the gjioup of workers said, 'VJe have a new churc/i to worship in 






: , 




now and Auo/ieAt we name. it Hew florae, " I he oikenA aoyieed on tkat name, 
HoweveAf to ilxiA day it JL4 4iJJUL called Lowen.y oa well a4 /Jew rlome, 

I ke gjvoup pn.04pen.ed In ike new building, uncien. ike leadenAnip 
of succeeding. miniAienA until ike yean, of 7^76, wken ike oniginal 
building, was remodeled and enlanjged to accommodate ilxe enlanned con- 
g/ieg,aiion, I hiA building, woa nxiged in ike yean, of 7 ^^-7^0 and a 
new concnete building, woa ejected, 

Jue to ike destruction of ike onJugJUnal ckujick second book 
by. fUjie, ike /leconcU ex.cept ike minuieA of o/iganigaiion cannot be 
obtained uniil ike minutes of September J, 7^76, following, one 4ome 
of ike paAionAf 4ome taken fnom memon.y of olden. membenA; (ylden. q, 
SpnouAe, D, H, \Joung, lorn. Fanmen. f Qeon.g,e (ilcQpnnaugkay, Dave iJendell, 
i'loAon Rickandson, li/. { J, I'JkiiAeii, 11 Q, Butcken, i/J, \J), < RuA4ell ) B, (\ 
6ua/L4 t rjlraen. Kelcken., Q/ianville /ilcQonnaugkay, Delbeni. §off, I om Dilli- 
ne/if 3 en BnadAnaw, AuAiin Donoko, §len />)u4gsiaveA, Qien Qikenidge, flay. 
yOknAon, 'J* L, I'lcJonald, iiensUii SinJLckLand, { JeA4e /-lilleA, and Holla 
Qile/i (ike pneAeni paAion.), 

—By /'MA, Vo/Us Qoil 
KeeneA, Oil* 

:'..-.- ■ ■ .. .. . . . i 

.' - • ■ ' ■ - ... 

• . ' • . - I , •-. • ■ ' 

■ - • ■ '■ ■• ■ ' •■ -'-'•••- 

' ' ' • ....... : '- ■ - 

, ■ .' , . 

.....'■ , . . , . 

'. : •' . ' . ' 

■•'.'.. . , •■ 




■ . .. 

. ' ■ . 

■ ' 

'. -•■., ,. 


Ozank AiA LineA, One, ujo* incoApoAuied undeA ike la*w of 
ike Siaie of i>lui*ouAi on Sepiem.beA 7, 79*3, io engaae in out iAon*- 
poniaiion of a local *en.vice nai'vie, Shonfljy iken.eafi.eA ii. applied io 
ike QlvaJL Aenonauiic* Bo and foA aiiikoniiy io enyag.e in *chedi'l.ed aui 
iAan*poniaiion of peA*on*, pnopeniy and mail in inieA*iaie commeA.ce. 
Afien. exien*ive heoAina* and liiiaaiion exiending, oven. 4 even yeaA*, 
Ozcuik wo* ceniificaied a* a local *eAvice outline on c Juiy 28, 795^* 

OzanA wo* onioJnally ojianied a iem.pon.ajuj. ihAee.~yeaA ceniifi- 
caie of fublic Convenience and A'eie**i+y whJick wad Aenewed j-on, five 
yeaA*. An Adt of (jongjie** in 7955, howeven., pnovided fo/i gjtnniing, 
OzanA and iwelve oiken. local *envice outline* pennianeni ceAiificaie*. 

Schedule* opeAoiion* wen.e *ianied on Sepiemben. 26, 7%0, 
wiik fo/iiy employee* and faun, Douala* OQ-J plane*. Ozanjk r * fui*i nouie 
of 285 mile* wa* beiween Si. Louud and Qhicaao wiik *iop* ai Spning,- 
field, DecaiuA. and Qhampaign-Unbana, JliinoL*. Ozank now *enve* cLLLe* 
in nine *iaie* wiik a nouie *y*iem of oven. SJOO mile*. 

I ki* outline 1 * 7967 *ummen *ckedule pnovided fon. 2§, TOG mile* 
of opeAoiion* pen. day. 0$anh ha* a fleei of Douglas* 
lQ-3'* and FaiAchild fo/iiy-pa**enaen. j,ei~pnop 

OzanA'* nxLpid yAowik u* Aefiecied in ii* Aecond of pa**eng,eA* 
flown each yean.'*ince ike *iaAi of opeAoiion*. On monik* of 
openaiion in 7950, ii flew ^,00^ pa**eng,en*; in 7957, *9,5 G 7 weJie. 
flown; in 7952, 8k,k63; in 7 95 J, 125,220; 795*, 756, 3V ! 7955, 2^7, 037; 

7956, 378,99*; 7957, 39% 337; 7958, *37,268; 7959, 5*7, 083; 7960, 

572, j?4o. OzanA flew uU iknee-millionik po**eng,eA on filoAck 70, 7 96 7, 
and ha* no accideni on ii* Aecond in flying, oven 53 million mile*. 

Of ike ikiAieen local *eAvice aJjiline* in ike (Jniied Siaie*, 
OzanA nanA* among, ike leadeA* in *iz,e of ii>6 openaiion* and in pa**enaen, 
mail and congo inaffic. Oi i* ike fjji*i and only local *eAvice outline 
openoiing, modenn j,ei-pnop auicnafi in ike f>lidwe*i. 

The outline 1 * aenenal office* and pnincipal mainienance 
ba*e one iocaied ai Lambeni Field, Si. LouLd. Anoiken mainienance 
6o*e ha* been e*iabii*hed ai liockfond, OUUunoi*, and a *econd fligki 
cnew 6a*e ai (kicaao, 


Ike ainline iA headed by Jo/iepk H, Fii^eAald, pn.eAld.eni. 
and boand memben, wko kaA a backgAOund of fifieen yeanA in comm.en.ciai. 
aviaiion, Oiken membenA of ike. boand of. di/iecionA an,e Floyd U. JoneA, 
ckainman, of S pning. field, l>]i4*ouni^ one of ih.e oni.ginal lncop-.pon.aio/i4 
of Jgank, who kaA been aA40ciaied wii/i ike inanAponiaiion buAineA* fon. 
ike paAi ikiniy-five yeanA; Anikun, Q, Heyne, *ecn.eiajiy, of Si, LouiA, 
oIao one of ike oniainal inconponaionA, a pnaciicing, aiionney and con>- 
ponaiion counAelon.; £lbeni H. Qneen, ineaAunen, 5, field, I'iiAAOuni, 
pneAideni of Richland filanufaciuning, Qompany and oIao aAAociaied wiik 
inveAimeni and finance companies; 'Jean. Paul BnaaAkaw, Aenion. vice 
pn,eAideni and g.enenxzl counsel, S pning, field, FliAAOuni, a paninen, In a 
lanae low finm and dJuiecion. of Aevenal conponaiionA; 'Rev, QuiiA A, Back- 
man, a miniAien, in £aAi fnainie, /iliAAOuni; §ienn 0, Shaven, of Si* LouiA, 
a capiain wiik O^ank; and jjinl I'J, heaven, vice pneAideni of ike Bank of 
Si, LouiA, 

Ike ainline onaanigaiion hoA gnown io oven, eleven kuna/ied 
employee*, ike majOnJLiu of whom an.e iechnicianA holding, special aeno- 
nauiical licenAeA. 

Ike name "Ogank" iA of denivaiion, Ike candy Fn,enck- 
Qanadian inappen* n.e t enn.ed io ike mouniainouA an.ea in /'iiA*ouni aA ike 
'boig. au.%. anc, " meaning, "wood fon, bow/)" negion wkene ike 0*ag,e OndianA 
found an. ex.celleni wood fon. making, ikein. bow*, Laien. i/ie QialiAk 
joined ike wond*, *ub*iiiuied leiieAA and ike. name woa *honiened io 

Ogank, " I ke O^ank yeognaphic negion includes*i of [>\L**ouni, Ankan- 
*a*, and exiend* inio Oklahoma and JUinoiA, one of ike modi beauiiful 
vacaiion anea* in ike couniny, 

Ogank Ain. LineA f conponaie insignia iA a *iyli^cd venAion of 
ike " /wallow*, " ike 'ancieni symbol of good luck, *afe inavel and 
*clieauled fligki. I ke *waliow* one claimed io be ike beAi loved bind* 
in ike wonJd. I key an.e noied fon ikein. scheduled fligkiA — anniving. 
ai ike l'iiA*ion of San Juan QapiAinano on Si. Joseph* * Day, fikuick 7°, 
wiilx clocklike negulaniiy and depaniing, on Si* Juan'* Day, Ocioben, 23, 
eack yean, *ince ike l'\i**ion woa buili in l806. 

Onaugunaiion of *en.vice by Ogank Ain. LineA in f<\i, Vennon woa 
daied Febnuany 2, 7^62, and f'li, Vennon ha* been venjy happy wiik ike 
*envice of ikiA fine ain. line, I ken.e hoA been an incn.ea*e in ike necond 
of pa**eng,en* flown eack monik *ince ike *envice woa inaugunaied. 

- • ' 


The finst Ogank plane fon, scheduled fJLuahi. touched the fitt, 
Vennon nunj.uay at 6:59 a. m. and depanted a£~J;lk a^m* on FebnuaAiy 2, 
7 Q 62, The finst flight, gjolng, no nth, had 3, 2^2 piece* of mall, weighing 
42 pound*. The second flight that day, caviled 801 pieces of mall to 
St. Lout*, the thjjid fllgjit, agaJjn yoJng, nonth, had U02 ple.ce* of 
mall. The fourth flight of the day. canAled 57 pieces of mall to St, 
Lout*, making, a total of 4, 552 piece* of mail casuu.ed by Ogank on the 
Inaiigzinal day In (kb, VeAnon. 


(Taken fnom an article In the [ftt, VeAnon Real*ten,~/Vews by 
Addison Hapeman, ) 

The gAOcejiy list of seventy-five on, mo fie yean* ago did not 
much n,esemble the canny-out of today's supenmankei* The eating, habit* 
of tlxe people wene still simple; food'was the fuel that kept the human 
engine wonJung until the next meal. Thene wa* no need fan, a lange 
stone full of fancy The Little connen. gjioceny on, the cnoss- 
noads stone could supply the simple need*. 

One item that man ha* neven leanned to do without I* salt, 
i he coastal dwetlens, who lived mainly on sea foods, easily got theln 
ojdota of salt, but the people of the midlands as in Jeffenson Qounty 
must buy all tJie salt they used. Salt, then, wa* always on the old- 
timen's shopping, list. This wa* a coanse yellowi*h~whlte pnoduct, 
shipped In wooden banned*, usually fnom the United States Salines, on, 
the salt spnlng* neon, what i* now Quality, Illinois. Not having, the 
modenn papen. bag, the gnocen* ton.e off a sauanc of bnown wnapplng, 
papen, pouned a pile of salt in the centen. of it, and then folded the 
papen, into a bundle that could be tied with a styling, 

fnobably numb en two on the li*t of necessities wa* soda, 
I hi* wa* used In "sooty" bi*cult* and the even present conn bn,ead, and 
while conn meal could be manufactuned Into an edible cake without using, 
balling, soda, it wa* naihen unpleasant to yet along, without It. 

Qpffee, even In that eanlien day, had It* stnangle hold on 
the Amenlcan public. The coffee beans anjiived at the stone in lange 
'jjute bag*, and the bennies wene gneen (unnoasted), AfteA the consumen. 






J "■: ■ ' 

■■■ : i -■ 





• . • 



gat home with hut coffee beanA they, muAt be nooAtcd and ynound. ThU 
noaAtlny woa done In a Apiden In t/ie ftneplace, and laten, when cook- 
aIovca becam.e mon.e common, in a Jbouiae flat, pan In .the oven, I he p/ia~ 
ccaa wa-6 a vena QJiomoJJLc one fthene woa neve/i any. doubt a* to what woa 
yolng, on), and cjieat cane mint be taken to keep the beanA fnom 

The noaAled beanA wene Atoned in a cnockeny yon until they, 
wene to be uAed While the coffee could be /waited ahead of time, 
It muAt be ynound juAt befone ate, and the wfiln of the coffee yninden 
woa an eveny-monnlny Aound in the houAc, 

Jhene wo* only one. neAtnlction in the uAe of coffee. Due 
to the fact that It woa habit fonminy and {what wad even wonAe) It 
co/tt money, It woa Atnlctly fori gnown~upA, and until he did a man a 
wo/ik t/ie. child yot no coffee, ThlA taboo, natwialiy, fined the youna- 
InA to an ovenwhetmlny define fan coffee, even tlwuah they could handly 
Aland the taAle of Jit, 

fenhapA Jut woa the memonleA of flne-l>onnowlna that Aold the 
otdtlmenA ao whoieheantedly on matches; at leoAt, theAe eanly fine 
klndlenA wene one of. the neceAAany llemA, They wene known oa "thnee- 
day matches, " the idea being, that aften you Atnuck one of them It Apil 
out Aulphun fumed fon thnee day* befone It finally bunAt Into flame t 

Suaan woa a bonden tine cade in the matten of the otdtime 
ynoceny IcaI, Thene wad Atill plenty of "long, Aweetenlny" [Aonyhum 
molaAAeA, maple Aynup, and honey) and n Ahont sweetening," on maple 
Auyan, I henefone Jut woa nathen a Alyn of the changing, time* when the 
"old woman" sent fon Auyan (and actually got Jut*) The /suaan of that 
day came, of counAe, In wooden banneld, Ot woa coanAe and light 
bnown, and Jut had a tendency to nun toyethen and yet AtLcky in damp 
weathen, Ot woa a fan cny fnom the ynanulated and 7 Ox. confectlonenA 
Auyan of today. 

Salt, Aoda, coffee, matcheA and Auyan completed ilxe IlaI of 
foooA tltat the avenaye fanm family had to buy In that eanllen time. 
Of counAe they nailed all of t/iein own meat, and ao theln land, I he 
cow a funnLdhed milk, button, and a vanlety of cheeAeA, Ail of theln 
potato eA (OniAh and Aweet) and othen vegetables and fnuilA that tliey 
uAed wene pnoduced on the fanm. 

. .' 


On ApHe of living. In wlxat lookd like ilie middi of plenty, 
ikene woa always ike yeannlny fo/i Aometklng, different, I hid deAine 
woa Aatldfled, In pant, when ike man of ike houAe on kid weekly tnlp 
io ike Atone had a little extna money, He iken bnougkt home Aome dnled 
pnuneA on. nalAind oa a ineat fon ike "old woman and younglnA, 

Oi woa ike man of ike houAe who look whateven pnodu.ce woa 
available io ike Atone and did ike "inadlna, " .')oman f A place wo* In ike 
home, and ao Ahe woa noi fliied io compete In ike wo/ild of. commence, 
I he woman woa iahen io town two on. iknee time* a yean. ao Ahe could 
buy "woman iklnyA" Auch oa tewing, cotton (on. tkneadj, pint, needled, 
and calico, 

Aften ike flnAt oil well woa dnllled In Oil (liu, kenoAene 
lampA began io nepla.ce ike tallow candle*, Ot wad iken thai "coal oil 
became a modi, and ike gallon can with a potato Aiuck on ike a pout 
moved Into i/ie Amenlcan Acene, 

Oi would teem tkat hauling, home a aallon of coal oil should 
be about oa Aafe oa anyikiny one could do. But ike black demon* tkat 
plague ike nace of man one even, alent, and one Saiunday one panilculan. 
fanmen let kit yuand down fon. a little, ao tkey Ainuck at htm, 

/hid man 1 a mistake lay In yetting, hi* coal oil In a gloAA 
juy Instead of ike' potato Aioppened tin can, Oi wad a cold, clean, day, 
and he had ike bottom of hid wagon covened with Atnaw to help keep hid 
feet wanm. He got home fnom ike Atone pjLAi at noon; and aften un- 
hitching, kid team, ke cannled ike box. of ynocenleA into ike houAe, In- 
tending, io yet ike coal oil aften. dlnnen, t'Jhcn he looked oat aften. 
eating, ike whole fnont end of hid waaon woa a hvoaa of fate, Befon.e 
he gjoi H exilngulAked, It had banned half ike box, ike Apnlny a eat, 
one end off ike coupling, pole, ike fnont hounds and nuined the fnont 

Aa neanly oa ke could neconAtnuci ike eveniA, tkld Ia what 
muAt have happened; the Aun, Ahlniny iknougk ike aallon of kenoAene, 
had focuAed a bunniny nay on the Atnaw and Ignited Jut, I h& heat of 
iklA Atnaw fine bunAi ike pjuy, and ike kenoAene had cneated an Infenno, 
IVhcthen. on not hid pnemlde woa pnemlde, kid wagon woa nuined and he 
had io buy anoiken one. He aldo got a new tin can and honied up a 
potato to fJtt % 

- - • 


■ . ' 



: .' . 

\ ■ 




(qOOTOPJAL HOJq 7his histony was wnitten by ffyelyn Bunnell 
In 7° I 7 C ]-7 C )20. Ot JU Included because the eanly IiLdtony is authentic, 
Ot wild be, rioted by, fniends of Opdyke that many, changes have occunned 
In the oven-fonty yeans since it was wnitten. ) 

On 7350 the land whene ou/i home town of Opdyke is now situated 
was a vast pnainie. 7 hod land wad punchased by J, A, 'Jones in 7 off, 
and it was decided to build a small tnadina ccsucen. 

On 7u70, : J. Q fjones, fj. K. fjones, j, J, fane* and J. 7, 
TJiillLps laid tlxe plat fon the Little town. 7hat sasae yean a yanr. Of- 
sunveyons carae thnough surveying, fan. the Louisville & /Nashville hailnoaol. 
/mony, the sunveyons was a penman by the name of Cjeonye Opdy/^e, whose 
home was in Hew lonli. He told the people that he would donate the 
money to build the fLS/lfJ nailnoad ihnouyh thein. little town if. they 
would name tlie town fo/i him. . . , so tlxe little town was named Opdy/ze, 

7 he fJuist depot was then built, in 7o]0; but late/i it was 
destroyed by fuie and a neu> building, neplaced it, which is still 
standJLng, at the pnesent date. ((jJ070>(0,L HOIq ?920j 

I he finst yjioc.en.ymen and me/ichants of Opdyke wene: S. l(» 
/.Hen, yeo/iae Host and fjohn ffstes, 7 he sio/ie building, w/tich is now 
occupied by / ljp U. Qannison was enected by S. K. Allen, (jeonye Host 
enected a sto/ie buildino. which stood west ot whe/ie On. ack's o ,-,-ice 
is now located. I he buildiiui was laten occupied, bu iiannu '.lurmen and 

<j loo 

was d.est/ioyed by fi/ie. fohn ffstes enected t/ie stone bui-Ldiny wiiich id 
now owned, by fjeonge ,\. §olden. 

I he Opdyke i-iethodisi (j>is copal (hunch was e/iected in loJO, 
~>eong,e OpdyAe donating, the finst bell fon t/'ie chunch. 

On 7dyO a floun mill was enected by ' ohn Kellen and 'Joined a* 
^ones. I his mill is now owned and openated by .J. I , hiobley, 

I he finst nesidences of Opdyke uene built by On. hiontaomeny 
and Dn, Sione/deiz. I he building,/) ane still standing,, 

the hasonic Lodae was onoonized in 7060 at what iA now /mown 
as t/ie Ham nesidence, which is located about two miles souUiwest of 
Ocdnne. Laten a hall was built oven tlie sc/iool house at L^nchbunci 
and. the I'lasonic Lodn.e was held tltPJie: but in lajten aeons it was moved 

a ' d 

to Opdyke, 




On 7oj6 ike Oddf.elA.oujA Lodg,e woa moved ^Jiom LynckbuJig, io 
ike. kali oven ike dnug, Aione, 

A kanneAA Anop woa enecied in 7o]2 by A, Q 'Joned, 

Ike fJuiAi po/ii office woa iocaied in ike wane-noom of n. Q» 
\ t oneA, ike ■<JUiAi pOAimaAien being, 5. : iJ* Alexanden. 

Ike fUiAi ac/woI kouAe waA a fname Ainuciune, being, iocaied 
wkene ike. graded Ackool iA ai pfleAeni, A b/iick building, woa laien 
buiii in Ha place, 

Ike finAi medical docionA wene 1J/1. /uonig,omeny and On, Sione- 

A ielegnapky Ackool woa onyaniged by. $, Q. I ucken, I kene 
waA an ennoilneni of aboui foniy AiudeniA, and ike ackool waA iocaied 
in ;t/ie kaLL oven, ^anniAon' a Aione, 

A bounding, kouAe wlxick waA foiown oa ike " I navelenA r ReAi waA 
kepi by Q?.e/ Knap p. Ike building, iA now occupied by i<tiAe Sianley. 

An apple evaponaion wad buiii weAi of ike b\onig,oaeny neAi- 
dence, ike pnopnieion being, j. J. Renickiesi. Ike building. 1a AiiH 
Aianaina, bui fi'l/i, iienicklen neAideA in Belleville, 

Ike finAi sawmill woa Iocaied no/iikeaAi of On, hloniaomeny a 
neAidence, I obiaA Soman being, pnopnieion, TkiA waA a aucccaa fan many 
yeanA, bui no AigjnA ane lefi of. ii ai ike p/ieAeni daie, 

9n 7o87 a new floun mill waA buiii wkick coa! aboui 420, 000; 
bui ikiA woa lalen deAinoyed by fine. 

Ike Jpdyke BapiiAl (kunck luoa enecied in 7ooS» Qeonac Opdyke 
kad pnomiAed io funniAk ike finAi bell fon ikiA ckunck; bui wken ilxe 
coiMiiiiee wnoie io kirn, ilxey wene p/wmpily anAwened by kiA Aon Aiaiing, 
i/iai liiA -paiken kad died and ke did noi feel neAponAible r on kiA 
•jaiken. f A pnomiAeA. Ike ckunck iA iocaied in ike eaAi pani of iown (7^20 J, 

I kene kaA been a Aiock buying, mankei ai Opdyke fo/i many 
i.'.eanA. concluded bt> ike AaIca bnoikenA, Ike bui'JLno, now iA in. ilxe nanaA 
of lij/L, (jiieA ' Aon-in-law, /'}, S. RkodeA. 

Ike OpdiyJxe Bank ong,anized and opened fon buAineAA 'Januany 77, 
790% wiik £. ,7. Kenn, 7. B. AiUiamAon, §. C/. Kenn and Jokn Skeilen oa 
o-^licenA, Ol woa iken neon/yaxxi^ed Sepiemben 70, 7^7 } capiial being, 
^70, 000, wiik (j, S. Bnown aA pneAideni, B, F. (fpnkiin vice pneAideni 
and % .J, Kenn caAkien* 

. " 





A second baruk wa/> o/iganiged laiesi; Li woa Iviown <~x> "SeciuiHif. 
Bank) " tuiih '.J, ?. QiieA ^envina. a* ca/ihieA.. (^\) { JlOkO.^L HGFq I iu^) L* 
ike bank which, laien. moved io />ii, Vesinon. J 

I he iouin ai p/ie^eni h.a.4 iwo ha/idwa/ie die n.e/>, fouA. gAocejiy. 
and cUcj. aood/i ^io/ied, one banben. dkop, one depoi, iwo banJ</i } iwo 
clxLuicJie^j one po^i of-J.ce, one {Jjqua mild, one gjiade. Ac/iool buLldina 
wiiix ;two /loom*, and one conmuniig. kigji Achooi wiih ZJ JLni.eJJJiQ.eni /iiv.~ 
denize unden. ihe dJjie.cii.on of. f-lLc/i Leiiie. Q D/Ji^ioL 

3u, Q/elyjn ouA/ieii 



Ike finAt Rank Avenue (hunch building, woa completed and 
decU.cai.eci on November 2k, TJOJ, 

Howeven, pnion to that time a Rev, Richand Thomas, a BaptiAi 
mJuxiAten, keld a tent meeting, at t oJULe 'Road and Rank Avenue* Aften 
tkiA tent meeting, fllnA, Manika A ! eff, a widow,, opened ken. liltle ynoceny 
Atone (wkene ike Kenneik SanduAky Atone La today.), and /ike. and ken. 
foun AonA and a few neighbonA keld Sunday. School each Sunday, Ike 
next yean, a PncAbyienian miniAien, Rev, Sun face, keld a meeting, in 
ike onckand ( located wkene Helen i'Jannen now liveAj. All of the land 
eoAi Of. t/ie I olle Road woa in apple onckand. 

Ike congneyaiion Aoon ouianew ike little Atone, and it moved 
to a lanyen Atone building, empty at tkat time and owned by R t H, Stout, 
at ike connen of. Seventh and PanJi Avenue, Soon oikenA wene attracted 
to ike little miAAion and ike attendance gjiew. People piom ike hinAt 
Baptist (hunch began attending, and b nought Aong, booka and litenaiune 
fan. ike Sunday School and taught claAAeA, 

Soon it became evident tkat a ckunck Ahould be ongani^ed and 
a date woa Aet fon a decision a* to wkat denomination Ahould onyanige 
ike ckunck, oa ikene wene BaptiAtA, /ilethod&iiA and PneAb yieniana 
attending, ike miAAion. I ke BapiiAiA won ike moronity vote, 

rank Avenue BaptiAi (hunch woa onyaniged wiik Aevenieen 
ckanten membesiA wko wene: William li/kiiAell, Nellie U/kiisJell foknAon, 
(11a PenkinA, foe QniAAom and wife, foe and Nona f'foulding, /'in, and 
/'k-d. $eong,e Panmlee, Pappy NyenA, Fnank Bunneit, fi)nA. Qannol, Hdnvcy 
Neff, (anl Neff, tianika Neff, DaiAy Rote and Fneddie Dale, Bno. A A, 
Todd, paAton of the h LnAt Baptist Quuich, Aupplied the pulpit and 
onaaniged the ckunck, Mn. (j. \JJ. Reid woa the finAi Sunday School 
Aupenintendent, 7ke conyneyaiion called ike Rev. L, A Dannell oa 
Ha finAt paAton. 

Rank Avenue BaptiAi Qkunck woa the finAt full-time ckunck 
in Salem So oik AAAOciaiion, and ike finAt i'J. /'}. (J. woa onyaniged in 

ike finAt ckunck building, woa Aoon ouianown, and in 1°22 a 
boAement woa put unden ike building. On 1 Q J2 ike audilonium woa 







The winten of 7 Q 37~7°32 was a gneat one fon ike ckusick, 
A nineteen-weeAs nevival, led by ike pasion Rev* (jyAUA fihxddina,, 
duning, which. tkesie wene jSO pnofessions and duning w/iich 220 pensons 
wene baptised, wa.4 pnobahiy ike tunning pcint wkick destined ihe io gnow fnom a small congregation io one of. ike city. s lang,en 
chunckes today, 

Ihe congregation again ouios.ew its building and in 7 0I to 
ground was b/ioken fo/i a new $300, 000, including, a new educational 
building, and sanctuary, 

Ike educaiional building, was noi completed until 7*152, and 
ike congA.egoM.on continued io meet in ike old building, duning it* 
building* Ike educational building was io ike no/iik of ike old 
building, and woa completed sufficiently in 7° 52 ikat it could, be 

Fon five yeans ike worship services of the church were held 
on ike top floon of ike educational building, witk ike various classes 
meeting, as best ikey could in this same building, Ike original 
building, and ike cJiurck went ahead with the building, of ike new 
sanctuary, wkick was ioined ike educational building, and was built 
oven ike site of ike o/iiginal building, 

Ike congregation moved into and dedicated ike beautiful new 
sanctuary on September 7$, 7957* 

Ike parsonage stands on ike lot io ike west of ike church, 
and ike chunck pnoperty extends fnom Nintk Street to I entk Street 
on ike no/iik side of fork Avenue* 

The membenship of ike chunck at ike end of 7^67 stood at 


ike minisiens who have served this chunck include: A, A* 
Todd, U /'i Darnell, A. L Smith, % D, /honey, J, 0, Hooker, Ola 
Allen, g. ft. McDuffy, L. U Tucker, }. ft. Kelly, £ ft. ftcDuffy (second 
tune), Bind Qneen, Cyrus i'K (Paulding, H, A, Todd, On, iff, K, Sisk, 
Fned fropst, 'Ross fartnidge, Leonand i'JhitlocA, Allen Stephens, and 
fcveneil Lemay, 

Sevenal minisiens and missionaries have gone out fnom this 
ckunck to ministnies in many pants of ike world. Among, ikem one: 
Onville UoaJLow, Qilbent U/aud, Ross Raniridge, Raymond 'Pierce, Anikun 

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Smith, Paul Bellamy,, Hanold (Iwk, ThomoA L, Qook, Bob AtckUon, 
['), T. Atio, and Hoy $o!wAon+ 

/hong, miAAionA which have. been AponAo/ied by ike chwick are: 
SumnieJiville Baptist QiuAck, Old Union BapiiAt Qhwzch and Bethel Bap- 
iiAt (hunch. 

fjrsj mismgmi (Rimy 

(cOOTCfiUAL HOT£; [only hiAio/iy of ihiA chwick woa pn.epan.ed 
by filuaA $eAAie Hill on. ike occasion of. ike obAesivance of. ike one kun- 
d/iedik annivenAan.y of ofiy,anJL%ed T/ietb ytentaniAm in f'li, Vennon on 
October 7°, 7^7, SubAeauent i/tfo/imcution koA been Aupplied by vantouA 
membe/iA of ike congjiegjaiLon, mo At of it coming, fnom ike boohlei pub" 
liAked fon. ike. congregation and Ha aueAiA fo/t ike centennial wo/iAhip on Febnjjwiy 27, 7^^. J 

PAeAbyientxmLam in. Souikenn OliinoiA owed muck to a few tuie- 
leAA miAAionanteA, Two of ikem /ikould be mentioned in connection with 
ike kL)io/iy of ikiA, 

Tke. fuiAi, B, F, Spillman, iA deAcnlbed by one of kiA con- 
iempofuanJLeA a* "an. itinerant miAAionory in middle and Aouikenn OLLinoLd 
fan seventeen yeorA befo/ie ke settled oa paAio/i of ike chwick at 
Shawneetown in April, 78k2, " He woa a great uncle of flfa, £, £, WilliA, 
Senio/i Ruling, £lden. and I njeoAurer of Firdi Pn.eAbyterian (hunch fo/i 
many yearA, Ot wad B, F» Spillman, "nugaed and Aialwant Keniuckian, 
blunt and familiar in kiA mannenA, " wko in 78k7 fuiAi ongani^ed a 
P/ieAbyierian chwick in fili. Vennon, At ikat time P/ieAbytentanA in ike 
United States were divided into iwo groupA known n.eApe.ciLvely oa "Old 
School" and "Hew School, " ike division having, taken place wiik reference 
to disagreement and agreement wiik a '"Plan of Union" wiik ike (ongre- 
gational (jumckeA of Amentca, Tke cfuuick o/iganiged ke/ie woa of ike 
"Old School" group, and woa under ike JwiiAdiciion of the PneAb yie/iy 
of KoAkaAkia, Ot woa neven. a flouiAlxing, congregation, Ot had ten 
memberA and iwo /luling, eldeJiA at ihe time it woa o/iganiged. Among, 
ihoAe who Aerved it oa miniAie/iA were B, F, Spillman, Alex.and.en. £wing, 
and Blackbunn Leffler, Ota mo At noied member woa $udg,e lb 'alien. B.ScaieA, 


'. . ■ 


■ . 


a membeA of ike State. SupAeme QouajL AfteA eleven. yeans ike congjie- 
gation was dis4olved ai its own Acauesi, and lid membens wenc attacked 
to ike §ilead ?Aesb uieAian (kuAck wh.ick was located noAtkwesi of. hit, 
Vennon not fan. piom ike town of Dix, On 7867 , Ain.ce Jit kad only, one 
membeA, ike C/ilead (kuAck, too, was dissolved. I his b nought an end to 
Oid School 'pAesbyieAi.anism in. /lit, VeAnon, 

3ut within two yeans anoiken. ixA.elesA mi^dAionoAy fnom Ken- 
tucky, Robeni Stewojity anjiLved on i/ie Acene and OAaani^ed a "New 
School" ?Aesb utenian Qhuyich. This was in ike yeoA 78^, and ike 
cIuuAck was o/iaaniged unden. ike juAi^dtction of ike pAesbyteAy of 
Alton, 7 hough divisions and Aeunions have iolxen place, ike chu/ich 
hLitoAy had been continuous dince 78^. Tke c/uuich is fo/iiunate to 
have the onLgirwl minutes of ike o/iaanLgation meeting, and a pa /it of ike 
"AniLcles of FaJJk" signed by ike chanteA me-nbens, who uiojie; 'Rev, /'fa, 
%ben± Stewant, William D. Johnston, Qeonae (Mils, Louisa /*L Boaan, 
Juliana §Aay, Hannah thills, John S, Boaan, Da. John Q, §"-&$> I'JanneA 
White, and SaAoh A Tanne/i, £ltga White joined ike. ar.oup by. leiteA, 

At ih.e OAaanlgaiion meeting, on FebAuaAy 27, 7: r v'> Auling. 
eldens elected weAe Wannen White, Qeonae filills and John. L, Boaan; QeoAae 
fi'lills, John Q. (jM-y ond John L» Boaan weAe elected iAusi^es. I he 
ttee&jng, was held in tke home of Da, John Q Q*ay? who was a br.oiken.- 
in-.taw of tke Da. §Aeen wko pAacitced medicine in /''it, VeAnon fan. many 
yeans and who/)e family home Atood on BAoadway at Sevenik Sijieet wheAe 
ike AnmoAy now viands. filns. LetckeA (KatkenJUfie) Jnons and fths, Lois 
§oodale weAe gAand~daugkiens of John S. and Louisa Boaan. 

Foa tke ikAee yeans following, tke oAgani^ation of the chuAch, 
ike congA.egjati.on held its meetings on ike fijisi flooA of tke Odd 
Fellow** Hall, which tiood on Main Sijieet between £levenik and Twelfik 
Stneeis. I hen, in. 78$^, a bntck edifice was eAected on Lois 7 ojid 8 
in Qasey'/i Addition acAOAA fAom ike Appellate QouaI building. William 
H. feAAJun., in. his "Hisiony of Jeffenson Qounty, " quoted A. Q. Johnson, 
an authoAity on coaly local hisiony and at one time a ministeA of this 
chuAch, as raying, thai ike fiAst design was foA a one-Atony house, 
but dome of ike membeAS wanted Li to be two AionJies in. height and 
pAomised that ike extAa $2000 would be Axitsed to have it to. The 

pjjan wat changed, and ihe money, wat nailed by flU* /ilitlt, /'fa, Boyan 
and On, Qnay. The houte wat finished at a cott of. about &U000, I o 
finith poyiny fon the houte, the tnutieet teamed a loan of $$00 fjwm 
the Rnetbytenian Boojid of Quuich of (nection, I he final payment on 
thtt loan wot made In 7877, Thit ttnuctune wat to /in down in 1^3^* 

The JLuit of minJustent who tenved thid "New School" fnetby- 
ienian chunch, which we hean nefenned to at the "Old (hunch", included: 
Samuel A WylU (785*+), William H, Bind, (1855), Hilieny Patnick (l8&), 
Qiozlet Kenmone (1858), Samuel §ibton (1858), R. £ William* (l86<}~70), 
Cideon Q QLojik (l8?1~73), Solomon (pok (7873-7*+), Adam Qtanh Johnton 
(187^-76), fi A (oopen (1876), §eonye B, McQxrd> (1876-78), $. £ 
Q/ialxam (1878), (ben flu** (1882), £, ft L<mU (188$), W, R. Hotken (l8°l), 
/'In. QoopeA. (l8<jU) and H, B. Douglas (7o95~7°05). 

Adcm Clank fohn-don, quoted above at an autkoniiy on eanly 
local hittony, wad the ton of a local l>}ethcditt m, ; jiitten, wat educated 
ad a phyttcLan, pnacticed medicine, wat at one time a Methodist minitien, 
laten wad ondained ad a Rnetb ytenlon minitien, Aft.en he Ivad tenved 
the /-It, Vennon Pnetb ytenian chunch at potion, he nemained in /'It, Vennon 
ad a Sunday School mtttionan>^, 

ihene wat a. peniod of eleven yeant, 7838 - 7o6j, when the 
Tnetbytenian people had no settled potion in fit. Vennon, I he Rnetby- 
ieny^t mittionany, ^oteph ^ondon, visited the chunch fneauenily; 
occasionally oih.en minittent came, Howeven, Sunday School and pnayen 
meetings wene held negulanly, and in time the chunch wot ayain able to 
have a potion, William Rennin, in hit "Hittony of fleffenton Qounty, " 
ttxiet that in 7882 ihe chunch had 700 membent, paid tit potion 4f>7^ 
pen yean, and hod a Sunday School of 7 JO membent with iiuelve ieachent. 

But not lopjy often ihoi di.viti.on occunned in the chunch. 
On Apnil 26, 78J5, a neaueti wot pnetented to ihe Settion tianed by 
foniy-ihnee membent atkiny fon "iettent of ditmtttal in onden to ottiAt 
in onaantginy the Ftnti Cumbenland Rnetb yienian (hunch of /'It, V ennon, " 
On the month which followed, mone membent atked fon leitent of dtt- 
mLttal Thete ne^uettt wene ynanied, and ihe potion, 'Rev, f'ln, Qoopen, 
netiyned, Qxino Rnetb yteny, now ihe fnetbyieny of junitdtction, met 
hene on fi\ay 22, 78%, to invettiyote the difficulty and appointed Rev, 
//. B, Douylat to tup ply the chunch at leatt half-time* 

Tke ynoup of fi.pty.-4ix. member wko ike. New Sckooi ckuAck 
met in Home Rnoieciion Hail on Ap/iii JO, 78%, wiik "Rev. H. (lay. yaieA 
and Rev. Q W. Vote* and onyani^ed ike. QumbejUand Rn.eAbytenian Qiunck 
of /ikt, Vennon, I he. eldenA elected wen.e Samuel §ib /ion, vJ, H. Damon, and 
/ib/isiid fjimenAon. Ike deacons wen.e JameA L. folio ck, A. H. i'Jkeelen. and 
On. Leicken. OnanA* 

Qn ftfay 8, 78%, a Sunday Sckooi ujiik eleven cloAAeA and membenA woa onganiged ai ike OpeJia HouAe. On tkiA dale 
a postanal call woa extended io Rev. H. (lay !/ateA ai a Aalany of 
$ Q 0Q pen. yean., Fon. Aevenal yeoAA AenviceA we/ie. keld in wkaieven. place 
woa available, uAually ike Opena HouAe. On 'July 76, 78^, it woa 
decided io build a b/iick ckunck on NonJk Tenik Stneet between Main and 
HanniAon StneeiA. A yean, laten. ike ajickiiect' A plan woa appnaved and 
ike building, coninact woa let, ike building, io coaI J6,o5J*6 ( j. fi- 
nancing, ike building, woa cyjuite a p/iobiem. Ike paAio/i f A Aalany woa 
cut pwm JjOO io ^700 a yean, and a loan of. Jl^OO waA Aecun.ed pwm ike. 
fn.eAb yienian Boand of (kunck (/lection. filoAt imponiant of alt, ike 
potion, ikn.ougk kid fnienoUkip wiik I'Jiiliam J. (jibAon of Lawn.ence 
(ounty, Aecu/ied a loan piom ike latten. of JjOOO. Foniunateiy, ike 
yenenouA ftbu §ibAon laten decided io make tkiA Aum a gifl naiken. than 
a loan, Ike new building, woa compieted and dedicated in 78$$. 

Rev. tl. (lay HateA continued io Aenve ike cku/ick until 
7^00, and woa succeeded by Rev. (jeonye H. I unnen, wko n.emained only 
one yean. On Januany, 7^02, ike cnuuick called i/ie Rev. £, 8. JoknAon 
oa potion, at Auck Aalany oa could be nailed by AubAcnipiion. On 
Sepiejnben, 7°0J, fifa, JoknAon zieAigned, and woa Aucceeded one monik 
laien. by Rev. £. 8. Sunface. 

Duning. ike pentad of ten yeanA wken two fneAb yienian con- 
gyieyationA wene. endeavoniny to maintain ck.un.ckeA in a town big. enougk 
fon. only one, indicationA of fnienaAkip and coopenation between ike 
two gAOupA an.e wonik noticing. Suck occaAionA ujene ike iimeA wken 
ikey came toyetken fon. revival AenviceA. "Old School" and "New Sckooi" 
onanckeA of RneAb ytenianiAm kad now become /ie-united. Tkud ike olden. 
P/ieAb ytenian congregation in hit. Vennon kad become, a local ckunck of 
'7ke fnjeAbytenian (kunck in ike U. S. A. " At ike tuna of ike centuny 
ikene woa a Atnona. movement towand n.e- union on a national Acale of ike 


pA&d^te^lan Qiwick in ike U, S. A. and ike. Qmb&Uand Tnesbyienian 
Qkunck, TkU national movement pound local expnession, and sieps In 
ikai dineciion wene iaken by boik ckunckes kene* Ike. Finst fnesby^ 
tenian Qkunck, ike olden congsicaation, had been wiikout a pasion since 
jiev. Douglas left in Auyusi, 7905, 7ke Rev. i'J. ft). fOaxton of. DuQuoin 
senved as modenaion of. its business sessions, 

Gn /<'<anck 26, 7906, ike official boands of ike iwo local 
ckunckes mei ioyeiken io considen ike auesiion of neunion, At a laien 
meeting, it was ag/ieed io petition ikeiA. nespective fnesb ytenies fan 
consent io consolidate. This was obiained, and /teunion was achieved. 

On fifay. 2J, 7 Q 06 t ike finsi meeting, of ike session of ike 
neunited chwick was kelxt. Ike eldeAS wene $, F. flcKelvey, Samuel 
Qibson, Letcken. Onons, J. H. Qnant, I'J. H. Damon and £, £ Willis, 
Acconding, io ike ienms of ike reunion, ike building, of ike fonmen 
Qumbenland (kunck was io be used, and ike name of ike olden onaanigaiion, 
Ike Finsi fnesbytenian (kunck, was io be /letainecL Rev, £ 8. Sunface 
remained as pasion of ike neunited ckunck. Ike old ckunck pnopenty 
neon, ike Appellate Qount building, was sold, and ike ckunck acauined a 
manse, ike lanye fname building, wkick stood fori yeans on ike connen 
of £levenik and Hannison Sineeis. Ike duplex, envelope sysiem of 
chwick finance was ado pied, On ike yean. 7° 70, wken fin. Sunface ne- 
signed, ike chwick had 26 J communicant membens, 

Rev, i'J. V, McAdoo senved as pasion fnom 7° 70 io 7^7 k. Duniny 
ikese yeans ike ckunck building, was nemodeled, ike balcony opened, ike 
pipe onaan was punckased and installed, ilxe. chancel was moved fnom 
ike nonihwesi connen io ike wesi centen of ike sanciuany, and ike 
pews wene ne-annang,ed accondingly, 

Dn* fihnion Hull was ike next pasion of ike ckunck, and 
senved fnom 7°75 1° 7°78. On ikis pasionate ike ckunck acauined ike 
loi at ike connen of Tenik and Hannison Sineeis. 

Dn* H, ft Thomas succeeded Dn+ Hull in 7° 7 8 and senved 
until 7^2§. On ikis peniod ike ckunck basement was enlanyed and 
fini^dked, ike ckunck hitcken built and equipped, ike old manse was 
sold and a new manse at 7 07 9 Hannison Sineet was built. 

On, 0. W. P.iaii came io ike ckuncJi as its pasion in 7^25 
and nemained until 7J2y. On his pasionate ike congregation ado pied 



ike Pension Plan, T/ie Boand of Deacons was discontinued and 
ike. Boojid of. Tnusiees was increased io nine. membe/is with n.esponsibility 
fon. ike management of ike tempo/iaL affains of ike. duuick, A Boand of 
Women MisJLtons was also installed, 

D/is Robent B, QuiknJie came io ike ckwick in. V]2$, He p/wved 
himself a veny able Leaden, in. ike spiniiual life not only, of this 
chiuick but also of ike whole community 

Rev, Robent F, Fn,eytag became Assistant hMnlsten. in $une, 
7 < 155» fa ^uiknie zietijied on Januojiy 7, 7° J/, and Rev, F/ieytcg suc- 
ceeded him as pasion, 

(ihnu times Finsi Rnesbyienian (hunch has open.ed its doons 
io se/cve ike conmunity, Aften. ike memonable. ionnado of 7888, the 
chujich was used. by. the lied Qioss as a base of supplies, and cooking, 
fon. ike sicli and homeless was done in ike fJuisi floon nooms, filiss 
Qlajia Banton, founden. of ike American Red Qioss, was he/ie at thai time, 
I he finst floon. nooms wen.e also used fon. a public school at one time, 
On iaten. yeans Jit has often been opened fon. meeting fon. civic and 
fnatennal gnoups, Many of ike men and women who io.bon.ed io keep this 
chunch an effective fon.ce fon, good have also left the manJi of tkein. 
s tending, ckanacten, on ike civic life of ike community, fihny of ikem 
have wontkily filled public office and one of ikem, Louis U (jrmenson, 
was eninusied with the govennonship of ike state. 

At a cong/iegational meeting keld ^anuan.y 76, 7^k8, it was 
voted io sell ilie chunch pnopenty located on Hontk I enth Si/ieet and 
to e/iecl a new chwich building west of Oahuood Qemeieny on ike Ashley 

On Sepizmben, 8, 7<]ty, ihinteen montks aften. ike construction 
stunted, iJie finst wonship senvice was held in ike new chunch building, 
Tke main c/w.pel was unfinished and muck wonh nemained io be done on 
oiken. pants of ike building, Public wonship senvices we/ie held in 
ike. F ellowship Hall until ike chapel was neady fon. use, 

Ike new chunch building was dedicated riovemben. JO, T^ty, 
Ike dedicatony addness was given by ike Rev, Qliffond £ Banboun, 
W,D,, modenaton. of ike § Assembly of ike Pnesb ytenian (Juutck 
in ike United States of Amenica, 







■ ■ > . 

■ i ■ . 




The various onjgjantgations of ike church deserve recognition 
in ike growih of ike ckuuick. Tke Sunday. School with its ongantged 
classes lias been a dining, factor, Tke women* 4 on^ant potions, including 
ike /<iissionary Society, ike Presb yterian ['J Oman's (lub with its fore- 
runner ike Organ (incle, have. labored tirelessly fo/i ike imp/iovemeni 
and ike welfare of ike church. The (amaraderie (lub, ike young, 'People . 
Socleiy ; and ike Boy. Scouts kave aJJL had a share in building, ike 
cluinch life, and program. The t'J esiminsier Society, ike Senior High 
Fellowship, Presby-ieens, and ike Junior (hoist also deserve mention 
fc/i iheir coniribution io ike growih of ike church, 

n&SAff qmt fQffHOQOST QilMQi 

((WT0R3AL MJT£: Most of ikU history was prepared by Rev. 
U R0 Seymour in July, 7° 20, and by Verne S, Mellon in October, 7°57,J 

I he history of Pleasant Qrove begins wiik ike first while 
settlers of Jefferson (ouniy, Osaac (asey wiik his family came from 
(ave-in-Rock in 7876 and seiiled where fill. Vernon is now located. The 
1'hx.ey s came fjwm I ennessee ike same yean.. These purchased 
land under ike Bii Act fo/i iwelve and a half cenis an acre, Thomas 
(asey, ike ihird, and eighteen years old, son of Osaac (asey, married 
Harriet 1'kix.ey on October 5, 7 $79* Their marriage license is ike ihird 
on record in Jefferson (ouniy, ike oiher two being /leco/ided on ike 
same date, During, ike winter months ike young, man selected a place 
no/ii/i of filt, Vernon and built his own home a quarter-mile west of ike 
p/ies eni b/itck church. The snow was naked away and a nail pen built 
with a noof made of weigjit poles. He moved his household goods in 
and took possession in htd independent way. 

On July °, 7820, a still bonn child came io ike home and 
was bunted on ike ground whe/ie Pleasant §rove (hurch now stands. The 
gnave is manhed with ike following, inscription, "On memonjy of an Onfani, 
first child of I homos />l and Harriet (asey, which was still bonn 
'July 9/ 7820, The above was ike finsi interment made in ikis (hunch 
yard, ike land being, donated by its parents io ike thelhodtst Episcopal 
(hunch for burial and oihen purposes forever, " There is only one older 
grave In Jefferson (ouniy, A flfaxey child ien months old was buried in 

. . t 




' ' 


...■'■■ • - . 





■ i 




■■•,-. / , ■• ■ 


.. ' ' : i . 

■ ■••'. | .. 





f>hore f d fnalAJLe. Towndhip two yeard and two month* prior to thid, 
Pleasant §nove and Old Shiloh, where the fuidt wife of. Random f'hdd 
wad buried about thid time, are the oldest cemeteried uded for burial 
purpoded today* Ithoda Allen' f d grave made in, Augxidt of the dame year, 
wad the beginning, of Old Union Qemetery, 

/'In* Qadey never claimed to be the founder of the church, 
bat wad alwayd foremodt in church work* OtheAd followed and helped 
him, Methodidm had been organised only. ihirty-dix. yeard previa ud to 
thid time* 3 id dpread wad evident* Ike donor of thid dacred dpot 
wad licended to exho/it in 78J7 and to p/ieach in 7o^J, ondained deacon 
by Bidhop /ib/uiid and ondained elder by Bidhop $aned. He wad the father 
of eleven children, Ot might be of int.en.edt to Iwow that an uncle of 
hid, Zadok Qadey, preached the fJuidt denmon in ^efferdon Qounty in 
78TJ, and every man, woman and child in the county wad predent, fibre 
might be daid of the man who gave the property for thid church and 

Ot id not known pidt when the fuidt church wad built at 
lleadant (jnove, but Lt wad doon after Thomad i<), Qadey aave the ground 
fon, thid punpode, 7 here wad no money needed to build it, fon. every- 
body helped chop the load and erect the building, which wad 2k by JO 
feet in dige, located about twenty nodd dout/iwedl of the Hal Smith 
home* £venything, wad made of the bedt timber. The logd were oak, 
not hewn but dcalped out and daubed with clay, There were two windowd, 
one in the nonJh and one in the wedt, each four feet in heigJit with 
lightd made of oiled paper, later replaced by 8 x 70 gladd. The 
floor wad of puncheon dpluL luhe raild and hewn dmooth. The building, 
wad heated by a fireplace at the eadt end. The chimney wad made of 
dtickd pladtered with clay t The doon. at the dout/i end of the building, 
wad made of clapboards hung, on wooden hinged. Ot wad deated with hewn 
puncheon duppo/ited on foun. pind, Thedc dcatd were wo/m dmooth by the 
dlow pnocedd of friction at the expense of pantd and dredded. A well 
wad dug, at one corner of the building ad wad the cudiom in thode timed. 
Serviced were held here for deveral yeard, 

judt when thid log church wad torn down and t/'ic pretentioud 
frame church wad built id not now known, but it id duppoded Lt wad at 
the time the church wad properly organised in 78j<?. Ot wad the only 








finame ckunck with one exception fion a hundned mile*, Qpmmittees came, 
fion. fitfity and sixty miles to look at ike wondenfiul duuich, A deed 
was pnopenly made fion ike pnopeniy in 78j$ and ike fioliowing, men we/ie 
chosen as inustees on 'July. 2nd, io kold fion. iweniy yeans: 
/homos /'L Qasey, James £, Johnson, Mm, B, Johnson, £liku /'laxey, oennet 
/'laxe.y, ( i laxey and Jehu §. A /'hxey, ike fitn^ii pneacken. /tent to 
ike cku/ick when it was placed on neaulaA. wonJ\ was 'Rev, 'vim, 7 \ Williams 
in 1o3% /he finame was waJjiscoited about fieet higk and 
sealed, Ho plastering, was used. The pulpit, located as it is now, 
was ai fiinsi fiomi sieps higk inclosed in a ciACulan a fi foist of iwo-inck 
walnut. I hen ike pneachen's head was veny neon, ike ceiling, Laten. 
ike. nosinum wad iaken out and iwo chains placed back of. ike pulpit 
I he altan, was made ofi walnut fiifieen inches wide and placed in a semi- a/uDund ike pulpit, 

'Public school was iaugkt in ike fiAome chunch. Benches we/ie 
uAed fion. desks, (ack child fiunnL^ked his own chain., which was a fioun.- 
legxied home-made. stool. Ai I ' hunsday at eleven o'cdodi ike people 
aaiJie/ied at ike c/uutck fion. class meetings, and gyieat meetings* ikey 

Ike fijuxme building, was /let on fiin, pnobably by a tnamp, on 
Quiisimas Q/e, 1 '858. Hannis Smiik's fiaiken. ((and Smiik's gAandfiaiken.), 
living, at Odlewood, 4 aw ike light duning. ike eanly manning, but ikene 
wene no telephones to use fion. noiifiying. ike people. The next manning, 
D/uicilla Swifit [On, H. //), and A. 71, Swift's moiken) witk hen. parents 
dnove io ike chunch fion. ike services and we/ie within a fiew nods befione 
ikey knew ihai ike building, was gone* 

The people immediately set about building, anoiken. duuich, 
Adnah /'laxey f/'ks. A. R. Swifit' s gAandfiaiken.) had jjusi completed his 
brick home, i>lr, /'laxey wiih ike help ofi his sons agreed io bunn ike 
brick fion. ike new church. He also donated ike stone fioA ike fioundation 
finom ike pond in fijioni ofi ike ent Q. B, rlolman fiarm. The people 
cleaned ike ashes away where ike finame churck had stood and Itauled ike 
sione and bricli io ike grounds, blasons boarding, finom home io home 
completed ike ikuity by fionty fiooi bntch building, at a cosi ofi about 
42000, D/Lucilla Swift, a niece ofi Thomas fil (asey, and §. III. Prince, 
an adopted broiher, then very small children, gathered fiickory nuts 


. ' . 


and doid them to naide one doilan each, io kelp pay the expense of 
building, the new 

On ike fall of. 78^ ike ujonk wad completed and ( i\ev. y. J. 
Uuahey wad addigned to ike change. At ike Quanienly Qpnfenence ke 
kad a nedoluiion that all men dit on ike eadt dide of ike chwick and 
ike women on ike wedt The daiany wad dei at vUjO. 00. On 1o6° 
it wad /tailed io SJOO. 00. 

On ike Founih of July, 7867 } dix. Sunday School* yailiened at 
thid ckunch. Oven fifteen kundned people wene pnedeni. 

On 7857 thene wene nine officend in the Sunday. School and an 
avenaye of twenty-five dckoiand pnedeni. 

Ike pulpit in the ckunck id one of ike finest in ^effendon 
(ouniy. Oi woa hand made by Sylvanid Fodten, a civil wa/i and 
donated io the ckunch between 78^0 and 78^. 

thuck of ike dieniing, quality in the ckanacien of ike eajiiy 
detilend can be deen in ike dedcendenid of today. Suck ckanacien 
pounded on ike neiiyioud chanacienidiicd of Jamed q. 'Johndon, who 
neven took a drunk of waien without findi thanking, the Lo/id fo/i it, 
will not be doon eliminated from the payed of kidtony. Thomas /</. Qadey 
held decnei pnayen in ike iimben, back of kid koude, and finyenpnintd 
wkene ke cladped a wild gnape vine could be deen fon. yeand afien he 
depa/iied thid won.ld. 

One of ike kiykiighid concerning, the kidtony of fleadani 
(jnove (hunch in zieceni yeand id ike building, of the pnedeni ckunck, 
which wad dedicated in 7° 2^, Thid wad ike founih church io be built 
on thid dite, it being, p/ieceded by oihen, buildingd: a log,, a 
tfjiame, and a b/iich ckunck. 

Ike fuidt bnick ckunck, built in 7 8$% wad dixiy-foun yeand 
oid in 7^23, when ike decidion io neplace it wad made. Tkode eanly 
bnick buiidinyd wene not ad dubdianiial ad thode built today. Ikene 
wene cnaclxd in iid waild, one especially noiiceabid whicJi nan fnom 
above ike fnont doon io ike noof. An inon bnace nod on ike indide 
douih wail and anoiken on the indide wedt wall keiped koid ike walld 
in place. One Sunday manning, afien Sunday School dome of ike men 
pnedent made an exajiiinniion of the Loft of the clxunck and ikene they 
didcovened dome of the kewn yoidtji dupponiing. the ceiling, kad diipped 

: , 






fjiotn ikein. poAiiian on ike wall, ao ike building, woa conAidened 
danaenauA, ca peciaily in ike eveni of a wind Aionm. Ike problem Of. 
neplacing, ike old building, wiik a new one wad acuie. Ike membe/iA Aei 
fo/iik wiik deienminaiion io accompiiAk ike laAk, 6ui a yean, and eigki 
moniJiA wen.e io elapse befon.e ike new cku/ick wad ncady fon., 

On ApnJUL 2nd and Jnd of. 7°2J, ike old ckunck woa empiled of. 
AeaiA, piano and puipii, and ike fJ.oo/i woa iaJxen up. Lcaa ikan a week 
iaien, ike window* wene iaken oui and iiie fioof iaken off by, a numb en. 
of men, including, ike paAion, 'Rev. (kanleA RamAden. On Ap/iii J iken.e 
woa pu/ickaAed of Q. B. HawliinA iwo canJboadA of b/iick io be Akipped 
io Odlewood. Tkey annived Ap/iii 77ik and 7kik, and wen.e pnompily 
unloaded by a numb en. of ieamA. On ikoAe dayA ike Souikenn Railroad 
(ompany mainiained a Aiding, ai Sdlewood wkene fn.ei.yki canA wen.e loaded 
and unloaded. RoAAenyen. inainA Aiopped iken.e on flay, and a AmalL 
depoi woa ilxene io Akelien. paAAenyeJiA. 

A ieniaiive plan fon. ike new ckunclx woa Aubmiiied and 
aenercaliy approved on wkick a coa! of $5000 woa eAiimaied, I IiIa plan. 
woa laien. ckanaed in favon. of a plan received fjiom ike Bureau of. 
Arckiieciune of ike (i)eikodlAi QpiA copal (now /i)eikodiAl (kurck 
Ain.ce 7 Q J°J, TkiA plan woa Aiudied and diAcuAAed and rn.odifi.ed io 
Auii ike locaiion and condiiionA and woa approved wiikoui a diAAeniing, 
voic by a meeiing, of ike congneyaiion keld on ike evening, of $une 8, 
7923* Robesii B. 1'\oaa woa ckainman of ike ( on RlanA and 
SpecificaiionA, wkick commiiiee woa named ike Buildiny Qonvniliee by 
ike Quanienly (onfenence keld on june °, 7^2]. l<\n. I>)oaa woa oIao 
in.eaAun.en. of ike building, fund, wiik Robeni RaiAiey aA Aec/ieiary. 
IkeAe men devoied many dayA of lab on. and eveningA of wonh oven, ike 
pnobiemA neceAAOJiy io ike building, of ike ckunck, 

Ike eAiimaied coa! of ike ckujick on ike approved planA woa 
^'6 §00 fon. a building, wiik audiio/iium appro ximaiely JO by kO feci inAidc 
meoAUJieraeniA and iwo 72 by 7%-fooi claAAnoomA, a veAiibule on ike 
AouikeaAi corner wiik beifny above, and a full boAemeni, 

Ike wonh of cleaning, away ike bnick and debniA of ike old 
ckujick coniinued, wii/i ike ladieA bringing, lunck and keiping, clean 
ike brick. On Ociober 2°, 7°2j, a few men including, 'Rev. Z, W, Siory, 
wko replaced Rev, RamAd.en afier annual conference, began excavaiing. 








fjiom ikein. poAiiion on ike wall, ao ike buii.diny woa conAide/ied 
danyenjouA, especially in ike event of a wind Aionm. Ike o^ 
n.eplaciny ike oiA building, wiik a new one woa acute, /he membeAA Aet 
fonJk wiik deteAminaiion io accompiiAk ike task, bui a yean, and eigki 
moniJiA wene io elapAe befon.e ike new ckusick woa n.eady (.on. Aejivice, 

On Apnil 2nd and Jnd of. 7^23, ike. oid ckunck woa emptied of 
AeaiA, piano and pulpit, and ike. fi.oo/i woa ialien up. Lcaa ikan a week 
iaten. ike windows wen.e taken out and ike zioof taken off by. a numb en. 
of men, including ike paAio/i, 'Rev. (kanJLeA Hampden. On Apnil J ike/ie 
woa pufickoAed of §. 8. HawIiinA two canJLoadU of bnick to be skipped 
io Odiewood. 7 key anjiived Apnil Vik and 7kik, and wen.e p/iompily 
unloaded by a numben. of teamA, On tkoAe dayA ike Souikenn RaLbtoad 
Qjtnpany maintained a tiding, at Odiewood wken.e fneiykt can/* wene loaded 
and unloaded. faAAenyen. inainA stopped ike/ie on flay, and a Amali 
depot woa i/ie/ie io Akelten. paAAenyeyiA. 

A tentative plan fon. ike new ckun.cli wot Aubmitted and approved on wkick a coAi of i^OOO wot estimated I lilt plan 
woa iaten. ckanyed in favon. of a plan received piom ike Bureau of. 
A/Lchitectun.e of ike /'leikodLdi QpiAcopal (kunck (now liJetkodiAt QiuJick 7^39 J > T/Ua plan woa studied and diAcuAAed and modifted to 
Auii ike location and condiiionA and woa approved wiikoui a diAAentiny 
vote by a meeiiny of ike conyn.eyaii.on keld on ike eveniny of $une 8, 
1923. Robert B. i'loAA woa ckaiAman of ike Qorrmiitee on RlanA and 
Speci.ficaii.onA, wkick conuniitee woa named ike Buildiny Qprrmittee by 
ike Quarterly ( keld on $une % 7923, l' i/l * I'^oaa woa oIao 
treasurer of ike buildiny fund, wiik Robert RaiAley oa Aecretary, 
IkeAe men devoted many dayA of labor and eveninaA of wonk oven, ike 
problemA neceAAary to ike buildiny of ike ckurck, 

ike eAiimaied coAt of ike ckujick on ike approved planA woa 
v6§00 fon. a buildiny wiik auditonium app/ioximaiely 3@ by 4(9 feet inside 
meaAujiementA and two 72 by 7^- foot claAA/ioomA, a vestibule on ike 
AoutkeoAi corner wiik belfry above, and a full boAement, 

/ ke wonk of cieaniny away ike bnick and debniA of ike oid 
ckurck continued, wiik ike ladieA brinyiny lunck and kzlpiny clean 
ike bnick. On Or tab en. 2% 7923, a few men includiny 'Rev, Z, W, Sio/iy, 
wko replaced Rev, RamAd.en after annual conference, began excavatiny 


fon. ike bademeni. Sand and n,ocl\ wene ondened Aixipped io Odiewood, 
Q, hi, i'Jinn coninacied io do ike badeineni concneie wonJi fan. ^7.00 pen. 
koun. fon kid ii/ae and #7. 00 pen. koun pon kid nvacJiine, oiken. laboA io 
be paid jjo/l by. ike ckunck. 

On Hovemben 26 condijmciJLng, lev eld and making, fonmd began, 
and ike findi concneie wad pouned on Decemben. 7, A Aevene cold wave 
came when ike fJLoon. wad pui in and kay and aJUL available coveningd 
wen.e uded io p/ioieci ike newly, pouned concneie, bui ike effonid wene 
unducced/iful, ike floon. wad damaged, and a new floon had io be pui 
in ike nexi Apning, oven, ike damaged floon, making, a floon. />even incked 
ikicli am. ilxe bademeni. Ike co/ii of i/ie bademeni wad aboui #7250. 

Ike bnJLck wonh beaan $une JO, 7 c j2k by Qacoji II/aIILLojth) ai a 
coninaci pni.ce of. #7500. U. T. Dennid wad hJuied ai kud of. fen. of #7,00 
pen. noun, ad a cajipenien. and aldo io Aupeniniend ike cojipenien. wonh. 
Ike ioial canpenien. wonh amounied io ^7^J0. i/J 'alien. Aiklndon 1 A bid of 
#263 on window and doon. foamed and ouidide doond and inandomd wad 

I ke co/me/tdione wad donaied by ike l<\i, Vennon /<!onumeni (om- 
pany, I ke laying, of ike conneAdione wad on ^uly 73, 7^2k. 'Rev. Q. L. 
feiendon, padion. of ike Tindi /'leikodidi (kunck of l<\i. Vennon, p/ieacked 
ike Aenmon ai ike connendione layJMjy; oikend dpealiing, bnie>ily wene 
Honraan II t k'\0AA, f'hd. £. (i), Swifi and 'judye Albeni Jaidon. 

I ke wo/ik pn.ogn.eA/ied and ike Dedicaiion Day anjiived on 
Decemben. 7, 7^2k, Da. Qamenon Hanmon, Tnedideni of lAcKendnee Qplleye 
ai Lebanon, Jldinoid, pneacked ike dedicaiony /ienmon, 

Ike cosii of ike new ckuAck wad appnoximaiely #77,000, 
£yeny one kad a panJL in kelping. build ike ckunck including, ike fnima/iy 
Sunday Sc/iooi Qiadd, wko paid #76§. 00 fon. ike fuAiw.ce, C vejl ^ dollan. 
counied, and ien of ikem came inio ike building, fund fjiom ike dale of 
a IwnAe funnidked Rev, Ramdden by ike ckunck fon. iyiandponiaiion and 
Aold wken ke iefi ike (jjicuii in ike fall of 7^2J 

I ke 700ik Annivendany (QeniennialJ wad ob/^enved on Sunday, 
Augjjdi 7 J, 7J39j orie - kundned yeand afien ike ckuAc/i wad fonmally 
onx>,aniged in 7o39> a.Likougk a log, ckunck wad pnobabiy enecied toon 
aj-ien. ike findi buniai in ike cemeieny am. 7o20. Ike Qeniennial wad 
ob/ienved wiik a big. badkei dinnen. on ike gnoundd; a ieni wad enecied 



. . ■ • 


in ike ckunck yand whene old netted and douvenisid wene exkibited. 
Sunday, School ieachend piom iJedt Salem and Hopewell. ckwicked taught 
ike Sunday. School ciasiAed al ike ten. o'clocli hou/i, Aften ilxe Sunday, 
School kou/i and in. ike aftennoon Aevenal viditond Apohe, ike oldedt 
dpeaken being, Sylvanud Fodten, ladt dunvivon of ike Qivil Jan. in. 
Jeffendon (ounty, wko had built and pneienied io ike chujick ike 

I he new cku/ick had become old enough fon a new noof in 
Octoben, 7^6. On ike fall and winten of l oL f] ike Jintenion wad 
nedeconated, which aldo included new pladten fon ike ceiling,, ne- 
finidkuig, ike floond, and painting, ike outride woodwonik, Senviced 
wene keld Jin ike bademeni duning, ihid peniod which lasted about five 

liefenniwy now io ike land wkene ike cemete,:y and church one 
located Jin SkiLok I O'vn^hip, bondening, ike wedt lin.e of. I<li, Vennon 
township, tke/ie one tvo deed* on necond, boik fnom I ho mat fll Q^^ 
and Hanniet, hid wife, to ihe Tnudieed of ike fll, £. (hunch and ikein 
ducceddond, Ike find deed neconded in June l8kl (deed Book A, poye 
707) cons/eyed a pancel of land 7k- by 76 nodd amounting, io one and iwo- 
fiftkd acned, Ike named of ike inudieed in ihid deed one named in 
Rev, Seymou/i' 'd hidiony and wene to hold office 20 yean*. The second 
deed neconded twenty yean* laien in July 7867 (Deed Booh f'l, paye 467/ 
incneaded ike di^e of ike cemeieny to 23 by 28 nodd (foun acned and 
foun dauane nodd) which id ike pnedent ckunck ynoundd and cemeieny, 

filany yeand laien, a numb en, of ike fniendd and painond of 
Pleasant ynove (emeteny, winking, io indune ike futune cane of ike 
nedting, place of ikein, depanled loved oned, petitioned dub deni ptiond 
io an endowment fund, ihe intenedi and intenedi only of Auch fund io 
be uded fiom yean, io yean, in caning, fon ike cemeteny. Jinking, to it legal and mone decune, 11. B, f'hdd, 'J, N, Petti!, HanniA 
Srritk, A. F, f\ax.ey, P. F. (low and 1. J, Moltdlaw made application fon 
and obtained a ckanten unden ike /iiaii ad an inconponated body, io 
be Imown ad "Pioneen Pleadant §nove (fmetenu Addociation. " I he above 
mentioned ckanten wad filed fon on f'lanch 2f>, 7^72 and neconded. 
in Booh 82 fag,e 372 of beedd, Jeffendon (ounty, Jj ' lino id. 


Acconding, to ike eanly neligioud kLdtony of 'Jeffendon Qounty, 
ike moronity of ike easily. detilend in Jeffendon Qounty were li\eikodidt4, 
devenal of ikem kieikodtdi minidiesid, I kid wad different ywm modi 
of Souikenn Oliinoid, for in ike majority of ike. countied ike. Baptidta 
were ike pioneerd of religion, Ike /'leikodidid 0rg.ani7.ed ike fJjt^i 

ckurck dociety in ike county in 787*3 and in ike fail of 7820 a koude 
wad built ai Old Union, wkojte ik.e Did. Union Qe/netery La Located* 
However, ike building liad long, been aone and in zieceni yeard a Baptist 
ckurck kad been built near ike cemeie/uu Ike firdi reltgXoud dociety 
organised in hit, Vernon lowndkip wad Bapiidt and wad oryani^ed in ike 
old tog, cowiikoude in 1820. On ike fait of 7827 a hletkodidi koude 
wad built ai Old Skilok, boik of ikede early buildings being, uded fon. 
ckurck and dckool purpodet. Pit, Vernon kad no Pletkodidt cJxurck until 
about 7oj6 and ike people walked out fjiom town to Old Union fo/i 
preacking, de/iviced ex.cept wken derviced were keid in ike countkoude 
on, in private kouded, 

Pleadant §rove, after being, properly ong,aniged in 7oJ% 
wad pant of ike Ii]t, V ennon (trcuit except from 7857 to 7 86% wken it 
wad a pant: of ike iJatnut Hill Qircuit, Ike annual conference of 786^ 
untied /<#, V ennon Qi/icuii wiik a pant of ike Jalnut Hill Qircuit and a 
pant of Knob Prainie, making, a larae cLncuii called ike /'It, V ennon 
(jjicuii. At ikU time ike circuit condJUted of ike following, ckurcked: 
'Pleadant §rove, Home, Hopewell, Skilok, Little §nove, Salem, Betkel, 
qIA Pnairie, Knob ?nainte and lion. On 7$¥f ike cincuit wad neduced 
to ckarg,ed: Pleadant £nove, Jedt Salem and Hopewell, 

Ike following, L6 a nearly complete and conned lidi of 
minLiiend who have denved Pleadant §rove (kurck, ike date gtven being, 
ikat in wkick ike conference year began, in autumn: 7oJ^, iJiiliam I , 
i'Jitliamd; ike following deven not in onden; 'John $. Hill, Norman Allen, 
Tkomad O oned, 'Rev, Van Qleve, 7 ', J, Farmer, 1 nomad A, {yton, LaFaueiie 
Qadey; 78^7, fohn Tkaicken; 78k8, Odaac Kimber; no record fon two 
yeard; 78§7, liickand 0, Nail; 7852, fjamed Jollier; 7853, iJiley Mood; 
76% £ A, Scarriii; 7855, A, (ampbell; 7856, (avey Lambent; 7857, 
geonaelV. Keener; 7 858, <Jokn Skepkend; 785% £ ^ Hugkey; 7 86 0-7 86 7, 
'Jokn '.'), Lane; 7862, %. Q. iJiilougkby; 7863, T, 0, Spencen; no necond 
fon. five yeard; 786<?-7o70, L. A. Hanpen; 7877, Jm, Van (JLcve; 7872-7o73, 


g. B. ftaven*cn.of±; 787*, 9- W* Fame*; 7875, G & &otton.ff; 7876- 
1877, S. Bn,ook*; 1878, 'J, P. i/oungMng,; 7879-7o80, J. J. Flint; 7oo7, 
% ll t fteefe; 7882, Levi S. Malhai; 7883, & 6 ftaven*aioft*; 788k- 
Dec. 788k, Tkoma* Sharp; 788k, H. ih Leeven; 7885-1886, ('J. A. Bnowden; 
7887-7888 (no notatlonj; 7889-7890, H. Hulchaiapt; 7897-92-93, Slla* 
g/ieen; 789k-7895, W. D. McJnto*h; 7896-97-98-99, go*lah Q fdnUon; 
19GO-7907, 'John H. Davl*; 7902, 'Jllliam Powl*; 7903-790k, A. £, P/iocto/i; 
7905-79C6, Qiajile* AtchJUon; 7907-7908, Samuel Alb /Light; 7909-70-7 7, 
S. 0. SkenJAan; 7972-7 3-7 k-7 5, UlUlam r J. Happen; 7976-7977, banian S. 
Bumpu*; no pneachen fnom Oct,, 7978, to Jan., 7979 i 'J an > h 7979 1° 
Sept., 7920, ft. L Seymoun.; 7920, Loul* gone*; 7927-7922, Qxanle* 
ftam*den; 7 923-7 92k, Zachany 11 Stony; 7925-7926, Anau* Phillip*; 1927" 
28-29, "J. $, Leslie; 7930-7937, Henry Q Ongjuam; 7932-1933, tiasiton 
gacJvon; 193*-35-$-37, $. L Allien; 7938- i'K 6 Shafpesi; 7939-79*0, 
A. B. QLodfelten.; 19*7, g, 7, Smith, who wa* til four month* and hlA 
place {Hied by, Q 0. Heftin during, kU illne**; 19k2-*3~kk, O/dando 
i). B/iakemey,eA;79k5-79k6, Qal Q. ftyan, who wa* In *chool until Feb., 
79k6, Rev* £anle Harmon *upptled the circuit from Oct. 79k5 to Feb. 7 , 
79k6, until ftev. ftyan finished school. 

I he circuit uecui of 79k7 wa* a nine-month yean, and Paul £, 
I'Jartenbe *erved eight of tho*e month*. Following, ajie *ub*eauent min- 
ister* and the conference year* they have *erved: go*eph Q Harrl*, 
19*8-1957; tt™> Alma i'lcLaln, 7952-7953; Dennis ftam*ey, 795*~1955; && 
Souer*, 7956; ft. £ Willi*, 7957; g™ie* £ geffenle*, 7958; §ary 0. 
genkin*, 7959; Benjamin Ander*on, 7960-7967; and L. £ Hand, 1962. 

No one living, can estimate the g/ieat Influence fo/i g,ood thi* 
chunch ha* rendered to the community. 


On 1852 a ynoup of Baptist* met In a *matl log, cabin located 
nea/i Limestone Qieeh In *outhwe*t ftome I own*klp and organised the 
Pleasant Hill Baptist (hunch. I hi* location wa* on the property now 
known a* the Parker Saryent fanm. I he name "Llme*ione (hunch" *tayed 
with the onaanl Ration fan mo*t of It* histony, and many, of the olden, 
people *tlll refer to It by. that name. 


Among, ike ckanicn member of ike ckujick wene: I>/U and blM, 
Fneeman IJaiken, iln. and. /iVus. £. u. Hanvey, #*. arid tVu, 'Jam&> i^and, 
/■A. and h)n,4. Levi, William*, uW. and bin*. % dkiiloc/k. Ike. eanly 
necond* of ike. ckunck wene de*inoyed by fine and ikene one. oiken name*, 
bui ikey. cannoi now be iocaied. Ike fin/ti potion, woa £lden r Jame* A, 
Keele wko died in 7o6y, ike yean, ike second ckunck building u*ed by. 
ike. c/iunck woa buili. 

Ike ckuAck mei fan a iime fallowing, ike moving, ■yiom ike cabJji 
ai a. ioeaiion now in ike pne*eni cer.ieien.ii wkene dome of i/ie dead had 
been bunied befone iki* move wa* made. Iki* wad a *mall ^Jiame buildjjig, 
wUk a ".Lean io" iype of /iked on ike ea*i in w/ilck meeiingA wene keid 
duning. iJxe wan/a weaiken. Che of ike *ione*, a pani of ike onJjDyinai 
foundaiion of ikiA building, iA ea*iiy iocaied in ike bunial astound*. 
Si woa poinied oui io ike pne*eni potion, 'Rev. Ro** faninidae, by Rev. 
A, L. Smiik, wko wad pa*ion of. ike ckwick fon ; yean*, 

Ike buiidiny in w/iick ike pne*eni won*kip* 
wa* eneaied in 1o75 an -d ka* iknougk ike yean* undenyone veny exlenAive 
nemodeliny, oa we *kail dLicu** iaien. 

I ke cemeienu, wkene ike *mall second buiidina wad iocaied 
f.on a :^ew yean*, i* known oa ike 'IJeAimLniAien Abbey fon baplL*i 
miniAienA. " Ike fin*i pa*ion, £iden Jame* A. Keele, iA bunied ikene 
along, wiik oiken paAionA of ike ckunck and oi/ien. miniAienA. /4mony 
i/w*e bunied kene one: £iden U. P. Pnoffiii, £lden (jeonye Cjnani, 
(dden R. Q. Keele, (idesi (jnock Keeie, Rev. Raymond R, flay and kiA 
jjjzi/ieAf Rev. ('/, (J. Hay, £iden A. L Smiik, Rev. Q/eneiie S. Apyan, 
and Rev. Q, i'J. (i]auldiny. Some oiken. eanlien miniAienA of ike anea 
no doubi one bunied ikene, bui ii i* impo**ible io iocaie aid ike 
cyiaveA. Oiken. miniAienA kave buniai ioiA ikene on one pianniny on 
pun.cka*iny ikem. 

I ke cemeieny La unden coninoi of ike ckunck. Oi woa unden 
iJie *upenvi*ion of Inn. I'lile* A. O*bonn fon many yeanA, kiA *on, /'In. 
tL w» O*bonn, coniinued ikai *envice fon many yeanA. On 7^55 •^ Le ckunck 
pn.e*enied h\n. //. i7, O*bonn a Qeniificaie of l'ienii, ike only one even 
voied by ike cliunck, fon kiA many yeanA of *en.vice aA a iayraan Aenviny, 
oa Sunday Sclwoi ieacken, /iupejiiniendeni, BnoiJienkood pneAideni, (Jui/ick 
ana Qemeieny / nuAiee and oiken. office* wiik diAiinciion, He woa in ike 


■funnitune and undentaking. buAineAA in Dix., JllinoiA, fon jLLfty-fUve 
yeanA pneviouA to hiA death In 7^60. The cem.eten.Li, La now unden the 
AupenviAion of a even tnuAteeA who opefiate It unden an endowment fund 
pon penpetual cane. 

Thene woa no DiAtnict AAAociation fon the BaptiAt chuncheA 
<?■_ tlie anea until 7o§2, the yean Pleasant Hill (hunch woa onyani^.ed, 
f'ianu of them wene /mown a* "Linton BaptiAt Q'xuncheA " and Pleasant Hill 
wga chanacteniy.ed oa Auch fon yeanA. The Salem South Baptist AaaocI- 
atton waA fonmed late/i and Pleasant Hill became a memben o ( . It, and 
now the. /AAAociation haA a membenAhip of thinty-nine chunc/ieA. 

PleoAant Hill Ia known by, the long. paAto/uiteA op a pew op 
the men who have Aenved it* I paAionateA one especially out- 
Atandlng. aA to length. (Iden. W, 11/ , Hay. Aenved oven, twenty yeanA. 
(jiden, A, L. Smith Aenved yeanA, having, been elected, 
acconding, to the testimony of olden. membenA, that many timeA by pnivate 
ballot without an oppoAing, vote. The pneAent paAton, Rev, Roaa RantnuLye 
beg,an hiA miniAtny with the chunch in 7 $35, ond <Ln paAtonateA haA 
Aenved twenty-one yeanA, beginning, hiA twenty- a econd yean on Septeirben 
2, 7^62, He waA the finAt full-time paAton, being, called full time 
in 7^2, 

Othen paAtonA of t/ziA chunch have been: Rev, ' y ameA A* Keele, 
Rev, Qeong,e K jnant, Rev, J. ?, Rnoffitt, Rev, R. (\ Keele, Rev, 
(jwch Keele, Rev, J, I , Rayne, Rev. Sam UilAon, Rev, OAaac A\, Dale, 
Rev, J, R, Keele, Rev, q, J. OvenAtneet, Rev, J. In, Billiruysley, Rev, 
Sam hicQpy, Rev, Fnanh Q, Hooken, Rev, John B. Klaulding, Rev, Roaa 
UavidAon, Rev, J, T, Janing, Rev, A, L, Smith Aenved the Salem South 
baptist ,'iAAociati.on oa Inodenaton fon twenty-eight yeanA, Rev. Sam I'lcQoy 
Aenved fon nine yeanA, and the pneAent paAton, Rev, Roaa Rantntdye, haA 
Aenved -pon ten yeanA and Jla holding, office aA thiA iA wnitten in 7^62, 

I he chunch haA ondained the following, men to the miniAtny 
auning, the paAt twenty yeanA: Rev, Raul //. Jolly, Jenven, Qplonado; 
iiev, H, Bynon Bnuce, KanAaA Qity, IliAAouni; and Rev. LeAten Riley, 
I e>, SllinoiA, All one active in the miniAtny, 

JtJien outstanding. penAonA of Aenvice to the chunc/i thnough. 
tJie yeanA have been: hhnnoe JenninyA, HanniAon JenningA, h nanciA Run- 
cell, B, J, Hawl^LnA, J, 0, Tuncell ( tneaAunen fon many yeanA and caAnien 




■ . 





of tke FIaaI State. Bank of Dlx, JlllnolA fan fonty-flve yeanA J, I , $. 
HoliAlaw, Andrew ( l\lley, fjnma Jennings (onaanlAi fon iklniy-flve yeanA/, 
and many, others* ike pneAent offlcenA of ike ckunck wko have derived 
many. yeanA wlik distinction ojie: hiiAA Qnetia O/ibo/m { onganlAi fon 
£ie paAi twenty- five yeanA), /i'lnA, /lunlel (MoLUlaw) Badg,en, (ckunck 
clenh), t'Vu&t (jxnJiLe £, F/ieeman (ckunck tn.eoAun.en), Ii'ma. llelllA Smitk 
( -^jnanclal Aecn.eian.yJ, Ike deacon* a/ie: fibu QanJL $olly (wko Ia oIao 
Sunday Sckool Superintendent) \ t>\n, Oaco/i iddykee, l<vu Jalien A funcell, 
l>n, fan! Uooken, l>\n, ^okn PkllllpA, l>\n, I'JlLliA Keele and /'in, Q, 'J, 
Badaea. In/it. il/llllA Keele Ia HI, lit/, PneAldent, l<h. Molten. A, Puncell 
Ia Bnatkenkood PneAldent, and iln, qM Lee La BaptlAt Training, Union 
Dlnecton, l<lany otken people of ike paAt and pneAent kave rendered out" 
Aiandlng, Aervlce, bat It Ia an ImpoAAlb titty to name all, 

Jn 7^7 ike ckunck began a remodeling, pnag,nas,i under Rev, 'John 
B, J'iauldina, completing, a new basement and punckaAlng, new cJaiAck funm.- 
iune. On 7 C J$2 ike ckunck built a new educational building, unden. ike 
poAtanate &f 7iev, Roaa Pantnldg.e and dedicated It at ike Qentennlal 
Qelebratlon In AuauAi, 7^§2, an ouiAtandlng. Aervlce In t/'ie lilAtory of 
ike ckunck, Jn 7^57, ike ckunck aaaln entered Into a building, p/iognam 
conAinuctlng, a new brick froni a l addition conAlAilng, of new cIoaa noomA, 
a balcony, two modenn nuAAenleA, a new foyer and otken. ImpnovementA, 
Jn 7^59 tke clxunck punckaAed aln conditioning, eojulpment fon. ike entire 
building, and now envoys i/ilA Aervlce, Ike ckunck plant now conAlAtA 
of depanti.ieni aAAeriiklleA, twenty-five noomA and Ia a modenn rural 
ckunck plant wlik an estimated value of #75) 000 wi±k more ikan yk5, 000 
being, uAed In ike paAt few yeanA In tke Improvement plan*, 

ike ckunck Ia a leading, mlAAlonany ckunck, kavlng, led tke 
Salem South BaptlAt aaao elation In pen capita, giving, fan. Jonld IliAAlonA 
fan. the paAt many yeanA, Jt Iwla a full-time pnognara unden. ;tke leader- 
At'ilp of tke Soutkenn BaptlAt (Convention and Ia coo penatin^ wlt/i ike 
JlllnolA uaptlAi State Aaao elation In mlAAlon wonJ<, Ike membenA/iLp of 
tlie ckunck Ia now 4J5» 














/j. vgviON wtNH&m&C CM® 

On l^ZJ twenty-two f-bt, Vennon a/omen who wene me/tiben* of yneek 
letten colleg,e fnatennltle* affiliated wilh National Panhellenlc (ongne** 
ong,anl o .ed a .local Panhellenlc chapten which wa* al*o af i uliated with 
the. National (ongne**, The punpo*e of. the local, chapter wa* ponriiing 
a clo*e and pleasant a4.docu.aHon of the. memben*, 

I he twenty-two chanten memben* wene: Bennadlne buckham, 
Donl* (lank, Helti* (lank, (athenlne (onlew, 'PeanJL Dodd*, Sue Joolin, 
/<anykate Qchol*, deatnlce Q&nhun*t, F 'nance* Feanhelley, Qllbent, 
Hus-th Qllbent, (the! Qneen, Ruth Hag,ey, Canton Hamilton, Ceneva Kuent%, 
I'larMie I'lyen*, liable Pavey, Pauline 5lkon*kl, Launabel Stabler, Leone 
Thnelheld, and Onene Thnelheld, 

I he gnoup held unusual and unl.iue monthly, pantie*, to the 
osieat enjoyment of inemben* and gue*t*» Jhlle the club wa* *mall, all 
pantie* wene held In the home* of. memben*. One pnoyect wa/> nothing, 
money ;co tend wonihy gjjil* who wanted to continue thein. *cJxooling.» 

I he club ha* ynown yeanly, and ihlntiy-flve yean* afte/i It* 
onganlyatlon, It ha* -fifty- five meiaben* and L* *till an active club. 

? CO, qwiqi go 

PqO, a cultunal, nellglou* and *ocLal *l*tenhood, wa* pounded 
j'anua/iy 27, 7o6% at Oowa Je*leyan (olleye, /'it, Plea*ant, Oowa* 

(hapten (jO, /'it. Vennon, wa* 0ng.ant7.ed Januany 2J, 7^7) by 
l<n*, Puhe, oun *tate ong.anl7.en, at the home of fin*, Howand (a*ey, at 
which time the following, memben* wene Initiated: /In*, Paul Bnoyle*, 
i'in*. O ohn Bun/w, hm*, Howand (a*ey, i>)n*. 'j. ( 1, (onlew, hh*, Flaunlce 
OeJl±t, /'in*, (lanence (, DdJltt, /.in*. />Ian*/ialt Hall, hln*, Fnank HannUon, 
/>in*, yeong,e Howand, ffn, , /k*, Leo H onto n, hibd* Alene y, Hutchl*on, 
/•in*, Jonald 0, Lee, /'In*, Jill 0, LewJus, /'In*, H, D, Lough, l'.n*, 'Ralph 
1'Xix.ey, /in*, Pay B, /laxwell, /'in*, Philip B, Hewklnk, /'in*, (yenett P/iil- 
lip*, I'ji*, J t (lunence Jil^on, 

Oun 7Jo2 memben*hlp Include* t/ie following,: Olivia /(. Bnoyle* 
(/■in*, 'Paul), (dna (a*ey (/in*, Howand), (athenlne (onlew f/'ln*, John j.), 
Loul*e OavloUon (/'In*, John,'],), (dnlne l)avl* fhln*. John J,), Beulah 
Oe)U± (/'in*. Lloyd P. ), Jd'Jltt, Helen Louise (tin*. Anno Id), /nant/ia 
Ja'Jltt (/<!n*. I'launlce), llo** D&Jltt (/k*. (lanence), I'lanionle Fannan 




■- ■ . • 


■ ■ ' ■'•' 




I .' 




f/'/uj. Fletcken.), Qt/'iel Fitc/c (FIza. Paul), Hulk F ' na-zien. {/>!/ia. (lyde F , J, 
Donna yaAniAon (Faa. JJain), Laiuia Hall (ftfaa, l'lcvu)/iallj ; fjtkel HanjiLAon 
f/iyu), F/io.rukJ, L La Hosier (fth4< Leo J, SbM'ia Fowand (bl/iA, yeo/iye vJm, 111 J, 
Ann ilowcuid. (I'Iaa, JonrJ, Fai-el Hcwand (Fi/i4. Fjeonjye), Aline. HutckiAon 
(hi^Aj, Fenne Lee (li]/iA, Donald), Si.anl.ejt LewiA (iil/iA t Jil.1 0, J, 'iloAe 
C/iiljJJli Loanji (/i}/u), \ ! /\utk Maxwell (hhA, Roy,), Octa Hewkink 
{/sia. Phillip). Betty SnodAmiih f/>)/iA, (Imen), HaUi.e Stanji (l<\/u. LeAten.), 
LG/iuo/ia lUon (h)/iA. Q, ^amet), Pluby JilAon {F/ia, J, Qljzzence), Jo/iothjy 
hodwontli (FJLaa): and ike io LLowinn. non-ne^ilent iiiembenA: 
Fo/iAtith (i>via, B, ), Fia/iy PlxilitpA (hi/iA. Q/enett), F/ieda PluAk (i<iM t 
Q/en.ett q), and , t nn .leaven. (Fl/uj, John), 

«OS£W tWM£ 

JoAeph Payne woa bo/m in. I enneAAee on h\ J, 7oOo. He 
became a cuicuit njjdino, /'iethodiAt miniAien.. rn.ioA.ated to OillnoLA. and 
at the ao,e of thi/ity-one pmichaAed land on 70, 76J/, fJiom the 
United Stale/* yovensuneni in Section Sixleen, Shiloh t ownAliip, Fin* 
Payne died Fovemben. 7 J, 78^6 and Jus buuiied in Old Shiloh Qemeteay, 
v>iA land waA kept in ike Payne family fon, 706 yea/iA, 

On Fay 7, 78jo, ike Land adjacent to ike Payne fawn woa 
puA.clw.Aed f/wm ike United State* yoveniuneni by Fn.anklin S. Qp^ey -'-on, 
.<.., 7, 25 pen, acn,e. Both farimA ajie now combined oa one and an.e owned and 
operated by F:/u and Fi/la. Fo/icaI 3n,own, ft. ft. #2 9 h\i, V eonon. 


HO!) MJLkOADS (JOT STMTff) 3N TH£ 7800 f S 

(Taken from an article in tke fiht. Vernon Tieol^ter-i^ew* 
written by Addison Hapeman) 

Swamp* and. railroad* may. -deem ai fir*t glance to have, nothing, 
in common, and u*uaiiy they don 1 if but In ike la*i iwo-tkind* of ike 
la*i century i/ie*e iwo unn.el.aied *ubj,ect* were very muck in ike public 
eye, ai iea*i in Jeffer*on Qouniy. 

Oi all beyan in 7850, wken ike Jllinoi* Qeniral Railroad 
wa* chartered, Ike federal yovernment had decided all ai once ikai 
ike country needed /tail Line* in every direction, and it wa* apparently 
zieady io yo io any lenyik io yet ikem. By a special ad of. Qonyre**, 
ike Ollinoi* Qentnal company wa* handed oven, tax., ike riaht of 
way and every oiker *ecilon of land for iwo mile* on eack *ide o^. iki* 
nlgjit of way, Thl* *irip of land extended fnom Qhlcayo io Qalno and 
compnl*ed *ome iwo and a half million acne*, Till* wa* given ike company 
a* an incentive io build, and it wa* indeed a powerful one, *o ike noad 
wa* completed in /iccorud time, Some doubt wa* voiced a* io ike wisdom 
of placing, iki* muck land in private hand* fo/i fear ikai Li would be 
kelcl a* a Lona~te,im * peculation, 

i he*e. feara pnoved yroundle**, *ince ike fanm maga.?lne* of. 
7 8^5 Apeak of iJxe fact i/iat 'Tke company la putting, tkete Land* in 
manliet on *uck term* a* will enable any man witk kealtk end a rea*on- 
abie amount of eneryy, to pay fo/i ikem almo*t on. a,ltogether entirety 
out of ih.elr own proceed** " Tke northern pant of Jllinoi* wa* at 
i/iat tune iu*i beginning, to be *eitled, 

Ikene mu*t have been enougk objection* io iki* land give- 
away ikai it wa* not repeated, Ike oiken. young, naJ.ln.oad* kad to yet 
their *tant a* be*t t/'iey cou.ld, and lfu,4 1* wkere ike *wamp land come* 
into tke picture, 

On September 28, 7o§0, Qonyre** pa**ed a law entitled: "An 
Act to enable i/ie *iaie of Arkan*a* and oilier *iaie* to reclaim ike 
*wamp land* within ikein. limit*, " wliick yave ilic *tate* named in ike 
act all ike *wamp and overflowed iand* within t'leir border* for 
drainaye, education, on. internal improvements. I ke Uliinol* *iate 

legislature in 7o§7 accepted ilii* } and yave ilxe land io i/ie co untie* 
in which, it lay„ Iki* land wa* io be *oid at $7,00 per acre for ike 


bedi, 75& f° A second gnade and 5Q# an acne fon what wad, to be. 
paid in cad/i on. wonJied out on ike dnainaye ditched, 

flefife/idoa Qounty Awamp .Land added up to 7°, OGO acned, but 
it wad didcovened that ike Ollinoid Ceninal had in Aome mannen accuined 
"/OGO acned of ihld, /he n.econdd wene gone oven again, and mo/ie wet land 
wad found to put ike to tat bach to 7% 000, 7 hid Land wad then uded ad 
t/ie cannot in fnont of ike donkey, ike bait to yet a nailnoad in 
'7ef-.en4on Counts, 

On Tebnuany of 7855 the- $& Vennon ft.ailnoad Qompany wad fonmed, 
capitat #500,000, and they began to Ixunt someone to build tkem a /wad, 
Vandug.en, Smith and Qp, wene chosen, the night of wag. wad cleaned fnom 
A/ihley to Fain. field, mo At of the gnade built and tied piled along, it, 
I hen mismanagement caught up with them, and Vandugen, Smith and Qo, 
went bnoke, 

Next, in i860, came Itaunicc H. Banon of New !/onh, who con- 
tracted to build the remodeled Ashley and f>\t, Vennon Jlailnoad (to 
connect with the OttinoiA QentnalJ and to nun it 99 ycand; -fon. ike 
noadhed and 79,000 acned of Awamp land, he wad to pay. ike /'It, Vennon 
company. $ JO, 500, But Banon went to London to AeJLL n.ailnoad Atoch and 
neven came bach. 

On 7 868 tkey tnied it aaain, Ike finm of (jiawfond and Doane 
agneed to build the n.oad fon. ike 7°, 000 acned of Awamp land (it hadn't 
anted up yet), ike night of way, ike depot gnoundd, and #700, 00, Thlnad 
looked 40 noAy that ike company tnied to yet a ckanten to extend ike 
tine on to Si, Louid, 7 kid caused complicaiiond that IoaI tkem ike 
no ad, 

hinally, in 786$, ike contnact wad awanded that b nought a 
nailnoad into /'it, Vennon, li/ildon and I'Jitdon did ike wonk fon. #700, 000 
in county bondd, 7k, "J 00 acned in Awamp landd, iknee acned within 6 00 
yandd of ike count houde fon. ike depot and ike night of way fnom /Uhley 
to f')i, Vennon, 

On 7 88 J ike Ain Line, eadt fnom hit, Vennon, wad udina ike 
L, & H, tnachd to Si, Louid, but wad expecting, to build ilxein own line 
in t/ie neon futune, Thid tunned out to be ilie Souihenn, On 7 88 J ike 
Kcdkadkia, St, £imo and Souikenn wad beyun; thid became ike Q,& q.0. 


Tkese above.-n.amed nallnoad/i a/ie. ike. ones ikai finally made 
ike. ynade Inio ike couniy (?anaon ike pun), Ike one* ikai fell by 
ike wayside make aulie a li^ti: Ike Sanaamon and b\asAac, Ike Iranian and 
tfeff&ison Qouniy and Ike Belleville and Faln.fx.eld, 78$5i The Sis Louis 
and Louisville, 7857; Sis LowU, l')i. [a/unel and. flew Albany, 7S6<?; fibb, 
Vennon and Vlncennes, 7887; Tke Toledo, 7 exns and Tilo (jnande, 7882; and 
Ike /'!& Ve/won and Tamanoa, 7 88 J. 

Of ike laien /Loads Inio ike couniy: aboui 7<?05 ike No/iikenn 
and Souikenn flaien ike £.#.(£ Q, J buili one inach iknougk, five yeans 
laien. adding, a second loach, Ike $ac!i<6onvllle, thnikwesie/m and Souik- 
easi Hallway was diasiied In 786j bui lis bulldens wene In no gneai 
kuAJiy, fo/i li was used only a couple of yeans, long, enougk io give ike 
vlllaye of Boyd idea* of being, a ^/lipping, cenien.; iken ike /tolls wen.e 
pulled up and ike /wad auli. This made li ike finsi compleied /uzilnoad 
io be abandoned In ike couniy. 

m* vgwoN mm qujb 

Ike flAsi acilvliy /lelailve io Roiany In IfoU Vennon came In 
aboui 797a wken Fn.ed Poison, Qumles H, Thompson, Hanold '7 ex." Flini 
and oikens became Inienesied Pnodpecis fon. ike o/taxinlgailon of a 
club wene discussed, bui fon. various neasons noiking, maienlall^ed ai 
ikai ilme, and li was no I uniii ike Apning, of 7 9 20 ikai ike o/iaanlgaiicn 
ioo/i place* By ikai ilme. Flini had moved away and F/ied Poison was oui 
of. iown fon. Aevenal weeks; iken.efon.e, neliken. of ikem was among, ike. 
ckanien. membens* 

Tke fibU Vennon Roiany Qlub was onaanlged on Ap/ul 70, 7120, 
by Qkanlle laylon. of Hanjilsb una., who was Disi/iici (jovennon, of ike old 
72ik Dlsinlci whlck compnlsed all, on. pnaciically all, of ike Siaie of 
OILinoiSs Ike laie (Jxauiles H. Thompson was ike principal local facion. 
In ^onmlng, ike club and was Aelecied as lis flnsi pnesldeni, 

Ike membensklp of ike onlalnal club was 2 J, as follow*: 
(ka/iles H, I hompson, Onsunance; IJalnwnlaki Davl*6, Jholesale Qandy; 
llalpk li, Jebe/L, (an. Building.; §, Bnownlow Hawlilns, Wholesale and 'Reiall 
Baheny; Robeni. £oa1 Davis, Auio Reialliny; h'enn.y Ben JJand, Jny §oods, 
Reiall; Floyd F, Siables, Lumben, 'Reiall; F/iank //. Hope, Telephone 



Service; Qon/wd 5ch.uA, Lawyen; lAaujiice $. Seed, Plewdpapen; Kieik I. 
S:aiai±an, Hindwane, 'Reiail; Nonnnan 'J. Sugg, flewdpapen; i'lilbun Qilmone, 
'//uidician, Ro enio.enoloaidi; Onvidle Hawliind, neiigJ.on, P/ioiediani; 
liickand F. uuclkam, Dnwgd, lleiail; £, £, (dmonddon, Tkydician, Qj.e, 
Qan, /Jode and Iknoai; John. rjdu/in ?\acl\away, Hewdpapen; Hanmy Heidden, 
Qnoceny, fieMiLi; qoaI B» Hinman, Fine; Hanold $+ Howand, 
C/nocen, koledale; Vkanled #. Kelden, Banken; hlynl Lur/ibaiiLd, Dentist; 
and C/ Koden 'Johnson, Houdc Funnidkingd, 

c i^yoauMiMy cm soldo(P of ffifgisw Qcu/wy 

i'Jiliiam long., toko id bunied in Old Union Qemeieny, wad In. ike 
/•.cnydand jiiliiia in ike negimeni commanded 6u Qen.en.aM Ji,LLiam Smald- 
wood, lie died in. I<)i. Vennon, Jliinoid, in. 7of)0, liaving been, bo /in 
Awguai i f T/%6, nean i>\i. Vennon, Vinginia, ike home Oj- jeonge i'Jadking- 
ion, tie aido heaved in. ike Vinginio. i/ioop/i and wad in. i/ie baiided o^ 
Bnandywine and (jenmaniown. Oi id daid ikai he wad one of Cjeonge VJadk- 
inoJx>n l d body. guandd. He came io Jiiinoid and Lived in I'd. V ennon -po/i 
dome tune begone kid deaik, 

feien Owen id bujiied in fieadani jnove Qemeieny, i'Je /vioiu 
airaodi noiking of. kirn ex.cepl ikai ke denved in ike 'Revoiuiion, 

Daniel Qkandden wad fnotn Souik Qz/ioiina, wke/ie ke denved in 
ike / lineiy-dixik Didinici, beginning, Febnuany, T/~j6, unden Qapiain 
\anne Smiik, pan £oun monikd. He again dewed in I 'lay, 1777} wiik 
Qapiain, araed Lidle and Qolonei Jonad Beand, pan. iwo imniiid, and one 
monik wiik Qapiaiix Fnedenic/i Lipkam. On 777$ cm d 7779 ? ie ^^yived pan. 
oven r oun idonikd, He again denved in 'une, 77oO, wisk Qapiain jJLLliam 
SniLih and Qoionei okn I kor.iad; wad in ike baiided o r Qedan S pnincyi and 
IhiLAQAOve I'liii. and in condiani denvice uniii ike ciode o ,. ike. wan, rle 
wad r,iade iieuienani unden Qapiain 'Jenemiak . Jidiioj/id and Qoloned ' c olxn 
nojfjaond, ile came io 'Jeffendon Qouniy, Jilinoid, wkene ke wad pensioned 
and. wkene ke died, 

Fnancid Haney. wad bo run in 9/iince rytwand Qouniy, Vinainia, 
i'ip/iii 7^, 775^* ^ e eniidied in Boieiouni Qouniy, deriving f/iom June, 
7'/' 76, io .Oeceinb en, 777&> unden Qapiain Daniel Sniii/i, He aaain denved 
■Diom. Sepiemben, 777 0, jf- 0/i ^even monikd wiik Qapiain yeonge ,'darad, aaain 


fio/i t/'inee monthd with (oionel Odaac Shelby., and mone {on nine. 
montli^ with Qaptalria Qeong,e {HaxfJLeM, ?\obent QaJJwcll, and 'John ftantiru 
he woa pensioned) came zo hb/iacn (ounJiy, Olllnoid, and. died, in efa-en- 
don Co untu, 51LlnoiA, 

£ohn (lujtphu dcnvcd In the wan puom tlonth Qanolina. He came 
to Ollinoid Jin 7878; he died veny ayed, pnobably in ' c e r fendon County, 
cccondina to ilo/ith CanoJLina Tlecondd and founta hidtonu. 

'Joel Tace wad bo An in V.lng.uzia on 'July 2o, 7J62, lie denvea. 
in tlie 7levo,Lutl.Qn fjiora that dtate, enil-dtiny in the Continental /Urny 
in uenny. C OLLr vtU) VinyJjrua., in />:anch, 777% unde/i (a.picJji Robandd 
and Colonel death and Colonel DavLd. he derived eighteen, months. He 
nemoved to Kentucky apten the wan and laten to 'Jeffe/idon County, Oldi- 
no.La, dettilny in /'it, Ve/tnon Township, whene he di.ecL he id bunled 

in the face C&nzteny douih o/i /'It. Vennon. 

I ho mad .Jilliamd wad fitom Month Qwolina, whene he denved 
duniny the 'llevolutiona/iy 'Jan, denviny in both inprntny and cavalny. 
lie came to Jllinoid when it waA a ten/iiton.y, wad pensioned, dettled 
in ( Jey r endon County, whene he pnobably died a 

ArbnoAe Ohulc'ing, wad bonn in Vinyinia on Auyudt 7 , 775b* 
he denved in the Vinyinia tnoopd duniny the i ~'l evolution, he came to 
ricaniUton County, JUinoid, died thene Auyudi 25, 7oJJ, and id bunied 
nean /.cLeandbono, dllinoid at the Ten-tnide Baptidt Quitch Qemetenii. 
On 7° t 77 a osianddauoAten wad dtiUL livinq, who had attended 1\La ■Lunenal. 
hid r.nave iA mcnhed bu a dubdtantial monument w/iicfi beand the following, 

o o to 

iiv4cnip;tion: "Jmmontal may thein memony be who {ouyjit and died r on " , i,6 node t^auldina wad one ol the Loundend oi the villaae o^ 
/'it. \lennon, j.Llinoid, 


On Novemben 7j, l^Ok, at 2:00 p. m, , a lajiye g/toup of BaptLdt* 
met In a tent on the conneji of H'el/UnA Stsieet and QonyeA Avenue, to 
OAaanige a BaptLdt chuAch in that pant of town, 

Ike. diAtnJLct mLddionoAy woa 'Rev, B, /*. Rodman who woa chosen 
ad mode/Lato/L of ike. meeting, Rev, A, A, Todd, poAtoA of the FiAAi 
Baptist Qkwich of /lit, Vennon which at that time wad a Southern Baptist 
Qhwich, wad chosen clenh, peAAonA wen.e dent out at tkein AeaueAi fAom 
the Finest BaptLdt Qkwich to ongxmi$e thLd chwich, Aften. thiA gsioup 
AeAolved itself into an independent cluiAch, twenty- eight peAAonA 
joined on Aelation of chnJiAtian ex.pent.ence, 

hollowing, one officials at thiA fJjmi meeting,: Deacon*: 
QhanleA J ebb en, JameA R, filillesi, Re/uiy Loweny, William QateA, with 
Qnont {jbteA added to ihLa IlaI *ubj,ect to OAdination; ckwich clenh, 
'John £. I hnogmoAton; chwich tjiuAteeA, QkwileA J ebb en., ti, Na/iauiA, 
J. UJ, Hick*; chwich tn.exiAUA.eji, v), //. Bn.yden, 

The new chwich adopted a* Ha name "The Second Baptist Qhwich 
of />U, Vennon, JtlinoiA, " Delegated pAeAent on the onaanigoiion coun- 
cil wen.e: FiAAi Baptist Qhwich of f'lt, Vennon, Rev, A, A, Todd, A, D, 
VJebb, §, iff, Rowand, W, H, Poole; FinAt BaptiAi Qhwich of DuQuoin, 
OllinoiA, Rev, B, F, Rodman; Baptist Qhunch of (wing,, OilinoiA, Da. 
J, A, Leavitt (Rn.eAidenl of (wing, QolLeae), (Iden, Bell §oodwin; FinAi 
BaptiAi Qkwich of Blufond, (Idesi Qalvin RtchancUon; BaptiAi Qhwich of 
SimA, OllinoiA, (tden. I'J, J, AndenAon, The chanae to the chwich woa 
given by (Ide/i Bell ^oodwin, and the Aenmon to the chwich woa deli.ven.ed 
by Da. J, A. Leavitt, 

The dite foA the building, on QonyeA Avenue neon 7 7th Si/ieet 
woa chosen on Decembe/i 2^, 7^ Ok, At the Aame meeting, a paAioA woa 
elected, being, J, ti/. Alien of the Ashley BaptiAi Qkwich, 

I he chwich building, woa dedicated the founth Sunday in 
July, 7^05, l:\iniAtenA who dedicated the building, wene Rev, U/, R, 
Thnogmonion and Rev, B, F, Rodman, The dedication denmon woa de- 
livened by J. W, Danbenyiy, 

■ • 



Tke following, denved ad padto/id of ike ckwick aften. liev, 
$. I'J, Alien between 1<j05 and 1<]U0: Anikun Belt, K A, Honey,, (Jianled 
Bendcke, ike lievenendd Stienwalt, Uncri, Bagwell, Qalvent, faiteAdon, 
Andendon, Bind §n.een, Hedged, F, L, Kann, Bind Cj/ieen (a decani time), 
L, I ucken. and Sam fi)cfpy, 

Ike ontginal ckunck dinuctane wad dedtn.oy.ed by fine on 
^anuxmy 21, l^kO, along wilk all of. ike ckwick necondd, i'Jttkin a yean, 
ike congnegatton unden. ike leadend/ilp of. itd minidien, Rev, Sam l>\(\py, 
kad built tie bntch and dtone dinuctune ikai now dtandd at 11 ih and 
Qongen, ike new building kad a dealing capacity of foun kundjied and 
wad built at a codt of approximately Jl6, 000, Ike padton, Reve/ienxL 
/'IcQoy, wko nealcged a dubdianticl income each, montk f/iom oil propertied, 
contnibuted a lange amount in ike financing of ike new ckiuic/'i, He and 
ike congregation did all ike common labo/i on ike building. 

On September 1°, 1^56, unden. ike leaderdkip of itd padtor, 
Rev, $okn I elltd young, ike decidion to /lelocate ike Second BaptLdt 
(kurck wad made, A dutiable dite wad doughi, and en dob en. T] f I95^> 
ike ckunck authorised ike purckade of ike Blchley pn.opa.ty at 60S 
Sout f i J^ik Street in ike t'Jediern ^ardend Div.Ldion of /ill, Vennon, Ike 
property wad paid fan. and ike deed seconded in ike eanly pant of ike 
yean. 1^60, 

On Sunday afternoon, $une 28, 1^5% unden. ike ilxird pauiionate 
of 11 ev, W, (art i : Jkitiingion, a meeting wad keld fan. ike purpode of 
dtdcudding pland and mailing preparation fan. ike future wonh of con- 
diruciing a new building, 

Ike following montk, a planning and durvey committee wad 
appointed, Don (jowlen. being appointed ckaLnman of ike committee, 
Broiker fowler doon moved to Kandad Qity, and Dr, §len Filbenik wad 
appointed ckatnman with At Leffler ad kid addldtant, Oiker memberd 
of ike committee were: Kelvin Bayer, Frank Faulknen, Howand fowler, 
Robert Reynoldd, Kenneik Sandudhy, $eonge Briedacker, ^dward Funk- 
houder, Ant/tun. ['\umbower, Hani Regno Idd, Don Tkomad, Lor en De^ounneit, 
Howand Qregory, Henbent 'Page, [anl Duncan, i'J, t>\. Gregory, £yan 
I eardon and Henbent ^ikeridge, Memberd added ad time moved on were 

' ■ . 


Anthwi (aten., Donald De/'leni, Leonand HandA, Hoy HayA, (vanA Lemay, 
and J hwunaa liecijo/i. 

On Ocioben. ZJ, 7^ Sit ^i & ckwick voied to employ anckuteciA 
io dnafi planA and ApeciflcationA of ike new building* Aften. many 
meetings, appointment, of Aub -committees and Aevenal fuindned miles of 
inavel, ike cku/tck voied io AelL bond*, using ike 3/ioadway flan of 
Qiujick Finance in. ike amount of $60, 000 to oAslAi in ike financing, 
of ike construction. On May 26, 7^60, Leonand Hand was elected as 
gene/ml bond AelLing cliaijman wii/i-ike ceninal committee consisting 
of Rev. W, QuU I'Jhlitlngion, HcnbenJL ?age, AL LeffleA, Donald De/')ent, 
Qanl Duncan and Fnank Faulknen, who wene appnoved by ckwick action 
on June 7, 7^60, 

On August J, 7^60, ^^ wonklng dnawlngs a ub milted by ike 
architect wene accepted by ike ckwick. On Sepiemben. 7 k, 7j60, ike 
coninaciA wen,e signed and the ckwick body voied io dell ike property 
on Qonger Avenue and begin construction at ike new location, 

Sepiemben. 25, 7^60, was ike dawning of a great e/ia as a 
large cnowd of ike membership and interested citizens gaike/ied fan. 
ike ground-breaking ceremonies. An old fashioned plow was pulled by 
various groupA of membe/iA oa a meanA of breaking ike ground; at one 
time i/ie plow handles were held by one of ike ckwick 1 a eldest members, 
eigkty-Aix.-yeaA.~o Id Slater (Ala Lane, Ike Aod twined oven., ikougk 
not known at that time, woa directly iknougk ike area where ike. pastor's 
Aiudy 1a now located. 

On 'July JO, 7*367, ike new building woa dedicated io $od, 
Ai ike time of this wnlting a new wing 1a being added to ikiA building. 

social sgjmry offoci 

I tie o/ilginal Social Secunlty Law woa paSAed by Qpngress 
and Aigned by ike f resident in August, 7<]35* 3t provided for rather 
Amall monthly benefitA to begin in January, 7 9^2, and covered wo risers 
in commence and industry only, 

Tke filt, Vennon office opened in 7^JJ in ike John 8, Rogers 
Building, I'Je had ma^or changeA in ike law in 7^J^, and monthly bene- 
fits were started in January, 7^kO, 


• ■ 


Beginning, wiik 7950, we have, had majx>/i ckang&d in ike law 
eveny iwo yean*. On 795® ike AesLp-em.ploy.ed. wene cove/Led; in. 795^ 
fanmeAA wene covered, Alsio, domeAiLcA, fanm JLabone/iA and mo/ti pno- 
fieAssLonal gsioup/t wene covened by ike law duning, ikLd peniod of time, 

Tke Social Secuniiy Offii.ce /lemained in ike $okn B, 'Rog.enA 
Building, uniid Apnid, 7957) uAen because of ike inc/ieaded wonk toad 
ii became neceAAa/iy. io sjecune lanyen auanien^, Oun office had been 
in ike p/ie,6eni locaiion in ike Fond Building, ai 229 Souik I enik Sineei 
/iince ikai iime» 

Ai ike p/ieAeni iime, ike f'louni Vennon office ike 
couniJLea of ^effen^on, /'Ionian, fenny, Qffinakam, Qlay, iJayne. and qAcxzajdU, 
i'Je have a penAonnel of founieen, and we Aenve appA.oxsimai.ely. 7°, 000 
men. women and ckildnen who one neceivina moniklu Social Secuniiu 
bene fii ckec/w in ikis6 4ev en-county anea* Je a/ie paying, ai ike naie 
of dliakily mo/ie ikan $7, 000, 000 pen monik on. oven $72, 000, 000 pen. 

I ke following, iable indlcaiesj i/ie numb en. of b enefician.i.eA 
ad of Decemben J7, 7960, fon. eack of ike Aeven couniJieA, Oi aL&o 
a/wwa ike amount of benefiuU paid. 

(mm b(i^o(paw(s mmr wn 

(lay 7,848 $ 700,670 

£dwancU 977 S3, 777 

iffingkam. 2,^7 737,308 



fifeAsion 3,737 278, 76 5 

hlanlon 4,547 255,877 

fenny 2, 58O 7^,2^2 

Wayne 2,022 7 08,360 

18,7^6 $7,023,339 

— [mist fl. Hoffman, 
DisdiAsici /'hnayen. 


Sunday, Sepiemben 77, 7967, Bishop (dwin (dgan Voigki of. 
ike Olstxnoisd anca of ike NeikodsLii (kunck p/ieac/ied ike con4ccnaii.on 
Aenmon ai ike Skilok fteikodiAi (kunck on fi.ckvi.ew 'Road, fibt, Vennon, 


The modern bnick Atnuctune AtandA oa a beacon light for a gnawing, 
community, and iA the. reAult of many, yearA of dnearnA and efforiA, 
OtA Ae.veruty.-two membenA had taken a gjLaaniJic Atep, and the new building. 
AtandA oa a testimony of a Living, and vital faith, 

J he congneaation in the. new building. iA the. reAult of a 
menyer of the "Ota"' Shitoh (hunch which Atood about: a mile, northeoAt 
of the. new chunch and of th&. "New" Shiloh (hunch, which woa about a 
half mile, eoAt of the new building,, The two churcheA have a matt 
interesting, hiAtory, 

/'iethoduitd beyan to arrive in ^efferAon (punty early in the, 
nineteenth centuny, FinAt, a nawboned young, man came leading, a horAe 
upon which Aat hod young, wtfe and their baby, Their poAAeAAionA wene 
few, the moAt pneciouA being, an iron skillet and a Bible, I hey camped 
fan. the night, neon. the. Old Shitoh (hunch laten Atood, and while the 
wife, prepared the. evening, meal, Zadok (aAey leaned against a giaantic 
oak in meditation. He went on hiA kneed to pnay fon counaae and 
guidance* ThiA woa in 7877 . 

On the. fallowing, yean., LouiA ^ohnAon and {jdwin /' ] ax.ey moved 
to the. community, and a /ilethodtAt Society woa fo/uned in the. yean 7o7% 
with Zadok (aAey a* the leaden, Shiloh Methodist (hunch tnaceA hen 
hiAtory to thiA I'lethodiAt Society which met in the home of £dwin filaxey. 

On 7820, a school woa built which woa uAed both a* a school 
and a chunch, A cemeteny woa laid out by governor (aAey, IJiltiam /'laxey 
and LouiA fohnAon, The Old Shiloh (hunch woa finAt located in thiA 
cemeteny, and woa built aften tlie finAt a choolf chunch building, burned* 
I he building, woa moved in 7^78, 

At the yenenal conference in New !/ork in 78k^i thene oaoac 
an tAAue which woa to affect the people of the Shiloh community, On- 
deed, it woa to cauAe men who wene adnend chniAtianA, Aincene and 
devoted, in all AectionA of the countny, to Aepanate and to g.o diff- 
erent wayA, I he iAAueA wene Alaveny, and t/ie authority of the Bishop 
oa compared to the yeneral conference of the church, I he Alaveny iAAue 
woa to plunae tlie nation into a bitter Atruaale, with brot/ien g,oing, 
against brother. 

On 78^5, at LouiAvilte, Kentucky, another meeting, took place 
that woa to affect the people of the Shiloh community, for it woa there 








that the i>\etkodJist episcopal [kunck South was fonmexL Ike mackineny 
of yovennment was ike /lame as it kad been. befone ike bneak, 
Ike method of wonhiny and content, of. ike p/ieachiny kad noi aliened, 
Ike souihenn ckunck was penkaps mo/ie evanyelistic and wanted no 
attention paid to ike social issue o t slaveny, p/iefenniny to p/ieack 
ike "Did (jo s pel" and it? siin zievival fi.nes. By ike yean 7o^0 ike 
souihenn ckunck kad a total membership of 757)2^5) °f wkick 20] ', / 'Co 
wene neynoes, 

Did Skiiok elected to yo with tlxe I'teikodisi (Episcopal (kunck 
South; and ike ynoup thai fo/imed tlxe Hew Skiiok (kunck did so in 
onden to /stay, with ike f'leihodisi episcopal (kunck and to expness a 
sinony abolitionist policy, at ike /same time pneachiny the wanm- 
keanted docinines wkick kad ike ckunck yneai, Qiunc/i zieconds 
kave been lost, ike cliunck kas been a pant of many "(kanyes" on n (j-A>- 
cuiis, " but It is believed thai Hew Skiiok was built in 16kJ t 

Aften yeans of negotiation, yeans aften ike issues wkic/i kad 
caused ike separation kad been settled, on hlay 70, 7^31) in an kisionic 
meeting, in Kansas (ity, ike f'leikodisi Episcopal (kunck, ike hletkodisi 
episcopal (kunck South, and tlxe I'leikodist Pnoiesiani (hunch united to 
foam Ike (Methodist (kunck, 

Iwenty yeans laien, on i/ovemben 7, 7^5% a specially called 
auanieaty confenen.ce was keld at ike New Skiiok (kunck fon ike punpose 
of voiiny on a nesotution to menye the Old Skiiok Q'xunck and ike New 
S/xilok (kunck, and to call ike ckunck ike Skiiok iueihodist (kunck, 
//lis nesoiuiion was voted on, and passed by a laaye moronity, A 
decision was neacked to build a new ckunck and to authoni?.e the officers 
o^ tlxe new clxunck to decide the disposition of tlxe old pnopeniies, 

Ike old buildinys kave been nazed and the p/iopenties yiven 
to the cemeieny associations to be used fon bunial punposes, I kus 
two landiaanlis kave been aemoved fnom ike scene in 'Jeffenson (ounty, 
but in tlxein place kas nisen a sinikiny sinuciune w/xick says to the 
wonld, "/ileikodism is on the ma/ick. " 

Jith ike coopeaaiion of ike Souilxenn Jilinois (onfenence 
Boa/id of /iLissions and ike Town and (ountny Qoinmission of i/xe Soutsxerux 
Jilinois (onfenence of i/xe j'leikodist (kunck, and with ike effonis and 
ieadens/xip of men like ^ilbeni Jenie, £iiison Phillips, (liffoad \)il- 
son, iJesley Jooden, Roy Hamilton, (jeaatd Osaac, Ikomas Osboan, Qlen 




: • 

■ . ' . ■ t 


Smitk, Frank Qierry, £lmer Bumpus, I'Jalter §oddard f James Newell and 
Jerry Phillips and with ike tireless efforts of ike women, of, ike 
church, ike congregation has responded Jin a wonderful way, 

Ike Skilok (hurches kave long, been noted, fan. ikeVi evange- 
listic fervor and geal. Seventeen men kave gone oui to serve in. ike 
g/ieater ministry of ike church, and JLi is ike prayer of ike untied 
conxyieaation ikai ikis La jjusi a start. 

On September 77, iffii ike minister, Rev, (lain. (lark, was 
in. charye of ike Sunday, activities wkick beaan witk church school at 
70:00 a, nu and included preaching, services at 77:00a, m. witk ike 
minister bringing, ike morning, sermon. There was a basket dinner at 
noon, and ike klgkligki of ike day. was at ike fo/imal consecration 
se/ivice at 2: 00 p.m. , witk Biskop Voiakt presiding. Ike Bishop was 
assisted by ike District Superintendent, Rev, Qlyde Funkkouser, o^. 
ike Harrisburg, District, and ike pastor, Many of ike former pastors 
were in attendance, along, witk ike ministers of ike /'It. Vernon area, 
A cordial invitation to ike public to attend all of ike services of 
ike day had been extended by ike minister and ike church, and it was 
a day of great rejoicing., 

I he Shilok I'leikodist (kurch, witk ijts yreat history behind 
it, continues to grow and JLa a "beacon tiykt" not only in, i£d immediate 
locality but to every one who has ever felt Ltd benign influence. 

stfumy mr or mt. vqwqn 

Security Bank of fi\i. Vernon has served residents of /'it. Ver- 
non and Jefferson (ounty continuously since 7° 70. From its opening, 
at Opdyke in October 7 of that year as ike Security State Bank witk 
assets of #6,000, througk its move to a new building, at 77J Nortk /Vinik 
Street in (>\t. Vernon in 7^8, when its asset* were approximately 
.»2, 000, 000, it has grown to its present sirenaik of over Si J, 000, 000 
in total resources. 

I he ten founders and original directors of Security State 
BanJ\ ujere the following, residents of Opdyke and the nearby, area: ID alter 
?. [stes, John Logan Ham, "Robert L. Roane, Qiarles R, Ham, Runyon 0. 
QSteSf Henry Ben Qornelius, Fred Qpnnelius, Frank Knowles, Thomas Brawn 




• I I 

. . ''. :■ 



* i 


'■ • " .. ' ' ''■ '. . ' . ' S 

■'''■'' , -' •■ 

■■■ . . I , . 


.' '■ 

. . ■ . 


■ ■. '. ' I . 





and Cjllbent BAOwn, lA/aiteA fated, don of Runyon fated, wad ike. new 
banJi'd cadlxleA and filled thai. po ditto n. until 7<J§7. 'l he. puidt pAedl- 
dent wad John (J.A.L.) Ham, who deAved until Ixld death In 1^2$, On 
the banli'd opening, day. depodltd of '41,600 we/ie Aec.el^ed and one loan 
■■jon. ,'/747 wad cyianted, 

Robert L. Roane succeeded hfa. Ham ad pn.edLd.ent and dewed 
until Izid deat'i In 7^2. 

QuaJuw, t/ie ueaAd. Sec.uA.itu. Bank dewed Ltd tnade an.ea well, 
QadhJLeA. fated loved to /lecound how he avoided a n /iun" of wAjb'icUawald 
by tailing, depodlto/id Into t/te vault during, the depAeddlon In the "t^JO'd 
and dhowlng, them that theui cxush wad dafe, 

hit, Vernon had had only, one banli dLnce 7JJJ, and Ln 7^4/ o. 
oAoup of /'it. Veanon budLnedd men puAchaded the Security State Banli, 
/it that time t/'ie Opdyke banlz'd dlAectoAd were H, 0, Kent, pAedldent; 
i'Jalte/i fated, S, /<). ('lateen, ('Ji,ltLam H, UJlldon, Qua! D, Hard and J, 'Roy. 
Ham, I he iianid weAe the dond of J, A. L. Ham, the banli'd t Jjidt predl- 
dent. On 7^/8 the bank moved Lnto Ltd new auaAtend Ln hit, V ennon and 
became Security Ban/k of f>\t, V ennon. The banJiLng, Aootnd were completely 
Aenio deled Ln 7^57* 

The pAedent boaAd of dLeActond of SecuALty Bank repAedenrtd 
a anodd decjcLon of leadeAd Ln agriculture, petAoleum, law, manufac- 
turing, and retailing, hlembeAd aAe; John ft, hlLtchell (chaLAman), 
J, I.aAvln Po'.veAd (pAedldent), (jeorye UJ, Howard, J a, (vice pAedldent), 
LewLd LjAake, Qlenn q. fate, Q J. Qovlngton, Ben (jladdman, Qurt D. 
Ham, fault A» Hill, J, 'Joe Hill, (oyn /'lateen, HaAvey /'IcQowen, Stanley 
Rodenberg,en, fa/dle /'I, Self and 0, (jbanence 'JJlldon. 

Bedlded PAedldent Rowerd, who aldO derved ad tAudt oyflcen, 
otheA active ofjJ.ceAd a/z.e Ralph. Stoopd, vice pAedldent; John. Howcjid, 
vice pAedldent and addldtant trudt officer; Roger 0. Smith, cad/iler; 
and /Jonma J, jarrldon and Rex. L Kelley, addldtant cadhlend. Both. 
Smith and h\Ad, (janrldon weAe on the diaff at the time of the move -Jiom 

The offlcend of the bank believe that ltd growth Id due to 
condtant Aecognltlon by dtoc/ifiotdend, diAectond, officerd and employ eed 
o r ;che banli d obligation to funnldh complete ban/tiny denvlce Ln a 
pAompi, e ri l.cLent and fjilendly rn.ann.en. TkeLn motto JU: "I- 'nlendllnedd 
you can feel; SecunJUty you can tnudt, " 




Tke /'It. Vernon State. 7ubeAculo<iLi Sanilarium Li operated 
under ike direction of ike OlllnoLi Department of Public Healtk 
ikrougk ike DivLiion of Tuberculo^Li (oniroJU Ike pnJLme purpose of 
ike Sanitarium Li safeguarding, ike kealik of ike citizens of ike State 
of OilinoLi from tuberculo/iLi by treatment and Ldoiation of ike in- 
fectious person. 

I ' ke original one kundred-b ed building, was dedicated in. 7J5? , 
and ike additional fifty-bed wing, was dedicaied in, 7*357. Ot id brick 
and reinforced concrete construction and Li locaied on twelve acres 
in. ike. nortkwesi section of i<li, Vernon. Ike building, Li stories 
kigJi and Li partly four stories wkere ike boilers and laundry oAe sub- 

Ike Saniiarium serves approximately ike soutkern one.-fourtk 
of ike counties in. Jilinois, alikougk patients from all counties are. 

J ke ienglk of stay Li variable, depending, upon kow early 
ike dLiease has been discovered, kow active it has become and kow 
ike patient responds to tAeairaent. Pest, nutrition and kyaiene are 
important. fibdeAn day. drugs and suraery are^tke common meikods of 
treatment. fibdeAn. laboratory, x,-ray and rekabLiitation services are 

I ke Sanitarium Li a part of a gjieal team consisting, of all 
ike. doctors, ike Healik Ayencies, ike 3ilinois DepaAimeni of Public 
HeaUk, and t/ve voluntary organisations dedicaied to eAodicaiing, 
tkLi infection, 

Ji Li staffed by approximately 725 employees of many varied 
caiegpries and professions, and "/6% of ike staff arte female. 

Ileferrals oyie made by ike patient* a personal physician 
tkrougji i/ie Tuberculosis Sanitarium Board of ike specific county of 
ike patient 1 a residence. 

ikLi institution hai kad full accreditation since 7^5^ 
by I ke faint Qpmmissian on Accreditation of Hospitals. 

— iff. £ Davis 








' • 


Twimy t?osco?AL Qumtu 

7ke fJuiAi ofifi.cU.cU. ne.pneAeniaiive of ike PnoieAiaai epis- 
copal (hunch in ike U rusted SlaieA of AmenLca io visii /'it* 1/ 'ennon was 
ike Riyki Revenend Rkilanden (J Lose, ike fJusi Bishop of Illinois, who 
p/ieacked in ikis communLiy in 78kO. Bishop (hose, who was uncle io 
Lincoln 1 'a Secneiany of ike I neoAuny, had pnevioudly Aenved as misAion- 
any bishop of Ohio befone iahiny oven. neAponAibiliiieA of ike chu/ick in 

On 7875 flbiA* £• /'I RundenAon, ike widow of an (j^iA copal 
pnicAi, moved io fili. Vennon wiik iwo oiken membenA of hen. family., 
Shonily aften hen. anjilval, A14* ^ $. Beechen expneAAcd hen. inieneAi 
in and pn.efen.axce fon i/us chunck, F/iom ihiA Amall ynoup anoAe ike 
hope ikai a congjiea.aii.on miylii be onyanized. 

The fall of 7876 Aaw iliiA hope bniyJiien as flnA. fundenson 1 A 
bnoiken, ilie Rev, (laniin /'body, came io />)£, Vennon on his way weAi io 
labon oa a miAAionany, Ai ike unyiny of ike £piscopalianA hene, and 
upon con^uliaiion wiik ike Veny Revenend D. i'J. DneAAen, Dean of (aino, 
/'k. I'loody ayneed io nemain ike winien and io conduci AenviceA, allen- 
naiiny beiween hit, Vennon and (eninalia, Accondinyly, on ike IoaI 
Sunday in Ocioben, 7376, Jean DneAAen and /'In. fibody held a public in ike RneAbyienian (hunch. 

A mission Aiaiion was fonmally ony.ani.%ed /'lanch 7 5, 7o7o, and 
nutrhened oniony JUL* mejnbenA wene ike families of H. i'J. RncAion, William 
Rilchen, II. H. SimmonA, 7. I. UilAon, john Beechen and r J. (jowenlock. 
SenviceA wene continued neyulanly in a Achool nooni nean ike Appellaie 
Qouni Houac until //lay 26, 78/8, when /'in. flhody was iaken ynievouAly 
ill and had io neiunn eosi. 

I he Riyki Revenend Qeonye F. Seymoun, fusi Bishop of Spniny- 
field, appointed ihe Rev. i'J. U. Sieele and i/ien of Qanlyle, io neAume 
neyulan AenviceA in f')i, Vennon and (eninalia. /'In. Sieele beyan hLi 
minisiny hene in Febnuany of 787J, and on Febnuanu % 7ooO, he pne- 
Aenied Aeven people io be confinmed by Bishop Seymoun ai. a Aenvi.ce in 
ilie RneAbyienian (hunch. 

I he liiile conaneyaiion continued io wonA/iip in Sinaiian r A 
hall until new hopeA anoAe wiik ike annival of i/ie Rev. Onynam H. JJ. 
Snvine, /'In. Onvine woa appointed nunal dean of fiicLeanAbono and made 



hlA n.eAidence, in fl\sb, V ennon, Aenviny boik ikeAe cong/iegaiionA. Dean. 
Onvine woa a man of gjieai energy, and untuiiny geal fon ike Land a 
houAe. Ommediately upon. kLd annlval he. began, pnoynamA "jfjon 
boik congsiegaiionA. On ike fall of. I08O, conAtAuciion woa beyun on 
a new buiidiny fon. ftcLeandbo/u) wkick in 7887 woa conAecnated oa Si, 
JameA 1 (jdIaco pad. (kunck by. Bishop Seymoun. 

On fili. \l ennon it woa decided io punchaAe and nemodeJ. ike 
oideAi cliunck buiidiny in ike city, built in 7oJo, wkick had previa udiy 
been uAed by ilxe I'leikodiAiA and iaien. by. ike QknlAiian (JuuicJu (oin- 
cidenialiy, ikiA buiidiny had occasionally been uAed fan. QxiACOpal dunlny /'In. (i\oody' a tenure until ike deaik of. ftl/iA. RundenAon 
in ('lay of 7877, 

I he deed fon. ike iiiiie cku/ick on Nonlk (jiAey Sijieei woa 
seconded on October 2, 7880, by £. /'). Skepkend and ike Hon, R. A. D* 
VJilhanlw toyeiker witJx. Dean Orvine, and after careful refurbiAkiny ike 
building, woa opened oa //Unity £piAcopal (hunch. Oi wcla in ikiA 
building, ikat ike Rev. Warren Wade Way woa ondained Deacon on I Hay 2k, 
70^2, and it continued io Aerve ike needs of ike conyregatian here 
until TJ08 when a new buiidiny woa erected on ike corner of {ievenik 
and rlarrLdon Streets duniny ike tenure of ike Rev. £dniond RhareA, 

Afiteji many yeans of aiternatlny adverAiiy and proAperity, 
at iuie conduAion of wkick ike buiidiny woa rented io ilie LuikenanA 
of /-'it. \/ 'ennon, ike tide woa tunned by ike coming, of ike Rev, John 
(dyar Qill oa Vicar of Tnlnity [hunch on June % 7^k6. Father Cjill 
reopened ike buiidiny fon ike uAe of ike episcopal (kunck and reyular 
Aervices wene resumed. Under hlA leadership ike congregations yrew 
greatly and appnoacked itA pneAent Aige and proAperity, His deaik 
in an automobile accident on July ?, 7152, woa a severe blow io ike 
wonk of ike ckunck in ikiA entire anea. Howeven, Father (jilt' a wonh 
hoA endured. 

The foilowiny iA a ckronoloylcal list of cienyy Aenviny 
Tnlnity (kunck Aince itA inception: Tke Rev. FnA, flcuiiin hbody, 
W.f<). Steele, Onynam /V. i'J. Onvine, R. B. Hoyi, J, //. filatthews, W. J. 
Frost, B. 0, Baker, J, /V. Qhesnuit, Rercy St. (Kichael Rodmore, Alex- 
ander Qrone, Anmand De RoAAet (leanes, §eorye W, Rresion, I'J, H. TomilnA, 
Qeonae R, Hosier, Ailayne, i'J, />/, Run.ce, £dmond RhaneA, Tke Venenable 



. . . ■ ' ■ , 

i • 


H. fik QiuUenden, Tke. Rev* Ftu* F. RkUip Onmond Reedy R, !/. BanbeA? 
'• 9* G ftcQaLLa, A, 0, F/icuzcey illaJjteyi Wkitekead, F/uankiln H. SpenceA, 
Riu^eJJ. D. Laycoch, S. £ A/iihuA, Ua/uwji U Bo thin, ike. VeneAcble. fohn 
£dg#Ji QUI, ike Rev, //z-d. Romeswy. H. HanJman, Ralph {ifoAhey, and WiLiiam 
NeLlL lihJjoUke. 


i/MJTff) (O/^ftQ/AL TRAV£L£kS 

The onden of United (ommencial / AaveleAS of Amenica was 
in.coA.pOA.ated on flanuany 76, 7888, in (olumbus, Ohio, 3t is a fnateAnal, 
accident insunance organisation, licensed in foAjty.-Ae.ven states and 
eiyht pnovinces of (anada fan the. purpose of pnotectiny tlie niyht^ of 
Ltd memb ens and funnishiny accident insunance protection. I he national 
ojjvenniny body, is known as the. Supreme (ouncil and controls tlie activi- 
ties of the organisation at the international level, (Jiihin the 
Sup/ieme (ouncil aA.e thirty-one divisions called §Aand (ouncils, I hese 
thistly-one Qrand Qouncils ane divided into 6f>7 yAOups known as Local 

/'It* Vernon, Jllinois, (ouncil $523 ^^ organised on the 
ZJilx day of 'July, 7^7 J. (harter members were: ft. §. (raw ford, £. 
l<\cTayyant, j. A. I'Jood, i), A. Bodine, iJ, Focht, ft. £. Hinman, L. Q 
Doxsie, £. Jood, F, P. Uatson, fl, L. (lev eland, A, A, Puckett, 0. S. 
Pace, P. L, Bean, 'J, J, fteinbant, fl, L fteece, H, Jacobs, 19. £. /'bone, 
..■'. A, (alpha, (. Q. SeeflutJi, 0, B. Owsley, The following, were elected for the first yean: Senior (ounselor, P, L, Bean; J union 
(ounseloA, (, §. Seefluth; 'Past (ounseloA, 'J. L, (leveland; Secretary- 
TA.easuA.eA., 'j, L, 'Reece; (onductoA, ft, £. tiinman; Page, Qthelhert 
I'lcl ' agjyant; Sentinel, iJ, £, I'loore; Executive (, 0, S. Pace, 
ft, Q. (rawford, US, £. /'hone; £xamininy Physician, On. §ilmore. 

Since its beyinniny of twenty members in 7^1 J, fibL Vernon 
(ouncil #523 has shown continued and progressive ynowth. On December 
37, 7J67, ike memb enskip totaled 86k, Local (ouncil officers at the 
time of this writiny one: Senior (ounselor, flames 0, Alexander; 
junior (ounseloA, HI. B, Porter; Past (ounseloA, (hojiles 'J, Hoit; 
SecA.etaA.y-/neasuneA., Lewis fl, Hilliard; (onducior, ftobent Snow; 
Page, iJiliiam V. Lee; Sentinel, ftoy £. Hayse; (haplain, Amos F, Smith; 
Executive (ommittee: /'anion Heifnen, (haiAman, Qene (, (ok, Fnank //. 
JaU^er, (laine Latta; Examining Physician, flean (>), ftodent, /'I, D, 

I hree local (ounselors have neceived Iwnons as Qrand (oun- 
selons of the State of Illinois, They one: £thelbent I'lcTayaant, 
792k; % D. Osaac, 7055; and geaald £ Osaac, 7^67, 

Aside fnom the many insurance benefits that United (ommencial 
fravelens off ens its memb ens, many community activities one sponsoned 




\ ■ 

. ■ 




■ .' , 





and encousiayed. At pnesent, a KhouAjy League baseball team U sponsored, 
ike 'JeffeASon Qouniy. Remanded (hi.bbien i s Association i* being, aided, 
and Ike. local Qouncil sponsion* a annual banauet fan all memben* 
and thein. wives. 


Unemployment compensation office* one located .in all- states 
of Ike. Union, a* well a* in Canada, and ate equipped to lake unemploy- 
ment claims fan. pen*on* who have eanned wayes in any, stale on. pnavince 
of t/ie two count/iie*. 

On Illinois, it is the duty, of the Dinjecton. of the Depaniment 
of Lab on. to administen. ike Unemployment Qompensailon Act, I he Qommi*- 
*ionen. of Unemployment Qompensation, unden. ike dl/iection of ike Dinecion. 
of Labon, adj)iini*iens ike JUlnois Unemployment Qompensailon Ace and 
ike nules and neaulaiions of ike Act. Local unemployment compensation 
office* ajie established in communities t/maugjiout ike state. These 
local office* one openated unden. ike duiection of a local unemployment 
compensation office manayen. who, ioyeiken. with a staff of inained per- 
sonnel, has ike nesponsibilily of senviny unemployed wonkens in ike 

The ('It, Vennon office of ike Division of Unemployment Qompen- 
*atlon i* located at 22$ South Ninth Street and i* openated unden. the 
duiection of Owen D, Henbeni, fln. He and hi* staff have ike responsi- 
bility of senviny unemployed wonkens in ike fouyi-county anea of 'Jeffen.- 
*on, Hamilton, Uayne and l'Ja*/iinaton counties. 

Unemployment compensation is a state-openated Job insunance 
pnoojiam which pays weekly benefits to ike uner,iployed penson, if ke 
meet* the legal /leaulnements fon. the insunance, Jonkens who we/ie paid 
wayes fon. insured wonk have a nlgjit to unemployment benefits when they 
meet ike eligibility nequinements pnovided in ike Olllnois Unemployment 
Compensation Act; ike law is not based on chanlty on. need but is based 
solely on whet/ien. on. not ike person meets all it* neauinanents, Respon- 
sibility fon. collecting, benefit* is entinely up to ike wonken, 

Qenlain types of wonk one not insured in Illinois unden ike 
Unemployment Qompensailon Act, Ho wonken. pays any pant of his wanes 


eillien. dinectly on. induiectly into the unemplo ymenl compensation fund, 
Benefit payments an.e based on wayes paid to wonhens port insured wonk, 
and employers pay. a penceniaye of thein. paysioLLs to the State of Oldi- 
nois to pnovide funds with, which to pay, these. benefits, 

Ot is the duty of. the pe/ison who is claijiiiny unemployment 
compensation to n,epont ike name and aadjiess of. his last employer, the 
date he tost wo /iked, the zieason why he is unemplo yed } and to answer 
odd pertinent questions on his claim, such as: reportiny of aid waaes 
earned, answeriny questions reyardiny dependency, ef fonts to secu/ie 
wonlx, ability to work, on. refusal of work, 

Of any Question anises as to whether on. not a claim should 
be allowed, it is the duty of the unemployment compensation to 
yather all pentinent facts on the claim and to notify all inten.ested 
panttes in accondance with, the law, Of either the claimant on. /lis 
employer s/wuld feel that the dzterrnination should be reviewed on 
chanaed in any wait, there is an appeal/) procedure whe/ieby each panty 
lias every oppontunity to state his case until he is satis ( J.ed tnat 
the claijii has been handled pnopendy, 

I he/ie are four of unemployment compensation pe/isonnel 
located in /'t, Vennon: First is the local office, whose duties one 
to take unemployment claims for the foun. counties mentioned, Second 
Ld tlie appeals section, who have the duty of considering those con- 
tested claims which eithen. the claimant on. the employen feel should 
be furt/ier /leviewed and. of decidina whether on. not the oniyinal 
deten,iina:tion should be chanaed, modified on. affinmed, I fiind is the 
special investigations deupty, whose duty is to chec/k unemployment 
clairiis and the Seconals of employe/is to see whethen. fjiaud has been com- 
mitted on. attempted, Tounth is the field audito/i, whose duty it is to 
clieck width, employers in reyard to payment of unemplo yraeni compensation and the proper reportiny and recording, of payments. Until 1°ioO, 
tliere was a fij!th office, that o r the a/iea supervisor who was responsi- 
ble fon supervision of the local offices of Sout'ienn 0>Llinois, After 
the death of l>)r, Q/iarles S, Cjreen, who had been area supenvison fon. 
many neons, tlie area office was moved to /-.urphy^iboro, 

(jertifJLed employees who have wonked in the hit, V ennon o^J-ce 
of the Division of Unemployment (fompensatio/i include: Od.eLL <_;, Bain, 

■ . . • ■ ■ . ■ 



claim* examine*; 3ne% Blankenskip (now *ecn.eiany in ike of -Lice of ike 
anea *upen,vi*o/i ai Flun,pky*bono, Jilinoi*); DuawoaxL L. Book, now manages. 
of ike unemployment compensation office ai §/umiie Qity, jiiinoi*; 
Qcliik Louise. Sunns, claim* examinen,; Venn L (jiaven*, now manaaen. of 
ike. unemployment office ai (jluuo, OWjioi*; Robent Donokue, claim* 
*upen.viso/i; Vena B, D/iennan, de.pu.iu; Lee. Dunn, *tenoanapken; Qawand 5, 
ffivand*, claims examinen; (kanle* i). Flinn, nefenee; BanbaJia Fo*ien, 
Aecneian.ii. io ike nefciee, Doni* ^oliyktly, claim* examinen; Hcwana 
(/olir.ktly, special Junvesiiojaiion* deputy; (kanle* S. Cjneen (now de- 
ceased), ajiea *upenvi*on; Huak Q. Cf/ieen (now deceased), clai-n* examL- 
nen, deputy; Qlenna C/ncyony, *ecnetany; J Lima Jean (jutglen, typi*t; 
kojuymet ilayebush, claims examinen (now a memben of ilie unemplo ymeni 
compensaiion staff ai Qeninalia, Jllinoi*); a\ Vicio/i Haye*tad, audiio/i; 
Kaiknyn r!aw!iins, *ecneiany; Oliven /^. Uei*ckman, now manaaen o r ike 
unemployment compensation office ai 'Jacksonville, Jiiinoi*; Owen u, 
iienbeni, Jn, , unemployment compensation office manaaen; §entnude 
C?epple) Hinons, now claim* *upenvi*on ai ike Qentnalia, Jllinoi*, 
unemployment compensation office; Deioni* Howand, claim* examine/i; 
'Jo*epk B, Johnson, deputy (now netined); Jeiuell Lampley, deputy; Ao*e 
i'icDaniel, claim* *upenvi*on; Jane /'ic/»)ullen, secnetany io ike nefenee; 
(kanle* Q, roit*, claim* examinen; Rode Ann Skane, *ecnetany; I<\enle a, 
Tate, claims examinen; £lizabetk I aylon, secnetany; Loi* 0, I olley, 
claim* examinen; and 1lo*alyn Jilson, secnetany. 

mm QiA?iL i^Homsr qhjrqi 

Union Qiapel /'letkodi^t (kunck, Texico, Jllinoi*, i* located 
on i/ie Jolle Road in Field Township, Jeffenson Qounty, Jllinoi*, 

A zievival was keld in a bfiusk *ked Jin look, and a* a nesutt 
Union Qiapel, Rome Qincuii, Jllinoi^ (pnfenence, 5a,Lem ui*inict, wa* 
o/WMni^,ed that yean, unden ike admini^ination of. Q, A/. Jkii*on. 

I ke ckunck wa* built in 7 08 J an d wa* dedicated by Pneacken 
. wl and wife, I ke land wa* donated by J, J, C/annison, I he canpenten 
wa* Sen F. Joodwand, Sn. , and all wonJ\ wa* donated. 

Some of ike names of ike onaani^ens and fi/isi merrhen* one: 
Q, I'U ^kitson and wife (aikenine; /'Li, and /')ns, Jacob Skafen; t>\n, and 



h'jiA. '.'), J, ^anni*on; /<k. and l<k*. (am Fno*t; t>\n. t and /'In*. ' ame* bnown; 
fliclwjid 7layno/i,S ( R. and Rickand n, ffij f>!n, and /tfo*, yeong,e Blo**en; 
(«Ji, and /'in*. Joe Fno*t; kfa, and /'in*. Benjamin .-oodwand; l<ln, and I>ui4, 
J&J.\L<SA*on liriibenly.; /'In*, f'licah Panken; fh. and />/i*. John i'J/iit*on; i>a*. 
/<.a/iu A, Pnice; F/iank Qneen, Sn, ; flame* A, §neen; (anjiie '/launo/i I'lillen; 
Jane I'lcQonel; Almeda Hutchison; i-ln, and bh*, John Bamken; yeong,e /tdiin- 
neu; and Sudan Jonoho. 

On 79/2 ike building, wa* ne> no defied* Inonnoe /ate. 
wa* ike ca/ipenten Jin chancre, and plan* wene dnawn bu John . 'hit* on. 

On l°i52 "Old Seitlen*' Day." wa* ike homecoming, t/ieme. Pic- 
tune* oj eanJjie*t memben* wene on display, 

F/iom look to /939> Union Qhapel wa* In ike IneikodUi (hunch 
Sou^'ch uLdiAtct o(. Ollinoi*, inan*f.enning, to Souikenn Ollinoi* /ileikodi*t 
(on r enence (.oLLowing. ike nation-wide i'leihodi*i mencien, 

Ike memben*kip no it f/iom look to 1^62 contain* ^73 name* of 
mewheAA who at *ome time have beionaed to iki* cluinch, .'hen ike li*i 
wa* nevi*ed } ilxe complete zioit wa* inan*fienned to ike new book — ike 
eanlie*t merrhen* /leading, ike li*i. At ike pne*ent time ike active 
li*l contain* 1J0 name*, 

Union (hapel i* one of. ^ive chunche* in Field I own*kip — 
Pani/ze/i honli Bapii*i, 0n.gjani7.ed in I066, moved to pne*ent location in 
IL^ 1 !-; Oak Qnove Baptist, lo/O, nebuill on ike p/ie*ent location in /959f 
Zion l'leikodi*l f 1866; Antioch (hni*iian, /8o3; and Union Q'zapel ineilw- 
di*i South, /'J oh. 

Union (hapel pa*ton* include: (, />i. J/iit*on (/80k) } A, A, 
Awl; (l 005); JLUiam //. (unningkam ( 7892-9 3); John £. Qanjielt (lo ,3); 
11. B, QciapbeJUL (/89k); 0. 01 i/e*bit (/895); J. ft. Haun (lotf); '/I B. 
QampbeU (/B97); A. (. (iendenning, (l8<}8); J. In. Smith (/o99'/900); 

B. J, ^*kletj. (l90l); 'J. D. Z Bnown f 1902 J; J. 3, Hew (one .uanten I9O5J; 
, .L Jilti* (balance of. 1905-1908J; J. B. H, blcQantney (7908-/909); 
Tnin*iel (l910j; 'Pitman (19IOJ; Jo*epk Lane (1912-1913J; L B, Thunman 
(lV3); Qeowe S. (onant (^ik-WS); liotwell L. Phillip* (/9/6);Hich* 
(19/7-/918); Poy. late (1919); ^ //. Phillip* (/920-/92/); J. U. BuoAjd 
(7922-/92k); J. £ gannett (1925-1927); F. h), I'lciiinneLj. (l92o-1929); 

C. Q, haonekead (l930); F. /</. hlcKinnetj. ( 1931-1932); A. q Flwma* (l932- 

1935); % 7. Smith (/936-Z937); (7938); 0. £. HeA&Lutk (7938-7939); 


. ' ' ; . '. . . 

.• ' 




. ' 







PcillL 0. Ott (7939-7<?47j; faepfi HcuuiU ( 1^2-1^5); (We Hanmoa (7?46j; 
L o &** (7^7-7^8); Raymond Su)L£%vi (79ko-7%0); Uo f'hb/iy, (7950- 
W52)(QdU '53); game* (pnbJUtt (Oat. 7953-htay, 19S$ff ' !a/Ui y Fl * k ( 7 ?55~ 
19& J; & &' JUUa (7957); ( }am<* $*fpOju f 7 95o J; 5oa# $enhiru (7959- 
79SO/; ?\oboji± fla/tnion (7967 J; Ro^eniajitj, rlcuuvU (7962J. 

— Bu Veda P/iice Pa/iA&i 
(hUiA, Sidney, fcudie/i) 



On 78 Q J ike Union Street fikikodiAi (hunch., now ike Wesley 
fteiko&Ui (kurck, was organised and built on ike comer of. Union and 
Prairie Avenue, Union Street was Aden, named Tenik Street* 

7/Ua ckurck was ike ouiyrowik of. ike miAAionary spirit and 
enter priAe of. /tome of ike memoes of ike First l^eikodJuit ^piA copal 
(kurck in /i)i. Vernon, Several members of ike FLnsi MeikodiAi Q/uirck 
gxive ikeir iime, prayers, effo/ii t money, and full Auppori wttk ikeir 
personal membership io kelp tkis wonk on io success, filany could be 
named who helped In ikts movement, bui one who ts woriky of special 
mention iA i'J, F, Daniel, the faiker of Mrs, Sam (jnant and tOns. i'Jilliam 
/ilino/i of fitt, Vernon, 'Rev, Daniel was a local elder and one of ike 
prime movent in ikiA ckurck enterprtde, 

Rev, J, B, Qrowder, a local preacher and faiker of Aubrey 
Qrowder of (ML, Vernon, kad ike privileye, honor and responsibility of 
being, ike first poAior and director of ike ckwick building* Ai ikiA 
iime ike/ie were twenty-four probationers and fifty members. These 
were day* of testing, and tribulation fo/i boik pastor and people, bui 
ikey kad ike faiik ikai ikey would succeed. Ike foundaiion wad well 

On 78°k Rev, J, B, Qiowden wad succeeded by Rev, $, W, 
Webster, who was appoinied by ike conference, Ike ckurck was glad for 
kit coming, and ke Aoon developed inio a yreat preacker, HjLAj pastorate 
was) an active and crowded one and a commendable succcaa. 

Rev, (karles 0, ftlcQammeron wad appointed in l8°7 ond dewed 
five years. During, his term a parsonaye was-j purchased ai a very 
reasonable price, wkick woa fortunate because of ike limited means of 
ike ckurck at ikai time, 

I ke site on wkick ike ckurck and parsonaye Aiood woa sold 
io ike f'li, Vernon Qar fih/iufaciuriny Qpmpany in $uly, 7^0°, for ike 
purpoAe of erecting, ike Steel Qar Riant. Ike ckurck received $2, §00 
for ike property, I ke present Aite ai Iwelfik and Rratrie, where ike 
ckurck now stands, woa purchased for l>7,500 from f'lr, {John Nesmiik, 
I ke ckurck and parsonaye were moved from Union and Rralrie io ike 
new location. 



" . • ■ '■"' ■ : 

1 u 


. . ■ 



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Aften teiiliny on ike new tile in 7909 and beginning, ike 
neaulan tenvicet ike attendance and intenett wene veny encounaainy, 
Tkit kad been a yean of financial embannattinent and contention, but 
a yneat zievivai pnevoLied tknouyk ike monik of Januany when ike potion, 
wot ably, attitted by. Rev. Qxanlet Atckinton. A aood wonk wot done 
and ike labont wene gjieaily ncwandcd, 

Ai ike Adjxf united Settion of ike Founik Quontenly Qonfenence 
keld in Qentnatia, JlLbwit, by, ike neauett of ike ckunck ike name 
Union Stneet Meikoditi wot ckanaed io ,r Tke JJetley f'leikoditi Quuich " 

Ike old. cku/ick wot /lemodeled and dedicaied by Bitkop Quail 
in 7^73, Rev. $, Q Kiniton wot potion ai iktd time, 

Duniny ike patio note of ike Rev, 7. £ Hanpen, dLdotien 
ttnuck on flanuany 75, 79^0 and ike ckwick building wot detlnoyed by 
fine, Dunina ike neconttnuction, tenvicet wene keld in ike C/anniton 
I'Janekoute on Tenik and Laman, Iknouyk ike effontt, kand wonk and 
coope/iaiion of ike membent and fniendt, a new tlone ckunck wot enecied 
on ike tame location ai Twelfik and Rnainie, Ike dedication tenvice 
wat keld on Tebnuany 23, 79^7, by Bishop Oonlinyion. 

ftlany of ike memb ent of DJetley fleikoditi (kunck kave b een 
called inio full-time ckntttian wonk. Since 7° 26, tixieen youna 
miniAient kave yone oui fnom ike I'Jettey fileikoduji (kunck io pneack 
ike yotpel, 

rollowiny one ike namet of ike minittent wko tenved ike 
ckunck fnom 7893 io ike pneteni time: 'J. B. (nowden (7893-789^), 
% i'J. "Jebtien (789U-7896), J. iJ, Smiik (7896-7897), (kot. lAc(ameAon 
(78<}7-W02), I'J. B, (pok*ey (7902-7903), £ D. SkedcUick (7902-7905), 
A, g. Rnocton {7<}05-7908j, B. A. Hoon (7908-7977), <J. i'J. Bniiian (7977- 
7< ? 7 3J> £ G Kini-ton (7973-7973), Hanny ftcKnigJit (7975-7977), C & 
Sullivan (7977'7978), geonye i'Jilton (7978-7979), I'J. H. McPkenton (7979- 
7920), (d f'hniaomeny (7920-7923), Honold Qulven (7923-792*1), (ant 
fkUlipt (7923-7927), (lyxLe Bnuce (7927-7928), frnett Qonneit (7928- 
1933), Rodney Stockton (7933-7938), Ikot. £ Hanpen (7938-79^3), (annett 
Lamb (79^3-79^7), 0. £. Qonneit (79^7-1957), £ Q f'lickeU (7957- 
795^), genold gulley (795^959), A B. Qlodfelden (7951- )• 

■ . • 












Ike fJuitt n.eligiouA denomination in $effenAon Qounty woa 
/ileikodlom. of ike exmli.eAi AeiilenA wen,e ftet/iodltii pr,eackenA, 
among, wkom wen,e Zadok QiAey fw/io became lieutenant gjoveniwn. of OllinoiAj, 
(jiwanA fthxey, and Lew.lA 'JoknAon, Ike fisiAi Aenmon delivered In ^effenAon 
Qounty woa pn.each.ed by Zadok QaAey in ike autumn, of 7o7J in OAaac 
UickA ' newly elected cabin witk eveny man, woman and child neAiding, 
wtt/iin ike pnjeAent limiiA of ike couniu in attendance. On ike spaing, 
of 7t> 79 ike /'leikodLaisd onjgrmi,$ed ike county. r A fJuiAl ckuAc/i AocLeiy, 
ikiA meeting, woa keid at £dwa/vd b)ax.ey f A cabin in wkat iA now Skilok 

TnoceeduLng, to ike AouikweAienn section of ike county, we 
find ikai kene, too, t!ie eanlLeAi AeillenA bo/ie ike ionckllgjit of 
l<\eikodiAm* Many picneenA kad been active cki.uick membenA coming, 
to i/ie OtlinoiA count/iy and we/ie eagen. on, ongnni^e new neliglouA aocL- 
eiteA, f'leeiingA wene keid in komeA, and duning, ike Aummen, ikey met in 
gnoveA until ike e/iection of Ackooi kouAeA wken tkeAe buildijigA wen.e 
utilised fo/i nellgtouA wo.tAkLp. Ike fJuiAi ckunck in BliAAville I own- 
Anip woa ^nand A/im on, I'linAon fileikodiAl (kunck, ejected in 78 J/. On 
Bald Hill lownAklp ike fuiAi ckuAck woa ike Bald Hill /<)cikodlAi (, 
often called Ommanuel Qkapel, On £1A Tnauiie lownAklp ike fuiAi fileiko- 
diAt ckujick woa built in Daneville, Pioneen. /'letkodiAt pneackenA in 
ikiA anea included Rev a, Simeon K/atken,, 7, U/ t William* , JameA 'JoknAon, 
FileA and $, BanneA. 

Fnom about 78$7 until late 78/0, filetkodlAi AenvlceA wen,e 
keid fouily negulanly in ike name of jacob ft. I'JatliinA and wife nonlk 
of JilliainAbunjg, At a /'leikodiAi camp meeting, keid /toon aften. ike cloAe 
of ike Qivil Uan. in RobinAon* a §nove neon. [Joodlawn, ike JaikinA 1 don, 
IkomaA Q , woa conventexL Skonily tkeneaften, membenA of ike ii/ai/UnA 
family and oiken. penAonA of ike /iJeikodiAi faitk /icAlding, in and neon, 
WilliarruibuAa detenmined to eneci a kouAe of wonAltLp. Ike finAi timbenA 
fon, ike new cku/ick wene cut by O/umae Hamilton, Ike taAk of building, 
accompliAked, ike dedication woa keid on (knlAimaA Day, 78/0, 
wiik BiAnop f'laitkew SimpAon, oAAiAted by ike Rev. TkomaA Q. I'JaihlnA, 

Tke lot upon which the chwich woa enected had been punchaAed 
piom Da, T, B, (ibo/ie fo/i ike turn of fifty dollaAA and woa conveyed, io 
ike following, peAAoriA aA tnuAteeA: John H, fho/ie, (dpi. Joseph Lawi, 
Random uoawcLL, Jotiak Tuiile and. Jacob R. i'Jai/iinA. Ike bible uAcd 
in ike dedicaio/iy Aenvice waA a of D/i, (iloo/ie'/i wife, I<aa„ Rlwebe 
Bolen b\oo/ie, and ike tame holy book iA Aiill uAed'in ike i'Jalionville 
/ileikodLdi (Jxwich, OikenA wko wene aciive in ike candy. klAio/iy of ike 
chwich wen.e fik, and tt/iA, H, 6. Quinn, />k, Ralmen, David and cM^ e ^ 1 
HichtA, Oliven and Many Didxenman, /'K and f<kA, J, N, fanJJLen, and Anna 
Qilbent, A Sunday School wad o/ig.aniged t and a well-p/ieAenved copy of 
ike Sunday School minuieA, doling, bach io January 2$, lojl, AtLLi 

On 788j ike ckwich woa in a fljouniAhina condition wiik a 
membenAhip of aboui fo/ity. The Rev, fdmund Root woa paAio/u Oiken. 
miniAteAA of ike peniod included ike Rev*. J. 19, /ilcOnioAh, T, Q LopaA, 
(jiffondj £uaene /-lay and (dpi, Benton Loyan. 

Duning, ike laie 7880 ' 4 ikene woa a period of leikanyy wken 
ike chwich may be Aaid io have' fallen inio a /tiaie of AuApendcd ani- 

On 78<?0 Hie Rev. J, (. liinUon, ai incut iime paAto/i of ike 
DuQuoin /'leikoduii (incuii, poAAed iknougk UilliairuibuAa. Upon learning, 
ikai nenuloA. AenviceA no lonyen. we/ie conducted ai ike chwich, ike Rev, 
IdniAon aAJianyed io neiwin and hold AenviceA, HiA excellent AenmonA 
OAouAed much inteneAt, and a little laien ike Rev, J, D, QienAhaw came 
and aA/iiAied in the /ieo /inanimation of the chwich, I he only fo/imen 
membeAA /leAiding, in the community at the iime of neo/iganigation wene 
Anna §ilb ent, Lawia BaJdnidae and li\any Daniel. Henny / utile, who, 
p/iio/i io coming, io OllinoiA, had been aciive in the /'lethodiAi chuAch 
in (juennAey (aunty, Ohio, Oda q Newell and Haiiie B, Hick* wene ike 
fiAAi membeAA neceived aften. n.eo /inanimation. Tke Rev, Q. 'J. 
R/ieA/iley woa appointed paAio/i and Aevenal peAAonA united wiik ike 

About ikiA time ike village of i'Jalionville woa pounded Ike 
Rev, C/, C/novcA, wko /succeeded, ike Rev. 'P/ieA^ley, conducted a AcnieA 
of meetings in ike Achool liouAe which zieAulted in conveaAionA and 
acceAAionA io the chwich. He woa aAAiAted by IlLa bnoi/te/i-in-law, ike 

oj\ ! 





■ • 

■ ■ ■ : . ' • - 

! ' " - 

■••■■. D ■ - ■ 

■ ' ' 


• ' . • | ■■ 

• : ..''■•/• 





Rev. B. S. Smith of Arum, said to have been one of. ike most eloouent 
and successful ministers even. heard In Waltonville, 

Meanwhile, a new parsonaye had been en.ed.ed in iJaMtonville, 
and Uvteresi was sufficient to warrant the removal of the ch.un.cir yiom 
Jilliamsb una to i'altonville. On lebruary, Tu^S, t^ adjoining, laid, 
/'lumbers 4 and 5, were deeded to the of the by. Alvin 
filbert, R, i'J. (ilannen and S, S. /ilannen in compliance witli these yenile— 
men's off en. to donate the lots to the first congyieg.ati.on that would 
locate a house of worship Jin the new town. I he trustees were Ochabod 
Newell, (jeorye Baldridg,e, On.. ( J. U. Jeffries, (harles T. Sawyer, 
Alvin filbert, Anna C/ilhert, Hettle 'Parsley, Linnie Rhilp and Hattle 

I he wo/ih of moving, the building, was completed in the autumn 
of 7o95> anj d the chujich wad dedicated in November of that yean, by 
Bishop Bowman, I'lany persons assisted in the arduous task of trans- 
porting, the structure to the site the man po/ition now [1 c j62j occupies. 
The uniting, efforts and inspiration of Ochabod /'Jewell and Qeorye 
Baldridye were especially noteworthy. 

On 7°29 the chu/ich was remodeled and a room was added. I he 
stained glass windows were donated in memory of Jacob R t i'Jathlns and 
On. J, 0, 'J ef piles. 

Realising, the need for a new parsonaye, a meeting, was called 
on 1' 7 J, 7%0, by the pastor, the Rev. 'jewel R. Johnson, to discuss 
the pnopositlon. The decision was favorable and permission was granted 
by the distnlct superintendent, the Rev. Q. H. Todd, to sell the old 
parsonaye and erect a new one west of the church. On filay 7f>, 7^§0, 
the contract was let to (yivin f. Hays Qonstruction Qompany of Nason, 
Ollinois. I he parsonaye was completed and dedicated in the fall of 


On l>\ay 7f>, 7^5^ with the cooperation of the pastor, Rev. 
Quell Cfully, plans were made to ayain remodel the church by, mainly, the 
addition of a basement. This contract was let to Stockton and, 
contractors of S ess en., Ollinois. I he basement was completed in the 
fall of 7^5^> Vanlous pn.oJ.ects we/ie sponsored by the clxurclx members 
to help wit/i the financijal prog/iam. The men sowed forty- five acres 
of soybeans. Labor for the cultivation of the crop was donated by 

■ ' 



'.'•.• • . ■ , • 

I . ■ 



. ■ . ■ 




embers of the and their friends. An auction, sale of, donated 
articles realised approximately ^375* 00. Voluntary donation* took 
coyie of ike remaining, deficit. 

Ike dairck Ha still in aood condition inside and outdide, 
i/iaintains a pood Sunday. Sckooi wiik a reg.ular pastor and preaching, 
services every Sunday., /leaving, ike spiritual needs of hletkodi^t peopie 
and their friends. 

tf£ST SALcJ>\ htfWDOST QiiBQi 

I kid church has played a long, zioie in serving, ike spiritual 
needs of ike i>t. Vernon corrsnunity. F/iom ike time tkat tke chwick wo* 
founded, it ha* been a ckurck tkat p/iacticed tke faitk tkat ^okn Medley 
introduced in tke eighteenth century. 

According, to reports, this ckurck was o/iaaniged about 7o^7, 
Aa tke Jest Salem (kurck wad Located in a rural a/iea fo/i many years, 
a short distance west from ike city limita, a Larg,e. p/iopo/ition of tke 
membership was composed of farm peopie. 

Ike i'Jesi Saiem Qemetery is Located adjoining, ike cku/ick 
building, to tke west, and many of ike residents of earlier yenerations 
as well as those wko kave recently parted away a/ie buried at this place. 
Oi is one of ike mo At beautiful cemeteries in thLo area and is easily 
reacked as it i* near tke city. 

On some areas ckurckes of various faiths are organised and 
function for a number of years, iken for some reason are abandoned. 
I his was not tke case with ike Jest Salem (kurch. This ckurck has 
been a regular piace of worship from tke time of its founding,. Ike 
■ioundinn, fathers were firm in their faith, and this belief has been 
carried, down to ike present time. 

As far as we kave been able to ascertain, this ckurck kas 
aliuays been on a f'ietkodisi Qircuii. At the annual conference a minister 
would be assio/ied to serve iliis ckurck and two or three ot'iers. f I here 
may have b een periods when tke ckurck had a minister full time. J 

Like many other churches in ike nineteeni/i century, this 
ckurck was a combination of ckurck and sckooi. Ike first building 
was a Log, structure located in wliai is now tke west part of ike ceme- 
tery. As was ike cusiom in those days, the first building was erected 





in tke centen of tke local bunying, gnound, The. land on which the. finAt 
building, woa enected (now the. pneAent location of ike. cemetery) wad 
deed to ike chunch by (John 'ilhodum Allen and hid wife, Lucinda Alien, 
Hkodum Allen migrated to JltinoiA from anotken, /state, but it iA now 
known to thus Bureau, piom what Atate he came, Hhodum held a captain a 
coimiiAAion during, the Qivil {'Jan. 

1 he firAi name* of thiA ckuuick and Achool were Salem School 
and Salem Qhurch, Ad there 1a a Baptist ckuAck eaAt of (i)i, Vernon by. 
tke name of Salem, and oa /tome people we/ie confuted oa to which church 
woa which, it woa decided about 7^7 5 to c/ianye the name to UeAi Salem 
filetkoduit (hunch, 

According, to nepontA, the deed woa made to "Salem Meeting, 
HouAe, " I he land where the pneAent church building. La located woa 
deeded to tke chunch by Aome memberA of the Bullock family, I hiA 
land woa deeded about 7877 , appnoximateiy twenty yeanA after the deed 
fo/i the firAi plot of ground fo/i thiA church woa made, T/iadition haA 
It that a po/ition of the p/ieAent church building, woa built in 7o73j but 
OA Atated above thiA woa not a po/ition of tke oniginat Airuciure, 

I he nameA of miniAtenA of tlxiA church p/iio/i to (June-) 7ooo, 
one not available, but we Aubmit the nameA of miniAtenA who have Aerved 
thiA chujick Aince thai date: W, A. Bnowden, A, D, Hooker, (J, Q, 
KiniAon, ?, $. Rhinehant, N. £, Smoihe/i, Rev, Qoo/tAey, /'larion 'Jackson, 
(harleA AichiAon, Samuel Alb/iecki, J, $. Happen., h), S. BumpuA, L, R, 
Seymoun, (harleA RamAden, Z, i'J, Stony, AnyuA RhillipA, Veto A, Venecia, 
('/alien ( J, LeAlie, Henry Q. Ingram, $. L, ('iiller, J. £, Shaffer, A. B. 
Qlodfelder, (j, 7, Smith, Onlando Bnahemeyen, £anle Harmon, Qal 'Ryan, 
Paul £ IJantenbe, %, Q, HarriA, Alma J'kQlain, DenniA D, RamAey, Lau- 
nence A, IVagley, 

During, the conference yean of 7^77-7^78, when the nation 
woa engaged in "the conflict to end all wanA, " ike I'JeAi Salem (hunch 
launched a program fon raiAing. funaA fon benevolenceA, Aa livestock 
woa plentiful in thiA nunai anea, ike chunch decided on a plan of 
buying. kogA and Aeiling. ikem fon pnofii to naiAe their neccAAany funaA, 
Similan pianA have been uAed in oihen yeanA to niAe to meet neceAAAjtceA 
on. to give to benevolent funcU, and tlie people Oj- tke cluuich alwayA 
enjjoy tkeAe pnoj,eciA. 





On / '952 Jest Salem Quirch launched, a building, progAam, The 
buildina, was remodeled and a new sanctuary was added* After having, 
been remodeled completely, this church was one of, ihe mo /it beautiful 
building;} 0j- its sl%e (.on. many mile* a/iound. I he dedication services 
o r tlxe new sanctuary were held in 'June 7^57 daring, ihe pastorate of the 
\lev, L, /i, vJagley, 

Unfortunately, ihe conareg,ation did not ihe use of ihe 
newly /lemodeled building, for long* Fate struck a blow in July, 7^5% 
wizen a disastrous fire was started and caused considerable damage to 
t/iis well known place of. worship. The buildino, had now been n.epain.ed, 
kowever, and. is indeed beautiful. 

The i-Jest Salem Methodist stands ad a .LandivanJi in the 
corrmuniiy where it had been Jewing, the spiritual needs of lis people 
for well oven, a century, 


December 3, 7 oL t6 
Qanly Settl ements 

I he first white people to travel the plains of Ollinois were 
tlxe French, Seconded history informs us that the first settlements 
made in the Slate were Fort (, Kaskaslxia and Qaholiia, hrom 
the year l6o0 until ilie close of ihe French and Indian far, Illinois 
for ratlzer the territory which was to become Ollinois) was under, the 
domination of the French, 

Ot would be interesting, to review in detail tills phase of 
i/ie s&ttLement of tlxe Northwest 7 erritory, but for iJie purpose o- r our 
discussion we must confine our. interest to a more limited territory 
and to a more recent time, Ot 1a necessary that we consider ihe early 
settlements of this immediate vicinity of Sout/iern Illinois, 

On 7oOo or l30^ a settlement was made by I homos and Francis 
Jordan In what iA now Franhlln Qouniu, I his settlement was located 
approximately fifteen or twenty miles south of the present southern 
boundary of Jefferson Qounty, 

/ken in 7870 one Andnew l<\oore came from ihe (joshen settle- 
ment and located in what is now /'bore's Prairie, and Iild nearest 


' ' 


' [ 

' • 


neighbors were the Jordans. /'bore ejected, a double log, cabin near a 
liicliory zrove on the Qoshen Road and resided at t/iis location until 
aboust 7o72; dome say until 787k on. 7o7§. This, however, was not OA 
we might suppose the beginning, of a prosperous coimiunity. /'bore and 
his family, were alone except for a few travelers along, the §oshen 'Road 
on their wan to the Saline Con, salt. 

O I 

believe tliat many, of. you Iinow the story and mystery of 
the disappearance of Andrew t'loore and his son. Ike first attempt at 
settlement o-'_ 'Jefferson Qounty ended in failure, 

Ike next, effo/ii following, thai of the /'bores occurred about 
7o7o and ayain this settlement was in /'bore's Prairie, At the close 
of 7u76 the white population of the county consisted of approxLaately 
~U,ve families. Settlements immediately following, those made in /'bore s 
Prairie were made near wkat was to be the site of /'it, Vernon and were 
in the south part of what was then {dwands Qounty. The northern limits 
of ! kite Qounty was then about four miles south of the later site of 
/'it. Vernon, 

Oi would be interesting, to the names o>~ these early 
settlers; the . ! il!<ey ' s, the Qasey ' s, the rlichs ' and others. Oi would 
also be interesting, for us to consider the construction of the early 
homes, the trials and vicissitudes of those wko wore the early bucli- 
SiiLn clothing, "the trousers of which in the early morning,, after one 
waJJ\ed in the dew, became a foot too long, and which same trousers were 
at high twelve a foot too short, " But these things, Iwwever interesting, 
they may be, are outside the scope of our present review and as we 
lawyers say sould if we discussed them be "obiter dicta. " 

Illinois was admitted as a territory February J, 7oO^ and to 
the Union as the twenty- first state on December J, 7o7o. Oliinois, now 
a state with 702 counties, had a humble beginning, as a governmental 
unit. Oi was a county of the State of Virginia. On October, 777<->) 
the jeneral Assembly of Virginia passed an act for "establishing, the 
Qounty of Oliinois and for the more effectual protection and defense 
thereof. " A clause of the act reade: "That all the citizens of this 
Qoi.jwnujealth who are already settled or shall hereafter settle on the 
Western side of the Ohio and Qasi of the /'lississippi, shall be included 
in a distinct county, which shall be called Oliinois Qounty, 



. . 


Ratniclx Henny wad at tkid time ^overman of Virirpinia, and ke 
appointed John Todd ike Qoun±y Lie.uterw.rii. Qommandant of Jllinoid. /he 
letten op appointment of Todd wad dated Jecemben 72, I'/Jo. I kid letten 
wad oMven to a meddenyen and cannied on foot acnodd ike. mountain* to 
ho rut Pitt, ikence down the. Ohio, and it. id duppoded thai it wad de- 
livened to I odd at Vincenned, then known ad St. Vincent. I he. deliveny 
wad made, doon aften the dunnenden of, Vincenned to QJLanh on the. 2^-tk of. 
hehnuann, 7779' Todd held the. podition of Qounty Lieutenant Qorrj.xindant 
op JILinoLd until the time op hid deailt at 31ue Liakd, /^entucky, on 
. .uzudi 7c, V/o2. 

Upon the oruT.anigaii.on op the /Jortikwedi I ennitony, yenenat 
Ani/iun Si. Qlaia wad appointed aoveanon. On the dpniny o r 7 790, in 
the company of the I ennitonial judo.ed, he went to Qaliokla c:nd by 
pnoclaijaiion o.taani^ed the Qounty of Si. Qlain, the ( Juidt county op 
the diate. 3 id deat of yudtice wad at Kadkadkia. 'Randolph Qounty 
wad foruned in 7795' *& tkz 7o7 7/7u72 deddion of the Tenrzitonial L&yis- 
laiune, 1'iaxLidon, yallaiin and ^ohndon Qouniied wene onyaniy.ed. Qdwandd 
Qounty followed in 7o7k; and in 1816 ^Jkiie, Jackdon, Inonnoe, 'Pope and 
Qnawfond wene foruned. At ike ladt deddion op ilxe I erinitonial Leoj-d- 
laiune l-nanJ^Lin, iJadhinaton, Union, 3ond and iJayne Qouniied into 

At ike firidi deddion of ike teyidlaiune a fieri Jllinoid wad 
admitted, into ilie union, ( Jef r endon Qounty wad foruned. I he act 
autiioriiyjjw, iid formation wad appnoved inanch 26, 7o79» I he act pao- 
vided i/iai tkid county wad :.o be foruned fnom (dwandd and i J kite Qp untied 

i : Je dkould note dome of ike pnovidiond of ike act auihonigina 
ike forunation of 'Jefferidon Qounty: (7 J Ji wad enacted ikat ike name 
of ike county dkould be "ffefferidon. " (2) Tke boundanied of ike county 
wene edtablidked. fjj Ji appointed Ambnode I'lauldiny, Lewi* Bardten, 
Aobent Shipley, 'Jamed A. Rickanddon and Rickand (jaaham ad commiddionend 
fon tke pu/ipode of deleciiny and establishing, a deat of Audii.ce t Jon 
ike county, (k) Jt wad pnovided ikat ilie pnopnieton of the land 
delected dkould yive ilie land to the county in oadesi ;c/iai it could be 
laic. ou;t in laid and do Id and tke pnoceedd uded ion. t/ie enection of 
public building, (j) Ji pnovided ikat ike Qoirmiddionend' Qount, un- 
til ike enection of public buildings, dkould be held in ilie houde o ■_ 
Jilliam Qadey, 


UJ '-7 7 

An eJ.ecii.ori wad keld in ike koude of ittiam (adey in pun.- 
duance o r the aci. Tkid koude diood on ike lot wkene a pew yeand ago 
7aylo/i'd ( Hoiel wad located. To funihen. identify ike lo ca- 
ption, ike koude /iiood ai ike diie Of. qua. Podt Qp t JLce ai ike douthwedt 
connen. of. (flevenih and /'lain Styieeid. About ikiniy on. po/iiy voted wene 
cadi ai iliid e-lection. fjodepk fondan, Zadok Qwe-y anc ^ ^terrjuiny Qneen- 
wood jjen.e e<lecied commiddioneyid, with Lewid iJaikind become dkcniyf. 
Ike. coiw/iiddionend mei on hlonday, ffune 7, lo1% fon. ike pun.pode o- r 
Q/icani.7ina ike couniu count. Ike maiien. ol ike deai o^ iudtice wad 
iaken up ai ;tl\e meeting, and ike neponi of ike coMiiddionend wad io 
ilie e'Xeci ikai Lewid Banken. .tmbn.ode i'.auldino. and jaj.ted A, Hickanddon 
idei and a t J:en. being, duly, dwonn deie/unined and fixed upon a location po/i 
ike deai of iudiice. Tkein. detection wad: "A pani of ilie SoutJiwedi 
.'uanien. of Seciion 2% "Range J, of Towndkip 2, on ike land owned by, 
uJiltiara Qadey, ike town io be laid off in ike Souikwedt coruxen. of. daid 
auanien, io commence nea/i ike iimben, on a poini noi fan. aidiani pnom 
Qadey'd koude, and thence io ike fooi o r ike dedceni on a poini on 
wkiclx fadeu'd koude /iiood, " 

l/ou /lecaU ikai ike aci pn.ovid.ed ikai a of. twenty 
acned wad io be. made, wkick wad io be laid oui in laid and ilie laid 
dotd do ikai fundi might be obiained fan. ike emotion o^. public 
buitdincid, 3n compliance, wiili tkid pa/ii Of, ike aci ilie neponi of ike 
commiddionend wad accompanied by a pap en. wkiclt dtaied ikai Jiiliam 
Q^e-y on ike 12th day of hay, in the yean, of oun. LonxL One Tkoudand 
Qighi Hundred and /Nineteen kad appea/ied bepo/ie the dubdcnibed and kad 
uiade a donation of twenty acned of land., io be laid of.f in. town laid 
and dold r on. ike punpode of paying, fon. public building, in ilie Qouniy 
of yeffeadon, and ikai the land dkould ke laid, off by the (ouniy Qom- 
middionend, w/iick wad all io be done in acco/idance with an aci of the 
Leojuilatune pan. the punpode of fixing, a deai of yudiice fon. the county* 

Ikene wad naiunally dome little diddaiid faction with the 
detection thai wad made. Ji wad daid thai Lewid Sanken, one o^ the 
coimiiddionend, wad the faihen-in-law o^. Jiiliam Qadey; and ii wad, of, kinied thai ii wad thnough kid influence ikai the dite wad 
delected. e one not vouching, fon. the inuilx o r ikid, but ai leadi ii 

. . 


indicated that publtc mattenA wene pn.obahi.Li diAcuAded in the early 
day much oa they ane today* 

7e do not have. the tisae to didcuAd all the actA that wene 
done. once. tlie county count wca ononntzed. neithen would duck a diA- 
cuAdion be pnofLtable, bat we. might dtop to note what woa done in the 
wail ot ilu/intd/ujia the county, with. it a ftnAt count houAe and dome othe/i 

oil <r a I 

public dtnuctuneA. Ot woa neAolved that a count houAe should be built, 
at the fjjLdt tenm of. the (ounty QommiAdionenA Qount. I he building, woa 
to be of hewn logy) with dtm.en4i.on4 of eighteen by. thinty - r eet. ,\1ao, 
a dtnay pound woa ondened to be built in 7o20, aA wad a j,aiM 

Ot might be intenedting, to condiden what the population of. 
the county. had been at vanioud time* in the padt; in 7 820 it wad 6^7 ; 
in 7830 — 2,555; 18U0 — 5,672; 7850 — 8, 707; I06O — 72,^5; 7o70 — 
77,86k; and in 7880 — 20,686, \Jou may canny on your own nedeanch fnom 

I he count, ad we. liave teen, ondened hit, Vennon to be laid 
off in lotd, ao that tlxe lot* could be dold and public buildings 
enected. Thud onde/i p/tovided that #oel 'Pace, contract with a dunveyon 
to lay off the town in lot*; that the. dale of lot4 should commence on 
the third h.onday of Septerhen, 7o7%- that an advertiAer.ient be indented 
in the Ollinotd (jnianant fan. wee/id pnevioud of tJie commencement 
of the. daid dale and that ftftu copied of the adv enticement be dtnuck 
off o>4 handbitld and be dJidtributed in the county, I he ladt pant of 
t/iid order id the mo/it intenedting. pant: "And it iA further ondened 
that the town be called /'It. Vennon. " 

Je should note that the name "('hunt Pleasant" wad the name 
pLA&t propoded for the new town, and it almost wad accepted. Ot iA 
thought that the name i>\t. Vennon wad finally selected because of 
■aAhington'd popularity among, the people of the county. 

I he original durvey wad made by a man by the name o r .Jilliam 
iiodick, who had but one anm and wad a nedident of Shawneetown. I he 
town, of courde, included but the twenty acred that wene neauined by 
the act forming, the county. The boundaried of the town wene: HanriAon 
Stneet on the nonth, Randan Stneet on the South, Qadey Stneet on the 
wedt (Qadeu then being, the pnedent fjLeventJx Stneet), and 'Johndon silley 
woa the eaAtenn boundany. Forty-eLght lotA wene laid off in tlxe 

' . ; 


'' ' . .- 




■ ■ . 


oniyinal 4tuwe.ii, At ilie dale, Lot $1 wad dold fan, #47,00 and ike 
oil-tend wen.e do.ld fon, varying, pniced ranging, up io ,y 16$, 00, Sometime 
dubdcueni io i/ie onlainat dale, when ike iniejiedi kad died down and 
a few pun.chaden,6 kad failed io meei ike tenmd op ikein. puncliaded, ike 
value of /Leal ediate la hit, Ve/inon declined domewhat, 

1e have teen ikai ike punpode of i/ie dale wad io naide money, 
fon ike eA.ecli.on. of ike neceddany public buildinjyd. Up io ikid lime 
ike coutt kad been meeting, in ike vanloud pnivaie homed in. ou/i commun- 
ity. So Li wad ondened ikai a count koude be condinucied., 

J ikinh ikai ike oniginal onden. ielld ud mone aboui ike 
building, ikc.n my own wo/idd would do, and ikai Li aldo alved ud an idea 
of kow ike easily, LnkabLianid of ikid couniy went aboui aetting, ikingd 

"Ordered, ikai ike building, of a court koude be lei io ike 
lowedi bidder on Friday ike 2kik indt, io be eiokieen by 
thirty feet, thirteen feet hiak; to be built o-t kewed lag* 
iJw.t will face fjiom ten io twelve incked, clodely notcked 
down; io kave a good /ioof made of boardd; aldo a aood under 
floor made of plank) rouojx, and clodelu laid; and .J,oidi 
plated, witk noted cut for i,oidtA; ikai ike koude io kave 
one doo/L and one window, cut and faced, and io ikem good 
dhutterd hung, made of rough plank; ike koude and all wo/ik 
about it done in a wonJvnan-like manner^ completed and de- 
livered to ike (ounty Qommiddionerd ' fount at their next 
September team, dubbed io ike indpeciion of ike Qpunty Qpm- 
middionerd, daid koude to be built in ike public dc.uare, on. 
on ike dpot daid Qommiddionerd dkalL dedicate, ike timber 
to be funnidhed by Odaac fadey, .Jilliam Qidey and Jodepk k jor- 
don, Ike building, io daihl koude to be paid for out of any f/ 
money thai may be in ike t/ieadujiy not oikerwide app/io pniaied, 

'John Sanderid undertook ike o/iiglnal contract fan, ike dum of 

voj), 00, and ike buiMling wad finidked according to dckedule. Ad winter 

coxae on it wad found io be rather uncomfo /liable, and it wad arranged 

ikai a aood chimney, bach and kexuiik we/ie io be built and ike crachd 

were to be clodelu chinked indide and well daubed ouidid.e wiik well 

w/iougkt mo/iia/i, Oike/i changed we/ie aldo to be made in ike building, 

Oliver horrid und.eAlook io do ilxe remodeling, fo/i ike dum of l>80, 00, but 

when ike comriiiddioneAd examJuned ike wo/ik they wen.e diddaiidfied and 

deducted #$, 00 fjwm the amount. So we find ike firdi count koude ad 

an addet io the community in every redpect, fon. ike total expenditure 

of $l60 t 00, 







■' ■ 


'■ ' '■ - ' 

••■ ■ 


• ■•■ 

' ' ' 





■ ' ■ ■ ''.'/ ' . • •. , ' ■ V • ■ 

. ■• ' '■■•'■ 



. , 


Following, ike count koa*e, a *iAay pound and a ^ail wen,e 
constructed; and ikcte wen.e followed in 7820 by a QlenA'* Office, 

■At iki* time, outside of, ike count kouAe iken.e mat Utile, in 
ike county in. ike way of internal impnovement*, Oi may be ikai in. 
'Roman itrae* ail n,oad* led io Home, but eanl.y /-ii. VeAnon could boati 
of! noiking, of ike *ont. On fad, it teemed ikai ail noad* led io tome 
oiken, place, Ike fui*i /wad wa* ike old §o*ken Road, and Li nan about 
foun, mile* *oui/z and ea*i of i-'t. Vension, Tkesie wen,e a few iAailt, out 
noi even a i/iait led ken,e» 

On 767 ? and 7820 vantou* pennon* wen,e appointed io view and 
lay out nece**an,y noad* fo/i ike iown, but noiking, came of ike attempts 
until about 7827 wken ike Saline and Ualnut Hilt Hood wa* laid out. 
Oi wa* io be eighteen feet in widtk. Ike /toad cn,o**e* no * n.e- 
cMintng. a bnidye excepi fo/i (a*ey' * FonA on ike I'luddy. I ki* bntdye 
wa* con*inucted by Ben Hood and (anten, ii/ilkey at a co/ii of &Wt* 75» Hood 
and Jilliey tawed ike lurch en. by kand. Following, iki*, p/io vision* weJie 
made ^n. ike Vandalia Road, iken ike F/ianhfo/ii Road, ike Rickview Road, 
ike ila*kville Road, ike Fain. field Road and ike Bnown*vilte and Rinck- 
neyville Road*. Tki* bntngs u* up io about 7okk in zieyand io ike con- 
Aijiuciion of noad* in Jeffenson Qounty* 

Ike inkabitant* wen,e alto advancing, in ike field of education. 
at iki* eanty pentad. Oi is believed ikai ike £ui*t *ckool even, taught 
in £effen*on (ounty wot taught in 7820 by 'Joel Race, in a floonles* 
cabin wiikout ceiling on. window*. Ike pupil* wene p/iobably ike ckil- 
dn.en of Jiliiam (<\ax.ey, Jokn and Henjiy Uilkenson, 0*aac Qa*ey, and 
James and Lewi* Johnson. 

Ike second *ckool in Jeffenson Qounty was p/iobably iaugkt 
at ^ld Skilok by James Douala*; and ike ikind by Ijnonjy R. hloo/ie at 
Union in 7827, wiik vJ. L. Howell ieacking, iki* same *ckool in. 7822. 

I'Je kave considered *omeiking, of ike kisio/iy of i/ie fiASt 
count house. On 7o27 it wa* decided ikai a new count kouse wa* needed 
in ike community. Ike wall* wene io be built o^ bntck, iwenty by 
ikinty feet, iwo *ionte* kigk; i/ie ■Jui*i *ion.y io be nine r eei and ike 
*econd *even and a naif, iwo *ei* of .j,oi*is wen,e io be put in. Ike 
building, wa* io kave nine *ixteen-ligkt window jJiames below and eight 
iwelve-liaht window above, iwo doon, fname*, faun, fiA.eplo.ces/ and 






J) -15 

ike building, woa io kave a good finm bnicli floon, and well covered wiik 
good oali AkingleA without dap, ike bnJLck and iimben. io be of ike beat 
auality, and ike wkole iking, woa io be com.pJ.eied by, ike Jecenben. ienm» 
AciuaLLu, ike building, woa noi completed until 7o2% A man by. ike 
naj,xe of fncSnide ai finAi undeniook ike Job and laien gave Li io TkomaA 
^ />icfi/Ude zieceLved , JOO. 00, fondan Z202. 00, and a man by ike 
name o-l TunAtall ^770, 00; and latex, in 7o2^ when ike building, woa 
■UnosLLy completed and nemodeled, $€$, 00 wad Apeni fon. conAinuction 
anj ^ ^7% 93 po/i painting* 

I he finAi team of ike cincuit count held in tliiA county 
woa convened on ike 8tk day of Octoben, A. D, 7o7J, wiik iJilliam I'JilAon 
oa Audyc, Ot La Aaid thai ike gnand j.uny netined to ike wood* no/iik 
of ike public Aauane and neiunned wiik two indiciraeniA, both fo/i 
OAAault and baiteny. One indictment woa against ike Akeniff, who it 
La ziepo/iied pleaded yuiliy and a fine of #2, 00 woa oAAeAAed. Ike 
county ai ikiA tune woa without a jail, and ike JcjULa of i'Jkiie and 
laAliingion counties wene uAed. 

I o continue wiik ike kiAtony of ike count kouACA of tyeffenAon 
Qpuniy: Lt La Aaid that one manning, in 7oJ9 ^k^ town awoke and found 
incut i/ie count kouAe of 7o27 Ixad fallen down and that i/iene waA a hale 
in one Aide, lanae enouak io d/iive thnouojx wiilt a waaon. Ike town ac- 
cepied. ikiA fad in good ApiniiA. £ycny one equipped kir.iAelf wiilx a 
nope and nazed the building, by puJJUung. down ike woULa, io ike accom- 
paniment of mack duAi, noiAe and fun. 

VaniouA count kouAeA in ike Aunnounding. couniieA wene 
examined in onden. to detenmine ike type of building. fleffenAon County 
defined. On Apite of all ike impnov emeniA and ckanaeA ikai been 
made, it appeanA thai in Aorne neApeciA thingA and people do noi change 
ao much, aften. all. I kiA Aame vieiuina, of count kouAeA o : r ike Aunnounding, 
couniie^ woa cannied on in 7^Jo-J9t when oun pneAent count Ixouac woa 
being, contemplated. 

On 7o^7, jeffenAon Qpuniy kad anoiken new count, kou^e. Ot 
had been ondened that ike clenJi adveniiAe in i/ie "('JeAienn Voice" at 
Skoi'jneetown and ike "State c ilegiAten n at Vandalia iixai ike count would 
at tke next £une ienm neceive Aealed pnopoAalA fon ike buildiig, of a 
bnicl-: count kouAe on ilie public Aauane in hit. Vennon, and tkat a 

. . '. . .[ 

■■■ .. 


; . ■. -, . . : 




S i 9 


.. .' 







couj.ujctee vjca Aelected to Aupenintend the advesiliAini, plannLna and 
buildino, of the. kouAe. auo led at aJLl timed to the duiectLon of the. 
comuc and tiabte to bo. nemoved bu the, count. It wad alao adventiAed 
that the bJLcU would be. let on the. 20th of July, fon the. biulding. o- r a 
count kouAe in int. Vennon on the plan of the count kouae at (janmi, 
OilinoiA, Ike buildLna wad to be of the Aarae AL^e and fLnLok. I'Jilliam 
(jLnanxLi) neceLved the contract fan. ^5500. 00. 

I'Je found that thiA count houae wad fonty feet Acuane, Aauane 
noof, cupola Aupponted by. pillanA and Aunnounded by. a nailiny,, coua! 
/loom below, j,udae' a /teat on the no nth Aide, AiainwayA in the Aouthweat 
and Aoutheaat connenA, wLtlx foun. nooma above r on o^JiceA. I he f/wnt 
doo/i woa on the Aouth and ptain doonA on the eaAt and Ikene woa 
mo/ie cajie exenciAed concenning. the doonA of thiA count kouAe than 
thene Ixad been fan the pneviouA buLldin^A. Jt La Aaid that cattle and 
/ikeep uaed the old counl kouae duning, vacations , but the people kad 
outjyiown thLd and tknough tke effontA of a .On. I'J. S. VanQleve, the 
public a uane wad fenced and tlie weed* and bualxea cut, Ike new build- 
ing, woa compteted in l3k0 } and one o r tke g.ood things about it waA that 
■fjjxal Aett,Lei,i.ent and payment wene made in October, loUl . 

Ike finAt indictment fo/i munden in 'Jeffe/iAon Qounty wad 
netunned at the Ap/iil tenia in iSUl ag.ainAt Hoilin Bnadlej., changing, 
him with killing, and one fli-Lah T\ Kino.. Je will not ao 
into the factA, but Bnadley woa found g.uilty. Judge Scatea, laten. on 
t/ie Bench of OilinoiA, wad the pneaLdLng. cincuLt fudg.e. bnad- 
leu waA sentenced to be kuna on tlxe thind dau. oC. fanuanu. 7oU2, between 
the kousu) of 72:00 and 2:00 o'clocl*. A aallowA wad enected and a 
iang.e cnowd woa aaid to kave been pneaent. Howeven, Bnadley woa not 
without fnLenda, and theae went to SpnLng, field and a pandon woa ob- 
tained. II La piLenci-4 netunned witli t/ie pandon, oa Jut done in the beat 
movLe tecknLoue of tola'. iaat in tke nick of time and luAt in tirde to 

o I fir* u i </ 

disappoint one of the lang,eat cnowota that up to tlxat time liad even. 
OAAembted in tlxe countu. 

J believe at thLd tL.te, -JMAt fon. tlie Aole of tlxe n.econzl, we 
aIxouU. 'jnLno. tlxe matten. of tie county count kouaea of JeffenAon Qounty 
up to date. Ike count kouae of lo^O-^l aenved until about 1863 on 
7<jyO, dxtnLnn. (Jilliam Qpffee 1 a tenm oa AkenLf^, wken tkene waA a ;Jjie» 





So ^allowing, this, Jeffenson Qpunty kad arwihen count kouse which was 
nemo deled in 7ooo aften ike cyclone, I hLi nemo deled buLiding, fUiijlHed 
iJie needs of tke county, until 7^31 uhen oun pneseni count kouse was 
cons:cnucied. fa ft about JjOO, OCO, a building, of wklck we can be fusily 
pnoud, nememben ike finst count kouse of ike county was built and 
nemode,Led t ion ...,760, 00, Ike cost of living, and of count kouses kas come 
up to some extent, 

\')e must of necessity do some slu.pping, about in a hisionical 
neview of iliis type, Je kave been considering, some of the activities 
wliicJi Luene taking, place in ike town and township of /<ii, Vennon. Lei 
us clianye ilxe scene and note a ^eiu of ike developments in a pant of 
i/ie oilien townships of ike co unite. 

; eJienson fountu La divided into sixteen townships and 
adopted township ongani.yaii.on in 7o6'y, I he first iowns'nJ.p orfJ-cen* 
wene elected, in 78JO, Time will not penmil us to discuss eac/i indi- 
vidual township; koweven, J shall devote a few moments to tie mone 
well-known ones, especially i/iose which contain tlie mone inten.esting, 
vilLag,es 'Jiom a histonic viewpoint, 

I'lention has been made of ike eanla settlement oj. Rhone's 
i nainie and we know ilxai it neceived Ha name fnom nndnew hoone, its 
fjjist seitlen, 

jkilok t ownsliipj save /'bone's Pnainie and the vicinity 
irrmediateiy surrounding, i<ii, Vennon, was the i ursl to attnact eanly 
settlens, Zadok Qasey is cnediied with beina the finst white inliabi- 
lant and was ■jolLovfed by jovennon (fasey in 7o7~/ and I'Jilliam h)ax,ey in 
7o7o } wno constructed the first null, Abnen kill kepi a distilleny in 
ine nontheast pant of ike township and, as kas beetx befone mentioned, 
i/x,Ls iownsiiip fiad one of the -finst schools in the counts, 

loodlcwn is in S/xiloh I ownship and was iaid out by 'John i), fjon 5, P, (_asey and 'J, J, §neen, Octoben 7, 726% Ike l ursi 
kouse in i/ie viilaye was built by Hiram Fenyuson, James Fanmen enecied 
ine l Jjis.t mill in 7o/2, and a man by tke naue of kicks kad csiabiisked 
a drug, stone in 7g/0, A liet'xodist Qkunch was built in tke viliaae in 
7^/y fon ... 7200, 00, 

Pendleton and iioone's Pnainie I ownships one closely con- 
nected and at one tune compnised Iioone's Pnairie Pnecinct, Ike finst 



vidlaye of Pendleton I ownAkLp woa Lync/ibuna. Horn many of you have- 
even, keand o r it? 7 SUa village woa laid out in 7u$2 and. 7J§J by d. ti. 
Lynck and oniyinall/i conAiAted o r foun blocks of eiykt lotd each. 
Lnclibuno, wad no mo/ie ikon, weld Aianied wken ike manck of pnocjieAA 
beaded Ha r ate, oa weld a* tkat of oi/ien communitieA in. ike county. 
rno^jieAA Li ikiA instance wa.A Li i/ie. fo/tm of ike fiaJJUioad, (J ken. ike 
Si, LouiA and SouikeaAtenn Railnoad woa built and paAAed Lynckbunc, by. 
"on i/ie oike/i" Lynckbu/ig. woa doomed, but widJi i/ie nailnoad came. 
Opdyke. and 3elle 'Hive, 

3ellc Rive wad eAtab. Linked Li Pendleton. I owriAiiip in 7oJ7. 
Ike. oniojinal plai woa of A.Lxty-Aeven block* and, being, a new nailnoad 
town, ii Lap/ioved napidly. Ad we mentioned above, ikiA L.ip/iovemeni 
woa io Aome extent at the expense of ike Icaa foniunate vLilayeA o r 
i/ia county,. A QwlAiian Qiunck woa o/iganiged in 7o7J~7k, and a 
1'aAoni.c Lodye. in 7 a/ 7. 

uelle Hive woa Laid out on Ap/ud 7, 7oJ7 , and Opdyke. Aoon 
folloiued, being, laid out in the tame yean, on Apnil 7k. Opdyke waA, of 
counAe, alAo a dined ncAult of ike naidnoad development. I ke Inetho- 
diAi (kunck waA eAtab linked in 7oJ2, and a ktaAontc Lodae oniainally 
ono^xnized Li Lynckbunc, waA moved io Opdyke Li 7oj6, 

On ike yean of 7o76 on 7o7J, .Jidliam fiaxweld ccuae fnom Boun- 
bon, Kentucky, and Aeitled in Rome. TownAliip and kiA done. Robent and 
Archibald, Aoon followed. 3i iA inieneAtiny to no;U.ce t/iat Robent 
en^Lened. ike. {JjiAt inact of land in 'jeffenAon. Qounty and paid fon, ii in 

One of ike finAi tavennA of fjeffenAon Qounty wad located Li 
ikL6 iown/tktp, openated by 1' (join*. Leyend kaA it tkai ikiA waA 
ike meeiino, o r lawieAA ckanxictenA, ko/iAe thieves, count en peitenA 
and even mundenenA; but wketlien inue. on not, we know tkat ike iavenn 
woa Aoon. out of buAineAA and ike townAnLp Aeitled by pnoojieAAive ciii- 

Ike. villaye of Rome woa not Aeitled on a even Iiildd, but it 
woa an candy community of ikiA county, kaviny been laid out on. blanch, 
7k, 1o¥j t by Anba AndnewA, and ilie Aunvey waA made by L. F, QaAey. 
OnL^Junaldiu ikene uene 'ioun bloa'iA, eack one kavLnn. -live ioiA, Ike 

v iff I * o' * 

•fijiAt Atnuciune. woa enecied fon 'John uOAiwicJi fon a ynoceny, but mo At 




of ike Aioch would kave been dl rr icult to dlAiLnyulAk puom tliai of a 
Aaloon, Andrew Hanmon ejected ike second building, (.on uAe aA a hotel. 

Ike town waA pnobably named foA. Rome, Hew i/onk, oa I'l/i. AndnewA, 
one of. ilie eanJLy AetilenA of t/ie community, came f/LOm that place, A 
poAi office kad been eAtabllAned at Inn,, Andn.ewA r kome In 7oJ0 and waA 
deAlg,nated oa Jondan Pnalnle ? ) oa1 Office, fklA'poAt office waA moved 
to n.ome wken ike town wad eAiab linked; and iken It wad dlAcovened tnat 
iken.e waA anoiken, poAt office In the Aiate by that, name, ao anot/ien, 
name kad to be selected. 3t Ia AaLd that On.. foneA named the po/it 
o ri JLce fon, C/eneAal Dlx, ikuA we kave the name by. wklck we know the 

i/'Je will now conAlden. one of the modi Impo/itant townAnlpA, if 
not the raoAi Impo/itant one — SpnLng, ^anden, !/ou wko Iviow Aometklng. 
o r my backg,n,ound will undenAtand my placing, Spnlng, (yanden In iklA 
position of prominence, f(jJ37iM3AL NQI'q: f'k, i'JlltlamA gjiew up In 
the Spnlng, §anden community, J At leoAt, 3 am on a flnm ynound wken 3 
Aay that It kad ike aneateAt population of any iownAnlp In ike county, 
with, ike exception of i<\t, Vennon, 

3n pnepanlng, iklA paper 3 /lead wkene Spnlng, ^anden TownAnlp 
la situated In ike Aoutkenn tip of townAnlpA of ike counsty and "La oa 
'June a oodu of land oa Ilea out of doonA, " IklA Aiateriienji lakcA In 
culte a little iennltonu, oa It no* been mu ob derivation tliai mo/ii land 
aoeA lie ouii of doonA a/) iJilA pantlculan auiho/i put It, 

3i Ia believed ikat ike very final AetilenA of Spnlng, janden 
I ownAlilp wene ike SmliJiA and t/ie iloppenA, wko came a/wund 7ul6, Bui 
of mone LnteneAi Ia ike fact ikat U/ilak Qompion early settled at ike 
ApnlngA called Qompton SpnlngA and fnom tkeAe ike iownAnlp /lecelved 
ltd name, Qompion t/ie ApnlngA and made ikem ojuLte a neAont 
fjon klA day, 

fenkapA we /ikould kave dlACUAAed ike vlltaye of Spring, garden 
flnAt among, ike vlltag.eA of ike county, oa It waA laid out by L. h . 
QaAey, Ocioben, 2k, 7o^S, \), '), (jieek erected a kouAe and waA In buAl- 
neAA In 7o^7, a yean. befone ike vlllag.e waA laid out, 

jameA /'/« WllllanA built ike flnAt I hotel, kavlng, traded fon. 
the land fnom (freek, and In 7o59 and 7360 ke built a brlcl^. koiel, l Jo- 
Aepk .'JlUlomA built a kouAP. In 7o$3 and uhja j'ji buAi i*oaa with hi a bnothon, 


■ ' ... 


One of ike fJlnst steam milts in ike county wa4 constructed by 
univen & Pollock in Spning, Qa/iden } and Jut is nelat.ed ikcui soon attest 
ike mill was completed, ikai tkene was auite a celeb. nation among, ike 
nesidenis; ikai ike mitien crowded on steam until ike mill sio^.zs ^lew 
into fragments, bninaina iJte celeb nation io on kilt. Laten ih.lA 
mill was oiti of openaiion and Han/i.y i/iiliams built, a new mill, a sko/jt 
distance puom ike town, 

Ike village of. Spning. §anden kad ike fLuist I owns'xip High 
So'ioot in ffeffenson Qpunty, and ikis waa pnobabty i/ie flnsl I ownsklp 
Higk Sckoot in Souikenn J Histoid, J attended ikis sckoot in ike school 
yeosis of 1 888-1 ody* /'in. jj. 7 '. U hillock, lalen a nesideni and pnac- 
iiAing, phyAician in ikud city., woa Jtke ieacken. 

I'Je. kave seen kou> ike comino. o-- ike nailnoad destroyed Lynck- 
6 una, and io a gneat extent Spaing, (janden suffered :tke dame fate, r Jjisi 
tie building, of i/ie Si. Louis and Soutkeastenn nailnoad caused people 
io move io Opdyke and uelte /live; and iaiea, wken ike (kicagjo and 
(astern OllinoiA was consinucted, Bonnie and Ona came into existence, 
Jliile i/ie coming, of. ilxe nailnoad did not auananiee a bniLLiant futune 
■■■x>n ikese towns, it made ceniain ikai pnogness kad ended, fon Spning, 
yanden, even tkougk it woa by, fan ike most active of ike communities in 
ike county, outside of I'll. V ennon. 

Ike eaniy liisiony of fjik fnaJurie I ownsklp woa similan io 
ilmi o r t ! ie county aenenally. Ike villaae of .1 infield in ikis township 
was laid out by A. l<\. jnant fon %. $, Filgaennell, fie ownen of- ike 
land, on Inanck 26, i860. Ike sunvey took in foun bloc/zs of- foun tots 
eacli. I ke finst stone woa openated by Osaac ooswetl. Laten, stones 
wene opened by i>\n, 'Jnakam and (i\n. J) and. A rnuLl was built and subse- 
quently impnoved. On. jee moved io ike vitlaye in 7o6y and On. ,,'hite 
was also a nesident. About 7cJJ0 it was said i/iat ike vitlaae was lo- 
cated in a aood fanming, anea and ikai it skould njiow and paospca. How- 
even, we now know ikai in addition io ikis i/iene wene oiken ^.actons 
wnick contnoLLed ike gnowilx of communities in t'lis county. 

I ke settlement, of Dlissville I ownsklp dates bacl\ to 7<J22 and 
7u2J. Jimong, ike eanly seiliens in ikis iownskip wene 'JeSAe Dees, 'Joseph 
Laind, Javid Fainckild, qLl §libent, Osaac and. Sidney Place and oikens 
whom we do not have time io mention, I he township woa named in honon 

of Aug.uAl PjILaa, who Aettlpd in QiAnen I ownAliLp, He made an eanly 
cubioinpi. to lay. off a viltayc, which woa neven Lmpnoved; /'In, BILaa died 
on liiA way. to QalLyjnnlxL dunLno, the. nold nuAh dayA, 

I he pnLncLpal community Of. JtLAAvLlle I ownAiiLp and of Aevenal 
otliznA in t/iat AectLon of. tlie county woa ilLlliamAbena. 9t La AJLtu- 
c.ted in Knob TnaL/iLe on the nontheaAt cuanten o , Section 35* OnA. 
hoone and ,' J eavten laid off the villcae on Decer.iben 17, 7C6j. Ot con- 
ALAted of foun bloc/zA with a total of fonty-t/mee lot*. I he ^JjtAt 
/>to/ie OLuMLiny wad enected by John tiaale and the -JjiAt neALdence by 
David ilLckA. 

3t La dLf t J-.cult pon ua to nealize at the pneAent time the 
activLta. w/iLch once exulted in thzAe eanlu cOi.munLtLeA. ttLckA Aon 

o o 

nan a dnuo. Atone, un.ick buildinyA wene enectcd by Henny CJlLILa, A 
0,0 od mill woa buLlt. whLch changed handLd o-..ten and 'Jjrialli' came into 
tlie poAACAALon of John Jane. I hene wene Aevenal yenenal AtoneA and. 
laten a Aecond clnug. Atone openaled by J. Ill, HobJuiAon. I he community 
woa iJLllLamAbeny, but the poAt office cannLed t/ie name o r Laun. 

All the townAhipA could not be diACUAAcd and neithen could 
all tlie vLllayeA, but have mentioned thoAe townAnLpA and vLtlao,eA 
whicli 3 r elt he-id the weateAt LnteneAt fnom a IiLAtonLcal point c?-_ vLew. 

I he hiAtony of 'Jfe r fenAon Qpunty and i-it, Vennon La cloAely 
connected wLth the hiAton l o,~ the countA ot tliLA Atate. 3t Li r.ione 
cloAely connected tlian that of manii countLeA end townA, aA 'JeffenAon 
Qpiuruiy and i;t. Vennon both have an Lmpontant place Ln tlie fudicLal 
bcclianound of the Atate, 

I he Supneme (fount of tlie State of OLLuxoLa fJuiAt :.iet Ln 
hit, Vennon Ln 7o4o. I he Atate conAtLtutLon of loho divided the Atate 
into thnee ojwnd divLALonA. fach dLviALon elected one ludae. I ' hiA 
co unjtu wo^d in ;the iLinAt dLviALon, /iLten o.uLte a Atnaciode J-t. Vennon 
vjoa Aelected aA the Aeat of the [JinAt dLviALon. at tliat eanlu dau. 

II CI o 

appeaned to be tlie Aame nLvaln", oven Lite location of Lmpontant LnAtL- 
tutLonA and ■M.nctLonA. which nLvaLnij. La not entLnelu unlwown at tniA 

l ' a a 


I he finAt tenia of the State Supneme Qount he-Id hene convetred 
in .jeceiiiben, 7o4j, j believe tliat t/tene wene Aeventeen caAeA on ;aie 
doci'iet, Jef^enAon Qpunty funnLAh^A. one of. t/teAe. T/iLa wcia tJie coAe. of 


i'Jiltiam 8, Jhonn vs, Joel F t Jaison, AdminiAinaion of ike Qsiate of 
ponies flam, ikonn had a claim aojainsi ike estate wkick ike. ajdminid- 
inaion contended, had been filed too tote and was ikus banned by, ike 
statute, ike iowen count held fon ike adminidinaion and ikJLA d.eddion 
was ayfimaed by. ike Sup/ieme Qount, 

On 7o5*f an app/io p/iiation was obtained fnom ike legl^laiune 
pan. ike punpose of ike consinuciion of, a count house, now ilie Appellate 
Qount Building, at ikik and /'lain Sineeis, fiht* Vennon, 7 hid appnopni- 
ation was fan ike /turn of &6000, 00, J, 8, Jannen, t)aj+ Johnston, Zodok 
Qasey, Jiitiam f} % Stephens and On, John //, Johnson we/ie appointed as 
conimissionens to superintend ike continuation, Oi was found ikat ike 
sum was insufficient, but panties In Si, Louis luene located wko agneed 
to at least Inclose ike building, fo/i ike &600, 00, Jannen was in lo5^ 
elected to ike leai^latune and obtained an additional appnopniaiion of 
i>70, 000, and witlx ikis amount ike building, woa completed acconding, to 
ike. oniainai design, 

8u ike constitution of to/O, ike judicial Depaniraent of ike 
state was neongani?.ed, I ke g/iand divisions wene neiained, but 
ike numb en of .Ludaes incneased inom iknee to seven, I ke state was 
divided into seven disinicis end one *iudae elected Loam eack division 
on distnici. Ton a numb en of ueans iJxe supnei.ze count has met onh' at 

tot <* 

S pning/field, Illinois, Ike /'It, Vennon building, iken became ike Appel- 
late Qount /louse ikat we all hnow. 

On 18"/^ anoiken appnopniaiion was^ obtained fon ike punpose 
of neraodeling, ike building, and ike nontk and souik wings* wene added, 

I ke Appellate Qount was ike next count onaanized to kandle 
ike legal business of ike slate, Ike constitution of lo/O pnovided 
fon ike cneaiion of ike appellate counts, and in 7c?77 Ike tegisiatune 
cneaied ike foun appellate counts, Ike of ike appellate counts 
wene to be assigned by. ike Supneme Qount fnom ike cincuit counts of 
tlie state, eack count to consist of tknee ikus assigned, /his 
is ilie method by wkick ike of ike count one assigned, Jef.enson 
Qo uniy. was by ikid act in ike Founik Didtnict, as it is today, One of 
ilte finsi of ike appellate count fon this didtnict was Tasty ell 
B, Jannen, and wiik kirn Q, Alien and Qeong.e ■ ), .)all wene assigned 
to duty in ike Founik Didtnict, 'Judg,e I annen became i/ie finsi pnesiding 

• . 

■ I 

, ■•■ 1 5 


■.'■•' . . ■'..'■ .■■■''.'...■. 


.. ' ■ • 

■ ■ . . 


'■■' ' 



'':■... ! .. ' ' .-' 

• - 



1 ' * 



j ■ 

. - 

. . j 

■ .■ 




. •. 


• ; ., > 

■■•..'■ . 


Let ua AetuAn to the. development of />bt, Vennon. 9ou will /ie- 
call ikai we mentioned incut ike o/iigxnal AUAvey o^ ike town of, I'li, VeA- 
non waA made by William HoAiclx, I kLd AUAvey woa dated yaly 70, 767% 
Of kiA begMuiing, and fjjiAt Line hi/u HoAick Aaid ike following,: 

"l ke public aouoac beginning, at ike liondhweAi co/uxes>. at a 
mulbeA/xy a take, /tunning, ikence ikuiieen d,egAeeA Quit, oxyiee- 
gbly to ike mag.neticai di/ieciion /urn. bn a campaAA made by. 
TkomoA i'Jkubieu of Pkiladelplxia, ilo, 47^ and tkence ihuiieen. 
poltd to anoinen, Atal^e of, ike Aarne deAcnLpiion. " 

TkiA p/iobably account* foA ike fad i/'iat oua co/uxenA ajie not /iLyvt 


3n 782k Uilliam QaAey Aold ninety Aodd off ike weAi Aide of 
ilie AOuikweAt oua/iieA of Section 29 to JameA §Aay foA ike Aum of ,.'7000. 
I'.i, Vennon woa /tigjxi in ike keaAi of ikiA ijiact, a fact w/iick ike 
conveyance deem* to overlook. 

y/iay Aold a lot to ike lleilxodiAt QxuAck in SepteJibeA o r 7o35 
and Aold vaniouA o;ckeA lot* and pojiiA o' yiound io oilxeAA aAOuixd ike 

1 to 

iown f Aome of ilxe AaleA being, laid out in addiiionA. Ike village 
i/iuAteeA, wiA/iing, io Aee ike town pAOApen,, pAOCuAed and employed one 
O oixn Sio/uiiA, Qounty SuAveyo/i of Jlxiie Qo unity, to come up and AUAvey 
i/ie town. Sto/imA r AUAvey waA to include all ilxe iAaci* wlxick ^n.ay kad 
Aoid and. ilxe land ke kad left. l Jou can Aee ilxat ike Aiiuaiion wo* 
Auclx ilxat it vjoa felt ikai a AUAvey might clani^y ike Aiiuaiion and 
be kelpful io ike fuiuAe a/iowik of ilxe iou,n; and it waA, even ilxougk 
it iA AUApecied ikai Sio/unA ' chain woa a bit too long,, 

IkeAe weAe no bioaiA in ike inact, ao Sio/unA woa t Jiee io 
nui.ioeA IxIa blocliA io Auii kirn* elf; but wkeAeeven, lot* wen.e nwrbe/ied, 
itxe nwrbeAA kad to be adlxened io, I kiA penkapA eKplainA way ilxe nam- 
benA jxuix /lailieA iAA.en.ula/il >. in AOme pojiiA oL town. 

I ixe plat of ikiA Aunvey iA dated Sepieirben., 7 2kO. ike hey 
co/meA Atone woa Aei at ike AouikweAi con.nen of Section 2 C ], and ike 
voAiaiion <uainiained AJbt deo/ieeA. The. bloc/iA acux lAom „' : 7 Lx ilxe Aouik- 

o t 

weAi co/uxen. io ,, : 35 *Jl ike no/iilieoAi. ^locli 2k and oilxeAA in 
:axe no/iik and eaAi wen.e not lotted. I key wen.e ao fan. fAO„i town and 
ao baddy in ike woodU ikai it woa ^eli iliat dividinj, iJxej.. into lot* 
would, be ovendoing. Jut a bit. ,'^ikapA ilxey iueAe in ikoAe dayA not 
Au ri .i.cienily fan. Aiojxied io advenjtiAe ilieAe toiA oa a beautiful Aub- 
unban aAeaj on, on ike oilxeA kand, penJxapA tlieu wen.e ao adveAiiAed and 

- • 

■ • 




■ ' 



■'■••••' ''..:.. 






IcL The Aunvey and field noteA flU ihinty pag,eA of ike /iecW and 
. % Sattenfield, lieconjdeA, certified that ikey wene Aeconded fnom ike 
7 At io ike. 2Jik of September, 78^5. 

Stnanyely enougk, of all ike pajitieA inteneAted In ikiA aua- 
veiy noi a man bat JameA §Aay acknowledge ike. aci. T/Ua fiai^ed ynave 
doub;U of Hie legality, of. ike whole affain, ao an aci of ike leoUAlaiwie 
waA pA.ocuA.ed and appAOved Feb nuany 27, 7o^J, declanlny; 

'lhat ike auavcu of ike town of Int. VeAnon. in ^effeAAon 
Countu, made, bu %kn S to aha In ike yean 78kO, and ike. plat* 
and OAofileA made by, him of aoaA Aunvey, one heneby leyatLzed 
and Ahail be taken and Aeceived in all co^uaIa a* pAJjna facta 
evidence of ike. facta ilieAein contained. 

ThuA peA^ected, we Aiill have StonmA ' Aunvey with ua. 

Village of (ji/>i 1 1 it, VeAnon 

At one, time it looked aA if hit, VeAnon would Ixave a Ainony 
corapetitoA Aiojit at Ltd dooA Atep, because the village of £aAi /'It, 
VeAnon woa oAyaniged, 

llow ike iempeAance OAyani^aiionA wene off io an eanly Aiant 
in /'It, VeAnon, aA ikey should have been; and ike fiAAi of Auch move- 
mentA woa oAyanized in i<ianch, 7oJ2, and wad known aA "I he I ''it* VeAnon 
I empenance Society. " VanJLouA oihen oAyanigaiionA existed ilinouyhoui 
the eanly IiiAioAy of the community and ex.eA.dAed a aneat influence on 
ike development o r I'U, VeAnon. 

I he village of Q2Ai f"i. VeAnon anew out of the iempeAance 
■fiojii. Jn 7c59 Oft- 'jAeen Aoid five acneA off ike eaAt Aide of ike 
AouihweAi r.uaAteA ot ike AOutheaAi , .uanten Oil Section 29 io 'John 1/eaA- 

\J I 1 * V 

wood. O ohn Ata/ited a yAoceny AioAe on ike punc/iaAe and Aold loiA io 
oiJieAA. l a 'ohn iken Aold ike cyioceny AioAe and Aianied a yunAhop, and 
ikuA a community waA bo /in. 

The inkabiianiA of. ikiA new community developed a gjieat 
iiujiAi and. became iined of an existence without ike meanA of AatiA- 
fyiny it. 3i occuAAed to Aome o.eniuA of ike time ikat if iliey had a 
vistlaie OAyanigaiion ikat ikey mLyki have a Aaloon ikene, even ihouok 
i'i. VeAnon waA any and AaloonA had been voted out. Of couAAe, i/ie ad- 
vaniacieA oi. a villacie OAaani^aiion wene ail i/iai wene conAicLcAed. 

So in 7o77 a petition waA failed in t'le county count in due 
foAm foA ike OAo.anij f aiion of a viilaye, whic/i uxja to be eiohiy aooa 



>ide eadt and wedt and one mile in length no nth and douth. An election 
wad ondened fon $une 72, 7o77, and J, H, liewcum, liobent A, 9 'eanwood and 
.JilLiam flail wene appointed f}udg,ed and Q, B, Leonand and I Iwmad H, 
Cfoodwin. wene to be Qlenkd. The nedult of ike vote wad twenty-dix. fan 
village ongjmization and one against — domewhat of a landdlide, Ot 
appeand tliat the Judg,ed who actually held t/ie election we/ie ^otmsa 
J ebb en, Qeong,e Beagle and r John b 'eanwood, Ot aldo deernd that the clenhd 
who denved wene not tlwde appointed by, 'Judge Fodten, 

I he village wad o/w.aniged. I nudteed convened, I hinty-thnee 
ondinanced wene adopted, and all went well fon a while* The bedt ele- 
ment wad in contnol, JaJJ^d wene built and civJLc impnovementd >lLoun- 

Hidtony telLd ud that the daloond on the nonth Aide of the 
main dtneet of Qadt (>)t, Vennon wene nun in a pnopen mannen. But thode 
on the douth Aide fell into ill nepute and went pwm bad to wonde, till 
in 7oC0 a I'in. I homo* Qabonn concluded that he would endune them no 
lonyen. So a count action wad b nought at the I>hy tenia of the. cincuit 

Attonneyd Kellen and Qmpenten commenced the duit, "People 
ex. nel vd. Sattenfteld, (aunty Qlen/*, and the Village c?-- Qadt hit. Ven- 
non, I he action wad centioniani, Thld duit wad didmidded but wad 
nevived ad an action quo wannanto, a change of venue adked and gsianted. 
At the. Decemben tenia a into! wad had and Judgment of oudten obtained. 
An appeal wad gnanted, 3n the Appellate Qpunt the appeal wad didmtdded. 
The cincuit count had found that the tnudteed had acted ad tnudteed 
without legal autho nidation. I he gnoundd fon the oudten wene that the 
villaae neven had thnee hundned inhabitants, that dome of the peti- 
ttonend wene non nedidentd; ilxat one wad woman, that the fjuidt election 
wad illegal and that the necond dhowed no canvadd of the vote, 

Ot might be app/io p/iiate to add that aften the. fall of the 
village of (ddt /'it, Vennon the whidkey fonced cannJLed tlxein ticlzei in 
fit, Vennon, and thud the pnimany punpode in fonming. the village pne- 
vailed even thouglx the onigjjnal method had ^jailed, Ot id to be addumed 
that the t/iindt of the citigend wad quenched. 


. ■ - 



■ '■ ■ 


: - 

■■ . -■ 

i . i ... ■ . . 

. i • ' 

: " : - ■ ■ ' ' " 

.■■..■• ■ 


■ ■ 





. . . 

■ . ■ 



.' •• • 


. i 


'.'■... '■ :• 

.••■.-■■ • 

I ■• . - .. ■:■. ■■ '•■ : • 

^i ■ ..■..;■■' . 

\ . '■■■ ' ' '- ' ■ ■ 

.■.-.-- .. . ■ ■ • ' ,..'■ i ■ 

i •. .. 




jjolf muwc c&\&g& 

/ fiid id ike dionu of how ill o If Pnai/iie Qemete/iy, located in 
IncQLellan J owndliip, yot dianied and aldo how Li yot Lid name, I he 
dio/iy waA nelated by ike olden, people which included my fathen, \'k P. 
JJellA, who wad boon in i860, and hid b/Loilien. and didienA; ike old.edt 
dLdie/i, Dicu, (\ , wad bo run in l8k§, 

Ike eariLiedt of ike i'letld family in ( JeffeAdon Qpunty waA 
named i'lLLLiam Jell*, and he handed down ike dionu iknouyk ilxe yenenatLond 
3 iliLnJi he came hene about l8]% but have found nothing, to p/iove on. 
didp/iove :tkid, lie/ie Li ike dtony: 

A convoy of cove/ied wayond wad on Lid way to a place to 
dettle in qIA PnxunLe / owndhip, 'JeffenAon Qounty, 311inoid. llhile 
en/Louie to ikei/i new home, nigjii caugjii ikem wkene \)oif p/iainLe Qcme- 
ie/iy now id located; it woa wo odd then, ..'hi Le they wene camped hen.e, 
a dick child became wonde and died. I he pn.oh.Lem fon. t/iem waA what 
we/ie ilxey QjoLno, to do with ikid chold'd body? I hey had to move on, 
and they couldn't take it wiik them, "Jhile iliey wen.e diLil pondenLny 
ike iddue, two of ike women who we/ie dLitiny on ike asiound ial/iing, 
about JUL noticed a dmail bind aciLna vena o.uezn, 3t would fluiien, 
clode to ikem, iken it would fluiten. away, i/ien bac/i ayaLn. 3i kept 
nepeaiiny iliede dtnanye actioriA until ike women decided to follow and 
dee Lf Li we/ie inying, to dhow ikem domei/iiny. I hey dianted afien ike 
little bind, and it led ikem down "what looked like a dim paik" a dhoni 
didtance; and ikene they found two Little ynaved wiik cnodded on them. 
Of anybody, even, found out who wene bunied in i/iede Little cmaved, 3 
Iiaven't heand of Li. They bunied i/iid child by iJiede Luttle oyiaved, 
and ikat La how Jolf 'P/iaL/iie Qemeteny yot dianied, 

3 have heand my fat/ien, iJ, ?. i'letld, and my aunt, Dicy q , 
"Aunt Sid" Jelld fadiey, tell ikid dtony many timed. 3i id my unden- 
dtandino, ikat ikid happened about 720 yeand ayo, tkouyk 3 /iave found 
no;b'iina zieco/ided ad to the date. 

Some yea/id laten. people beyan to deiiJLe ike countny anound 
ike cemeienu, 


now, dome of ike dusuioujidiny couniny wad ineeledd, on. p/iaLnie 
land. Late one evening, a man wad aiiacJied by a yang, of wolved, of 
which ikene wene many at the time; and ike only way he cou,ld yet away 




piom them woa to find, and climb a tnee, which ke did aften considerable 
nunniny, He. Aiayed up the. ail niakt, and tlxe wolves Aiayed tkene 
ojxawing, at ilxe inuixk of ike; by manning, they, had the tnee almost 
ojxawed down, Howeven, befone they, yot ike jfib done, a paAAenby a caned 
the wolveA away, letting, the man come down. F/iom that time to the 
pneAent, thai pant of the countny IxaA been called Jo If ?naJjiLe, and 
IttoJbl c rnaini.e took its name fnom itce name of the pnaJjxLe, 

By Paul H. WeLL 


I he J kite Swan Baptist (hunch woa onyantzed unden the name 
of the Union \JJill Baptist (hunch on Octoben 7 J, 7o<J7, and held 
Ha me&oinciA in. the J kite $wan Sclwol House that Atood then on the 
uen.iamin land, now owned by Loula Spnoul of Ri.clivi.ew. Lit Ld in ^e-pfen- 
Aon (ounty AuaI about a raile fnom the ^effenAon^JaAkinaton (ounty line, 

I he AcJwol Aiood IuaI acnoAA the noad fnom whene the clxunclx 
now Aiands, Bach in thoAe dayA the commjunity wasn't built oa ilxe 
people wanted it, and tkein clxLef concenn finAt woa a clxusick wkene 
all could come ioyeihen and wonA/xip, 

On Fanch J7 , 7<3j2, a building, committee woa elected. hlembenA 
wene D, A, FoAten, Jilliam §nay, £. (, Benjamin, Bno. Inaiinzic, and 
A, ), DowneA, I he finAt tneaAunen woa (j, (, Benjamin, Ike land woa 
Oyiven ou AmoA DowneA, 

o o 

I he eight chanten memyenA of t/iiA ckunck wene: .'Jilliam 
'jiay, J'lnA. Rebecka (jnay, AmoA DowneA, /nnA. Sanak DowneA, o ', 0. (jnay, 
/<./u> # Sanak (. jnay, hinA. SuAan Hendenson, and J, L. (jnay. Ike Rev. 
l» /-. i\in.k and Inaiile Deets wene inAtnunental in ilxe wonk o^i t/ie cliunck 
and the ono.unimtLon of it. Ike j-lnst deaconA wene ftmoA DowneA and 
l-m J, J^ay, the finAt paAton waA Rev, Riley Fox., and the clxunck clenk 
woa /mo a DowneA, 

About tkiA time tkene waA cliunclx onoani. ed to tlxe 

O 'J 

Aouth and gXven the name of the Union (knlsilan (kunclx; ao in 7u L ]U 
tliene begjin to be ifiougkiA of c/xanglng. ike name, aA ike Baptist c/xunck 
woa always ne r enned to aA ike "ckunck by ike Jlxite Swan Sclxooi. " On 
jepiemben o, To^k, ike name woa ckanaed pnom ike Union Fnee [Jill 

J -28 

BapiiAi to ike JhJUte. Swan Dill Baptist Qxunck, and It Atill ne- 
talnA that name. Late In lo^k ike building, woa completed, painted and 
neady fan Acnvlce. On Octoben 73, To 1 ] 5, 11 woa dedicated by the kev, 
( f, F, Kink, aAAlAted by BnoikenA Skaen and fflo/igaru 

Arnold Downed, the donon of the land wkene t/'ie ckunclx AianaA, 
.Lived ma At of IxLa Life in. iklA community,. Hjla home piece La whene l<h. 
and. I'lflA, Ballii Bneeze live now. Tlxene wene twelve chlldnen bonn to 

a o 

tliiA home, o r whom only (nock DowneA nemalnA. I wo dLed .in Infancy 
and the zieAi lived among, ua hene fan many yeanA. 1 key wene I'lnA. I>antha 
DenrxlA, I'tnA, qULol JoneA; fyiocix, ;John, TlufuA, 'jua and (JxanleA DowneA/ 
l>;nA, Folly LawAon, I'lnA, , \gjneA Ho pen. and I'lnA. Sudan Taydon. Inene one 
Aevenal chL.ldn.en and g/iandcklldnen of AmoA DowneA Atill living, Ln 
' e^fenAon fountu. 

I Ixene ane manu named that bnlno, bach memonLeA o,- ikoAe eajvLy 
dayA Ln the community: Bneeze, Benyamln, §nay, rlaglip, DowneA, ?Ltcn- 
?fond, 1-oAien, HoLIa, q/ojia and DkitAell. I'lnA. Llla Duell liveA on 
the koiae place of §, Q Benyamln at the pneAent [Ane iA a daugjxien. ) 
Ike DenJjOLftxinA wene active all ikeln iLveA Ln tkiA ckunck, I'lnA, Bally 
Bn.eez.e iA anotken. daugjiten. of /<k. and i]nA, (j. Q. Benfamln and woa 
ckunck clenJi fan many yeanA, Ike BenfamlnA naiAed nine ckildnen in. 
tliiA comiuunlty, i'lnA. I'lantka DenniA, who IxaA Alnce paAAed on, told ua 
many, LimeA that Ake could nememben wken Klnbu. Smitk ot FtiL Vennon Aun- 
veyed tlie noadA tknougk ike ','Jkite Swan ajiea. Oun noadA kave been Lm- 
pnoved ryieatlu Aince then, yiom na/uiouj dint noadA ikat uAed to ^,et ao 
iAucu.y and bad thai Li waA almoAt impoAAtble to inavel Ln ilxe wLn-ten 
and Apnino, to ike emaded. oLled and unaveled noaoU i/iat we kave now. 

'uAi Aout/i o-~ ike ckunclx La ike oLl fleid ikat kaA been 
develops. Ln the IoaL 'Jifteen on ivjeniy yeanA. ,\.Lao, t/ie J/xlie Swan 
Sclujol kaA been moved twLce; Jut now AianaA Aout/i of ilxe clxunck, but no 
acixooI .la Ixeld ikene aA ilxe conAolidatLon act took poAACAAlon a r ew 
yeanA aao, Ike building, Ailll AtandU, and i',nA. i<>cny Hantaan, Ha 
IciA't ieacJxen. a till llveA Ln ike comiaunlti i. 

Ike ckunck keailng, AyAiem La anoilxen iidpnovemen;c k Jiom ike 
dxiyA of fJineplaceA, iken wood bunning, AioveA, to ike oL.L IxeatenA ikat 
we now kave. On 7J37 ike ckuncli woa nemodeled. Ike two nanstow doonA 
wene made into one lanye doon, ike outALde woa covened wLilx wlxLie 


■ ■ 



AhlnaJLeA, and olhen fie.oaui4 wene made., The clxunch a till hxiA the. onlaL- 
rial maple pewA which have been. nevarunLAhed to match, tlxe handwood 
■ 'JjJoru.m Ln the chunch, JnAlead. 6>t- the old .Loot ueda^Led onnjin of I'eajiA 
clio MLQ/ie La a nice f and new canpetA ajie. on the noAtnum and do an 
t/xe aLAle^, ileiu chaLnA and communLon Aet finish, up the chanae In tne. 
pLoneen. c'wjich of lo^l. 

One Lnte/teAtijxrj, phaAe of the /ieco/icU La the Aalany of Ltd 
niinlsitenA, On 7o^2, the. pcuito/i woa paid ^2 a tnJLp; In 7jjJ, they, aave 
him „3' a t'ltp; Ln 70^% they yave tlxe. paAton J$0 pon thinteen mon^dxA 
wonlv, in 7 ]07 tlxe. Aalany wcm ^700 a yean; in 7°j02 they, nailed, it. to 
JJoO a aea/i, 3t had continued to naLAe each aean until it La now a 
decent Aalany port one who aived h'u> wo/ik to .tlxe LonxL and IixLa community, 

Padto/id who have been active itx the .Jlxite Swan Baptist (hunch 
and. itsd wonk wene; Riley and h,att Fox., Fenton, (fyanA, inci'itU-an, and 
LonnLA. One paAton, 'Rev, ameA ulutlxe, Aenved Ion oven twentu ueanA. 
he -Lived at Tamanoa. Rev, Robent Smith and Rev, ((Jjjjah Stocl^ton have 
died necently, oa IxaA Rev. Buntln. 'Rev. Kenneth 'RnLce of Benton Atlll 
awxvIvca oa one of oun paAtonA, Rev. (anl rlLLl, now op l.lunphyAbono, 
haA been oun padton fo/i tlxe la^t Aeven yea/iA. 

. '/xite Swan La AtllL doLnci the wonk that LIa -oundenA and 
onaanlze/LA hoped Lt would do pon the convnunltu, oa the little white 
ci'uuich by lice ALde of the noad and at the foun conne/iA of tlxLA pant 
of :the comiiiunltu. 

Bu 1'inA, Ambu Dnaeae. 
Richview, (JUlnoLA, 

flixic sibqX :wsqn 

Alhent latAon woa bonn Ln /'It. Vennon, JUlnoLA, on Apnll 
15) 7°5/; ^e thlnd Aon of (Joel FnanJilLn UatAon and Sanalx hianena 
fayJjQ/i lalAon. ULa ynandpanenlt wene (John J night JatAon, /<„ D, , FnanceA 
Race /JatAon, J he Rev. vJiltiam Ilobant Taylon, ((li^abeth. S po'xnhlnmone 
/ anion, 

Albent i'JatAon woa both, a anaduate and a tnuAtee of /ilc/(endnee 
Qolleo,e f necelvLng, the B,S, deaJiee Ln 7oj6 and the LL.D, Ln 1^27* He 
en.fotj.ed tcacliLna. a countny Achoot Ln tlxe two yeanA followLixj, anaduatlon 
I^Lora college, I hen he Aiudled law unden tutelaae of QhanlcA H, Ration, 


woa admisbted to ike bcux in 7JoO and woa pantnen of i'in. Potion dunino. 
the next foun yeanA, On lie AubAecuent pnactice of hiA pnofeAAion, he 
Aenved ike. public in Aevenal poAiiionA, hoik elective and appointive 
{ca vjeJLL a4 in p/iivate p/iacticej. TheAe Included: htatien. in Qianceny; 
Ciiy Ationney of (At. Vennon; State' * ationney of faffe/won Qpunty; 
A;L'bonney fon iCinn Qiiy F edenal Savings and Loan Aaao elation; /ittonney 
fon L (2 //. failnoad, Southern failnoad, and ike Q, & £. 3, failnoad; 
fneAident o r lie ^epfenAon (ounty ban. AiAAodation; fneAident of the Dan 
..Association Of ike Fi/uii judicial JiAtnict; Senion QounAelon 
of ike JllinoiA State Ban AAAociation; fneAident, OllinoU State boand 
o r Law QuwuiLeAA.; $udae, Supneme (aunt of JllinoiA; Qhainjnan c?-<_ trie 
Local JnajH Boand in 7977-78 aid of the BiAtnict Jnarft Boand in 7^78; 
fneAident of ike Ham National Bank, hit. Vennon, t/ie FinAi //ational 
Ban/i of .'Jaitonvilie, the Bank of Bonnie, the FinAi State Bank of l)ix, 
and the (wing. State Bank, lie alto dealt in neal eAtate to Aome extent. 

^udye JaiAon woa active in neliaiouA and fnaiennal li.fe t 
beiny a d^evoied memben and tnuAtee and I'len'A Bible (Ioaa ieachen in the 
FijiAi i>ethodiAl Qumck and woa leaden Of t/ie lay. deleacieA of ike 
Sousb'ienn OllJjnoiA Qon-lenence to ike jenenal Qonfenence of lie hlethodiAi 
QpLacopal (jiunch in 7 9 28 at iianAOA Qiiu. He Aenved tlie AixiyJiiA Of 
fyJuiiaA lodo,e oa jnand (jiancellon in 7^0^-70, and woa Jin c/ianae of 
the coraplejtion and dedication o-^ Ha OnphanA ' rloiae at Jecaiun, 

Sanah I'lanena I aylon UatAon died when hen Aon, Albent, woa 
not I'.et two I'.eanA old; and hiA fatken, Joel Fnanklin ,/aiAon 0, woa 
pentdanenily, and Aevenely cnippied fnora an atiacli of polio myelitiA 
Awffened at tlie aye of nine yeanA. ,'Ubeni woa alwayA ynateful to the 
Alepmothen, Sanah (li^abeli liunphy (face) JaiAon, -^on hen zlevo;iion in 
helping oel /lean the ihnee JaiAon boyA loyet/ien wJuth hen. own cliilo.- 
n.en, ffldonaA and /'label face, whoAe fatken woa ThomaA 'face of Solera, 
JllinoiA. ij°zl F, Jaioon woa the Aon oca face mo then, and hiA 
Aecond wife woa the widow of a face couAin. 

<7 uaae Albent became almoAt totally, blind in hiA d.ecluiinq, 
yeanA, then woa dnamaiically neyuvenated by nemoval of catanaciA. 
ihenea-ften he nej.oiced in sieAumina all hiA activities and waA neaulanly 
in hiA Office until two wee/iA befone IiiA dealt, w/iic/i n.eAulted fjiom 
an accid.enial infuny at the aye o r eioJity-Aeven. 





He woa cJian.actenlAtlcally metlwdlcal in hiA habJuiA, modenate 
in eating,, abAternlouA towanaA alcohol, tobacco, and all dnug/>; vlg.onouA 
in. ex.en.ciAe, InduAtnlouA and caA.ef.iU. in wonk, quick to and 
enyjoy 'xucaounouA a* pectus, both j,uAi and gene/LOuA in disposition, had 
a />tnon\ AenAe o-l kinship and an exi/ilu and abiding. n,eApect pon. Aciwlan.- 
A/'ilp, woa genuinely, intonated in pensonA and tlxein. p/iobdemA, 
vjoa enthusiastic about 6 oa eh all; and dellcfhted in the best of. lite/ia- 
iune, anJL and rn.uA.ic, eApe.cia.LLj. poetn.',, dnama and opena. His mind woa 
nlchLy funnished, and he woa often call.ed upon, oa a public Apeaken., 
fire woa one who loved life and lived it. wholelxeantedly, 

tie. had no AlAten, HiA b/iotken, J alien. 'atson, hi, D, , who 
irdannLed llettle t>lan.:> -Johnson, had one child. /<, who mannled 
I hornet Penny of JeAtenly, PJiode Aland, The second b no then, Howand, 
who mannled F/ianceA H.inckley (Fish), oJLao had but one child, hiantha. 
She mannled /!e,lson (junltpf of St, Louis, /'UaaouaI, 

Ailbeni .Jatson mannled I'lanu Quni.ce Jan, a teaclxen. in t/ie 
public cleidentan.ii Achools, on AuguAt 72, 7uoO in /<■£, Ve/uxon, OlilnoiA, 
whene they, made tlxein home until hen. death on Uoveraben JO, 7^2 and 
fxis on tloveichen 2$, 7944. T/xein five c/'xildnen wene: (>lajiina 00, who 
mannled <llvln liob'oA Fn.a^len and had no chlldjien; Qolonel ^oel T nanliXln 
JO, who majuiled Louise ilalloy and had one /ton, yenenal Alhent JO, and 
one daughten, hlany Louise; Alice (jxwin, fh.D,, who neven. mannled; 
J'Aabel, who died in infancu.; and Allen Slanlea, who mannled j'ulia 
hany, I uohy and had one Aon, Daniel Stanley, and one daughten., h\anlna 

All of Ailbent JatAon'A chlldnen now (/iug.uAt, 1 'J6 '2 y one de- 
ceased except [lice, who is n.etined fnom teac/ilnn and n,eAident in the 
family homestead., ,,thent 00 Ia i-h^on. yenenat and U. S, Qprrmanden. in 
Lenlln, ,1c Ia mannled to rnne CucJxe/i, and tlxein. aoixa an.e Albent 000 
and ^ohn uuchen. 1-lan.y LouiAe Ia mannled to Lieut, Qenenal Cjondon 3, 
Pog.ens; t/iey have one Aon, (apt, (jondon 8, Tloc.ens, (J/i, (now comjr.aixdlng. 
Qompani', q Fl^lth Qavalnu, in South Kon.ea) and two dauohtens, SuAan 
kog.ens I ate (wife of Donald Lamont I ate and motlxen. of Do/iian, in 
Annapolis) and 1'iany Alice 'ilog.ens, Daniel Slanleii. mannled (fJinst) LoiA 
DunJxelra and (AecondJ ynace Sasada and haA Aons, David Stanley, 
Stephen JlJJUiam, and /JlchotaA, and liveA in Palusian, Flanlna 000 Ia 


mannied io fokn 'Patnick (jately, $*» , kaA iknee living, AonA, onion, 
hlldiael and Daniel, and one. dauykten, hlanina 3V , neAidJjruy in. San /Intonio, 
I exaA. 

Aikeni JaiAon and kiA family, one ar.vmc, ike. many, deAcen- 
dxiniA of Rickand and jAobella T'ace, who came io ^ameAtown, Vinyinia, 
pum QioJjanJ. about 7676. .Imono, ike descendants of Rickand and jAa- 
beLLa face woa "'oel face 03, ike Revolutionanu. Jan Aoidien fan. whom 
ike u oel ?ace Qxapten of J. . .'. 'A. in i-\t. Vennon, Ollinois, L* named. 
I'olm )niokt aison, ynandfai/ien of Atheni JcuUon 0, came io f'H. Vennon, 
HJJUuxoiA, about ike yean 7322, appnoxtmaiely faun, yean* a t ±en JILinoiA 
woa admitted oa a Ataie, 

J3HF3&Q, 3LL3U00S 

On ('.ay J, 7ok2, the Union uapiiAt (Jxunck woa Aijo.n;ted. I lie 
c/iLUic/i, 'mown ad ike Pnimitive Baptist io mcuv. because of Ha nelioXon, 
AtL'-l Aiand^ about one mile no/itk o^ ilie FnanAlin Qpunty line on a 
nnad :ckat iA an all-weaiken noad and about one mile east o r State 'Route 


An eanly pioneen of ikiA county, ike late yoAepk Jantley, 
woa ;Jie -Jyuti modenaton of the ckunck. He, atom wi;ck liiA wife, ('[any 
rtantley, hind. Sanak llilunan, ffokn Fleenen, Sanak Fleenen, Fanny Qlampet, 
/'illiani /ilifflin and Ann l-lifflin, compnised ike yuiAi conyncyation. 

Ike ckuncli, cemeteny and Ha njiouncU ane well kepi by ike 
tone of ^juhxIa denived fnom ike kotdiny annually of a ckunck Auppen and 
40 del on ike pneAent ynounctA. Ike a f fain iA well attended by penAonA 
■Jiom neon and -fan. 

About a kalf-mile eaAi of ike old ckuncli woa once ike lively 
JLubble ;cown of Jinficld, Jhout ike '.lean 7J^J, a ucn bi: i/ce name o.l 
. l . t-iizg,e/inell and kiA wife came on konAebaak t Lnom foAey Qounty, 
Indiana and AeJ^bled in fflh Pnainie I owns/iip and komeAteaded Aevenal 
ccneA o r land, A few yeanA laien ike viliaye of Fiigyenne,LL woa 
Aicnjied. Ike town woa foun bloc/iA A:uane. Ike poAt office went by 
ilie name of Fiizgennell, but ike little town took ike nonie of J infield. 

Ait one time ike town boaAied of a fJ-oun mill openated by 
JLtliar.i L, HonniA; ikene wene tknee AtoneA, one c?-_ t/iera openated by 

. . . . • ... . . , 

'■■ ■ ' ■■ '* ' ■ ' ■ • 

' ' '■ ■-■'.-• u3j .. 

' ''••• ■' < • .'■ 


■ ■ - ■ 

■ - w • ...■•.-, .- 


s - ■ • . 



■ • ' x> .'■-.. 


• " 




: . . 


-'" - 











(hcubtli&v Dunn, who also had the post offtce. I he/ie wen.e two b taclisniith 
shops, one. of them owned and openated by 'John L. ./Lois. I hejie we/ie 
two doctons; Dn. q. £. J and, who Lived at Jin^Jield and had botli hid 
home and o£j.ce In the town, and Dn. 9, y. Qee, who Lived at his r anm 
horde abouut one-eiqAth mile sout/cwest o-' town, Botri lue/ie welL /mown 
as :'diey tnavelLed many rniJLeA many times on honseback to lend the sick. 
ALL that is left Of. this once LiveLu little town Is a small 
ho nd e that once belonged to ilxe blacksmith, fo/m L. Dlckd. and Lie 
so'iool iiouse, no tonaen used; and. op coujise the old chunai that wel- 
comed one and. all. JliLs wad at one Lime and ana then a place of vjonsnlp 
•fan. some dean, old acquaintances, i.ianu o~ whom alona. wLL'i othe/i dean. 
ones ane now L-lni at nest in the neanbu cemetenu. 

it o a o 

— By /'ins. Klnby Rolens, 
JalLonville, JLLinois 

JAUQmLLi FRfa iJJLL BAm3S7 (HililQl 

One Sunday aftennoon in August, 7^3) °L a baptising, in the 
Big, 1'iuddy 'Riven on Ziia/iway lk8 f-usL east of JaltonvtlLe, foun people 
(r'oslLie Dees and his wLfe Qidene and 31a Lance and his wL r e b\any) who 
ojblend.ed. tills baptismal senvlce spoke to the i.lnisten, Jelbent Hall, 
who had conducted the senvlces, about ho.ldina a nevtval in JaltonvL-LLe, 
lie consented, to hold t/ie as soon as a place fon ;uiem could be 
secuned., An old stone building, on (-lain Stneet of JaltonviLle was 
selected., and t/ie ownen of the building, aave the g.noup sevenat mont/is 
neivi -Jiee fon the cleaning up of the outside and inside, I ne seats 
and piano wene bonnowed fnom a liLtle aiunch in SchelLen whose coons 
had alneadu been closed, I he pulpit was made of nallnoad Lies with 
bocjids nailed acnoss tliem and covened with a nua, 

Aften having, a thnee weeks' nevtval, on Noverrhen 70, V^hh, 
t/ie ynoup ona.aru.zed the JaltonviLle h nee jILL Baptist Q'lu/ia'i. bno. 
juy SuLcen Led in pnayen and t/ie ong.antsati.on pnoceeded. I lie counciL 
consisted of Rev. RlLey Bunion of ,'J/iittinaton, Rev. ( Ponten Of. 
Sessen, and. Rev. Qianles Osbonne of Des Planes, Olllnols. 

Qhanten membens wene: Delbent liaLL and. wife, LucLile; I nacey. 
Dees and wl r e, Suda; J la Lance and wL^e, I'lanu; ,'iolLie Dees and wife, 
fud.ene; Ra./. UaLL and wife, hanle; Donald Hamlin and wipe, Lois; ^o/m 



. i ' >\ . ■ 


" ' " ' ■ ' . ■ . ••'■ . . 

■ . .'■'■■. 

.... . ■ '.■ '.'••'. 

' - ■ ■•■ : ■ . ' ■•■ ■ ,' 

■ ■ • \ . 

. . ■• . .. • 




HaJJ., Sadie Hicfid. elected we/ie: Loid Hamlin, clenh; flay. 
Hall, I neadu/ien.; Delbent flail, pad ton.; deacons: J la Lance, 'Aay Hall 
and Q-olvn, flail, / fie findi do Hon donated wad by 3 canon Deed, I nudteed 
we/ie: Floyd flantley, Ho Hie Deed and Donald Hamlin, 

Soon a lot wad punchaded and the cleaning, o£.f o;l tlie ynound 
dtansted. Some of the women helped by, dpnoutd wi'b'x the ax, 
Ike deatd and piano that had been bon/iowed uje/ie netunned, end tfie chunch 
bouyjit Lid own piano and lur.iben. to make deatd, Tfiid wad du/iiny Jonld 
.Jan. I wo when building, maieniald wene hand, to find. Hiembend d/iove many 
miled to >Lind t/ie lumben.,' but the beautiful little cfuuic/i wad completed 
in a dhonst time, with, each memo en. doiny hid pant and helping, to canny 
tlie nedpondibility, 

I he chunch'd findt fiomecominc afJLen the completion of tlie 
buLUling, wad the ladi Sundaa in September, 7fa'6, and homecoming, id 
dtill held the ladt Sunday in Sepieitiben each yean., 

I hene ane at pnedent about '/2 active membend o r tliid chuncfi, 
with a total meinbendhip of about 7J6, 

—1'lan.y Lance, (hunch 

■jcod maty m iwdiaw 

JiLLiam food, oniyinally flnom yeongia, hioved nontfi and dettled 
on die Oliio fliven, nean £ligab ethiown, JLlinoid, then came to tfiid pant 
Of the countny in 787% when he dettled nean, /■!, Vennon, He died in 
7o.-?5 and wad bunJLed at Old Union Qemeteny, hk, ,'Jood left faun. o'lildnen; 
rial and £udy, who dettled nean. the Ohio, and Alined and ,\ndenon, who 
came hene with him. He wad a man of ojieat natunal dixinitu and inieciAity. 

/ii'Jied .food decided to nemain in thid counstnu, ad hid fai/ien. 
fiad, and lived an hononable life, lie neaned a family. o r r oun dond and 
thjiee dauylviend, namely: Jiiliam, jn, , 'Jamed, Lconand, yeonye, hianion 
(Licfy, flancu, QLiyabeth and ane, 

Al-Died Hood met a melancholy fate, fie and Uncle Lewid fofux- 
don loene oust in the woodd making, duyan. Hot fan, t Jiom the dugan camp 
t/ieu found a bee and on ■.ellina the a limb dtnucfi ALiJied, 

O I Iff I * 

fiiLLing, him indtantly. /hid wad in the yean, of 7o2o, He wad b nought. 








io Old Union fon. bunial, Tke CAeek ihey had to aw a a woa at flood 
Aiaye, Tkesie being no bnldye, Aome Atout youth* canAtnucted a, 
and ao the p/wceAAian cnoAAed on it, and Alpied woa laid to n.eAt, 

William, Jn,, and JameA Wood, eacli mcuutied, lived and died 
neon. li/oocUawn* Leonand mojuiied and went io HendenAon Qounty, I exoA, 
Qjbck rrugnating, io ike. negian of. Sandoval* 

William Wood acaiLUied ike. following, land pwm ike. United 
States, dated Feknua/iy 7, 78^0: ike nonthweAt half, of ike. nonthweAt 
half of Section JO, Township Two South, 'Range Two £aAi in ike DiAtJiict 
of Land* Aub^ect io dale at Shawneetown, OilinoiA, containing, k7 and 
87/700i/iA of acjieA. The title woa Aigned by Zackany Taylon, ?n.eAident 
of the United State*, and woa oIao Atoned by, JkomaA {winy, J/u , Secne- 
iajiy, lleconden. of ike (/enenal Land Office, 

William then deeded the land to ike village and it woa named 
Wood Lawn* On Oecemben. 8, 7870, ike poAt office woa eAiabliAked with 
foul [ihAiefiA oa poAtmaAteJu On 'June 20, 78°2, ike name woa changed to 
Woodlawn, William Wood oIao deeded ike land fan. ike building, of ike 
InetkodJiAt Quuick in Woodlawn, 

— By {(\ajiy Jaco 


On Hovemben. St 1*}06 $ banking, woa instituted in Woodlawn, 
OilinoiA, unden. the title of Tke Woodlawn Bank, T/iouii, Wai/iinA <£ 
Qpmpamy, OfficenA wene: (jeo/uye B, Welbonn, Pn-eAident; S, H, WatkinA, 
Vice^pAeAident; John W. WatkinA, QaAnien.; Boand of DJuiecio/iA wen.e 
John % Allen, L, L, farmenAon and W, Q T/ioutt+ Ike bank opened 
with a capital of $70, OQQ pluA a penAonal /ieApon6ibilljty of %S^^> WO* 

On 7°20 a ckanlen woa iAAued fan. a National Bank, and Aince 
thai time tke inAiitution kaA been known oa Ike FJuiAi National Bank of 

TkiA inAiitution kaA Aenved tke community fan. $6 yeanA, and 
thereby it La Aecond only io i/ie Ona State Bank in point o^ Aenvice 
fan. banliA in JeffenAon Qounty, At p/ieAent Ha officenA an.e; hbnion 
Wood, P/ieAident; fail A. Hill, V ic.e-?n.eAident; £ A. DnlgjyenA, (jxAhien* 

-~By <£• A, DniggenA 



eomt QWP MtfTSNQ 

Ike Bonnie. Holiness Association was oAgani.ged a few yewiA p/iLon. io 
ike, iunn of ike ceniuny, The OAiginal pwipose was to hold an. annual 
religious ineeiijvy foA. a ten-day peniod in dome. SouikeAn. JllinoiA loca- 
tion in o/ideA. thai people fjiom a-U. par-is of "Little £aypi" as weLL as 
oikoA. a/Leas could paAjtici.paie. in a camp meeiinjg of an. LnieAdcnominational 

I kiA annual event had its begjjxning. at SpAing CfOjuLen, OllinoiA, in 
78^7, The fuist evangelists wefl.e A, A, Niles and $ a $, Smiik, Legend 
has ii ikai HileA and Smiih had conducted a revival ai SpAing (jajiaesi. in. 
7 8^0 and we/ie veny populan. with those who sponsoAed ike event. On 
Febnuajiy. 72, l8 c J7 (Lincoln' 4 binihday), William H, TkuAmond, 'Rev, Wm, 
/'bo/ie, Samuel A, Davis, Q. A, /'IcQulough, Tkomas & D/iennan, (ih/ukall D, 
FiAken, {dwasud Odle, TkedoAe (ate*, 'J, fit, f')cKinney, l<hikias (AcRkenson, 
ii/m, Bajibee, fohn SpenccA, Davis QLinton and Fnank Kink met ai SpAing 
C/ajiden and took ike initial action of this new OAaani^aiion, ThuAmond 
was elected pAesident, Rev, fihoAe vice pA.esideni, Davis secneiany, and 
hlcQulougk tA.eoLAun.eJit I he A.emaindeA. of the gswup wesie named to i/ie 
executive commiiiee, I hey, wene to senve in i/iein Aespective office* 
until ike next commiiiee meeting,. 

This gywup was fijist in favon. of calling ^A e onaani%ation ike Union 
Holiness Asso elation, thein next commiiiee meeting was held on /'lay 2 J, 
7o^7, ai the Union fit £, (kuAch (now abandoned) w hick was located a 
few miles noAikeast of (wing, Illinois, and ii was ai this meeting. 

ikai ike final action was taken to o Agonize ike association foA ike 
punpose of kolding annual camp meeiingA, I keAe annual eveniA we/ie to 
be keld in AuguAi and we/ie fiAAi called conventions, 

Ike foundeAA of "Bonnie (jump" ajuianged while in session ai t/ieiA. 
second business meeting, to hold ihein. fijist convention ai. SpAing. §anden 
beginning Thwisday, tfuiy JO, 78^7, Ot Ia assumed ikai ikiA meeting, 
was fan. ten dags, but ii Ia not shown in ike A.econd, OaoI AepoAis 
state ikai ikiA ten-day. meeting was keld in a bAusk anboA, Ot iA n.e- 
pOAied ikai ike meeting was held in a tent the following, yean, (he 
officeAA who had been elected to senve tempo Aaniiy wene elected ai ike 
SpAing Qanden meeting foA. a full yean, Rev, A'iles and Rev, Smiik wene 
employed as evangelists foA ike fiAst annual convention. 

• ' . '- • ■ ■ 


The next ten-day. event wad keJxL in fihU \J e/uwn in 7 8° 2, and the 
fo,llowing, yean, thein. meeting, wad held, at ('IsLonado. Ike founrle/id had 
been looking, fan. a peainanent place, to hold tiiein. annual denxrLced and 
wen,e ve/iy well datid filed when *Rev. $. £« flodkindon, a memo ex. of the 
official boand, donated the addo ciation twenty. aaied located, a helf- 
mile, wedt of. Bonnie, OllJLnoJus. Repontd day. that the. fiuidt camp meeting, 
held on the p/iedent gnoundd wad in a tent until the e/iection of, the 
p/iedent open-ain. tabennacle too* completed. 

This o/iaant^ation had held Ltd camp meeting, eve/iy yean, dince 73°-7. 
Ol td the only annual camp meeting, in flefifiejidon Qounty and Ld one of 
the few in Southern Jllinoid that dpondo/id an event of thid kind. I he 
addocLatuon had kad steady gjwwth dince it wad founded and had done 
much in dudtaining, n.eJUugJLoud activity in thid an.ea. 

I he named of all p/iedtdentd of thid o/iaanigation ajve not available, 
but Cfenalxi pulley La denying, in that office at the pnedent time. Hubent 
LeonwuL dewed the lonaedt pe/ttod ad p/iedident, having, delved dtxteen 
yeans consecutively. 

filuch could and penhapd dhould be wnitten concenning, the activitied 
of this widely known o/iaanLgation dueling, the devenly-one yea/id of itd 
existence, but dpace doed not pen/nit It to be done in thid pojuticulan. 


(anJL S, D/iennan 



■ ■ 

. .... 

Jndex. - 7 

AL9H A3 £T 9 CAL 3 N D £X 

9L£AS£ NGlfa When we could not be 4un.e ofi name* on. inJutujuU, we took 
them oa coninibutecL life cannot be held zieApondible Ion inconnect 
ApelJLJLnnA. Howeven, thtd volume hcA been ven.y canefiulty pnoofinead, 
and we believe ApelllnaA one co/uiect oa they wene yiven to ua. Jt 
iA oIao poAAihle that aU.fifieA.ent people who had the tame name wene 
enjvoneouAly undenAtood to be the dame peAAon, 

Abneu, SetlAom, ............ ¥-k 

ri. r . Qi/i. In. .•**..••«•«•...« I — lO 

A Landmanh Cone, . ..» H-26 

Abbott, lim t-76 

Abbott, %hu Y-15 

Academu, The H-33, «\~7 

Acaffi/hhan ,« J-73 

Adam/j. D/i. $JUJjouahbtu,*H-5> 

r * H-78 

Adam*, rva, ........ /V-7 

. L A. /V-4 

Nancy. ... /V-7 

Adcoch, Adam /£ f-k 

Advocate, i he 7i)-°'ial Aaao cicution. . (j-22 
HU Line (RaJjjioadJ. . . 9-2, H-7 

Atb/iecht, Samuel W-7 

Alb/Uyht, SamueL 9-77 

Alex/index, QameA 0, . #-7 

Allen, AlbeW^. L-ll 

y. H-73 

'alvtn..H-17, H-7 2,3-77 
"hanteA ........... IA-27 

1 ft A-? 

2. % C-22, L-70 

% U/....L-7, Sty H-73 

^jameA C» . ._. ,ii/-22 

/>Iaa. $6e Faank,3-7.L-70 

%hn% , W-35 

Vohn fthodm W4 

Lucinda. . . l'J-7 

tt^lmlly. l<)-22 

Nom.uan. 9-76 

0. 8 to-5 

Ola , 9-2 

9hoda...Q-73, H-5, I')'? 2 , 

fthodum w/-7 

W, H H-77 

William H-77 

WWJLam H H~73 

AttlAon, lifoa 9 D/uzuton. .... /i}-27 
\ 6. ...37 M-2 


AndjiewA, A/ib a 

Ho/tman .... /W 

M/ia. Homen. i<\-27 

H. % D-77, L-70 

benjamin 9-77 

D. ... H-9 

ovenno/i. . H-33 

StinAon...C-25, H-5, H-33 

V). % L-2, /Pf 

U/ ft\-8 


t, H-28 

Nelson L-77 

S H-28 

Andy Hall School ... H-35 

AniJLoch (JuiLitian Qui/ich . . . il-S 

Apynji, h/enett. >V-7jJ 

Cyes.ette S. ..9-78 

Appellate Qouit .... 3-76, Cflfc 

Apple ^yapo/iatoA. 0-7 

Anmoun. nobojit. .J-2 

A/mold CemetenjLU n-79 

AAthuA, s. &:. W 

A/ithwiA. David Q C-7 

w. C. .......... .3-7, L-6 

"A* you W&Le" in-73 

Ashley and ii]t. \l ennon Rail- 

Ajoad. li-2 

t\*nA.ey. u . i « ................ L.— ' 

AtchinAon, f^kaAleA w-2 

AtchLdon, Baiton. .....U, St £-70 

Bob. 9-3 

ChoAle* 9-77, W-7 

SauiA.e, C-22 

AtchLd^on, Ognatiwa ...... ..H-77 

f.... H r ii 

LizzLe , , ji-7 7 

O&U H-73 

liLchand L H-73 

ffada H-72 

Ihoma* H-77, H-73 

Atkinson, WolteA, 9-1 U, K-7 

Alto, W 4 7. 9-3 

Ai^cieA. Cjene. N-^k 

Awl, A. A. _. U-k, U-5 

Ak Handle h acto/iy /V-7 

AyeAA, WiLiiam D-77 

. j 





• % » 




H«jGA fcg 

htijULceJ. H, ... r-^y 

Badaell, 7ho:na4 .... C"^ 

6<anTu£&L& u -3 

BcluwL l>)a/inan.ei. fUJjnan L~7$ 

L-% L-70 
Sake*, B. 0. .... 1-3 

Y g. f-rj 

fih L. ... /-J 

/VaAiaz f -J0 

/3a^ HLUtteihodUt C hunch. . M-3, 

Baldnldae, Jeanne . . , , . ft)~32, w-5 

LauAa , , , , ^-4 

Bal±$ell, fve. H-13 

Bambnook, ^okn $, ............ //-# 

#anA (Look unden. name of ike 

BapZJusi. oAAOcJuaiJuon, fin*!. ..B-7k 
Bdf^Ui Ckwtch, , FLm±,..B-74, f-7 
a second (noi. Ike 

Second).. B z 75 

Final Will. • . F-2 

fank Avenue. . ?-7 

(Look oJLao linden, name of 

Banben, % V , M 

Bane, Talkenlne. . L-1 2, l>\-76, (>\-7J 

Oven . i'\-76 

Banken, %hn U-5 

Leu&a 3, <*, W-10 

Bonne*, % W-3 

Bannhani. 11/. Q • . D-7 7 

Banon, /'aunlce H. R-2 

Bajui, Vlnnll N-U 

BaJUien School HouAe. U-2CJ 

Bannet±, Amo* B. (-25 

/noma* 1 t # # # Y-25 

Banion, CJLana \T ^ 

UJOLian D-7 2, tt-Jo 

Baleman, A/sa . , £ -26 

Bate*, Hajinu L. B-7 , B-5 

Bauok, Downing.. . . . H-^j, M~33t 1^-8, 

loeV Jpl 

fe-y W *b2 

Jufye* "pO 

/ib/ie*. .....( -7 

foUu Z-7 

Baugk, Ro^an. (-7 

H/lULam T-7 

Baxjten, ( J. FnankLin. ......... T-4 

Bcue/u Nelvln, S-2 

* OUo F-3 

Beach, D/i* .... R-33 

BoaqXe. Ceonae. ............ .U/-25 

BeaX froc/iT. M-k 

jhy. H-13 

Bean, tnank H-V 

% L U-l 

Beand, Andrew. L-72 

Beckenzn, Luike/i. B-7 7 

Bedand, />k*„ Lawmnce L-70 

Beeckeju f'h*. $. 9. .......... / -2 

Vohn 7-2 

BeJUL, Athwu U-73, S-2 

a % >.l-z 

BelLU ?oMl School 5, Crl 

BeUamu, foal .T-3 

BeJULelLve. d-77 

ChnJustian Ckwick. . . . .J-7o 

yioh School.... H-37 

l>]cL6oni.c Lodc,e. v)-18 

BenJjamln. C. C ..\jJ-2?, i>J-2o 

Bennett, W. W H-33 

WUUamlV. C-18 

Benton, $ohn H. HV* 

Benton, t>\anjg, • K-7 

BenAcke, (kanle* ............ S-2 

BeAkel Baptist (kutck .9-3 

BeviA, Kenneik w. l>\-28 

BLenu. Hudson. » . . C-J 

Bin Jidda fc-30 

BlllLnoAeu, 1. fil 'P-79 

Bind, ttlLOxJH 9-5 

BUAell, U/llUam H. ti<J*3 

Black, Jame4 H-S 

Black (fak nidae H-Z} 

Blackbann. Alice.... D-7 2 

BlachwelL David.... M 

Blade*, Kay. B-7 

Ii\aa. { Rau 0-7 

Blankendhlp, 3ne% ........... U-^i 

BJLusa, AugjjAi. U-27 

BlLa/ivllle I owndhlp. . . H-32, J -20 
"Block School hlemonle*". .... .B-7 2 

Blood, fcnma. Q-26 

BloAAen. Ceonae U-5 

Blufond Hlnh. School H-Jo 

Blulke, 'Jame* lrf-2<} 

BoULne,W. A U-7 

Boaan, Fnank ............... (r2J 

Q. Fnxmk....i'\-77, f'l-75, 




Bogxm, J. 5. ,.,,..,,,.»,.... (—79 
(John F/iank /'J-o 

iouoda///. .....;•« 

Suaan AJ-5 

^LLLiam. /|-o 

Soman, Tobias , (?-7 

/3<?/ioi /'^. Qnoven. (. ........ Z.— 7*9 

J7<& ..1 7... .0-12, H-36 

Bonnie (amp Ineetina ........ ^-J^ 

Booh, DuAwand L. . . ^/-4 

J/iaac #-7 ? 

0. //. .r-i 

Booth, AndejLAon. ....... H-27, iu-28 

Bo^Ley, Howa/id Z.-70 

Bo/iion 5ion.e /-_? 

BoAtwLck, John 1^78 

Bo/weLL, j/iaac .............. $-20 

LoU ,...N-7 

fta^om (M 

7. L N-7 

Boihin, Mojuien L. ............ 7-4 

Boi±o/iff., f. N. P-77 

BoucLinoi, Love /i/-# 

Bovand, /'fa*, Ceo/iae Z.-70 

Bowman and RooinAon. .......... /'/-<*? 

Bowman. F/ianh //-J "? 

ilm , H-33 

BoydWuiaae) N-3, R-3 

botjle, 'Joseph. L-7 

Bottle*, Vane H-7 7 

Bnaden, TinJik L-7 3 

L X i>\-7k 

B/uacUey, RoiUn. (-76, W-76 

B/iacUhaw, AnAhwi b\-k 

Ben. A-9 

Bnnhe, Lewi*. 5-8 

BnaJ^emeyeA, O/dando W. . . f-77, tt~7 
B/uaunchcomb. SuAan. ............ (-7 

B/iecAenAixbpe S&ieet , . H-9 

B/iee$e, BaLly. , $-28 

CpnneJULuA f. L-7k 

Vane H. L-7 2 

VeAde ., HH-2U 

% H-30 

RLchand L-7 7 

RobenJt (-70 

B/iehm, C. O B-77, C-7 

BAA.e4ach\en.. Qeo/tae , . 5-2 

B/u^ioL Letta. 7. H-J8 

BnJLQtoJi, Le£tie 0-8 

B/uutum, $. W. .... U-2 

B/toch, 5ajwh /JJ-?4 

B/Loohman, Dale N-k 

Bnaokd, 0. $. .B-76, B-77 

5. f-77 

BnxmdeA, W. A. f-77, $-7 

B/uown, ChanJLeA N-1 

to/ieti. 9-22 

Q, 5 0-7 

tiiJibenJt. . • • ,,5-8 

% (. i<\-5 

tyameA U-5 

John! V— &J 

f/ewt 0-9, 0-70 

5, TuA/ien. J'l-9 

ihomaA 5-7 

B/uownavLLLe and finchneuville 

Road, 7....J-1 1 * 

Btwyle*, Olivia K. f-27 

B/utce, Clyde ............... $-2 

fl/Busion. f-79 

fii a n-28 

B.xyden, W, H. 5-7 

B/iudon, h)anUonJie L-70 

Bach, C iff.. H-73 

QauJLond B K-1 

5ue. H-73 

Buchham, Bennadine .,,.,..,, f-27 

ftLchajid F. R-k 

I'Uia. WauUeA. 0-7 

BucUown. 0-9 

BuelL, LUa i'J-28 

Bulo/id, % Lenten. ........... C-7 

Bulloch, £li$abeih, lf-33 

Jennie, C-30 

BaUocJi 1 * fnwuiLe H-32 

BumpuA, -A. f. H-73 

Betty* H-73 

OaLC, H-73 

f/meA. 5-7 

Qeo/iae H-73 

Lo/Lon H-72 

fikuUon5 f-77, d-7 

Om .H-73 

Bundy, Alex. L-7 2 

Qeo/vcie ........ L-7 2, L-7 3 

i'la/iAa L-7 2 

Rau f-7, K-7 

<JZ ,,/./>)-37 5tsiee£ ............... H-9 

BuAae, feme* «-2 

bunanapn. yeo/iae ........... L-7 3 

BuAAe, game* f. L-70 

Banhd, 7'Uua. c John f-27 

BuAneii. Q/ehjn ......... 0-6, 0-8 

Tnxmh • . f-7 

Bunneite, LouLda (ihAQjayiei. ... i <>)-6 



SuArvd. fdiik LouLae . , . . . U-U 

Sustf, D. D. CrJ 

Bunion. 1 D. 19-t 

tfuljLa ........... L-S 

Thomas % ,V-J 

\M. n. .. F-3 

Buicken, ft. Q /V-f 

Builen, Sjuuu . , . H-k 

Bytuu, B. Q N- Q 


C & f Ralbwad. B-5, H-7j 

/v—% $—2 

B (S Q (liaihwad.) " '..£-3 

j t'k O JlhuAc/u . M-35 

'dbonn, Thomcud W-25 

yUdweJUy {ligabeik. ._. 5 

'clLUlu, pcuU. ............v. Y.n-u 

'alpha, W. A (J-1 

aivin, Q H. ... /V-4 

amenjon, (ligabelk. L-12 

{fame* L-12 

I'lojik^ L-12 

Camp, #. / , H-30 

Campbell, A. ?-l6 

fanle f. N-2 

Vame^ N-2 

wLLLLojm Ji-2 

TcunpbellUe" Quuxck B-l6 

Cannon, $amea. . . , Q-7 

(an. BuUsLen^" Baseball Team. .... 


CajwkeJu Ancbieiu %. .B-l8 

(ojlcjO band B-6 

"Can. Shop JkUile, ike". N-5 

Ca/ilUle, JohnW. K-1 

Tan.peni.eji, C. Dale. Q-/ ', L-15 

Ca/ipenien, nk^d. f. Dale. ..... .0-1 

OnaC,. //-? 

%hn\ HJ6 

1 UL D-77 

Uncle Sammy. D-1J 

(oajloJUL, £anl .. L-10 

Canlion, jJO. fiH, L-2 

(janicn. hnanh F-3 

yqmeA £ Q-7 

(aAe, FnanA f'l L-15 

Tasdeu. Abnen. C~^?t C" 2 ^ 

'Abnaham g, 6, f-fl, Y-31 

Abnnham T .£#, fc-J? 

Alice. •v'.fc-iS 

BOh. D-2, c-16 

Qaaeu, (bus. BlacAfond. ...... ,j-2 

B/iuneiia. C"^5 

/». H-29 

yp*** £i? 

JianxAAa. .... . ( -J 1 

"lank C-6j f-3 

'Union. Di V-3, 5-5 

-dna ....7-21 

[li^abeih (-3? 

"nanhLLn S,. ... C-3h r~22 
Govennon. ...... w-17, C-13 

t/ie.en f. C-15, C'3 7 

'Hansilei ?-15, L-13 

Hlnam . . . . Lr 2 ^ 

Hlnnm ft.... Y-35 

O/yaac ... .6, C-8. C-1i> 

c-12, t-p/jfan, 

Caaeii, Umclc. /'t-jU 

John. H-33 

yohnC t-31 

VohnX Y-35 

CaAea Tunlo/L Hinh School, . . . tt-35 

u ^ 4 LJ. •-.. VV-78, Ut-79 

Lah au.eile ........... T-1o 

Lev£....t-27, t-28, C-2%- 

Xr3 2 

LewiA F. n-33 

fihhala. C'35 

Many. A U-3 

(ihsty. gone C-35 

ItfoAeA C~w 

Newion. , . n-33 

Newion. fi C-35 

OciavAJi I . ........... L-5 

Kandolpk. . . C-27, C-29, C-J2 

Sam L-6, H-10 

fiViA, Sam L-10 

Samuel , Q-30 

I'Via, Samuel .4 

_ Samuel K. H-7,C~35 

(a^eu Sin.eei .//-V 

Ihamu S.... H-7, H-33, C-31 
Tom. C- 12 >L- 21 > (*+* 

William. ..3 f \6 i C-n 3 C-15, 
Q-30, H-i If-i Jti-jA fl-70, 

V)-11,J-1J,J-23 " 
Zado/z. . •6,r-1,C-1J,C-1^, 

C-i5/C^8G2^/r-30 t 

(j-3 2 f D-2, H-27, ( conlinued. 

Ccuieu, Zadok ( continued). . . . . H-33t 

ff-jfy /,JL7 fih2J. nU33, fil-fa 
, f-10 9 S-£W-3,h-11,h-17$-22 
(aAeu'* ynove.. M 

(jod/te/^ mt^ f 0/1 Andnei/j). . . . r-Jb' 
(aihesiine. Lewi* Cilbnexfi. . . • 

CeoA$.e..J<l-29,/<)~30, Q'p , 

%">*Vh fa t-i* 

Kam^eu, . AJ-J0 

Xdevc . , , . C~36 

I ownihip, , C 35* $-27 

fated, William. S-7 

(jawoocL l>\n*, H, A . L-70 

lWA. H, %. ...... .,3-1 

Qemelenn. (Please look unden name, 
of cem.ei.ejiu.) 

Qentennial (jelSnatLon, Ike 

C/nand ...... 0.-3 

]en±nal (hunch of QxniAt T-7 

Jxamb en. of. Commence. T-6 

"hamblLa/i. thelvJun, , N-k 

%mce, /veone, ,L-5,L-°,L-7o 

Jiampionthip/f, Clt,]/. HigA. . . . 0-7 5 

"hmidlen^ Daniel ... $-4 

"hennu. h/ianh S-7 

"ke^nivtip $, J. 7-3 

he*ten ami I ama/ioa 'Road. //-7 

hicaao and £a*teAn OJUJunoiA 

Kailnoad. U/-20 

lUllenden, H, f<). 7-4 

JwLat §o*pel Chapel. £-5 

hni^tman, Adoiph L-3 

"hunch of ChnUt. , B-76 

hunch of tod, 7th & (onaen. ..Q-7 
hunches (Look unden name of chunch) 
Lncuit (punt U/-75 

jLtLzen* Cat & flectnic Co..,. N-6 

i±£ uo*£L r h-2 

ivil \))an._. H-kS 

'lampet, Fannu .ID-32 

lank, (lain S-7 

DonJus P-27 

Ceonae lioaen* C-S 

tixL&riQ. P-5 

Hanold. P-3 

tieJULU ?-27 

y/ t "# »•••••••»•••••••••• '''"^ 'J? 

i • /i# •«••«•••*# •••###••« /\ — / 

laxon. A. iff, 8-78 

levelnnd, 0, L M-7 

% I ...jil-5 



'lodielden, A. 8 u/-2,u/-7 

lodleUejt. A. 8 9-77 

"low, & r ?-75 

Tool oil" 0-5 

(pchnan, F, $, ... D-72 

- no 9- ?*ancu> C-3 ... . . 0-3 

", iQjJMjam , . , J-7o 

yf-fcfrj^ & Cr/9 

pJU, iik*. Vonld ,/v-9 

pie- (jlenn £, , S-o 

oIujia, (jeong,e. . . , . , 0-72 

Lawnence. ............. C-7 

I homad Q ............ Ji\-U 

pmmunLtu QplLeg,e. .......... 0-7 k 

pmpanu U. .................. . C-2 

ompian Spninad • w^7^ 

pmpton, JJniah, . ., « .W-7<} 

"ondut, 7imcih.u. U-8 

pnklin, 8. F. ............. 0-7 

onneil, fnnedi. ............ U/-2 

' O.f. u/-2 

QonlJjteniaZ Hotel. l'l-72 

look, C. 0, H-70 

Kobest* A,H-76,C-9 

S. A '....'f-J 

Solomon. .............. r-5 

/Jieophilud .5 

/homod L f-3 

pokdeu, W. 8 \M-2,\i)-7 

pombd, 2* Y* * • • Cr-3 

popen, J'l /% r-5 

ppple, Andnew L-7 7 

Chnldiophen. ......... L-7 2 

David... L-77 

£. A. L-72 

jacob. L-72 

Vohn. L-77 

Kileu L-73 

William. L-7 7 

CpnbJLtt, Qame*. (J-6 

{jonlew, (jiihenine. .......... f-27 

/'In*. John. L-70 

(pnneliud, hned, . , ,S-7 

Henna 8 en, ., S-7 

Cpnnet Band. l>\-72 

Q?nn4iubble, I'lany. , H-3 

p&ainja, H. 0. K-7 

piton, £ O L-10 

oulaon, David A/-4 

puncil Bluff Qhunch, H-2° 

ountenteiien, , . D-° 

Count HouAe, Oeffen^on Courvtiu . , 

i, c-7, if.7% k-aHC? 



CpvaJUif §ideon. C-6 

[ov/Jialon.. C . J/» •••••••••••••J -o 

(fa* 1 **!- C-7,L-75 

I'l/lsO. \. I. ...... ...*«...w/~/ 

fox, DounXaa N-b,H-73 

L genTQ. ..(7-7 


% a y/-7j 

l/e^i^ #4 

Cnawlond and Doane. ........... $-2 

5 f £-77 
ft, 5. U-7 

jieed, 9am.eA L-lk 

"jteek, w. W. (I/-79 

*n.en/>haw. Daniel ........... 4. C-9 

a //. .Jm 

William. 4 

AOtid BwUbJJuna, H-i+1,tn-71 

/udeA, Robe/il ... /)J-27 

yUmiripeA, F. 0. B-78 

nJuawelL, F/umcld. . ( J-2 

"AocAeA, %hn ... /V-7 

jvone, AJbuxanden. .... 7"-^ 

/to^-d, Kenneth. .............. Z-70 

}wup. (hanle* , .B-70,r~7 

jfiowdeA, Aub/iey. ........ (^-7, /fc>7 

/'k<j» Aub/ieu. //j-27 

fi±a.....7. £-77 

JL B. U/-7,W-2 

Jiugen, F/vanhlin ....... L-72, L-7J 

ulp, Uannjy. .. fi)-32 

'uXveA, HanoJbL tf-2 

umbenland ?n.e*b ulenJuin. (hunch. , . 
^ ?-5 

QummlnaA, Alice K. , /9-7 

Do/lU. ... Q-8/Q-iy 

('kuwxi/iet Ann. ............. f-8 

funllfg Melton. «t J 7 

fcunnlnanam, /fwmcud Q, 25 

Jllliam H. , « U-5 

CuaIU, fdwajuL ..... B-70, B-77, Q-7 
(Cyclone, (-dee I o/mado) 


D.A.R ... D-6 

DaJULu, < louAnaJL $ I he ......... ./'i-74 

DajLLu Republican, the /'J-74 

Dale, F/ieddie. P- 7 

Otaac A . P-79 

Damon, DonJiA 0-72 

W U P-6 ?-7 

Dance, fohnnu.e. N-2 

Daniel, hlcuiy .W-4 

Rev* iV F m /ii-3,W-7 

Da/ie, /'l/w # Clenn. ............ 0-7 

'Johiu... W-27 

DamSeJUL, L (K M 

QauaheAtyf fohn. L-3 

DauahteM of. the Amenlcan. 

^RevohjJjuon. D-6,(-77 

Davenpo/uL AnnabelLe. ....... lft-27 

DaviLon, 9. f. B-9 

% &£... .£-7 

fohZA. /3-77 

LoiLUde. f-27 

Rom P-79 

DwU, B t'i-32 

C n-77 

a b n-*i 

DaUy. L-10 

fdjuune. • • 7 "27 

Jamed f. • • • 5 

VVla. john. D. ............ 0-7 

gohn.1l. ?-77 

f'lelvlnri. M-2 

?\obefi£ PoaJU R-3 

t#. C ••• T - 7 

a/. F. aj-5 

yJaJjiw/ilghl. ..........»••* R-3 

U/alleAZ. H\-27 

Davla/ion, HajidLin. ............ //-9 

Dawson, g. f. ............. a . U-° 

DewUr^Si, I. A. 0-7,0-9,2-2, L-10 
/iul4 LowelL A* .......... J-7 

DeeA, Bea/ion+ + . ............ .v'J-3^ 

frdep-e* W-33 

HoUle. J-33 

ge**e. ti-20 

fate A. D-70 

\udcL. ^1-33 

7/iacey. ................ .d-33 

DeetA, /ilcuttie. ............. .J-27 

Doilz. ChanleA. (t\-ZJ 

kLcIwacL ................ /'i-27 

Robert. hU2J 

Degoiuuneit, Lo/ien. 5-2 

Delap, RobeAt. M 

DeJ'lenl, DonaM. S~3 

Denbo, BevL H-fl 

Dennjui, fikuvtna* I \)-2o 

H/. T. ?-7k 

Denny, QencUd. , C-5 

DepoLAi.eA, Donald. • • • • Tr® 

DepfLLett, Awruty. Becky. .. .D-7, 0-3 

DeffiLeAi, QaihenJine. C~J® 

G/ieen. .... t lf-3 

WJMjjOm. frnJO 

Deihjww, Ralph. h-3 

Devine Qompany. J. ft B-<] 

Deulaney, Q, A. ...N-7 


Oeulaneu, fthel . . . . N-1 

QtffljbbL filru, AnnoixL L-10 

BeiUah. .9-21 

ChoAjLeA $. B-%8-11 

Helen LouiAe. ............ 9-21 

(>\aa. Henman. 3-1 

Lloyd R. ...0-70,0-76 

I'iAA, Lloud. .............. .3-7 

tiaAtha. ... 9-27 

h\awu.ce. .................. K-1 

1io/u..... 9-21 

Oi-cJienman. hlaALL. Jfi^U 

Olivet. ..T. W-4 

OLcIuaan, $ameA H...... ... /tf-4 

OtchAon, yame* /<l ...... 0-7 2, H-j6 

i>\AA. ^ameA hi ...L-10 

OllL WiXUpm. H-28 

OtltineA, / om. H-9 

OlnwixJxLie, hhcalten. .. • 0-8 

OIaJm, (J. C-7 

OivlAion of. Unemployment 

( ompenAatton. •• U-2 

Olx........ U/-79 

Gnade School. 0-17 

nioK School. 0-77 

/ilethodi^t QhuAch. . . ......0-17 

Ooooa, fdaaA. .. /i}-27 

OoddJ, EXLL .0-3 

'John. 0-3 

VohnAon and fompanu. , IA-8 

tecud. ...\T.T. 9-27 

I ownAhip. H-31 

OoULojl, %e. B-6 

Oonchue, liobenJL U-k 

Oonoho, Austin. /V-9 

I'kuuj. £, , /V-o 

SuAan, U-S 

Ooolin, Sue* 9-21 

Oo/wnn, \JJ. L. .8-1 8 

Do1y, ULjabeth. £.70 

reatneAAon. ... . /v-o 

Flo/ience. N-8 

OouoIoa, H. 8, 9-5 

<2ameA. . . H-28, W-M, H-27, (>72 

OoutLuL Gnace. , . 0-77 

Oowdell, %hn N-2 

Oownen.. Amu. .0-11 

$ohn.S. H-32 

Oowne*, A. W. M-27 

Amo* U/-27. U-28 

"hemic* W-28 

-noch. U/-28 

jua iJ-28 

John. \D-28 

OowneA, HufuA ............. ,W-28 

Sanok. d-27 

Oowneu, Henhejvt Q,. • L-75 

BoxAle, L £. U-1 

Ooyle, KatheAUie. ............ L-6 

0/iennan. Aanon f. .......... .1- -4 

CaAlS. 0-37 

Felix. t-3 

ThomaA 9. vJ-36 

Veno.8 jM 

OnJuoaeAA, f. A. . ."-35 

OntJeA. $.11 (-3 

OaIvcaa. 7 .... ......... ....... ti-3 

BaptUt ChjuAjch. N-5 

Oulaney, 9aula /ricQiackcn, . . . L-70 
I homaA. f~-2 

Ouncan, (oaJL ., $ .......... .. .S-2 

HiJiom. £-9 

Nathaniel* C*7 

School &>Gl 

Ounn, Lee. • • u-r 

Matthew. . .."-33 

(Xulaht. LewLdtu H-33 

Off*, t^ A f¥n 

UyheA, VxLAjLon. L-/U 


"fanJLy HJuitonjy". ............... 7 

hcuileu. UlalteA N-2 

£a*tf>lt. Venixon. i-l/-24 

Salem. .................. Q**2*t 

Salem /ilLa*LonaAy. BaptiAt 
Quuich. ............... f-S 

FateAy A/Lthwu J -J? 

John. L-10 

faton, ThomaA A, ....... (i\-U, 9-l6 

rchola, /iJaAuhate. 9-27 

SllaA.Z...0-12, 0-13, 0-1 % 


fkiA. SlIoa L-11 

c ddy., fifa*, Lo/iengo. ......... 3-1 

c dLaon School ............. H-35 

-dmonjdaon, f. £. ........... tMt 

'aAon, J. fj. .............. L—10 

-dwaAcU. fawaAd S U-k 

' u/. '..._. t>\-7 

c ayptLan I OAchlUjjvt. ........ /'i-? 

"hnman, l>), H- Q 

w ll$a (Slave of. iJm. /tiax.eif.J. . . . 

C-26, l>\-23 
(Ik 9/talAle. (-16 

TownAhLp. . . . U-2t), U/-20, J -26, 



fllen, Rolla... tf-Q 

QlMngsWjnih, hh/L^o/Lie ....... L-H 

dohn, l>\-& 

(fale., L-15 

rim Stneet, //-? 

jflrnhuAAt, BeabU.ce. P-27 

fananci.paii.on of a Alave, ..... Q-26 

rjruneJLdon, Allan, . £-7 

Anne /fiaitheu/4. . . , . r-2 

TannJLe Saundei. ........... £-7 

t Z. fifcff 

£o^ L...B-9, 8-70, f-7. 

dbnnU. . . . (>7, <f-2, /W-^Z /»/-7 £ 

/'tad, I'b/uiU), .... . . Z.-7 7 

fp-Lacopal QiuAch, /ninitu, . , . . / -2 
Qpi'jo/tjk /ileihodLdi (hunch, ..... /'i-J, Dale. •CfS 

hdiwn, 8. 0. .... .N-3 

Qdied, §eneva ( ( Jeanne). . . , . . ,L-10 

%hn. 0-6 

liumuon 0. • * » -5-7* 5-<? 

% P. liW 

tt, 7" £-5 

0k£te* «, J-Z,^ 

^ihenidae, (jlen, /V~9 

Henoeni... . .S-2 

Q/ansd. (jeonae '$. .. . //-/; ^-"5 

/'tad« CjeoriQe vJ. Z.-7 7 

^eannette. NoueA. Z.-5 

fwina. Alexanden, f-3 

c 5 f. F-1 

Mabel B~72 

fx.ceLbLD/1 Sanaioniwn. ........ (~-2J 

Qcponent, The* •••••••.•••»•• •U~10 


FainchiM, David. «^20 

FaisilLeld Hood. W-7* 

FoajLouj, S. (<i U-77,U-73 

SO** H-77,H-73 

FanmeA, Q, W. f-77 

f ,lameA $-77 

t. 9. 9-76 

Ton?.. ./V-9 

Fannxuif 1'UnAoni.e P-27 

FaASiLnaion H-7%/!-30 

I ownakip. , H-2° 

haucheA, (JiUliam. H-9 

Faulknen, bnxmk. .S-2 

H. W. (Doc). L-7k,L-75 

Feanheileu, Fnanced t . ....... P-27 

Febnuana 79. 788S S 1 onnado ou.. 

M-72, r-o 

FelUnaeA, A. PollL L-75 

Female Seminan.u. .... % ' 

FenaeAton, 1 £ H-10 

game* F. *H-7 

h enauAon, rtijiam. a 

FledAeA, Ma*. $phn,..........J7-7 

FLeld School, £uaene. ....... n-2% 

lowndhJLp. .............. .H-30 

Fi.eldd, Lena Hawkins. ....... D-77 

/ik&el>„ L-70 

FiJJbejdJi, ylen, • • 5-2 

FiJLeA, ikomoA. • /W 

Fine. iikuLu. L-72 

FinneU, Kulw* A. ,.C-3 

FiA.e7^....\\. Gn 

ALowm..... N-6 

FjuiaI Bank of. QinJLin. (jloaa and 
Compamu ..........»..#«•• rr-o 

BapliA (hu/icL 9 r 7,B-7k 

CumbcJiLand 9/ieAo utenlan 

t ch.uA.cK r........r--_5 ['Jill Baptist Quuick, . h -2 
rielfwdUl (,..B-7U,(i\-7, 
tt\-2liJU7,ti r 7^-23 
/\loMxm*l Bank, fat* V. J* . .8-9 
Mai 1 i. Bank, li/ooaUawn..,.uJ-J5 
P/LeAti^tenlan QhwicA. . f-3t±~7 
SetXJLen. in Qa^nen. /iop m ..Q-35 
Slneei* .................. n-9 

White BuaJjlL 5,6,(«~27 

U/hi±e hamiltu M-U 

Fi^eA, Wm. ?. .:. M-3 

FJLdh, Hoaau, •• U-o 

FJUshen., /HoAxihall D. ........ ^-Jo 

0/iAeneih. /'/-4 

Fitch, HheL ?-22 

tfauL C-7,K-1 

Paul/i L-75 

Fi£gg,eAald .................. H-6 

FitzaeAJieU* JLLinoLd. ...... t^-J2 

f4«SZ y.j. u-2o,f32 

FU&eAAeAU, ^xmrii}, H-72 

Raymond, n -7 J 

Flannigan, Tom. • . . /• -3 

FleeneA, ( John, ............. .$-32 

Sanaa, .$-32 

Flinn, ChanleAW. (Pi 

Flint. XoAvld "Tex.". X-3 

7 W P-71 

,f. w. ............ ...... I— if 

FLo&l. fd. F-3 

gah. F-3 


?Af,S *,.« JH-7 

Focht, a/. u-i 

Foil?, fii Q irpj 

Fond, Hojulu . , , . , C-7, K-7 

% L \/;.Lr3 

JOJiah,, , .. Q-7 

_ Solomon. , , . r«7 

Fon^uik, BeojOU.ce. . . , . 9-22 

Fo^ten, Bonbons. U-k 

D. A IJ-27 

% P. N-2 

jotecu .J?-? 

Sylvanwd 9-72, f-75 

SUlveAien. B-i 

Thomas, , . . . , C-^ 

W. L-72 

Fox, 'John /,j-4 

■ %Ueg. U/-27 

hounlh. Baptist ........ L-7 

Fox, /'iojtt, . W-29 

_ 9ileu. VJ-29 

hnance, A. 0. I -H 

hnancju*, $. I>). « Q-3 

Fnanhpo/ut 'Road, w^ik 

FjwnkUn SchooL ...D-77, H-35, H-3<} 

hnanht, $ameA, L-h 

hnjateAnal Hall G~^ 

Fnagien, Alvin Hobb*. ........ W-J7 

hkmina Watson. W-37 

ftutk. 9-22 h'aaond.^ . . Q-7° 

P/i&m, lke t . . F\-70 

hletkodLbat h-7 

Will Baptist Qkutch. h-2 

hn.eeld, H, Leslie ../V-2 

Freeman, fojutie £ 9-20 

Fjieujtay RobentF. 9-8 

HLLz^elL William. Q-26, H-20 

hna^tj Cam. (J-S 

loi; us 

Sanak. , ^7-2 

r ft % .7-3 

tuaei, Newton % H-77 

hulien, JW L-70 

hulienton, Antkun fi)-27 

FunhkouAen, fdwand. S-2 

7-unbninaen, Uito, .L-75 


gabien, LowLa. L-U 

tjamb en., William A B-7 7 

yanjien, Sajiak. L-72 

gayuiett, $ohn £ U-5 

§ajwJu5on, A. H. ............. 0-6 

Donna 9-22 

9. LeBen C-7 

W. £ UJt#-5 

(jo^kinA, {jlicud, . , L-7 7, />l-7o 

/iIoau. L-72 

/ihA.y; A, J'i-76 

CfeanJuud:, ftVuo, Hanjia. ....... .3-7 

W. fanfond. B-77 

Qenenal, Ike Stony, of. ike. . ,.Q-3 

penile, John. fihjO 

gentler, (aJL l>\-32 

(Xacan. l>\-32 

genkand, Alb en* 9. fl-43 

genmann, 9einkancL .......... H-hU 

tibton, % U), K-7 

?ame% id. K-7 

Samuel ?~5,9-6,9-7 

CLlbeni, Alvin. . , v)-5 

Anna VUt 9 W-5 

CifJUUi. , ffc. 32 

TU. H-32,ti-20 

Ha%el 9-27 

2, H. B-9 

k H-32 

iuiti '.Y.'.Y.Y.Y.Y.Y. c-30, 9-2 7 

Cilead . , 9-k 

\jileA, ikomoA. j_, . . 'j-k 

gill % hn td^on. /"AH 

Kalpk. , L-k 

\illeApif , i/JaJjton 9. ........ Q-7 

tilmone, vlilhun 9-U 

llaAA, /i)aa. I ecL L-7 7 

Uwi/mian, Ben,, S-8 

^LoLzebnook, Anna H-23 

god. Qkunck oL 7tk c£ QonyeA. . ^-7 
goddajidj David. H-k 

'Molten. S-7 

gp{.jL, Delhenl /iLg 

gpifif, William. , t ..Q-77, H-U, d- 76 

golden, geona.e A. 0-6 

r Lola. IU7 

golcaktlu, Doni* U-U 

ttouxuid. (J-k 

goodale, LoL* 9-U, ln-6 

hi hi. ,H-° 

li\an.cud , , 1,1-6 

Sanakf. pi-6 

Qoodman, g. 9. ///-5 

good SarwLnJLtan Hospital ..... Q-2k 
goodman, I keo L-7 3 

I nomad L-7 3 

.., . .. _. 



GoodnJLch. Billie .............. l>)-75 

0. B //-? 

blajLu. (\ /'/-o 

Tom......__ MO 

{'Jilliani I . , N-6 

Goodwin, I komaA H. ........... .U-2 1 ) 

io4k<m.\ad..H-76,H-78,H-7%M8, ' 

Cjott, i l J 9 H. L-75 

\})JULUam H, C-7 

Qowenloch, $, ........ . . . . 7-2 

(>kuuu 0-77 

(jowleA. Uon . . . 5-2 

Howand. 5-2 

Qnahak $ % 9-5 

uSiw&L J,W- 7 

l/urnd Anm (filLrvdoix) fteihodi/it. . . . M-J 

ijuanxL Centennial (jeleb nxvLion. . . *$-3 
iAxjund rnainie, ................. n-32 

roricyieaxztLoru ............. L-7 7 

Towwhlp. f-70, H-30, H-k3 

Cftwiut, A fil, £-27,C-22,W-20 

AnqjuA A . H-33 

/'l/Ca, Q, 0. .............. .B-76 

Geonae. ... 9-78 

ieoaaeW. 9-79 

% K ?-7 

Joshua. H-33 

X A. B-76 

9ufuA H-i 

■ fi'iAjd, 5am. . w-7 

yA&tyf J, (j, ................... H—20 

% L M-27 

7amed iff -23, W-2U 

fohnO ..M 

%JUlo^ M 

Kebecka M-27 

Sanjah. W-27 

W. A. L-3 

William. W-27 

ijuxze 9oin±. . .0-° 

[/leoA. 'John. fll-7j 

t/teen, Bisid H-llHJk 9-2,5-2 

oajll !...' '.r-j 

hxuileA 5. U-3,tfo 

o/Unna. . . . .B-77 

ou/dtneu. .,,.... • . . . (A-32 

hf&.Vi. H-3h 

fafCi H-36 

hthel. 9-27 

Tnank, 5/l. U-5 

fi]/ia. Geo/uie L-7 7 

tiugk£. .1. U-k 

On.e.%. L-5 

fame* A, • • • • U-5 

r l<2slA<Z. 0-7 


G/ieen, 'Jim , f'h3? 

' Wvton. H-fr 

Reuben- fa H-J2 

%.....; l>\-32 

liozieA. tn-32 

SilaA 9-77 

u>. o. C- 7 ^2- 2 ^' 7 7 

V). Duff. .....B-77, H-7 

J). H. 7. L-6 

Wiley. AM2 

WiZaam. .L-7 

\JJiUlam Outu (?24 

WjuULuamH. L-77,V\-73 

Milium H., Sa, H-33 

C/ieenbach t 7ke tyejffeAtWn Qo...h\-70 
Z/A.eenlawn S^nina^, ............ Cr^H- 

tj/ieenwood, h lemming, ■ • • « • Q-1% $-7 7 
CjanJUoru ................. Q-ff (lasience. ............... n-^ 

WaLtesu.. A-5 % W. .............. H-33 

John®. C-78 

(jn,ea.o/iy t Absalom, ............. H-30 

Dodto/u H-29 

Glenna, , U-% 

Howand, ................... 5-2 

LemuelB H-7<j 

W. I'l 5-2 

Q/ieu. 5oaoA. ................. ,B-76 

^/LLAAOm. 'Jo e, ...» r—1 

Q/iojJwljL Alice. H-73 

gSL H-73 

Q/uove. $ohru ...» H-8 

L$Li& fl-8 

(jnoveA, §• _• m/-* 

GuanxLCan, Ike. M-$ 

Qu6 elman, Lillian* ............ H-jo 

UJL. 0-72 

Quill, yeAfriude* ............... N-2 

yulleuj faell. w-5 

Qenald. \)J-2 t iJ-V 

Gun rnai/iie. H-6 

Qui/utie, a, B. * L-7 5 

RobesutB 0-5,98 

C/usL^leA, 'JJilma $ean+ ........... U-H- 


Haaelbudk, /'hviaayiei. U-4 

Haae^iad, 9. Vic±o/u U-k 

Haaeu, 9u±k 9-27 

HaoXe, John, ,$-27 

Hale, CaJJxenJjrie. , . . .H-77 

FlmeA. jV-7 

Hall, nruLu H-7k, H-27 , H-U5 

Anna Qlc.zeb vioo/z. , H-23 

00 fa.**- tt-3,^-5 

Halt DelhejdL W-33,LV-& 

flden.. ..N-U 

HLnam iJedleu. . H-22 

A b T /v-4 

>U W-33,(#-& 

VuhLa McLean. H-22 

Lawia ?-2J, 9-22 

Lucille* U/-33 

/'lanie. .. UJ-31 

Kay. W-33,W-3k 

School, Dn. Andu H-25 

UlULiam. f W!25 

HalhtwehL, tt. S H-70 

Ham, BennadJjne. . . Z.-5 

". D. H-5 

'honied R. 5=7 

W. S-8 

( James6. . . , iJJ-22 

John Loaan. 5-7,5-8 

National Bank. ..... H-8, H-10, K~7 

„ . %. H-73 

Ham 'tQkove. H-78 

- Cnove Soivthenn Bapt. flu... H- 7 7 
HambUn, WULlam. .... H-5 


7'kuuon. , , 9-27 

O/ianae. .... i'J-3 

Roy. S-6 

Hamlin, Donald. (J/-?? 

„ L °r- r —. Ul-jW-jt 

Hammond, (juUL. ... . . L*7 7 

Hampel, 'John. .. H-° 

HarntaAove t/ntfed Bapt, (k. H-77 

HanaCd, Leonand. 5-3 

HancUacken, I noma* H-8 

Haneu, F/iancJU6 fcJi 

I'laniha D. B-76 

9. A. S-2 

Hapeman, AdoLUon.. . ..8-72,H-3°,H-42, 

0-3, R-? 

Hand, L f. 9-77,(1-6 

HanLou), Aanon. . f-Q 

MesUH. L-77 

BluponxL • f-° 

Claude Q 7-0 

ma, Claude Q. /-? 

O/iviHe, 9-2 

2. 0. D-72 

KobenJL 0^,^-4 

Hanmon, Andn.ew. , . it/— 7 9 

Dale fiUt. h\-S 

(We. VJ~7,U-6 

y. f. ii\~5 

liobenJU U-o 

Qnd.ex.-7 7 

HanpesL, U A. P-7* 

I . £, id -2 

Ha/inJiA. Clancnce U/, • L-7 1 

1. Y. u/-7 

%hn, /M 

%/iepk. , A/-5, U*6 

%<6epk Q 9-77 

lioaemoAjiu ........... D-77, U 6 

HcJULUon, fAeh 9-27, 9-22 

HajiAJu**, fi C. . 8-73 

ftLchaJuL. /<)-27 

HaA>&hbuAo,en., AmbmoAe, .......... /»*■# 

Hunt, fcUzabelh. *'*/-~ 7 

HanJJLeu, Joseph.. • , <'" 

hkuiy* W-3 2 

Haniman, (ifony. til -28 

9omenou H. ... .^ .......... I "■ 

Ha/vtnaaeL /'but. 0. / L-7 7 

HaJivelB. B. ... 9-78 

VonU L-70 

W. U). f .....B-78,L-77 

HaAAahjuA, DemetnJU .. L-7 7, L-7 3 

HaAAeb/wck, fih*. I'telvin, ......L-77 

Hawkind, B. 'J* « r— 7? 

Bnownlow. ............... .L-77 

flha. Chid*. .0-7 

C ft 9-71 

V. Bnjownlow. 7i-3 

ttlerun. L-7 7 

^ap. D-77 

$oZl H-29 

Vohn, fa //W9 

Kat&iJu iPt 

Liae... D-77 

ISlhLe. D-77 

On.viJUL<u C\M 

Hawleu, Helton. ................ /'I~5 

Hau, licmmond9. 9-78 

W.W, /M, 9-78, 9-79 

UUUamH. H-73 

Hauden, fdwln V. • »Cr* 

Haae*. Bhiio/uL (-77 

* £. L.. X-70 

Ctpiuj L. H-7 

PhcA. D-77 

IHamLe. • . D-7 7 

fthjia Lann HoblAon. ....... L-70 

Haynle, ( 5. ft. H-J3 

Hay^d, 'fcou. ,, .5-3 

HwLAe. (cuil. • * D-72 

^ hmB U-7 

Heap. 'JoALah, L-7 3 

HeLLLnaton. Donald. L-70 

Ceo A. L-77 

HefUn, Q. 0. '9-77 

H ' eldennej-cA, Qeo/ig.e. .......... L-7 3 

HeidleA, Hoaaju ......... K-4 

an. ..:. l-6 

HeJLpneA, (ihAJion ........... M-7 9 Q~7 

libCLAJUOn F. ........ • • • L*>15 

HeLdeAman'A BakeAiu .B-76 

HalL- T. C-3 f B-76 

HeLAchman, OliveA N. . . • • • U-U 

HeJjtm.ey.eA, QanJLeJL ............ ,8-78 

HelLumA, $OAepk. . • .li\-2U 

HendeAAon, Suaqju ,U-27 

Herum, Cuiu . . . . M-27 

'$£. <u? 

HenAon, fltLd. .0-75 

HeAald, Ike, fi\-74,Hl~25 

HenheAt, Geneva. L-70 

QwenO., fa <J-2,U*4 

Headman Blackdmutn Shop. N-8 

Thomas H. .....K\-2,H-3k 

III II ' If Q 

HeAAln, FeAdinandL f- -7o 

HennJunA §/ioceA^ 3-76 

HeAA, (\\aa. /'lasutLn. L~77 

HeAien. flojience. , /)/-7. H-2 

7 r N-2 

bdu M-7 

HLckcochy fdwancL # /'/-7 7 

HIcAa, teXLa 9. $Jt 

DavlcL WJ*,W-21 

fJUijnbeik. 10-4 

HaSZeB U-W-5 

3/iaac*. . &l2 9 Qjr1f>f3 

/'ltd. %hn. . ,5 

JaaoA D-2,\})-3 

% W. .S-7 

John 9. 9. H-J8 

$. g. iQ 

IhomaA. 'J-3 

WUUam. B-7k 

HioA School* H-J6 f H-J7 

(See oJLao name of. AchooLj 

HloJvdmUh, Q Wayne. B-70 

HilL Abnen. UJ-77 

Can!. U/-29 

ToaIA S-8,ti-35 

JmA* fdwajixL . 3-1 

H. v.. C-3 

OtAac* N-3 

( 2ameA 9 •• H-38 

VeAALe. 9-3 

%hnH AM» 

%hn$. 9-76 

ft. lot S-8 

HLLLLoaxL LewiA % , U-7 

HUlman/A. Q .. H-ft 

SaAah. U-32 

HincJiley, (Lien. 0-72 

Henny. • • L-7 7 


Hinman. Bob /'k# 

$2*13 K-7/A-U 

Hanmon. f'l-3* 

n. £, if-i 

HiAxmA. yeniAude 9eppLe* U-4 

iikUcoim, L-7 5 

Sijdnea S» H-26. H-J8 

"Hi^io/tic SiteA and OtemA. . . '. • QA. 

"HL&io/iu ojL SckooU. . . ". H-2b 

HL-inJi Leaaue* ................ 0-7 S 

HJULckcock, HenAy*. If 70 

yame*. ♦,..... » . H-70 

Hooa^'B. A. d-2 

HoboA, f/iejtLa. • « v-7 

& U 


7 harm* H, H-o 

Hodaej, Oehu. , . , ^"^? 

Hoffman/ (mil $. S-k 

fmma. .................... 0-7 7 

LUlian, L-70 

Hoaue, RaumorvaL • • » Tv-2 

Holt/f. *. X- 1 

chaAi^g. .u-7 

y/uace, ipp 

"HolbnDok Land. » • ■ " »» ^-42 

Holcomb, (unene L, • ...,»B-7o 

HoJJjLnaAwo/iik, WLJUjLam, ........ fii-S 

Holi, Bob.../. 0-U 

Holbddaw. Ht % • • N-3 

HoLUiaw, 7*. f. 9-75,9-20 

Hood, Ben..... HU4 

Oemadeu, C-7 7 

HookeA, %jCL 9-20 

F*an\ H-73 

FnankC. '^^ 

9. 0,... B-78,H-73,9-2,U>y 

"HoopSrwke". D-4 

Hope, h/uank H, R-3 

HoppeA, li/UUam J. 9-77,^-7 

"Hofuw/i in i'lt. VeAnon". //-J9 

Howe Ueek C-8.H-30 

"Howe Hole". ....B-7k 

Ho/Uon, LoL* 9-27, 9-22 

HoAJuck, William. v)-23 

HoAken, il e R 9-5 

HoAkinA, /ikiAaaAel. • L-70 

HoAhuiAon, Ti (5. ......... ...,«J-37 

HoApJUbalA. Gs?3 

HoAleA, geonne 9. 8-78,1-3 

HoAtccA, iMiXUam. H-2 

HouAe, 1'h.caiJjan. /»/-4 

"How RailAoacU ^ot Siojuted. . ". . 9-7 

Howand, Ann. 9-22 

OelonJuA , . U-k 

g. W» SrJ. f H-3&, 5-2 








Houxuid, (jeonae. . . , H-J2 

Qeo/uye w. • • . . L-7 5 

tjeonjye 'JK , $/u ............. S-o 

yeojuLuu . . . . , 0-72 

flanoMl . ,B-7U,B-78, C-7, H-7, 

^ L-7 7, fa 

% 7 H-70 

%e. L-77 

%hiu S-8 

t lab el 9-27, 9-22 

Sylvia* ................... 9-22 

Howell, Q/ia/imuA. ...... f-74 

IhomaA, .................. .( -74 

% Z. ,.H-27fl-7^ 



Qeo/iae % /'i-4 

Sate^ta, //-7j? 

HuLL, WanJLoru ^-7 

//W£, ChanJLet, H-73 

Thomas). .U-7 3 

HuAon, Bqy.ce ., B-7 7, C-7 

Huston, h /tank C, • T-3 

HutchcAaft, H. .. 9-77 

Hutching, /<k4, H. 9, 9-7 

UutchJLion, Aline,.. 9-27,9-22 

/ilrneda U-5 

/'hd* Qcuuy L-7 7 

HutAon, Leland. L-77 


3.O.O.F. Lodae. C-78 

OdlewoocL . . . . 9-7 J 

OLlLnoL* BeJUL K-5 

3llinoL4, ioundina of.. 7, 3 

3UJLrwJu6 (ountu. w~Q 

JLUnojU Hotel. tt-6 

OLLuwLa Land Company. H-Uj 

3mmanuet QhapeZ. »W-J 

3na Ob^enveJi, Ike, hi-7% 

3na State Bank, \d-35 

3nfo/unal Study. Club. 3-7 

3naeA*oU. 9o%en± H-JJ, K-k, t<\-7 

3nojiam, Henyiy (\ 9-7/, ^-7 

3/vons4 t KatkenJurie 9-U 

Letcken. . H-7, 9-6, 9-7 

3/ivtn.e, 3n/yiara M. iJJ, 1 -2, I -J 

3*aac, Cenald f, S-o, U-7 

% Q, .U-7 

$ach, Docto/i. 0-6 

yaclidon, /ilanton 9-77, U-7 


Jackson. 9au. • L-70 

d U). £, H-70 

fac/won* 9/iecinci, ... * • H-37 

fachdonvjuLLe, rto/uthwettefun <£ 

Southeast ftaiMuau. ........ 9-3 

VackAonvilLe and SouJchenru ..... H-7 

yachdonvilLe RaLOwad. ......... ti-3 

3aco. fikvui. d-35 

%cob*, ft u-] 

^acob^on, 9au. AM 1 

fail, gelfeA^on County. .£'76 

game*, $, h o-77 

^ajuieil, J. 3-70 

2eflenJ.e4, Jqme4 £. r-77 

yefien^on. & Southeadtean 9, 9. , *B-5 
'Jeff-eMon. Academy* ............ H-2o 

^Jity* ..................... 0-2 

'puntu. , , 7,d-70 

*ountu. PLoneen. Aaa 'n. • • • • . 'J -2 

'ounty, DemocAOLt, .......... /'f-7 7 

"punty h aui A^/ioctatLon. . C-22 
puntu Q/ieenbach, ........ T'\-70 

*pun£y In the 7^tk Qentusiy, . • 

/ilemo/Uat HoApJUboul ....... ,B-o 

State Bank.. ....HS,H-2 

Qeii-eAAontxm. Trie. .... />)-6, 1*1-7, t'^25 

%ffiu*, <>. u. sw 

e Jame^ t U-o 

genhdy, l*T?l 

ia/u 0. 9-77 

W. t /« 

^enntna^, fynma. 9-20 

tfajuiLdon. ................ 9-7^ 

/ihnAoe. 9-7<? 

$ohn*on, A, Q H-37,H-32,L-6 

l'l/L4 9 ri. (. ............... L.—I I 

Abe...... ...5-2 

Adam Clank. ,,.,0-7, H-2, J-2, 

AIL 1-3, M, "-/ 'J. % fe 

AihejuL H-7,ri-2 

Anna C- 7 W~ V"-}# 

Bei^ey._. 'J-2 

BiJUby Ftetckesu ........... ( j—7 

Buck. • • 

JbanJLtAa 'j-2 

*hmk. hf-70 

B 9-6 

c lLzabetk. j-7 

ynuiy. ]j-2 

-mma, L-6, L-<?, L-70 

U KoAen. 9-k 

}. H/. U-3^,U-35 f H-3S 

'tene, N-32 



: . n I 





- i . , . 


fahnaon, Hajuuy. .... • • * fiUJ 

Henna. . , . . jJ-2 

H&iben*. %7 

Hornet A*? 

fohnjon Hoii&ef ike. . . jfi~2 

C'ohnaon. 'J. hJLetcheJu . „ x-2 

%** sHH^A 

&med /> 9-U?- 11 * *-** 

I>)n6. yame* L, ....... L-77 

c ^eY%'\\\Y.\\\\V.\\\\\\.if-5 




vjjwuu ... c-?° 

gohnN. . . H-&, <1- 7, $-2, iA-7, ti-22 


'Joseph B. 


LUdlan. D-7 7 

Lucy. ^-7 

%knAon Katie. 9-2 

McLCinda. V-2 

<Mk... I"? 

Nancy, ... V-1 

HejAe i JhlUelL % 1 

Nicholas S. , 0-1 

Rcuj. /V-9 

Roll ?-3 

SalUe. ^-2 

Sudan. . $-1 

7. B %2 

ihjomaA tt-20,%2 

Venne. ^Z? 2 

Washington S. j-2 

li/esletu . , 1-2 

WUUam. H-3Q 

flfo. B ?-77 

^ohnAon 1 * Onug, Slo/ie. IA-7 7 

%/indion. fikuoA. l/J-22 

Naa%.„. MS 

WUUamO. M» 

QoUeu, fauL H-73 

%Ul feud 9-20 

' ^faulN. P-79 

^anoJbune. . L-70 

~Ua. :.W-28 

0. 0-6 

Jk4, H. £. L-5,L-9,L-70 

% rl V.?.?.?.?.?.V...'.V.?.o-6 

VameA K. 0-6 

LowU f-77 

U ;J i>\-U 

I homo* .9-76 

\M. A. 0-6 

%ndan. <L U /W 

' Oo/eph. t-7k, JJ-7 7, tt-73 

f. it jC-Z 

7/wma*. w-15 

%ndarJ* filUU •/ y'jH? 

fnoJLnle. ....M-6,C-7k 

fordon f/iainlc ?o/i£ OffJ.ce, .. .^J -19 

fcy,, (phnalm. ..... n'-c 

JutlLo/l HloJt School. ... ft -35 


Kojw, F. U ^*^*'H 

FfumhL *,.., i'\ 

Ka^ka^kLcuS^hUno <£ Souihenn. . . R-2 
KaupnanTk O.....B-9,B-70,Q-7,L-75 
Keaton It\n4, (hanl&d.. ....... i^ 

Ruth tie&Uf. ....m/; 

Keele, (nock....?. ?-™*Hi 

\\ P-79 

Verne* A (p ' l8 * (p i rl% 

LewJU. , M-7j 

n, f. ?-i8,?-19 


Keelo/if %4ephlne. ^-70 

Keener, Jyeong,e t'J 1-1o 

KeJUtk, Sidney. n-#3 

KeJ-cheA. (bnen. # n-tf 

Keil. ^ame*. AW 

ifeUOane. 0-7 

HohTu 0-6 

fflinnle. 0-77 

\JJUlL6 H-77 

KeUea, Hex. L. SS 

Keuf/g. n. v-2 

Kenmo/ie. ChxmJieA. •• 7-2 

Kent. H. J. .......... ....... •'J —o 

KeAn, Q. B 0-7 

f. W. 0-7 

Keno/iene. • 0-5 

Kendk, O/ian. •• F-J 

Ker^ihneA, B/iuce. C-j 

Khouny League Baseball fanh. • . . f\-j 
KLeten. XavLen. ................ r -7 

KUbo/ii, J. J X?h 

HimbeA. jAaac f-1o 

g. Q l>\-*t 

KJLncheJLoe. 'Rubtu .............. L-70 

liing,, BufoAjcL . T. {/-73,/V-tt 

King, (j-ty. h edeAad. Savings & 

Loan A^/JociaMjon. ......... K-1 

"King, Cj±L{. Scene". K-1 

King, t 1 ^ ?' C-76^-16 

Rachel. • Q~3® 

fa&kY. !...:^7 

KLnhtfjotel,. C- ? 7 

I avenn. ......... . . . , U-k 

0. £ .(-7% 

Kink, Fnank, ................... w~jo 

Geonae, . ....... ».F-1 

tjlerl KJ 

% F. U/-27,U/-28 

John, A* .8-77 

KinJ^paiAick, li/nu S. . . , H-57 

liLtchj Scum hleicalf. . . L-70 

KiwanL* flub K-k 

Kleine, Vohn. . H-° 

KlLnken, Hellce* .0-71 

K™PP> r &. -./ U-2?,H-28 

f^iLaJL. 0-7 

Knight, Lola. L-70 

KnigJuU of fuJhJUM. .. Q-7^ 

KnuttLng. faczonu. .... . • /V-5 7 A'-o 

Knob ?nxdJuL<u . . . .l'J-27 

KnowleA. Fnanli* 5-7 

Kou, Alpied. HJt2 

Ko^iwta, Stan. t C-7 

fOiebt, (ika. Kobent, J-7 

Kuentg, Qeneva. • 9-27 


L&N ftcLLUoacL . . . H-7, N-5, N-6, N-7, 


Laind, 0. A. \t-7 

faeph. 1^20 

Lamb, ranne*^. ,i'J-2 

LojmbenJi, Co-veju. 9-76 

Lampleg, Jewell. U-U 

Lampion, A %. . . C-3 

Lance. Ola. w~33 

fikvty VJ-33,W-3it 

Landmark §one, A H-26 

Lane, Alec. H-J9 

FJUboL Y-3 

%ohnvl 9-16 

Langfey, 0. 9. 3-78 

London, Kelvin /V. N-U 

Ko6vut& 8-78 

Lajtta, QLaiAe. U-7 

Laujt, d-27 

floAeph. irJ-U 

LawAon, /'lolly. U-28 

Loycoch, 9uAAelL 0. / -4 

Leach, LewLa U-7 3 

QvenO. H-77 

Lewbon, g m timii 

Leaion, 'Jamea hWi 


Lee, CkanJLeA. H-37,Hr& 

Don. h-k 

i>)nA. DoraicL 0-7 

OonoMO. L-77 

HxL 9-20 

FeAfie. 9-27,9-22 

% tt. H-JO 

VoUVJ. & 

leaN. £-1 

Oacoa, /i}-28 

Paul til. N-2 

tiOUbam V U-7 

Leech, Chen S, .............. .H-1 '3 

Leepen, %hn, , AM 

Leeven, .a. w. ................ I —7 / 

LeffleA. AlfonxL S-2 

8lackbuAn, ................ 9-3 

Lemau, (-van*. . • 5-3 

^W M 

Lemon*, Hanold, .... fi\-2f 

Leonard. G. 8. M-25 

HubesvL L-77,v)-JJ 

'John. H-33 

1 W L-72 

Leslie, WoJJxa. 0. ?-77,v)-7 

LewJU, /> 9. 9-5 

SBnley* 9-27,9-22 

Libnjanjy,, /'bU V ennon 9ublLc, .... 9-5 

Lime/iione 8ap>L. Qi. 9-77 

Lincoln, Ab/iaham. . . Q- 7, Q- 7/ ', 0-7 f /'W 

Lincoln 8uilcLLna. (j~7~/ 

Lincoln School. ............... tt-35 

Lincoln I nail. ................ (,-2^ 

Lion* Club, hit, \l ennon. ....... L-7^ 

Lipp* y/ioceA.^. .8-76 

LuctLe £g#p& /'J-5 

(j/uove Qh. of- QuuUit. ..... ,L-7 1 

LivinaAjton. 9ay+ .............. 0-72 

Loan., L-70 

"Local HUionu of Opdi>ke" 0-6 

Lock, %hnti.*.....\?.. l>\-5 

LockajSd., W. £. , H-13 

Log, (hwich (m. Olive) hl-29 

Loaan. 8enAon. (^-4 

^ L % H-72 

SineeJt 8ap£. (h. ......... L-7 

Loganviile. H-7 - 

Long. 9naini.e 9 H-o 

Lopat, T. C* ,l/ ~^ 

Lough, no 4e Gni-ffUh. . . . . 9-27, 9-22 
LcdLviLLe iHaUhviUe % % . . . ./J-3 
Lovin, H. Q H-72, d-7 3 

9aumonxL H-3& 

Loving, L. % H-72 

Lowe, HanjoJud. 0. ............... Q-4 



. . ■ 


LoweA-u, QwJick f/'/ew Home) N-8 

Lowe/la* {jL, L-7 

yarned, , . ♦ . . N-o 

%\a*y, N-8 

feAJlUt, ,5-7 

School /louse* , NS 

Lownjfa Keith* ,H-TJ 

LumbcjttLd, /'k/d, ///. /'t J-1 

///W, , . . #-4 

Wc, i ( y, H-7j 

Lunch, vK U. , H-J8,W-l8 

LunMu<ty.„H-6 t 0~6 t Q~7,U)~l8, W-20 

LuruXy , 3 , U-lj 

Luoix, Cldn.2nue, . , , , . . . 0-7 7 

* KW. , . //-? 


I'hb/iy, Leo. . . U-6 

/ihca/e^teM. and fihjikoe LancL • , . ,H-Uj 

/ilaccU.edz.eA, Qw./L.le4* H-%3 

/'SajoUen^ MegGftf ....... L-7 5 

filmesi A» f-4 

fihhafpm ttouute. 8-75 

likdone, ° SclijoJu B-76 

/ihlo£bke, vJiJJjLQm UelLL 7"-4 

/' l aU.tunoA.e z _ Hervuu L-72 

fihnvnoih, Ike, . , f l>l-72 

filarvLe*, ft. //. M 

InanJjon, Flo/ience* L-S 

I'Via, %hru * L-7 7 

iohn% L-15 

kann. jchooi* » H-35 

/nannen.. #, i'J -# , 'w-$ 

X 5. >J)-5 

hkuiion QoutlIuo ,..„_., Q-26 

Loathe J t O,0»F. C~ 7( ^ 

(ihjihoe, %uneA. »n z ^J 

hlankeu, KaJLpk* . / -k 

/jcuiknan, 0. L, /'<-5 

ttojiiowQ i'kviceLla. f<\-27 

fiia/LojuMa. //„ ,,,..,. 5-7 

hkuUikaA Qeong,eB, .. v .//-7_? 

I'ioJuihcLU, B* A, L-6,L-7 7 

Hojdeu. Z.-70 

%n»& T/-72 

Sc^o, #-?i 

/ijojutin, I'la/uLULoL. //-<?£ 

(thAonJLc HaJUL £-7$ £- 7 ? 

Locln,e (Qpdiihe). 0-6 

j'tad^erf, '^ame/s /<f UVM 

b'aA±.en. Baking, Qompany, • Q"2^ 

b\a/i£.enA 9 fauJL, - w-35 

FkdbckeA 0-k 

i\a±.een 7 Qpwru 5-8 

tuaJJieuM, blujiu, L-70 


/jjcutkew*, T* $* .••..•*L-5,L-6 } L-77 

PkubthewA, Anne,, C"* 

3. A T-J 

Moulding- /\abM^..£ft-5,U-10&jtf 

YtyjiU V. * \ \ \\ \ \ \ \ H-ij, n\ ~p-1 

has fuu » • ^~/-2 

go*?. I' 1 

fohu m*H 

%nnB M 

fe/uz. P-1 

fihxeu, A. P. P- 7 5* /f ctfl 

^ASah* p-y 

B&vz&Cc ..,..........•«•*,' * Li, 

Bennett N. (r^> If 22 

CkdAlcsSn A . . • • • ®-1J 

XJmnle* H. 'i' J oo 

[Jsi/uLaao* ....... ..»»•,/-* 7, t'l-22 

tdwazcL . . , ti-2-/, ti-28, i'f-7, 1^27, 
u li\~22A-3 
/ilaxeUf fdiuin* • wZl 

flizaJj e£i* .........* H\~22» /«* 

Hcnsiy, biuick<z£tc+ ••*•>/ L- 7 -^ ''^ 

UorxvLio f<)-27,b\-22 

MoAXlUlna. ..£-7i>/'Hf 

1 // /'^ 7 

2~-C JNS 

7e/uA, • ,0l'l-22 

/tee ^ri:.f:.::::::x^| 
S : x : ::::^t?S 

LeAien. (\ ••*•« ^-7 

H\ana.aJieL C~ 7 ^ // ^ 1?; 

//Jc?A. C- 7 3# /,K?7 

/'J/L4. /'Jb-4^J. ............<.« *(.-7 7 

/,toc V^:.:::::::::::::::::^ 

Pcsiiaafi. f-72,i'\-27 

lkLU%LzK.... x ....-^-? 7 

Q.T&P****) jH 

^^eA. C-25,l,U21 t l^2 

WaUesiS ..........JL-T^ 

C-26, 1*1-22, ftCfy S-j, ii^7% a/ -77 

Moxeu. William id, A.. U-7J, $-3,^-22 

WillLm. fojuvju 6,/t27,/r}-23 

William 7. .:. ......H-77 

iHaxwell, AAchibald. W~78 

hlaruu 0-72, H-j$ 

RotfZii. .W-78 

Ruin. p-27, f-22 

William. W-78 

i'iau, £ug,ene. ., W-U 

iiaikem, y. 9. . 3-76 

fihufiwfy gone* L-70,fi\-28 

/jlaAika. . ,3-76 

lunneA. M-28,iiU2° 

hkijpy Geo/ic,e . . . F-3 

tocMoo, ur.v. /V 

McAiee, £, ///-7 

S^"<t^::::::::::: c :. 7 ^l 

/'IcTcUmz, I. £, Q l-k 

iHcTammeAon, ThjajiLeA 0. , , , . , .W-7, W-2 

g. 6 ... (>\-it>\-5 

i'lcfa^a,^ A 7.Q-J 

McTlaiit, Alma. W-7 

/ilcFlane, Fnxmk. ....... ........ C-23 

U)iLL„ Y-23 

idcflellan. I own^hLp. ........... .w-26 

hcFleAnand. %hn A. C-7 

/'IcUusie, Jo fa it 27 

liltfpmb, C/eon^e 3 P-5 

/(icTonel, Vane, (1-5 

ticQ)njTxutgJijCLy f QuaI* • • N-8 

Ooualcua. .. . , N-8 

Qea/i^e. .... . /V-S, /V-9 

y/ianville. , N-9 

% % /M 

%hiu N-8 

Nancu. . . N-8 

HanxE A N-8 

W. if. N-8 

i'lcfonruM, Robeni. L. .0-7 J 

indpnmich, $. i*l 0-77 

McTpwen, Hajtveu. ............... , 5-8 

hjdTpa, Sam.... N-U,7>-7<?,S-2 

McQbOJW, Andrew. C-27 

Fcuim. H-30 

I homoA. C-27 

WiUliam... f-27 

/ilcfullougk, i'lojiu. L.-72 

/ilq^ulouah, C* & .iJ-36 

i^arJjL Kate. 11 -k 

/ncOonald, OenveA. f-7 

I L W 

incOuffu, J. R f-2,L-2 

Mcgfee, (&coa. 9-20 

/ilcCiUyte, William. , f-6 

I'lcJrvtaZh, 1 iff, OU 

W. 0. ?-77 


ticKau, fli^abeik. QzP 

(UnieA. . . . . . .r-^ 

McXee, ihjuu . •&-7o 

ttcKelveu, % F. j ~»% 

i\cKinlei',-3/iyan, {ampaJLaru ....... u~t 

i'lcKinn&j, F. itl y-5 

Cea/iae. . U-5 

% li <•--£ 

MtinzLe, Bad W-27 

/Mi£ULck, Rena. L-70 

i>lc/<new, A A.M. N-1 

ilcKrOoM, Homy. Mf 

i'lcLaln. Alma. p-77 

Mci'k&y $o*ep/ic • L'2b 

McPkeAAon, /(IcrtkuLd. w-jb 

W. H. W-2 

iflcRea, S. 9, , 0-7 7 

ftdaqawvt. frhelbeA* ( 3 e/utj. 11-7^-3 
/'lea/ted, AnmancL OeRoAAet. ♦..♦.../ -3 

MeiieA Q Z. L-77 

fiieZkeA, AbneA. H-32 

P/iUcUla. H-32 

TxobeAi. 3-72 

i>)e.UoU, Alva. K-6 

tienzeA. Ukutfha 3eJM L-70 

irieAUUh, 0. f. U-5 

ifclAexL ..L-7, L-% L-70 

0/OanW. .../C-i,/'^/'^^/'/-^ 

Ruth......... L-7, L-70 

MeihodLbti. (Juuickflaok unaieA. name. 

oi cAuAch, please) 
ii)e£wdbu6t ChuAch, ike. .... H-35> /'J-7 
i')e£iocLLa± [hjuAch, FjLaaJL . .3-7\b\-7. 

SLUoJu .."5-4 

il/&4£ Salem. • .iV-^ 

MeikocLLdt fpLdcppal Qh,,i'U^ VeAnon 

Society, of ike. .......... ,C-7 

MeidleA, I komoA. (j-78 

Mickel*. f, C. w-2 

iiUAkifl V. 7. 3-78 

filifpZZ, Ann: rf-32 

ii/illiam. .d-32 

iilUha, OavixL if-2 

/ililleA, (jiAAjLe 'Rayno/i. ......... U-5 

UveA. H-73 

% L f-77,^-7 

Qamea ft. • S-7 

%^e. M 

%hn£. C-7 

filUU, geoTucLe. W 

W. pJf 

gohiu H-79 

I'lUwoAd, A/iikuA..... 0-7 k, 0-7 5, L-7 5 

WLLLbam. H-38 

Ibu. (ffm. L-77,W-7 

WMJbamH. L-11 

fr'tinaon fikihadCai. (hwich, .. .l'J-3 

/ilLd/Uxmayiu 8ap£idid. .. . • ,8-75 

/iIumousll racLpic ........... H-J f N-7 

/'iutchelL 9. .8-76 

TTf, D-72 

bi/iA. A H, ....... . L— 7 7 

'lack. 8-77 

VohnfL S-8 

filcuuu 8-76 

(ff; 0. flUt 

(ibbleiuW. ....,..._, 0-6 

Mode u r Day. DtieAA Facio/iy. ....... K-k 

(ibdenn. iJoodmen of Ame/iLca. .... , (i\-2J 

l<bden£, 'Jean At , . U-7 

ItopfJUb, % H. I>U 

I'blleA, CeA&iude.. L-6,L-9,L-70 

/'bruioe, 0. N, .....8-78 

fibrUaomeAM. Do don. , . . . . 0-6. 0-7 

'&.?., ...'<« 

/'body, /ikuvtin, .. . 7-2, 7-3 

(iboneu, D. L. ./M" 

% D. f-2 

fibo/ief And^J. '.'/.'. 2, V. (-% (-73. D-2, 


^kofiJLexu . ... . /')-J2 

c mo/iy .. H-27,H-28 

c mo/iy, ?. H/-7U 

jdtel, ...... Q-7 

~eJin. ......... ...... (n-77 

rl/LA. y» i . ...... ...*.*....\J—'i 

Jane...... (-7 

John. H. \D-M 

Tkoebe 8olen. W-4 

7 /? MJU 

I . u. ..................... ' 

iff, £. U-i 

filM, Iffasuien. L-77 

LVm. U/-36 

/'bo/iehead, §. Q, • . U-5 

/'too/ted VnaJuiie. . . . , 4. (-% (-22. H-5, 

fibo/ie* fnnJUULe 9/iecincJ:. ...... .\M '-77 

Township. fi)-2J 

hb/inxin. AJLpied. .. , Q-7 

In/iA. 0. A. .8-76 

D. J). 8-77 

Delilah. 8-77 

C. iff, 8-76 

fi\JlA. Q. w. .............. .u—7y 

,J * U. ............. .......!-■ I _J 

bio/injua. QJUb/esu H-5,^-73 

iff, 8 8-78 

fib/iae, b\nA. ft. LaV&ine. • . . . (-U 


totHM, Amanda Ak# 

fihj. Anna. ,,,..........*•• D-2 

8oajLL » . . • y • • • • • .. • • • ^""' 

(nanloi£.e ((kaAolei±e.J. ... 

L u i>\-33 f i^, 
c d8 fr|* 

c ^f^ t-8 

Nancu...... #0* 

Mon^H. W 

flb*6, n. 8 ...?-75 

Hansom. . , . Q-7 3, C~ 7 *> &~M fj*j 

no6eyU8 ?-1j 

Subaru... (trf 

Satan AvanM ,.......».••• L~'3 

Sudan fhjajilo^bte. CLank. ...» . 

7komcL6 L &-% 

Iff. D. .•./'/-if 

(ffllUam HaJtvey* g-g 

flbjjbeAaea, (hxwleA •• « • • * ""3° 

(\\£» CajuieAjLne ChjiLA&jan Qu . » • /Wo 

fU. Tlebo School. "' D 'A 

fU. Olive gen. BapbQh* /'W9 

flburvt Pleasant. 'J'ooJl 

fiU. Veanon Academu. rt~33i "~^ 

7862-f>U. Vennon 7^62. ..7 

8ank ol Q D. Ham & (0....H-8 

8nnAA band. V #/ 'r * 

CaJi fthnufiacL (o. .....w-7,Q-7 

Yon. tifig+Qo.'RecoUjeciLon*. .8-7 
(homo en. ot Commence. ...... Q& m 

ML T. CUaHi!qKSchooL..O-70J\-35 

DaL(//Veu%. :..C~20 

Dally. ReaidteA. ........ • •C*" 7 £ 

fx-ponent. W"5 

TounxLing, of. ..........•••>• *J 

Fujwn.ce & (i\fo. &..........(■£ 

Jnru Lr'O 

JelieMonlan. ........ I'l-7r fy-IQ 

ioa^eih.37 A.FAA.f<i....f-78 

Liona. flu2>» .....*..•..*.. %T^ 

l>)±. Vennon hlllling, (o. ........ (-25 

(ibnumeni. (o. ............. v-7h 

/ibunnyi D/u Andy HalL .... ^-27 

National Bank. n-o 

New* .n-o 

O/UjqJjioI bounjAwiLeA ot...w-72 

PanJuLUenic (lub P-27 

Public Lib/uznuu ........... L-5 

RaLbioad (o. K-2 

Keai^teA. J'l-72 

lieai^tefi-Heiv/i. l'\-2k 







• . 




fibL V eA/wn Roiajia Club ft-3 

Siwi, Ike.. /'/-? 

Siaie & Savings Bank, ...... H-o 

Siaie I ub e/icuM}AJU4 SarU.~ _ 

ianJLum. . . . ..,/-/ 

Slave (jompanu. . Q-6 

IJLmeA, I he. . /')-7 7 

Township. ........ (j-7 5, #-j£?# /(-4 

/ owroafiLp HLoh School, .... 

^ 0-7 0,0-7 2, H -35 

Cluckelnoa. Renm. 0-72, H-36 

ftwUiU, yokn it ..Q-2 

/ijumboive/iy AnJkhun, . . , . S-2 

I'luAjcLesi, fiui-dt Indlcimeni, ...... .i/J-76 

lilwip/iLL 'John, ... # 5?«5 

rfo/iman, ... . 5-7 7 

/ijuASUiu, J. H. .N-k 

/'Iluuiu, jame* iJJ, . V\-2k 

/ilade, <yen, . . . 9-5 

I'luAosiave, Jenjiy, ... . h-27 

l^uAanxLveAj QJLen. ........ N-° 

I'he/oi, Hojiold A B-77 

/ilcDcine. , 9-27 

9appu 9-7 

IM K C-1 

v* * Lj. .................... I ""/ 

W. Baruxeu K-7,L-75 


HaJUL, RjLckandO. ?~76 

Nadh fcUUoujau, « ///-5 

Na^hvUle Hold. HI- 7 k 

Najajiene. fkuuich. oL ike. ........ N- 7 

Neff, fajit. 9-7 

na/ivea. P»7 

/'icvrtha 9-1 

Nelchen., 9/UacjJJm, C-7 

Neldon $ {Imen, .................. N-2 

NeArwuth, 'John. .... .u/~7 

New Home (LoweA.t'J Chwick. ....... M-& 

Hope (Webby Bapi. Qh N-2 

ShJUbh b\zik. (h. 


yean. 1 a fve. N-5 

Newcum, Writ . $-2^ 

Newell, QctebotL $-5 

3Ja& M 

Jamea. J~7 

ti'kuuion, i<\-28 

Newkuik, Odbau 9-27, 9-22 

New*, lhe,_ /H-5, ft-70, Hl-73, fil-24 

NewA and huce 9/ieAA, The,. .... . J'l-77 

NewApaperc H. : ^6ion.y. of Jeffe/Ldon 

C(j<xnx.t'. e l'l-5 

NichcU, joint B 0-77 

Nil**, A. ,-i i'J-S6 

Noble, M W 

Nonjuus,l)liJUULom L W-32 


No/iih Side 9/iaueA. Band, .... Q~5, Q° 

No/uthenji & SouiheAn (R. R. J l\-3 

No/vton, 'Jacob. ., d-3 

htevutha, ...» .0-3 

NuAdina, School of. f/iactLcxiL . D-'t '5 

Oak gnove Bapt* fa *.M-5 

Oaihouut, LeAtefu .............. *N-2 

Odd FeLUmt HcJUL . , t-78 

OddfeUowA Lod$e (Opdifke) 0-7 

Odle, fdwand. •$-$ 

OldShXloh, .H-27J-28,ti-fi 

Stalok (Meih. Qu 9-76 t S~5 

Skilok School, (-72 

Old Unioru C-73, 0-2, H-27,H-28 

Baptbtl QuZlcJx 9-3,9-76 

(AeihodJUi., ........ 9-76 

OldfLeld, frie* (, L-7k 

OlcutimeA, 'a Skoppjuvi LiAi, ...... 0-3 

Opdake. . , 0-6,tf-17,d-l8 

' * Bank. .......0-7 

BaptLdl (Juuich, 0-7 

Opdake, §eo/ig,e. ................ 0-6 

yeo/ig,e $ Companu. ........ hi-72 

Opdake High School, H-J7 

LancU. ................... l<\-72 

Local HlAlo/ty. of. ......... 0-6 

h\aAonLc Lodae, ,....^-7o 

i>\eihodUl Quuich, J-l8 

/'lelhodUtl QjpJLAcopal (h. . . . 0-6 

Opena Hoiute, (~-79 

Oabo/tn, Q/ieila. 9-20 

MLU* A 9-78 

N. u/. 9-78 

/ homcLd. •••• S-6 

Oil, 9aul0. .U-6 

OuuLLand. fcuil, • K-5 

OvenAij\u±, f, til. H-72 

Ovesibaa, SaLLa , C"^ 

Ove/uAeei, g I'J. 9-79 

Ove/^in-eei, (, I'J. 9-7 Q 

OveriiuJil, O/ival, H-73 

Open, PeieA, (^-7 3,(^-26, 0-7, R-k 

Obe.14, ArJhun, ................ ,h -3 

Lload. /'I-27 

(h/ileu, U. B Q-3, 

Ogosik Aln. Line*. ........... A-5, 


fmChapite*. gO. 9-27 

lace Qem.eieyiy, ........... Q"^, 0"^ 

- • 

Pace, QhanJLeA F, . .H-33 

Downing* .«••»......« • ft -5 

fMonjaZ. M-30 

k T H-W^M 

Hannah, ........ •*••* J'\-6 

Hcuiveiu ................... . //-9 

f*p h t-h&3£A 

% ii \YY\YYYYY.YY\\Y.h r -38 

VameA F. . . • 4 . . . . . /Wj 

?*** A Af-7#&*0-9#« 

Pace, foe, . , . . . . #-9 

&ta& ....H-8,H-33,H~-& 

/'ic%, y/-5 

^TZ. y tf-fi 

HeurtpriQ, (\\-6 

>/» J • ••»»♦»«».«»«•«»««»«»• C* *" / 
^v» /"• ••*.••••».....• n~10 f hi—I 3 
I homo*, 8 - 7 4, &/-J0 

% & £5 

/'kA VJUluim 7. L-11,0-6 

PackuoodL ftVuu Am & ..♦ 3-1 

%%/..6 *-« 

A % //• NJt 

PaULeu, KobeJdU P-13 

foJba&fu% n. //-? 

WUZuamm ?<\-30 

Pan/ieUerUc Chd>, ML V ..P-21 

faniheA.Fonk&ak.CL .... U-5 

Panh Avenue BapL [k. f-1 

PaAAS*Ae.e*.,7W.... H-<j 

PankeA, AUhzaJL L-11 

UaviMm L-10 

filnd. i'llcahm . %M-5 

NaihanJueJUm ••••»•*+•+ •5>6pCr^> 

Sidney. »•«.•••• • . ♦ n-j8 

Veda?. (J-6 

PanJUuej^ % A <M 

PanmLee, yeanae. ................ P-7 

PoaaJLaK. t' ....,#-77 

Pajudejfr Ht&Juum. 0-5 

PaAAonA. !7, C. m*C-k 

PajdjOdae. Ra*a 9 mh'-J3,.?-2,?-78,?-19 

PCUUUJC TUJJbuUU.m,„mm7>...7..9-$ 

PcuUeAAory fcjjuak. ../»-£ 

ftrt&n- (J j£ f-7* 


^66m, AW. H-21 

foul, Oohru L-10 

*^cy, Cf> 

/lUUtm Qugene* Z.-J? 

Lollu6 C. ..«•..., , . ... ...L-i 1 

Mabel. 4-7 

/Ifa6ie, ?-*?7 

PaioA ftz^A .. M-%/>l-12 

PavledeA. Lollla Q ........... Z.-75 

/dune. j. /# ••*•.»........•.. r •-' 7 

7c?K 4M 

?<d€/3A* . . . . P-*2* 

weak /» ....#.........« • /V-J 

2»$*y S-io,L-n 

ffhxjjie.3 (j~o 

fiUlU FuUeJu..... L-10 

Peony, Mfu C-* 

fexkcoZL, f, 6 £-4 

fendJLeion. Town^hJip*,h'-28,d-17 


iai^e, ...C-JO 

fejuun, i'JjJJjjm Heruuum mti-1* r-b, 

PeAAlff 7homCLd m .. m-mmmm*m..m»mmW-31 
PeAAOn, QeOAJ[l£+.m»mm»mm»»»*mmmtt-kl 

fetviAon, C7l itU$,?-lk 

feUUmQ. X ^r 7 5 

Phone*, fdmond, ••.«•..••......./ -J 

mJUULpZ; Anau6mm ^ 77 '^ 

A % /'h5 

?a^. i£%? 

ifeAAjLL. 3-7 

>^.*... ....^ 

Joseph*.. ................ L-/o 

LiZ. .... .„ . . . ..... P-2l r ?-22 

PLvtcem ..//-7J 

Pkilp, L±nnJjemMmm^...^.+».**mmv)-5 

PLe^B. A ...7. ^./W 

OAneJjjCUm ^m ............. ZJ- 75 

?CL«V^4.... ...... ^ ...#//-Y 

Pie na if JohnB, ......^......./'i-jf 

/WMman.. ............ ...../'K?^ 

'PteAAon, jJoh/iAtuu »♦♦..♦...... '^-jS 

/% /• «....•••....».... •m*Lrj 

P^fieA, LeA±eA £ ............ **C"^ 

2c/-3^n, Dpnoihi L. ..^ ... • ..mJ>)-28 
rlonejeA. AAAocJji±Ju^n r yeffieAAon 



• s 




, % 

."■ ■ ■ 



. i ... .; • 



• ■ ■ . . .! \ 

■ „ ....... '' : 


■ ■ 



■ » 




•*•" « * 

-. .. . 

» » ■ • « 

. . 

■ . 

■ ■■ . 

- ■ 



Ploneen. FamilLeA ol $elL C°* •••%?• H 

Medicine in Jeff. ^ . . . * *-# 

fittman. fikviaan.e£ ........ ......L~7 

fcW ^oa^ ^ 

SuW..... »m.M 

9leaAant Qiove CemeteA.tu..{r13j(r^ 

tietkodiAt Yhwick. P-9 

9leoAand HiLL Bap*. Qu P-U 

fJLunmen, (lUna. H-U 

Q/iace. ................. ...0-11 

*. 5. r-3. 

Hoajlu. ..................... 0-6 

Poctmo/ie. reficu Si. fiMckael. ...... T-3 

9ollocM, 'fimZ L W 

Pom/ neuM .* fll-75 

9oole, Amelia. B-l6 

f. fi. H-fl 

TkanJULe. . . . C~25 

W. H. .5-7 

9opuJbaJULon ol $eff.(o. in 

ewUjLL aauA. .............. .iv-72 

9onjteA, Y. K. & Co B-3,B-9 

v ^ #-<? r-i8 

J. .J* ....... .........rr 7/1*7/ 

% 5 .tf-7 

?W Oi* //^a 3 

foAt Olh.ce. K-5,M-n 

9otU. {JuinJLeA Q UJf 

PoweLif Sphn. L-15 

9owenA, % /ihsivin. ..... (j-7, S-8 t L-15 

9owiA, i/iJJjjun. ................ 9-17 riujiAina., School of. .,0-15 
9/uaini.e. .... , U-6 

Vnajbt, a k P~7 

OwenJJ. . L-15 

fn.eAbtytenJLa.rL Qimich. ,B-l6 } Q-23, ^-35) 

9njeAbu±enJLon Ch. . ( umb enJiand. . . . . 9-5 

9n.eA*ed SteeT, One. B-9 

9n.eAAley, C. $. t,. ............ . .$—4 

9n.eAton, Ceonn,e w. , .... I -3 

u7v r ,.T 1-2 

9nl.ce. fdna. . 0-12 

Soieph. H-1%H-2<} 

Kenneth. W-29 

(HanxL A U-5 

w/. Jj. 0-12 

9/unce, C. iff. 9-11 

9nintA, fUen. N-b 

9nJUtckek, g, £, C-3 

9/iocto/i. A. Q. 9-11 $-2 

9noffuA, fr, 9. P-18,9-19 

9noa/ieA/ f-ojimen., Ike. . ....... ft- 1 1 

9nopAt, Fn.ed. 9-2 

9u61lc HjlqK School* In IU. V 0-10 

fuUjLc LLinxuiLf, ML V L-5 

9ucAet f Qeonj^e. •• H-l 1 


9acket. Henna, H-12 

Packet*, A. A. M-l 

Henna... » .. ..H-13 

NelZ. H-12,H-U 

Tom... A-< 

PundeAAon, (>)nA. f. f>\. 1 "2 

9uJice, W.Jl ./-.? 

9wiceJU, FnjanclA. ............. 9-11 

libiA. Glenn.. *. I')-? 7 

% 0. g-7? 

RjalteA-A. 9-20 


Qiunn, U. B* •••• ♦ y~y 

Oaoxlc U • • .n-37 


nackawau, % fdwLn....B-ll f f-8,ri-13 
^ ' * U /il-2t+Jil-25 

' frhuy. B-%B-lO,/;i~j7 

%hn fdwln. • « - 

Wm. C /W7 

Pagan, BasigLUa. rj-jrf 

'Ilichnjui. ................. n-te 

PallnoacU (See name of. njouUjioad.) 

Paineu, Helen. ...L-10 

PamAcLen, (hnjileA 9-1 3/9-1 k, 


PamAeu, OennlA. ............... 1-17 

UennJiA 0. W-7 

Condon. l'\-27 

KandolpL ft* H. CJS 

Pan/Sn, OonJiA L-10 

PanAou/igA, H. C. •• .B-10 

Pas/enAcnofjtf fi B. ........... ) -17 

PavenACJioptA, Ul. £. .......... I W/ 

Paynon.. Ptckajid. Uj-5 

Pea } He/ib enjt, .h-3 

PeanxLon, Colonel. ^^ 

Pedon, I Kunman. ..............»*■-> -3 

Peece, BlyMte. fit-17 

Peed. F. 9kllLp Onnlona\.' .'.'.'.'.' .\\f-^ 

PeedeJi, Qeon.g,e. Q-7 

Peete. j. P. / -17 

Pe^UtSi, fke... hU2*t 

PeaiAteji-Hew/i, I he I > it. V. .... . (j-23, 

n , r /<i-5,/<l-7 f i<>-70,/,!-l3,/i^ 

PeJjd, g, Vi ....9-1 

Petnbojit, \J. ( J. U-1 

PentchleJij ( J. iV. 0-7 

Peub elt, A. 0, D-7 1 

Pevolutt/ynjaJiu IVaji. ounXaJiA in 

: ' ... 

' . 




. • ...., ■ •,'---•■. ■:..:/;'-'- 

'.'•'■•-— • ■■ > . . .' ■ ..■■■ .•■■-' 

■ • »•»••< 

■ « ;■■.■. 

i ■ . • • 

- i • •« • -. . . , •• , ...-. : ■..;'. -. ■• ■ • 

.... ......... . ' ^ 

■ - ... , •,....,/.-. 

. . • . 

.. . . • • •• 

».«».. v . » - ' ' . . 

I . .. » * * . 


. ■' : ,A .ft ,JV 


■ ► • • • »C »'•■ 

. . . - 
. » . • , • ' . - . v 

■ I .. . . 

■ • • 

......... : , 

, . 



' - . . . . ' ■•.• 


..." - •. -■ " ' . ' ■ 


...... . : tV\OSV 

- - , . ..... 

'■ ■ 




ReunolcU, Hani, ... .,, S-2 

° RobeyvL S-2 

Rhine/mat. 9. fl. , U/-7 

Rhode*, /'kd, Leonand. .......... b*>11 

/»• •j. ..................... \j m, f 

Rice, Ralph. H-2 

Rich, Lo/ien. ................... H-7 ? 

fcudJLn. .. 3-70, l(-7, L-fl 

Paul... ti-12 f H-*\ 

RichaAcU, ChanleA. , , H-7 3 

RichoAjoUon, CaJL. N-U 9 M-31 

fdwaJidX H-7 7 

Tleano.%. .................. L-7 7 

j» (~. ... ........ ......... Vi—tCCj 

Hette/i A. H-11 

<1 7 fiUi- 

% folk L-2 

RichuAcUon, lame*. , 3 

«amc* ,< U/-70,li/-77 

^ohnL H-17 

l) H-11 

blazon, ... , H-9 

Volf. C'7 

William. H-17,H-13 

RlchvLew Road. W-lU 

RixLgwau, & H. ti-5 

c* %• ' M~33 

^dwcuid H. H-<? 

RLghtnowaju PdaeJL ■ » $-77 

Rileu, /faAew. 9-20 

L etteA. , 9-7° 

(.label A (>)-28 

■ t>uu. Wcvbt&u 0-77 

Ring., Q £ F-2 

Roane, Nona, H-1 2 

Roberut L S-7.S-8 

Robbing, $. W m (-2 

Robinson. ChajileA f. //-?4 

$. I'J.. U/-27 

flame* A //J-4 

RoboA, Reno. L-11 

Rex. 0-12 

Roo,eAA. /'l/ui. Kinbu. .. , .W-33 

SjULoj* , .H-'jO 

Rome. W-78 

Township 0-9,H-28,ti/-l8 

Roneu, F/umh. N-2 

fleAAJu ii)-27 

UAville. (<\~27 

Root, £dmund. W-4 

RopeA, Aone*. .l'J-28 

RoAenb eAo,eA, Stanley. . ■ 5-8 

RoaAj Annold. . L-1 7 

RoAiAa, Ike 0-77 

RoixmuClub. fab. V R-3 

Rote/OaU^ui 9-7 


Roth, fiVu. RlchcJtxL L-77 

Rouan, /ihtthew. • H-39 

Runnel*, Atsbu/iu. .............. L-7 

Sadie. ,L-7 

Ruth, FtiecLi. 9-22 

Ru**ell, % K H-9 

Rutledae, Qeo/ine 9. Q* 

RuanT&L, •••■ 9-77$-7 

St.Loui* & Southeastern Rail- 

aoocL Q-20,H-7,W-77,W-20 

Salem South Baptist A**o elation, . . 
r ....3-77,3-78,9-79 

Saline <£ Walnut Hill Road. ...J -7*+ 

Salt.. 0-3 

flwood. .............. L-7 2 

flohaC. L-7 2, L-7 3, d-73 

%lL ......L-72 

i.llle* L-77 

VJ. 7 H-J7 

Sandusky,. Kenneth* * • • » 5-2 

Saji^enl 9asiken. 9-77 

SallejilLelxL, Boaxm, ........... H-3^ 

V. ....\.. H-3* 

cL /£? 

'LLmbelh 9. 2-4 

% H-38,hU%Uf-2i* 

%hn. l<\-% 

%hnti. H-8 

JohnR. ...._. ( h2,(<\-2k 

Sawue/L, Chanled I . w-fi 

ScaAAjbbt % A 9-76 

ScxilZiVJdUeA. 3 H-3^?-3 

SchneldeAj f>fa<4. filaota.e. ......... 0-7 

Schoola, 7 tt & 2nd in $ef, .l'J-7U 
Schools in Qp. , Lbdt. of..H-26 

School*, p/iivate. /'I-2 

SchAoeacAf Albext. ............ L-7 5 

SchuL CoruwA. R-k 

SchuliM; Leo.. L-70 

S cJw)eii\lwitfL, Canl.....3-9 t 3-7 7 f 


f'k*. Ray* 0-7 

Scott. iAoJitha. ..» H-8 

tleUe. L-70 

ScAJLvnen, floel ...H-77, N-30 

fih/ieA. H-7 7 

Rotj L-70 

Sar.xmtha $. H-7 7 

ft\nA. VeAnoa. ............. L-7 7 

S eojtchlioAt, i he. l<\-7k 

Sech/ieat, Lo/iene fy/iandmaj. . . . . C-$ 

' ........ .5-7 

Second Baptist Qiuyich. 


■ ■ 


■ . 


SecuJiitu Bank ....... * 0-8,S-7 

Seed, f>Pu>. fil \ L-77 

fiktwu.ce. 7...Mj,fll-75,fi)-25,ft-4 
S eeiluth. (<, y. »•«*••■••.«»•«•* w — 7 

5c*JkL ft IP. /M 

Self fflufiL S-8 

SelioAA, Sadie K. ...... //-J4 

Sentinel, I he, , , • • • fil-8 

Settlemine, D. 9. ............. L-77 

DavidO. B-7,B-U 

Dee. B-4 

SetyAonn, ffk*, H. B. . ......... L-70 

fihAu ... L-70 

SeJeji, OUUL K-7 

SeianouA, L. % . i'J-7 

ft. / p /i 

Shale*, Jacob U-U 

Shaff^W. f. ?-77,Vl~7 

Shaken pecuie Tlub. ... . . L-5 

Shane, %)*e Ann. . . U-^- 

Slump, IhjomiAt , . ........ 9-77 

Shawnee Stzeet. , . . , . K-U 

Shedd.zick, % D. \li-2 

Shehonn, C. Leslie. ... . />i-27 

9ohC L-70 

LewiA. . , , . . . . L-70 

SheJbton, ChojJLaA.H. fl\-38 

Q. ft N-2 

tjeonne H. .... f'5j Cr^ 

WoI&a ...JL-3 

Shephend f. fii ..1-3 

gahuf. fi\-U,9-76 

Sheppand, f. fil H-<f,H-70 

Shenidan, 5. 0. 9-77 

SheAnel, dbtlie. (-30 

3h.eti.eji, %hn, ...... . . U-7 

Shifleii, Kou, , . , . N-2 

ShAofttei&cLutfn, S-4 

/ownAhip. .... 77-28,01-77 

Shipleu, filojiu. ................. L-72 

H£ /». ... L-73 

RobejvL , 3,10-70 

Shoe FactoAu. ............... lf-5» N-6 

Sho/tf, W. fii (-78 

WUUam H. 71-20 

ShywueAy William. fi\-27 

ShumaAO 7 , (. D. /4-5 

Shwutg, fohnfi). H-37 

SikonAki, 9auline. ... 9-27 

Simmon*, H. H. ............ 1-2, fi\-7 7 

Simpson, fi\AA. Roy. .L-77 

SinhA, 9au. . N-7 

SiAk,\)l.% 9-2 

Sledge, <Joe. N-U 

Slocomo, (hajileA /ft-4 

SmoJiif AiexandeA. n-o 


Smilh, A. L 9-2,9-78,9-79 

AmotF. VV/lrjS 

AndeAAon. ........... &-7 7, "rfJ 

Uen. S-6.S-7 

ft 5 *. ¥)) 9~-75 

J. A. frU 

f. r, '.'.'...... ...f-i7,us4rl 

fain. A H ,r\K 

% jr u H-13 


fih*e* %-£ 

//kd. NeLLU. f~20 

Kobejut. •*& 

f^O. ^J 

WULL6 L-70 

SmLih^on, C» v\. »........»»»•.* L"V 

SmoiheJU AC <f» .........».'•♦» •f"/ 

Snake Uen Bnanch. Lz 1 ^ 

SnideA, 7 homo*. *q}oi 

SnocUmWi, Be±£^,...0»**yy''-** 

Snow, yarne*. ............. L~/<, fcr/J 

^6c^ ^" 7 

VJWJLam. /L-77, L-72 

SnydeAp h/iank. ................ ^-72 

Social. SecwiLtu QLfJLce. ........ J-J 

Jaa^ 0-3 

Solomon, FLfJLe. .n-7 

UzgJr.. n-7 

oJtL. ..N-7 

SovLa/fiL A M-5,P-77 

South. Side Bap±.Qu L-ft 

Soutkenn 3iliiwL4 fciectnic 

liaJUbioad. Companu. ....... m» H-o 

Soutkenn Railway . . #-7> N-6, N"7 f .h 2 f 
SpenceA, FAanhJjJBu ............ '"ft 

%hn d-36 

f. 0. 9-76 

William.... ..N-3 

Spie^e, A. A. L-5> L-7 7 

Spillfnon, B. /"• ..,..,.. ...... 4/ —j 

jpAing, (jaAden ....... H-6, ^-7°, ®-J& 

lywnAhip. H-28 

I ownttiip HiaJi School. .... U-20 

SpAing, StAeet, , N-° 

SoaouI, LouiA. HI -27 

SpAouAe, £. N-8,N-° 

Stable*, FJLouxLF. #-J 

Launahel...... 9-27 

Staleu, hnxmk, .................. f-6 

Lennie..., ..Ji-2 

Stxmhauoh, jL H. ........ f-3 

dtandifen, wilhunn. ............ H^IJ 

Stanleu, JuJUa. ....... /V-2 

/'Awe. .. 0-7 

Stan, ike. ...................... (f\~o 

Stann, McllLe. ....... 9-22 

L^UaT£ 3-%l-7 

JtojocAman, Ike. . ♦•;_»» w~W 

Steele, W. W 9 ..,, 1-2,1-3 

bUMmi*^ CanL .£-7 

Me.Uc, /Jkd, £ /|, , /..7 7 

/wufe QLanence. ............. H-Q 

Stephen*. flUen. 9-2 

tiJLUJUamy. .... W-22 

jtewaxvL % , . [i)„L 

Cl > & ........lit 

2?™*.. C-7 

Inojui* T-7 

Kooent. .................... yJj- 

StUc/i, OacoaO. ........ .0-77, H-38 

Stockton. frLLjjaA. 0-2? 

Rodney* i^-2 

StonemeALT, Docto/i. ... 0-6. 0-7 

Stoop*, Ralph S-8 

Sto/ima, <hhn W-2W-2Q 

Sto/iu. Samuel. H-1 J 

Ve>lma H-73 

Z. i/J. 9-73 

Zackanu #, 9-77, ti~7 

Stout, ft. if. \\fJi 

Stnattan, ffUiA. Cua. H- j4 

Hieth !.__... li-'-h 

Stepkon I . ... H-7 

Stnatton, C. L. , . . , C-7 

I'Iaa. {JvoLuncey,. L-77 

Street name* H-° 

Stntckland, ftennltt. k- Q 

Stnong;, BtLLie. H-73 

Stnoup, HusSAc!. 0-77 

Student (puncJLl . D-75 

StiLicU*, /i}/ui. A. A. . 8-76 

D. 8-76 

OanJLel 8-77 

VJuoJbuL* ..,._ 0-7 7 

JucAen. State, Ike. (i}-7 7 

Sudclcth, F/innA. L-6 

I uxwji Qairp Papt. (k. //- 77, fi)-78 

Suga, flo/unan % //J- 73, //J- 7 5". 

' tt~25,l>\-26,7l-U 

Sulcen, Paul. ... h-3 

Sullivan, C. 8 UU-2 

SummejiA, Asutkun. H-38 

'John. iPt 


SummenA, W. S. K-1 

SummenvilLe Bapt. Ch. 9-3 

Sumnen, WilludnT. . H-38JM3 

Supreme QouAt. C "Swt 

SuuSZ, ATX 9-77 

DaucULcu 9-77 

H. (L K-7,9-77 

Handiu ................... L-75 

frh*. % fli 9-1 k 

Swift'*... t-2k 

Sw-LtgeAj Rai/jnond. ,.. U-c 


I annen, r . 3. ................ rr—33 

SazoAA. ..?-4 

7. 8. (M,fM,W r 22 

lasiwell 8. f w~22 

Tate, 3*mJa r rJM. i ! J» ♦ Cr3 

flhtZ ft uA 

/I'lorvtoe. • • . « U-S 

7aulo/i, fdUL, .0-72 

^Al^nbe^.... t ,U-k 

fJjJzah exh S pohrJiini,ioA.e. . . tt-29 

% € f. ....4-5 

VeA.&niah C-22 

Tih.-nxw.fiet. Ju-22 

nrjph...... N-2 

fthoVa. -"L-?l 

&>& K-6 

Sutan. .J-2o 

William HobcuvU ^9 

[agio a.' 'a Qommz/icLal Hotel. . . ,.vJ-77 
I elrjQ/iaphu S cJwol. Opd'pke. .... . 0-7, 

IJwIckli,^}^ ........... //J-4, 9-76 

lliLele, //, ii/. c .............. . $-7o 

JhJUui Nojbuonal 8ank. . . Q-73, £-3, H-8 

ikomoA. A. f. • U-5 

lfor>...... S-2 

U. i\ P-7 

ft.LciwACL, i—7 

W. A. C-78 

I kompAon, 8^n. ................. F-3 

QixiAle* H. ft-3 

ThxLftleA % (<\-25, h\-26, i>\-27 

%la, Chxfnle* % l>\-27 

ChasJU M** 

A* Lj . .................... I'l—j 

1 H, H-70 

Robert. % N-27 

7/wfm, i'J. 8/ //-9 

WLiLLamB \JJ-22 

Ij-aofine, li/tl/^Lam 8 3 l'\~7 

I luielkeld, filfiA. Uoajuj. L. .. ...L-77 

TUelkelcL 3/iene. 9-27 

Leone. L-70, 9-27 

I nnoamonlon. Oohn f. ........... S-7 

% a s-78 

Thunmond. ('JilLiam H. .......... W-J6 

Tibb/i, ftou. C-7 

/illcuid, WilUamT. /W 

Tittle, fanJUD. /V-4 

Todd, A. A. B-78, 9-7, S-7 

(• tl . »tt». ........... "I—') 1 IJ— I Tr 

N. A. ..9-2 

%hu W-70 

Tolle, % B (-20 

gameAB 1-78 

IplLey., LoIa 3. ... . t[-U 

iomlinA. i'J. H. I-J 

Zona, i'/lLLiam.. C-26.D-7.9-k 

Tornado ol Feb. 78, 7888... ..B-77,(-3, 

(-22,0-11. H~3% (<}-2. fil-72, 9-8 
lownMtLpA of yeff/(p. (See aldo 
_ name of. township), ....... .U/-77 

(jiavelenA 9ed£. 0-7 

hujvuty. £pldcopal (h. . . . . 1-2 

I njomleu, LoM)/ienae r. .......... fil-70 

__ Theodo/ie. M-77 

7/WLubt. Anjbi. ., fi\-l6 

flLzabeAh. fi\-l6 

Jjohh. lf]-76 

'*» {. .................... w -jf^ 

I_fi-U.ex.j n. (~. .................. iD^i o 

I uben.culoAx^ Sanltanlum, ........ I -7 

TucAeA, Homz/i. . IA-27 

hlM. HomeA. fi\-27 

<i r o i 

,; * I * ..................... \J—/ 


L L 9-2 

IjmAlaU, IkomaA (~72,H-U 

I uAiieju Qeong,e H 9-6 

Helen.7.. L-70 

Tunnleu, Alabama. D-72 

I vdlle. Bealnlce L-7 7 

Kenny, W-fy 

'Jovian. , » ,t</-4 

Ijviffi, QianJLeA. .h-k 

I uXen.. nenn.iL. ., .(-72 

" fiiLUjPr. z-13 


Unconditional Unionist. ......... //)-9 

Unemployment, (ompen^alLon. ...... U-2 

Undenanound 9aJjjwad. (-27 

Union Bapi. (k. w- 32 

Union (hapel dlelh. (h. U-4 

Union ii/Ul Bapi. Qu W-2? 


Union (halation (hunch. ....... W-2J 

Holine** Association. . . .. \ZJ-j6 

m. 6 (k. W-36 

Stjieet. H-° 

Street fi f. (h. H)-3,W-7 

UnlonUt, The....... H-%(>\-70 

"UH(mO' f M5 

Upcnapt, l>Ws, F/ied. ........... H-78 

Upton, Oonothu. ............... L-70 

VanQlex/e. (j> £ ......... 0-7 7, L-7 7 

0. W. /'/-5 

Vohu ...MjW 

w. j, .............. w—7o, ri—JJ 

Wm. 9-76 

Vandalia 9oacL , M-M 

Vanduzen, Smith and. (p. ....... 9-2 

Vo./meXL and HoJJLoman. ......... (-79 

Va/uieU, Qeo/iaeH. .. ..H-7,(>)-5,(^ n 

Va^aji, m B. ....B-78 

Venecia, Veto A. .............. W-7 

V ensruJUion. 3<4aac. .............. K-7 

Vlck, golm. H-29 

V inaJjitja. HouAe. • A/-7 


WfW 9aU*oacL .B-5,N-6,M-7 

IVabasun, (keAte/i and $ed£eA/u . . . » N-7 

ll)aga.oneA, Anna. H-M 

vJaaLeu. Lausience A. ....... W-7s ™-8 

(MU2 %hn 1-2 

i l )alkeA,*FnjankH /V-&&-J 

/■/leeman. ................. 9-7o 

lame* (>\-k,9-76 

leviS. 9-77 

9oMmoncL /M 

SJuneon. f<U,U/-J 

WaU, Qeonn,e\)J. M-22 

ghhn% (~78,(-27,H-7. 

WaJULace. Nancu. (-7 

WaUesi, Oohn/T. N-3 

HJaUonvAie Bap*, fh. L-k 

(ommunitu Hhm. School. . . . H-J7 dm Bapi. (k. JJ-33 

toeihodLU±(K. i'J-3 

\JJangJ.en., Oonja. H-ij 

Fnanh. H-73 

Wand, Aline. f-8 

Ben 0-72 

"hanle* S B-7 7,(-7 

u rJA. (-3, H-10, K-l,L-6 

Wand, fifod. Q. F. fi). .. ,...f-3 

CeoApu..... C"7,y7 

yeonae r. 1% . .....K-7 

Ti . L). ................. ....I "•/ 


II. LJ. I 4 ................. *t/""/ 

Hennu Ben. ..... . . , . #-? 

gamZ. P-78 

Loud. f-26 

(Men. 71-2 

Pobent* L-15 

Solomon. & fo. ............ li\-72 

Todd P. .„. K-7 

1'Jan.f.el, Pauline* Z.-70 

Waning,, W. T. P-79 

Waiuien. flnde. ... • Z?-¥ 

4/7- ./-9 

Fella L-70 

Helen. P-7 


flame*. ... , Q-k 

Vlallie. „ b-k 

I'llldned. L-77 

Wanlenbe, Paul £ P-?7,W-7 

Wa^kinojton School* . . H- 35 

ftneet...... H-q 

WatenA. Benlntha. ... L-70 

fdwoAdg. H-8 

fil*A. 0. fa L-77 

Plnnle Pace, .... L-5 

Watkln*, $acob n ft. J. W-U, 19-5 

frh/w. %3^-35 

lewjU H-U,W-77 

S. H. \®-35 

JkomoA Q . f JiPj 

WatnonA, Hona.ce, f-7 

WaUon, (iudaej Albenl H-76. 

W, L-5, L-7 7, P-7k, \}J-2o 
Albent 2 ...... ........ ..W-37 

Alice fnwln. , , .W-37 

Allen Stanley. W-37 

fe:::: ? ::::::± 7 ^ 

Daniel Stanley W-J7 

&L 7. H-if? 

Tejm. ...L-77 

h nances* Hinckley. (FJu&k).. .W-37 

Fnance* Pace. W-29 

Howand. W-37 

Fued. %-3 

Wojbaon, F/ied P. B- Q , K-7, U-7 

filM. Faed P. L-77 

HanoldCj. B-77 

/''in*. Hanold. f-8 

Howand. H-l 6,^37 

Stab el U/-37 

JooJL H-76 

WatAon, OoelF. .. ...H-9, H-76, H-33, 

hel FnankLin. ..... .W-29,W-30 

Joel FnankLin 2. ........ . W-J1 

John..- f-26,H-33 

JoknH. .....H-3 1 * 

John VI. H-16 

John WiUghu. ffl-29 

Julia fihjtu lucky. ...... . .W-37 

^ouLae /ihlloy. w-37 

filanaanet. W-37 

/f)aiujui3* M-3 1 

fihAJtha. iWI 

filanu funlce Way. ... W-37 

fikLty LouLde. .... W-37 

Mettle li)anaanet ( 2ohnAon..W-31 

Sanak fll^betk. 0-JO 

Sanak ftlanena TaiUon. ..... W-29 

W. D. C ...M 

Waltesu 0^3,^-76,^-37 

WaucL CUbeJvL .. f-2 

Wau. IManjien Wade. ....... •••••'.•T-J 

Waylxwd, i'Jontk. H-72,H-73 

Weave/i, Ann. / -22 

Webb, A. f. H-70 

A. 0. H-9,H-70,S-7 

DVu. A. D. L-77 

Andy* H-9 

lana Qn.een. .............. L-5 

c Mnlag,e. H-5 

"teonae. H-° 

teonae /)!. f-7 

TDcuuJa}. 79-3 

(t]L6/,Juonanjj. Bapt, fk, ...... N-2 

Webb, noaeA.......\7.. H-9 

School. N-5 

Station. N-3 

Wm. Q N-3 

Willujum/ion f. ............ N-3 

fiVu*. Wilton: L-77 

Webben, fkanleA. .S-7 

'JameA. .W-25 

loivntklp. f-77,H-29 

Weben, P. K. B-4 

Palpk K. ....ft-3 

Web ^ ten, $. W. .. u W-7 , U-2 

Weekly Exponent, Ike. ......... 7M 7 

Weaand. 0. b)anle. F-k 

WMoA, i. f. C-22.M 

Ueonae B. ............... W-35 

Welch, A. H-32 

Welles, fuaenia. L-70 

W €a>Co^ lj. I. ................. I— I I 

Dlcy¥. W-26 

Qn.eenBun.tu h\-2U 

y*A*ZhV B-78 


' ■ . 









' • 

1 • - ■ ■■>:., 





t&elU, gohnaAiaru (t-2k 

A'ancLU ,.*».« ••##••»•(•/ 

?<w£u. , lr-27 

ft 9. W-26 

WjUUULpm. fn-PA 

Wemeil.e. I, % F-2 

i'lendelU, Oa'.'e* , fi-9, 

I'Jente, CjJJdcjiJ^, «..••...... ...... . J-6 

UJe^leu tktk. (L //k?,^~7 

ll</i L .. .Q-3 

Donace* .......... L-70 

Salem Cemei,<?nji, ........... ll/-6 

Salem. Metk (% til-6 

Side Bapl* Qi+ ............. L-3 

Wetzel, (>Vl6 q ChwileA ,. .. ... ..,L~77 

U/UelZt, A. A: 9-6 

i/Jhl^enhunt, QwnJieA. . , .//-7_? 

WhJjte, Artfhamu 2-2 

&&..?. *4 

SwafiBp^CL ... VJ-Z7 

Swan. F/iee will (Ju . .HI -27 
Swan School UouAe. ....... .HI -27 

Wcwneji* M 

Wlllla/n, , . . . C—7o 

Whitehead, VJcubteji. 77-4 

U/tujbUicAD. A L-15 

J. I ,...K-7,L-77,M-20 

Leonard. , . . , 9-2 

ft. 9-78 

Whitney.. F\aa. Paul S/l 3-7 

MhJLUTJUL. ti-J&.N-ta 

WlLLiam 9-7 

WhuUetl, ft $. /V-9 

Whitman, Q il U-^,U-5 

CaihenJLne. , U^k 

TlaubouAne. 0- 71 

Volm U-5 

Whitten, C, X fiu: 

WhUJUiwfon^W. CanJL S-2 

WjLckd, yohn L w-33 

Wilbankd, ^o/iep/u n-$ 

. 7<. A» D. . . a . „ , . Q- 7 8, 1 -J 

wLLnenAon, Heruiu, ,w-7k 

fohiu 5,111-74 

WUMey, (We*. . . . . k, C-°,£- 70, C-72 

fthxeu . h. f-9 

WjuLLiam*,Alhen±. N-1,N-2 

fijLOt AlvJun Lajeeu.. L-77 

\qaJLM 7 N-2 

u/vti4, # W-8 

f/iajoloru , L-70 

lcbiA.u W-20 

HageZ* N-1 

HenriLu,.... til -19 

OvaS. N-1 

2. 0. ..H-}8 


fflUlienu, game* /I W-7° 

tyzAJlLU ................... M-32 

%.hnA C-7,L-77,L-7J 

gohn.0. . iJ-77 

( Jo4e.pL . m/-79 

ieona..... N-1 

Lexa* ./V-7 

Uvju ' - ; £ 

KhAxhxu M6 

iilLtiiojM, Otcwu, **' © r 

Jin y# .................... I "J 

ftLchawL .9'Q-5 

S. Otho ..I-J 

7. ft \H 

I h/imoA, ...........#......♦ »"V 

Theme* g. I'M 2 

ft 7. /. L-73 

■ WendeJUU £-77 

Mm, 7. 9-77,?-76 

VJiJMjamAbeAa*, .w-27 

WlllLanioa, 7 • B 4 • 0-7 

I omwiL B, • • L~j5 

WiUifonZw. g. .f-3 

Derijjamxju ..• ••rt-i / 

(jlcLL » • • ^7/^ 

£ 6 ^i,/ > -7 

Heruia, ,w~27 

gohn. y— #•! 

IflUlouoMa. i C. /"/^ 

w/Jydon & wllton. , , 7<-^ 

VJLLaon, Banbcjia* .............. 7 ) ~^- 

BauneD, /'*-^/M 

CLL^orui. -W 

A* .......... A- 7^ J-o 

Qeo/io.e, « "»"■» 

HenbeA±g. C"5 

jheLutklf. /'/-^ 

rAoiejjo/u ...» • Cr,^? 

^^3 9-27,9-22 

7. 7 h 

WUlLam. w/-75 

WimbeAlfy £lL/ah. 0-77 

yettetiAon* U-5 

Ulin{/eM. H-6,U/-20, \D-J2 

w'inpiey., gpe, . • • (j"7 

WLnojoute, nob erdt F, • H-33 

Wlno,tield. (lame*. , • . /M7 

UIamLT. />)/ 9-7U 

wtn&iu 6 g. H-9 

UlLde (lathing, Sla/ie, .......... H-U1 

a //. .:. />i-77 

Ulolfi 9/icujijLe (jem.eJtenj£. ........ (v-u£D 

Wood, Alined. W-3 l f 

Ande/uton. ................. W-3'f 

ArvieAjoru .................. $-jk 

Ben* H-77 

Dick., W-JS 

f. 0-7 

hLltpb&tJu •iS-fi 

Wood toitvULy. and. WoocUawru ...... W~J% 

GeoAae. ........ .••♦. .$-3% 

tjUl&UN. L-15 

free.. L-15 

Quy. A... .8-9, (-7, K-1, K-2, K-3 
Qua. A, S/i* , . . L-15 

$/a/ .11-7 

Jane. ..W-jb 

Wood Lawn. W~J5 

Leonard,, .... W-3U.W-35 

IHanjLon. (Dick) .W-3% 

fih/tfon. W-35 

Nanxut. W-34 

Pojtfy. N-8 

VeAmadeU* C-U 

hut*. W. 9, L-77 

Wlleu 9-16 

W.UOam. W-35 

WlUlwn, %u W-3W-35 

WUllajZ J* ...W-li 

Wooden. W. T. F-h 

WedLeu. . % . » SS 

Woodlawn. 7 \W-i7,W-3\\W-35 

Bank. .W-K 

BapilAt CkuAjch. , N-5 

High School. H-J6 

fiie&todut CK W-77,W-35 

WoodAu^L lame* L K-7,L-75 

Wood*/ Alfred. ..D-2 

fa* Alfred*. D~3 

AndeAAon. ........ D-3 

Hebest*. f-lo 

Roajiln* BiLLll C^3 t D-2 

WoodwasiA, [Jen K/S* M-4, 0-5 

Woodwo/i£i, Ben. m-32 

Donoihy. P-22 

W/ilohi. Ceo/iae. ... . ...... L-3 

WudSbL Kule?.. L-3 

\fiJULe, SamuelK. ?-5 


yadieA, c. w. M 

urcxxm. 9-4 

y eanwood/ (jbajile*. l%~3 

Hajuiy, L-70 


yecuwood, %1m W-2^,W-25 

PobeAA. W-25 

yo*±,\ w. .., H-10 

Cp.o,zae» ................... 0-6 

ta±Z. D-11 

young, D. H. M 

^Helen. L-70 

<hhn TcllLA .S-2 

faa. Hoaa^ 0-8,0-9 

School Hoote. .... rt-2° 

young/ling,, %. P. .P-77 


ZleAJaclw, CkanJbeA. ........... H-70 

Zlmme/imcn, Leona* ............. L-7 7 

Zlon ttdthoduLit Qwjick. ........ 0-5